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  1. I was somewhat surprised that neither Joe nor Angelo went for the oysters. 🤔
  2. @PeterPirate Thanks so much for that info. I had seen Mark Blum's photo and knew I recognized him from somewhere other than the the roles mentioned in the article. I hadn't had time to check his IMDb page. Of course, TWW is where I remember him from. Very sad. 😢
  3. Prediction for Nicky's wife: Sally, the girl from his past. You just know this show loves to add even more characters to the mix than we've got already.
  4. A Stay-At-Home ordinance was passed by the Charleston City Council earlier this evening. It will begin at 12:01 a.m. on Thursday and be in effect for the next two weeks. I totally agree that they shouldn't be filming now, regardless. https://www.counton2.com/news/local-news/charleston-county-news/charleston-city-council-approves-stay-at-home-ordinance/
  5. Jose' Andres is a global treasure; a truly amazing human being.
  6. I HAD forgotten about that! Thanks for the reminder. Stephanie is one of my favorites.
  7. I was actually going to post that if you have the opportunity to watch last night's episode of Watch What Happens Live either online or On Demand, do it. It was a very enjoyable episode. Normally, I avoid WWHL, but this was a good one. It also includes a short preview clip from next week's episode featuring Melissa. You can access it online from this page: https://www.bravotv.com/watch-what-happens-live/videos
  8. I think you may be confusing Kevin with Josh Valentine from (I think) Season 10, who was known as bacon guy. Kevin Gillespie is far from the "one trick pony" that Josh was. Josh:
  9. Great episode for the kick-off of the new season! Fifteen minutes in, I was already ready for Jen Carroll to go, but that woman sure knows how to cook seafood. I couldn't argue with her skill there. Kevin is one of my very favorites and his EC dish looked incredible. I was so disappointed (and worried for him!) that the taste didn't match the appearance. The judges and the guest judges really looked to be enjoying each other's company at that beach dinner. It seemed like a fun evening. I felt badly for Joe. He was the team Captain and yet he let Malarkey push him toward a flatbread on the open flame. Obviously, he was responsible for the overabundance of ingredients, but I think he should have relied more on his own instincts. I want to eat both Stephanie's and Gregory's dishes. Right from the get-go, Lisa seemed to have eliminated the horrid attitude that we saw in her first season. She was talented; she was just SUCH a bee-yotch! I figured she'd be an asset to her team. Food looked good. I really thought LeeAnne was a goner, between charred fish and under fried tempura, but she'll always be a favorite of mine, so I hope she gets to stick around a while. There are SO many chefs I really like this AllStar season. I'm really looking forward to seeing this progress. How ironic that as this new season of everyone's favorite culinary competition begins, we are at a time where most of us can't enjoy a dine-in meal right now. 😞
  10. I'd heard that there was heavy pre-St. Patrick's day partying in downtown Charleston so I expected to see a post like this indicating that the Southern Charmers would be involved. 🙄 If they really were shooting, then the producers are also truly awful people. 😠 Their downtown partying would have ended yesterday though. Effective today all restaurants and bars are take-out and delivery only. No sit-down service at all and groups are limited to less than 50 people, per executive order by the Governor. I feel for the local businesses; not so much for these selfish idiots.
  11. The initial conversation between Lenny and Brannox was an excellent scene and for a few moments I was thinking, "First season, The Young Pope; Second season, The New Pope; Next season, The Two Popes;" but it certainly didn't turn out that way! I did believe that the fanatical Lenny worshipers could engage in such a violent, diabolical plot. Sadly, they were capable of horror in their unrelenting quest to uncover what had truly happened to Lenny. In my opinion, Sorrentino wanted to show that fanaticism in any major religion can lead to violence. The one thing that bothered me--although it may have made for a good scene--was Voiello praying TO Girolamo, whom he considers a saint. As a (mostly lapsed) Catholic, I have had several in-depth discussions with Christians of other denominations who've told me that Catholics don't know how to pray properly because they pray TO saints. This is wrong. As Catholics, we ask the saints to pray FOR us. Litany of the Saints shows this (call and response prayer,) "St. Peter, pray for us; St. Paul, pray for us; St. Andrew, pray for us; St. James, pray for us; St. John, pray for us," and so on. The Hail Mary says, "Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death." In showing a Cardinal(!) praying this way, Paolo Sorrentino just made my conversations a lot harder! I did like that we got a glimpse of what the future held for many of the secondary characters, making it acceptable should this turn out to be not just a season finale but also a series finale. I do hope there will be another season though. I'd absolutely like to see what a Voiello papacy looks like.
  12. FYI: Tonight's Finale episode (Ep. 9) is supersized. It runs from 9:00 p.m. to 10:10 p.m. EDT.
  13. FWIW, TV Grim Reaper has the show listed as "Likely Renewal." https://www.tvgrimreaper.com/2020/03/02/predictions-week-24-indebted-is-likely-to-be-canceled/5277/
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