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  1. Oh! I never thought about it but if I’d say “ I can see that can of beans on the shelf” there’s definitely a difference!
  2. So weird- as I was reading this, I was listening to a news report on the radio about a local professor accused of sexual harassment. Based on what you posted later, I don’t think it’s the same one, but odd coincidence.
  3. Kathleen Turner was on a recent Moth podcast. Not really “in another role “ but telling a story that definitely fit with her character.
  4. Jamie! So guys, don't worry if you see me parked outside your house. Okay I have a gun but it's all cool.
  5. The "inspirational" quotes I can remember include "a lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part" and "abandon hope all who enter here". Both I think were from DBAs who had no concerns about job security. Oh I know the drill. I even have some special soap for combating poison ivy rashes, but this one I didn't see coming until it was too late!
  6. ugghh poison ivy! I know you're out there, I'm willing to sacrifice the environment with poisonous sprays, but still you lurk in my yard! I pull a few weeds and a few days later, my knuckles look like like raspberries! Not cool!
  7. I guess I have mixed feeling about the commercials for things like period panties, shaving devices, things that help with your man-parts... Either anything in the bathing-suit area should be off limits, or hey, it's real life, let's be upfront about it and help people find the best product for dealing with it. I think I come down more on the side of the latter, but I can totally understand why people just don't want to see any of that.
  8. if you listen to way too many podcasts, and one of them is occasionally "Welcome to Nightvale", you may want to catch the latest episode (6/15/21).
  9. Does anyone know if AMC is going to make the episodes available online/on their app once they've aired? I can log in to AMC with my cable credentials, but it tells me I need to upgrade to watch the two that are currently out there (not yet aired). I know I've watched things like Better Call Saul and Lodge 49 (those were AMC, right?) without the premium subscription. Hope this will be the same.
  10. Well, at least it will be easier for you to install it, what with having three hands.
  11. LOL. I'm assuming "planning ahead" involves limiting liquid consumption. Big screen is great but watching at home does have some advantages.
  12. Am I the only nerd who follows lots of old sitcoms and thinks this was meant for the MASH thread?
  13. Wait, is there another thread for The Chase that I’ve missed? The only one I saw (and posted on) was 99% about the British version. Is there one where people are talking about how mean (or not) the US hosts are? eta: oh now I see there’s a “chase 2021”. I’ll have to catch up.
  14. Hopefully, there are some rules that remain irregardless. (sorry.)
  15. Worse yet, it's starting to get the me/I overcorrection. "It's fewer than 5 miles from here." "I have fewer than $20 to my name."
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