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  1. At its heart, Glee was always described as a comedy-drama-musical. It was a unique combination of all three, and has never been copied. It’s important to remember the timeframe of the series as production began in 2008 and it finished five and a half seasons in 2015. Morals change, perceptions change, values change. Many comedies from earlier decades are, to me, virtually unwatchable because of that. Look at what had to be done with Gone With The Wind, in spite of the fact it won multiple Oscars in 1939, but the portrayal of black characters are offensive to modern attitudes, and even though the movie was faithful to the original novel. So that’s something you have to learn to do as applying current sensibilities to television and film made in the past distorts things.
  2. There’s nothing so far, although season one dropped in November2019, and they had already gotten a season 2 order by then. They might have been able to finish principal photography before the COVID19 shutdown, and have been in post production. Likely an autumn release date.
  3. Grant Gustin posted on IG today his remembrance of Naya Rivera. Grant Gustin’s IG post on Naya Rivera
  4. Chord posted on his IG today. It’s at least four or more images and text.
  5. Dean Geyer (Brody in season 4) also posted his tribute on Twitter. So has Lauren Potter (Becky). And there seems to be only a few shows where the casts are as close as the Glee cast even to minor characters. That cast chemistry and talent is what made Glee so special. (I’d definitely would include BSG, Outlander and the CW Arrowverse shows in that mix.)
  6. I know that Chris, and Darren, also posted. Even Finneas. Haven’t seen anything yet from Chord.
  7. The latest I’ve seen is that the search has been expanded to land areas adjacent to the lake, so If coordinated volunteers would be useful.
  8. You totally missed the point. During and after Glee’s run, the cast and crew acknowledged Cory’s role on set. I’m not saying Lea wasn’t an ass BTS while Corey was alive, I’m saying Corey could handle Lea better than anyone else could. What the production staff did or could do really wasn’t the point, even Ryan Murphy wasn’t able to keep Lea in check all the time as he wasn’t on set all the time either.
  9. Speculations about season 3 We’re not done with the Tripp storyline, especially with “Mr. Jones” in the flashbacks, nor with the three very young Max, Isabel, and Michael and how they did end up in the pods for 50 years? Daddy Manes still got explaining to do in flashbacks as well, but the three Manes brother will clearly still be around. Paying attention to Gregory during 2x13 even when he didn’t have any dialogue said a lot. And you have to give Tanner Novlan some love. Am quite curious what the deal is with Max and “Mr. Jones” That alone will be interesting next season. And RMN has continued the CW tradition of casting actors who were on Spartacus Christian Antidormi, who’s cast as Alex’s current boyfriend, Forrest. Not sure if Liz goes to California or not. if she does, it’ll be as a spy. i suspect Maria will stay around, there’s probably a plot line once Rosa gets out of Rehab. And I still see Kyle, and Alex (and Gregory) as the backups with Max, Isabel, and Michael. I suspect that Forrest is a plant, even though Jesse is dead, because there’s also Flint. I’m quite interested in how this is going to go.
  10. You haven’t heard anything from Darren or Chord, either, who were the only ones to come aboard in season two, and are all but originals too.
  11. From what I’ve read this week, there hadn’t quite finished filming the season, but were close. It also appears that studios in California will be able to resume filming, under restrictions, on June 13. I’ll speculate that there will be able to finish filming soon afterwards, and that saving it for the fall schedule would be entirely feasible. They’ll want to get past the political conventions in August, and the resumption of NBA, MSB, and likely some form of NFL and college football around Labor Day.
  12. One thing to remember. That cast was putting in an insane amount of hours daily for weeks at a time during filming. I can imagine slights being magnified in some instances. But be that as it may, Lea’s diva-ness was well known even at the time the show was airing. Which is where, I think, Corey’s death was a factor. From everything I’ve seen over the past decade, there were only two actors who could have mellowed Lea out day to day. Jonathan Groff who wasn’t around on set being a recurring character but who has known Lea long before Glee, and Corey Monteith, who was there, and from all accounts really was the leader who everyone listened to. Without that presence, I can see how the cast members who came in the last two seasons, including Samantha, might have had a more difficult time with Lea.
  13. Lea Michele Breaks Silence, Apologizes to Glee Co-Star for 'My Immaturity' and 'Unnecessarily Difficult Behavior' My perception is that Corey Montheth really was the glue on the cast before he died, and knew how to handle Lea. I think his loss had an effect on keeping Lea in check.
  14. Well, the next night he posted this which had been sent to him. And try to read the comments. Some of the Glee cast joined in, Dot Jones (Coach Beaste) offered. And he did comment that any of the original cast would be welcomed. I do get the impression he might very well be serious. Just remember the entire series is on Netflix, and he does have an exclusive production deal with Netflix.
  15. We now have a separate show forum for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, with Pike, Spock and Number One. https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/4673-star-trek-strange-new-worlds/
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