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  1. theschnauzers

    Welcome to the Planet: Krypton in the Media

    Based on what TVLine and Deadline are also reporting, Warner Horizons is already shopping the series around, the primary targets are DC Universe (which currently gets to air episodes after SYFY control windows passes), and the new HBOMax. So, it ain’t over, folks.
  2. theschnauzers

    S02.E10: The Alpha and the Omega

  3. theschnauzers

    S02.E10: The Alpha and the Omega

    There’s a hint about season 3 in the BTS for this episode. The question may be whether SYFY wants to be involved in season three, I sense there are options with various streaming services or even with the CW.
  4. theschnauzers


    And I saw an article in my online news feed this a.m. that residents of nearby villages are being urged to evacuate.
  5. theschnauzers

    S02.E09: Blood Moon

    Just keep in mind Nysa and Lyta are mothers of Seg’s infant son and future son. So there’s going to be this weird dynamic in those relationships. And the one person who most likely gets it is Adam.
  6. theschnauzers


    There was an nuclear tinged incident in the extreme northwest corner of Russia late last week, that apparently did involve a radiation leak that was measured in the atmosphere from an explosion on a Russian naval base facility that is involved in the development of nuclear powered rockets which among others, killed five of the leading Russian nuclear scientists. A lot af secrecy in this as the Russian government refuses to confirm or explain what happened but the five deaths (among others plus injured) are confirmed by public funerals held today for the five scientists. Sound a tad familiar doesn’t it? Does this mean the Russians haven’t learned a thing three decades plus after Chernobyl?
  7. theschnauzers

    S02.E09: Blood Moon

    We don’t know the full extent Nyssa’s father had her trained before the time period of the series, or off-screen since then. It is quite conceivable that she learned self-defense as an important Vex.
  8. Keep n mind the CW has announced an Arrow retrospective for the week after Arrow 810 That’s why I’m not sue 609 and 610 will air back to back.
  9. theschnauzers

    S06.E013: The Blood of Sanctum

    I am curious that by the end of episode Murphy had apparently acquired a boyfriend. Did he ever have one before? The first kiss surprised him in some way, his reaction dismissing it was seemingly Murphy, but then after the fight, he was the one who went for a return kiss. Clearly a thread surprising thread for next season. As to the leads it seems the actors playing Bellamy and Clark get first listing next time around, with the other first season regulars that are still left just after. Any big names for season seven would likely get the “with” “guest star” or “special guest star” labels.
  10. I think they’re headed to have the original Harrison Wells, who died years earlier because of Reverse Flash, finally be the Wells. Just remember the post Crisis timeline for the one Earth will be different than any of the others nfinite esrths. I think that comes to bear on all of the Arrowverse shows, including FTA on Arrow, who might be older in 2040, and thus affect how a spinoff could be structured. I don’t think the CW wants to give any hints as to what will replace Arrow, and an FTA that’s not 20 years from now would be something they’d sit on.
  11. It may well be that post-COIE, Black Lightening becomes part of the Arrowverse, which it hasn’t been until now.
  12. theschnauzers

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    The character was created by the Arrow production team, and there may be some contract provision about future returning guest appearances, so the Arrow team would have to sign off, since the Flash team wouldn’t know about any plans.
  13. theschnauzers

    Blood & Treasure

    Somehow, I got the impression that Reece is also Lexi’s dad.
  14. theschnauzers

    In the Media: The Riverdale Gazette

    Sam Witwer (Supergirl’s Ben Lockwood last season) is joining the cast as a teacher at Jughead’s prep school, per TV Line.
  15. theschnauzers

    Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion

    I expect all the Arrowverse shows are resetting after COIE, so the pre-COIE story arcs are intentional to make these resets have a greater contrasts. If the source material is any guide, it should allow the writers to fix their mistakes from past seasons.