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  1. I think they're still in the Spoilers thread.
  2. Tanya tiptoeing over in her heels, Perla in tow, to ask Dawn to tell Perla the secret was so freaking adorable! They were all kinda cute getting excited about the proposal...and Tanya wishing for better gossip had me cracking up! Leilani seems like a good addition so far; I felt for her when Dawn just wouldn't STFU. Rachel wasn't getting the hint, either. Thank goodness for Hanna & Tanya trying to change the conversation and Ester succeeding!
  3. Dancing with Hannah Brown for Season 28!
  4. Dancing with Kate Flannery for Season 28!
  5. Dancing with Lamar Odom for Season 28!
  6. Dancing with Sean Spicer for Season 28!
  7. Dancing with Ally Brooke for Season 28!
  8. Dancing with Karamo Brown for Season 28!
  9. Dancing with James Van Der Beek for Season 28!
  10. Dancing with Ray Lewis for Season 28!
  11. Dancing with Kel Mitchell for Season 28!
  12. Dancing with Lauren Alaina for Season 28!
  13. Dancing with Sailor Brinkley-Cook for Season 28!
  14. Dancing with Mary Wilson for Season 28!
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