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  1. I'm not sure about the main dish - but I'm thinking ice cream for dessert.
  2. So, I seem to have started doing that lately...drives me crazy! I could be imagining it, but I think I've seen a few contestants have a similar reaction to answers involving controversial figures. I can't wait for Emily to move on. This is through no fault of her own!! On her first day she reminded me of someone, but I couldn't figure it out. Yesterday I mentioned it to the Mister and he said "Yeah, _______" - a person we both know who - through some fault of her own - is one of our least favorite people. Once he pointed it out - I could not stop seeing that person in Emily's loo
  3. I'm not fond of "obviously" in any context. (well, in an ironic way maybe) It's a lesson I learned when I was a writer and a teacher. I got feedback that when I used it, I sometimes came off as arrogant, without meaning to. So it's a word I've pretty much excised from my vocabulary, at least professionally. (I also learned I could be a good facsimile of being a patient person, which eventually made me a smidge more patient). But I must admit I think Savannah's doing well, despite the fact I don't care for her voice - I decided it's not a vocal grind as much as the register it's in.
  4. Some syllables came out of my mouth - starting with "Col" but they were a mangled mess of nonsense. I'd heard of it, but obviously never said it out loud or absorbed the way it was spelled. 😂 Apparently my short term memory is crap, since I'm a regular watcher. I was searching for Andorra and ended up with San Marino.
  5. Oh, that makes a lot of sense. Thanks!
  6. Well, what do you know. I guess I must have dredged that pronunciation up from some neuron with a little college era memory. In my current cluttered/befuddled brain, all I knew for sure is that it was the name for little yellow chickens that taste awful (imo). Cool.
  7. We had a similar experience, starting out with a scary diagnosis (but treatable, so my husband is still here), refrigerator and major leak occurring in the same week (requiring workers to be inside our house to replace pipes and floors - and set up heater units that blasted for two weeks), and a frightening fire that decimated a town not far from us (impacting friends) and sent refugees to our town. I think I've blocked the rest out. I think maybe 'bizarre'ness' was the name of the game for all of us. (not to diminish your experience - it sounds worse than mine) I said "Peeps??" - thin
  8. Me too. Of course I was limited to things I have actually seen, which isn't all that many this year. I watched less tv last year - going against the tide, as ever.
  9. That was part of my problem - I said laissez faire because that's a term, which seemed to fit. Apparently it is used within the doctrine (my husband read the entire doctrine afterwards). I did pretty well in some categories, almost ran The Stage and Decades (American Buffalo stumped me, and Bell was earlier than I thought). FJ was easy, especially for someone my age. Though I did have a quibble about accepting Jackie Kennedy, but have come to accept it, thinking it's not unlike entertainers who are known by one name. Common usage, in other words. I liked learning the origin of "
  10. I never even noticed "you got it." I had some trouble with her voice, but not enough to dim my enjoyment. Love might be a bit strong, but I did like him. 😉 I got Omar Khayyam because of Bill Clinton. I've always been wary of guys who give poetry as presents. LOL
  11. We looked it up, and though there was one concept that could be stretched to fit the clue, it still didn't really describe the Monroe Doctrine in our opinion - which was basically - hands off OUR hemisphere. That's what I got too - though I probably would have mangled the spelling so badly it wouldn't have been accepted even if it was right! It bothered me a little, and I'm usually only bothered when it's a severe vocal fry. I think maybe it's just that she's the host that made it more noticeable to me. I know him from some Food Network competition show ... Iron Che
  12. Rats. I did not manage. We were caught up in fiddler on the roof.
  13. Ah shucks, it's on STARZ, to which I don't subscribe. ☹️ Maybe I'll do a free trial sometime. Looks like a film the mister would like.
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