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  1. I've never seen her in anything but I like her enthusiasm so I'm on board.
  2. The only thing I can think of is that maybe he wanted Laurel to be angry when we first meet her at CNRI, then to wear a mask of indifference with Oliver in that conversation and finally to start opening up later at the party? That would hit the angry and apathetic thing. I don't know. What I do know is that idea of the protagonist cheating on his girlfriend with her sister and then having said girlfriend be the love of his life and endgame relationship was a really bad one and it was smart to move away from that early on.
  3. Since neither had glasses I wonder if that might be part of a Mallory centric? Karen got her glasses a few books into the Little Sister series so that may already a planned future story. My first thought was that it would provide bonding time for her and Kristy but maybe they'll give it to Mallory? Maybe Mallory gets frames she doesn't really like and feels insecure as a result. Karen gets made fun of in school for having glasses (I think that happened in her series) so maybe Mallory works through her own insecurities by helping Karen with hers? Insecurities about glasses would be tricky since there's no longer a stigma attached to having them so they may not even have it be a story point. Mallory and Karen may just show up in an episode with their glasses and that's that.
  4. scarynikki12

    Hamilton (2020)

    I remember the cast member moving the bullet from Burr's gun as Hamilton delivers his final lines when I saw the show but I had no idea that there was this whole backstory behind it. And each member of the cast has a complete story in the show??? I really don't need a reason to watch this a million times but I'll take it. I will say that this attention to detail will also make the future movie even harder to pull off. Not impossible, and I like to imagine the future director being a huge fan who spends years just mentally putting together a movie long before the opportunity arrives, but super hard. Speaking of the future movie, Lin's been fairly consistent in wanting to wait. A few years ago he said it was going to be twenty years and I honestly think it will be or close to it. He wanted In The Heights made first, before even bringing Hamilton to the table, and he's also enjoying writing songs for Disney and exploring other creative options. Personally I hope he waits until Auliʻi Cravalho is old enough to play Eliza (my pick) so at least ten more years.
  5. She's tweeting in such a way that I wonder if she does have people in her life pushing back and this is her way of winning. Surely someone in her life (publisher, agent, PR rep, etc.) has pointed out that her best bet is to shut up rather than continuing to dig the hole yet she keeps doing it. Every time she tweets her prejudice she gets negative publicity so surely her team doesn't want this to continue.
  6. My first thought was that Stargirl joining the lineup means that this show won't happen. If not then I wonder if we'll see some Arrowverse shows doing intentionally short seasons like the streaming services and this one will join that group. That's a possibility too. I read somewhere that LOT was scheduled to premiere midseason 2021 which I assume means summer. We know the network likes summer programming so putting a couple comic shows in the summer could work.
  7. Same. If each season encompasses a school year plus some summer shenanigans then they can get five more seasons before the girls would be off to college. My hope is that they I read the Little Sister spinoff books but that was in spite of Karen. Show Karen was absolutely hilarious and they need to keep this exact tempo with her characterization.
  8. scarynikki12

    Hamilton (2020)

    One of the historians I follow confirms that their relationship was platonic in real life. Alex did misinterpret a letter she sent him (the My Dearest referenced was actually from Angelica to Alex rather than how it happens in the show) but she instantly clarified that it was a grammar mistake and that was the end of it. They were close in real life just not romantically.
  9. scarynikki12

    Hamilton (2020)

    The Twitter watch party has ended but was a ton of fun. I think my favorite non-show part was when Vanessa (Lin's awesome wife) revealed that she always boos when he kisses a costar on stage. So their boys joined in tonight and the older one, Sebastian, kept count of the kisses so they wouldn't miss a chance to boo, hee. Within the show my favorite remains Leslie's Burr. Wait For It is my favorite song of Act 1 and The Room Where It Happens is my favorite of Act 2. Sheer brilliance. Pippa's Eliza always makes me cry and Who Lives Who Dies Who Tells Your Story just unleashes the weeping. I know it's coming and I can't stop it. All I can ever say about Daveed is Holy.Fuck. Lin described him as a force of nature when he was on Colbert and it's 100% accurate. Joanne Freeman is a historian I follow and she was part of the watch party tweeting out history facts. She included one that Phillip had been involved in 10 duels prior to the one that killed him and all had ended before the actual dueling. When Alexander learned that Phillip had left for the last one he fainted. This makes the whole thing sadder and explains his nonchalance in the show (most disputes die and no one shoots).
  10. For me, I ship both Stefan and Damon with a guillotine. Totally agree on Blair/Serena and one of Gossip Girl's many travesties was sidelining that friendship in favor of the shitty boyfriends. Once I hit my thirties I started moving away from romantic shipping and into platonic shipping. There are a few reasons, incluing my real life history of making poor romantic choices and great friendship choices, the stories that have come out in recent years about how various actresses have been pressured into doing love scenes they weren't comfortable with, and the simple fact that platonic relationships tend to be better written than romantic ones. For every Jake/Amy (who I agree are Relationship Goals) we have about a hundred couples like Ross and Rachel. I've lost count how many times I've chatted with people after a show ends and someone will inevitably say "they totally broke up five minutes after the finale". That's not the reaction people should have about these couples when the story is over. So here are some of my favorite friendships: Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and Sophia Lorelai Gilmore and Lane Kim Lucy and Ethel Sara Lance and Oliver Queen Kara Thrace and Helo Kara Danvers and Kate Kane Leonard Snart and Mick Rory Jessica Fletcher and Seth Hazlett Nikita and Alex Peggy Carter and Jarvis
  11. scarynikki12

    Hamilton (2020)

    For anyone wondering when the best time to watch is:
  12. The tributes today have been lovely, and I'm still reading through them, but these two are among my favorites so far: Lovely man and will be greatly missed. I hope Mel has a backup Jeopardy buddy.
  13. Yep. The ideal scenario is that she hooked up with a random guy and never got his name so she's embarassed to admit that to Sami but soaps love their rape stories so I'm assuming. EJ grooming her would make sense too if they were willing to be true to his character. I know and it sucks because we're missing some amazeballs storytelling and character moments. I would so love to see Johnny, Sydney, and Allie unite to finally take out EJ. Then Johnny and Sydney can deal with the fallout of learning their dad raped their mom, Allie can support, and Sami can finally get some therapy.
  14. Absolutely. All I want from this show is for us to see, on screen, Sami and her kids deal with the fact that one of the twins was conceived via rape from the man she considers to be the love of her life. I've been saying this for years but Allie's pregnancy story and making EJ the baby daddy would get the ball rolling. I think that the actor playing Allie has been giving off rape victim vibes and it's in character for EJ to be the rapist. For years he was obsessed with Sami so it's not a stretch to imagine him transferring his obsession to her daughter. My guess is that whenever the fact of the different fathers for the twins was brought up Sami either changed the subject or avoided directly answering so they and Sydney likely don't know about the rape and assume that Sami cheated on Lucas. Shows love to act like having an affair with someone you eventually marry is proof of deep feelings so that plus the other evidence (Sami bringing the kids with her on her around the world search for EJ, taking him back after his affair with Abby, and viewing him as the love of her life) would give Allie pause on telling her. Allie's probable rape (even if it wasn't by EJ) would at least be an ideal time for her to confide in someone who knows Sami's own history so that person can be the bridge towards bringing them together. Even if they decide to ignore EJ's rapes there's still Alan raping her back when she was younger than Allie so she can still be her support system. I really hope it's Lucas and he either just calls Sami to come to Salem or gets through to Allie to do it herself.
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