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  1. Yeah, the audience participation factor is going to be a huge change. I'm not expecting the shows to air for at least 4-6 weeks though I'm only basing that on other shows like soap operas. No clue on how long it takes to edit the individual episodes or how many they like to bank until they start airing.
  2. I'm not a baseball fan but it was interesting listening to enough of the podcast to get the date they are going back to work (Oct 4) and his observations on how freaky it was taping in March when everything else was shutting down due to the corona virus. Today they were playing an episode from 2012, with new text comments overlaid on screen. Have they done that before? Anyway, Snoop Dogg is a fun celebrity to start with.
  3. They talked about RBG briefly in show but returned to the discussion in progress.
  4. In the before times, I had started to really look forward to Chris and his live audience shows on Friday. The format suited him.
  5. I understand self-sabotage to avoid dealing with other, unspecified issues. 🙂 Beckett's normal coping mechanism of hiding behind a bad attitude and screwing up on purpose is more problematic when it's a successful friend that she actually likes, so I get the weirdness. But I agree with other comments, that they need to resolve this because it's freaking annoying at this point. I'm always up for a good transporter accident story but the resolution of this one was just embarrassingly lame.
  6. Let's keep real life personal politics and political action out of the discussion. I know it's hard, because this stuff bleeds over into everything but the topic is to discuss Rachael and her guests. Thanks.
  7. It's weird to hear gluten-free and celiac disease mentioned in a non-mocking way. I don't really follow actors real-life stuff but yay for progress.
  8. I normally listen to the podcast version of the show but I decided to watch the return to the studio with real guests edition. And it was okay - the format, anyway. (Though the lighting in the Zoom segments was off.) In his home-filmed shows, it seemed like he was headed toward a nervous breakdown without the studio and an audience but now that he has that, he's still bitter about the limitations - whining about the strength of the laughs and snide asides re: the social distancing/size of the audience. At least, I couldn't tell if he was just commenting on the new format or doing that passive aggressive, put upon thing he does. While his interview with Ewan McGregor was painful to sit through, Obi-Wan himself was looking very, very fine. 😊 But holy cow, Bill needs an intervention. Real Time is hard to watch sober.
  9. I'm starting to really like Mariner as a character. Yes, she's rude, cynical and kind of all over the place but she's smart, good at solving problems on the fly, can kick ass and is a really, really good friend. Isn't that the kind of crew member you want on your away team when it all goes sideways? (Well, except for the fact that she probably helped it go sideways. Hah. No one's perfect.) It appears that at least some of the problem solving she learned from her mother. I liked the Captain getting to the last set of issues and finding out that there were only 2 people left blocking the mission, and immediately blowing the moon up. I still dislike the style of the animation. It figures that I finally get a couple of interesting female Star Trek characters where I can't wait to see their backstories play out (the mother/daughter dynamics are a nice change of pace from all the guys with daddy issues I've had to watch over the years) but the visuals are distracting. That Cartoon Network feel doesn't do justice to the characters, imo. The ships and exteriors are amazing though, as others have said.
  10. It all depends on the type of content, regulations where filming is done and in some places, the state of the virus. The Conners is filming in CA, where they just have more restrictions in general, unlike the reality shows mentioned. Some sitcoms and dramas filmed in non-union states have also restarted production but we'll just have to see how they look when new stuff airs. From the interviews linked to in the Media thread, the writers don't plan to focus exclusively on the pandemic but it will be woven into the stories. It should be interesting to see if not being shot in front of a studio audience affects the feel of the show.
  11. Air date: September 3, 2020 Mariner is suspicious of Boimler's new girlfriend. Tendi and Rutherford grow jealous of a bigger starship's gear.
  12. I kind of love the afghan masks. Someone on Etsy needs to do these. https://www.cbr.com/the-conners-return-with-masks-in-season-3-key-art/ Just the poster:
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