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  1. I haven't read the Wyoming series but I have read select other non-Malory books. I've liked a few and hated a few. There were a couple that had one of the couple flat out rape the other but I'm spacing on the names. One has the heroine rape the hero while he's tied to a bed (he's a Viking I think?). The other has a...pirate(?) for the hero and not only does he rape the heroine, not only does everyone acknowledge that he rapes her, he rapes her so many times that his attitude is basically "if you'd stop being a bitch I'd stop raping you" AND THIS SOMEHOW IS NOT A HORROR STORY. I did
  2. I've got the Yale visit episode on right now. So what do we think was going on with the maid that was told several times not to put walnuts in the salad and yet kept doing it? If it was the same maid from 3x02 who had a hard time distinguishing between the doorbell and the oven timer then I'd understand but, other than the walnut thing, there was no indication this new maid was that scatterbrained. The two flashes we had of her she seemed to be crying so I've personally narrowed it down to a language barrier or some kind of tragedy in her personal life distracting her. Also this episode i
  3. Oh they’re cheering for you Miss Angela. I’m glad they changed the final award. They usually end with Drama and the implication that it’s more important than the other categories when that isn’t the case. If they start rotating it it’ll be more interesting and equalizing.
  4. I wish they’d given it to The Boys or Mandalorian but I wasn’t holding my breath.
  5. I’m glad Amy was able to borrow a jacket since she obviously spilled something on her top.
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