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  1. What drove me nuts was when they were inconsistent about Monica's OCD or didn't address it in a way that made sense. Take the fire in Rachel's and Phoebe's apartment. Monica brings Rachel breakfast in bed but then won't let Phoebe eat cookies unless it's over the sink? Rachel was shown to be a fairly neat person but so was Phoebe so why was Monica fine with Rachel eating in bed but not Phoebe? Yes, cookies leave crumbs but Rachel could have spilled something on the bedding. We saw her spill spaghetti at Joey's in the same episode so we know that it could have happened at Monica's. And Chandler was also shown to be worrying about "crummies" so I have no idea what we were supposed to think. Maybe Rachel was really good about cleaning up her spills and hiding them from Monica? Lulling Monica into a belief that Rachel could be trusted with breakfast in bed while making everyone else eat the cookies over the sink? But then Rachel knew about eating cookies over the sink AND we saw Phoebe and Ross eating the experiment cookies at the table in a different episode so I don't know. I would have liked to see someone address Monica's obsessiveness about cleaning, being in control, and her competitiveness with regard to kids. I don't have much memory of the last season so maybe there is a scene I've forgotten but, if I knew her in real life, I'd ask how she can be confident in her abilities to parent a child when she HAS to win all the time, or if she had any plans to address her obsession with cleaning, or her need to always be in control. Because kids are messy, they break things, they make mistakes, and they can be stubborn. If I knew someone as anal as Monica in real life I'd advise her to talk to someone and make sure she had the tools so that she wouldn't get excessively upset when her kids are being kids. Monica could easily become one of those moms who gets into fights at the soccer games because the outcome matters more than if the kids are having fun. Her obsessive cleaning could put unnecessary stress on the kids and then they start freaking out about something like spilling apple juice. And Chandler's tendency to let Monica be in charge would only add to the stress because he'd be freaking out too. Phoebe moved out because "I need to live in a place where people can spill!" and that was in season 3 when Monica was presented far more reasonably about wanting things clean. The woman she became by series end is not one I would entrust with a child unless she had lots of therapy (this is true for all of them of course but I'm focusing on Monica).
  2. Aka, the show and audience didn't like the character(s) so they dumped them. Now, I always liked Kendra so I wish she'd stuck around so we could see her shine on her own but I totally agree about Carter. He was the worst from start to finish.
  3. He defeats evil with cuddles. He’s so far above Paragon they can’t see him anymore.
  4. Keep discussion focused on the events of the episode. The thread in the Legends of Tomorrow forum is the best place to discuss the aired parts of the crossover thus far. There are spoilers posted freely so enter at your own risk. If you want to discuss the crossover without spoilers then take a moment and think about what the focus of your post is (characters, relationships, media, unspoiled speculation, etc.) before going to the relevant thread in the relevant forum. Continuing to go off-topic can result in warnings so be mindful when you post.
  5. Given how we all over expected on the announced cameos I wouldn't be surprised if Laurel is part of a flashback montage of some kind rather than an active participant in the Paragons vs Anti-Monitor. If she does have more than a cameo then I'd bet on it coming from the Anti-Monitor. In the story the Anti-Monitor can warp reality so maybe he shapeshifts the shadow demons into images of various characters, including Laurel, to mess with the Paragons. Rene and Dinah wouldn't work in this scenario because they have no connection to the Paragons so maybe they only show up in Part 5. I really hope this ends with the Earths merged plus the paradise dimension. My hope is that the emphasis on the book and how dangerous it can be results in it simply being impossible to bring back the entire multiverse and we get the merge. I do think they're going to keep the part that only a select few will remember the original timeline and I think it will be the Paragons plus Oliver if he survives/comes back.
  6. Welcome to the new Flash Media thread! After some discussion we decided that The Flash forum doesn't need a spoiler friendly media thread. So here are the new rules: Media includes regular news and social media. If any media posted in this thread includes a reference to a spoiler it MUST be tagged accordingly. Any discussion of spoilery parts of media posts must be in the Spoilers and Spoiler Discussion thread. Flash comics should be treated as potential spoilers for the show and tagged accordingly. Casting announcements are generally not spoilers unless those involved with the show are being secretive about who the incoming actor(s) will be playing. Reviews and reactions to the episodes after they air should be posted here. Any that can be found before an episode airs should be in the Spoiler thread. Enjoy!
  7. This reminds me that Lord Mesa has been absent from Artists Alley the last couple of cons. I’ve missed his work.
  8. Yep. We see Oliver in a suit, the Anti-Monitor in all his Night King/The Master glory, and the Paragons in what Twitter has described as the same quarry the Power Rangers would fight in.
  9. He had a lot of the same enthusiasm at the Supergirl panel this past con. Plus he goes on purpose (LOVE the reaction that got) so it’s legit.
  10. I give Marc G a lot of shit, as I hold a grudge, but I’ll give him credit for joining all of us who want to buy Beebo and Mick Rory romance novels.
  11. And Mia is so down for some devil sexytimes (even if it makes her hate herself a little). I liked how older Flash’s arc ended. That flashback to the 90s Show was perfect.
  12. I LOVED that Lucy crossed over. I’d have had a stroke if Amy, Dr Linda, and especially Maze had been with him so that was probably wise. He should do a smaller crossover on LOT and hook up with Con. BARBARA GORDON!! Or, rather, BARBARA GORDON’S VOICE!!! Those alone made this episode amazing but everything else worked too. I love Cryor’s Lex but this made me laugh.
  13. Lex thinks he merely saved himself but he’s gonna have to step up cause the other Paragons aren’t here for his shit.
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