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  1. tessaray

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    Anything on Rachel's show is fair game but what other topics she should be covering, not so much. Please keep discussion focused on the show itself.
  2. tessaray

    White Collar

    I liked Sara and how she fit into the stories (mostly) but I never 100% bought into her feelings for Neal - at least not that they were deep enough to reconcile her honesty with his past. If they had gotten together, I can't see her ever trusting him completely or that they could be happy without that trust. (I do think she wished she could.) I think Alex had the most potential. I would have liked to see her change like Neal did.
  3. tessaray


    Haha. I've mentioned before that we have the first 5 seasons on dvd, so that's where we stop in a rewatch. As for why, I explained to my husband what happens in the later seasons and he's fine with it. He's such a closet romantic and loves Caskett. (Totally out of character for him, the macho western-watching old guy.) He did see a few random scenes/episodes from later seasons and couldn't quite wrap his head around the visible changes.
  4. tessaray


    I agree with most of your post but I'm a sucker for Paris backdrop porn. And Castle's father handing him a book once upon a time was a nice touch. James Brolin was perfectly cast, so no complaints there. My eyeballs do get quite a work out in those 2 episodes though. :-)
  5. tessaray


    I think it's one thing when a kid watches that kind of stuff with a parent and the "adult" aspects go over their head and quite another to see it register on dad's face when he realizes said kid gets the nuances. Which is why it was sweet of Alexis to give Castle a bit of deniability for a little longer. I really liked the Castle/Alexis relationship the first few seasons. It started to get awkward after the 3rd season and then later on, Alexis was very, very annoying. (IMO)
  6. tessaray


    We watched Knockdown (S3 - E13, I think) last night. There were some good scenes (and some real heat in the pretend drunk make-out scene) but I've always disliked the Kate's mother's murder plot from here on out. And I'm already missing Montgomery, knowing what's coming up. I like PJJ but it took a while.
  7. How can we get Douglas in all the storylines? Maybe FC needs to branch out to kids clothes?
  8. After so many good shows the last 2 weeks, Friday was kind of a letdown (except for Sally and Eric). While it's nice to see Hope grow a spine, Steffy would be totally within her rights to call the cops if Lope tries to walk out with Beth. Until the adoption is officially invalidated, Steffy is her parent in the eyes of the law. I suppose the upside to this is that future Steffy/Hope animosity could finally be Liam-free. They can hate each other over Beth instead. I am not a Steffy fan, but I kept thinking how much better this would have been if she had someone in her corner to even things out. Such a wasted opportunity not to have had Steffy come home from Paris with the girls and a hot new guy.
  9. tessaray

    S05.E04: Ship Outta Luck

    It is confusing. We thought Aneela and the Hullen were the big bads until it turned out that Aneela was pretty much a prisoner herself and the Lady was behind it all. I'm not sure exactly but since she controlled the Green, I think the Hullen were kind of an advance force, as the Lady tried to figure out how to emerge into our universe and control it. That's where it gets fuzzy because she's here now and the green is supposedly dead, so I'm not sure how the Hullen figure into it anymore. Or even if they do. Maybe when it's all over I'll do a complete rewatch. Honestly, I just roll with it at this point. :-)
  10. tessaray

    S05.E04: Ship Outta Luck

    I'm pretty sure that I've never liked a prison episode (or episodes) of any show I've ever watched. So there's that. I did like the New Lucy/New-cy scenes. And Zeph waking up Turin and Pree. I guess it wasn't a total waste of time.
  11. tessaray


    Castle's mother and first ex-wife are actresses. He knows and understands them. I got the feeling that after the first twinge, she was mentally moved into that familiar category.
  12. tessaray

    S05.E03: Three Killjoys and a Lady

    I was sure it was Lucy when Dutch said there was only the 3 of them on the ship but the actors, especially AA, sold me.
  13. tessaray

    S05.E03: Three Killjoys and a Lady

    The show's creator swears they didn't have sex but I seem to recall someone saying the illusion had been going on for 43 days. It's hard to believe their marriage was that troubled... especially the way they woke up in bed. (So casually intimate.) But I agree that Johnny isn't as cool with it as he says. That has to hurt. A lot.
  14. And they both end up in a cell block where Deacon Sharpe has a bit of influence.
  15. The more I think about it, the weirder that phone call from Douglas to Thomas was. He obviously felt safe enough to taunt his father but if Flo hadn't confessed, life would have gone on, he would have had to go home to Thomas and Hope. Then what? I know TPTB would never actually take advantage of a real story opportunity but if Thomas had killed Caroline, Douglas's behavior would make more sense. Or maybe he mentally abused her into committing suicide and the aneurysm was just a convenient fiction. Or maybe Caroline is still alive but committed to a mental institution. I mean, if you're going to make a legacy character a psychopath, you might as well get some stories out of it. 🙂