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  1. My takeaway is that if you go there bring a gallon of clorox to wipe everything down. Eww. Chi-chier.
  2. Aside from guns her fav things are bourbon and gambling.
  3. Haleth

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    Ha! I thought so too and I think the couple was less than thrilled. Remember the other day Valerie Bertinelli made a chicken dish that everyone said was the best they’d ever tasted? I tried it yesterday, following the recipe exactly. The chicken was good but the sauce completely burned off and the olives and garlic were like charcoal briquettes. It ruined my cast iron skillet. I was pretty pissed.
  4. I met Shirley Jones at a function yeeeears ago where she performed. After singing she hung around and chatted with people. She was elegant and charming and seemed like a very lovely person.
  5. Haleth

    Escaping The Stones: The Cast In Other Roles

    Sorry, it’s been away too long!
  6. Haleth

    Escaping The Stones: The Cast In Other Roles

    I saw Laura Donnelly playing JRR Tolkien's mother in the eponymous movie. So that's where she was instead of Lallybroch.
  7. I just realized I forgot Abby. (Who?)
  8. Hard to replace the conservative on the panel? Well, there's Ana for one. Tara for two. Of course we know Ana doesn't want the full time gig but it shows that they are out there-- conservative, republican women who can have a spirited conversation without screeching or pouting or pretending to be a victim. Of course ABC loves all the publicity that the show gets when media call Meghan out for being a train wreck.
  9. Even though it seems too obvious that the producers want Madison to win, I think the audience favorite is Bailey. When it comes down to just the two of them how is Nigel going to crown her when Bailey is the one who garners more votes?
  10. Haleth

    The Goldfinch (2019)

    I thought the book was about 100 pages too long, but I'll watch this when it shows up on tv. Only because I love Jeffrey Wright and Hobie.
  11. Haleth

    What Are We Currently Reading?

    I decided to read books by some of the leading candidates to get to know them better. I read Kamala Harris's book The Truths We Hold pretty quickly then picked up Elizabeth Warren's This Fight is Our Fight. I'm only half through it and am so depressed I need a palate cleanser, something cheerful. And I haven't even gotten to the chapter about climate change yet.
  12. Haleth

    210 Words Per Minute

    Dang it. I was waiting for some crazy, off the wall stunt involving the carousel. So disappointing. I don't know what they're doing with the big honkin' convoy either. And where did Morgan say he was going?
  13. Haleth

    Season 5 Live Posting Topic

    They can’t tease us with a carousel and then not use it.
  14. Haleth

    Season 5 Live Posting Topic

    I wouldn’t rule out a pregnancy. Fainting on tv always means pregnant.
  15. Ooooh, Richard Chamberlain. He was dreamy back in the day. That reminds me that I'd also like to see the original Shogun again.