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  1. Episode 1: Airs January 29, 2020.
  2. I liked all the plots for this episode, though I did think the redhead was pregnant with twins. I do wish we'd had just a little more with her & her husband. The doctors were fine, even if we barely heard from two of them. Perhaps because the two who had li'l arcs will be back in some way? Maybe wishful thinking because I didn't mind either one too much. IDK why Sister Julienne isn't telling anyone except Dr. Turner, but maybe they'll come up with some scheme.
  3. This is the best game to play with family.
  4. Not everyone has cable & this is a big deal, news-wise.
  5. I'm watching the current season, but I'm so bored. There's no there there. Yeah, it's the first couple weeks, but nothing is really happening.
  6. I feel like she's trying desperately to prove she hasn't found another Patrick (aka a waste of her time and effort).
  7. He's such a little shit-stirrer. Makes his latest PYT kinda perfect for him.
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