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  1. They're both certainly dead now, along with E2 Sara's kid (assuming Siren wasn't lying about that too), since those red skies moved quickly.
  2. Probably unless they escaped to Earth Prime when the red skies showed up. Flash had some stuff in tonight's episode but I think the bulk of it will be on Arrow. So far there's been nothing on Batwoman and Supergirl. Batwoman is probably focused on getting to the present (at the moment the show is pre-Elseworlds) and I bet Supergirl will do their usual thing of having a crossover connection the episode before. Always. I don't remember if we got any info on who gets Mia or why she's brought into the present for Crisis but, until I know otherwise, I'm hoping it's because Sara learns Oliver is destined to die and sends for Mia so he can get to know her. At the very least I want Oliver to tell Sara his destiny before the fighting starts. Felicity and Diggle are the first to know, and they should be, but Oliver loves and trusts Sara almost as much (I'd say just below them if I were making a list), and knows she's the same with him, and absolutely needs to tell her. Plus it will give me Oliver/Sara goodies and we're running out of time for those.
  3. Earth 2 is officially toast. I like how they incinerated everyone so the bloodbath should be good tv when Crisis hits.
  4. I wonder if that indicated he was into her and working up to asking her out? I was a bit disappointed that Moira didn’t figure out that this wasn’t her Oliver but it wouldn’t have fit so I won’t dwell.
  5. That pretty bird moment was the kind of trolling that will go down in history. Epic.
  6. JJ knows his dad will yell at him if he kills Mia. So she lives.
  7. Diggle and Iris need to hold Pep Talk For Heroes seminars.
  8. Booo! Though his direction is way better than it’s been so maybe he finally read some criticism?
  9. You know there hasn’t been anything about the relationship E2 Oliver had with Siren so I’m taking this as proof that they were never together and she just blew smoke up everyone’s ass.
  10. Great fight but there’s a shaky cam. Is this Bamboozle?
  11. Totally on board for Oliver vs Tommy,
  12. So Siren still kills people but she shoots them instead and gets away with it cause they’re Tommy’s goons.
  13. The decision to have her E2 doppelgänger be dead hadn’t been thought up yet. Similar to Siren’s changing backstory for what made her go evil.
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