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  1. Was I hallucinating, or was there a $200 clue with a picture of Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers, and nobody had a guess? I mean, I know it's easy if you know it, but nobody knew it?
  2. After all the promos about James vs Emma, I'm kinda hoping for Francois to swoop in and take it all. But really, IMO, any one of them would be a deserving winner.
  3. Even after seeing the correct response and everyone else's guesses, I'm still having trouble working out the logic behind the answer. The clue was: In 2018 Forbes said this "Belt's Demographic Delight is" this other "Belt's Demographic Dilemma" What is it that's the Demographic Delight & Demographic Dilemma? The sun? That makes sense for the sun belt, but why is it the rust belt's dilemma? Or is it some demographic group like senior citizens? Or am I missing something more obvious (a safe bet)?
  4. Well, y’all are ahead of me. I couldn’t even figure out that they were looking for two different belts for the response 😞
  5. I know! I don't want to be too critical of Alex at this point, but I wondered about that! Thought maybe he still held some "champion" record...? Naaah.
  6. Oh, wow, I’m a big fan of The Good Place, but I had no idea that Mindy st Clair is the sister until I saw someone mention it here.
  7. I caught one of the early episodes today, where Mike and Carol were checking in to the honeymoon suite. I'm pretty sure at least twice, the desk clerk said to the bellhop, "boy, take so-and-so to their room" but there was no "boy" to be seen in the close captioning. Some after the fact cleanup, or just incomplete captioning? FWIW, the "boy" appeared to be a middle-aged white male. Anyway, get back to me. Have your girl call my girl, okay?
  8. Tonight’s vintage from nov 2016 - Cecily and a dog! Maybe that needs its own thread!
  9. Wait, what?? Maybe I’m behind; I’m listening to the podcast version with the vaping segment (last night? Night before last?) and it’s still conTROVersy there.
  10. Has anyone else seen that this is canceled? I saw stuff on another site earlier today but I don’t have a link.
  11. So it looks like tonight's vintage episode is Melissa McCarthy 's first. Is that the one with the ranch dressing sketch? I remember thinking that whole episode was a real dud, then seeing that the whole internet disagreed with me. I'll have to watch tonight and see if my opinion has changed I wonder if there's any particular reason they've chosen this one for tonight?I ETA. Yeah , Keenan can just sit in the background and react to things for the rest of time, I'd be okay with that.
  12. Well that was something! But I may have to rewatch the last couple episodes; I was a little distracted and totally missed the thing referred to in the previous post's spoiler. ETA: whoops there's actually another episode. Carry on!
  13. And in top of that, I had no idea I needed to be concerned about how many ingredients are in my cleaning products. I mean, that's why I don't make my own soap in a cauldron in the back yard - I'll leave the ingredients to the experts.
  14. Somewhere in the dark corners of my brain, I knew what "Pentacost" is, but "this day" just triggered "Seventh Day" and nothing was going to dislodge that.
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