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  1. OMG this is so good and I can't believe it took me 20 years to watch it. But in my defense I had babies and work and school forms to sign. I can't even read the comments, except the vault threads for the seasons I've already finished, because I really don't want to be spoiled. I am listening to the Weekly podcast so at least there's that. Almost through s2; hope to be back soon to catch up on everyone's comments.
  2. I hate to beat the Mary/marry/merry dead horse still more, but this reminded me of a time a few years ago the same discussion came up on a forum I was on. Around the same time, I caught a rerun of 3rd Rock from the Sun, in which Dick and Mary, who were engaged, went to visit her family during the winter holidays. So they could talk about Mary's plan to marry, and wish each other Merry Christmas. I tried my best to hear if they pronounced any of those differently, but I couldn't. But then, maybe it was in character, as they were aliens posing undercover as Earthlings from Ohio. But regardless of whether we agree with the Jeopardy! judges' decision or not, can we at least all agree that there are people, generally depending on where they live, who hear and pronounce things differently from each other, and it's not due to some kind of basic ignorance or character flaw?
  3. Oh man. No FJ here. RIP RBG 😞
  4. I know, I know. I thought about the returning champion count thing after I posted. But there must be at least a couple dozen other former champs out there. I guess they all didn’t stay involved like Daniel did. (And give out bonsai trees at their car dealership.) I still think the almost standing ovation seemed a little much. Anyway, I’ll show myself out. I’m trying to stay awake till I’m caught up with s2.
  5. I thought I had heard that costumes weren’t allowed, but shirts? If you and your spouse and your kids all wore the same color shirts? (So you could find each other more easily) I thought that was a pretty common thing?
  6. I'm just now watching this, and I've only finished the first season, so I haven't read all the comments... but i had a couple comments on S1... At the big tournament (the 50th?), there was such a big recognition of Daniel as the former champion... there would have been 49 other former champions, right?. Did they all leave town? Why was he so special? There were a lot of posts disliking the little brother as a couch-potato, bratty, spoiled, etc. To me, he just seemed like a typical annoying sitcom little brother. I don't want to think this, but I have to wonder if he was slimmer and shorter-haired, would he get the same dislike? I'll be back when I finish S2... Edited to add... I really did enjoy the first season, despite the nitpicks.
  7. I on the other hand am going to try very hard to get that one out of my mind.
  8. Who’s back? Whose back? Your (you’re?) back! (Drunk Uncle, SNL)
  9. Returning (but not continuing) champ reminded me of the girl from Napoleon Dynamite, grown up. I could see her with a side ponytail. Middle lady was way too enthusiastic, but for some reason I didn’t hate her. New champ, I’m pretty sure was on Quantum Leap a couple decades ago. Nobody really bugged me though. I guess I’m mellowing?
  10. I guess maybe I can accept that logic - that it's actually a different name. But to be consistent, they'd have to rule someone incorrect if they confused Stephen/Steven, or Philip/Phillip. (Another reason to go with just the last name!) So I wonder if "Bery" or "Berrie" would have been accepted, since (as far as I know) they aren't real (or at least common) names, and would be pronounced the same as "Berry".
  11. I know it didn’t matter since it was a runaway, but being ruled incorrect on spelling when it’s pronounced the same (Barry vs Berry)??? And please don’t start with the Mary/merry/marry thing. Pretty sure at least half the US doesn’t hear the difference.
  12. I just saw one for Diet Coke that started out something like "Everyone says Diet Coke is for nerds..." (and goes on to disprove the stereotype or whatever). Have I been living under a rock? I had no idea Diet Coke was considered "nerdy". I personally don't drink it because can't stand the taste of artificial sweeteners but I haven't been avoiding Diet Coke because I was afraid of being labeled a nerd.
  13. Fair enough. I was just throwing the suggestion out there in case it might help someone else, like me, who doesn't need to wear them that often, and still has a small supply from early on, when there weren't so many choices available.
  14. That is a requirement for me; it's possible but unusual for a mask without one to fit properly (by which I mean keeping my glasses from fogging up and adequately protecting others from my breath), but it's thus far been guaranteed with one, so I just don't even want to take a chance on one that can't be fitted at the nose (I know I can add a nose piece, but I don't want to put in the work on something I've paid for). FWIW, I’ve found I can take a gently used twist tie, strip off the paper/plastic, and poke it through the top of the mask. Repeat a second time if needed. Works great on some Old Navy masks I got.
  15. Haha I was going to describe it that way but decided to go with Pat’s version.
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