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  1. Who's the boss of you? Harris protests, her workplace objects, and the Conners debate; Wellman Plastics wants to know a little more about its employees.
  2. Darlene's friendship with a manager at Wellman Plastics lands her in an awkward situation; Louise's brother tries to win over Jackie by making a thoughtful gesture. Because that's what Jackie knows.
  3. Of course Thatcher would have known what constituted hospitality at Balmoral. A better contrast in backgrounds might have been seen by her showing up with outdoor costumes that were all clearly brand-new, rather than many seasons' worn but meticulously cared for (by other hands): mended, patched, polished, waxed, re-heeled, stored and unstored. After the royals took this in before heading out, Thatcher could still have found a reason to retire from the field, in the stubborn belief that this was her right as an individual and her duty as a professional: neither of which, for her hosts on holiday, outrank a good sport.
  4. It did: Diana rented the set of Phantom in the West End for her performance. But she danced to the ballad rather than sang it, with movement provided by the show's choreographer. Lloyd Webber was present at the taping.
  5. In Her Own Story, Diana claimed that she chose the ring because it was the largest. That may have been true, or, a coyly defiant dig at the family -- at the time or after-the-fact. "Yes, that's right: I chose the jeweler's catalogue offering, rather than any of the second-tier family jewels you chose to make available."
  6. He proposed to Anna Wallace twice: nicknamed "Whiplash" and who Anne refers to in the show as a "heck of a horsewoman." Here she is at the time.
  7. In his 1994 authorized biography by Jonathan Dimbleby, written with his full cooperation, Charles states that he never loved Diana.
  8. How would you celebrate your child's first birthday, from your home two floors down from where you grew up, in the middle of a global pandemic? Or, if you're Jackie, deal with meeting a maybe-love-interest?
  9. Nerves, perhaps. She also knew her husband's name, but got it wrong in the vows. The kind of improbable slip that sounds more like an anxiety dream.
  10. Judging by the Tinkly Triangle of Denial that scores their every scene together...
  11. I've moved several posts that had zilch to do with this episode to "The Conners Past and Present." Would you eat your lunch in the bathroom at work? Well then!, you don't want to post stuff about Arnie in episode topics for The Conners. Thanks!
  12. Time to move on from the discussion of Ireland. Thanks, and happy Halloween.
  13. Halloween episode. 'Nuff said. Except. Michael Fishman directs.
  14. The Conners are dealing with a global pandemic and life in Lanford -- where, it turns out, The Lunch Box isn't the only local institution that's recently re-opened.
  15. In this topic, spoiler tags are no longer necessary when citing or discussing major events. NYPD Blue concluded in 2005, and this is the place on the site to discuss these events. Thank you, though, to everyone who used tags out of consideration for their fellow members.
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