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  1. OnceSane

    Whitney Sudler-Smith: Dilettante Buffoon

    They've banged before. I feel like this time it's a storyline for the show, but I can absolutely see it happening f'reals and wouldn't/won't be surprised if it's true.
  2. IIRC, at one point he was doing his best to only have to pay the minimum in SC ($2500/month?). I doubt that's changed much, if at all, especially with good ole boy judges on his side.
  3. OnceSane

    Are You The One?

    Right?!? Every time she's onscreen, my eyes are drawn to her. A fivesome? Aight then. Actually, they seemed like they had fun but weren't expecting to deal with the consequences (for those making connections to others). Danny and Basit could be a match. Or Remy and Basit. I'm not for Jonathan's flirting without intent when he knows how Basit feels about him; I think Jonathan likes having someone in the house checking for him since his #1 clearly isn't. OTOH, once Basit decided Jonathan was their match, it didn't seem like they bothered trying on with anyone else. A flirt here, a casual talk there, but they aren't really putting themselves out there with anyone else. Basic did briefly think they had a thing with Kylie, but she found her match with Blondie (forgot her name). I'd like to see everyone put more of themselves out there…more of their hearts, we've seen their hormones and privates.
  4. OnceSane

    Relatively Nat & Liv

    Episode 8: Aired July 16, 2019.
  5. OnceSane

    Ex On The Beach (US)

    He seemed like the sane one on "What Happens at the Abbey". Which says a lot more now than it did then.
  6. OnceSane

    Kathryn Dennis: On Her Own!

    All about the tea are friends of/apologists for Thomas. I wouldn't trust them to tell me the weather while standing next to a window.
  7. OnceSane

    Week 2: July 15, 2019-July 19, 2019

    It seemed like Caro thought Cormac was more interested in her when she sported straight hair, like her natural hair wasn't attractive enough. Which, given amount of shit black women get about their hair, natural or not, is understandable. However, I think she was overreacting in this situation. As she does. I want to like Caro, but she's so unnecessarily extra it's tough. I did like Weston's straight-shooter approach with her. He laid it out and I hope she listens. I do think that 50% of her outlandishness is her desire to be on TV while fearing she'll leave at any moment because she has no real connection with any of the guys.
  8. OnceSane

    Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta

    Episode 18: Aired July 15, 2019.
  9. OnceSane

    Ex On The Beach (US)

    Episode 1: Airs July 16, 2019.
  10. Discuss all the Week 2 shenanigans here!
  11. Episode 2: Airs July 14, 2019.
  12. Airs July 15, 2019.