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  1. Watched The Festival Of Living Art earlier. I love the scene where Lorelai goes through her baby box with Sookie. First, were bubblegum wrapper necklaces really a thing in the early 80s? Second, and more importantly, I love Lorelai's amusement when she tells Sookie the story behind John's digits. I love it so much that I'm sad they never ran into each other as adults, do the thing where they can't place each other, and then simultaneously remember with a big laugh. Also I really want to know what job Bo had where he could taken significant time off work with no notice and never be concer
  2. Perfect. Can't wait and still hoping we get to see her with Dinah eventually.
  3. I've got the Poe episode on and just watched Rory visiting Paris. They make a point of showing Paris ask Rory if she got into Harvard, Rory confirming, and then Paris continuing to be upset about not getting in herself. Since this is the same episode where Lorelai decides that Rory's going to Yale I'm now thinking that one of the reasons Rory didn't really fight her on it is because she was feeling guilty about Paris not getting in. At this point in the series Rory was still a decent person most of the time so I can buy her witnessing Paris' anguish and feeling bad that they both didn't get in
  4. Sully is a class act as he's also expressed appreciation for the job that the airline investigators do and did which really underscores how shitty Eastwood was being in presenting them as the villains.
  5. I know they've done voiceovers many times on this show but Sara's VO this time gave me major Oliver Queen vibes. Oh the botLegends think they're human and our Legends are the robots. That makes sense. Also they're all doing the Oliver Queen gruff speaking voice thing so the opening VO has to be intentional. Go for it guys just don't start doing his intense whispering. OMG I LOVE THE CREDITS FOR THE BOTLEGENDS!!! I love them putting every name in quotations and the scenes they chose were perfect. I also love that botSara and botDr.Sharpe clearly hate each other so let's embrace
  6. I don't mind some historical exaggeration if it's meant to show how an event was huge drama for those involved. I compare it to how we all have memories of major drama from our lives but that same drama really only had an effect on us and didn't matter to anyone not involved. I tend to mind when history gets changed/exaggerated to make things more dramatic only for the real story to eclipse what gets shown. Sometimes it's because they think their audience won't buy the real drama, sometimes it's due to a lack of talent, or sometimes it's just plain laziness but it always annoys.
  7. It helps distinguish Clark from Superman. Like the glasses most people would see the scruff and not look too closely otherwise.
  8. Thank you Irons for ripping the band-aid off right away. So we fast forwarded to the start of the next school year. CLARK IS WEARING A BASEBALL CAP! Hee at Clark smelling the gallon of cologne first and then everyone else catching it. Jordan must really like the scent since it doesn't seem to bother him. I get Kyle's point, and it's solid since a tourism based economy can collapse any second but Lana's also got a point about embracing it. What they need to do is find the balance between the two where the tourism draw can boost the economy without being the only source. I kn
  9. This reminds me when I was in 9th grade and we watched a tape from when one of the AP English classes filmed an adaptation of Epic of Gilgamesh. The clearest scene that I still recall was one of the seniors pulling a Star Wars and going: "Help me, Utnapishtim. You're my only hope." Anyway, my position on spoilers is that I always give a show a chance and go in spoiler free. In my experience it's too easy for me to judge a show the wrong way based on a sentence rather than how the scene/episode actually plays out so I try to avoid it. When I lose faith in the show but haven't yet reached t
  10. On the surface you're right since nothing but the sale has been announced. However: I agree with @Primal Slayer that there will be changes to the network and that's where the spec and wishlist comes from. Maybe we'll get lucky and all those changes will be positive and benefit everyone involved but it's not likely. My big fear is that the sale will result in a slew of reality shows, which are cheap to make, and most of the current content will get cancelled before they have a chance to properly end.
  11. I was looking at distribution for Roswell which said WB but you're right. The CBS shows can easily move to Paramount which would be fine and it would be interesting to see Riverdale finish up on Netflix. They did a great job with Lucifer so it's possible. The hard part would be the Arrowverse shows since Flash and LOT are still linked to Netflix while the rest are linked to HBO Max.
  12. With this news my hope is that the Warner Bros shows all move to HBO Max. They already have a massive WB catalog and moving the Arrowverse, Riverdale, Roswell, Kung Fu, and Legacies would be an extension of that. I also want the budget increases that would come from such a move. I'm sure something sucky will happen instead.
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