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  1. Monica is not 100% reliable on this, because in typical unreal sitcom fashion she magically pulled out babies that were months old instead of newborns. So there's an aura of unreality over the whole birth.
  2. We kind of do know he doesn't think of Vision as a person, because there's a very specific moment where he refers to Vision as "that thing" and a different moment where he slips and tells Wanda she can bring him online, instead of back to life. Are those 100% proof? No. But they're pretty compelling indicators.
  3. "Dr. Oz, I'll take Questionable Nutritional Supplements for $400!"
  4. Always ugh. She's long past her sell by date. She was amusing for like 1 season.
  5. As bored as the US version of this show makes me, I've come to LOVE the UK version, because while it's the same crappy game, it's hilariously hosted by British icon Danny Dyer. Here's a little sampling:
  6. My problem is that I've seen some really blistering criticisms of the relationship between Maddie and Sia, but never any real inside indicator. It's all outside observation and thus probably half the story or less. I'm not saying there isn't a possibility what people are commenting on is valid. But there's also at least the possibility that people are vilifying someone who doesn't deserve it.
  7. Ironically enough the biggest lack will be Jimmy Olsen, an important character in the Supergirl show who normally would be even more vital to anything with Lois and Clark. Jimmy's purpose in the Superman mythos being primarily as someone who's always underfoot and chasing Superman to get photos, but also being "Superman's Pal". They've lucked out by moving the show to Smallville, because if we see people from their Metropolis life, it will be much rarer. So they can dodge Jimmy. On a total other subject, it's occurred to me that there's some potential for additional angst/trauma to Jordan if the show ever digs enough into the Crisis episodes to unload on the kid that he didn't even exist before that event, that (if the comics are any guide) his brother did and is the one who got the powers.
  8. I'm thinking: The kids are gone, but not permanently. And here's a key aspect. Does them disappearing break Wanda further, or not? We still don't know if she's a hero or villain in Dr. Strange 2. If Wanda isn't pushed further into the villain corner, I'm at a bit of a loss what the show implies is due punishment for her deeds. I'm not even fully confident the show will find her morally culpable. Hayward seems like a one-off. But who knows? Monica is the biggest puzzle for me. I can't decide if her keeping her job or losing it is better setup for Captain Marvel 2. Mainly because I don't know the actual plot of Captain Marvel 2. I know Carol is in it. I know Monica is in it. I'm pretty sure Khamala Khan is going to be in it. Otherwise? Who knows? So who knows what standing for Monica best serves it. Whether or not Monica is outted as a Superhero is key. Clearly there's no way she's going to voluntarily work for Hayward, even if he weasels out of responsibility. Does she go solo? Does she walk up to Avengers HQ? Does she show up at an Airforce base and offer her services there? If Hayward DOES get the boot, does she take his job? Or does Nick Fury show up and offer her a secret job doing something Nick Furyish? Who knows?
  9. The problem though is that she HASN'T expressed remorse. We're (so far) only inferring and hoping that she eventually will.
  10. Then that denial is steep, because while Fietro merely hinted at the suffering, Vision OUTRIGHT told her in clear words it was happening.
  11. We have Monica's account to how much it hurts, and Darcy at least alludes to it. Yes Agatha is lying about part of it, but we aren't just relying on Norm. Plus, even if we discount the pain, there's still the slavery. I'm saying, we can't just spin this to let Wanda totally off the hook, even if lies and manipulations of others contributed. Plus I just rewatched the "All You Do is lie" scene where Wanda slams Monica to the ground, and it's clear only Monica's own powers spare her injury (because Wanda is surprised she's okay). There's clear indication in that Wanda is having something of an empathy problem, mixed with her temper tantrum. She was ready and willing to turn Monica into a road pizza.
  12. Did I miss something? To me that tracked as an empty plot purchased by him, not something torn down after he bought it. Yes, there was a foundation, but it's not uncommon for those to be built and left for another contractor to continue building the rest of the house. But people who do wrong things usually have a point of view that excuses it in their minds. That doesn't make it true. It does not. I said it before. We still haven't seen real regret from her about doing the single most horrible thing short of murder to thousands of people. Her only acknowledgement was forced on her by Vision then pushed aside easily by Fietro. It doesn't matter how sad her tale is, or even that in part she was manipulated. It doesn't even matter that she clearly only intended to create the house and lost control. Until we get her acknowledging the RESULTS of what she did, this story is incomplete.
  13. Perhaps, but let's be clear about what's done when a pet is chipped. It's unpowered. It's RFID. Basically the same tech used for paying tolls remotely while driving under scanners. I think the range of a portable scanner is just a few feet, and the huge ones on tolls is like 100 feet. So mainly the chip is there for Veterinary practices and pounds to scan to identify what animals are brought in. It doesn't "find" any animal otherwise.
  14. Can we talk about how totally that dude lost his mind? Man. I know secretly he may have always had regressive thoughts and beliefs, but honestly if he did early in his career, he buried it pretty well in saying the word" "kooky" a lot, and making his rants using such obscure references, maybe we just didn't understand how much of a jerk he was.
  15. I guess I can see this finale divided up into VS. Battles. Monica vs. Fietro Vision vs. White Vision Wanda vs. Agatha Hayward waits in the wings and is more of a political takedown than a physical one. Monica and some as yet unseen offscreen ally, possibly arranged via the not seen in a while Jimmy Woo, probably set that up.
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