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  1. Read me before posting in 90 Day Fiance Spinoffs and Specials.
  2. Read me before posting in 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After
  3. Read me before posting in 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way
  4. Read me before posting in 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days
  5. This show generates a lot of conversation, some good and some not so good. Please keep our forum rules of conduct in mind when posting. This is a crazy show, and it's fine to snark about the show and it's participants. However... Don't be rude and confrontational toward other posters. The show participants are fair game for criticism, but this is a friendly community and everyone is expected to be civil toward each other, even in their disagreement. However, if you think someone is attacking you, report the post, don't engage. Only the events of the aired episode and any related previews should be discussed in the episode threads. Do not discuss the events of Episode 9 in the thread for Episode 8. Do not link to, allude to or post anything from social media or articles on other sites about the show in the episode threads. There are individual couples threads for discussing this type of information. We have a lot of members who don't want to be spoiled, and they shouldn't have to be. That said, people who want to know this information will go to the spoiler threads, so don't mention its contents in the spoiler-free zones. If you don't like someone's opinion and would like to never see it again, click on their picture and use the Ignore function. If you think someone's breaking the rules, report their post and the moderators will check it out. Do not post personal information about the show's participants or their families- it's weird and creepy. No home addresses, photos of children who are not on the show, schools or churches they attend, etc. If you have questions about the forums, PM me. Do not complain about the forum and/or discuss moderator actions in the public threads. Please discuss the main show and its spinoffs in their own forums. "90 Day Fiancé" for the mothership of K1 Visa-ness, located here. "Happily Ever After" to catch up with past couples, located here. "Before the 90 Days" to introduce couples meeting for the first time, located here. "The Other Way" to watch the whole mess backwards, located here. "What Now?" to catch up with even more past couples, located here. "Pillow Talk" to hear old couples talk about current couples, located here. "The Family Chantel" to get more stupider in The Dominican, located here. "Self-Quarantined" to watch past couples isolate six feet apart, located here. Live chats (chatting while the episodes are airing for per-episode shows) should occur in the 90DF Live Chat Part 2 thread. Happy posting!
  6. Episode 10: Airs April 10, 2020.
  7. Please vote for your fave, voting open until Monday: For 90DF Live Chat 2: This Thread is Only 60% Good, click the pink heart. For 90DF Live Chat 2: Soulmates and Catfish Bait, click the yellow light bulb. For 90DF Live Chat 2: We Either Broke Up or Your Computer Died, click the orange smiley face. For 90DF Live Chat 2: So Mach Green Cards, click the green shocked face. For 90DF Live Chat 2: Rice-a-Roni Boogaloo, click the blue sad face.
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