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  1. I’m never getting rid of Shan and Ricard, am I? Seriously, what is Genie thinking?!
  2. This is about Michelle Yi from Survivor Fiji. Murtz has pics of Michelle with what looks like stitches in her eyebrow and a black eye in this same Twitter thread (so while it isn't super graphic just a fair warning if you go to his twitter account). The person who attacked her has been caught.
  3. I like the last comic slide. If I liked Deshawn and didn't like Erika I'd almost feel sorry that his attempt to throw the challenge got botched so bad.
  4. What throws me off is that they call her Liz. Not a huge deal, but in the books she was always called Elizabeth, so it took a little getting used to. Some of these minor details throw me off more than the bigger stuff they've changed lol I just wonder if they will go backwards again after ending with book #45. They did the whole Richard/Sharon storyline, it's unlikely we're getting Emily Michelle, I think Mallory will be as much of a non character here as she was in the book, and we have foreshadowing to Stacey's parents getting divorced. It's clear they aren't having Stacey move b
  5. Me too. I did a double take when I heard that. I really loved the original series and wish it had lasted longer. That's how I started picturing the girls in the books whenever I'd read them. That was Keep Out Claudia, and that was one of the books I was wondering if they will explore in season 3. And in the books, it was just Jessi and Claudia, but now they have Mary-Anne and Dawn who are non-white.
  6. I'm so disappointed we didn't get that book. My feeling is since we ended with Kristy and the Baby Parade (book #45 in the series) they probably won't go backwards in the order. Especially if season 3 ends up being the last because the girls get too old, they may really jump ahead. Some of the older books seemed to have more serious themes that they could explore and go out on a high note of sorts. I still hope we get a mystery. They weren't as extravagant as the Super Specials so it'd probably be easier to film. I had forgotten about those but I'm glad they kept them in. I thin
  7. The Kristy in the books probably wouldn't have thrown a pink baby bonnet over her head and said "I love you" to Watson and agreed to be adopted. In real life, it would be more complicated. Charlie and Sam might be old enough to essentially divorce their father and get his rights to them taken away, but I don't think it'd be that easy for Kristy and David Michael. So yeah, I think they'd have to get Mr. Thomas's parental rights taken away first. And just because he's a crappy dad who walked out on his family and never visits, I don't know that that would be enough. Probably depends on the
  8. I always wished they had done some kind of special epilogue type book that told of the BSC when they got to high school. It was weird to think of these girls driving, getting jobs that didn't involve baby-sitting, having more serious relationships, and growing apart from each other. Because honestly, I think that probably would have happened. Sadly. I know Ann Martin was asked once about doing a book like that, but in her interview she said something about believing the books left off at the right spot, and it was for fans to decide what the girls became. She seemed to think any book she
  9. In the books Mallory and Jessie were 11-I think the other girls were 12/13 (I just know they repeated 8th grade for pretty much the entire series). I assume they are supposed to be that age here. For the heck of it I looked up the ages of the actresses who played Claudia and Stacey-I’m shocked they are 16 in real life! These girls looked younger than that.
  10. I feel like it's probably a red herring. Tiffany was super paranoid about him having the idol the last time they went to TC, so maybe she's still not convinced he doesn't have it. My feeling is it's probably playing up a scenario if they lose, that he's gone. So far, only one woman has been voted out. The other 4 boots have been men. I wonder if that's what Danny is thinking about-merge time and that the girls might team up.
  11. I feel like Deshawn was mentally kicking his own ass for not having Heather participate in the IC. If she did anywhere near as bad as she did in the RC, he wouldn't have had to worry about throwing it. I did think it was funny that he was walking slowly in the water, and still made it to shore before all of Yase. I think Erika would have been gone if they lost, so I'm glad his plans were foiled. I'm not complaining about the advantages, but I'm really confused about the whole island thing with the risk your vote or protect your vote. Will that be making a come back? Sometimes it's
  12. Watched 3 more episodes. Started with Claudia & the Sad Good-bye, because I just wanted to get that one over with. I think they did a great job showing the relationship between Claudia and Mimi in these two short seasons. Claudia's reaction is exactly what I expected, right down to saying in her head what she wanted to say, but saying the opposite. I did kind of laugh at the girls trying to carry on the meeting as normal, and Mallory would of course awkwardly bring up wanting to shave her legs. And Old Ben Brewer! I forgot about him from the Little Sister books. I also liked seeing
  13. I guess Shan was right when she said he should have yelled 'tribal.'
  14. It looked like the packaging. I noticed they didn't show Xander say his butterfly line tonight. I'm sure he said it, so I'm sorry they didn't show us everyone's reactions to him saying it for the third time. Considering Tiffany wants to go through Xander's bag, I wonder if he does get the idol next week, or they realize he doesn't have it and want to make a move. Sounds like he could be on the chopping block, so that might be the "he's done" line from Tiffany.
  15. Well, at there will always be someone else whose name starts with J and also abbreviates it to two letters that has done way dumber stuff on this show. Oddly enough, the T in J.T. sounds like the D in J.D. Maybe if J.D. returns he'll do a name change.
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