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  1. This whole part of the finale took me right out of it. I loved Pray and didn't want him to die, but all of this was too much to overlook. I also found it odd that none of the NYC family went to Pittsburgh to go to his funeral. We didn't need to see the funeral, but I just find it incredulous not even Blanca went to say goodbye and meet his mother. I'm sure Pray told her he and his mother made amends when he mentioned his aunt was his POA.
  2. I felt like this was a callback to their elevator scenes when he would stand behind her like that and to when after the bomb episode, he told her that her shampoo smelled like lavender. Yes, all of this. Their children would be orphaned, which did not happen to Derek...and we can all debate whether he turned out fine. One coincidence pointed out on Twitter last night is that Shonda killed off Derek on April 23, 2015, and essentially killed him off again almost 6 years to the date later.
  3. After last night's episode with Lexie, Mark, a reference to Sofia/Callie/Arizona, and texts from Cristina and an upcoming appearance by April, makes me think they do intend to wrap up the show this season. Why pull out so much nostalgia if it's not the end?
  4. Bringing back all of these fan favorites from the glory days in a single season (with April slated to come back and who knows who else in these final episodes of the season) leads me to firmly believe they are planning a series finale. How can they possible top what they've done this season with the surprise returning guest stars and providing closure/tidbits on beloved fan favorites? Maybe for the finale they'll do a flash forward beyond the pandemic to have Cristina show up or have her make an appearance via Zoom?
  5. As soon as I saw him, I said, "He shot Derek on Grey's! Give that man his spot!"
  6. That was the perfect song for that scene. When it was over, I just bawled.
  7. I went through this with my dad ten years ago when he died of lung cancer. I remember the hospice nurse referred to that last burst of energy shortly before the end as "the surge." I distinctly remember my dad's surge. So when Mitch was alert, hitting that buzzer, and interacting with people, I looked at my husband and said, "It's the surge." So heartbreaking.
  8. The highlight for me was Jackson calling out Catherine about how they thought Richard was depressed because she was divorcing him and forced him out of a job. When Richard mentioned Adele to Catherine and called Meredith "Ellis," that was heartbreaking.
  9. My DVR locked up at the 6:58 mark and would not play the rest of the episode. Thanks for the recap. Seems I missed nothing of substance.
  10. She played Mrs. Teasley, the high school principal on Beverly Hills, 90210.
  11. Maybe we'll get their story as Rebecca continues to lose her short term memory to tug the heartstrings and victimize Miguel even more than he already has been by the Big Three.
  12. Am I the only one that thought Kate looked a bit apprehensive when Toby had such a positive reaction to Baby Jack responding to the lights? As if it was dawning on her that Toby was either getting false hope for a cure/vast improvement or that he would only really be happy or engaged if Baby Jack wasn't visually impaired?
  13. What a totally shitty sendoff after 15+ years. This show has so much toxicity behind it.
  14. I forgot and am thankful for the reminder. Yes, he's dealing with the consequences of his actions with his child, but he still has poor judgment by thinking dealing drugs will bring him financial security. ETA: I think Tess' immediate bond with the baby is meant to foreshadow her social worker future.
  15. Totally agree with this. My immediate reaction to seeing the human footstool was Tom's need to humiliate someone as much as Logan humiliated him with Boar on the Floor and when Shiv basically said she screwed someone else while he was gone for the weekend. Then cut to being so triggered by Greg's proposal of an open business relationship that Tom pelted him with the water bottles. Tom has no handle on the two areas of his life he desperately wishes to control, so he has to take that frustration out somewhere else. I think it also makes him feel like a Roy because they all treat anyone belo
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