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  1. That house is adorable. And I really want to know what David's offer was.
  2. I still roll my eyes at Siren accurately guessing Felicity is pregnant because all the alcohol is put away and chocolate is being consumed. Because only pregnant ladies eat chocolate and straighten up right? Just a weak reason to have her know about Mia and show how they've bonded.
  3. I don't believe so. He and Archie are still behind Louie and ahead of Andrew in the line of succession.
  4. I don't know if it originates with Lilith, as I remember Fraiser saying it at least once as well, but the episode in question is Planes, Trains, and Visiting Cranes from...I think season 4 of Wings.
  5. The glare Con gave Sara for that “accent” cured my allergies and extended my life. I’m going to put it on my go to gif list. Belated Bachelor and Bachelorette party time! Zari’s Glam Time while everyone needed to pee was delightful. I love Gideon helping urge Ray to tell Nate he and Nora are leaving. I’ll admit that I enjoyed watching everyone act out Nate’s various plans to get the ring. I kind of want the stripper to stick around. I love his concern at Shakespeare changing Romeo and Juliet into a superhero play. He can hang out in the corner wearing his fireman suit and be the peanut gallery. Hee Sara lecturing while sloshed. Sara helping Ray have perspective and a private goodbye was perfect. Of course the Legends reboot Shakespeare’s career by performing the play. And they get really into it. Even Mick and Con! Tala freaking NAILED Juliet in the balcony scene (not that there was any doubt) and I’m now low key shipping Zari and Con. Or at least the friends with benefits I was denied with Sara and Snart. I wish we had a one on one goodbye between Ray and Mick but I’ll settle for Mick being a new Shakespeare fanboy, letting Mona hug him, and drinking the green juice with the team. Ray would be proud. To Ray!
  6. Ah yes, the moment when DC thought Bats getting it on with Dinah was a good idea.
  7. I hope not. Sara’s didn’t make any sense because the backdoor pilot stated Star City is crime free for twenty years. Sara’s skills would be wasted. Maybe for Mick but I can see them bringing Lita on the ship for shenanigans instead of writing him off.
  8. Nashville’s a bit different than everywhere else right now. We’re running low/empty on certain items but a lot of that is in response to the tornadoes from last week. People poured into stores to get food, clothing, toiletries, etc, for the displaced so that added to the inventory issues. Target and Kroger started limitation policies on certain items so hopefully that will allow more people to get what they need when the inventory comes back.
  9. “Soul harvesting pyramid scheme” is so perfect a description of the Encores. I love this show so much. Pippa the forever unimpressed fairy godchild is a delight. “Do you need to change your shoes?” Awwww. And went home to her family because the Legends are, well, the Legends. Wonderful child. Zari helping Mick deal with the online troll who dared trash Rebecca Silver (you monster!) only to learn she’s his daughter. The actor playing Lita was perfect. 110% Mick’s daughter. Nora invoked Book Club. Shit got real. Hee hee hee Charlie conned Con into searching Antarctica. Speaking of Con I loved everything about his interactions with Damien. He’s Damien’s Dream Son-In-Law! Hahaha! Neal McDonough. There is literally no way to overstate this man’s talent. One second he’s proud papa in tears watching his baby girl getting engaged and then he seamlessly shifts into scary ass fucking Encore ready to destroy everyone around him. Attention everyone! Nate made me laugh tonight. When Pippa wished for everyone to be on Mister Parker’s Cul de Sac Nate started to facepalm and that really worked for me. THE PUPPETS ARE BACK! Puppet Sara deciding to tell Wild Dog to shove it was everything. Nora likes being a fairy godmother. She really is perfect for Ray. They and the wedding were lovely.
  10. She just married the evil Stephen Miller. I loved Ollie changing Disney canon. Y’all cast him as Zazu so it’s your own fault. Joe is easily the worst of the sheriffs but wow are there a ton of bad ones vying for second place. Hope some decent people run against them and win.
  11. Duela Dent was sufficiently creepy. Well done show. Oh good Mouse is inhaling fear toxin. Cause he’s not creepy enough. Sophie coming out to her mom was well done. Not gonna lie the lawyer at the start was super hot when he was casually threatening Jacob. Loved Mary’s talk with Kate. Hope Kate tells her the truth.
  12. This another part of my multi-thread Laurel dissertation. One of the reasons Laurel was so frustrating is that she was never allowed to be the complicated character she actually was. We would get moments throughout the series but they were always explained away rather than incorporated into her character. She didn't like Tommy because she thought he was trying to buy her love and not because she was with him to get back at Oliver and was annoyed that he had actual feelings. She said some awful things to Quentin and Dinah in seasons 1 and 2 but that was because she was employing tough love and then drunk/high so no harm done. Her animosity towards Sara was completely earned and should have been a long term story but was wrapped up quickly because the decision was made to kill Sara. Nevermind that it would have made her rage and Single White Female story of season 3 that much more interesting. She wanted to be a vigilante but never thought about quitting her job, the risk she was taking with regard to her cases, or showing any signs of difficultly in managing the two. One of the worst things Laurel did was put Sara in the Lazarus Pit. She wanted Sara resurrected, and that was all that mattered, so she ignored everyone telling her not to and then acted like the soulless monster who emerged was no big deal. That should have been a major crack in her relationships with everyone yet was forgotten the second Constantine restored Sara's soul. The show never went deep on the complexity they set up for her. The line about letting the darkness in should have been a turning point for the character but was retconned a year later with Felicity's horrible line at Sara's expense. Why make it either or? Why not have the darkness be the start of Laurel letting go of her life plan and realizing that life and the people in it are complicated? I'm not suggesting they should have made her a villain but pretending she was a goody two shoes her whole life and then elevating her to sainthood when she died was a major disservice to what was set up. Laurel as written was extremely complicated: she had a terrible relationship with her sister long before having an legitimate reason that seemed to stem from being their parents favorite child (which she knew and enjoyed), she decided at a young age that one of her life goals was to become Mrs. Oliver Queen and purposefully turned a blind eye to who he really was, and she cared so deeply about her reputation that she; turned away from her plan of corporate law because she worried it was going to reflect poorly on her, she only accepted Tommy's help with CNRI because the continued refusals were starting affecting how her colleagues viewed her, her anger at Oliver cheating seemed to only be about the Gambit rather than all the other times and that was equal parts everyone knowing and it being with Sara who she viewed as beneath her. For me, few things annoy me more than a show that has a disconnect between the character they think they've written and the character they've actually presented. I loved the Gilmore Girls revival season because it was the only time they were aware that Rory is an awful person and wrote her accordingly. I loved season 5 of The Vampire Diaries because, again, there was an awareness that Elena wasn't the Compassion Queen but was instead a master manipulator and so much like the lesser than Katherine. They even had Katherine possess Elena's body for weeks before anyone realized what had happened. I am all in on that kind of storytelling. We got this for a little while when Black Siren first showed up but then they clearly got bored and went with instant redemption and glossing over her crimes and the character stopped being interesting. This show had so many opportunities to follow through and make Laurel one of the most interesting and complex characters on television and they squandered it over and over.
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