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  1. Clanstarling

    S3.04: Triggers

    I agree that he's overreacting, and I don't think he can show that he's ready. It's a straight up medical issue. Until he's off of blood thinners, he won't be going out in the field. Buck hasn't even thought about (I assume, since he reacts more than thinks) that he's cutting Christopher out of his life - and he's deeply connected with him. Not to mention, it makes it awkward with his sister, who's seeing Chimney. It's a real mess, and I don't really see how they can dig him out of this temper tantrum. I'm sure they will, but I'm not sure they can do much that will sell it to me.
  2. Though I haven't like her in anything I've seen her in (particularly Heroes), I must admit that I'm starting to warm up to her a little. I think she and Nate have decent chemistry.
  3. Thank you, knowing that I gave the same answer as you - even though it was an embarrassing one - makes me feel better. Puts me in pretty good company. 🙂
  4. I was surprised about that myself. Even Pre-James there were players who hit the larger value clues to pump up their numbers. Getting it right is true for any clue, high or lower value, isn't it? If the tactic is to select the lower value clues so the lead doesn't run away with it - that's just playing to lose. IMO, if you're not playing to win, why play. (then again, I'd be likely to Klaven it, so what do I know?) In any case, it seems to me that if you're already bound to lose, why not take the risk of selecting higher value clues. The worst outcome is the one you already think is going to happen - you'll lose.
  5. I wondered if they have, or are developing, adult models to populate that town. I believe there are a few places that have been, at a minimum, blurred out. They did that for the VPs home when Cheney was VP. A tech company as advanced as Augur could certainly either hack the software/satellite, have an agreement with Google, or ARE Google in this universe.
  6. It both amused me and made me cringe because I didn't get it either. I've taken to using Nunavut as my go-to Canadian geography answer, which is bad, but I love the name so much I can't stop. I focused on Madonna at first in FJ and was thinking Desperately Seeking Susan, but then when I actually READ the clue (date, language), I got it.
  7. I don't think they're blinded. They know he has reactive detachment disorder (not on the spectrum, so far as I know). That diagnosis was a single line in the first season, and I am surprised they don't go into it a bit more. But if I recall correctly (which is by no means certain), they've been going to therapists all along. I do think they're struggling and aren't coping well.
  8. Clanstarling

    S3.04: Triggers

    Valid. There's not a lot of that. But their characters, in general, don't seem all that demonstrative to me, so it works. So I try not to read anything into it, myself. But then, I only watch when I'm exercising, so I'm not fully engaged most of the time. Angela's a strong woman, to be sure.
  9. You know, I thought that was the spelling, but then I doubted my memory. It's been a very long time since I read it in college, and a few brain cells have departed since then.
  10. I don't expect any rules of reality to apply to that tape. So I don't bother my mind with the details and just sit back and enjoy the soundtrack. With this show at least. I do get bothered on other shows.
  11. The best writers will do that - provide the hints but keep you from noticing them. I loved it. I think it's a great name, properly cheesy and punny. We have an Alibi, and an Office in our town. I don't go to bars, but I do find the names amusing. Shiny! I wasn't sure if the vase really was expensive, but the barely controlled cringe on Artie's face told me it was. Since they gave him a mysterious backstory (no one knowing why he quit the force), and he's now got an alliance with the casino lady, I'm guessing we'll see him again.
  12. Clanstarling

    S3.04: Triggers

    Maybe Krause had his fill of sex scenes, and Angela's powerful enough to say no to them. Though this is probably the more likely story - they're not that interested in emphasizing the sex aspect. Which is fine, you can find a steamy scene somewhere without too much effort.
  13. Blast from the past. That was around the same time as shows about young doctors, young lawyers, and young US revolutionaries, wasn't it?
  14. If they tried to level me out with other contestants, my hands wouldn't reach the podium. 😄 As for the Titanic, it wasn't the obvious one to me. What was obvious was "The Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner" - which I eventually got right. So I had a 50% success rate with that answer.
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