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  1. JMO, but I think both Once Upon A Time in Hollywood and Parasite are still in the running. Also, it's always said that a film can't win Best Picture if it hasn't been nominated for editing too. Of those 3 only Parasite fits the parameter.
  2. I am a faithful watcher of The Crown and the fact that this new cast for S3 won the Drama Series Ensemble award when the Claire Foy/Matt Smith/Vanessa Kirby led cast never won is a travesty.
  3. What an amazing body of work in DeNiro's life achievement montage! So many great films and always a terrific performance.
  4. First two SAG awards of the night, announced from the Red Carpet (which is, BTW, actually silver) are for Stunt Ensemble: Film: Endgame TV: Game of Thrones
  5. Here's a You Tube link to the SAG Red Carpet. Free of charge, no sign-up necessary. 2020 SAG Awards® | Red Carpet Pre-Show | Live Stream
  6. This is my favorite episode of S6 so far. I liked all the story lines and pairings. I've said this here in the past but as much as I've always loved Martin Sheen in just about everything he's ever done, he is completely lost in his scenes with Sam Waterston, which unfortunately, make up the bulk of his role as Robert. But put him in a scene with Lily Tomlin and the Sheen I've always loved returns. Past experience, I guess but they just seem so comfortable together. It's an absolute pleasure to watch. I think they bring out the best in each other. This is perhaps a UO, but I often think Lily's portrayal of Frankie is something of a caricature, but playing off Martin Sheen, she seems very real. JMO, of course. I didn't care all that much for Nick in past seasons, but that character has definitely grown on me.
  7. @TVFan17 Thank you! I was just about to search where I might find Red Carpet coverage and thought that maybe I should check here first. Glad I did. ☺️
  8. I agree with you on Phoenix and Pitt. I think Renee Zellweger's a lock also. The only acting category where we might see an upset--but even here chances are low, because Laura Dern has this just about locked down--is Supporting Actress.
  9. My mental image of this had me laughing so hard that I need to rewatch that part of the episode because I didn't hear the next set of dialogue.
  10. Eh. I find social media influencers way more annoying.
  11. I don't get her "Bond Girl" reference here. Because Thomas is in a tux? Are we supposed to recognize the other two people in the photo? Are they Bravolebrities? I don't watch any of the other reality shows on Bravo.
  12. And she's working for Kevin's maternal grandfather. 😄
  13. Seriously. I was giving him the benefit of the doubt, until he used Kristen Bell to take a few shots at his ex-wife.
  14. Full disclosure: I hold that since about the late-'80s, his acting has been too.
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