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  1. Please tell me that's a professional model on a closed set, because if anyone a) has such a rockstar cat, and b) has a wall and gravel (or crushed shells?) that look so perfect, and c) is able to actually take that photo, then, I give up on my life.
  2. I have no strong feelings one way or the other about the British royalty, and I have no idea how much truth is behind that article, but I do hope 95-year-old QE2 will take her cane to anyone who tries to take away her nightly cocktail.
  3. Maybe I missed it or maybe I’m getting ahead of things, but the elderly aunt who died in the house - why isn’t she one of the ghosts now?
  4. I must have quite a fear of heights because there’s a Subaru ad that’s seriously triggering it. Two guys are driving along a rocky mountain road with no guardrails or any space at all beside the roadway. Nope nope nope. Then they get out and walk up to the edge. Double nope!
  5. I definitely had no “burden of knowledge” for tonight’s FJ. I was just hoping the tidbit about both of them being from the same state wasn’t a red herring.
  6. For the footlocker/shoe store question, I confidently said, Rack Room.
  7. Ha. I guess I haven’t been watching enough network tv promos.
  8. Seems like a total crossover night. Goldbergs had a Wonder Years segment, Wonder Years (2021) had “Little Help from my Friends” segment, and The Conners have a Fred Savage appearance.
  9. So would they accept “Yogi Bear-a”? Too soon?
  10. I dunno. How long did it take to stop hearing about “Jeopardy James“?
  11. Bonus points if player Trey, like most Treys I know of, is actually a nickname for Something Something Something III.
  12. 1. How do you make homemade chocolate syrup? and Yeah, yeah, fruits are great and all, but I'm waiting to see a response about the homemade chocolate syrup! Using cocoa powder? Growing your own cacao (or whatever goes into chocolate)? Inquiring minds...
  13. Regarding being spoiled - I got spoiled from this very site, but it was my own stupid fault. I got a notification that someone had reacted to one of my posts, before I'd seen the show but after the "magic" hour of 7pm ET. I figured I'd just go to the link and see what post they reacted to, and not read any further, but the next post after mine started with "Well dangitall...". As much as I wanted that to be a comment about Mayim's wardrobe or their local scheduling or something, I couldn't get it out of my head. And to be clear, the member who posted that was totally within the rules, leg
  14. Well, in Matt's defense (because I know he's been waiting for me to defend him), I was trying to think of a country that got a raw deal coming out of WW2, and Poland bubbled to the top of my mind. Annual viewings of The Sound of Music apparently had absolutely no effect on my mind bubbling.
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