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  1. Alicia Garza missed a huge opportunity to explain -again- what “defund the police” means. She said people aren’t confused. Yes, yes they are because the term has been hijacked and maligned.
  2. I'm reading The Glass House by Beatrice Colin, about 2/3 done and really enjoying it. It has a Downton Abbey-esque feel to it. Pre WWI Scotland, Antonia is struggling to hold on to her family's estate when her SIL Cicely (whom she's never heard of) shows up on the doorstep, having traveled from India. Both women are wary, and both have secrets. The narrative alternates between the two characters. It's a short book, only about 250 pages but filled with lovely descriptions of both countries. I'm anxious to see how this ends.
  3. My cousin posted a pic at JFK airport yesterday. The Christmas tree is up. Guess it's not too soon to be running Christmas commercials and shows.
  4. Thanks for filling me in, Lets. I was called away from the tv and didn't get to see the segment. I felt something was missing from my life.
  5. There was a whole lot going on this episode, although the parallel of war and childbirth was a little heavy handed. Catherine running around the battlefield was pretty ridiculous but made for good tv. I’m glad Lina and Ovieto made it to the end of the epi.
  6. Nice! Lots of feminine brain power this week. Should be some good discussions. Poor Ana. Glad her husband is ok.
  7. I watched Biden’s. Only saw clips of Trumps.
  8. It figures that Sara thought trump did ok at the townhall.
  9. So we all know the Progressive commercials about not turning into your parents? At the grocery store today I passed an older lady using speakerphone, telling someone at the other end she was having a salad for dinner. I burst out laughing.
  10. I guess they are congratulating her on making a bundle (presumably) while putting in minimal effort. Nice gig.
  11. So there is one more completed season on the shelf waiting to be shown. eta: (Was a season filmed in summer 2019?)
  12. I think someone said it was filmed Nov 2018.
  13. Oh, man, I FORGOT TO WATCH LAST NIGHT! 😫 What a great start! Fun countries, fun tasks, and goats! Everyone on the race seems nice so far. There isn't anyone I can say I can't stand right now (although Michelle is kind of on the bubble), so I was sorry to see the catfish guys get eliminated. I thought for sure if they all were still racing the guys would be allowed to continue. Bummer. How many times did those poor spectators and musicians have to listen to the Banana Boat song?
  14. Jack Bauer died and still saved the world by the end of the day.
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