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  1. scarynikki12

    Shocking! Black Lightning in the News

    Cress was on the Entertainment Weekly Brave Warriors panel earlier and I’m pretty sure he’s now BFF with his fellow panelists. Lots of fun as they told stories from headshots to bad director notes.
  2. Caity was on the Fan Favorites panel where she reunited with former costar Ben Feldman, gave Amell a hug when he was the surprise guest, chatted back and forth with pal Candice, and confirmed she’s directing episode 5 in a couple weeks.
  3. scarynikki12

    The Flash in the Media

    Candice was on the Fan Favorites panel and spoke about how much it means to her to have played a part in the increase of women of color getting more, and better, roles than before she was cast. She also said she loves journalism stories for Iris in part because it keeps her inside and away from Vancouver cold nights.
  4. Amell was a surprise guest at the Fan Favorites panel and said nice things about Caity and Candice.
  5. I just had a short chat with Marc Bernardin before his signing and he says that, from what he’s heard, we should get lots of Crisis info tomorrow. I’m planning on being in the room so stay tuned.
  6. scarynikki12

    The Annual Primetime Emmys Topic

    I’m delighted to see the love for The Good Place, Fleabag, Schitt’s Creek, and the Game Of Thrones actors. I’m not delighted to see the lack of love for Brooklyn 99. The Emmys give and take like always.
  7. scarynikki12

    From Across The Pond: Royal Weddings and Scandals

    If the Fug Ladies are to be believed Kate's had the dress for a while so she/her team probably assumed it still fit just fine. I'm sure she still has new outfits tailored.
  8. scarynikki12

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Final Countdown

    It's going to be something stupid like "It's not Oliver's it's Ollie's!" isn't it?
  9. scarynikki12

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Final Countdown

    Was it confirmed that the green suit was for Colin? If so then I'll go with new Earth Green Arrow.
  10. scarynikki12

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Final Countdown

    I'd love it if Colin turned out to be the second Green Arrow on Earth 2 or even the only one on, say, Earth 12 but I think that the presence of (I assume) Black Siren points to Earth 2 so I'm going with him being the Dark Archer. The simplest explanation is that Oliver goes to Earth 2 for The Monitor, runs into Siren (who is now a, sigh, Hero) as she battles Merlyn, and they defeat him. Maybe E2 Tommy gets turned toward redemption (allowing Colin the chance to join the Crisis shenanigans if he's available) or maybe he does like Earth X and chooses death but the show will finally get to do the Oliver and (doppelanger of) Laurel team up against Tommy that they originally envisioned when the series was created. If the 100th taught us anything it's that, while they were fine making the change from their original vision of where the show would go, they will take any opportunity to let that vision play out. It would be hilarious if I'm wrong and Oliver doesn't interact with either and they just have a side story while he does his thing for The Monitor. I don't expect that as Amell and Colin will want to share scenes but it would make me laugh.
  11. scarynikki12

    S02.E05: A Better Yesterday

    My guess is it's either a fakeout or she gets cloned and it's the clone who is Zod's mom.
  12. scarynikki12

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Final Countdown

    I vote alternate Earth, preferably Earth 2. It's the cleanest way to get around Emily's absence. They can reference Felicity without seeing her. A flashback would accomplish a lot of this as well but I prefer alternate Earth.
  13. scarynikki12

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Final Countdown

    For sure but the black suit has so many speculating on Black Canary that I figured they could at least bring on a good version. The suits could also be for the future storylines and we'll get to see William with some protective gear while Mia decides she wants her Green Arrow suit to be a bit brighter than her dad's. What I really want to see, and don't think will happen for one second, is for Stanley to return in the form of Onomatopoeia. He would be great.
  14. scarynikki12

    Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019)

    I was a little disappointed that Janice wasn't a disgruntled accountant but they made up for it with her working on the cape. The impression I have is that Fury went to space after Endgame. Carol was back, they reconnect, she asks for his help with whatever comes next/he volunteers, and they ask their good friend Talos to take his place. Hence Sam playing Fury as off compared to the other movies. I'm assuming Maria either went to space as well or is still on Earth doing another mission and wasn't available for the Mysterio mission so Soren steps in. I don't think we're supposed to think that Fury's been Talos this whole time or even part of the time, just that he was in this movie. An argument can be made for Soren being Maria the whole time but, again, I think she was for just this movie. Speaking of, loved it! I was glad to see that May got dusted and the report was wrong. That explains why she showed no attachment issues regarding Peter's trip. She never lost him so she won't necessarily feel clingy with him returned. Plus May just seems to be a more positive person in general, what with putting a humorous spin on her return, going right into raising money to help find new homes for the other returned, and enthusing for Peter's trip and his plan with MJ. I'm glad that, so far, it seems like there is no multiverse going on. Just Mysterio being full of shit. Going back to Fury in space, I hope this means he's a go for the second Captain Marvel movie.
  15. scarynikki12

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Final Countdown

    I won't believe Amell until we have proof. He won't hesitate to lie when it comes to spoilers. That said, if they don't do any doppelgangers in the run up to Crisis, I can see a scenario where we do meet Green Arrow and Black Canary from other Earths and they are entirely different actors. Robert is the Green Arrow of Earth 2 so this would be an opportunity to meet him and they could bring Susanna back and have Moira be an alternate Earth Black Canary as well. If they really want to they can have a ton of fun with it.