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  1. Amazon made the entire final season available a day earlier than announced.
  2. World on Fire completed its first series on BBCOne on Sunday, and the BBC confirmed a second series at the end of the first series finale.
  3. From what I recall, in Arrow, until now, they didn’t get involved with time travel, and before the monitor, really didn’t get into parallel Earths, except for E2 Laurel, and prior crossovers. So I’m not surprised they didn’t call the time ship and I think William was remembering Felicity left but even he didn’t know about the pocket universe Felicity was placed in by the Monitor in 7-22. None of that is an issue with me. Episode itself is clearly the best this season, and maybe one of the best of the series.
  4. Amazon Prime has all the Bourne films, including the last one, Jason Bourne (just checked) and a lot about project Threadstone can be gleaned through all of the five films. The creators of the series, are taking their clues from the novels Lundrum wrote back in the 1960s, which spawned an earlier film in the early 1970s, and the Lundrum didn’t care for, hence his involvement until his death in the Matt Damon version.
  5. To add to my previous post. It wasn’t the hatch on the barn floor per se that caused the old man’s suspicion, it was the electronic ping going off steadily, which led him to that hatch. I doubt redhead could have lived there all this time without going mad. And she did shut off the source of the sound as soon as she got down the silo and killed the old man.
  6. I’ve been thinking about that bit ever since the episode was aired as a preview 10 days before. The present day is more or less 45 years after redhead lost her little finger in the fight with John in 1973. Presumably, Siletto Six was once of the first soviet ICBMs that were taken out of service under treaty and the powers at the time built the farm over it, and let redhead have it to live on after her disability. Given that many soviet warheads were not accounted for after the end of the USSR, the scenario is entirely plausible.
  7. The EP’s post episode interview made clear the end of E2 was cleared with the Flash production team. It made sense that E2 Laurel escaped with Oliver and Diggle she she fully knew of E1 and had been there. Oliver did get the crystals so that mission was accomplished. As to FTA, the article mentions a new title for the spinoff that implies good news for FTA and for me, William in particular. The writing for the flash forwards based on this episode is tighter, probably because they don’t have to make it last for 22 episodes. And I’m not convinced we won’t see Tommy before Crisis; I think we will. At least E2 Tommy figured out Oliver wasn’t from E2, which made that eyeball to eyeball scene interesting.
  8. I have to note, as confirmed in the closing credits, that Trevor Stines (Jason) did have a on screen cameo, as one of the spirits led by Archie’s grandpa, when they tell Archie he needs to bring Fred back. The episode itself was well executed. The last similar situation I can remember was “The Quarterback” episode of Glee. These two episode had a similar tone, I guess is the word I’m looking for, and I'm hoping the Riverdale production team used to time to reset the long term plans for the series more skillfully than Ryan Murphy’s team was able to do for Glee. In the latter case, I don’t think it ever recovered.
  9. World on Fire is a forthcoming drama series from the BBC about the lives of ordinary people during World War Two, starring Helen Hunt and Sean Bean. I noticed today from a social media post including a gif) from Brian J Smith (Sense8, Threadstone) that he is also in the featured cast. It is also scheduled to air on PBS through its Masterpiece franchise. A promo release today from that sources labels it as coming soon. Here’s the PBS promo: PBS Masterpiece promo for World on Fire
  10. That is an excellent promo, especially using the vocal excerpt from JFK’s “Moon” speech from 1961.
  11. OToday’s the day many AI Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon fans have been wanting. “Almost Heaven” his original song that he performed twice on this last season of American Idol, has been released as a download on various streaming services worldwide. His first post-Idol album “Namesake” is scheduled for release as a download and on vinyl very early next year.
  12. Somebody was mart in not allowing SYFY make decisions on renewing this show so it could finish their story. (After The Expanse which has a new home, and Krypton which is still looking, I don’t trust SYFY at all.) I loved the main cast trio which is why I watched to begin with, and I’m glad Pip lives! There is a place for this kind of genre series. And I need more Luke MacFarlaine!
  13. I haven’t been on the site much lately, but my impression of the issue I reported was a combination of a lot of linked social media material and a lot of sever demand at the same time, that created the problem. (From my past experience at other forums over the years where I had admin or global mod status, it’s usually the combination.) At worse we’ll find out the next time there’s a huge number of social media and media links being posted on the same threads for certain shows all at once.
  14. We have a premiere date for season 5: https://tvline.com/2019/08/29/outlander-season-5-premiere-date-starz/
  15. This is one page where there was still some lag today even though it wasn’t during and just after ComicCon. But you can see the numerous links and images posted via links on the page https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/2872-social-media-and-behind-the-scenes-aka-everything-else-not-news-and-media/?page=766
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