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  1. She has told him that she doesn't want to see her mother right now. Sammy's response is get over that bullshit. Which is perfectly understandable, especially assuming that Sammy knows that Hero's mother's the president. At the same time, I can see from Hero's perspective that it is easier to do passive-aggressive BS like staying overnight at the house or sabotaging the car than it is to just straight-up say, "Fuck you, Sammy, we're not going to D.C, period" or "Sammy, I'm just not ready to go to D.C. right now. Feel free to head there on your own." One way of looking at what the show says is t
  2. Again, some women are trying to fix things. It's just that fixing things is not all that easy. Some women have taken to looting and/or strong-arming other women. It is an entire society that is hit with PTSD and with the fact that there are precious few who have experience with a lot of things, due to sexism. With so many fields being male-dominated, getting the right people in place would not be a simple task. Stores aren't abandoned just because all the men died. Some women looted the shit out of the stores (presumably) anticipating that it was essentially the end times, supply chains w
  3. Well first of all, small is relative. In the case of the mob at the gates, it's probably (as shown) only in the hundreds. But it represents a larger absolute number. Even if only 1 percent of the remaining (let's say) 130 million American women believe conspiracy theories, that's a heckuva lot. Small can still be quite powerful, especially if it's indulged by people with power like the Republican women insiders we have seen. And of course, small can spread and become medium and become large. Not to dive too deep into real-world politics, but any number of real-world movements started off
  4. Trying to fix the world involves deciphering what killed almost all males, why Yorick and Ampersand survived, if their survivability can be replicated. Trying to fix the world also means overcoming coup attempts and resistance to your efforts. And it's possible that some people are going to either think the world either can't be fixed after 4 billion died or that even if it could be fixed, it might be better for various reasons to just adapt to the way that it is now and will be for the foreseeable future.
  5. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news...
  6. Pure speculation but I assume that she will play a key role in the fight against Eclipso. Lantern vs. darkness seems a natural matchup.
  7. It doesn't so much matter the number who believe in the conspiracy is small if they are going to be very active. I think we are living through in real life examples of people buying into all sorts of conspiracy theories despite no evidence or logic supporting them. Yes, there will be consequences to having hid the existence of Yorick down the line. But sometimes you just have to make it so that future society has to deal with that. Perhaps once more order is restored, people will be able to understand why they held back the info about Yorick, or to appreciate it is pure coincidence that t
  8. The ground was littered with dead people as shown in the first episode. One can imagine that it would be a major undertaking trying to remove the dead bodies of half the population, made even more complicated by the trauma of everyone losing half the people they know, the dire longterm prospects for food and for future generations of humanity, etc. If something like this happened in real life to either gender, a lot of people would be paralyzed with the trauma of it all. Think of how 9/11, an explainable event that resulted in like 3,000 deaths, struck the U.S. Now multiply the death toll so t
  9. I haven't seen Shang-Chi yet how the rest of the Ten Rings are portrayed. But there is a different between having a member who is White and being fully multi-ethnic. There'd also likely be a difference in acceptance between a White person and a Black person. You run the risk of not being able to save Tony personally if you wait until the ambush happens, is the problem. Tony could have been killed either by the shotgun barrage that blew holes in his Humvee or if the shell had simply exploded. It seems like Killmonger would have been better served to not risk the possibility that the assass
  10. Things in this episode that leave me wondering: 1. Killmonger claims that he found out about the assassination attempt on Stark when he was undercover with the Ten Rings. First of all, it seems strange that a Black American soldier could convincingly go undercover with what I understand to be a Middle Eastern/Asian terrorist organization. Second, in the original MCU, the Ten Rings did not know that the plot was to kill Tony Stark, only that they were to hit that convoy. Did the Ten Rings in this universe know more? Was Killmonger somehow able to put together that the attack was on Tony St
  11. I know this is supposed to be the case, but really, it bugs me that it is so. You don't bring a shiv to a cosmic staff fight. Or in other words, someone who can fly and blast things from a distance should have no trouble beating someone who has no sort of ranged attack.
  12. To be fair, anybody with connections and/or money could buy Stark stuff on the open market or the black market. Hypothetically, Killmonger could have bought enough Stark stuff for the ambush and to frame Stane, either on his own or through a connection like Klaue.
  13. I mean, we know from the main MCU timeline that Stane was behind the attempt on Tony's life there. It could be that Killmonger was behind it in this universe and framed Stane, but there's no way to know for sure. Obadiah would protest his innocence in either case. And the "receipts" Killmonger claimed to have could be forged. I guess we will only know if we revisit this particular universe. Which I hope we do.
  14. Even if we were to concede that it is the worst movie with the worst writing in the MCU (and as much as I'm not a fan of IM3, I think that Thor: The Dark World easily outdoes it for that title, along with possible others), it remains a canon example that Tony can and does have blinders on when a) someone close to him gets hurt b) it involves his SUPERIOR TECH (shout out to Marvel vs. Capcom fans in the house) or c) he doesn't figure things out that might be obvious to him if he took half a second. If we want to talk about other canon examples of Tony being overly confident/reckless/a dumb
  15. What was not realistic about it? Could be that the drone didn't have them. It was early in the production process. Could be that the drone/Tony was overconfident. Real-life drones aren't powered by vibrranium nor made of vibranium alloy to be nearly indestructible, nor do they have a sophisticated AI controlling their moves, nor are they hive-mind linked. I assume that the Stark Liberators would kick the crap out of the drones shown in Far From Home. Iron Man sometimes flies in a Quinjet to save power or for other reasons. so even assuming that the Liberators can fly now (a
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