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  1. It's time to move on from discussing the Joss Whedon workplace harassment story, in the current absence of further news. On this subject, you are welcome to post links to future commercial or social media citations and discuss them, as they occur. But the links will need to be up-to-date and the discussion, as always, civil and not circular. Warnings may be issued for violations. Thank you.
  2. Job pressure is internal for new manager Darlene, but for new hardware-store-guy Ben, it comes shaped like Dan -- who just wants to help.
  3. Jackie: "I'll take Stories A, B or C for $1,000."
  4. "Harris brings home her new friend, Josh, leaving the family questioning his intentions." Really? Harris brings a boy home to meet the family, and they question his intentions?
  5. The "9" was how published sources listed it; ABC's since made a correction, so, so have we!
  6. Ben’s mom is Candice Bergen, and no, we didn't see that coming. She's a Lansford native who's come back to town to deliver some (more) shocking news, along with a few judgments.
  7. Please keep in mind that episode topics are not a catch-all: they are the place to discuss events in each particular episode. Posts that mainly discuss a specific character's history, nature or development belong in that character's topic. Posts that mainly discuss the show's forerunner, or the characters as a whole, belong in "The Conners Past and Present" topic. Posts in the wrong place will be removed, and warnings issued. Thank you!
  8. This is an episode topic. Posts that are mostly about a character's development belong in that character's topic. Posts that mostly refer to the show's forerunner belong in The Conners Past and Present. Please keep that in mind. Posts have been moved; future posts in the wrong place will be removed and/or warnings issued.
  9. Who's the boss of you? Harris protests, her workplace objects, and the Conners debate; Wellman Plastics wants to know a little more about its employees.
  10. Darlene's friendship with a manager at Wellman Plastics lands her in an awkward situation; Louise's brother tries to win over Jackie by making a thoughtful gesture. Because that's what Jackie knows.
  11. Of course Thatcher would have known what constituted hospitality at Balmoral. A better contrast in backgrounds might have been seen by her showing up with outdoor costumes that were all clearly brand-new, rather than many seasons' worn but meticulously cared for (by other hands): mended, patched, polished, waxed, re-heeled, stored and unstored. After the royals took this in before heading out, Thatcher could still have found a reason to retire from the field, in the stubborn belief that this was her right as an individual and her duty as a professional: neither of which, for her hosts on holiday, outrank a good sport.
  12. It did: Diana rented the set of Phantom in the West End for her performance. But she danced to the ballad rather than sang it, with movement provided by the show's choreographer. Lloyd Webber was present at the taping.
  13. In Her Own Story, Diana claimed that she chose the ring because it was the largest. That may have been true, or, a coyly defiant dig at the family -- at the time or after-the-fact. "Yes, that's right: I chose the jeweler's catalogue offering, rather than any of the second-tier family jewels you chose to make available."
  14. He proposed to Anna Wallace twice: nicknamed "Whiplash" and who Anne refers to in the show as a "heck of a horsewoman." Here she is at the time.
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