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  1. I am not fully sure what to make of the notion that Vision has super-speed in this episode. Classically in the comics and in the MCU, super-speed like he displays in this episode isn't among his power set, which consists of intangibility, flight, the ability to become super-dense, super-strength, and to emit blasts. He might have faster reflexes than a human, but not true super-speed. Speed is of course Pietro's forte. So it seems that for the first time in this alt-reality, Wanda has been letting thoughts about Pietro creep in, and she has merged her memories of Pietro with her memories of Vision, combining her two great losses. I've seen fans online complaining about her creating a reality with Vision but not Pietro. Well, now we're getting a glimpse as to why perhaps.
  2. This miniseries is so bad that it is making me question whether my fond memories of the book and the original miniseries were unwarranted. Like maybe I sandpapered oveer the rough bits of plot holes/twists because I was younger/more naive or whatever.
  3. Matt: My faith is important to me. Let's kick this off with a prayer. Also Matt: I am here for your bargain-basement porno.
  4. Never say never. Whatever happened behind the scenes, might have left RR or TPTB with bad enough feelings that literally RR couldn't or wouldn't come back at this point to just literally phone in that letter. (Or timing could have not worked out, or the CW could be too cheap to pay her say $10,000 for reading it). That doesn't mean that things won't get better between the two (or timing might not improve or TPTB wouldn't open up the purse strings at some point). We know that Kate isn't dead because a) TPTB have said they didn't and wouldn't kill her and b) the old comic-book rule that if you don't see a body, then you can't count on the person being dead. It would have made more sense to me that they just made Sophie Batwoman. She has the skills, she has a connection to Kate, there was a more organic way for her to have gotten the suit than it literally falling in her lap. But now that Ryan is in the picture, she still has the role of uneasy ally with Batwoman. Now that she knows and Jacob knows, it will be interesting to see what they do with this knowledge once it becomes more public that there's a new Batwoman in town. With Sophie, I fear they will make her a new love interest for either Ryan or Batwoman. Ryan punched him enough that the fake face came off. A. They may hold out hope that Ruby would reconsider coming back even for a cameo or voiceover or something small. B. They were concerned with the possible backlash of killing off their first/most prominent lesbian superhero.
  5. Safiyah was a figure mentioned from S1. She tried to have Batwoman killed for some reason and tried to get a "only THIS gun can shoot through the Batsuit" gun through a minion. And then Julia also had some sort of dealings with her. But that opens up more questions: Why did she send Alice the paper airplane? What is she getting even for with Alice? How did she know just where to send the paper airplane? Did Safiyah somehow know that Kate was Batwoman? Or did that Kate and Alice are sisters? Why did Safiyah want to target Batwoman originally or Kate? Was it the revenge for Alice messing up the plans to get/fix the Batwoman-killing gun? If I follow correctly, Bruce hid the Batmobile behind fake walls of the cave. Why Bruce would have done this, who knows? Why Luke wouldn't have been able to figure this out, also who knows? But maybe Luke thought that Bruce took the Batmobile with him when he went wherever he went. My presumption is that Kate was on the plane, Safiyah or goons under her command hijacked the plane and parachuted her off and then blew up the plane over Gotham. Either they did not know that Kate was Batwoman so would not have bothered to search for the suit, or even assuming they knew, could not find the suit in time (like if it were in a secret compartment in the luggage) before needing to blow up the plane. It was supposed to be a private plane so no checked bags.
  6. There was a lot to like in this premiere. I think I'm happy with Ryan overall as a character and am interested in a Bat- character who is a poor person of color rather than fabulously wealthy and white. I don't know if they will explore that angle thoughtfully or if it will be just virtue signaling or what. I feel like Ryan was warmer and more interesting in this debut than Kate was all season put together. The numbers thing has to be put to the side, because that was the most awkward, no-actual-human-would-ever-say-this dialogue I can remember. It makes me want to echo language of anti-SJW fanboys, and I don't want to be in that place. I kind of wish that they didn't make it so that Ryan has a vendetta against Alice. Can't just the fact that Alice is a serial killing psychopath be enough to get her to cross paths? The plan to have Tommy Elliott go undercover as Bruce Wayne seems crazy (which may be the point I guess that both Alice and Tommy are BSC). Like seriously, how was Tommy going to fool Kate for a half-second when she knows Bruce more, would not be able to be bluffed so easily and when Kate knows that Alice has been having someone mimic people? I can buy Luke wasn't exactly in his right mind because of concern about Kate but still.... Also, wouldn't Real!Bruce have a contingency plan for shapeshifters and whatnot? Are we to assume that Tommy-as-Bruce told Jacob about Alice's whereabouts on Alice's directions? She didn't seem at all surprised to have him show up. Or is she just able to roll with things pretty well? Going forward I am hoping for a couple things: 1. An answer to where exactly is Batman and why has he been gone from Gotham for four years? 2. No romance or unrequited feelings between Ryan and any of the regulars.
  7. The credits for five had Don't Fear the Reaper, and it made me want to go all Lloyd Bentsen on it. "I was a viewer of the original miniseries. I was a fan of the original miniseries. CBS All-Access 'The Stand,' you're no original mini-series."
  8. What do you think it looks like? Spoiler tag if you'd like.
  9. I'm going to echo people and say: what a waste. Maybe I'm burdened with nostalgia for the 1994 miniseries or something, but I am not sure if there is any aspect of the current series that is better, with the possible exception of Flagg. Did they know that the miniseries was going to be airing off broadcast? Because on the one hand, I appreciate they showed some of the glitz and the horror of New Vegas, but I think they could have done better given the freedom of a streaming service. To take a for instance,, it totally underplayed and glossed over what Dayna did at every step of the way. It made her inquiries about Flagg seem super-obvious and clumsy. Gosh, could that new person in town who's been basically demanding to see the boss be a spy? They underplayed that she was put in a position to have to fuck Lloyd and/or his girlfriend trying to get info, to fit in, hell, to survive. Although Flagg playing dead was creepy, there wasn't the buildup there should have been to the notion that her only way out was to break a bottle and cut her own throat. The scene where Nadine was trying to seduce Larry also didn't work for a variety of reasons. First, up till now, Nadine has been portrayed as a totally willing accomplice with Flagg. So unlike the book and the movie, the notion that she has any hesitancy about being his queen comes out of the blue. And along similar lines, there really hasn't been much established to suggest Nadine and Larry had at all a romantic relationship till now. In the book and the miniseries, IIRC Nadine had wishful thinking that she and Larry could be a couple with a HEA. Here, it seemed more like she just wanted someone to pop her cherry. In which case, why not just fuck Harold or basically any hetero guy with a pulse?
  10. It is going to be a fine line that they are going to have to walk. On the one hand, there are going to be viewers like you two who don't want to hear about race every episode, or even viewers that want the show to be as colorblind as possible. Then there are going to be viewers like me. Never watched an episode of the Bachelor before. Probably won't be watching again after this season. But I am curious how they treat issues around race both internally and beyond the fourth wall. There are going to be viewers who will be upset if he ends up with a white girl, period. There are going to be issues with some of these women relating to Matt as a black man and the implications of that. I'm guessing that the cast of bachelorettes is more diverse than usual.
  11. Yeah, it is about honor rather than personal feelings. It's still a point of honor that he make amends for his brother's misdeeds and take care of his future nephew/niece. Indeed, it would be more unbelievable if Philip was like, "Too late, my pride has been wounded." Plus, there are worse fates than having to handcuff yourself to someone who looks like Marina. We last saw Lord F in what I took to be a high-end brothel savoring the fruits of his victory when Donald Corleonington and Anthony Montoya confronted him. So it's possible that before his arrival at the brothel, he'd paid the debts. Or it's possible that the offer DC and AM made that Lord F could not refuse involved going back to F's home and scooping up the money (and with it any documents that were there.)
  12. Whoever is helping Pen could be doing so for a number of reasons: 1. Money or the promise of money dating back to when she was first starting 2. Wanting to stick it to the Man/the snooty upper class 3. Love of/interest in gossip 4. Thrill of being on the inside/keeping a secret That said, I don't know if being found out as a Whistledown accomplice would necessarily mean getting fired. Or if the money that would come from it would be worth the risk. But even assuming that it's not rationally worth the risk, real people still take risks all the time. Pen could have had to sub for whoever she normally uses to deliver the copy the time we saw in episode 8, or she may rely on proxies only for some tasks and not others. She may enjoy working with the publisher directly and/or feel like she has to be present to do any last-minute adjustmets and/or want to collect her money herself. She presumably needed to tell the person driving the carriage at a minimum that they were going to the printers and to have him stay there until she has conducted her business. There is not really a plausible innocent explanation she could have given why a 17-year-old girl would need to go out in the middle of the night to hang out at a publisher's. It is way easier for me to imagine that she works with one or more trusted people than it is that she has had this enterprise going for months (minimum) and managed to dupe literally everyone when she took the manuscripts to the printer, got gossip items, etc.
  13. In addition to the "let's tell things in non-linear time for no good reason," one of the things I dislike about this version of The Stand was the real lack of imagination and daring. There's so very little that I see to bring the story up from its 70s origins to today. Like apart from a reference to the Internet, swearing and a little more colorblind casting, there's not much that would have been out of place if they had decided to keep things set in the 1970s. Yes, it was a Rock blu-ray rather than a betamax or whatever, but it seems to me people today would react to Captain Tripps a lot differently than they might have in the 70s and 80s.
  14. https://stylecaster.com/leading-strings-bridgerton/ In case you weren't 100 percent sure what they were...
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