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  1. The shoulder muscle padding seems to have been toned down since the pilot but it's still a bit much. Meanwhile, Paul Bettany confirmed on Colbert's show that in WandaVision, he wears a padded suit as well, but it's so much slimmer that it's not nearly as comical. (pun not intended)
  2. This feels kinda trite to say, given the weight of the scene where Vision says goodbye to Wanda, but in an episode called "Series Finale" for a series paying homage to classic sitcoms it is extremely apropos that Wanda turns off the lights as things come to a close.
  3. It said "Westview's Coronet". Which is simply the name of the theater, as seen in the previous shot when Monica was walking up to it, and also at various times elsewhere in the series.
  4. in ep 6, Fietro literally said the townsfolk got better jobs than pre-anomaly.
  5. Probably not Carol, since the referenced friend of Maria had a male pronoun.
  6. Teyonah Parris (Monica) was announced for Captain Marvel 2, but is she gonna be in Secret Invasion??? also, personal tally of my speculations: studio audience revealed: nope. (but the set did make an appearance, albeit in Agatha's magic mind palace setting, not any kind of reality) Vision restored to full life: yup 80s episode video look: nope Hayward a Skrull? nope. Modern Family but with the AD opening sequence: it was Modern Family but with the Happy Endings opening sequence. Agnes didn't lose her powers in ep 3. She was a witch but had powers all along. Jimmy never did a nod to Fresh Off The Boat (or even "Asian Jim" from that iconic The Office cold open) and Darcy's brief turn as a WandaVision character was kinda Max-like but no nod to the waitress outfit. Wanda with the comics headdress but in magic energy: both true and false, because it occurred but then Wanda manifested a physical headdress. Woof, I missed on nearly everything.
  7. Hell, real world fired/quit high profile columnists (I realize that's not exactly the same thing as journalists) are making mid six figures just on Substack. Lois absolutely cannot be both the world's most famous journalist and scrabbling for money.
  8. I'm not that upset. TBH the Evan Peters casting was a bigger troll. The writers needed some way to bring Jimmy Woo in. If anything it's more of a reach that (1) Jimmy specifically needed SWORD surveillance and (2) Hayward sent Monica there. (As to the latter, I guess we can fanwank that he was keeping track of Wanda at all times and so assumed that any Westview related stuff happening after she left SWORD HQ might be related to Wanda. Paul Bettany and Elizabeth Olsen were consistently great in this whole series. A delight as the sitcom couple and so much chemistry as star-crossed lovers.
  9. oh WHOOPS! I figured there would be a mid-credits scene so I stopped after that. Didn't realize there was a real post-credits scene till now. Thanks! Anyways, I think that's Wanda's astral self. Also I was very disappointed the brief flash of blue in the cabin was just some weird reflection or something and not nu-Vision's new head jewel thingy. That could definitely happen. In ep 3, Herb was already struggling to break the spell, and so was Monica and the doctor. But while Agatha may retain her memories, albeit locked away, I think Wanda took her actual magical power and so even a restored Agatha would need years to regain powers of any significance. Unless she finds some shortcuts, I guess. They sure did! Looked a lot like the Incredibles, IMO: https://imgur.com/a/fuV27nq (I just whipped that up, please don't share it with people who haven't seen the episode yet.) Billy and Tommy even did stuff like swipe guns and stop bullets, though Violet uses force fields and Billy uses magic. (Also, from a certain point of view, Agatha was brought down by her own monologuing.) I loved how the Vision/The Vision fight ended: Vision talked The Vision out of it. So much more meaningful than if one of them had just blasted the other. It is kind of a dick move that the restored (white version) Vision broke the glass skylight of the library when one of his key powers is phasing through stuff. (BTW, how does nu-Vision have forehead blasts without the Mind Stone?) The goodbye Wanda had with her created family was very sad. Fan theory checklist: Jimmy's witness protection person was a Macguffin. Dottie was just a regular citizen. (BTW her begging for her child to get a role on Wanda's show was moving and also shows that everyone in Westview realizes being in Wanda's reality is literally a TV show.) Fietro was just coincidentally cast as Evan Peters, not a multiverse anything, and his powers were granted by Agatha. There was no Dormammu/Mephisto/etc 'big bad' behind Agatha.
  10. In most modern versions of Superman in the comics, Clark is a very successful reporter in his own right. TBH I'm hard pressed to think of the real world's most famous print journalist. But then again I felt it was unlikely that Edge's ham-handed editing didn't cause a massive crisis at the Planet. If Bezos tried rewriting a star WaPo reporter, I hope that the senior staff would all resign in protest.
  11. BTW, did Jor-El not include a holo Lara??? Is there no HoloGramma??? What a dick.
  12. It’s a nod to a US military anti-Kryptonian program from the comics. I think it’s ridiculous the bad guy sacrificed both his ship and his power armor for so little gain.
  13. ROFL. "You ruined their childhood, Clark." As if Clark had just told them Santa isn't real. How is this ruining their childhood? He told them why he ducks out of their lives every now and then: because he's Superman and he's responding to emergencies. That's way better than having a dad abandon you at random moments for bad reasons! What is this Smallville? Is it a farming town or a mining town? Because those are two very different things. It's fun how political this show is. Morgan Edge coming to Smallville could be read as a take on Amazon's HQ2 nonsense, or the kind of nonsense Foxconn pulled off in Wisconsin. Also, Edge owning the Daily Planet has a resonance with Jeff Bezos owning the Washington Post, which I vaguely understand is still able to to write stories about Amazon, even unflattering ones. It's obvious they're doing some kind of power split where Jordan can release the power but Jonathan collects and stores it or something. Or maybe both can do both but need to be in proximity. So basically what @Cthulhudrew said. Wait wait wait, these salt of the earth country folk call grilling "barbecue"?????????? I want to see twenty four hour smoked briskets and pulled pork, not grilled hamburgers, you fake ass nu-country-listening poseurs!!! I guess this Sam Lane is less anti-Superman than most other versions, but it's still ridiculous the military doesn't have anything worthwhile to shoot at dollar store Master Chief. "Find this guy" -- man, you're the one with the super-senses, Clark. What's with Morgan Edge's accent? Is this "mid-Atlantic"? Jonathan's football career is toast. Not because the offensive line was sandbagging him or (some) teammates stole his playbook, but because his coach is too dumb to notice his offensive line was sandbagging him. Coach like that, Jonathan's going nowhere. Too bad he didn't pick up a sport like baseball or basketball where individual greatness can shine more easily. Also, if Clark feels secure enough to fly around his Smallville house, right out in the open, in daylight, not at superspeed, then he should just install holo-Gramps at home.
  14. https://www.theringer.com/marvel-cinematic-universe/2021/3/1/22303736/wanda-maximoff-driving-buick-verano-wandavision-episode-8
  15. People don’t generally speak about human corpses that way.
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