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  1. Well, the next night he posted this which had been sent to him. And try to read the comments. Some of the Glee cast joined in, Dot Jones (Coach Beaste) offered. And he did comment that any of the original cast would be welcomed. I do get the impression he might very well be serious. Just remember the entire series is on Netflix, and he does have an exclusive production deal with Netflix.
  2. We now have a separate show forum for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, with Pike, Spock and Number One. https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/4673-star-trek-strange-new-worlds/
  3. Something Ryan Murphy put out there overnight: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAeq_ngJZmH/?igshid=m3ebkym46hse
  4. The announcement on You Tube: https://youtu.be/OD6kUZwMOjQ CBS All Access Press Release via the Futon Critic: http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2020/05/15/cbs-all-access-announces-series-order-for-star-trek-strange-new-worlds-based-on-the-uss-enterprise-and-its-crew-487102/20200515cbs01/
  5. That’s my current schnauzer when she was a year old. She just turned three. And her beard has a lot more silver.
  6. Bear’s blog on the music soundtrack of season 5: https://www.bearmccreary.com/blog/blog/outlander-season-5/#blog/blog/outlander-season-5/
  7. It was December 7, 1941. Congress declared war the next day, and against Germany the day after that.
  8. What Roger and Bree said in 612 is that they were thinking of “home”. We can’t assume we know when or where that is, other than they remained in that time and near the Ridge. When Claire returned from 1968-69, she knew when and where Jaime was, and that is where she ended up. When Bree travelled back, she knew when Claire was, but not where, so she went back to the time, but in Scotland but found Lallybroch. Roger, in following Bree, essentially followed Bree back in time even though he didn’t know exactly where Bree was.
  9. With cut scenes, I’m glad I pre-ordered the dvd.
  10. Unless I’m forgetting something, there were three events moved up from the books. Young Ian’s return, Stephen Bonnet’s kidnapping of Bree, and his execution by drowning, the revelation to Ian concerning time travel, and Claire being gang raped. Everything else was basically season 5. Season 6 will mostly be A Breath of Snow and Ashes, but the EPS are admitting some things from the Fiery Cross could come forward, and some things might be pulled from book 7 if they need to.
  11. Diana’s well known penchant for historical accuracy even in the historical time traveling series of Outlander, means you have to be authentic to the reality of rape as a control device. As to the time travel will they or won’t they, that didn’t come to a head in the books until a yet to be born chid of Brianna and Roger has a medical necessity for having to do so. We’re not there yet. And then there’s that return. While I suspect we’re to see the chain of events more directly connected to the oncoming American Revolution, we’ve also got the Stuart/MacKenzie/Fraser gold plot hanging there and that involves Aunt Jocasta. And we’ve still to meet the adult William with Lord John Gray (but I suspect that would be season 7, assuming that is a go at some point.
  12. I hadn’t noticed but apparently Claire’s vase from episode 101 also made an appearance. That dissonance sequence was truly remarkable.
  13. It depends which “play” button you hit, apparently. If you hit the one to your left, it skips that segment, if you hit the one on the right side near the center screen, it’ll play the next episode segment (except for this episode) and then the inside the world Outlander segment.
  14. There are some additional call backs in the 60s disassociation scene that are mentioned in the inside the world post episode segment, which made it even more interesting. Sam and Caitlin had a lot of imput on that story arc, apparently. There’s a reason for the house, the title card of episode five has a magazine with that house on the cover. The Orange was a callback to one of the episodes in France, for another. I thought the episode was well done all the way around The one thing we’re overlooking is that Claire told Marsali to brew and prepare the syringe before leaving the kitchen. Marsali wasn’t doing this on her own, she was doing what Claire was sworn not to do. Personally, I’ve would have finished him off at the campsite. The uncertainty would have unnerved the Browns far more.
  15. One follow up to the Easter egg spoiler Darren Criss tweeted that a link is posted to in the episode five thread. Early in this episode, we finally get to see twin baby daddy Anderson, and he’s wearing a bow tie. All of that cannot be an accident. Have to love the shout out!
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