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  1. Ugh. Skipping Wed. You'd think they would put off VYD til Tues (as they did last week) instead of following the somber Holocaust remembrance with hand bags and eye creams.
  2. Everyone having a passionate, engaging discussion about immigration. Meghan? Not a word.
  3. Nor did Hillary name Tulsi Gabbard by name. I saw something on the news about Marsha Blackburn reading a book during the hearings instead of paying attention.
  4. I wasn’t sure she was even there. She didn’t say a word.
  5. My daughter and SIL got married on a beach and their rings were flown in by a parrot. (But he didn't have the real rings, just in case he took off for the jungle.) It was a fun surprise for the guests.
  6. Meg confuses "we are sick and tired of you trying to manipulate us by using your grief to get attention" with "stigma."
  7. I never thought I'd say it but I miss KLG. There was a completely different tone with her visit today, much more natural and light. Hoda and Jenna seem to work extra hard to prove to the audience that they have chemistry. They don't.
  8. You can tell that Joy and Whoopi are fond of Paula.
  9. You win the internet today! Bravo!
  10. Paula’s miscarriage is all about Meg of course.
  11. So Meg isn’t convinced by Adam Schiff’s laying out of the facts. I guess that means she’s on Team Trump again? Exactly. I sent an email to both my senators this morning, for all the good it will do.
  12. As long as Roe v Wade is on the books Sunny will concede that women have the right to terminate a pregnancy. She doesn't like it but has the conservative view that laws should be followed. (Be she isn't active in trying to overturn it either.)
  13. Meghan today: I hate identity politics.” Meghan last week while talking to Chuck Schumer: “Republicans aren’t supposed to be friends with Democrats.”
  14. The timeline issue is confusing. I only realized Yennifer’s was long ago because the 2 kids at the sorceress ball were the future incest king and his sister. There was a painting of them in the monster’s castle. A lot of this show is pretty cheesy. (I’m not a reader or gamer.) But I’m kind of interested to see where it goes, what will happen when the timelines and characters come together.
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