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  1. I was actually thinking the opposite (about the phone-a-friend) - she was smart to strip away all the extra stuff and just ask for the piece of information she needed to answer the question. China had nothing to do with the answer, and reading the whole question and the four choices, plus time for the friend to process everything, would have used up all her time. “How many billion people in the world?” is concise and quickly google-able. (Side question - are phone-a-friends allowed to do that? And if not, how would they enforce it?) But that question seemed to have a higher degree of difficulty than usual. You had to both know a fact, and be able to do the math in your head (possibly for all four choices to help you rule out the wrong ones). Off the top of my head, I can’t remember any similar “double questions”. I do think she shouldn’t have told the friend what she thought it was, right off the bat, though. Also - LOL about the Watergate trivia. Also LOL that I had to manually capitalize Watergate, because apparently it was before autocorrect’s time.
  2. Lol. You’re about halfway between my age and my daughters’ ages, but Jenna/Emily/Lauren/Sara/ Rachel (and spelling variants) would have covered at least half their classmates, I think. Not a Karen to be seen, though, among the cohort born 25-30 years ago.
  3. Oh, man, I don’t remember Jogger Joe. I’m a little afraid to google it at this point.
  4. Pet peeve now is calling someone a "Karen". Just in the last few minutes I've read multiple posts doing that. I'm not actually named Karen but I well could have been. I know other names have taken on unfavorable characteristics (Chatty Cathy, Gladys Kravitz...) but those are very specific and I don't feel like they would bother all Cathys or Gladyses the way "Karen" would. Isn't it time to retire it? Or maybe fair's fair, and that's how men with a common nickname for Richard feel all the time, and actual Karens just need to get used to it.
  5. And on top of that, she didn't take the hardware off first! Was she planning on just rollering over it??
  6. I’m four episodes in on Kat now, and if I could pick one more thing for them to borrow from Miranda, it would be putting the actors’ names on the screen when they wave at the end! Especially the guest stars, who tend to be sort of familiar but not quite recognizable to me.
  7. I don't know if you're a podcast listener, but I got started listening to Gilbert Godfried's podcast (don't ask me why, I was never especially a fan of his, but now I guess I am). He interviews a lot of "old" celebrities and people otherwise involved in show business, and that's a common theme that comes up when he talks to people who knew Uncle Milty. (Warning - some episodes are definitely NC-17, although it really depends on the guest.)
  8. This is not a high priority, but it would be really helpful if you could jump to a letter (alphabetized) in the list of shows near the bottom of the customized home page (where it lets you add shows). Especially on a small mobile device, it takes a lot of scrolling to get through that list.
  9. I think I remember that show. Was it the one where extra terrestrial aliens moved in to a suburban neighborhood? But I missed what the connection is to this show. Or is it just a matter of “here’s a show that started out bad but got better“?
  10. Stinky feet, splinters, tracking deck stain into the house... I think all those freak me out equally. No, I take that back. Splinters head the list.
  11. This kind of matches up with my experience. The same poster found Miranda “cringey” but by the next season was enjoying an episode that was just over the top silly (to be clear I enjoyed it as well). Will Kat live up to that? Kind of hard to imagine at this point but I’m okay with waiting to see.
  12. Whose Line? I’m old too but I do enjoy her in that. I think she’s been in a lot of other stuff that’s not on my radar.
  13. Oh you're right I remember that now. I'm afraid I'm getting into fanfic fantasies...
  14. He's a cutie but his babyface made him look so much younger than Miranda to me. I looked them up and the actors are almost six years apart. I though they were implying they were about the same age, since they were friends from "uni", but now I'm thinking it might work if he was an 18-year-old freshman and she was a 24-year-old grad student, who had feelings back in the day that were borderline inappropriate, but 10-15 years later, totally go-for-it-able.
  15. Call Me Kat is based on a British TV series. From Wikipedia: "Miranda is a British television sitcom written by and starring comedian Miranda Hart. It originally aired on BBC Two from 9 November 2009 and later on BBC One. Developed from Hart's semi-autobiographical BBC Radio 2 comedy Miranda Hart's Joke Shop (2008), the situation comedy revolves around socially inept Miranda, who frequently finds herself in awkward situations. The show features actors Sarah Hadland, Tom Ellis, Patricia Hodge, Sally Phillips, James Holmes and Bo Poraj. It was taped in front of live audiences at the BBC Television Centre and The London Studios. Receiving positive reviews from television critics, Miranda won a Royal Television Society award and gained several BAFTA TV Award nominations. The series has since been regularly repeated on British television and is available in the United States through Hulu." Several people have made references and comparisons in the individual episode threads so far, but this would be a place for more general discussion. I'll start - between watching eps 1&2 and ep 3, I binged the whole Miranda series. I'm not sure it needed to be remade, but at least now I have a better feeling for where they're coming from and where they're trying to go. Miranda is so over-the-top with the physical humor and cringe-worthy moments, that once I got into it I was willing to just go with it. A lot of that isn't going to translate well to Kat. We'll see if it finds its own way.
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