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  1. tessaray

    S05.E01: Run, Yala, Run

    That was funny and intense. Zeph better make it.
  2. tessaray


    We just watched "When the Bough Breaks" last night. Such a creepy, cowardly husband switching out his own doomed child for someone else's healthy baby. And it was nice to see Beckett acknowledge Castle's contribution - even if it was only because she assumed he was going off to write Bond novels.
  3. tessaray

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    Just a reminder, no speculation on what happens on a future show - especially no mention of politicians that have not made it to the show yet.
  4. Were they? I remember Wyatt taking Hope to Bill's yacht after Liam didn't show up in Paris because he was 15 minutes late due to fishing Ivy out of the Seine. He had a dress waiting there and the captain to marry them, right? It didn't look like the ship was docked in Paris.
  5. Wait, what? I just may have to put GH back on the dvr. The first year I watched B&B they actually went to at least 2 locations - Paris and Amsterdam (and maybe Monte Carlo - wherever the "leap of faith" off the boat filmed). This was balm to my budget-weary soul. (ABC had cut the soap budgets to the bone.) And then I stayed for the character antics, like BSC Quinn and Deacon. Sure, the ToD back then was Liam, Wyatt and Hope and it was annoying but it was light years ahead of where they are now. Dreary and depressing on the best days. Sigh. Going back to lurking again.
  6. tessaray

    S07.E07: From Russia with Drugs

    Like everyone else, I thought the detective resigning because of Dwyer felt clumsy. Though secret email/Telegram/Facebook groups and revenge porn are depressingly common at the local level, everywhere. If Novacek's new employer is Odin, most of us probably wouldn't blame her for being tempted. I wasn't really expecting much of the main mystery, so I kind of enjoyed just letting it unfold. And the Scrooge McDuck bit was funny. Have David Tennant and JLM ever worked together?
  7. tessaray


    In my original post about S6, I deleted a comment about Dylan Bruno because I'm usually uncomfortable criticizing weight gain when I don't know the cause but honestly, he should have had words with whoever picked out the pictures for the S6 dvd artwork. They were extremely unflattering.
  8. tessaray


    We finished up a rewatch of the show a couple of days ago. I think my main takeaway this time around is how good the last season was. S6 has very few episodes I don't like. (Probably the second to the last with the child rapist was my least favorite - too dark for this show, imo. Also didn't love the Russian roulette one, though the owner of the escort service and Colby helped.) Mainly I liked how the characters evolved and how neatly they wove the new CalSci geeks (like Otto Bahn) into the FBI crime solving, so Charlie and Amita can move on without leaving them in the lurch. Also, the return of Roger Bloom, John Buckley and several Ian Edgerton appearances didn't hurt. 🙂
  9. tessaray


    Another reason I like One Life to Lose is Susan Sullivan gets to shine. (Long time soap fan myself.)
  10. tessaray

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    On Primetimer directly - no. Please see the FAQ re: Political Discussion.
  11. tessaray

    All Episodes Talk: TRMS 2019 Season

    Just a reminder that even though the debates are happening in Rachel's time slot, they are not on topic.
  12. tessaray


    Oh, and any episode with a mystery writer poker game is always a plus IMO. I loved that the show got those guys.
  13. Not sure I agree with the bold part (B&B, aka Missteps 'R Us) but yeah, Brill still has it. Such a pity.
  14. I've fast forwarded 99.5% of the Emma, Zoe, Xander scenes since they appeared - especially once it was clear that Xander was not going to connect to Maya's past or that Emma wasn't going to affect Justin's screen time much. So I guess it's easier for me. 🙂
  15. Finally saw Friday's show and I'm going to give the actress who plays Emma a pass because a) she was speaking the truth and b) things are finally starting to move with this story. (Actually she wasn't that bad. I've seen worse over the years.)