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  1. I can't blame Caity for accepting the inevitable at this point. I personally would have preferred they write her out than end up with this mess but a girl has to eat. Sara Lance will always be one of my favorite characters though.
  2. Nothing about Nina in Nixon Falls makes sense. I just hope she gets Mike on audio saying that he doesn't care about his past life.
  3. I think we're supposed to give Olbrecht a pass because she must have been Faison's dupe/victim, not his gleeful accomplice? (At least from some of the writing.) And Anna has done some shady crap too. But most of the time Anna barely tolerates her, from the way FH plays it. I love KG the actress but Leisel - ugh.
  4. Bill is an ignorant ass. 40% in my area aren't vaccinated and a lot of them don't plan on it. They just started vaccinating homebound patients in my city this week and my medically fragile husband is still waiting. They haven't been vaxxing 12-15 year olds long enough for the process to be complete. But sure, let's hang that "Mission Accomplished" banner. I think this one may push me over the edge into hate watcher territory.
  5. I don't understand Nina at all. She knows who Sonny is - not just his name but his character. He's an unrepentant thug who will destroy her like he does everything else once he's back in PC. His only redeeming quality that I belatedly see is his ability to suppress the worst of Carly. Not all but some... Anyway, Mike is a mirage and a fantasy. She could have either Jax or Valentin back but she wants Mike? I would be grossed out except it's so stupid my brain rejects it out of hand. The Anna and Liesl thing was ridiculous but I noticed the old phone and (I'm assuming) the IBM Select
  6. I've been watching again this year and had no idea there was a Terry. I think I remember a line early on (last winter) that mentioned her and because of Randolph/Robinson confusion, thought they were referring to Portia (who was new to me).
  7. Mine is also Doctor Zhivago. All I know of it is the soundtrack.
  8. I don't think it was on purpose, just a side effect of Phyllis being the common thread that got Nina there. But it has been so cringey on screen. Are there any PoC on the writing staff?
  9. Leaving out Kish jumped out at me too. They had a great, soapy story.
  10. One of my kids was a home birth. It was so much better than any hospital experience. I would have had them all at home if my husband hadn't been so nervous about the whole thing. But yeah, poor kid. The name is pretty though, either way.
  11. I thought it was amusing that when she was looking at pics of Mary at the dance, she said something to the effect of "OMG, she's going to marry one of those losers". (Though the backhanded implication that DJ is a loser made it less amusing.) I'm all for more DJ and family next year but only if they don't get dragged down to the same level as the rest of the Conners.
  12. Maybe because only a gorgeous Golden Surfer girl could pull off that dress? I'm pretty sure I had some sheets with the same pattern as Flo's sleeves a long time ago. And my grandmother's kitchen curtains were very similar to the small print on the shoulder. DR was doing justice to that green dress though.
  13. I've been intrigued by houseboats since the Paris scenes of the series Highlander. It's a creative alternative to the high prices of central London anyway. If Richard wanted to do a Houseboats of London special, I'd watch.
  14. I half agreed with Bill's rant on college. I spent decades training 23 year olds 90% of their new job without any option to move into those jobs myself because my own degree was not in the right area. Not every job requires a bachelor's degree, either. But it is an easy way to screen applicants. I have a soft spot for Chris Matthews. John Kasich was awful though. I hate it when politicians hammer away at their talking points no matter where the conversation goes. For some reason I thought he was better than that but I guess not.
  15. Maybe Austin is looking for a job and he'll end up at the pediatric head injury center. Or if he's a Q, he's heard the stories about Michael ending up as Sonny Corinthos' kid. I was more interested in his offering to join the search. If he really knows those Pautauk woods like he claims, they might find fake Chloe's body right away and realize she never had Louise with her. I'm kinda glad Cyrus isn't dead. Prison is better.
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