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  1. It's about time, it's about space, it's about two something something in the strangest place... Off to Google!
  2. I'm not sure this is the right place to throw this out there, but I watched the original show (I was between Marcia & Jan's age). My mother, who I didn't think paid the least bit of attention to tv, when she heard the theme song, said something along the lines of, oh, yes, I can tell this is from the same person who did Gilligan's Island. It was years (or decades) but I finally understood what she was talking about.
  3. Apparently, as I understand it, they will. just to add, my one cat is the sweetest thing ever, but he keeps trying to nibble on my fingers. I'm not done with those yet!
  4. He should have been DQ'd for googling during the OJ chase round! Geez!
  5. I haven't noticed either of my issues lately (although to be fair, they're not things I run across often).
  6. Just saw this for the first time today. I don't think I would have given it a second thought if it didn't trigger a memory of this post. But I can see how it would be annoying (as would practically anything!) if it was played every 5 minutes!
  7. First, I'm going to say, I have nothing to say criticizing the clothes or looks or careers of any 50- to 60-somethings, the "Bradys" in particular. Regarding the horse - did anyone else think the 3-d recreation was overkill? Couldn't a mildly talented person with some clay recreate the original horse on the existing framework?
  8. "This new series follows designer Ian Stuart and his team at his opulent London boutique." Is anyone watching this? Hulu suggested it to me when I started my account. Looks like a British "say yes to the dress", but not just for wedding gowns. The formula seems to be - one obnoxious client, one heartwarming client, and a little comic relief. Just about right for when I want to watch something but not expend too many brain cells. I have some opinions about one episode in particular, but I'll wait to see if anyone else is even watching. ETA - I've flagged to ask a mod to correct the title - should be "The Posh Frock Shop"
  9. That was just an answer on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me this morning! The guest (a WNBA player who had played at U Conn, so she got Yukon-related questions) had to guess which option was true. I think she got it right.
  10. For both meanings, though? I learned "primmer" in first grade for the instructional sense (vs. "prymer" for the paint), and the only "official" sources (dictionaries both paper and online) still seem to agree. I've found a lot of opinions online that disagree, but does an actual dictionary-type source back that up? Just wondering if I have to stop being annoyed when I think I hear people mispronouncing it. I guess that would free up some bandwidth for other things...
  11. I figured, no way I’ll get that fj, probably some ancient race, but just for the heck of it, let me go backwards... oh, 2016! Duh!
  12. Oh and I think it has to end in ly? There have was couple things lately where I wanted to go back and check. J!archive doesn't seem to be updated yet. Is there some other place to check? ____________ Apparently this didn't post because it was still in my edit buffer when I went to post something today. So, a little late... -------- And regarding Friday's game: Kudos to Alex for pronouncing "primer" correctly in the context of the clue. Not a coat of paint!
  13. Well so far this week I'm 1 for 4 ( yay Beatles) which would apparently put me in a tie for the lead, but I'm afraid my attention span wouldn't hold up. We'll see. Assuming you'll accept retroactive honor system entries.
  14. Thanks, but that wasn't exactly my point. This isn't directed just at you, but on a lot of boards people will post a link with no context. If they could say something like, hey so-and-so said such -and-such, details at this link... Then I could decide if I want to investigate further. But the reason I follow this topic is to get a recap of what's going on without having to go down the twitterhole, so to speak. hope that makes sense and I haven't caused (too much) offense 🙂
  15. Can someone recap? I don't always want to follow links, and in this case, even when I did, it wasn't clear what was going on.
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