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  1. But you might say to your friends, "I got my shorty coming by, gotta get you out and clean up because I'm cooking her dinner." To me, it is not an insult (even though I'm vertically challenged)...and it beats the hell out of the other words some people use to discuss women.
  2. They are calling it both names, more recently with Yacht in the title. So we'll leave it as is until we find out for sure the show title and a premiere date.
  3. We're over 2,000 pages on this one, folks! Join the discussion in the new episodes thread found here!
  4. Continue discussing all current episodes of General Hospital Here!
  5. Airs November 20, 2019.
  6. I don't find her all that interesting/intriguing/exciting/whatever so I was saturated plenty by her being on just VPR; all this extra shit, zero interest from me.
  7. Episode 7: Airs November 18, 2019.
  8. I wonder what kind of charity work Stephanie does. She might do well volunteering a couple days/week helping people.
  9. Episode 7: Airs November 17, 2019.
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