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  1. Again, just spitballing, but I wouldn't be surprised if there was enough info for people to make educated guesses about how people might turn out. By way of analogy, if there was a database with info on people from various regions from Earth, someone might select people of various nationalities/races/genders if they felt that would serve their agendas and maybe that would be adequate on average. Then again, maybe a lot more is in the post-download brainwashing.
  2. It is kind of weird that Lara (or at least, this version of her) seemingly is sweet, sensitive and nurturing, while AI Jor-El seems to so far be an abrasive and indifferent douche. It definitely had me going, "Him?" (as in the running Arrested Development gag) Now that could be just a programming flaw on either the part of Lara/Jor-El, or maybe Lara loves her some douches. As for making Edge Clark's literal half-brother, I suppose there's something to be said for it being a temptation for Clark and perhaps for Edge too. Yes, unrelated Edge could try to tempt Clark to go pro-Kry
  3. Fair enough. But the flipside is that even without the possibility of the actual characters appearing, it leaves a hole in the minds of other viewers who know that Superman has living relatives when those relatives never get so much as mentioned when it would seem natural to do so. When talking about raising a super and a normal sibling, bringing up Alex and Kara would be natural, as would asking them for advice. When Clark loses his mother, Kara would presumably show up to the funeral or at least someone would explain why she can't. When Clark learns of new Kryptonite weapons d
  4. I don't think Leslie was with the pack of Kryptonians. If memory serves, Edge yelled at her and sent her off to do some Random Task. We have yet to hear much about this series' version of Krypton, but in a lot of modern interpretations, Kryptonians often don't reproduce the old-fashioned way but through genetic engineering. So reading a little into Lara's explanation, she and Edge's dad were meant to have an arranged marriage based on genetics, baby Edge was cooked up in a lab, but then Lara broke things off to be with Jor-El and pissed off Papa Edge. Papa Edge went ahead and created E
  5. The in-show reason why Lana/Lara was not taken to meet Edge and try to persuade him was because her expertise was needed to devise a way to un-body snatch people. I don't think that Edge was going to be persuaded by Lara or anyone at that point. I was just thinking about why Edge didn't resurrect Lara as one of his first options. He clearly should have been able to, given that Our Heroes did within hours and his greater familiarity with the device. The best fanwanking I can come up with: 1. Edge knows that the process is generally unstable and has resulted in the deaths of most
  6. As always, a lot to like. At the top of the list was Lana becoming Lara on a couple accounts. It seems to me in the whole Superman mythology, Lara has not really gotten all that much attention as an independent person who did things. Other than in Superman II, where they threw her in because they couldn't afford Brando to replay Jor-El again, Lara barely gets a mention. I'm trying to think if I ever knew her maiden name. So to make her important is pretty cool. My ears perked up with the mention of the Eradicator. The show always manages to do the right blend of Super-action
  7. To be fair, there is a lot of season left, and so even with the inevitable shuffling, it's pretty likely that any given player is going to be on the losing end of a challenge before too long. You probably don't want to burn the punishment pass on the first one, especially if the punishment doesn't sound so brutal (dealing with 50 lbs of seafood). Also, I could see people being lukewarm to an offroading reward. Without the "eat something disgusting that will make you throw up for giggles" component that he couldn't necessarily anticipate would be part of this one, I could see him saying "I am g
  8. Further thoughts: Jake Kane, a billionaire whose accusation of being in cahoots with Alice in actually committing crimes is not backed up by evidence, is not able to make bail and is going to be shipped off to be held in some sort of Metropolis facility. No bail for that guy. But Tavaroff, who shot and framed Luke, AND gunned down a dozen or so Snakebite zombies AND organized a conspiracy to kidnap and kill Jake is able to make bail on what I'd assume to be a salary of $200k or so at best. I don't know if they can have Tavaroff suffer enough for what he's done. As someone i
  9. Usually, neither team manages to complete the entire dinner service in the early weeks. Again, my memory is not necessarily global here, but I'm leaning toward this Red Team being one of the few, and perhaps the only, team to have successfully completed their first couple straight out of the gate.
  10. It seems like we have not been treated to a full-on "IT'S RAAAAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWRRRRRRR!" scream from Gordon for a bit in both this and last season. I don't know if he is retiring it or saving it for a more special occasion, bored with it or what. Come to think of it, he has not called someone a "donkey" or a "donut" in recent memory either. I actually dozed off while watching (all to do with me and not this episode) so I expected Alex would have been kicked out because chicken sushi is not a thing.
  11. The dude with dreads, I think his name is Steven, seems like he knows what he's doing. He won the punishment pass, so far he hasn't seemingly been called out for any mistakes. And although it's not necessarily indicative of anything, his talking heads seem level-headed. Not the self-congratulatory, delusional and/or star-struck sort of stuff that a lot of people say. I predict he will go deep.
  12. They look to be from this May interview: https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/batwoman-where-does-wallis-days-kate-kane-fit-in-gotham/
  13. We'd just be guessing about Edge and the Kryptonians. My unspoiled speculation is that he is housing the consciousness of General Zod, because that is the best known Kryptonian baddie. But there are certainly other possibilities, many of which are discussed in the spec thread. All we know is Leslie Larr is the only one to have fully taken through the grafting process and to have no issues. We don't yet know if her underlying person surfaces, how long she has been "Leslie," why she changed her name etc. Though Tyler's obviously buff, the suit is padded. He is wider and the abs more pr
  14. I suppose I could hope against hope that dead!Sara is the clone and the Sara we've been watching is still real!Sara, all part of a mindscrew on Bishop's part to make Sara more compliant. No? The notion that he could clone Sara as much as he wants to raises a question as to why go through this much trouble with a clone IMO. He could just breed Sara clones and tinker with them to make them more willing to go along with...whatever he wants the Sara we've been watching to do. I don't know if they've explained what that is and I've forgotten or they just haven't really explained. It seems
  15. It's plausible to me that either a) whatever stories were done after Arrow's death didn't feature much about John Diggle in his civilian guise or even about Spartan or b) Luke (and for that matter Tavaroff) would not make the connection between Arrow's bodyguard/friend John Diggle or Spartan and this guy, especially considering Luke is not at the top of his game at the time (at least two stiff drinks in, mentally and physically shaky after being shot, focused on revenge). I assume Ocean was just the one who lifted them. Beth or Jake would have had to pick them out. I can completel
  16. In most media, Clark is deemed to be a great reporter, rivalling Lois's skill. Granted, as you say, it is not tough to do when a) you have superpowers to assist in your reporting and b) you have an inside track to many of the biggest stories in the world because they are about what you did yesterday. But whether comics or movie or TV, shows tend to shortcut actual reporting by Clark and Lois, because reporting is kind of boring and writers don't really want to (or know how to build a story around it). For instance, with Lana's help, Lois could have identified every candidate for Edge's im
  17. "Morgan Edge" is claiming that he is a Kryptonian from birth who got his powers by landing here. Of course, he could be lying, or the could could be throwing us a curve (a la "Captain Luthor.") My speculation has been that he is somehow Zod, and we'll see if that pays off or if I will quietly pretend I never threw it out there. In the good ol' pre-Crisis days, a brainwashed Superman fought Kara thinking she was Zod, and we did get a glimpse of "Zod." He kinda looked like an older version of Edge: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0316515/?ref_=tt_cl_t14
  18. People's mileage will vary, but I found Kate Kane easily the worst part of S1 of Batwoman. I thought she was too stiff, I didn't like the will-they-won't they with Sophie, and I thought they were trying too hard to be like, "she's a female Bruce Wayne." I did like her relationship with Mary and Luke, and when it was fresh, the Alice/Kate enmity was great too. While I'm sure Kate has her fans and I'm sure that some people might prefer either Kate to retake the mantle or Dueling Batwomen, I am also pretty sure that there are very few, if any, fans who would be like, "No Jake means the show
  19. GC{PD still needs a commissioner.... But Dougray Scott has seemed bored for a while. I hope they write him off, either by killing him or letting him and Kate explore their family off screen.
  20. There are a lot of in-universe components to the Crows being dismantled that I assume the show is just going to sidestep. There are presumably thousands of convictions that Agent Bad Guy and his posse are responsible for, and presumably hundreds of thousands that the Crows have been involved in over the years. Presumably all those convictions are going to be challenged, many successfully, now that the organization has been shown to be full of racist, lying officers. It would be nice if Ryan's conviction was overturned and she had her record cleared as part of it. It's nice that Jake can d
  21. Planting drop guns or drugs, sure. Refusing to release BWC or other video evidence, or pretending it doesn't exist, sure. But actually tampering with footage? Not just to speed things up/slow things down, cut things out, but to insert things that weren't there? I am unaware of any case of cops attempting to doctor BWC footage to make it look like someone had a gun when they did not. Not that I am suggesting that all cops would be morally above such an act. Clearly, some would. It's more that generally cops would not have the means or opportunity to do so. And in this case, Agent Ba
  22. I wish that Batwoman was capable of subtlety and nuance. This would have been a better episode IMO if Agent Bad Guy and the rest were not so cartoonishly over the top evil. Agent Bad Guy could have just been indifferent rather than going over the top to frame Luke and kidnap Jake. If he was just like, I know the system has got my back and I'll be on the job again in a couple weeks, that would be more scary and more of a statement about real world cops (or at least, I imagine that there's limits in real-world cases to the lengths they might go).
  23. I think that your proposed structure is better than what we got because it provides a winner in addition to a loser. I've watched a lot of TC, but it is a blur -- has there been an episode where someone was not designated the favorite chef of the episode? But IMO there are a couple problems with either such format. 1. Luck of the draw is too prominent. Especially with the battle being over an ingredient that some chefs were absolute masters with and at least one that had no real experience with. Byron was going to probably be a bye for anybody paired up against him. 2. As viewe
  24. I too suspect that there was little chance they would eliminate Dawn over Byron not just over performance in this challenge or performance overall, but over who brings the drama. Dawn is a more interesting character (or at least has been portrayed as such) than sweet, quiet Byron with little backstory. She's an Olympian! She's made a few standout dishes! She's had trouble getting things together! She scrambles a lot! I can't remember much specific about Byron's personality or food other than he's Costa Rican and I don't know if I would have even remembered that like before watching this episo
  25. We recently saw DOD has guns that shoot Kryptonite darts. They were presumably meant to be less than lethal, and Superman was more pissed off by them than anything. It would not be surprising if they had Kryptonite guns. But actual Kryptonite generally is in short supply in most Superman shows (with the exception of Smallville where literally it was EVERYWHERE in town). The empowering process Edge used is different from how Tag got powers. Edge is specifically trying to "resurrect" Kryptonians (still calling that he is Zod on pure speculation, no spoilers). Tag seemingly go
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