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  1. I'm meh on sports but live about equal distance (more or less) from Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago and Kansas City so I have lots of experience with rivalries. There were some funny moments but Ben and Darlene just dragged the episode down. Don't they know how much a successful Youtube channel can bring in?
  2. We don't have Comcast where I live either. It's going to make discussing the 2nd movie awkward when half the country can't even get it right away. I was planning on subbing to the no-ads version for at least a month to watch Lassie Come Home.
  3. I like the blackened steel tiaras I found online. Very evocative of 1910s/20s glamour. I have a soft spot for art deco though. Not many people could pull it off.
  4. Yeah, that would be nice. I think I'm here because those 2 motherless boys kind of imprinted on my psyche, in the same way the Caroline and John Jr. did. I haven't given up hope that there's a little happier ever after for them. Along with some fabulous clothes and jewels.
  5. Stan Kirsch, 51. As a Highlander fan, this hits home. Suicide is always especially tragic. https://deadline.com/2020/01/stan-kirsch-dead-obituary-highlander-actor-friends-1202830035/
  6. Didn't they go to school together? Or am I thinking of someone else? I thought she got a little teary eyed there at the end of the interview but maybe she just had something in her eye.
  7. Sheldon on the ST BBS was the best part for me. The production staff is great getting those little details right. The rest was a mixed bag. I don't really care about any of the Pastor Jeff stories and I can't believe Missy would try to flush fried chicken but George and Connie were amusing. I've been catching up on the earlier seasons of the show. This one was so-so in comparison. And no Wallace Shawn, who makes any scene warmer/funnier just by being there.
  8. It's been mentioned that H&M have trademarked a bunch of things, which is being interpreted as their intent to monetize their royal connections but trademarking is also used by companies and celebrities as a defensive measure to keep other people from making money off them. Which is only smart and all things considered, probably a necessity. Honestly though, as an American I don't have any interest in who pays for what. (I can see why the Brits do.) Harry is always going to be grandson/son/brother/uncle to the monarch, so security needs and other expenses are never going to completely go away. PC can afford to subsidize it. I am interested in seeing if H&M can pull off a life contributing through their charities and other ventures while staying sane and maybe even a little happy.
  9. I loved that movie. https://www.vulture.com/2020/01/disney-developing-a-tv-show-based-on-1986-space-camp-movie.html?utm_source=flipboard.com&utm_medium=social_acct&utm_campaign=feed-part
  10. I wouldn't be a bit surprised. My own in-laws blamed me for decades for my husband's decision to move away from our home town. (Um... have you met this guy? No one could talk him into anything he didn't want to do.) If this keeps the Markle clan off our screens, then I consider H&M's decision to go part-time a huge public service.
  11. I was googling to verify the date of the next episode and the description of it says: ngl, it made me laugh just reading it.
  12. I'm not sure why the link above reverts back to the forum. Let me try it. https://www.tvinsider.com/846736/the-conners-live-episode-new-hampshire-primary/ Also, I like the idea of a live episode but this is kind of weird. I was glad when they backed off politics for the domestic side of the Conners.
  13. Yeah, Zeke got the gun to kill the evil guy who drowned because the calling just said "Stop him." But they were tailing Zeke thinking he was going to buy drugs. Jared overstepped with that surveillance - not the first time he was freaking out over Mick and Zeke's friendship. I don't remember exactly how the Major maneuvered herself into becoming Saanvi's therapist but she did. I know they were surprised last year at how much people hated Grace but nice Grace isn't much better, since now we're waiting for her to revert to form.
  14. So many of my favorite shows have ended recently or are ending soon, I went ahead and watched my recording of this last night. (Though from some comments, I must have dozed off in spots.) It was okay. I reserved a deck chair on the Ben/Saanvi ship last season, so I was both rewarded with a nice scene with them researching and hugely disappointed with how she's being written in general. Any decent attorney should be able to get Zeke off with Jared obviously a jealous ex and Mick not wanting to press charges at all. I would be okay with them reassigning Jared and just having him pop up occasionally to harass Michaela. But with the new captain she's going to need an ally inside the precinct and he's all we've got. 😞
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