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  1. Here's something else from Chelsea's exit interview with Josh. Kind of goes along with whether she should have picked something up or really isn't as much of a social gamer as she likes to think:
  2. So Dan is apparently on NuVokai, which would mean Tommy and Jamal on NuLairo. So that tribe has 3 potential bitter betties to flip. With all the talk from Chelsea in her interviews about Karishma flipping on her old tribe, I wonder if she’s hinting to that very thing happening. Old Lairo is screwed with numbers as it is. They would need 2 people to flip to their side if it stays down tribal lines. Although Noura doesn’t have a. vote so she’d be out.
  3. I feel like taking a drink everytime Chelsea says "being a superfan". You broke crucial rules of Survivor. You got close to a dude. You let yourself believe they were going for the easy vote, and didn't stick with the group to see where everyone's head was at. Her own alliance voted her out. I like how Rob tried to cheer her up by saying he knows what it's like being a 4th boot blindside (ignoring the fact he made the final 3 the season before and is considered one of the best players ever). Chelsea will be a forgettable 4th boot where, when mentioned, people will say "there was a Chelsea on that season?"
  4. What I don’t get about her being bitter towards Aaron and Missy is that while yes, they did throw her name out, she wasn’t their first choice. They wanted Dean, but for whatever reason Elizabeth and Elaine said no. So why not blame them a little? She sounds like she was embarrassed by her edit (or lack of). And I knew she was going to say it wasn’t a showmance. Which, maybe not, but a real super fan knows don’t get too close to the opposite sex out there.
  5. Missy said something in her conversation with Aaron about getting her sorority sisters back together (or keeping them together) and referred to Elizabeth and Chelsea. That comment initially turned me off, but now I'm wondering if she was being sarcastic or saying it because Karishma did. And I'm still wondering why Chelsea and not Dean. Elizabeth seemed the anti-Dean vote first before taking it to Elaine. So was it Elaine who wouldn't budge?
  6. Here's one of Chelsea's exit interviews. I had to laugh at this part: https://parade.com/938568/mikebloom/survivor-chelsea-walker-eliminated/ I was wondering the same thing. She talked about wanting to play it safe and stay under the radar in the beginning, and not be paranoid by going into the vote asking everyone over and over again if Karishma was still the plan. Maybe she played it a little too quiet and safe (and maybe shouldn't have gotten in the briefest of showmances on top of it). Then there was this: Maybe Elaine is just smart not to call it like she sees it. She also said that on day 5, herself, Missy, Elizabeth, Aaron, and Dean formed a new alliance together and the plan had been to target Karishma.
  7. I just picture the tribe picking her up blindfolded and chugging her into the ocean. Or into Probst. Or maybe they could have recruited Karishma to do it since she said she can throw people. Either way I think Tommy wouldn't have been the only one taking a groin hit had Noura been the caller. I loved Rob and Sandra's reaction to her at IOTI. They may exile themselves if they see her coming again.
  8. According to Sucks, the new Tribes look to be something like this: NuLairo: Elizabeth Karishma Noura Janet Tom Jack 2 of Tommy/Jamal/Dan NuVokai: Missy Lauren Elaine Kellee Dean Jason Aaron 1 of Tommy/Jamal/Dan NuLairo could be a wildcard tribe. Karishma said in the preview she'd flip (probably editing), Noura might be bitter (but if she vote doesn't count, she can't do anything now anyway), but if Jamal's there he might flip as well. Jamal could also flip on his tribe at NuVokai if he's there. I could see this being a case where he or Karishma get overconfident about being a possible swing vote and end up getting blindsided. Jamal's edit has been negative the last three episodes, and too control hungry. Karishma's also turning into a train wreck. Will Dean be bitter? Might be an interesting week.
  9. I think Jamal (clearly still bitter because he didn't get his way) may flip on his old tribe. I can't imagine that guy being even more arrogant, but we may see that side if it happens, especially if he thinks he'll be the deciding vote. And Noura is such a wild card she may vote someone off that isn't even on her new tribe. But she may also be bitter about not getting her own way in the previous challenge. Difference is, she'll probably come right out and tell everyone she's flipping. Karishma I can see doing a 'I have all the power' right up to getting blindsided. Also, do we think Elaine and Jason stay with their old tribes? Both were wearing the respective buffs, but the confessionals we saw in the preview sounded post-swap.
  10. I don't get Karishma. She doesn't seem to do anything but make herself more isolated from the group. She apparently isn't helping around camp (according to Elizabeth anyway). She cries about how she isn't being given a chance, yet it sounds like that's exactly what her tribe is trying to do for her. She just sits back and seems to want the game played for her and it to be easy, but to take all the credit.
  11. LadyChatts

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    I was thinking about the IC tonight, and Jason's strategy. Has anyone ever had their tribe go out in one big group before? It probably worked in this challenge vs the ones where they have to pick up various bags spread out over a course, but I thought it was kind of smart to do that. I loved the look of surprise on Rob and Sandra's faces when Noura quickly took the deal and didn't even hesitate when they told her to think about it. And if they went ahead and let Noura be the caller, would that have really been her persuading them? Given the examples we saw in flashbacks, I don't think that's what they were aiming for. She basically just told them 'I'm the caller or else.' I'm with those that say a superfan would never get in an showmance with someone. I'm sure Chelsea will say in post-show interviews it wasn't a showmance, but it was enough that the tribe wanted to separate them.
  12. Tribe swap next week. We see Karishma saying she will turn on her former tribe. Think Jamal and Noura might be bitter enough to turn on theirs?
  13. LadyChatts

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    I'm hoping that's foreshadowing to when Elaine makes a big move. She's a gamer, I just hope she lets it out at some point rather than just playing the naive farm girl. And so much for my girl’s alliance. I really thought it might stick this time! And I want to like Karishma, but get it together girl. Missy and Aaron were 100% correct in their reasoning for wanting to get rid of Dean (he is worthless in the challenges). I was off the Missy bandwagon at the start of the episode with her little talk with Aaron, but she won me over by the end. And did Chelsea say she personally doesn’t want to be blindsided but likes doing it to other people?
  14. LadyChatts

    S39.E04 Plan Z

    When he had the confessional about it not being a blindside tonight, I thought it was going to be him. I'm just surprised everyone agreed on Chelsea and not Dean.
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