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  1. Episode 7: Precious Cargo Episode 8: Destination Unknown Originally aired May 6, 2021
  2. 1. History. I’m always wanting to know random factoids anyway. 2. Squirrel. Butterflies are pretty, but they’re also bugs with wings, and No. 3. Teeth. Because of the way my teeth are shaped/positioned, I’d much rather never need to deal with that again. I read these to my sister and she picked the opposite of me for every single one. 😄
  3. These are pretty much my answers for the first two. Couldn’t have said it better. As for #3 — hypothetically I’ll say snake toilet, but in reality I’ll be holding it til I get home. I don’t go near dirty bathrooms or snakes. (Also, “snake toilet” reminds me of “snake clown”.)
  4. ohjoy

    S03.E01: Tailfin

    Aired 4/1/2021
  5. As a child, 2 all the way. As an adult, I think 4 is probably healthier for me.
  6. Rewind doesn’t necessarily mean redo, does it? Because unless I have the chance to actually go back and change things instead of just reliving what I’ve already done, I’ll go with pause — let me get my fitness/finances straightened out before I keep going. No more colds - not that I get a lot of colds, but the less sickness the better just in general. I guess the rat. Once as a child I woke up in the middle of the night and found myself looking directly at a big black cricket sitting next to my pillow. I’d like to never repeat anything remotely similar that again in my life. Bo
  7. Originally aired 3/15/2021
  8. Clothes — hopefully I would actually have clothes that fit me then! Announce myself — what if I’m trying to carry food or something when I leave? My personal bedroom trash can — I know that any dirt there is mine and mine alone.
  9. I’m sure I have more serious answers, but a “good chills” moment for me is the “To the Pain” scene of The Princess Bride, culminating in “Drop. Your. Sword.”
  10. ohjoy

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Aired 3/1/2021
  11. I love to paint, but the idea I might be fit enough to be great at dancing is so appealing to me I can’t swim, but more importantly, have you seen some of the horrifying sea creatures that wash ashore after typhoons and such? Absolutely not. *shudders* I have loved ice cream for so much of my life, I could never part with it.
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