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  1. Haleth

    Hamilton (2020)

    Just wanted to chime in with my love for this presentation. I'd never seen the show or heard the music but was familiar with all the hype. What an absolute gift to make this available to audiences now. LMM is brilliant, which goes without saying. While watching I was texting a friend, saying how adorable Daveed Diggs is. ("Adorable" is how a 63yo woman describes a hot guy young enough to be her son without sounding creepy.) The rest of the cast was wonderful too, but Leslie Odem Jr? He captured my attention fully every time he opened his mouth. That voice! <swoon> I intend to watch several more times before my month of Disney+ runs out.
  2. Their chemistry is why I would have loved a spin off of Good Omens, watching Crowley and Aziraphale bumbling through history. Comedy gold.
  3. James Frain and Burm Gorman. It's shocking when they are not playing the bad guy. I've always had a feeling that actors like these, who almost always play villains, must in real life be really nice people.
  4. Yup. Meg’s tribe needs to blame someone for the surge in red states and of course they aren’t going to blame you-know-who. WHY DIDNT YOU TELL US, FAUCI? But of course he did but they weren’t listening.
  5. Or maybe hoping Sunny will throw her a shower. (If it’s between Sunny, Joy, and Whoopi, Sunny is the best bet.)
  6. This show could have been taped yesterday. Everything is still relevant. Unfortunately.
  7. Sara's show was terrible. I can't help but think her returning to The View would be a step back in her career. Not sure what else ABC could do with her though.
  8. Isn't it the same argument every day? Wash, rinse, repeat.
  9. Poor Sunny keeps freezing. And Ben Platt’s feed is terrible Wasn't Meg slamming the protesters for not wearing masks? Ben just shot that one down. People who care enough to protest are going to care enough to wear masks.
  10. The citizens of AZ let her call go to voicemail.
  11. I swear she’s just resentful that she can’t go out drinking and shooting and hanging out with friends. She’s lashing out at those who do (jealous) and those who say not to (Fauci, her conscience). Poor Meg. Such a victim of science and sensible behavior. Why doesn’t everyone lavish her with sympathy? I know - because we hate conservative women.
  12. You can also get them online, like, you know, cribs. I think Fauci has been doing his best but he was muzzled for weeks. How many weeks went by without updates from the task force?
  13. Off topic, but one of our local weather ladies was doing her broadcast and her husband walked through behind her carrying out the trash. It was hilarious. I'm going to miss today so be sure to post all the juicy details!
  14. Did Whoopi repeatedly call Jill “Joe?” At least she didn’t ask her about medicine. Meg's six things to talk about. For as long as she went on it seemed like more than six. I lost count. Yes, Meg, Jill is a better person than you are.
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