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  1. Chaser

    Figure Skating

    Nathan’s landings were off on half of his jumps. The fact that he saved them is a testament to how good he is. That said, I hate to see how overscored he gets after performances like these. It’s crazy, he’s going to win anyway in this field. It just gives the haters more to yell about.
  2. Updates from spoiler Reddit guy: Felicity has a lot of scenes There is an Olicity kiss Connor was not adopted by the Diggles
  3. Chaser

    Figure Skating

    Just got around to watching the rhythm dance. H/D going that cocky victory dance after H/B didn’t overtake them was the tackiest thing I’ve ever seen. Was Zach really mocking them by doing the disco moves? Yikes. Then the stone faced glare when C/B took the portion... double yikes. H/D have no class.
  4. Chaser

    Figure Skating

    I kept hearing about the K/K’s excellent short but I’m pretty sure he tripped like 30 secs in. Does anyone know what was going on with then Cain/Leduc’s death spiral? I remember thinking it looked wrong but I don’t think they ever confirmed why it received zero points. Does anyone know why parts of twitter hate Bradie? I follow twitter during competitions and will random come across some ugly stuff directed toward Bradie.
  5. Chaser

    Figure Skating

    Yeah, I think they would have put Alysa first. If it were up to me: Bradie Amber Mariah Alysa. Alysa has improved a lot but quality wise she still isn’t there. I wanted Andrea to stop talking to Gracie. I was getting concerned listening to that interview.
  6. Is it The Fishnet or The Fish Net?
  7. I was confused by the erased line. When she said the was no trace of the Black Canary, I wasn’t sure if she meant no trace of her as BC or any BC in history. I’m assuming since Mia had no clue who they were, any BC. Side note: Remember in the Earth X crossover, Nazi Wells told Felicity that history remembers BC (among other heroes) but there is no mention of Felicity Smoak? LOL KC keeps talking about E2 backstory so I’m not thinking there is a big twist with BS.
  8. Most reviews I’ve seen mention the lack of William as a big negative. I can’t see them not introducing William to the team as the resident Tech. It also frees up Dinah to be in the field. Tbh it wouldn’t surprise me if the only reason Dinah was doing all the tech stuff is because clueing William in is a future arc and they wanted it focused on the woman for the pilot. I forgot to mention that it was impressive the way Kat physically changed when Mia got her memories. She sort of strolled into the party but when she followed Dinah and Laurel out of the room she was charging. I was like ‘oh hi Mia!’ I was so confused about why Dinah was added to the spin off but I get it now. Mia/Kat and Laurel/KC need a buffer.
  9. Watched the full episode this morning. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be tbh. I actually enjoyed some on it and think it could be a good series with adjustment. The positive: the personality changes to Mia and Dinah really worked for me. I like the softening of Mia. I love the socialite/secret identity plot. Mia/William is a win. Liked the Mia and JJ. I think that’s something that could be so interesting. Great twist. Shocked by Dinah but it’s a personality reset that works for me and I kind of get. I even found her random drop to the future. If that heart to heart with Mia had to be with a Canary I would have accepted Dinah instead of Laurel. So negatives: I get that Canaries had to get a big part of the pilot but it needed so much more William. It needed some more heart and that’s the Queen sibling relationship. There was some really weak plotting but it’s Arrow, that’s always going to negative. LAUREL LAUREL LAUREL. I saw some clips. I read the comments. She’s even worse. She was down right ugly this episode. It was so bad that when she was nice to Mia, I thought she was just manipulating her. There was already a lot of hypocrisy with the character but they tripled it. And all that understanding with Oliver? HUH? It was awful.
  10. Only able to catch clips here and here so I don’t have fully formed thoughts. I will say that 2040s fashion feels very 80s. The clips I saw of Laurel and Mia weren’t great. Laurel was mean and bitchy. Not in a fun snarky either. Dinah was kind of a 180. Not in a bad way. I couldn’t find much on William and that made me sad. Loved the William and Mia. All I got right now.
  11. I agree. I don’t think there is anything wrong or inherently negative about what she said but she could have put more enthusiasm in the pilot mention.
  12. I just finished listening to a podcast Kat did back in December. The host asked her about upcoming stuff. She mentioned the backdoor pilot and said if that doesn’t work out she has some other things going on. I just don’t get the impression she has a lot of confidence in what they are doing.
  13. I know. But how can this be current Mia if post Crisis Mia has no memory of her old life.
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