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    Hacks in the Media

    Emmys 2021 for Hacks: Lucia Aniello wins outstanding directing for a comedy series Lucia Aniello, Paul W. Downs, and Jen Statsky win outstanding writing for a comedy series Jean Smart wins best actress in a comedy
  2. in real life, the US seems much more willing to go to war with overwhelming odds rather than vs a contest of equals. Which makes sense, because it’s war. Wakanda’s public facing stature as a poor and backwards country would accelerate American bloodlust, not inhibit it. and as for needing a good reason to go to war, well, Killmonger is lucky the drones were sent to Wakanda first and not Iraq.
  3. I don’t think I can fully suspend my disbelief that Simu Liu is playing 24 in this, but also that means Meng’er Zhang is playing, like, 20-21? And for the ten years Shang-Chi was away, Xialing spent six of them waiting for her big brother to come back home, so she built a fight club empire starting at 16? I mean, I guess, but we’re starting to get into anime territory for overachieving teenagers. Separately, I just realized that going to Ta Lo is basically going to the Xu kids’ ancestral village (“heung ha” in Cantonese, sorry, I don’t know the Mandarin/Putonghua words). This is kind of a
  4. Shang-Chi is what, 27 in MCU 2023? Wenwu gave up his immortal life of crime and power for Shang-Chi's first seven years, plus whatever time he and his wife had together before their first kid. But he restarted the whole enterprise pretty darn quick after that, so from 2003-(approx) 2016, the Ten Rings had to share secret world domination with Hydra and the Red Room. Honestly the Red Room is such a latecomer to the secret Great Game that it's impressive they got in the game at all.
  5. Yeah, honestly I did feel like some of the outside-the-bus CGI looked a little cheap =( Hydra unfortunately is mostly defunct by now and I guess the Red Room is too, but I’d definitely like to see a Marvel Disney+ show set back when all three were active, and as you say, probably competing with each other. Wow, I had no idea those things were from an existing myth/lore rather than made up for the movie. I did love the lion-dogs, which were straight out of lion dances. I wonder why Shang-Chi, who didn’t start the movie wanting that life, kept the Ten Rings and Xialing
  6. All the way back in the One-Shot “All Hail The King”, the Ten Rings already had non-Asian members in good standing. Killmonger may have opted for maximum impact (on Stark) rather than a potentially more effective pre-emption on the whole attack because what he wanted out of this wasn’t just for Tony Stark to live, but for Stark to be grateful to him.
  7. Plus Stane looked guilty as hell in the press conference even before his scheme was revealed.
  8. Klaue specifically leaked the sale to lure a Wakandan (esp BP) response. And while it wasn’t stated, I assumed the sonic weapon was somehow also an anti-vibranium measure, sort of how the canon BP vs Killmonger fight went down in the movie.
  9. Even in the comics, didn’t Kate Bishop take over the Hawkeye solo title? If Marvel does a second season, even not having seen the first season I’d expect Kate to be the sole Hawkeye.
  10. You’d think, but this series has already had a few actors from the movies reprise their roles and yet somehow not sound like themselves. Looked to me like Tony died onscreen. Killmonger grabbed the spear and shoved it deeper into the wall. Then Tony died, then Killmonger made himself a new tally mark. There’s no evidence of any other wound; in fact Tony grabbed at the spear as he died.
  11. RDJ's soundalike ... doesn't. Neither does Gwyneth Paltrow's. I guess they also decided not to use actor-accurate likenesses either. Then again that's actual Don Cheadle and animated Rhodey doesn't really look like Don Cheadle. Anyways, I think it was a mistake to put such a Tony-heavy episode on a guy who doesn't sound like RDJ. It's a huge uncanny valley experience that detracts a lot from the experience. Also, the non-superhero-action animation leaves a bunch to be desired here. Marvel was doing this on the cheap and it shows in how weird the animation timings were IMO. To be clear, ev
  12. The trailer seems to imply he packed off his family to a safe house while he deals with an assassination threat. A very handy way to take him from the MCU’s family man on a farm to Fraction’s single Hawkguy in NYC.
  13. Between this ep and the season 2 Disney Gallery ep, I'm pretty sure that the Volume just can't do bright sunlight, so any outdoor scene with hard shadows is truly on location or at least on an outdoor set. There's just no way the ceiling LEDs could provide that sharp directional light, and I can't imagine how to do it with spotlights either, not over a whole set. But anything nighttime or overcast, yeah, that's probably shot in the Volume.
  14. BTW, the new episode of Disney Gallery goes into how much effort they spent on keeping the Luke Skywalker reveal secret, and I think it's pretty clear the rest of the cast on the bridge wasn't informed that it would be Luke and not Plo Koon or whoever. I think overall it's fine for Mando not to know who Luke is -- Mando was raised by a cult and then grew up to be a pretty apolitical bounty hunter -- but it just felt a bit off to me that Cara Dune, esp, would have no emotional reaction to, again, the guy who avenged Alderaan. And even aside from that, being relieved that the laser swo
  15. I think it’s the other way around. Moss was announced a while ago while Fishburne was not. (And it sounded like he was a little hurt about being left out.) Unless they’re saving it for a surprise reveal, but I’m gonna set my expectations low. Keanu has not changed his look since John Wick 1. He guested in Always Be My Maybe looking like that. He did the romcom Destination Wedding looking like John Wick. At this point I think he figures he likes this look and no movie is big enough to get him to change it. for posterity, here’s the teaser page launched two days before the full teas
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