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  1. True, but that's a different sort of thing from Maladie going along quietly once after the Good Guys who rescued her. She would have a potential incentive to kill her rescuers because they could provide a lead as to her whereabouts. Whereas she has no particular incentive to have Harriet die. The rescue attempt brings to mind the old saw about the frog and the scorpion/the woman and the snake. They would have known damn well what Maladie was when they took her in.
  2. I think we saw most of it. 1. Take out the snipers 2. Have Jack throw out platforms for the one woman (I don't know if we have been given her name or her turn) so she could get down to the gallows. 3. Free Maladie and have her follow woman back to the rooftop. 4. Deploy balloon at the appropriate time. 5. Maladie, Jack and other woman escape in balloon to parts out of London. 6. Maladie is apparently so moved by the rescue attempt that she does not kill Jack or other woman. 7. The Good Touched hope Maladie in fact changes her serial-killer ways and either let
  3. I don't see any reason why a super shouldn't be able to run for a democratic office. The same checks and balances would rein them in as anyone. I think Walter's plan makes perfect sense. He wants people to question the Code and doubt Sheldon's leadership so he can take over. So he conjures up a threat powerful enough to kill supers and put them in a position where they will be tempted to break the Code as it's kill or be killed. He does not need to have engineered the specific outcome that Brandon is the one to kill Blackstar. All he needs to have done is create a situation
  4. A few minor corrections on the summary: Maladie does not seem to be targeting the Touched. She was willing to kill people who happened to be Touched like Penance, Mary and Amalia. But she is not singling out the Touched or anything like that. If anything, from what I understand, she was killing doctors and the like, perhaps in revenge for her own institutionalization or some such. It's at least somewhat unclear what Lord Massen's intentions are toward the Touched. He seems to have a different agenda than the Purists, who simply want to get rid of them. My take is that he sees the Tou
  5. When you have Hypno Guy in your crew, pretty much anything is possible It's a fanwank but there's nothing to suggest that Real!Effie would have interacted much with the cops. A woman writer back in Victorian England probably would have not normally been on the crime beat, or so I would think. And it seems fair that Real!Effie would not necessarily worked out of a newsroom. Also, Maladie can always have used Hypno Guy to smooth any rough edges with the paper or the cops.
  6. The problem with Sophie in the past was that the writing made her seem bad at her job, a black hole where fun goes to die, and as dull as possible. This episode was one of the few where she seemed generally good at her job, fun and interesting to watch. I wish that they reworked it so that rookie Sophie did not simply benefit from being handed her biggest career win by Stephanie She literally got promoted for something she didn't do, just by being in the right place at the right time. Two steps forward, one step back, I guess. I give the show props for Batwoman reading the Crow
  7. Like everyone else, I was put off by Galanthi having not been mentioned before this episode and then it being used like it was the secret word on Pee-Wee's Playhouse. There's something to be said for Penance's point of view: breaking the rules against public execution of Maladie isn't about justice for Maladie's actual crimes. It's about trying to send a message that it's open season on the Touched. Now the way to answer that is probably not to confirm the Muggles' worst fears about the Touched by causing a public breakout of one of the most clearly dangerous people ever. But what can yo
  8. I believe Julia said that the results were double- or triple-checked. But the efforts to fake things could have just been that good, or like someone said, the body part(s) that was/were recovered might have been something like toes or fingers that would be substantial yet not disabling.
  9. My take was that he suspected all along that Stephanie was the one who beat him since she was the only person who ever did. (Apparently Bruce was just AWOL or actually stumped five years ago during his reign of terror). It's unclear as to whether Stephanie was actually in danger in the box trap or not. It seemed to me that her making it to their home confirmed to Cluemaster that she was in fact the person who outwitted him all along and he couldn't deal with the notion that she was smarter than him.
  10. A propos of nothing: throughout this season, how many would you say Mark killed? Not including things like Nolan putting his face through a train and thereby killing a bunch of folks or by his inaction. I'm talking about people he deliberately tried to kill and succeeded. I would imagine some number of the Flaxans (or however you spell the aliens from another dimension), some of the cyborg-zombie guys, and that may be about it?
  11. So presumably, controlling super soldiers is something she still could do. She could recruit people who are loyal in the first place and are unlikely to stray. She could plant bombs in them ala Suicide Squad. She could use pressure on their families. The mind control tech used on Bucky still presumably exists and is functional., and could even be improved on. But let's say that she realizes that her having a personal army of super soldiers isn't worth the trouble. The value of the serum also lies in having the highest bidder pay for it. It just doesn't make sense that the PB would i
  12. I liked this one. Enjoyed the dig at the Avengers, and I'm fine with the retcon of Gary being an alien as well as engaged. I didn't think anything was wrong about the "Sara never liked to be alone" bit. Ava's acknowledging that Sara had an active sex life, nothing deeper than that. She has probably had the most hookups in the Arrowverse besides Oliver. Ava started off very jealous of Constantine, and now has apparently gotten over it knowing that Sara wants to marry her.
  13. The concept of the Code being at the center of everything that goes on this season makes the show more interesting for me. Not for anything the show itself did, because I think it still didn't directly execute these things all that well. But because it speaks to broader points about superheroes and killing. In the beginning of the genre in the 1930s (and I think it's not a coincidence that our OG heroes come from that erra), at least Batman had no problem killing people. But then for most of the next few decades, pretty much he and all superheroes had a strict no-killing rule. Eventually,
  14. I mean, Chloe is pretty hot so I can forgive him for thinking with lil Hutch. Also, at least he had the decency to get her clean and sober first, and he seems to actually care for/about her, which is more than you can say about most people who are unrelated to her. His hair is, indeed, stupid.
  15. Fair enough that some of his assumptions are true and some of mine might not be.
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