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  1. It's not exactly Jeopardy! in the media, but it might be interesting to hear what LeVar Burton has to say. I'd think it's a given that his guest hosting stint will be a topic of conversation.
  2. The Creative Arts Emmys were held this past Saturday and Sunday. I'm linking the lists of winners posted by both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter as you need both of them to find out all the winners. Both publications have put out a list of all the nominees in each category, which I like so you can see who was competing, and then they put the winner's name(s) in bold print. The problem is that in several categories, each publication forgot to put the winner's name(s) in bold. You need to scroll through both listings in order to find out who all the winners are. Proofreading is evident
  3. Just as info, the multi-quote button has not worked for me on my phone (an Android) since the site was upgraded. It works for me on my notebook, just not on my phone. I have no issues with the solo-quote button on either device.
  4. It was about three days into Richards' initial guest hosting stint that someone had mentioned his lisp. I hadn't originally picked up on it, but once mentioned, I couldn't unhear it and it's been driving me crazy ever since. After Monday's episode ran, someone here wondered if the writers had set him up by loading sibilant sounds into many of the category names. On Tuesday, I wondered whether the writers were at it again with the opening celebrate the contestants monologue, where Richards was made to say "contethtanth" at least four times. I will be very happy when this week ends, ho
  5. I don't think it's been mentioned yet and perhaps it's a market-by-market decision, but in my market the Alex Trebek dedication card at the very end of each episode has been removed. I had wondered if they would stop showing it at the end of Season 37. That seems to be the case. I got the TS of "Normal People" and "Project Runway." I was surprised no one got either.
  6. I've had luck finding the info on where and when my local affiliate (NBC) will be airing Jeopardy! when it's been pre-empted, by checking their Facebook page. Sometimes that's more reliable than their website.
  7. Creative Arts Emmy Awards happening this evening, including this!
  8. I can't decide if I want to ๐Ÿ˜… or ๐Ÿ˜” at that crossword clue. Perhaps ๐Ÿ˜ก would be the best choice because I am truly angry at Mike Richards for causing this tempest that has sullied the image of the greatest quiz show in television history. While I believe the show can return to a semblance of normalcy, there will always be a black mark left on the show's otherwise stellar history.
  9. I'd forgotten about this clue from the initial run of the TOC, but I got the TS of Rick Baker purely based on knowledge accrued from repeatedly enjoying the Horror Make-up Show at Universal Studios Orlando!
  10. Same on the football pre-game show, but here, Jeopardy! ran in its normal 7:30 time slot on the CW instead of on the NBC local affiliate where it usually runs. I missed the first two minutes or so before I found it this evening.
  11. I have been sitting on the fence about joining in. I did not realize there was food! You all should be more up front about that as a major selling point. ๐Ÿ˜„ I would very much like to join you. I'm now off to ruminate on foods that relate to the number 1, as I suspect I'll be spending a good deal of time at the 1/5 table.
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