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  1. Haleth

    S41.E11: Do or Die

    Maybe the producers would have scrapped it all together? Just play the challenge as any other? Contestants arise and rebel against dumb twists!
  2. I'm still curious about who gave Kendall a motorcycle.
  3. And Joy calls her Bobblehead. I have a friend who lives in that district.
  4. Haleth

    S41.E11: Do or Die

    I was very moved by Liana's and DeShawn's comments at TC. Then I began to wonder if it was all a manipulation to avoid being voted out. I'd like to think everyone who spoke was being honest with their feelings. I don't watch Big Brother so I have no idea what the cookout was about so for me it was enlightening to hear why the alliance of the Black players meant so much to them. It even made me like Shan a little more. The players keep mentioning how well liked Ricard is. Obviously they are not seeing his scheming the way the at home audience is, so I'm kind of rooting for him. Yay?
  5. Who had the extra vote? Xander? Ricard?
  6. Did Ricard not contribute to that conversation?
  7. As bad as all the sniping is with the Reps it saddens me even more that it’s a bunch of women doing it. Not a good look. Makes women seem petty and bitchy. Rita Moreno is a goddess. The Christmas set looks really pretty.
  8. That song is hilarious. I'm glad they are all having so much fun. Shan is still Shan. I wanted to like her in this video, hoping she was just edited in the game as a villain, but she is still full of herself. The MS reveal was surprising and I give her a lot of credit for competing with a physical issue. One thing, she is gorgeous. Her smile is radiant.
  9. I don't get Rip's problem with Lloyd all of a sudden. Just because of the fight he and Walker had? That was days ago so Rip needs to get over it. I was hoping Rip telling Lloyd to be the boss meant R wanted L to tell the rodeo girls to get the hell out of the bunk house. But, maybe not. Why are we still following Jimmy? Oh, please don't make the protest girl John's new love interest. He's old enough to be her grandpa, despite the fact she thinks he's in his 50s. (However, I did like him pointing out that plowing for crops kills animals too.) John needs to get over his kids
  10. Agreed. Probst likes her a lot more than the audience. Her sad vote out music was too much.
  11. The only time my cat is allowed outside is when I'm on the deck. She has to stay there with me. If she got into the yard she could take off and I'd not be able to catch her. We have neighbors who let their cats roam (and a lot of cats who I don't know where they belong). It's a nuisance to me and dangerous to the animals. My feeling is if you can't keep your pets in your own yard they do not belong outside untended.
  12. I've been seeing the Capital One one with John Travolta and Samuel Jackson. Still funny.
  13. I’m about 3/4 done with Six of Crows and really really wish they had adapted this one instead of S&B. It is so much more fun.
  14. I sympathize with Rochester only so far as he was tricked into marrying Bertha and was stuck with her as long as she lived. But then he tried and almost succeeded in tricking Jane as well. He knew she was too proper to have anything to do with a married man, so he neglected to mention the crazy wife in the attic. Points for taking care of Bertha? More like hiding the fact she existed so he could have a normal life.
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