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  1. In previous seasons, typically the first merge boot was on the jury (I think that started during the mega numbered seasons of Cook Islands and Fiji-and in those cases, some of the first jurors didn't even make the merge). Gabon, too, with Marcus-he didn't make the merge and was a juror. However, before Cook Islands the merge boot was always the last pre-juror. Which always had me curious if that one person might have ended up changing the eventual outcome of a season. But maybe Shamar being medevaced and Brandon quitting had something to do with her not being on the jury? Like numbers wise? That said, I agree. The alternatives were Dawn and Sherri, and if I'm remembering correctly, Sherri ended up screwing up some plan Malcolm/Eddie/Reynold/Erik had to overthrow Cochran and the favorites. She pretty much was roasted as being a goat who made no moves of her own. Although to be fair, I think her excuse for not siding with the one group was either they had ignored her up until that point, or she was at the bottom of that plan. And Dawn-'nuff said. So yeah, I really don't think Corinne would have foiled a Cochran win. I think her strategy was she wanted to just get everyone worked up about Cochran being a producer favorite and that they wanted him to win. She claimed she had some of the jurors in her pocket. Also in agreement about Reynold and Eddie. Looking back, I feel the same way about Allie and Hope. It wasn't the smartest decision for the four of them to go off together first thing, but the counter alliance made some poor decisions voting off Allie and Hope early on. If Shamar hadn't been medevaced, it would have been insane for them to keep him around. Corinne actually uses the Gabon jury as an example of her influence, because she takes credit for Sugar losing. I can't remember if it was a podcast she did or where I heard her say it, but she said the night she got voted off, she warned everyone that she had people on the jury that would vote how she told them, and openly asked Marcus, Randy, and Charlie to raise their hands if they agreed (and then got yelled at by Jeff for acknowledging the jurors). However, I think that's giving herself way too much credit. Randy sure as hell wasn't voting for Sugar, and I don't think Marcus or Charlie would have, either. And Susie still got 3 votes from Ken, Matty, and Crystle. Sugar may have gotten a popular, sympathetic edit, but I think that's what it was-an edit. I really don't think she was winning regardless of what influence Corinne claimed to have.
  2. I loved Eddie! I would love to see Reynolds back from that season, too. When I watched Caramoan again, I actually didn’t hate it as much on re-watch (of course it helped that I knew Cochran was winning, so that helped soften the blow). Corinne always believed that she was purposely left off the jury because she would have rallied everyone to vote against Cochran (and believes she would have been successful).
  3. I loved Tracy. She's high up on my list of people I want to see return. I think she had loads of potential to be a great player, but got saddled on a crappy tribe where she had to baby sit Chet and Kathy. Ozzy and Amanda were my guess, too. Parvati/James were the only other ones flirting, but I don't remember it being as serious as the other two.
  4. Yeah, unless they can figure something out for the spring. However, even within the US the cases are climbing and states are locking back down. Here in NY we have a travel advisories for certain states that require mandatory quarantines, filling out forms when arriving, or facing fines in the thousands. So I'd argue a season filmed domestically somehow would be a no go, too. Unless other countries lift their travel blockades against American travelers and they film somewhere else for the spring, but that probably isn't going to happen, either. This has been my Wednesday night ritual for so long. I guess this is the bright side to CBS shelving Amazing Race seasons for years. At least there will be some sense of normalcy on my TV this fall.
  5. No surprise, but for the first time in 20 years, we aren't getting a fall Survivor season https://deadline.com/2020/07/survivor-pulled-fall-schedule-swat-moves-from-midseason-1202985760/
  6. Thanks for the link! Nice to know that there are sites out there willing to remember Survivors that weren't big names or played recently. I thought Clarence was a riot during his season. I was hoping he would at least make the jury. And thanks to that stupid vote, because Clarence and T-Bird voted for Lex, it set in motion for Kelly to be voted off next, thanks to Lex and his never-wrong gut instinct. I'm also going to give him an A for creativity with that answer. ETA: I loved this part from Clarence too
  7. I remember being shocked when I found out that the Stassi on VR was the same Stassi on TAR. Seeing people go from one reality show to the next nowadays isn't anything special, but seeing someone that was on this show so long ago suddenly being present on another reality show seemed weird. I think that was a lot of it, was how the teams were assembled. The Gaghans and the Blacks were the only teams that really had little kids. I know there was the Schroeder boy and Rolly Weaver, but they were at least a little older (I think anyway). It might have been better to do families with all kids, or all adults/teens. At least they would have been more on equal footing. Oddly enough, NBC's rip off of TAR Family Edition was this very show, and I actually enjoyed it. Maybe it's because I knew what to expect going in. The TAR versions that spend the majority of the race on one or two continents (usually Europe or Asia) also bore me. It's still international travel, but I like the seasons that go all over.
  8. Oh, the Weavers were even worse on re-watch. One of the episodes I last watched had them throwing stuff out of their car over at the Godlewski's, who were just minding their own business. They really couldn't understand why people didn't like them? Luckily for them U-turns weren't a thing back then. Only the Yield.
  9. I'm in the middle of re-watching this (I think I only have 4 episodes left). It's not as bad on re-watch, although I thought the first episode really dragged. I was all for the Drew/Kevin cameo, but I felt like I zoned out seeing all those teams driving around aimlessly in NYC. Second episode, too, but was a little bit better. Once the teams started dwindling down is when I enjoyed it more. I don't think it was the family concept or even the teams of 4 that dragged it down, and I think some of the things they did in the US were cool and interesting. But I don't know, something was definitely missing (and not just the international travel). It's too bad they couldn't spend more time outside the US, even if it was neighboring countries. I wouldn't be opposed to a family edition again, except teams of 2 (not 4), and more time outside the US. I did get a kick out of some of the comments a few of the racers made about the tasks and lack of international travel so far. And I loved Mama Paolo. She's a peach compared to some of these other teams. I wish they had brought her back for an all star season so she could finally get to New Zealand.
  10. I wanted to read the Friends Forever books. I actually never heard of them until I ran across a blog site that use to review the book series. I can't remember when I actually stopped reading the series as a whole. I know there was a point where I stopped, but would occasionally see a book at the library or store and it looked interesting enough so I would get it. I remember Farewell Dawn-Kristy looked way too happy on the cover of that book, so that stood out, but I couldn't believe Dawn was leaving for real. And then Stacey vs the BSC and Kristy's Worst Idea I remember reading. But there were books before and after them that I know I didn't read. When I read the Kristy one I thought the series was done, then was surprised to see it continued. I've actually been buying books here and there to try and get a complete set (thank goodness for ebay). But I haven't run across the Friends Forever ones yet. I always thought it was weird to think about the girls graduating middle school and moving onto high school. It was weird to think of them driving, getting jobs that didn't involve baby sitting, and looking ahead to college. I hated to think that they wouldn't be friends anymore 😞
  11. And her art supplies. I suppose her parents may have bought her some, but she mentioned in the books using her baby sitting money towards that. And with all the different kinds of art Claudia did, even back in the 80s and 90s, I know that stuff wasn't exactly cheap. I don't know how she afforded all that stuff pre BSC, or even with baby sitting money.
  12. I hid junk food in my room for no reason other than I thought it was a cool idea. My parents liked sweets, and while us kids had our limits, they weren't super strict. But I loved the idea. Also learned some valuable lessons of where not to hide jolly ranchers and mini chocolate bars. I remember Elizabeth's mom, Nannie, because she drove a pink car (I feel like the car had a nickname? I might be thinking of what they used to call Charlie's car, the junk bucket). She seemed like a super awesome lady that between her and watching The Golden Girls, it made growing old seem fun. Of course that was back when I was 8-ish, so I don't know that I feel that way anymore. I actually quit reading the books before Abby joined. I also remember the box sets of the books, and that was how I finally got my hands on the first 10 or so. I don't remember much about Logan, other than everyone thought he was dreamy, and that I tried reading Logan's dialogue as if I was hearing his southern accent since they talked about it all the time. I felt like the way it was written in the book, it confused me more about how he was supposed to sound. ETA: The Pink Clinker! That was it.
  13. I started reading the BSC Little Sister books first before I got into the regular BSC books (which had been out for a few years at that point). My first book was one of the mysteries, Beware Dawn. I will say I always loved the mysteries way more than the regular books (and also the Super Specials were fun). I was always jealous of the girls, because I wanted my friends and I have to have some kind of mystery to solve like the BSC. Haunted houses, missing jewelry and kids, mysterious fires, catching a crook in a photograph...wish my life was that exciting at 12 and 13. My favorite BSC member was always Dawn, probably for the same reasons people liked Stacey. I loved that Dawn was from California (wanted to move there so bad as a kid), that she was a vegetarian, loved animals, and had her own individual fashion sense. Also, she loved ghost hunting. I grew up in an old-ish house, and when I read The Ghost at Dawn's House, trust me, I looked for a secret passage everywhere. I want to say that this is the first reboot that hasn't disappointed me. The BSC books were such a huge part of my child hood, and I liked the original short lived series, so I was debating whether to watch and have my childhood destroyed like pretty much every other reboot has done. But I absolutely love it, and can't wait for more episodes. I agree with those that like how they've updated it to fit our current times, yet are still staying fairly true to the story lines of the books. I especially loved when the girls did the sandwich boards to advertise their club, to show how outdated that is. The girl who plays Dawn is exactly how I would expect Dawn to be like. I love that the focus is more on the girls, less on their clients (though I always loved the kids). Next to Dawn, I always loved Claudia and Mallory. I love that they still have Claudia hiding candy in her rooms. I'm glad they are basing the episodes off the books, and not random story lines like the original did. And I love the updated diversity. No doubt that's how the books would be written if they were made today. Hope we get more episodes! ETA: oh, and Morbidda Destiny/Mrs. Porter/Aunt Esme is awesome. I'd watch a whole episode of her.
  14. I'm hoping we get some of these stories, too. I used to love the paranormal stories. I saw an interview with Terry Dunn Meurer (one of the producers) who said with the advancements in technology and social media that the lost loves stories might not happen, since it's so easy to find someone nowadays. I hope they cover cases that are decades old. Maybe bringing them to the public now with so much advancement and so many web sleuths they might be able to get somewhere. But I hope there's a variety. I think it's why I prefer the old format; you got more cases and stories covered. I wouldn't mind them updating on cases they covered back in the day that have since gotten solved, and maybe airing old cases that haven't. Again, there may be new evidence, and with new people watching they may get a break. I'm mixed on the new format. I agree that it's really like watching any other true crime story on Investigation Discovery or HLN. I do like that they can get more in depth with the case, however, since they have an hour to spend on one story. But it's what always set UM apart from the other shows, was showing multiple stories. I'm glad they didn't replace Robert Stack, because he was so iconic with this series. I love Dennis Farina, but it was hard to get into the show with him as host. Also glad they kept the theme song.
  15. I’ve never understood how no one from Guatemala has been brought back, except for Danni (and that only took how many years/seasons?). I happen to love that season and think it has one of the best casts ever, in terms of personalities. Also, I like “Cirie Island”. I’m currently re watching that season as well, and while as a whole I dislike it, Cirie is awesome. I said it before, but I still don’t understand how Danielle was asked back. Especially for HvsV.
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