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  1. As I suspected, it's not even credibly the same character earlier on. Sticking in a Della Street didn't make any real connection. He wouldn't have to come off like Raymond Burr. That was all just TV stuff. But even in the books Perry Mason wasn't some fists first down on his luck Palooka. He's got to have some shrewdness and intellect and lead with his mouth as much as his ears, not his fists. Even 15 years or more earlier, this makes little sense. With that timing he's got to go from broke and broken, to law school, to a fairly healthy practice during The Great Depression. The previous incarnation of Perry Mason you could see doing it, because there was no reason to believe he didn't have the advantages to thrive through The Depression. Here? Not seeing it. The atmosphere is good and the production values. For something so alternate universe it can't even be properly seen as a prequel.
  2. This show successfully underminded a lot of tropes in it's early episodes. Some of the middle ones,, not so much. So it could go either way. That said, I appreciated the bit with Evil Cindy toying with Courtney in her room. That was the best piece of writing in this episode, even if you could argue it's leaning cliche. I'd argue that the actual cliche is the "close call" and that was being underminded here. We had the setup of a close call and the show blasted it to bits. So this particular episode is one where they returned to the earlier formula of taking us to the edge of a cliche and heading another direction. Then again, they still milked the "close call" cliche later on, with Pat under the sink. So you get the cliche defied, but also the cliche executed, both in the same episode, I guess.
  3. How's that whole secret identity thing working out, Courtney?
  4. Don't forget shorter episodes. I mean what's on the CW now is MUCH shortened from the DC Universe version. Now that will be the only version.
  5. An example for MsTree (it's an old performance, but a good example)... and I'm going to use Spoiler Tags for this...
  6. Frankly, the internationally run version, under the name "Celebrity Gogglebox" (because it's actually the same show as the UK version of the show of the same name) is at least marginally better from what I've seen. I mean literally the same episodes, but with local (and different) narration. I'm fairly certain they're airing it in the UK that way, but I know for sure they're airing it in Australia that way, because I caught two episodes briefly dumped onto YouTube that way. The Gogglebox narration has always come off as more entertaining to me than the US ones (on The People's Couch) and the same holds true here.
  7. If you enjoyed K. Bell as Molly in this... this is the last you'll see of her in that role. It became pretty clear that in 2020 it wasn't a good idea to use a white actress for a biracial character. Bell was cast BEFORE Leslie Odom Jr. so apparently it wasn't decided the daughter was biracial until later on. But she's not leaving the show. Molly is being recast but Bell is taking on some other unnamed role. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/apple-tv-animated-series-central-park-will-recast-/1100-6478979/
  8. Man, I guess truly... nobody is watching this. A shame, because it's pretty good.
  9. I actually liked it. The middle episodes dragged, and it seemed like it was taking too long for anything important to happen, but they did that great switch up with who the actual bad guys were (I've still got a few episodes to go though so know that could change again). I will say, while I didn't read the original, I knew enough about it from synopsises and reviews that it's supposed to be pro church. So yeah. This went in a different direction. Was some of the acting sub par? Sure. Not the worst I've seen though. And the lead was okay, except for her truly shitty narration. The camera work, locations and stunts were okay though. And as I said, the writing wasn't that bad after the slow parts were gotten past. I'll finish it next weekend, perhaps.
  10. Season 1 currently on Netflix Season 1: Nun Watching? Cast & Creators Compare/Contrast: TV version, Comic version & other similar shows Small Talk: We are the Warriors
  11. Okay, they made it DAMN clear who the Janitor is, but... it's a character people would only know if they read JSA comics. Ergo probably a restricted spoiler. The reveal about Evil Cindy was not that surprising. They did go even more Evil with her than I'd assumed they would, but I think I understand why (more on that later). For the first time I think they went too over the top with Courtney's impulsive/not-listening/selfish streak. They've stayed on the right side of the balance before, even if they came close a few times to going over the line, but this time her attitude was just ludicrous, since the ENTIRE last episode was supposedly about teaching her the same lesson as this one. My long range speculation is that we're actually seeing the game plan for NEXT season laid out here. This season is ISA. Next season is ISA Jr. (just like this season is JSA Jr.). Evil Cindy is clearly the root of that, but we've got Brainwave's kid, who's totally going to lose it when he learns who put his Dad in that coma. We've got Icicle's kid, who's turn is clearly going to be more subtle/long term. We've got Sportsmaster and Tigress' kid (although there's some especially potentially spoilery stuff about her more from the Young Justice TV show than comics). I'm sure we've seen others I'm just forgetting about.
  12. The implication was that they installed some kind of communication link he used. Why they needed to stay there wasn't properly explained though.
  13. So... not just Tigress and Sportmaster, but Artemis. If this follows Young Justice, do we get her using the same name as her mother but eventually switching sides? Also, and this isn't really a "comic book" spoiler, since it's stated flat out in an upcoming Episode Title, we're getting Shining Knight. Interesting.
  14. I don't know if it was ever established in the comics if the Golden Age Green Lantern ring worked the same way with succession. He was a totally different character, not just in terms of identity but in terms of how stuff... um.. worked with him. I guess saying more would be comic spoilery, so I'll settle on just addressing the point raised with a "who knows"? My feeling is they're unlikely to have a Green Lantern here, because I don't think Pat will sign off on more recruits. This is also a way to limit the effects budget and the size of the cast. Also because Green Lantern, the OTHER version, is considered a bigger property and DC/WB has plans for it , and won't want any brand confusion. But we also won't get the other superhero gimzos being handed out either I bet. Maybe one more (why I think that is based on upcoming episode titles they've announced) but... still not Green Lantern.
  15. Nothing that innovative or interesting plotwise in this one, but it had good action and a definite plot progression. I have to give them props for a really top-rate Tigress. Sportsmaster, there's no way for that character NOT to be a little silly, but I suppose buying into it instead of ducking the silliness was appropriate.
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