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  1. At that moment, Joe is still undercover, and he’s dealing with someone who he knows has information that he needs. These two episodes are the first where we get an idea of how both Joe and his late father tick. That opens up all sorts of storytelling about the family. And not yet mentioned Sean and his siblings are Joe’s cousins.
  2. As far as I know, a second season hasn’t been cancelled. I think the problem is protocols related to COVID-19 and the fact that season one was filed in various European nations.
  3. Keep in mind that as we’re discussing Mars, experiments on the newest rover and helicopter are demonstrating that Oxygen can be extracted on the Martian surface, we known there’s evidence of H2O underneath the surface, the clouds are water clouds, btw, and breaking down Martian source water will also provide hydrogen. And that’s in our timeline. The closing scene in season two shows that Man landed on Mae in 1994. So clearly in the FAM timeline these Robles were somehow solved. It just an strange coincidence that Provenance and Ingenuity landed on Mars as we reached the end oof season two
  4. At the end of season two, Danny was already in the Naval Academy, the season basically was in the summer of 1983 or 1984. Jimmy would be in high school. Had the US maintained its level of real spending after Apollo, it very easily could have established a lunar base and headed towards Mars. These were things that were being discuss in our timeline in the early 1970s. Apollo 11 did come close to being a disaster, though it was kept secret at the time. In fact, Armstrong and Aldrin had to maneuver away from the planned landing spot full of rocks to avoid a crash landing. They landed t
  5. Apple News had an interview with RDM and he’s explained each season will take about a decade jump from the previous season, and if it feels right they might go a bit into the future. Well we now can definitely understand why Danny Stevens was cast in season two, and left little doubt both Stevens boys will be around next season at a minimum. Admiral Ed will most likely be the head of the military side of the space program; have no idea if Ellen ends up running NASA or goes into politics. Mars? After what we saw IRL, the first helicopter flight on the surface of Mars, the ability to make w
  6. Lee Atwater was an shameless political hack in our timeline. The nature of GOP political attacks trace back to Atwater, even 40 years later. Would Ellen rather run for Congress than be NASA Administrator? Her immediate personal issue has cleared up, so it’s unlikely to rear itself in a Senate confirmation. A political campaign would be different.
  7. By 1984, Apple was selling their first PCs. I remember where there was an Apple store, one of my.uncles had one in his realty management company for bookkeeping. And that was the year of Apple’s iconic “1984” Super Bowl commercial. So the green droid monitor were accurate, color monitors weren’t more than a year or two away.
  8. I had not realized that Jared Harris is the son of acting legend Richard Harris. Jared was in the first two seasons of The Expanse, before he did Chernobyl, and the factoid was mentioned in a new series of podcasts about the Expanse that begins with the first episode of season one, hosted by Ty Frenck (half of the duo of James S.A. Corey, the authors of The Expanse series of novels, novellas, and short stories) and who’s an executive producer and writer on the TV series, and actor Wes Chatham, who portrays Amos on the series. They post their podcasts on the Ty and That Guy you tube channel, a
  9. IRL, Rep. Lawrence McDonald was on flight KAL007, the NASA administrator was not. The location of the shoot down was accurate, although there was never an indication of a secret Soviet base. And there were multiple failures on both sides that led to the result, but the failure of the Soviet military aircraft or aviation control to contact the civilian aircraft before firing and the failure of the Soviet pilots to properly identify that it was a jumbo passenger jet were seen as the most immediate causes of the attack. It’ll be interesting to see what the repercussions of the armed Marines
  10. Paramount Plus posted a video announcement when the service began that, in fact, production has begun for SNW in Toronto. There’s also been an announcement of five new cast members: https://deadline.com/2021/03/star-trek-strange-new-worlds-paramount-series-cast-production-begins-1234713092/
  11. Brendon is my MVP for the season.
  12. I’m quite happy with that outcome. Right order of finish as well.
  13. IIRC, IRL, this was being explored as a means to send larger and thus heavier payloads, including nuclear fuels, into space. The concern was the excessive heat being generated at launch. As to pollution, most rockets were using oxygen and hydrogen. The boosters themselves were not fueled by fissionable material.
  14. Something I noticed in the end credits at the end of this episode. One role cast was that of Sally Ride. Make what you will of that.
  15. The finale airs Sunday. This is the first non-US season I’ve ever watched in full. It’s been interesting. At first, I was cheering for the Cowboys because of the original Cowboys (the McCoy brothers). But I grew to like them even more because of their own merits, and Brendon in particular for his evenhandedness and never holding back from any of the tasks. But they’re my choice to win. They never quit and never get fazed when they were the back of the pack.And the last leg (episode/leg 23) was just perfect. So I guess we’ll see on Sunday!
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