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  1. Chicago Redshirt

    S05.E09: The Fresh Princess

    Mills, when last we saw him, was already in the "Nuke Seattle" camp because FG wasn't able to produce his daughter by the time of his visit. I would think he would be even more so if he learned that she had turned into a single-minded killing machine who had in fact killed at least a couple of people and that there was no particular reason to think that she would ever turn back to the daughter he loved.
  2. Chicago Redshirt

    S05.E01: Striking Vipers

    Because they can? Because it will generate buzz/profits? Because at least some game programmers are social misfits? In the real world, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas had a mini-game where players could have their avatar have sex with a woman he was dating. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_Coffee_mod I have no doubt that if technology gets to the point it is in Striking Vipers that a game would incorporate sex Easter Eggs. Some people might want a more respectable form of hookup than straight-up porn. It's much easier to sell to one's wife that you're having fun playing Striking Vipers than NastySexFestorama. The version of the game was Striking Vipers X. So by contrast, Mortal Kombat has been around for like 27 years and is on Mortal Kombat 11. So if it's at all analogous, there's a big pop culture place that the game would represent. Some people might specifically want the fantasy of being one of the Striking Vipers characters rather than generic straight-up porn. Also, who says they didn't bother to play the actual game at all? Maybe they still did as foreplay or whatever.
  3. Chicago Redshirt

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Dany -- as far as we were shown -- basically had no love in Westeros. Despite the notion that some people called Robert "usurper" (confirmed by Robert himself), we saw no direct evidence that anyone wanted a Targaryen restoration for the love of the Targs. And anyone who did presumably would be just as happy with Aegon VI as with Dany. Compare/contrast this with the love she saw in Essos. No one in Westeros is lifting her up and calling her "mother" and saying all her titles. People are not breaking their necks to be romantically involved with her in Westeros, excluding Jon, who ultimately rejects her romantically. Even when she is responsible in large part for saving all of humanity, the Northerners gave more props to Jon and Arya than to her. So even if Jon's love is confined to the North and a smattering of Targaryen loyalists, that's more love than Dany was ever going to see. But on top of that, Jon is probably an easier sell than Dany, because a) he's male b) he's won battles through conventional means c) he was raised a Stark so he's not as likely to go mad king d) he's the kind of person who is not full of himself ("like you could grab a beer with him.")
  4. Chicago Redshirt

    S04.E22: The Quest for Peace

    Late to the party, but... We don't necessarily know how long Lex was left in the room. Monitor could have shown up just after Lena appeared. Ben committed a raft of new crimes in attacking our heroes, and his existence as a pawn of Luthor (presumably) came to light through Kara's story. His pardon was for previous crimes, and the president who gave it to him was outed as a Luthor pawn and IIRC was forced out of office, so he wasn't in a position to offer a new pardon. Got me on the power cell deal. Seems like it would be fairly easy to shut the power cells down or destroy them, all things considered. Luthor whipped up a Kasnian attack with Red Daughter and then backstabbed Kasnia to appear like a hero. And he had the President selling that narrative. If people thought that Lex defended the country against a Rogue Supergirl, they might forgive all the previous supervilliany.
  5. Chicago Redshirt

    S04.E21: Red Dawn

    Kara and Clark aren't as far as we know publicly linked as cousins or anything. So there's no particular reason to think that Lex knows Clark's secret identity. I think this episode established that J'onn understood that there was a possibility that the mindwipe could be undone organically, but that a) there would potentially be risks if it happened and b) he himself could not undo it. Red Daughter was pretty well established as a stalker from jump street, what with all her pictures of Kara and Alex, and visiting Kara's apartment. Stalkers gonna stalk. Lena's a resourceful woman who has been spending a lot of time at the DEO. We know the DEO has at least one truthseeker, because that was the impetus behind the whole brainwash-Alex-so-she-can-beat-a-truthseeker plot. So probably from there. It seems like replacing Kryptonite on a Metallo revives them, so they can probably bring Otis back whenever they want. People who are willing to believe that Supergirl went nutso traitor after three years of world-saving and goody-two-shoesness in service to truth, justice and the American way are probably not going to get too hung up in her fashion choices.
  6. Chicago Redshirt

    S05.E22: Legacy

  7. Chicago Redshirt

    Masterchef Junior (US)

    I mean, jasmine rice could be scented with too much or too little jasmine, right?
  8. Chicago Redshirt

    S02.E13: Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

    As someone who really hates how the show has handled Ed/Kelly romance stuff, I groaned as soon as I knew we were in for an update of the two Rikers episode. Pushing that to the side, it seems like the involvement of the Kaylon should have been a bigger deal than it was. As far as we know, this is the first time that they have resurfaced since nearly destroying Earth. The mystery of why they are showing up now and what they want, and alerting the Union to this new appearance are all things that should have been a bigger focus. Not to mention Isaac's reaction to the first time he's encountering his people since betraying them.
  9. Chicago Redshirt

    S02.E12: Sanctuary

    The members of the Sanctuary had Ed and the crew at gunpoint and the poet told one of the women that she could put her weapon down. Presumably, the male Moclans just had them outgunned/outnumbered.
  10. Chicago Redshirt

    S04.E16: The House of L

    I am actually not sure that any of the Legends have interacted with Supergirl as Kara Danvers, been told that she is Kara Danvers or been to Supergirl's Earth.
  11. Chicago Redshirt

    S04.E16: The House of L

    There are two potential sources for Lex to know that Kara is Supergirl, other than his own genius. Lillian Luthor knows, thanks to having had Kara's adoptive dad as a prisoner, and therefore could have told him. Cat Grant knows. And it's therefore possible that Eve as her right-hand woman found out through Cat knowing, either directly or indirectly, and told Lex. Other people who canonically know Kara Danvers=Supergirl off the top of my head J'onn, Jimmy, Brainy, Winn, Nia, Kara's adoptive mom, Clark, Lois, real Hank Henshaw, Barry, Ollie and their respective crews, Mon-El and the rest of the Legion Other people who formerly knew Kara Danvers=Supergirl but who have been mindwiped Alex, Haley, the five or so DEO agents, the rando person who went to high school with Kara and Alex and kidnapped Alex to force Kara to break his dad out of prison.
  12. Chicago Redshirt

    S08.E16: Harvey

    Alex best watch his back.
  13. Chicago Redshirt

    S08.E15: Stalking Horse

    Donna is COO, and that would put her in the ranks of c-level executives. (C standing for "chief" rather than like a letter-grade C.) She was the one who broke privilege, and so she should have been the one to pay for it, IMO.
  14. Chicago Redshirt

    S05.E15: Please Say No One Else Is Dead

    The logic AK explained in one episode or another was that if it came out that she had a prior relationship with the person who killed her husband, particularly one that went beyond student-teacher, it would cause the authorities to re-examine Sam's killing and consider her possibly involved. To try to put it in context, AK wanted to adopt Wes desperately. Sam didn't want to adopt Wes. As far as we know, Wes has no idea about any of this. But it wouldn't be too hard for someone to imagine that he did. That AK told him. That AK still carries resentment from not having been able to adopt Wes, and from not being able to have her own children with Sam. That AK also carries resentment from Sam cheating on her and getting that other woman pregnant. Someone could come to the conclusion that AK and Wes were in cahoots.
  15. Chicago Redshirt

    Orvillian Media: Wireless Telecommunications Facility

    https://io9.gizmodo.com/by-avis-the-orville-is-getting-its-own-comic-book-1833140121 Here's a link to another story: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/foxs-orville-flies-comics-july-1192981