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  1. Here's what gets me: she shook Nicky's hand earlier, up at the party. No thought about the scarring then, though she had to have felt it. I was expecting it in the moment, and then nothing... and then at the end of the fight that's what gets Zhilan to back off.
  2. Evan has a corner office as an assistant DA? How swanky must the boss's office be? "I still have a lot of work to do" says the woman WHO STILL HASN'T GOT A JOB IN THE MOST EXPENSIVE CITY IN THE COUNTRY and is leeching off the goodwill of her entire family. And then her mom gives Henry the ol "what kind of future can you provide for my daughter" BS when Nicky barely deigns to refill the napkin dispensers at the restaurant??? The whole younger generation of Shens is in on this heist, which to be clear is super illegal, all because Nicky believes it's a literally magical weapon. Nah, sh
  3. If I remember the comic right, Jon left the planet before Dan and Laurie woke up.
  4. This is the 2021 take on Kung Fu and the whole "wandering do-gooder" genre, with much more pronounced mytharc than those shows used to have. Nicky isn't only obsessed with Zhilan; she's also taken on the triads shaking down Chinatown shops, the abuser leeching off Rhonda's mom, and the streetwear company exploiting its garment workers.
  5. I guessssssss but she said she searched for the hashtag! There should have been people live-streaming it! By the time Evan dropped by there would have been a whole bunch of uploads by protesters whether or not the official organizers were late to post theirs.
  6. So far it looks like all the books they consult are in English anyways! In the picture in the book, is the guy with the flail blindfolded? (Anyways, the eight weapons are flail, axe, polearm/spear (not clear, the head is hidden), crossbow*, pair of hook swords, pair of daggers, some weird Klingon-ish short sword, and the main sword.) * not only is the crossbow not held ready to fire, it's not even loaded. Contrary to the pilot, in this flashback Nicky sleeps in pajamas and not her usual robes. But Pei Ling is wearing all her daytime clothing. Maybe she thinks the nuns won't res
  7. I’m sure the ghost sifu can talk Nicky into some kind of wandering (within the Bay Area) do-gooder thing for the rest of her life, if the show goes that long.
  8. I sure hope not. That’s Zhilan’s goal. Nicky wants justice for her sifu, Pei Lin.
  9. As far as I know, Venom and Morbius are not MCU, even if Spider-Man is. They’re licensed from Marvel, but are in Sony’s own separate continuity. (Technically What If? is also not MCU canon but it’s using the MCU stories as a jumping off point, with the same actors.) Spider-Verse is also not MCU.
  10. Whoa! https://www.rollingstone.com/tv/tv-news/kevin-feige-reveal-dr-strange-written-out-wandavision-1164455/
  11. Between Spider-Verse and this, Sony Pictures Animation is pushing the look of 3D animated movies way, way beyond what Pixar and Dreamworks have done. I love it so much. as for the story, I guess the dad character is certainly plausible but he got on my last nerve for how unreasonable he was. It’s still emotionally compelling. I just wish there was better communication earlier between Katie and her dad.
  12. OK, the reality that the show's not actually shot in SF is a dead horse and I would try to lay off on it, but they sent a fake cable car on the rail-less street outside the dumpling restaurant and I'm not made of stone. The fairy tale ended before the heroine opened the box? What kind of crap ass fairy tale was it? Kudos to the show for having Evan's laptop keyboard be worn rather than brand spanking new. Imagine if Nicky and Henry had gotten caught in the rich guy's house. Follow the thread of logic that led them there: "Well, my shifu was killed by her evil sister in China ove
  13. William Jackson Harper will be the lead for season two! https://variety.com/2020/tv/news/william-jackson-harper-love-life-season-2-hbo-max-1234823876/
  14. There are rumors that Chris Evans might return to the MCU, which might be why Marvel Studios won't commit 100% to saying Cap's fate one way or the other. There's precedent in the comics, where various sidekicks take up the mantle of Captain America or Thor or the Hulk etc, but Marvel always brings back the original character to step back into the role. Though of course this is less feasible with real world actors who age and also eventually earn enough money to stop wanting to do it. After Assembled, is the MCU apparatus just quiet until Loki and then Black Widow?
  15. Given that Sharon was later revealed to be the Power Broker, on top of being fantastically wealthy in Evil Mirror Singapore (aka Madripoor), her driver was probably just her driver.
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