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  1. That was fast. Apparently the entire night’s lineup in live plus seven is running 350 to 400 percent higher year to year over last yearin viewers and the demo. Averaging six plus to eight million or so week to week are strong numbers in this environment.
  2. A clear (and accurate) shout out to the song from Moulan Rouge. The song lyrics fit Jamie and Claire perfectly.
  3. There’s a need for a reminder that Matt Lauria was on Friday Night Lights (Luke) One reason why I wanted to watch. Also, he was on the original iteration of CSI in 2011-2012 for three episodes as an FBI agent not as Josh Folsom. But still…
  4. Due to the length of the source material, it would be impossible to film this particular story exactly as written, which Asimov did between the 1940s and the 1990s. As it is, I first read the original trilogy in 1965, (same year as Dune and Stranger In A Strange Land), still in junior high school. The public library was worth something in those days, they were very current about carrying newly published titles even science fiction. I’ve waited for decades for this particular source material to make it to the screen; but I’m not sure the technology existed to do so until now.
  5. If you paid even the slightest attention to the credit sequence, one would have noticed that Bear McCreary is composing the music for the Foundation series. He's written his first blog entry about the music of Foundation, including a mind-blowing reveal of new music technology, called Seldon Black, he and a collaborator developed for scoring the series, as well as the first of what will be a series of albums of music from the series. https://bearmccreary.com/foundation/
  6. From what I've read, David S. Goyer has said the plan is 80 episodes total, 10 episodes a year.
  7. Two things I definitely like about the premiere of the revival. The return of the “Who Are You” in the credits sequence. And having Matt Lauria (FNL)as one of the leads.
  8. The only reason I am watching this is because of Luke Kleintank, going back to his time on The Man In The High Castle. In episode 3, he made an off hand reference about Ohio, which was fun, as he was born in Ohio. I’m not sure why Dick Wolf allowed a plot line of Jamie and Scott seeing each other, but then it’s not otherwise uncommon in the Wolf Universe for most of his other shows, but it doesn’t seem to fit.
  9. With the flashback in this episode, I was finally able to see the David James Elliott inside the character of Tom. Camera angles or something.
  10. Now that Netflix has officially confirmed a second season of Young Royals to air globally on Netflix in 2022, it makes sense to fix the oversight of not having a place to discuss this interesting young adult drama. http://www.thefutoncritic.com/news/2021/09/22/young-royals-renewed-for-season-2-at-netflix-309514/20210922netflix05/ For those not familiar with this series, which dropped its six episode season one on July 1st globally on Netflix, with both Swedish and English audio tracks, ( the entire cast did their own voice dubbing for the English soundtrack) is the story of Prince Wilhel
  11. Follow the plane! Anything about the cast even are not photo verified, except the plane, which Bertram confirmed on Facebook. The plane has been tracked through publicly sourced air traffic flight information which only stays up a short period of time. But as far as I know, there not been a photo sourced spoiler since production restarted.
  12. I’m surprised the shoe was able to tie Donna and Hawk stories together into an opening that may still leave the show a device get Hawk Bach at some future point and not the one way ticket to Ann Afterlife. The show tied together several threads and advanced the overall story by a lot during this hour.
  13. The bit about the charter jet appears to be true. And it appears the original 33 cast is returning, but that’s not confirmed. Nor have I seen anything about whether the three legs previously filmed will be kept or scrapped. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other changes made to reduce risk, such no local drivers and use of technology to reduce the overall number of camera crews and local production such ass drone cameras. (If you watched the MLB Field of Dreams game five weeks ago, you can see what a difference drone cameras made in the broadcast.) Most of this is my speculation based on t
  14. Yep and yep. It took long enough two seasons? for them to recognize they’re best with the other. Nathan as Max, Nathan as Jones, Nathan as Jones being Max, it’s been fun watching this unfold this season. And they name dropped Greg since Tanner Novlan hasn’t been in the last couple of episodes. Is it just me, or is Isabel more tolerable this season?
  15. From my reading, the Deadline article has nothing new. For an insight into current quarantine and travel information country by country, that is being updated regularly, use this link to CNN: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/us-international-travel-covid-19/index.html
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