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  1. This may be useful. You can sign in on your laptop or desktop, then view there or cast to you television.
  2. The Brown family has their first COVID exposure, and a conversation with Kody is the last straw for Christine.
  3. Me too, and I don't think it will: I'm still convinced that the show believes in Deja's future, as well as in her. But I could see this seeming like "the way it's meant to be" to Deja, an old soul who's also a kid in love -- and for the moment, anyway, more in love with his future than her own.
  4. A great post. Deja's someone special. She's made of potential, and so far she's refused or recovered from every chance to sabotage it or let others drain it out. She's also a high school junior in love with a boy who lives 300 miles away with his young daughter and near the child's mother while he's a freshman in college. Years ago, Deja was already making homes for Shauna because she loved her and she had to; how much better it will be to make a home and a family with Malik and Janelle!, she may feel. Why couldn't she finish high school in Cambridge and go to college in Boston afte
  5. That was Jack's wife Lucy, played again by Auden Thornton. (Note: as of 2012, that house with the amazing view and pool was owned by a member of Earth, Wind and Fire.)
  6. We don't know that Malik didn't use a condom: what we saw of his and Deja's lovemaking ended before that would have happened. Beth wants their daughter to be in charge of her own contraception, and that makes sense for any girl or woman, at any age. Beth also wants the peace of mind of knowing which form of birth control Deja is using and why. Of course it's possible that whatever Deja told Beth, Beth spared Randall her worry. Maybe she sent him upstairs to make peace with Deja while she headed out to CVS to make their day by asking for the one home self-test that they do have in stock.
  7. Cate Blanchett stars as a television journalist whose work has been built on revealing transgressions. When a novel by a widower (Kevin Kline) appears on her bedside table, she is horrified to realize she is a key character in a story that she had hoped was long buried. Created by Alfonso Cuarón, based on the novel by Renee Knight. ------------------------------------------------------- Disclosures: Media for Disclaimer Based on a True Story: Small Talk Headliners: Cast and Creatives
  8. Episode topics are for discussing the episode. In other words: talk Kody, not COVID. Posts have been removed, and further off-topic posts will receive sanctions.
  9. Pallas

    The Royals

    Time to move on from the discussion of Sussex security in the UK.
  10. Pallas

    The Royals

    According to ITV, the officers who signed the letter are members of "Republic, a campaign group which calls for the monarchy to be replaced with an elected head of state." That might cut either way in how it was received by the Queen, Charles and their staffs.
  11. The "split" hyped in the headline is the ten years after Jack's death, when Miguel moved to Houston, very likely to escape his attraction to Rebecca. The Rebecca/Miguel episode is coming up, and S06.E04 is being talked up as a heartbreaker. If that's the R/M episode, I doubt we're expected to be gutted by that long-ago split after Jack's death -- even though both of them must surely regret the lost time, especially now. But I wonder if, at the episode's end, we'll flash-forward to Miguel's death, sudden or not -- if Rebecca survives both her husbands.
  12. Yes, and I imagine Randall was too. But he was also a Black youth raised by and among white people, who had his heart set on going to an Historically Black College. It was Howard that Randall planned to attend, not Harvard. He'd already fought for that with Jack. And at 18, lots of kids -- maybe most kids -- would not want to choose their college based solely on its being closest to their lonely mother.
  13. To tell two stories about young love in the Pearson family and how "it changes you," as the stranger on the bus mused to Deja. Two different young couples -- Sally and Nicky; Deja and Malik -- more than 50 years apart. With a nod, too, to young Jack and Rebecca as recalled by the survivor, for whom the closing lyrics of the opening song have more meanings than one: "September, I'll remember/A love once new has now grown old."
  14. Deja and Annie, who traveled there together. Randall picked up Tess at her workplace in Newark and they traveled together; Beth left from her studio in (likely) Philly and traveled with the tailless donkey: she is already inside. Edie then arrives on the heels of Deja and Annie, and is greeted by Randall, Deja, Annie and Nicky.
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