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  1. She knocked his fake face off as she beat him up. He's back at Arkham now and presumably with his head wrapped in bandages.
  2. My guess is we were supposed to see Alice's plan play out and Jacob shoot Kate with the cliffhanger be if she lives or dies but then pandemic and Ruby quitting changed it all.
  3. I love our new Batwoman. Kryptonite didn’t kill Ryan but does seem to be poisoning her. Intriguing. My girl Mary came right around by episode’s end even while she grieves. I love Alice wearing black while pretending she’s not in mourning. And spilling the beans on Kate! Maybe Jacob will make the Crows allies to Ryan when she officially takes over as a roundabout way of making it up to Kate? The “Bruce” story was done in record time but it makes sense due to Ruby leaving. The impact lessens with Kate gone so best to wrap it up. We did get the Batmobile though! That was Sophie doing the voiceover at the end right?
  4. I just binged it twice. New favorite comedy. Now I need to find a way to watch season 2 since I'm impatient and don't want to wait for it to come to Hulu.
  5. Stay on topic please. Conan's show has its own thread where the discussion of his performance can take place.
  6. The pride on her face as she says this! Rue was such a gem. I think Charmaine, Blanche, and Virginia were all super close in age too (they had to have been a year apart given the high school and college rivalries that Blanche recounted) so the confusion makes sense.
  7. Valedictorian is the top student of the class. If it were simply that Rory had been elected to speak at graduation then she’d be called “class elected speaker” or something else. The schools that do class chosen speaker usually have a quick election among interested students. And it was clear that Rory was required to give the speech rather than it being something she actively pursued. Even if the time Paris took off from school following her meltdown was enough to drop her below even salutatorian status I still don’t buy Rory being the top student. She struggled academically when she first arrived at Chilton which still would have affected her ranking years later. The far more realistic outcome would have been maintaining the top 5% status she achieved by the end of her first year. She couldn’t just be the chosen speaker even though we know she was generally liked by her classmates and popular enough to swing the election in Paris’ favor after joining her as a VP candidate. Nope it needed to be clear that Rory Is The Most Special Ever!! So valedictorian it was.
  8. Don't forget that Ross only began his "We were on a break!" mantra AFTER The One With The Morning After which results in Rachel definitively breaking up in light of learning Ross slept with Chloe. The next episode he starts his mantra which just brings back all the red flag behavior of the season 3 episodes that led to Rachel wanting the break in the first place. He doesn't want to feel guilty anymore and really doesn't want to deal with Rachel's continued anger so he decides that he did nothing wrong and she's being unreasonable. Never mind that he spent the entire day running around convincing everyone to keep quiet about him sleeping with Chloe because HE KNEW it would upset Rachel. If he always thought he'd done nothing wrong he'd have said that and stuck with it the whole time but he only settled on that after the breakup. That whole episode pisses me off actually because Ross is being an asshole the entire time: he decides he's not at fault for Rachel's hurt feelings and anger and she should just get over it, he tries to convince their friends to cancel the weekend plans they made with Rachel because he thinks they should prioritize him, and he tells Carol that Rachel dumped him for Mark and makes himself seem to be innocent in the breakup. Then he gets rewarded for his behavior when their friends convince Rachel to be cordial and be around Ross so their friends don't have to choose. To be fair to the show in season 3 they did an excellent job of laying the groundwork for Rachel to ask for the break, and showed some awareness of how shitty Ross was being about the breakup in the second half of the season but all that went away as the series went on. Even in the series finale Ross references "we were on a break!" in the moment he's getting back together with Rachel which tells me he learned exactly nothing in the seven years since the breakup. TV is full of couples who the audience 100% knows will breakup offscreen after the show ends and Ross and Rachel are at the top of the list.
  9. When he meets Sophie at the masked ball it’s a year after Anthony and Kate marry and then two years go by before they meet again. If they allow a similar time jump then Francesca could be newly married to her first husband.
  10. THAT'S how we got Chesapeake Blue??? It all makes sense. I only ever really read the very beginning when Seth comes home and we get the character updates through the reunions since it's such a pain to get through. I bet everyone who harassed her into writing the book expected to see Seth paired with Aubrey so I now enjoy the obvious petty that fueled her choices. The half second glimpse we got into Aubrey's relationship with...Will? caught my interest more than anything about Seth and Priscilla. I hope so! Since she clearly intended to get to Matthew, Adria, and Amelia I suspect they would be well done stories rather than what we got with Chesapeake Blue. She hated Naomi so much that she paid a man to try and rape her. If Naomi hadn't insisted that Kelsey be told she was dead I think Grandma Byden would have had her murdered in prison. That woman was nasty.
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