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  1. I don't know if we're talking about the same challenge. Also, when I said James was a quitter, it was after the swap, when he basically was giving up because he was outnumbered on the other side. And it was after they threw the challenge. He saw the writing on the wall. He wouldn't be the first (or last) to be screwed by a swap. I do think Aaron was booted over him, likely due to what Leslie had told Zhan Hu when she was there. That's the only thing that made sense. The only reason he seemed to get any life back into him was when he got the idols. We can agree to disagree!
  2. I was taking more after the merge. There was a group challenge, where he was teamed up with Peih Gee and two others, and his team ended up losing. Peih-Gee tried explaining herself after, as he seemed to blame her, but he pretty much told her to shut up and go away. It reminded me of how he acted towards Stephenie in HvsV. Also, my opinion of Peih-Gee actually changed for the worst (I guess?) after re-watch. I forgot how unbearable she was pre-merge and even early merge. Jamie was bad too, and they acted like a couple of pre-schoolers when it came to throwing that challenge. So it was kind of fitting that when Peih-Gee tried telling Sherea at the next RC what they did and she ignored them, making them question their decision. Considering that they actually made finding idols difficult back then (in this season, they were hidden on the tribe's respective signs), and there was no Exile Island to go to to get clues, I guess it made sense they wouldn't re-hide them. Which again, shows what an old school era this was.
  3. One reason I liked the kidnapping element was that was how the idol clues were handed out. And that was how Todd was able to figure out where the idols were hidden at both camps (I mean, I think he assumed it was hidden at the same spot at the Zhan Hu camp). I don't really know why, other than just to add something different. Was this the last time they did the kidnapping twist? I kind of wish they'd bring that back. As I said, my opinion of James changed after watching this again. I thought he came off as a quitter (when he was swapped to Zhan Hu), a bully (after the merge), and kind of boring otherwise. That said, he did have some good one liners. And I noticed he kept talking about "taking a bite out of that apple", much like he did in Micronesia. I think one of my favorite moments was when Amanda and Todd knew James had the HII, and when people would come to them with that information (not realizing they both knew, and were in an alliance with James), they did a good job playing dumb. Especially Jean-Roberte when he thought he was the only one who knew about the idols in the game, and I think Erik was the one who told them that everyone knew, and that James had two. You can tell this is old school era when there was even a debate whether an idol was hidden or not. Nowadays the seasons film March-May, and end of May/beginning of June until mid/end of July. So the turnaround is quicker. I don't even think Zeke or Michaela went home when they filmed MvsGX and then Game Changers. Back in the older seasons, I think there was a few weeks break; seasons usually filmed in the spring/summer (for the fall season), and in the fall (for the spring season).
  4. I just finished watching this season (and forgot how much I enjoyed it). I liked Aaron, and I can't say I cared for James much on re-watch, so I was sad that Aaron left and not James. I'm kind of surprised that NuZhan Hu didn't get rid of James, since their goal seemed to be to lose so Sherea and Frosti wouldn't get voted off on the other side. I also blame the 'kidnap a member of the opposing tribe' twist in the RC, because when Zhan Hu got to kidnap Leslie, she was just like an endless flow of information of what was going on at her tribe's camp, including that Aaron was running things and a leader. That obviously didn't help him. I think this was the equivalent of a tribe swap with a twist. Kind of like the school yard pick 'em swaps (like happened in Fiji), or the swaps happening in a challenge type of thing (like Guatemala), It probably was going to happen regardless, and it didn't help that Fei Long was more stacked than Zhan Hu. Actually, on paper I'd almost argue the tribes looked about equal in strength, so I'm wondering if it was a surprise that Zhan Hu had a bad losing streak. But I don't think it was done solely because Fei Long was handily winning over Zhan Hu. I read once that they claim that everything is planned out well before the season starts and that they don't add or take anything away when the season is going to purposely affect the outcome. I probably believed that more in the early days, not sure if I would know.
  5. Where Ethan's concerned, I'm wondering is that they both wanted an early winner (since Hatch and Tina were axed before filming), and as you said, he had a good story. I do think Ethan, like most old schoolers, couldn't keep up with the pace and the now of the game. It seemed he was more on relationships and alliances being solid than anything else. Parvati said she only kept Adam because he and Ethan were friends, but that voting Natalie out probably hurt her game. It likely hurt Ethan's. I don't know that I'd be opposed to some winners returning from this season, but Sandra, Parvati, Boston Rob, and Tony definitely don't need to return. Tony got really lucky this season. The fact that he was the 2nd boot during Game Changers shows what will happen if luck isn't on his side next time. And I wouldn't be opposed to seeing Amber again, but she likely would have a rough go of it even without Rob around, just for being married to the guy. I actually wouldn't mind seeing Nick, Sarah, or Adam again. And I'd love to see Yul, although I don't think he'd do it again. I don't know if there's anyone else, though. I personally don't care to see Tyson, Jeremy, Kim, Denise, or Ben again. I don't know about Natalie, my feelings for her changed a little based on some of the post-show stuff.
  6. Yeah, when I read that blog and learned more about the case it made me feel even more sad for this poor woman. What really angered me was that they found blood that was determined to be hers at the house, and he said it was menstrual blood. I don't know how anymore obvious it is that this guy is guilty. One of the creepiest kidnapping cases I remember was the girl who was on the phone with her boyfriend and he heard her get abducted. He actually got in his car and managed to catch up with the truck (which if I'm remembering right, was hanging out around where she was and she told him what it looked like). And then as he was giving chase his car died on the street. And another case that always kind of stuck with me years later was the woman who was looking for her missing son, and believed a biker gang had something to do with his disappearance. She would dress the part of a biker lady and go out to these dive bars to try and get information. Eventually they were able to convict the people responsible for his disappearance, but his body was never found. I think there's a lot of ways people can get rid of a body for it to never be found. Sometimes they just bury it and then something gets built over top of the site, so odds are it'll never be found.
  7. If there's ever been a case where I felt like someone was flat out guilty and then came on here to say they were innocent (basically knowing they got away with it, for now), it's the Christi Nichols case. She was a young wife and mother from Nebraska who disappeared after going out with her husband, Mark. Christi claimed Mark was abusive, and even went as far as consulting a divorce attorney out of town so he wouldn't find out. The night she disappeared, they left their kids with a baby sitter, but only Mark returned later that night. The baby sitter said she didn't see or hear Christi in the house, despite Mark saying she had already come in ahead of him and must have walked right by the sitter. The next day Mark sold their house and cars and moved out. Mark of course claimed she ran off with another man, that he wasn't abusive, and that if she ever was injured by him it was due to him defending himself from her. When I was looking for updates on this case, I ran across a blog that had a lengthy write up on the case, with some insight from Christi's family. The blog poster I think use to moderate an Unsolved Mysteries forum. They had a screen shot from Mark's Facebook (as he's never been charged, despite being the prime suspect), and it was one of those memes from a divorce lawyers office that was supposed to be funny because of their names. The meme was 'Ditcher, Quick, and Hyde'. I've been re-watching Unsolved Mysteries on Prime, and this case has always gotten to me. This is Christi's case: https://unsolvedmysteries.fandom.com/wiki/Christi_Nichols
  8. This is what I'm wondering. As I said, it may be a very scaled down, different type of Survivor, but if they wanted to try something new, now would be the time. Who knows, maybe they'll just fix the Big Brother house up and film from there, since it doesn't look like we'll be getting Big Brother this year. And use returning players, which would probably make it easier on casting. And Jeff could do a Julie Chen and broadcast TC live from the TV in the living room (and I'm being serious when I say all of this). They may try to film something that requires very limited crew and very little in person interaction with the cast.
  9. I'm wondering if they will find a way to film Survivor but it will be unlike anything we've seen with the show before. Maybe this will be a trial run to see how a drastically new format of the show would go over with fans. And if people don't like it, then they can say it was a one off because of the COVID. Jeff sounded kind of determined at the end of S40 that they were going to go ahead with S41 for the fall.
  10. I think nowadays everyone is looking to build a resume and make big moves. Parvati mentioned this season how surprised she was that people would make an alliance and have no problem breaking it, as in her original seasons people got together and typically stayed loyal. I've seen it mentioned a few times by old school returning players that there's just constant strategizng going on at camp, more than they were use to in their previous seasons. I don't know, if because idols and advantages came into play and complicated it more or what, but I do think it's more about creating a resume and a character for one self to be remembered long after the season ends. New school players have said that the constant running around is just the way it is now. As for Danielle, I'm guessing she had to be a last minute addition, because her inclusion never made much sense (I could argue the same for Candice). And I don't think Probst liked her that much, so I doubt he was pushing for her to come back on.
  11. It's not that I mind idols, I just think they take away the strategy part of the game. As I mentioned, back in the day there was more of a strategy to use the idol. During Cook Islands, Yul used it to get Jonathan on his side. During Fiji, Earl and Yau-Man worked together on the clues to find their respective idols. Mookie gave Alex his idol since they thought he was being targeted, and if the plan worked, would have put his alliance in control (thankfully it didn't, as the 4 Horsemen alliance that season was obnoxious, and it would have deprived us of one of the best blindsides ever). And the strategy to change the vote to Edgardo wasn't just a 'split the vote in case someone plays the idol.' I just don't like when someone who wasn't even voted for ends up leaving by default because everyone else is immune. It was better back in the day when idols were harder to find, and not raining from the sky. I also don't think they make the game any less predictable. Also, I like the contestants starving and having to struggle. I watch Big Brother for those to sit pool side and eat good and sleep comfortably.
  12. I have a love/hate relationship with the idols for the reasons you mentioned. It was better when people just weren't out in the jungle and knew to look in trees. Fiji and China (the last two seasons I watched), had clues and they were hidden at camp. In China, they were hidden on the tribe's respective camp sign, which is in view of everyone. In Fiji, they were buried at camp. So it could make it a challenge. And there were clues, which some tribes members strategically shared together to try and find it. I think once an idol is played it should be out of play. Hide one at each respective camp, one at the merge, and that be it. And yes, idols are one thing, but then throwing in every advantage out there...seriously, I really think Jeff wants to get to a TC where no one gets voted off because somehow they have some sort of safety. Which I can't say would be really exciting, but I can see Probst's wide eyed, jaw dropping reaction as to what great TV he thinks it'll be.
  13. Or Gary Hawkins, the landscaper 😉 That was the best alias and cover story. I don't think he expected Danni of all people to blow it (and during a challenge). I forgot until I went back to watch old seasons how much they use to use clues to find the idol. That was when Exile Island was also in play for a few seasons, where they would get the clues in most cases. I do think it was better back then and more strategic when you had clues. Rather than now just finding a tree trunk or rock, where they always hide them. At least they use to try and make it tough. And while I do prefer the HII being played before the vote, it was kind of cool watching back a season like Cook Islands, where Yul could use it as a bargaining chip to get people on his side.
  14. I liked the bike hanging in the background.
  15. So I just watched Denise's Ponderosa. I liked how Nick asked her who blindsided Sophie, and when she said Tony, Nick tried to say he blindsided her, too. Like, your out of the game now-who cares lol It did seem like they were really grilling her for info and about her game. Also, thank you for the heads up about the video that was Rob/Amber's love story. I don't know if people remember this, but during Rob's original season, he played kissy face with a castaway that season (Sarah). Had she not been a forgettable pre-merge boot maybe she could have been the future Mrs. Mariano and been a two time ex-Amazing Racer and done all the things Amber did. But seriously, other people on Survivor feel in love and got married. We get it.
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