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  1. scarynikki12

    Dear Diary: Question of the Day(s)

    No Doubt came to Nashville when I was in seventh or eighth grade. We sat in the grassy area of Starwood where we got soaked when it started to rain. Then the lightning began (the genius in charge of their tour booked them at an outdoor arena at the beginning of tornado season) so they had to end halfway through.
  2. scarynikki12

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Final Countdown

    Amell did say that Sara was his favorite Canary but here he's referring to the little girl Sarah. If he meant Caity he'd say Caity.
  3. A Comic Con policy or a Warner Bros policy?
  4. I don't know that it's a new policy. Last year HBO and Starz skipped the con and it was described as their choice every time. Marvel (movies) skipped the con last year and a couple years before that, and Warner Bros (movies) is skipping this year. The con has had panels, including pilot presentations, for shows premiering in midseason, including last year. Game of Thrones is done and they're getting a Hall H panel. So it may not be policy so much as the networks choosing not to spend the money to promote their winter shows at a summer con. Which I still think is a mistake since Comic Con is the big one but I'm not in charge of the money.
  5. scarynikki12

    Spoilers Only Thread: Season 8

    Season 8 spoilers get posted here. All commentary must take place in the Spoiler Discussion thread.
  6. The final season gets a fresh spoiler thread. Things to remember: This topic is for spoiler discussion of Arrow only This topic is NOT for complaining/rehashing past seasons/episodes This topic is NOT for discussion of other shows in the overall Arrowverse EXCEPT for Arrow specific crossover discussion. When talk moves from spoiler-talk to non-spoiler character or relationship talk, take your reply to the appropriate character or relationship thread. If you want to discuss the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover more generally you may do so here. Make sure to read and follow the thread rules.
  7. scarynikki12

    Notes From The Mods

    Hello! It's time for a new edition of Notes From The Mods! Just like previous Mod Threads, this is where you can get information for the Arrow forum, such as who your mod team is, which topics you can redirect discussions to, and any updates that come in. So, let's get started! First things first: Arrow is scaling back for its final season and the Mod Team is following suit. We've got a new team of three to keep things running smoothly. And here we are! Your new mods are: @Pallas, @Princess Sparkle, and @scarynikki12 The best way to reach us is via PM, both individually and collectively, when you have questions (@+Mod Name). Keep in mind that PMing all of us means there's a higher chance of a quicker response. We look forward to sharing this journey with you, and helping the forum to continue running smoothly. Next point: The many threads available for discussion. So here is a list of some of the topics in the forum and what they're for: Green Arrow In Comics (Book Talk) - Discussion of Green Arrow comics and a place to discuss and list all of the various tiny Easter Eggs from DC comics, including references to other DC comics characters and locations, and DC comics writers/artists. So if you have a comics-related discussion, it goes here. Heartaches, Bromances, True Love and Team Arrow: the Relationships Thread - Discussion of ALL relationships on Arrow, including Team Arrow. So if you feel like you want to further a discussion about various relationships but feel like it's going off topic on other threads? Bring it here! Hopes and Fears: How Will We Survive This Island? (Speculation WITHOUT Spoilers) - Exactly what it says - hopes and fears of what may be happening next on Arrow, but no spoilers please! Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods - Ratings and scheduling news. Social Media and Behind the Scenes: AKA Everything Else Not "News and Media" - Discussion of all off screen stuff that doesn't fall into "News and Media" Small Talk: The Quiver - Discussion of any/everything NOT to do with Arrow! SPOILERS ONLY Thread - Spoilers for upcoming episodes, posted WITHOUT comments or discussion. Spoiler Discussion Thread (SPOILERS) - Spoilers and speculation BASED on spoilers. Target Practice: Poisoned Arrow (The Bitterness Thread) - This is where you talk about how much you don't like what has happened IN THE PAST on Arrow! (So far, any discussion of Season One through Seven). If you start speculating on what will happen in the future, please go back up to Hopes and Fears! (What's going to happen in Season Eight). The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow: any official news about the show. Of course, there are many more topics that aren't covered here, so if you have any questions about those, feel free to PM us about it! Please see below for the most important stuff about fan talk and other general rules on the forum!
  8. scarynikki12

    Scheduling & Ratings for The Flash

    Stay focused on Flash please. You can talk about ratings for the other Arrowverse shows in their forums.
  9. scarynikki12

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I haven't read a Massie Romanov biography in a while (he's excellent if anyone is looking to read one) but I remember something about Alexei's hemophilia was not public knowledge. Alexandra blamed herself and further withdrew from the public eye. The perception then became that she was shunning them and that added to their general hatred for her for not being Russian. When George was born there was still a British talking head who praised Kate for having a boy and succeeding where so many other queens and future queens had failed or struggled. So it's definitely still happening. I also so want someone to invent time travel and bring Henry VIII forward just to see his face when it's revealed that the failure to have sons with Katherine and Anne was all on him.
  10. scarynikki12

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I like the yellow but it washes her out. I wish she'd reversed the colors but that would invite comparisons to what Eug wore the other day. My guess on the shoes is comfort or maybe she had a foot/ankle injury recently and it's too soon for heels. The purple is fantastic though.
  11. scarynikki12

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    At least there are rumors that Pitch may return (supposedly NBC was/is considering it in light of This Is Us' success). All I can hope for with The Passage is that Ridley Scott (who still has the rights as far as I know) loves the books as much as I do and either convinces a network to give it another go, reboots the series fresh, or turns them into movies like he originally planned. Then they risk the quality going down as the season we did get was easily one of the best adaptations I've ever seen.
  12. scarynikki12

    Race & Ethnicity on TV

    If Mixed-ish succeeds I'll be happy MPG's bad luck is over but I will also do a MASSIVE pout because I wanted all that success to go to The Passage.
  13. scarynikki12

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    Eug and Bea typically have great sense when it comes to choosing colors but they cannot choose a flattering style for anything.
  14. scarynikki12

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    I enjoy how suspicious Archie looks in that photo.