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  1. Here are the tribe designations (3 tribes with 6 each). https://insidesurvivor.com/survivor-41-tribe-divisions-49872
  2. According to Redmond, going forward they may just call the season by its number, rather than coming up with new/recycled themes. Personally, I prefer that rather than seeing Brains Brawn Beauty 10.0 or whatever Islands of the Idols was supposed to be.
  3. Genie looks fun (or maybe really annoying lol). Getting an early boot vibe from Heather, so we'll see. I wonder if any of these guys were on the original S41/42 cast before the pandemic hit.
  4. As a watcher and listener of true crime podcasts and TV shows, including binge watching the Stack era of Unsolved Mysteries many times, are there any cases people wish the new reboot would cover? Or maybe re-cover, since new evidence may have been brought to light since the case originally aired on Unsolved Mysteries? I've discovered a lot of new cases thanks to this era of the true crime and, of course, the internet. And especially with the advancements with these DNA websites that they've made in identifying Jane and John Does, and finding killers and rapists through these sites. I think
  5. Debb Eaton thought that way, too, which is why she voted for vomiting on day 1 Jeff Varner (thinking he was the weakest link, and therefore the most logical choice). Given how embarrassed she was by her earlier than expected exit, and of course all of the "scandal" of her dating her step-son, I can see why Debb wishes she never set foot in the Outback. That did just seem to be a popular mind set back then-that the weak were expected to go early, while the strong stuck around, and somehow that would matter in the end. Sometimes that happened, sometimes those who perceived themselves as
  6. Weird, I never remember them mentioning it (though I do know Tina was an alternate and filled in). I've always wanted to try sky diving, but in a circumstance like this, I'd pass, too. Kind of sucks for the person who dropped out that they didn't end up going through with this opening. I guess I'm less surprised Rodger doesn't stay in touch with Elisabeth, but more surprised he talks to Skupin.
  7. Rodger Bingham gave us this tidbit about how the Survivors in his season were supposed to make their entrance. I know it would have been one heck of an insurance nightmare if anything went wrong, but I'm kind of disappointed we didn't get this. Kind of ironic, too, that they canned this idea for likely legal fallout, yet this was still the season a guy fell into the fire and had to be evacuated out of the game. https://ew.com/tv/survivor-australian-outback-rodger-bingham-quarantine-questionnaire/
  8. One thing, too, about the cast is that Redmond has revealed 9 castaways, and there's still 9 more slots left on that page. So if he's correct that's 18 contestants; I wonder if we'll be getting 3 tribes of 6, or 2 tribes of 9? In addition, since the season was filmed shorter than normal (allegedly) then I wonder if we'll be getting more double boot episodes.
  9. Well, there's no one I already pre-hate just from their photo, so I guess that's a good sign. Redmond also said on his site that S41 (and beyond) may no longer have titles, and will simply just go by their season's number. Which I would consider a very welcome change. And I just noticed there's two Canadians! Glad that wasn't a one and done gimmick.
  10. If you switch Hatch and Joel and put them on each other's respective tribes, I think Hatch is one of the first to go at Pagong, and Joel may have actually gotten credit with "creating" an alliance. I think the people at Tagi were just more incline to vote together like that. I mean, even Sean went along with the alliance while hopelessly playing both sides. Sue/Kelly were a tight pair up until she started waffling at the alliance. Had Stacey stuck around over Rudy (assuming for a moment there wasn't a conspiracy to vote her out by Burnett, or the guys didn't go along with it after all). S
  11. Joel from Pagong actually tried getting an alliance going on his tribe. Supposedly, he was told that there was an alliance on Tagi of 4, and that motivated him to try and get his tribe to vote together at the merge (which he didn’t even make). After Gretchen got booted, Pagong still had this ‘well if you want to play the game like that’ attitude. They were hopeless, although I kind of miss that naivety of early seasons. Putting aside Joel not getting his Tagi intel, I still seem to remember that he said he tried getting alliances and voting blocs going day 1 but no one was intere
  12. https://insidesurvivor.com/update-fiji-flight-situation-survivor-season-42-49714 Looks like S42 will happen, as the cast was able to get into Fiji before the ban on international flights happened. ETA: And in other Survivor news...if you know about Anna and her politics, this shouldn't be surprising. https://www.pokernews.com/news/2021/05/poker-player-survivor-anna-khait-mplicated-plot-spy-on-fbi-39141.htm
  13. Hear me out on this one, but I actually really liked Dean from IOTI. Yeah, I couldn't stand the little booger in the beginning, but in hindsight, I think he deserves more credit for some of his game play that I originally passed off. Blindsiding Kelly was smart, and I thought he played the fake advantage Jamal gave him pretty well. That wasn't an original idea, granted, but I still thought he did a decent job passing it off and making people wonder (and he of course stayed slightly skeptical). Out of the final 3 I thought he should have won. Some of my other faves through the years: N
  14. On the plus side, at least S41 is almost finished filming and we’ll get our fall season. Hopefully they figure something out before next spring (and if it means filming somewhere I’m all for it).
  15. I assume that contestants would probably be required to be vaccinated, so having a vaccine passport would likely not be an issue. As mentioned above, just make it a requirement. I could also see a shorter season being filmed; there's a rumor that Survivor may shorten its filming schedule, from 39 days to 29, so maybe TAR would do something similar. They could also limit the number of countries visited on the race, and just do a bunch of legs in one spot, which could also make for a shorter season. There's options.
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