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  1. I assume it's that pilot she said she was writing a few months back.
  2. I could see that but I expect they'd have Annie recreate that moment. It would bring things full circle and Annie is enough like George that I can buy she'd also picture her son as a little boy in the moment she learns of his engagement.
  3. It wouldn't surprise me. I'll go along with a recast if it means EJ finally pays for raping Sami but I won't hold my breath. They'll probably just say he's in a long term care facility when Sami returns.
  4. I want Father Of The Bride 3: Father Of The Groom that's an expanded version of this special including all the new cast members. Then I want Father Of The Bride 4: Double Wedding that sees the birthday twins Megan and Georgie get engaged within days/weeks of each other and decide to have a double wedding. Then we can see Annie join George in overreacting parent mode.
  5. The reunion makes me want to see a proper Part 3 with this cast. Right away I love Pugh and Platt as the birthday twins Megan and Georgie as well as Shipp's Rachel. Just write it so that Matt and Rachel decide to have the actual low key, family and close friends only, wedding that George envisioned in the first movie and then the comedy can come from George needing something to overreact to and there being nothing since the planning and execution of the wedding goes smoothly (until the end when Megan announces her engagement and George is beyond relieved to return to his normal state). I liked De Niro's James so they could have fun playing him off of George. This is a minor thing that I just remembered from the first movie but I hate that Annie suggests Brian call George Dad, George responds with a kind but clear "George will be fine" and then Brian proceeds to call him Dad thereafter. George didn't turn it into a thing but I hate it when you tell someone "call me ____" and they ignore it so it annoys me every time the movie is on.
  6. I can see that since Tripp is already on the scene. At least he's not a block of wood like Austin Peck. I started watching after Muldoon left so I never understood what was so special about Austin that I was supposed to root for anyone to be with him. I did enjoy Sami vs Carrie in spite of that. I would like to see Sydney come along for some mother/daughters drama. I've decided that Sami favoring Sydney is my preference for Allie's antagonism. It honestly would make sense for Allie to believe that Sydney was the favorite because she doesn't seem to know about Nicole kidnapping her for the first year of her life. That year is so important for the baby and the parents and they will never get it back so it makes sense that Sami would want to do everything she can to make up for it. It would start with conscious choices like spending extra time one on one or being extra interested and enthusiastic when it came to her interests and accomplishments, and then become a habit in their relationship generally. Allie acting out like she did because she felt it was the only way to get Sami to pay attention to her would make sense in light of that and it would be great story potential for when she gets back. Instead I'm sure we'll see Allie and Claire fighting over Tripp with Claire being presented as his One True Love while Allie uses Henry to keep them apart. Just drive home the similarities.
  7. Ha! That's delightful. And, given how much money George spent on Annie's wedding I think him looking forward to attending Matt's knowing he only had to enjoy it was perfectly normal.
  8. Yeah the show is so far up EJ's ass that I don't expect it to be mentioned much less addressed. It was viewer response that got them to begrudgingly acknowledge the rape at all. They had years to address it before he became a zombie and never did so no way are they going to do so now. I agree that we'll see more Saint Nicole interfering in a story that should be primarily focused on Sami and Allie. Lucas should be present because he's one of the few people who can get through to Sami when she's being Sami and (I hope) be able to provide some perspective that can break through Allie's immaturity. He would be the perfect mediator. All Nicole will do is just keep fanning the flames of this conflict, because she ultimately cares about pissing off Sami, but she'll act all sweet around Allie and fool everyone into believing she's on her side. There are a ton of different ways they could resurrect Sami vs Nicole but the conflict with Allie shouldn't be one of them. As I was typing that I had another thought. Back when Sami was raped by Alan Carrie ended up testifying against her at trial right? Stupid Wikipedia and Youtube have let me down on this one, and Dustin's Days Page is long gone, but I remember something about Carrie was tricked into admitting that Sami could be lying about Alan raping her and that causing a major fracture in their relationship. I may have the details wrong but here's my thought: what if we see a version of history repeating itself? Allie is angry and resentful towards Sami, effectively placing herself in the Sami role opposite Sami's Marlena (not suggesting Sami and Marlena are alike just that the situations are) so what if we learn that Sydney is the Carrie/Belle? It would make some sense as Marlena's never really hidden that she had a favorite child/children and it wasn't Sami (I would have also loved seeing an ongoing story that involved Eric showing resentment towards her for that favoritism, but the show isn't exactly interested in him so I digress). Maybe one of these confrontations between Sami and Allie will reveal that Sydney is the favorite and sparked Allie's resentment. The one thing I want, even if it makes me roll my eyes for the rest of my life, is for Allie to give us a REASON for the resentment. Sami went overboard after witnessing Marlena and John cheating but everyone can understand her hurt, anger, and confusion. Allie's behavior and feelings didn't come out of nowhere and I want them to delve into that. Maybe it will be as simple as Allie discovering the truth about EJ and thinking Sami would want her to follow her example. Or maybe the day she learned about adultery, and (falsely) realized that's what Sami did to Lucas, sparked the resentment and seeing Sami's apparent devotion to EJ just made things worse. Maybe it's the rape and her feelings are so mixed up that she doesn't know how to sort through them. I don't care just give me something. One final thought: if this does include Sami revealing the Alan rape to Allie it would be fun if she also included shooting him in the nuts when he tried to do it again. I think Allie would get on board with that resolution even if it doesn't solve their problems.
  9. This would be legitimately interesting so I doubt they'll do it. BUT I WANT IT!!!! It would be AMAZING for Sami to hear that Allie turned against her because she assumed she'd be forced to marry her rapist. For the record I don't think Sami would ever do that (she'd go scorched earth on him instead) but it would make a lot of sense for Allie to assume that based on Sami's own marriage. It would also force Sami to start confronting the realities of her marriage and relationships. I WANT IT SO BAD!!!
  10. This reminds me: Sterling needs to do a buddy comedy.
  11. ZENDAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO ZENDAYA'S PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Bateman didn't win but it's sweet that he had his daughter there since she's too young to attend the traditional ceremony.
  13. I know it's a bit but I honestly would believe that Aniston and Cox decided to quarantine together.
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