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  1. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds 🙂 (I do love misheard lyrics though.) I really dreaded what they were going to do with Coulson this season, especially after last year but now I can't wait to see what they do next. All the comparisons to LoT are spot on.
  2. The Lunchbox seems like the kind of place that could maybe survive on take-out and delivery, especially since it's family owned without a big payroll. Ben and Darlene's magazine idea should be dead on arrival, though.
  3. I looked up Rita Lakin and didn't realize she writes (wrote?) mysteries. Her memoir looks like a good read too.
  4. Sometimes apps can be side-loaded on the Fire devices, as it's Amazon's version of Android. And I think there are screen mirroring apps that might work from the iPhone to the Roku but they can be iffy with paid streaming services. (Not an Apple person, so that's the extent of my knowledge.) The computer might be the only option at first. I forgot to add that there will be an app for Chromecast and Android TV, too. We have an older Shield in the bedroom, so I may watch on that. It does seem odd that Roku won't be available on launch but I suspect that Roku and Amazon (FireTV) may want more than NBCU is willing to give at the moment. Who knows, maybe there will be a late-breaking deal.
  5. So, an upgrade over the current Ridge? 🙂 (Someone had to say it.)
  6. Last I heard, Peacock won't have a Roku or FireTV app on debut. If you have an iPad, or Apple anything you should be fine. It will be on X-Box too. It seems like there is an Android app but I haven't looked for it yet. The article below says there is a free trial. https://www.cnet.com/news/nbc-peacock-prices-free-trial-discounts-preorders-devices-us-launch-dates-shows-movies-originals/ eta: I may cough up the $29 for a year since I read that NBC has promised that the ad-supported version will only have 5 ads minutes per hour. I can live with that, even though I didn't want to add another subscription. I am maxed out with the monthly stuff.
  7. My husband watches old tv westerns and Bethel Leslie probably guest starred in most of them.. It felt so weird to see her in a soap. So a question for those of you who watched The Doctors long term - what were the major story lines you remember. Honestly, I was so young when I watched about all I remember was being wrapped up in Nick and Althea.
  8. Air date: July 6, 2020
  9. Nicknames insulting the President can veer over the line in expressing personal political opinions. Posts may be hidden - warnings, time-outs or banning may result if it continues. The only exception would be Rachel specifically using that wording on the show.
  10. So, debuts on August 6th. https://www.inverse.com/entertainment/star-trek-lower-decks-release-date-poster
  11. I had a pang when the voice at the end said to stay tuned for Another World. 😞 DOOL was my first soap but my sister and I really loved AW. It took a little searching but they are in early February of 1968 right now. I think I may have to sub to their streaming site for a while and start watching from the beginning (well, 1967), because I'm usually busy at 3:00 (Central) even if I'm at the computer. The 60s fashions are fun to see. And all those old fashioned, silent close-ups with the dramatic music. 🙂 The hospital is that awful green though. I once tried to describe to my kids how horrible hospitals used to be - that would be a good screen clip to illustrate the point.
  12. Ah, rookie mistake. Never, ever read the unmoderated comment sections of online articles. 😀
  13. Finally got a chance to watch the show online today. (We don't get Retro Television over the air in my area.) I only have vague recollections of The Doctors from when I was a kid, though I know I watched it for a few years off and on when not in school. I didn't remember James Noble, who was on today, though - it took a few minutes to wipe the memories of him on Benson. It will be fun to see if I remember Elizabeth Hubbard when she turns up, as she was one of my favorite soap actresses.
  14. Aww... I wish David's Doctor had gotten a chance to adventure with the Brigadier one last time. I assume he was talking about The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith. (Yep, just checked Wikipedia.)
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