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  1. Funny, I decided that if anyone asked me what the light was in my kitchen I’d tell them I was growing pot. New hobby.
  2. Joy, if Flake was still in the Senate he’d be a good soldier and do whatever Mitch says. He’s no profile in courage. Oh, oh! I got an Aerogarden for Christmas and am growing herbs. A friend has one and grows veggies. It’s cool!
  3. I wish the hosts wouldn’t read their questions off the teleprompter. It sounds so stilted and kills any flow to the conversation. The pacing is awful today. Meg is changing her tune today about wanting Trump to be convicted but not pardoned. What happened to “we have to listen to the base” and not further antagonizing them?
  4. Haleth

    S05.E07: Oyedeng

    We need Miller back to smack Holden upside the head for losing focus on finding the PM. I miss Miller. Now that's funny.
  5. The thing that annoys me most about Meg quoting statistics about Reps still loving Trump is that she and all Reps created this situation by lying constantly to their audience. Now they can’t walk it back.
  6. Sorry, Meg the pundint, but money talks louder than “the base.” As corporate America pulls its donations to trump apologists you’ll see more and more Reps change their tunes. (see: McConnell, Mitch)
  7. Lol. I was giving the article the side eye with that.
  8. Haleth

    S05.E07: Oyedeng

    Now that Naomi is off the Ship of Shits (hand waving how preposterous that was) it’s time for the Roci to blow it to scrap metal.
  9. I’m glad they had Rep Jayapal instead. Love her. Hope she finds a way to punish those jerks that gave her covid. Sheesh, Whoopi, put on some decent clothes.
  10. My husband said the same thing. Maybe that's what all the screaming was for... scare off the gators. Hai didn't live there. We saw that in the season premier. She said she was not worthy to be a mother to her son, so I guess she felt unworthy of William too? Me too. I'm still not sure it's not the case. (Do not go there, show!) Ha! Truer words... Push, Pooh Bear! The episode was fine. I didn't really need to know Laurel's backstory but... ok. I did love both versions of Hai and wouldn't mind him being a recurring character though. Maybe team up with Nicky. (kidding!) Please, show, regardless of my love of Chi McBride, don't have Randall try to find his grandparents.
  11. Honestly, Sara, if one of your coworkers was inciting a bunch of thugs to trash your workplace and threaten you and your other coworkers with kidnapping or death would you be willing to wait for legal action?
  12. Meg is an avatar for Reps all over the country. Right. Get over yourself, lady.
  13. I could not get through the book because it was so disturbing.
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