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  1. He had one of those walkie talkies the Crows use so I assume he tracked their location that way.
  2. The Anointed One? Just shove her outside at high noon and go about your day. Problem solved. Part of me thought Winn would die but I’m glad I’m wrong. He’ll be great at turning the Toyman name into a symbol for good. They would do better to have Kara casually date a bunch of guys for a whole season and then bring back the best to be a relationship in the next one. Not a fan of the current formula.
  3. You don’t cast Sebastian Roche for a nothing role so I’m delighted he’s really evil dad. It’s a more interesting story if Sophie kills Beth but I’m also glad that she chose arrest. Was expecting Beth to die so that wasn’t a surprise but I will still miss her. And now Alice has more reasons to go against Kate. I love that they gave Kate this choice AND that she made it before evil dad arrived with the gun. I see you, show, not naming Kate’s soulmate and keeping your options open.
  4. I never read the 2.5 stories but they really drive home Laurel's resentment of Sara ("for you he wakes up") and makes her interest in joining Team Arrow seem more about being one of the cool kids than anything else. Her line about wearing a mask one day, when coupled with that scene from Crisis, does nothing to dissuade the view that she was playing Single White Female in season 3. It's a shame that none of this was explored in the actual show.
  5. I know it's the name of the episode but the order of these words makes me laugh.
  6. References to future episodes need to be spoiler tagged.
  7. The Hyper Heroes guys think it looks like it could be another weapon. I hope it turns out to be both. Have Bruce melt down Joe Chill's gun and use it under his breastplate as another layer of protection (one of my favorite comic details) and have the actual bat across his chest be another weapon.
  8. No one can say Matt Reeves isn't having all the fun with this movie.
  9. My favorite scene ended up being the one with Gen at the treehouse. There absolutely are those people that we will always feel some kind of connection to, and even affection for, long after the relationship has turned sour. Lara Jean and Gen hate each other now but they were best friends once and both ladies did a great job quietly showing that complication. Lara Jean was baking! Her incessant baking is the one thing I'd have added to the first movie so I'm delighted to see it here. Snicker-doodles, turnovers, and cupcakes! That's the LJ I adore. I loved the Fakesgiving scene and how we knew Trinia was a good fit for the Covey family because she not only was comfortable hearing the story about Mom but actively engaged and was thankful to hear a cherished memory. There wasn't any doubt, and not just because I've read the books, as this isn't the type of story to do a surprise Wicked Stepmother but it was a great way to show her compatibility with them. And her and Peter happily eating the canned green beans was adorable. John Ambrose was great here and I wouldn't object to a spinoff sequel where he finds his own love. I'm still a Peter K lady all the way. Noah imbues him with so much charm and attitude that I can't help it. Sofia Alvarez and J. Mills Goodloe are credited with the screenplay so I have to commend them as well for giving Noah good material. Looking forward to the third, which I believe Lana said has already wrapped.
  10. Freddy Meyers. Appropriate. Though he looked more Doc Brown than Halloween as an Encore. I love Nora being annoyed that every kid wants a pony. She was sweet with young Freddy so she’s probably a good fairy godmother to all her kids. Sara playing the straight man to Ava’s geeky exuberance was fun. Of course Mick went to high school with a serial killer. My Zari is still crazy smart and is starting to remember. And thinking an 80s limo is a shared ride, hee. I love her in every timeline. Charlie’s back! I knew Momma Meyers was a bad guy. No reason to leave out Friday the 13th in this ode to slasher flicks.
  11. Going forward any re-watching related discussion needs to be in the individual episode threads. Edited to add clarification: When doing re-watches, reactions in the episode threads should be focused on that episode. We do not have a general series thread so discussion that goes beyond the events of an episode should take place in the appropriate thread (eg, the character threads).
  12. I can only speak to my own experience but my independent theater shows a lot of the Netflix movies when they do their run. I saw The Irishman two weeks before it started streaming and I believe they did the same timing with Marriage Story and Roma. The Regal that I go to didn't have either movie until this past weekend when they did their annual marathon of all the Best Picture nominees. In order to be viable for Oscars the movies have to have a theatrical run and Netflix and Amazon aren't exempt. As I understand it, the run has to be at least two or three weeks so a lot of time it ends up being a blink and you'll miss it situation. I think Regal, AMC, etc., just want to make as much money as possible so they don't want to deal with intentionally showing a movie for only a couple weeks.
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