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  1. Kevin becomes Dan Fogelman, married to Dan Fogelman's wife, and creating a breakthrough family drama called Three Rivers, with his painting from the first season as the title card.
  2. The Jeopardy producers think that Wacky Jackie is good TV; Mark's school thinks that sober fledgllngs have something to share with the class; and Darlene thinks it's time to take a flyer.
  3. A foundation of that magnitude would have deep civic roots. Its President would be a major figure in Boston social, cultural, political, charitable and economic life. Jackson needs to be present as the city re-opens to show his commitment, and to make the connections he'll need in order to undertake what he has in mind. He'll want to share a community with his major donors, working partners and senior staff. Also, Boston (aka, Seattle East) is likely his hometown. With its franchise, the Grey's Sox.
  4. Written by Neil Cross & Ian Scott McCullough; directed by Jeremy Podeswa.
  5. And I think that our knowledge raised the stakes in every decision that the couple made, and sharpens the poignancy of their time together before Culloden. It enabled us to see their child who survives in the 20th century. And pragmatically, for the storytellers, it avoids our ending the season and entering the hiatus with shock and dashed hopes adding too much grievance, too much sense of betrayal, to the pain from the loss and parting that we've long known is in the winds.
  6. Allie Fox (Justin Theroux) -- a brilliant inventor and stubborn idealist -- uproots his family from the U.S. to Mexico, on a dangerous quest. Debuts April 30, 2021.
  7. Allie Fox (Justin Theroux) -- a brilliant inventor and stubborn idealist -- uproots his family from the U.S. to Mexico, on a dangerous quest. Debuts April 30, 2021.
  8. Fergus rode with Murtagh, and was in the church with them all. He suggested that Claire pretend to faint. He probably got taken back to Lallybroch with Ross or by Dougal on his way to Leoch. I'm not sure I see that, here. The British patrol, fighting an insurgency in support of James Stuart (son of a dethroned King), comes across a formation of rebel soldiers, and engages them. I'm not sure. Jamie and Claire seemed safe and unconcerned at Lallybroch after they returned from France. But Jamie's pardon would more likely have been a parole. He broke parole, and then some, by taki
  9. A lovely consideration of Dougal, gingerella. I think that he not only suffers from having no heirs of his name, but also, from seeing no legacy of men in his own mold, left to carry on at the head of the clan when he is gone. He feels thwarted. By his own lights -- by his own values -- he has every quality that makes a leader. Yet this wasn't enough to secure him the leadership over his disabled brother, and he fears it will never be enough to win out over any other contender. For reasons he can't understand, because they aren't his own. How maddening is that? Dougal doesn't value the qu
  10. Yes, I think Dougal is short-sighted in the way of, well, narcissists: he can only see qualities and motives that mirror his own. And he has many fine qualities and a few good motives, so he can appreciate that Jamie maneuvered him into the bog, for the good of the cause -- but not that he also did so for Dougal's sake. This episode gives us Dougal in all his perversity, complexity and even, sometimes, simplicity. And I loved the way Graham McTavish showed us that Lt. Foster saved his own life by acknowledging Dougal by name, then got himself gutted because Dougal got pissed off.
  11. They did protect the horses (if not very realistically, and with the more realistic nod of Jamie's training exercise in how to kill a cavalry mount). The Jacobites had the advantage of surprise, the battle took place within the confines of the British camp, and the British troops were routed quickly: these factors removed the British advantages of mounted divisions and artillery. Charles isn't fighting for Scottish independence. He doesn't pretend to be. Charles is fighting to restore Stuart rule over England, Scotland and Ireland: first established in 1603, and ended with the death of t
  12. Author and actor, uncle and nephew discuss the series. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/23/arts/television/mosquito-coast-paul-justin-theroux-apple.html?action=click&module=Well&pgtype=Homepage&section=Television
  13. Thoughtful interview with Lecy Goranson about Becky's struggle. https://www.tvinsider.com/993850/the-conners-season-3-episode-15-16-becky-alcoholic-relapse-lecy-goranson/
  14. No. He was a wartime officer assigned to the British Army Intelligence Corps, which made up 40% of the personnel assigned to the famous codebreaking unit, Operation Ultra, and which worked with Special Operations Executive to conduct espionage, sabotage and liaison with Resistance forces throughout Occupied Europe and Asia. Their work helped shorten the war. I think they showed up in the hands of the men once they more or less mastered their drills and moved on to combat training. This was a favorite episode for me. I think knowing that the Jacobites will still lose at Culloden,
  15. Mark is stressed and exhausted from studying for an important entrance exam, so Darlene steps in to help.
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