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  1. They finished up filming. It would be nice to know when they plan to roll it out and if will air weekly or all at once. https://screenrant.com/leverage-revival-show-season-1-wrap-set-photo/
  2. Bill has an upcoming gig in Vegas, so obviously all is now well with the world. rme
  3. Good catch, I missed the satchel. There was a close-up of a grasshopper, wasn't there? In a little cage? Though maybe that was a cricket, I'm ashamed to admit I wouldn't know the difference unless they were side by side.
  4. Personal politics, including donations is off limits. Please take it to a private message.
  5. It was okay? OL didn't wow me but the family was interesting. I liked the sister immediately. And she turned out to be the geeky one. I still like female characters with tech skills, even if it has become a tv trope. As a Berlanti show, will we get one magic sword per season? I did like their nod to the brands, when the sword burned into Nicky's hand.
  6. It would be nice if we could get a cast list, or any other details. Until we see differently, I'm kinda expecting something like The Virginian, updated to basic cable standards, since the time period is roughly the same. Of course, Shiloh Ranch was past the early, rougher days when the show aired but they did like their flashbacks.
  7. The first sequel movie was really bad. 🙂
  8. That's JPS? My husband just watched that episode yesterday. He also watches tons of westerns. The future soap stars always catch my eye. Judith Ames, most recently.
  9. There are also cloud backups and for important things, I also add them to my Google and One Drive. Hopefully Elizabeth stumbles onto one of them soon. But more basic than the tech, the idiots at the PCPD did not do gunshot residue tests on Jason. Anyone who has seen a police procedural in the last 15-20 years knows this. My 81 year old mother knows this. My 9 year old grandson knows this. Audiences do not like being treated like idiots.
  10. Just based on looks in their 20s, my mother and Judy Garland could have been sisters. Today, Sharon Gless would be great casting.
  11. I was willing to tolerate it when Dan was grieving but once he started to move on with Louise, I would have liked him to mellow a bit again. The show using his age and work life as plots is more often miserable to watch than not.
  12. I think that Ben and Darlene were just about to sign a lease on an apartment of their own (S2-E20) right before Dan was about to lose the house. The money for the deposit and first month's rent went to help delay the foreclosure. Then they started also paying rent to Dan. p.s. Dan wanting part of the store is more like something Roseanne would want him to do. OG Dan would never have done it. (IMO)
  13. I think it could be salvaged if they had enough courage to do a clean sweep of the writers room. And if someone would speak truth to Sara about it. Becky looked great but she (Lecy) always brings something to the screen that makes it easy to watch. 💓 Sometimes it's plain vulnerability, sometimes it's a sense of humor but it's usually watchable. (Even when it's not, it's still better than most of the other stuff.) The direction they've gone with Dan is uncomfortable to watch. With all the retcons we've had to put up with, why couldn't they have given Dan a Social Security check and a smidegeon of a pension from some job before Roseanne debuted (or a small inheritance that would have paid off the mortgages)? Then just let him be Grandpa Dan, watching his kids make the same mistakes he and Roseanne did. Money would still be tight but he'd have his dignity.
  14. Eastern philosophy was huge in the 60s/70s. I never saw KF:TOS in its original run but it was very popular with the guys and popular culture references. I did finally see it after watching KF:TLC. (TLC was one of my first online fandoms. 90s syndicated TV was the best.) Since it was filmed in Toronto, at least they were able to hire Asian actors for supporting roles. I did like the show but parts of it are painful to watch today. It will be interesting to see what parts of the original premise they incorporate, if any.
  15. Tzi Ma is definitely a member of the "hey, it's that guy" club.
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