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  1. I like Hunter but I hate big displays like the routine so it was a major cringe from me.
  2. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/emilia-clarke-secret-invasion-marvel-1234955746/amp/?__twitter_impression=true Emilia Clarke joins the MCU.
  3. Ryan and Luke pretending they didn’t know each other was so fun. They should find a way to do that a few times a season. I’m really enjoying the relationship between Ryan and Sophie. It’s very Big/Little Sis and I hope it continues. And look at Sophie figuring out who Batwoman is! I’m so proud. I love how Enigma just got bored with Alice and Ocean and unlocked their memories before leaving. She’s fun. Good for you Alice! Ocean’s hot so enjoy the sexytimes. New Crow is hot. Shame he’s being set up as an adversary at best.
  4. Oh yeah actors hate filming love scenes as a general rule. It's always cold in the studio, they have to starve themselves ahead of time, and the actual filming of the scene can get uncomfortable and awkward. And that's when everything runs smoothly and all parties present behave professionally!
  5. This reminds me of my forever unpopular opinion: generating chemistry, especially the romantic kind, is an acting skill just like any other and is not some magical, cannot be explained, thing.
  6. Every so often a picture of Paul Newman makes the rounds on Twitter. Nothing fancy, just him being Paul Newman, but it’s the best game in the world because you get a glorious assortment of people getting weak from his handsomeness. I’m fine with method acting as every actor has their own preferences for prep. Gene Hackman’s father walked out on him when he was a kid and never returned so, and I have no idea if he ever did this, if he chose to unleash the lingering hurt to get him to cry or rage in a scene then I say have at it. My issue echoes what others have said about actors using it a
  7. Subbing in Benedict in the Pall Mall scene is my guess for how they get around Simon. It’s a great scene but the point remains Anthony and Kate and the others are there to round it out. Nothing in the scene relies on Daphne or Simon specifically so one can be absent in the show. Agreed and I hope they do this. Unrelated but I wonder if they’ll keep Sophie having short hair? Regarding Rege I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the show again in a future season for a cameo or two. I bet they’d have done exactly that for season 2 if it weren’t for Covid so I’m not getting worked up a
  8. “All we have in common is that we both miss Kate.” You also have being blonde in common Julia. I’m sure it was just a dressed up warehouse that we’ve been seeing since Arrow season 1 but the community center was a nice change. Enigma and Jake have some nice chemistry. Maybe they could have a hate sex type of affair. Roman amuses me. He practically has a sign saying “I’m a bad guy!” when going about his daily routine but is so obvious no one catches on. Mary and Spence had some nice chemistry as well. Wouldn’t object to something happening there. Mary my love take the m
  9. My point is that if she's on an undercover assignment then that points to her not being forgotten. I agree that it would be massively out of character for Steve and Natasha to go on the run for two years pre-Infinity War and forget all about Sharon. Sharon turning out to be on an undercover assignment would point to her being found and reinstated. Her bosses would just be using her actions in Civil War as part of her cover. A rogue agent who is bitter about getting left behind and having to make her own way in a hive of scum and villainy like Madripoor is a valuable cover for an agent of the C
  10. I'm waiting to get upset about Sharon's situation until I know for sure that she isn't on assignment and pretending she was left behind is her cover.
  11. I like it but then I'm not an Austen fan. I enjoy Emma and that's it. So, since I can live without book P&P, I'm able to enjoy the movie without issue.
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