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  1. I forgot and am thankful for the reminder. Yes, he's dealing with the consequences of his actions with his child, but he still has poor judgment by thinking dealing drugs will bring him financial security. ETA: I think Tess' immediate bond with the baby is meant to foreshadow her social worker future.
  2. Totally agree with this. My immediate reaction to seeing the human footstool was Tom's need to humiliate someone as much as Logan humiliated him with Boar on the Floor and when Shiv basically said she screwed someone else while he was gone for the weekend. Then cut to being so triggered by Greg's proposal of an open business relationship that Tom pelted him with the water bottles. Tom has no handle on the two areas of his life he desperately wishes to control, so he has to take that frustration out somewhere else. I think it also makes him feel like a Roy because they all treat anyone below their status level like crap.
  3. This show has been airing for almost 16 years...they gotta do something to keep the "drama" going, right? UGH They are all so reckless.... Let's harken back to season 1 when not only did Cristina get pregnant, but Olivia contracted syphilis from Alex and gave it to George....
  4. I assume she was given a suspended imposition of sentence, which if the offender completes the terms of probation/community service, it wipes away any conviction off of your record so you don't have to report that you were convicted of a felony. ETA: Judges typically only give suspended imposition of sentences to first-time offenders. I don't know why she was shocked the medical board was reviewing her actions. It's about damn time some ethical review board oversees all of their shenanigans. There are many hoops to jump through to get and maintain a medical license. Insurance fraud is a huge violation, even if she got a slap on the wrist from the courts. I was furious for Bailey. I get that she has strong ties to the three people she fired, but they did not deserve apologies and she certainly did not deserve Catherine's ire...and Catherine's been mad at Richard for far less than aiding and abetting insurance fraud that directly reflects on her precious reputation and foundation.
  5. I won't echo all of the highlights above but I will say even my husband, who has absorbed enough 90210 background noise over the years as I've randomly rewatched episodes, laughed out loud at the enemies list, how Shannen was so baffled at the Ray storyline, and how Shannen didn't know how long the show ran without her. This was my favorite episode by far.
  6. This is the true tragedy of the streaming and DVDs. Diehard fans know which songs were played and which ones are missing. So many scenes have been stripped or deleted too. I assume the network made this call. Ugh. This is insane to me also. At least the network loosened up slightly by 1994/95 when Donna danced with D'Shawn at her fundraiser. Did she kiss him after their fake date when David was swooning over the blind piano teacher?
  7. Shannen/Brenda was always my favorite OG character. While I'm loving most aspects of this reboot, am I alone in being peeved that Shannen has gotten 5 mins of airtime over the first three episodes, even though she features prominently in the promos? I completely understand she joined late, etc., but considering it is such a limited run of episodes, I feel cheated. I would have loved for her to be part of that group therapy with Carol Potter and bicker with Jason for Carol to say, "Ja-son!" or "Shan-nen!" in her best appalled Cindy Walsh voice. I would have liked a tiny acknowledgement of Luke missing from that "cuddle puddle" photo shoot too. Shannen touching the photo or something would have acknowledged him and reinforced the premise that she did not want to sign on until after he died. Maybe they'll get into that a tiny bit next week since the description says Shannen questions her decision to join the reboot?
  8. Ian doesn't have any of the playfulness and charm he brought as Steve in the original series, but they are writing him as this cutthroat brand-obsessed jerk. I get that he's pissed about his wife's infidelity, but he's been written as very cold toward his friends/castmates.
  9. I listened last night right after the episode. God bless them for dropping it right away. I agree BAG cannot be a "hot daddy" to me, even in a fictionalized/heightened version of this show after the way he's treated his son in real life (even if his son did make a set visit with VM's encouragement).
  10. I missed where it was posted Dean was cast. The MMISWD guy was brilliant for the crossover camp. Dean's just looking for another paycheck. I hate the way he calls her "Mama" and "TT." I follow the 90210bro guy. He posts some great stuff and lots of photos I've never seen before.
  11. Shannen posted a photo of her and Jason filming together on her IG yesterday. Tara posted a screen grab on the awt twitter account.
  12. Thank you! I thought this would be easier than wading through the media thread.
  13. Is it possible to start a thread about BH90210 in this forum to talk about the show in August?
  14. Josie Davis played a different character than Camille was in an earlier episode when Steve and Brandon are mistaken for a couple when they meet up with Josie's character and her partner. It was not long before Kelly and Brandon got engaged so it was less than two years earlier they used the same actress.
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