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  1. You aren't kidding. Hopefully this is just a really bad photo.
  2. With my luck, they are right 😞 Of course it'd be Natalie.
  3. Well, I'm definitely someone who thought his first win was fluky, so...yeah, he can't get voted off fast enough for me.
  4. I 100% agree @Eolivet. And I had a back and forth with Nick at first where he couldn't get the boot fast enough for me, but I grew to really like him. Funny that if the Davids hadn't had a medevac, Nick would have been the first boot.
  5. I admit I was excited to see her, too. I got so sick of Rob and Amber being everywhere after All-Stars, although I did get a kick of the bitter jury awarding Amber the million (who I guess was the lesser of two evils in their minds), yet Rob basically won it, too. And look at the publicity they got, and I know that's the type of publicity a lot of reality show contestants back then would have given their left arm and first born for. Over the years I've grown to like Rob, although most of my dislike wasn't really his fault, it was the show pimping him as some great. But as I mentioned before, I love that their marriage made it, and their kids are freaking cute. I feel like if you want true love, forget the dating reality shows, and trying Survivor or a show that isn't about finding love.
  6. This is what I loved about Gabon. Terrible season over all, but the location and shots of wild life made up for it. I've heard of some contestants coming home sick and having a long recovery (Sierra Dawn Thomas being one of them), but whether it was bacterial or not I don't know. It might depend what time of year they film, as some get more rain than others. I forgot about Jeremy, but your right. He purposely said he was saving it until the end, partly so he wouldn't be targeted, but also to have some big emotional moment at TC. Whose going to vote against the guy who just revealed his wife's having a baby, and revealed the gender to him during the family visit-much less vote against the guy who cried about his mother dying and that this was her dream for him to play Survivor? In Adam's case, I don't want to sound insensitive, but he just turned the waterworks on a little too conveniently for me.
  7. And I thought I didn’t like Michele lol I think she’s lucky that the only other female winners that aren’t back this season are either people who’ve fallen off the Survivor grid (Natalie White), people who’ve made headlines for their substance abuse issues (Jenna Morasca), someone Probst probably likes less than Michele (Vecepia Towery), and then there’s Tina, whose exclusion surprises me probably more than anyone. Although to be fair, I could probably make the same argument for some of the men that got asked back.
  8. Jeremy wasn't even the first person to find a HII in a challenge. Kelley Wentworth was.
  9. I think this was the case for me and a lot of people. Watching the way the edit was playing out at the FTC, I thought there was no way in hell Aubry was losing. She had more of the overall story arc that winners tend to get. Michele I honestly can't remember much of in terms of her edit. I don't know if being new is going to help Michele, but I think she'll have less of a target on her back just based on game play and reputation than most of the female winners that are back. In all honesty, I'll always believe that Adam's win during MvsGX had at least something to do with them changing the jury format. Not saying you still can't win with a good old sob story, but it's a little harder to work that in now, instead of one person asking you a question and being able to direct the narrative to what you want.
  10. Here's another article. As I said, the dislike Jeff has for the outcome probably sounds worse coming from people (like me lol) writing about it, but he pretty much alludes to it that he preferred Aubry over time. https://ew.com/article/2016/06/14/survivor-jeff-probst-kaoh-rong-michele-aubry-tai/ Side note, but as I was digging into the past, I ran across this tweet from Michele from 2018. Reading the comments, people totally knew she was throwing shade at Probst because he's been vocal about her win, probably more than any recent winner I can remember. https://twitter.com/meeshfitz/status/1059093722959433734?lang=en
  11. This is one article I remember-it was Jeff giving an interview pre-MvsGX, where he first mentioned the new jury format. I should say that while he's never out right said 'I hate Michele, worst winner ever', he's strongly alluded to not liking her win. I will see if I can find more that were directly after the KR finale. https://torontosun.com/2016/09/27/jeff-probst-tackles-survivor-hot-topics--and-teases-next-season/wcm/6fba139e-9ffb-497a-bc0f-9b43bc97ba3e Here's what he said about the jury change that was coming, naming Scot and Jason specifically as getting to the KR jury: And here's what he said about Michele in that article as well:
  12. He’s made it clear through the years that he didn’t agree with her win, thought she won only by Scot and Jason influencing the jury (so popularity, as 99% of winners do), and specifically said her win was the reason why they were changing the jury format.
  13. This is what I'm afraid of, especially if certain players won't feed into what TPTB want from them on camera. By personalities alone, I can see camera time being dominated by the men this season, especially since some of the women weren't Probst faves to begin with.
  14. I might be in the minority, but I'm happy to see Amber back. Frankly I think she sucks as a Survivor player, and I kind of wish she was on here without Rob (as I expect that to make her a bigger target than she would have been alone). But I would have liked to have seen what she could do by herself. It's been so long that my dislike of her has waned through the years. I'm happy her and Rob made it together, and they have some adorable kids.
  15. I'm no fan of Michele, and I'd be perfectly fine if she were a first boot. However, if her sticking around irritates Probst, then I'm all for it.
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