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  1. Kromm

    Season 2

    I adored Season 1 and thought this may have been the best thing Gervais has ever done (and that's a high bar). Season 2 is almost upon us (April 24):
  2. Unlikely though. Not only would they have to talk Essie Davis into it, but she'd somehow have to agree to old age makeup.
  3. I know someone who had a Dental emergency. So I know in at least ONE area, there are emergency dentists on call. Clearly there's no way of knowing if that's going to apply anywhere else. I'm just saying... don't assume. If you have Dental insurance, I'm thinking it's possible your Insurer may know where to find these people.
  4. I haven't needed it yet, since dish soap (mentioned uptopic) is the biggest thing I lack. But my elderly mother has been trying to book supermarket delivery in her area and the delivery slots are booked up 3 weeks in advance. Even to do a pickup outside the store (which still takes someone packing up the order). It's a nightmare.
  5. Hoopla is great, but that ten includes ALL media added together. So ebooks, audio, movies, and TV. Worst of all, each TV episode counts as one of the ten, so binge watching a series (they have a ton of PBS and British) turns into a months long affair in some cases.
  6. Remember, he was considered something of a quack in those early Loveline days. Simple longevity is what gave him the illusion of respectability. To a certain extent this is true of ALL of these TV/Radio Doctors.
  7. Since Zaltzman still does The Bugle without Oliver, I'd think a reunion unlikely. Frankly, in their deliberate polite English way, I've gotten the impression it wasn't an easy separation. Oliver DID The Bugle with him after LWT launched for a while, but clearly kept running short of time to contribute.
  8. Just saw the first episode of the spinoff through Hoopla. Interesting. I can see what they're trying and didn't dislike it. I did read this, which has some implied shade towards the spinoff from Essie Davis: https://www.denofgeek.com/tv/miss-fishers-modern-murder-mysteries-continues-a-tradition-of-feminist-murder-mystery/?amp Too busy to take a phone call and from the context of this, not replying to a note? Yeah, right. I think we can read between the lines here potentially that she wasn't thrilled about a version of the show that's killed her off.
  9. Has it ever been stated if Romulans, as genetically similar to Vulcans, lack this ability? Or is it just that only the Vulcans have the proper mystic traditions and training?
  10. That gentleman, and I use the term loosely, only started his term a year and change ago though. So the good people of Georgia are going to have to deal with him for quite a while.
  11. I'm sorry to disagree, but I can't imagine a good enough reason to open theaters until well after the peak of this. They're one of the most likely venues to spread it, with close quarters for hundreds of people and air circulation that definitely moves what comes out of one person's mouth to many others. Libraries, I can kind of see a path forward, but operating by appointment. Not that Libraries these days are EVER crowded, but just as a precaution. Also, it's another group of workers we'd be asking to risk their lives working on site, so there's that. I will say that I'm quite befuddled by the fact that HOOPLA, the online service used by my, and countless other libraries hasn't increased their monthly limit of 10 items in total in response to this. It would be SUCH an easy and sensible thing to do and yet they haven't. I know there are backing licence agreements with publishers and for videos with studios which set the number of available copies, and that hasn't changed, but it would have certainly made sense for some calls to happen, for those licences to be temporarily expanded as a charitable gesture by the content providers, and the overall limit pushed up for a few months. It would be much better than asking librarians to go to work. I mean if Andrew Lloyd Weber can put up Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and some of his other stuff, up for free for a while, why can't other content owners step up too?
  12. The battle between flattening the curve and flatheaded idiots continues, as this Georgia beach town attempts to fight the order to open their beaches... or else...
  13. Outrageous. So it was all for show. There's a lot of that going around lately.
  14. I'm glad it's not COVID19, if you know that for sure, but the more I read and hear, the more I believe we can't rely on guessing from perceived symptoms, or lack thereof. My stepfather had most of the symptoms closely but tested out as not having it (after a nail-biting NINE DAYS before they got his test results back). Meanwhile, a secretary at my sister's company had no seeming symptoms, then quickly got REALLY sick, and died, with what after the fact they diagnosed as COVID19. I know I personally won't feel comfortable until, like countries led by actual wisdom and foresight, this one has testing available at the drop of a hat.
  15. The asymptomatic thing is LITERALLY one of the earliest bits of information to come out about the virus, back from the Wuhan days, so... since late January. If the leader of a state larger and more populous than many countries "didn't know" and magically made decisions doing the exact opposite things as needed...
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