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  1. And she has to wait two whole weeks before it’s effective!
  2. “Kicking off National Nurses’ Week” on Friday? Too bad Meg isn’t there to get some clear messaging from Dr Walensky. Sunny, what the heck with the hair, makeup, and top today? She looks like a Disney Princess.
  3. And thus the last few seasons of the show are basically fanfic. (With a little bit of guidance.) This made me laugh.
  4. I was so afraid Rita was softening when she learned that Serena is pregnant. So glad she didn't fall for Serena's manipulation. (I think she was starting to until Serena called her a friend. That brought Rita back to reality instantly.) Jumping into a tank car filled with an unidentified liquid that should have been pitch black once the hatch was closed and that maybe should not have had an inside hatch (unless that's an OSHA safety precaution?) was an incredibly stupid thing to do. Especially when there were tons of box cars where they could hide.
  5. Why any person or organization would deliberately try to undermine public health is mind boggling. Meghan is part of the problem.
  6. She’d rather be a martyr.
  7. Who the hell cares if people continue to use strict safety protocols? What’s it to them? It’s not distrusting the science if you continue to wear a mask. Joy is right, it’s a distraction and not a real story. And of course Meg slams Fauci for not feeling comfortable in public.
  8. And their descendants are still there!
  9. How about “Sara Haines, Anti-Meghan”?
  10. Yes, Laura Donnelly played Jenny on Outlander.
  11. I thought it said "where" too but then thought maybe I was mistaken. Huh, I just looked again and CC does say "when."
  12. Or MyFather. That's annoying too. The way she mangled the topic intros today was awful. The moderator should be able to read the teleprompter. (Yes, I know she is dyslexic.) I thought so too. And I didn't catch Cheeto Jesus or whatever she said. She was ranting so much it was hard to understand what she was saying.
  13. It’s funny that Meg is more defensive about attacks on Liz Cheney than those on her mom.
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