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  1. The finale I think is May 20th, and a lot can happen between now and then. However, at this point, I do think it's unlikely they would do a live reunion show. Which has me wondering how they will reveal the winner, and if there will be any kind of reunion show. It's not like they can go film a special and talk with the cast that way. It kind of sucks that this is such a milestone season, and all winners (some of whom returned for the first or second time, after a long hiatus), so it would have been nice. On the other hand, I don't care to see Jeff talk to the newbies that were just recently on my screen, or to Cochran in the audience (you know he'd be there), or replay Erik's dumb move for the gazillion time of giving his necklace away and getting voted out for a throwback moment (much dumber moves have followed show, including this season). With everything being shut down in production, I'm also curious what this means for the fall seasons of shows. Even reality shows like Survivor are being delayed in filming, although they could probably get that whipped up and aired almost on schedule if things start going back to normal in the next few months.
  2. I always have to go look up his name because I can't remember it. That probably didn't help with his reception as a winner, either, that we never saw him. Even in his short time back in the game he was still invisible. I think the first couple merge episodes will be telling, as I feel that's when the game really starts. I'm with you, though, that I think Adam has probably the worst chance of everyone left, followed by Wendell. He keeps bragging about being a villain this season, and with his edit, I just don't see it suddenly turning around. I wouldn't rule out Tony, because I think his edit is just Tony. Old Dakal hasn't really had a chance to play yet. The two votes they had before the swap were easy, and then the Sandra blindside they thought they were going for an easy vote, based on numbers. And even on NuSele/Yara, Sarah/Sophie are in an excellent spot, and Yul seemed to set himself up to get voted out. So I'm curious to see the strategy from those members when it becomes a real individual game. And considering how Adam constantly puts his foot in mouth, I think one of two things happens to him going forward: either he sets himself up like he did with the Parvati vote (which ended up being Ethan), only to get blindsided (either out of the game or by someone that isn't who his target was), or he just gets into an alliance and is a goat. I think he'll try to make moves and plays, but given who he's playing against, and how it's gone for him so far, I don't have faith he'll pull it off.
  3. The contestants this season seemed down on EOE, which makes me think if they'd vote for a winner from there, regardless of who it is. Chris, who won S38, seemed to have a really quiet edit while on Edge, so I wouldn't rule out people who aren't getting a lot of screen time. It also seems logical they'd focus on Rob, Tyson, Parvati, Amber, and Ethan over Danni. Natalie got some good screen time at first, but now even she's faded into the background. Of those still left in the game, based on edit, I'd say Adam has the worst chances of winning. I suppose it's possible his edit could improve, so I guess we'll see. And also Wendell, because his edit has just been negative. I don't see how he bounces back from that. I also don't know if Ben's chances are that great, though I'm upgrading him from 'no chance' to 'very slim chance.' His comment this week about wanting to change his game play from last time may mean something. Everyone else I'm up in the air. Once the merge happens I think it'll be more telling. People on other sites think Michele's chances are great based on comments she's made in TH (about proving she deserved to win last time, and this time), and the conversation with Rob saying that she shouldn't care what people think. I think that's stretching, but I think she maybe has a better chance than most.
  4. Yeah, as much as I want him gone, he and Ben provide some comic relief. I loved seeing him get all flustered and upset last night over the idol, and then have to dig himself out of another hole. I also loved his line 'I am not an idiot guys, and I can't stand it' (or something to that effect). If he went full on tantrum and started jumping up and down screaming at the top of his lungs over something not going his way, I'd totally root for him to win, because the thought of that is hilarious. I will say that as much as I don't like Adam, I do kind of feel sorry for him. As a self proclaimed Survivor super fan, it was probably his absolute dream to come out here and play with former winners. And from the beginning, since he took that fateful walk with Denise, nothing went right. He was on the bottom of his tribe, one of his only allies was a guy with a big mouth, he got blindsided by his own alliance because of his own big mouth, so far he's got no big moves cred for his resume, and now he's in a worse spot on his current tribe. If he makes the merge, I think he'll just get worse in terms of fumbling his game play. He'll likely feel somewhat rejuvenated that he's getting a second chance to run things-but I think he'll fail miserably. And I'm here for it.
  5. Since the talk of challenges comes up every week, especially since newer challenges are pretty much a puzzle (or knocking down a puzzle with balls), I was observing a couple of challenges from Survivor China (specially, the challenge at the merge, and the RC and IC directly after that). The merge IC was a memory challenge, which involved remembering things from the merge feast (and since this was in China, not Fiji, the merge feast was somewhere else besides camp, and had entertainment provided by Chinese acrobats and dancers). The RC in the following episode were teams of two who had to fill up the opposing teams boat with buckets of water and sinking it, with one of those team members in it. The IC was sitting on a barrel filled with water, and had to sit on it as water leaked out, causing it to become unstable (the barrels which formed a Chinese dragon). May not sound like the most exciting challenges but sure beats seeing puzzle after puzzle. Also worth noting that when it came to HII, Jean-Roberte wasn't even sure they were out there, until he and his team that won the RC received the final clue to where it was (yeah, remember when they got multiple clues to the idol at camp, and couldn't find it with just one?) This has become my Wednesday tradition-watch a crappy episode of the new season of Survivor, then binge watch past episodes to when the show was good.
  6. Typically pre-jurors go on a trip somewhere, so I'm guessing that's what they'll do with her. I wish they had just made her a part of the jury. Everyone else probably will be, so who cares if she left? My thoughts: it involves massing scrambling, big moves, resume building (in episode 1, because you know what you do day 3 is going to matter day 39, if you make it that far), finding idols, and advantages. It's like old school, which to me is more chill, relaxed, not as much scrambling, more strategic and social game play. Since production can probably be petty with what they get pissed at people over, I'm going with that. Even if it's not it, I'll pretend.
  7. What I don't get about the fire tokens is that Yul's plan was because of Michele. She was complaining that she gave Wendell one of hers, and now wouldn't get it back. I just wonder if Michele was dead set on keeping Wendell, so Nick didn't have a choice-force a tie or vote out Yul. I get that Yul probably overplayed his hand with the tokens, but I felt like it was Michele that prompted the conversation in the first place.
  8. Really, that's it? I feel like this is why Probst shouldn't be allowed to make decisions with this show, especially when it involves bringing back former players. I wondered why there was no reward at the challenge. I would have loved to have seen their reactions to Sandra/Parvati getting voted out. I feel like it was a double whammy-not seeing that, plus losing Yul.
  9. Out of curiosity, what's the issue with Chris/Probst? I've never heard that before.
  10. I'm curious what the situation is with Todd and Jenna now. I know both have struggled with alcohol and substance abuse issues, but last I checked Todd seemed like he was doing very well. It could be both said no, but I'd be curious if they were seriously considered. Hatch claims he was asked and then dumped a few days before filming (he blamed the whole Dan S39 issue), and that Tina was replaced last minute. I know there's probably other reasons why the pre-S20 crowd is underrepresented, but you can't tell me at least one or two more didn't want to do it. We already know Tina was on board, and Vecepia said she would love to go back and play. I feel somewhat robbed they didn't bring JT back. The idea of him, Ben, and Adam on a tribe feels like a weekly 3 Stooges episode.
  11. I'd still go for a season like that. As long as they do old school challenges. But I really don't know why they didn't get more old school winners. I'm curious what made them dump Tina, unless it was the last minute addition of Amber. But why Sophie, Sarah, Denise, Kim, and Michele over her? I also think dividing the tribes into tribes of 3 doesn't help. I wish they'd just go back to two tribes. That also could have helped Parvati, Sandra, Rob, and Yul.
  12. Yeah, her whole 'I just wanted to see you shake in your boots' was stupid. I think she's looking for something from Wendell, and that's why she doesn't want to vote him off. Whether it's an apology or what I don't know. I'd like the new schoolers to play without idols, advantages, twists, and minimal scrambling. I also miss the days of skimpy rewards. Even when castaways got blankets and pillows it was like two, not a whole bedroom set. And their food rewards were usually gone within a couple of days (besides the chickens). Now food rewards last them longer. I really want a throwback coconut chopping challenge. That totally turned the tide of the game in Marquesas.
  13. My favorite part of that was when Sarah, Sophie, and Ben were sitting on the log eating peanut butter and jelly, and Sarah was all "go through my bag." But I just loved how Ben looked like he didn't have shit to worry about it and was in the best spot possible. Like it didn't even dawn on him that he's just as disposable as Adam is to Sarah and Sophie (and clearly getting played by those two as well).
  14. Of freaking course we are merging next week. We've had 14 person merges before, but no, not this season. So names being thrown around-Adam, Sophie, Wendell, Nick? And sounds like either Ben is doing a terrible job of lying to Adam, or Adam is doing a terrible job of reading him.
  15. I feel like if the new schoolers had to play an old school game, they would have a harder time. But I agree, the old schoolers were out numbered to begin with (castings fault, because you can't tell me they couldn't get more old schoolers than they did). I remember this was the argument Stephenie and Tom made during HvsV, that the older seasons were more outnumbered by people who played together, and recently. They weren't exactly wrong.
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