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  1. Goodness, does anyone besides Alex pronounce sophomore as three syllables? Is that a regional thing? He’s giving me flashbacks to Schitt’s Creek’s Moira.
  2. Just saw a tv ad for a local seafood place. “Order online! Drive up! We’ll load!” Sounds great! Then they say “all orders are cash only”. WHAT???
  3. Wait what? You can’t wear a hoodie indoors? Am I paying to heat the whole neighborhood?
  4. That was on the most recent episode (1.6), right? I just watched that today and noticed that. Now I'm wondering if they used the terms husband/wife before and I just didn't pay attention one way or another. Although, if you read the descriptions for future episodes on Hulu, it kind of spoils things for unaired stuff.
  5. Okay, I'll say it here: two shows I watch (this one, and, I'll admit it, Manifest) featured weddings last night, just an hour or 2 after I attended my daughter's wedding via Facetime. (Reception followed via Zoom, BYOB.) Big night! Yay for 3/30 anniversaries, even if that wasn't plan A.
  6. I didn't realize until a couple episodes ago that they aren't married. I'm not sure if a) it was mentioned early on and I missed it, b) it was supposed to be a big reveal, or c) it just wasn't a big enough deal to even mention until it came up naturally in the story. Not sure if I should read anything into it, or not.
  7. Well, at least your avatar picture is flattering 🙂
  8. I was more concerned about the guy whose tie was inexplicably outside his suit jacket. Now that’s something you have some control over.
  9. Well, I was almost at the top of the queue at my library for the season 3 dvds, then, shutdown! So I signed up for the free month of cbs all access ( promo code GIFT) and I’m going through s3. And now I realize season 4 is going to start during my free month. Are they going to finally rope me in to paying for it? I blame Coronavirus!! also, I really wish there were a way to break this forum up into season threads! I’m afraid to check new posts because I don’t know if they’re about something I haven’t seen yet!
  10. I actually thought the bodega owner knew very well who the kids were, but was trying to save face for everyone involved because he had changed his opinion of them. Maybe I’m reading too much into it.
  11. Eww. But on the other hand, that’s what people have done with baby diapers forever. And I’m really going to stop thinking about this topic now.
  12. PSA - NOBODY should flush cloth. Or baby wipes. Or anything except tp. All kinds of news outlets are reminding people about that lately.
  13. Well IF you’ve saved every old piece of cloth (T-shirts, sheets, old rags) and carefully cut them into appropriate sized pieces, AND had a sanitary way to dispose of them (no worse than picking up doggie poop in bags, right?) then it could possibly be cheaper. Especially if you’re out of toilet paper. The refusing to flush part, though, I got nothing. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.
  14. That's right - you remembered more details than I did. I think the security company would have called for the false alarms and they (the housekeeper?) got tired of it. (I wouldn't be surprised if they were charged for false alarms.) I forgot the part where he pretended to be the security staff to get in.
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