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  1. I was up (involuntarily) when D+ went live on the West coast but didn't want to stay up until dawn watching TM, so I downloaded it and watched it after I got up. (Which was great, because their site wasn't working for me this morning.) I do think I will probably enjoy rewatching it more later in the evening on an actual television. They said the data was 50 years old for the target, right?
  2. Weekly after this one, I guess. New episodes on Fridays, which suits me fine.
  3. I really wasn't engaged until the final scene. Now I'm intrigued. And very thankful that Disney is doing it weekly. I need to rewatch Gargoyles. 🙂
  4. This show desperately needs some new male characters, so even DG would be okay by me. (But then I don't watch Y&R.)
  5. Is it wrong that I always laugh when Dan says anything about the chickens? I wonder if there is a BTS in-joke there?
  6. I think the slight came when the woman brushed off Mary's comment that DJ was her dad. She was definitely patronizing and oblivious. Just because she didn't think she was doing something offensive doesn't mean she wasn't. And again, I believe that was the part of the point. We may have the best of intentions but ignorance can be just as hurtful. Especially to kids. ETA: there was an interesting theme going on about who/what is a Conner. Bev lumped Jackie into her negative comments about being a Conner and Mary was hurt from people's assumptions about her rightful place as a Conner.
  7. That's actually a pretty good recast. Though I liked Adrianne Leon back in the day, when I watched GH.
  8. I don't necessarily want to speak for my friends of color but that was kind of the point. Why should the continual burden of education be on them? It has to wear on the psyche. Mary is just a kid and she's obviously already had to deal with too much of that crap. And while Mark meant well, if he doesn't want stares, he can always go incognito. Mary doesn't have that option. I'm interested to see how the show handles it going forward. It's a break from Darlene's issues, anyway.
  9. Just a reminder, the forum is for discussion of the show, not the show's fandom or activities of fans on other boards. We tend to turn a blind eye to a few comments here and there but a bit more care would be appreciated.
  10. Congrats to Chris for 20 years of Hardball on MSNBC. I may need to go watch the dvr'ed episode, because I wasn't quite sure who some of the well wishers were from their voices on the podcast version.
  11. I'm still shaking my head at the idea of a Kung Fu reboot. Other than a stay at a Shaolin monastery and I assume a lot of slo-mo fight scenes, it doesn't seem to have much in common with KF (or KF:TLC). Sounds like it changed a lot since the initial development. https://variety.com/2019/tv/news/kung-fu-series-reboot-cw-1203395617/ And a quarter-life crisis? I guess that makes it perfect for the CW?
  12. Well, crap... I hope Bell is punishing us for hating the Beth story because if this was always the follow on, why am I even recording this show?
  13. I don't really like the DCU platform, so for a split second I was excited about the possibility of the CW. But better DCU than HBO Max. I'm maxed out on subscriptions. (No pun intended.)
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