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  1. Rewatched this episode. I completely missed that during the holiday party, when Darhk tells Oliver that sometimes to teach someone a lesson you have punish the one he cares about the most, the camera goes to Darhk/Quentin. He even finishes the sentence with a dramatic hand gesture seemingly in Lance’s direction. A subtle moment very different then the other death anvils.
  2. So happy for April Ross! Third times a charm.
  3. The US swimsuits really did look like Budweiser cans. The worst.
  4. I kind of get it. It’s mentally and physically taxing but it’s also all she’s ever know and all she’s sacrificed for. Sometimes walking away can be just as terrifying as staying. ^response to Skinner’s post
  5. One source is saying the Official hit the wrong button during the first review, declaring the challenge successful. How sloppy.
  6. Anyone remember Seabiscuit? The part where he levels up with his competition and then charges forward to win. I think I’m going to start calling Finke “Seabiscuit”.
  7. Dressel gets so emotional. It’s sweet. I’m excited for the American women in 2024. Lots of potential in these up and comers.
  8. I keep watching the end of the 800. I can’t believe how much distance he put between the field at the end. That wasn’t even close. Reminds me of Ledecky’s first Olympic 800. The surprise of it.
  9. Finke is the biggest swimming surprise of the games.
  10. I remember my first time in LA, I wanted to go to this place 18 miles away from where I was staying. It took 2 hours.
  11. The runners behind her were trying so hard. She was on cruise control.
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