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  1. So the Ep. 8 promo shows that we'll be seeing Jaiying next week. Please, oh please, pretty please can we have one last dance with Crazy Cal?!?!
  2. If you're not aware of the voting that's been going on for the annual Primetimers Awards on this site, when all the votes were counted in the Best Animated Show category, there was a tie for first place between Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Bob's Burgers. There's a vote going on between now and Friday to break the tie. Here's the direct link to the final poll, so take a minute to cast one more vote. https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/110322-best-animated-show/?tab=comments#comment-6216132
  3. Something to put a smile on your face.
  4. Not to mention, Phantom Thread. She kept Daniel Day-Lewis on his toes in every scene they shared and that's no easy feat!
  5. Casting news for the final season of The Crown. Lesley Manville will play Princess Margaret in the final season of The Crown Have we even discussed the fact that Imelda Staunton has been cast to play Queen Elizabeth in the final season? It's mentioned in this article as Manville and Staunton are evidently close friends, but I don't recall having seen it here.
  6. Quote from the article I linked above" "It will look at what would happen if Peggy Carter received the Super Soldier Serum and Steve Rogers instead received an armor suit from Howard Stark."
  7. Well, we've known for over a year now that we're getting an alternative Peggy/Steve timeline as part of the Disney+ animated series, What If; just not the one from Endgame. https://www.cbr.com/marvel-studios-reveals-disneys-first-what-if-story/
  8. An article today in Variety on the upcoming Aretha Franklin film biopic, "Respect" also includes a small update in its final paragraph on when we may see Season 3 of Genius. https://variety.com/2020/film/news/jennifer-hudson-aretha-franklin-respect-trailer-1234691389/ Quote: "Actress Cynthia Erivo is also set to star in her own on-screen role as the Queen of Soul in “Genius: Aretha,” however the National Geographic biopic was also pushed back due to COVID-19. The limited series is now set to premiere sometime this fall."
  9. Adding to the chorus of fans of the opening credits: They weren't just perfect 70s opening credits, they were perfect 1970s ABC action-show opening credits! NBC and CBS shows had a slightly different look and feel to them. Wow, that end tag! Just hearing the name Daniel Whitehall had my hair stand on edge just a bit.
  10. Exactly. He did get some medical treatment while in Italy, which was probably enough to allow him to make it to the Judges' Table at the finale. Also, even though our experience as viewers took place over three weeks, the cheftestants were probably in Italy for no more than 4 or 5 days. I agree that Gregory would have flown home with everyone else.
  11. Variety is reporting that the latest Aaron Sorkin penned film, "The Trial of the Chicago 7" is close to being picked up by Netflix, in the hopes of a pre-Election Day release. What a cast! https://variety.com/2020/film/news/netflix-paramount-trial-of-chicago-7-aaron-sorkin-1234642937/
  12. Truthfully, as much as I wanted a send-off performance for Haley Atwell as Peggy Carter, (although Endgame gave us the very best possible one!) what I was really hoping for was one final appearance of Dominic Cooper's Howard Stark. With the upcoming episode's jump to the '70s, we're firmly in the John Slattery as Howard time-frame, which saddens me. 😔 I doubt we'll see Howard at all at this point. I thought we had a perfect spot for a Jarvis sighting with the reference to "Howard's man" in the Noir episode, but it was not to be.
  13. While it made more sense production-wise to have both Stephanie and Bryan video chat with two former Top Chef winners who just happen to be their best friend and kid brother, respectively; it should be noted that Stephanie's husband and Bryan's wife were most likely en route to Italy at the time of the call. Even if they already were in Italy, they would have been in a hotel room or some other location that might give away the surprise of having them be there at JT for the announcement of the winner. All this is to say, I was fine with this bit of producer shenanigans, especially since the call between Stephanie and Kristen was so delightful and genuine, it had me in tears. Best friends are family too, in my book.
  14. Congrats to Marcel and his wife, but more importantly, it's great to see you here @cooksdelight!!! I'd been wondering why we hadn't seen you posting all season. Hope all is well with you. Good to see you back.
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