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  1. Loved these two (thanks for the dung beetle - as I expected, I laughed out loud. I always love a good Meatloaf joke. Well, this may be the first one I ever saw, but I'm guessing I'd love them all.
  2. I'm not sure that's true. If it were, then everyone reading a recipe would knock it out of the park every time. How you handle it, and how long it bakes, can make a big difference in flavor, imo.
  3. I always say Die Zauberflöte for The Magic Flute. Others may think I'm full of myself, but it's the name I learned first. I always have to translate it in my head if I want to use the English version.
  4. I would have to credit it too. I knew the painting, and the painter, but it was only after the series that I really understood the context. I just want the boards cleared. I don't care how they do it. I never understood the big deal either. If you go on, give a shout out to us if you feel like it. 😉 I used to watch General Hospital, but stopped when I realized my then toddler was getting excited when she heard the theme song. So PBS children's shows were always on after that (pre cable and streaming). You have every right to be. Sounds like an awesome guy. I've only ever heard butt dialed - but knew it wasn't right. I was getting to pocket dialed but didn't make it. My husband was also brainstorming during the break (not a lawyer, but reads history as a hobby) - he even mentioned Plessy v Ferguson, but thought the date was too late. I could only come up with Dred Scott and knew that was wrong. The only movies I'd actually seen were Die Hard and Argo (I knew the titles of the others, but came up with similar movies - and one play- instead). Though I struggled a bit with Argo, as Fargo wouldn't get out of my head.
  5. I got Trumbo right away (partly because of the movie - but more because I've read a lot about that period in Hollywood), the mister was going "Bryan Cranston played him in that movie???" LOL. I did really well in the States, which amazes me. I have no idea how I knew Passaic County was in New Jersey.
  6. I've always associated them with arid areas. Don't know why.
  7. Completely agree. It's the one baked "cakey" sort of baked good I think doesn't need anything extra on top.
  8. Oh god yes. I got it immediately, because my mind is twisted (Prep H, burning ring of fire - nailed it!). Once we stopped laughing, we agreed that Rosanne made the right, and only, choice. I knew my brain was making a connection to something once they said it, and it wasn't Colorado. (even though I lived there - but to be fair, I was very young). I hated Lawrence Welk (parents watched it when I was a small child), but I do have a polka heritage in a different way, so it was a no brainer for me. FJ was pretty easy for me even though I'm crap at classical music. "Swiss" got me to William Tell, and Lone Ranger trivia got me to William Tell Overture. I was psyched when I realized it would be an asterisk for me this week!
  9. Maybe, it didn't seem to me that there were enough fridges for everyone. On the other hand, I haven't done a comprehensive count. 😉
  10. If I did that, the minute I was done I'd run to the kitchen and eat/make something. For me it's best to watch with a limited supply of themed snacks my daughter and I make or buy. Buy the time we watch, I've already done my daily exercise, and I figure once a week isn't a bad indulgence.
  11. I read all of Poe (lit major), but on the Starling sofa, the computer engineer who hadn't ran the category just by guessing, and I came up with blanks. Argghhh I have a book of Truman's letters to Bess, starting when they were in their early twenties. Truman pursued her for years and years. She took her time coming around. I started with "alla kazam" but finally the neurons fired and I got to Open Sesame in time.
  12. What does it say about me that the ones that made me laugh out loud were the poo related jokes? LOL
  13. If they are still doing the signature and technical on a different day, it could well be that the temperature changed quite a lot from day to day. But yes, having 9 ovens going will heat things up considerably. I haven't read much about the time they spent in the bubble - were they able to use these kitchens to practice their bakes? Seems like they should be able to, unless instead of an actual week between the episodes, they shot them closer together to be able to shorten the time spent in the bubble.
  14. Or, arguably, she was attempting to be respectful by using what was the "correct" pronunciation of the city - in its own country.
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