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  1. theschnauzers

    The Cast In Other Roles: Boo!

    Since it’s never been mentioned in this thread, Alexander Dreymon who was Luke during the Coven season, has been the lead in the historical drama series The Last Kingdom as Uthread, which is currently filming its fourth season in Hungary. That season will be released on Netflix late this year. Seasons one through three are available for streaming and DVD. JSYK.
  2. theschnauzers

    S31:E11/12 This One is For One Million Dollars

    In most returning racer seasons, there apparently haven’t been a final memory task. TAR 30, with no returning racers, had such a task, TAR 31 with returning racers did not. Colin and Christie are born, raised and live in Texas. Christie has said she grew up in east Texas. As Colin mentioned during the Netherlands lag, he grew up on Padre Island across from Corpus Christi. Both attended the University of Texas in Austin and met there, a year before TAR 5. Both moved around a bit but settled in Austin before either of their boys were born. That should fill in what is available on social media.
  3. theschnauzers

    Years and Years

    That phrase can be attributed to former Nixon White House policy aide and former U.S. Senator from New York, Daniel Patrick Moynahan. He never lived that phrase down.
  4. theschnauzers

    TAR in the Media

    I do remember Jason and Amy and they did win season 23.
  5. theschnauzers

    S31:E11/12 This One is For One Million Dollars

    The difference was more like three hours behind the first two teams. You can tell by the length of the shadows and the hint of the oncoming dusk in the color of the sky. Best ay is to look as each team emerged from the tunnel into the yard where the final Mat was located. (And The Racers who were at the Travelocity finale party in Dallas confirmed that. That was consistent with filming day spoilers. The roadblock was an upside down controlled descent. The Racers were wearing harnesses and could control their descent with their hands and feet. And I’m not bothered by Tyler or Korey. Tyler is usually more high strung on his YouTube channel.
  6. theschnauzers

    Years and Years

    Regarding the cycling courier incidents that killed the siblings father during the time covered by the episode, and the cycle struck by the one sibling, in both instances the courier company was the competitor of the one the one sibling was working for.
  7. theschnauzers

    Years and Years

    This is a Russell T Davies story after all. Satire is his forte from this to A Very British Scandal to Doctor Who to Queer as Folk. You learn to expect it in anything he does. And he always manages to get a great cast. That and the fact that it’s Russell Tovey is all I need to know!
  8. theschnauzers

    The Man In The High Castle

    MITHC will have a panel ahead of season 4 at Comic Con. Amazon shows now seemingly tend to use such events for premiere dates, teasers etc, and it appears almost all of the main cast will be there.
  9. theschnauzers

    S31:E11/12 This One is For One Million Dollars

    Colin and Christie said in one of the podcasts or interviews this past week that all of the teams took copious notes and were studying them in case there was a final memory task. So not having one is a variable for the Racers to make things unpredictable. I’m fine with not having one every season. As it is I don’t think the result would have changed.
  10. theschnauzers

    The Expanse in the Media

    Since Amazon releases whole seasons at once my guess they’ll want to promote it heavily when they’re about ready to start, SDCC being in late July, and with a Expanse panel on the schedule there, that would be a place to drop a date.
  11. theschnauzers

    The Code

    The episodes can be found at CBS.com or on CBS All Access.
  12. theschnauzers

    The Code

    Rhys, we doing know if the show’s been cancelled. CBS hasn’t stated anything. And given it had been getting ratings numbers near other spring and summer dramas. It might be renewed as a late spring/summer show, like Blood and Treasure which got a second season order this past week.
  13. theschnauzers

    The Spanish Princess

    The three STARZ limited series based on Gregory’s series of novels all aged up some of the characters including Henry VIiI, because of the cultural differences about the age of marriage between that time and modern day.
  14. theschnauzers

    Ratings and Scheduling

    There’s a history for TAR where airing at 9pm or then 10pm generated lower overnight ratings than 8pm. We’ll know better in a couple of weeks, but TAR has shown and uncanny ability to gain time shifted viewers to the same levels consistently at live plus seven day viewing in both season 30 and 31. Especially when the finale had an hour of a Big Brother premiere before it.
  15. theschnauzers

    S31:E11/12 This One is For One Million Dollars

    Leo also wasn’t stopping soon enough on the first number; he went around once too often. So even if he had been following the other instructions, he’d never get it open. He seemed to finally realize that two hours too late and then got it open. And yes I did have that problem back in the day, but once I realized that, it wasn’t my problem, it was remembering the numbers. Turn left or right was never the problem, since the locks I had had the numbers labeled R or L.