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  1. From another article: "Lee Hall, who wrote Billy Eliot and the recent Elton John biopic Rocketman, is penning the script and collaborating with Sir Paul on the lyrics." I wonder if Lee Hall's contribution to the lyrics will be substantial -- akin to the early days of Lennon/McCartney -- or mostly consist of his name.
  2. And that's now tomorrow, on PBS, at 9/8PM.
  3. Nobody puts Rory in an outhouse.
  4. Pallas

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Sussex, meet Bosox! HRH, meet MVP!
  5. Pallas

    In Memoriam: Celebrity Deaths

    Karl's attempts to stand up to Bill, which he wasn't able to pull off for himself, but sometimes could for other people. (In that, a little like Doc Cochran and Al in Deadwood.) And Karl's great sad love for Joanna, which was love and not a feckless crush. Because it gave her something, something she needed: respect. He could embody decency, and do so, modestly.
  6. Pallas

    Notes From The Mods

    On to our next order of business: fan talk! As always on this forum, there are specific policies about fan talk, which we'll remind everyone of: 1. Talking about fans or other fan sites in a general sense is ok. 2. What's not ok is bashing fans for their opinions, or trash-talking people who may have a different opinion. This forum welcomes any and all parts of the fandom. That includes pro-Felicity fans, pro-Laurel fans, pro-NTA fans, pro-comics fans, and yes, even (fill in the blank) fans. You see an opinion you don't like? Either start a civil and respectful discussion about it, or don't engage at all. 3. Maintain civility and respect toward other posters here. This forum is for people -- a world of different people -- who care about the same show. It's a place to support one another when times on the show gets rough. Discourse allows people to see each other learn more about what they love. Everyone views the show in a slightly different way, and that's what furthers the discussions; that's what the forum is for. 4. A reminder that this is still just a show. It was made to entertain. So have some fun here in the season to come! Some final reminders about general forum stuff: 5. If you see a post that violates our simple rules, do not engage. Report the post in question, and then leave it. We mods will handle it within the next couple of days. 6. You see a poster you really don't like? Put them on ignore so you can't see their posts (although anyone quoting said person will show up for you in the quote box). Click on your profile, go to "Ignored Users" and add their name. It's that simple! That's it for now, and thank you for reading this thread. Further general mod notes about the board will be posted here, so check back often. If you have any further questions, message any or all of us. And welcome to the Arrow forum, once again!
  7. Pallas

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Male, unmarried, and her progeny. No fuel for spite or speculation as might be if she'd chosen a peer of the realm as her escort.
  8. Pallas


    Season 2 premieres on Wednesday, June 19th at 10/9PM. Season preview.
  9. Pallas

    The Crown In The Media

    Season 3 will be released in the second half of 2019. It makes sense that there's a longer pause between seasons that shift from one cast to an other.
  10. Pallas

    Small Talk: Slaves To Gab

    Over the weekend, in a memorial mood...Will also post a pic or two of the erstwhile Mother of Kittens!
  11. The tower where Jon Snow was born (named The Tower of Joy by Rhaegar) was in Dorne: that's why, in A Show, Bran initially mused that Jon Snow was actually Jon Sand. I'm thinking that Rhaegar and Lyanna married in Dorne because the evidence that Rhaegar needed to annul his marriage to Elia was concealed there, in her homeland. Here's what astonishes me about the story's cultural penetration. Having heard the name, I googled "where was the tower of joy" and the answer came up as neatly as if I'd asked, "where is the Tower of Pisa." Without any reference to characters or even Game of Thrones. As Unsullied we've become far, far outliers over the past eight years! We may as well each, on our little raft, have named a pet volleyball Ned...then at some point wept as it washed away...
  12. Absolutely, I thought Dorne was an island! I guess we modern folk -- and especially, Americans -- are conditioned to believe that if one travels by sea, one's crossing one land mass to another.
  13. Pallas

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Spring has sprung in Westeros, it seems. I'm guessing this unseasonable season is the start of a new cycle -- an every-few-millennia result of gingerella's Rubik's cube pieces aligning -- or even a benediction from any or all gods.
  14. Pallas

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    4) The North gets a Nexit... I wondered if a shipboard, north-bound Jon would look up and see Drogon, who would then -- accompanied by Dragon Bass -- fly into the camera one last time, before banking east. Not as the final shot of the series, but of the Targaryens. Yes, Jon's return north was prepared a lot better than Dany's timewarp into Crazytown. Last season and this, Jon often stood up for himself as a Northerner. And then the thudding "This is good-bye then" to doubting Tormund, and...the thing...with Ghost. Brilliant. And now, one more thing to love about "A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms." Hee! No kidding. Penance! Penance! Penance! That was a lovely harkening, and I believed it. The simple "He died protecting his Queen" as the last word on the erstwhile Kingslayer. I see this as, maybe, championing the neuro-atypical as not only specialists but leaders. Or, more likely, a suggestion of another world's King Dalai Llama. That might have been intriguing. But Bran's inner life was another blank slate. Like Dany's: long ago we asked, again and again, Who is she? What does she do when not holding court? What else does she care about? What does she read? What makes her laugh? Does she appreciate any of the arts or sport? Does she have any spiritual leanings? What's in her heart? In how many minutes of screen time?, we learned more of Maester Aemon as a soul in this world, than we ever did of Dany or of Bran.
  15. Pallas

    S08.E06: The Iron Throne

    Some thoughts, 12 hours later. 1) Attorney General Grey Worm. Rather than execute mutineer Jon Snow, Grey Worm imprisons the killer of The One True Queen: Grey Worm's liberator, leader and mother figure, beloved by his own late beloved. He has the presence of mind to see that in this incinerated city -- now without its incinerator -- his armies are vulnerable to a siege led by the armies of, well, everyone else. Jon is bound over as a hostage in negotiations with the forces that include his three other family members. Meanwhile -- more inexplicably --- Grey Worm keeps the Imp on ice so that Tyrion may be judged by...Dany's successor as ruler of the Seven Kingdoms? Who has yet to be decided, but will be, in a vote that excludes Grey Worm? A vote called, debated and ratified in whole by the prisoner himself? 2) The Night's Watch: was this more cleverness by Tyrion, banishing Jon to what Tyrion knew was, in fact, a reunion with Tormund, Ghost and the Free Folk? (An exile enforced by Sansa on the throne of the North -- the only kingdom which now borders the Wall?) 3) Drogon survived to grieve, melt the Iron Throne, and forsake Westeros for a home in the East. My theory: when he touched Dany's body, a trace of her spirit merged with his. He destroyed the throne because it, more than Jon, had been the ruin of her. Yet also to assure that no one else -- neither Targaryen nor usurper -- would sit on it in her stead. Agree with Direwolf Pup that Drogon returned with Dany to their homeland of Valyria, where among the half-living stone creatures, Drogon rules in all but name. Jon was the true heir to nothing, from the moment Aerys and Targaryen rule were overthrown in Robert's Rebellion. But anyways. Jon had already yielded to Daenerys both his title as King in the North and his pretender's claims to the Seven Kingdoms; he likely surrendered to Grey Worm as Jon Snow. His being banished was the terms of his release; those terms ended the siege and resulted in the Unsullieds' departing Westeros. Indeed, even with Drogon drowsily on guard. But let's say that Dany chose to be alone for this first encounter. (Good timing, Jon!) What if Jon had chosen to approach her unarmed: to protect her from his doubts, as well as lull her own? Then in extremis, done an Arthur and pulled a sword out of the throne? Or was this the time to continue dialing back on the supernatural and on the theme of Jon, the predestined hero? No one likes a wise guy. Especially showrunners making a lame joke.