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  1. Omg I definitely remember. Prez. O. broke into my stories and came walking down the corridor to the podium, and I had flashbacks to the Cold War era. Are the missiles coming? Do I need to duck and cover?
  2. Oh poop. And I have one of those last names that people keep wanting to add a “s” to. For the record, I can’t mention Seth Myers (or Meyer?) without checking with IMDb first.
  3. I remember being annoyed by the Bin Laden announcement because it cut off the end of “The Good Wife”. And my daughter was very annoyed, because it happened on her birthday. But in retrospect, after hearing about Obama and the White House correspondents dinner, gotta say I was a little impressed. Don’t play poker with that guy!
  4. Here’s my best guess, and very proud of myself for getting this far. Please let me down easy if I’m wrong. Intern with crush on Meredith=Helms=Helmouth =Taryn clumsy intern=Schmidt =Levi=glasses= contacts Bonus: ptsd intern = Casey= trans guy who saved the hospital from cyberattack because he learned how to hack into the system to change the gender on his personnel file or something like that. I’m sure there were other interns but I’m blanking on them now.
  5. Years? What are these "years" you speak of? 🙂
  6. I know this aspect of the show has been beaten to death, but before the mods shut it down and tell us to move on, I just want to say that my impression was not that they wanted to paint all Christians with a broad (intolerant) brush, but that they saw an opportunity for a good line (Dan, re. the Crusades) and a good pun (the show title), and went for it. And by "good", I mean "eh". Well, okay, I did break a smile at the Crusades.
  7. SoMuchTV

    Station 19

    I’ve gotta think, for anyone who watches S19 but not Grey’s (if there is such a person), these random characters must be a bit confusing.
  8. Are you talking about the White Man Rage (which that link seems to go to) or the joke Colin couldn’t finish (when the last word started with re- an apparently rhymed with “ard”? (And then Che said something like “I would’ve done it”)
  9. SoMuchTV

    Station 19

    Wait, was that the guy who saved the day on Grey’s with the cyber attack thing? I didn’t think trans people had been in the military long enough ago for that timeline to work. Anyway, I wish someone had just answered him when he kept fretting about bombs and the green zone. How much would it take to just say, we’re in a bar in Seattle, car crash, help’s coming.
  10. I’m going to have to say yes. I’m about the age of Annie’s parents, and I’ve only recently figured out that buying the warehouse store brand of tp by the pallet is much better than trying to figure out the best deal, or what do I have a coupon for, or did we like that quilted one or that bargain one... But in my defense, it’s not unwrapped on a shelf, it’s in the packages in the garage. Wait, is that not better? i guess life is good when you’re not living on the edge in the toilet paper department.
  11. Well, (spoiler for the Breaking Bad sequel movie),
  12. From the head-scratchers thread: >>* I remember where I was when Kennedy was shot and when the Twin Towers came down. I'll bite. In first grade; and finally taking a nap because I had a day off and the kids were off to school.
  13. Wait, I just watched a couple of the Season 1 episodes with Buck Henry. Was "Mike" the guy that did the impressions of people having needles stuck in their eyes? I wondered if he went anywhere!! Dark humor, exactly.
  14. Keenan’s kid in the medieval times sketch - anyone know if that’s his actual kid? I’ve found online that he has 2 kids but can’t find any more than that.
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