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  1. Huh. I always thought Stevie wrote that. Thanks for the info, Peaches.
  2. Is she booked at the circus after the show? 🤡
  3. Cute dogs and Stevie Wonder make the world a better place.
  4. Shoot, it's only an hour and they can stand up during commercial breaks if it's uncomfortable on those chairs.
  5. Maybe sorrow about sending Gabe off to college is contributing to her appearance too?
  6. Oops. I just noticed the errant apostrophe and revised my comment. Damn auto correct.
  7. We took the kids years ago when a traveling company was here. It is spectacular. I cried too.
  8. Reese: People wonder if you really like each other. Joy: Well, now, yeah.
  9. MKH is very pregnant. But that means she won't be available to host for a while.
  10. Maybe it is conspicuous wealth on parade but I always enjoy seeing the fashions for the Met Gala. It’s like the world’s fanciest costume party. Whoopi looked nice but Gabrielle was stunning.
  11. Menopause symptoms. 🤷‍♀️
  12. Awkward moment with Sunny sneering about Fertile Myrtles with very preg Mary K sitting next to her. That video with Gabrielle and her daughter was adorable.
  13. Only Whoopi would think that people earning $500k+ shouldn’t pay more in taxes or that taking care of one’s freeloaders family is a good reason to not tax them more. I like Sunny but sometimes she can be such a wet blanket.
  14. I didn't know who the lineman is (but knew he is a lineman). Did you see the end where he asks if the sled covers are washable? (Hand wash only.) They don't show that part on the tv ad.
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