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  1. I love to paint, but the idea I might be fit enough to be great at dancing is so appealing to me I can’t swim, but more importantly, have you seen some of the horrifying sea creatures that wash ashore after typhoons and such? Absolutely not. *shudders* I have loved ice cream for so much of my life, I could never part with it.
  2. There’s not a forum request for this show, but a show topic has been started over in the Competitive Reality and Games Shows section, so you can discuss it there.
  3. Series premiered Thursday, February 24, with new episodes being released on Discovery+.
  4. Originally aired: 2/24/2021
  5. Originally aired: 2/17/2021
  6. ohjoy

    S01.E01: Pilot

    Originally aired 2/16/2021
  7. Originally aired: 2/10/2021
  8. Originally aired: 02/03/2021
  9. We here to have fun discussing this Walker reboot! As such, please keep in mind that the Primetimer forum rules on political discussions apply, including: Check out the full rules on politics here, and if you have questions feel free to PM @jewel21 and @ohjoy, your friendly neighborhood Walker mods. Thanks!
  10. ohjoy

    S02.E06: 354

    Originally aired: Jan. 27, 2021
  11. FILE #9: FILE #10: Originally aired December 22, 2020
  12. Originally aired: 12/16/2020
  13. Originally aired 12/9/2020
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