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  1. ProudMary

    S02.E06: Birthdays and Breaking Down

    While I'm pleased that Jeff went back to his therapist, it's just wrong to me that parts of his therapy sessions are broadcast on the show. I realize we're only seeing snippets of his session but it's beyond invasive. I know that as television is a visual medium, it's "show, not tell" but I really hope that in future episodes they just have Jeff mention that he's been seeing his therapist instead of having the audience insidd the session. I feel badly for Kelsey but if Justin didn't include her on such a major health decision, he does not consider her a life partner. She needs to move on.
  2. While I agree with everyone about Will's bowl haircut being awful and certainly not something that a boy in 1984 would be sporting, I can accept it from one viewpoint: Socio-economic status. Compared to the other families, Joyce is obviously struggling financially. It's possible that she is saving money by still cutting Will's hair instead of having him go to a barber/stylist for haircuts. It might quite literally be a "bowl haircut, " with Joyce putting a bowl on the poor kid's head and trimming around the bowl.
  3. ProudMary

    S04.E01: Everything's Okay

    There's one, joint thread for the two bonus episodes: https://forums.primetimer.com/topic/70548-s03e25-boo-normal-once-upon-a-time/
  4. ProudMary

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    I think you're right. What a sad, shallow world we're living in.
  5. ProudMary

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    Yes. At the beginning of last week's episode, Cameron shows up at Shep's house before he was going to pick up Little Craig and there are a pair of women's tall black boots on the floor. Shep kind of fluffs it off and says they belong to a friend who was over last night. Then at the skeet shooting event, the camera really zoned in on Ashley's tall black boots as she was walking in. And, her first, very civil conversation was with Shep. Also on this front, here's a link to Bravo's Southern Charm After Show where Naomie dishes about what really went down the night at the restaurant where Ashley called her a bitch. She says that Ashley, who was on a date, walked into the restaurant where Naomie was and it so happens that they--she looks over at Danni at this point--knew the person she was on the date with. Sure, it could be anyone they knew, but I'm betting it was Shep and the producers are withholding that info until the finale. Here's What Really Happened When Ashley Jacobs Called Naomie Olindo a Bitch at the Restaurant
  6. ProudMary

    Craig Conover: Work Hard(ly), Party Harder

    Camden is in the Midlands, about a two hour drive from Charleston. Would no local store sell his product? 🤔
  7. ProudMary

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    I'm bringing this quote over from the previous episode's thread ("New Craig; Who Dis?), because now after seeing tonight's episode and Ashley's entrance, I'm pretty sure that @Vandy10 is absolutely correct and that Ashley is the "friend" Shep spoke of to Cameran. 🤮
  8. ProudMary

    S06:E09 Sorry Not Sorry

    I loved the montage of all the Southern Charmers' dogs that opened the episode. Absolutely the highlight! Chelsea (upon learning that Ashley might be in attendance at Eliza's skeet shooting event): "They probably shouldn't give us guns." 🤣
  9. ProudMary

    Yesterday (2019)

    I loved that the Rolling Stones were still rocking. Oasis, not. That actually makes me wonder what musical influences do not exist in this alternate universe. How about Elvis? Buddy Holly? If The Beatles' influencers didn't exist, no Beatles. But if the Delta blues men were still around: Voila! Rolling Stones. The other things that didn't exist made me laugh too. Could someone please check if Georgia made it OK without Coca-Cola? 😄 No cigarettes is kind of a big stretch. Is there no tobacco in this world? I would think that somewhere along the line, someone decided to smoke it. Perhaps cigarettes just have some other name. OTOH, it's nice to think that George is probably still alive in this universe. I loved Rocky and he was, as a kooky, somewhat socially awkward character, a bit of a callback to Spike, another kooky, socially awkward character, from the also Curtis-penned Notting Hill. Jack trying to remember all the Beatles' songs and lyrics were some of the best scenes. Fun seeing the little inspirations that would allow him to recall another song to add to his wall. His seeming inability to recall the lyrics to Eleanor Rigby, had me calling out to the screen, "The socks belong to Father McKenzie!" 🙂 I was so pleased that the two older people who also remembered the music of The Beatles were happy that Jack was singing their songs for the rest of the world to hear. I was dreading the idea that either/both of them would ultimately expose him as an imposter. This way was SO much better and much more aligned to the tone of the movie. I really don't care for Kate McKinnon. This movie certainly did nothing to change my opinion. Although I'm a Baby Boomer, I have always continued to listen to new music. It ticks me off that most people in my age group will only listen to music that was popular when they were young. Accordingly, there were a lot of older people in the theater with me, who didn't get many of the jokes: "Fix You", Oasis, most of the humor at Ed Sheeran's expense--I'm really not certain they even had any idea that he is a major recording artist IRL,not just some actor!--and most unbelievably the Voldemort/Harry Potter reference at the end. Seriously, you don't even know of Harry Potter?!?! OTOH, I have several friends who are in their 30s and were wondering if they'd enjoy the movie, given that they're not all that familiar with The Beatles' catalog. I've assured them that they will. I think Boyle/Curtis did a great job to keep both age groups interested. I'm thoroughly sold. I can't stop thinking about the film and look forward to seeing it again. I actually liked "Summer Song." 😄
  10. ProudMary

    The West Wing

    And it packed a bigger punch as it was the hometown of Cornwallis.
  11. ProudMary

    Big Little Lies in the Media

    Here, from The Hollywood Reporter, is an interview with Alix Friedberg, costume designer for Big Little Lies. 'Big Little Lies' Costume Designer Sources Luxury Consignment From The RealReal If you're into BLL fashion, definitely read the whole article. There are also several photos.
  12. ProudMary

    S04.E10: Who's da New King of Hell?

    Absolutely. We know that sleep deprivation can cause depression, delirium, hallucinations, memory loss, increase the risk of diabetes and have many other serious side effects. Accordingly, I'd go so far as to say that a night nurse should be covered by health insurance! We could very likely see the percentage of new mothers that suffer from post-partum depression decrease if they had realistic access to night nurses. Of course, Dr. Linda knows all this so she smartly arranged for a night nurse. 😉
  13. ProudMary

    Reagan and Jeff: Designing for a Champion

    Shouldn't Reagan and Jeff each have their own thread now a la post-split Kathryn and Thomas in the original SC forum?
  14. ProudMary

    S02.E04: Housewarming Gone Cold

    I really like this cast. They're all likeable in their own way. The friendships appear to be genuine for the most part. I even like the peripheral characters like Rachel, Jared, Sonny and Tamica's friend that she had lunch with in this episode (I'm blanking on her name right now but we've seen her last season too.) The only exception is Reagan. I cannot stand her. What a phony!
  15. ProudMary

    S06.E07: Dick Moves and Dick Pics

    Well, no one but Craig and Kathryn know what truly happened between the two of them when they drunkenly spent the night together on the beach during the trip to St. Simon's Island.