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  1. Yeah, but it was so fun to see. 😄
  2. You win the internet today.
  3. And she managed to get a “my father” onto the show too.
  4. I love seeing “third rate” Jon Karl’s Emmys lined up behind him.
  5. Duh, of course you are right. I don’t know why I was thinking otherwise. Not enough coffee, I guess.
  6. They must have prerecorded several weeks of VYD. Surely S&S are not coming into the studio to just tape this. Ana must be in Miami. Maybe she doesn't want a remote crew in her house. Yeah, I've been turning the channel when they break into the news for a Trump show. Yesterday I turned back to the local news channel after about 5 minutes and they had already cut Trump off.
  7. I'm so confused. What is Serac after? Is it the information that was amassed on all the guests at the WW? What for? To take over the world? Doesn't his computer Rebowhatever already have all the data on everyone? I don't get it. I suppose having Dolores replicate herself many times is an interesting twist. Sort of. But wouldn't all the Doloreses be competing to be the alpha Dolores? Maybe they'll all end up killing each other. One can only hope. Right? If Maeve is truly dead again I'm going to lose interest. She and Bernard are the only ones I care about. I do like Caleb but hate that he's enthralled by Dolores. Her! Hear! Closed captioning says Delores. <shrug> It could have been a play on the name Delos.
  8. Draconian. Totalitarianism. Panacea. Existential. Someone has been practicing her word-a-day calendar words.
  9. Right. In these uncertain times we need more hand creams* and tote bags. (Of course with all the hand washing maybe we do need more lotions.)
  10. Ah, thanks. I didn't see that thread.
  11. Answering in the Book Talk thread.
  12. Not in omelets but on them, with avocado and tomato. Delicious.
  13. I'll trade you an 8 pack of regular sized sheets for the half sized! I end up tearing the regular sized ones in half.
  14. I think if I had to be quarantined with anyone it would be Ina Garten. Beside eating very well she would be a hoot to hang out with.
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