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  1. I don't know who Harper is, but shout-out to your slippers. I got something similar for my daughter in honor of her Black Lab(-ish) dog. Is your Harper okay with the cat slippers?
  2. Huh. I wonder if the vet, based on his relationship with Jackie, or his sister's relationship with Dan, was trying to slip them a favor. I hadn't thought about that possibility.
  3. Oh that’s a good point. I do hope he was exaggerating about the, what was it, $290k of student loans, but sadly between undergrad and dental school, that could be a reality. I guess one or both of his soon to be divorced parents would be co-signers on some of that debt. Was he all the way through school and just couldn’t get a placement because of COVID? And why are you making me worry about yet another fictional character?!?!
  4. I don’t know if there was something in a previous season that I’ve forgotten, but I thought he made it clear that he needed/asked for her support (when the twins were very young) and she wasn’t there for him. And, do we know for sure what their relationship is? Someone referred to them as step siblings, but the story made them sound more like half siblings.
  5. I’m afraid I have to sympathize with Amelia here. Even when you have an attractive boyfriend and a moment of silence, sometimes those dang old feelings come sneaking up on you. Or so I’ve heard.
  6. I've started hearing various sources in the last few years advising that you should get the flu shot in your dominant arm, because the more you use the arm, the less soreness it develops. So I've been doing that for the flu shot. Haven't had any issues with soreness, but I'm not sure if I would have anyway. Then I heard similar advice about the Covid vaccines - that the more you use your arm, the less soreness you'll have. I couldn't bring myself to get it in my dominant arm, though, since I wasn't really sure how much worse than the flu shot it would be. But I did make a point of moving the arm, lifting little hand weights while sitting around, and so on. I would say it was sore "to the touch" for a couple of days but nothing serious. I'm debating whether to get dose #2 in my dominant arm. All in all, I'm not sure any of this makes much difference.
  7. As someone living in Virginia, and the spouse of a retired Navy officer, I would have said Annapolis was absolutely as much the common name as West Point, but I wasn’t paying close enough attention to the various responses and what order they were made to say if he should have gotten credit.
  8. Speaking of looking the part, I'm surprised this hasn't come up previously with regard to Alicia's wardrobe. I don't think most of that stuff came from Target! Or I should say, the thrift store. I’m sure Target would have been too materialistic for Paul.
  9. I think you hit it on the nose, there. I hesitated even posting that article because I didn't want to appear to be endorsing outdoor cats in general (and some of the responses proved me right on that), but this one guy does seem to be the unicorn. Or maybe he just has a good publicist!
  10. And now I'm paying attention to the lyrics at the beginning: "If I should stay/Well, I would only be in your way...". Who's dying!?! Is it the dog? The skinny guy in the cap? This is somebody's last trip, right? I keep asking my family when that one comes on, but oddly, they can't help.
  11. Hope this qualifies for the thread; he’s not my pet but he is a pet: https://www.pilotonline.com/news/vp-nw-obx-cat-20210403-3hfy5vqa75hvpha2unwj6cjvoy-story.html This adorable kitten is a seafaring beach bum. I have such mixed feelings! I really don’t like the idea of outdoor cats. But he seems to be living his best life. I’ll try to insert a picture if you don’t want to click on the link:
  12. SoMuchTV

    Never mind

    Never mind
  13. My city is doing something that sounds very similar, using our local convention center, and as far as I can tell it’s going very smoothly. Tons of volunteers and staff, lots of room for distancing. There are “amusement park “ lines set up (indoors!) and even with the distancing I don’t think they’ve used even a quarter of the available space. I was very impressed. Sure beats getting up in the middle of the night and checking multiple pharmacy sites for appointments! ETA I’ll have to pay closer attention when I go back for dose #2 but they must have had somewhere between 50 and 100 tables with vaccinators. So 50 appointments per 15 minute time slot sounds about right.
  14. LOL. That whole change-the-channel thing didn't seem to make sense. The 80s/90s were probably the golden age of the remote control. You had one remote that would do everything you needed. Now, I could understand that you would have to come home to change the channel for someone! "You need the cable remote to do this, but you need the TV remote to do that. And this one for Netflix, but this other one for on-demand. No not that one. Maybe it's under the couch." I stayed with my son & DIL for a few days to help with a newborn, and I figured I would watch a little quiet TV while I was trying to soothe him so mom & dad could sleep a bit. By the time I figured out which remote controlled the closed captions, he was back to sleep anyway.
  15. Plus, store brand, name brand, premium brand. Quart, half gallon, gallon. Plus checking the best-by dates. It was a lot easier when we always needed a gallon that would get used up in a few days. Now with an empty nest, milk buying seems to require too many calculations! Oh and sorry for blocking the dairy section.
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