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  1. Me too, though I tended more toward the sarcastic, world weary observations on the idiocy of my elders instead of advice. I'm sure I wasn't well liked by my Mom's friends. Too big for my britches, they would have said. My kids weren't like that - though snark runs strong in our family. But I always had a soft spot for their friends who were.
  2. D'Oh! Well, at least I carried it through all the way. Sigh...
  3. Wouldn't have fit the category though (BC). Maybe they'll use it when they have an RC category (as I typed that, I had nearly enough RC answers to make up a whole category...more popping in as I continue. 😄 So a Vampire? Will Abraham Lincoln have to go after him (hope I got the reference to the ...book?...movie?? right)
  4. Gary is somewhat of a toddler at times. And a distracted pedestrian. IIRC, they didn't really approve of it - which is partially why they embraced Maggie so quickly (imo). Nah, it's not hard at all for me to completely blame Eric. He's been spinning a lie the entire time with very vulnerable people. IMO, that's pretty freaking low. Yeah, Jason's got that sweet puppy dog face, but so do a lot of scammers, which is why they get away with it. I thought coming clean to Theo was an excellent scene, given how they hit hard on the value of honest. Not to would have been hypocritical. I think honesty is the best policy in general, even with young kids (ok, so I did lie about Santa...so I'm hypocritical too.) I saw the original play back in the 70's and loved it. Didn't care for the movie. But the thing that sticks with me right now as being inappropriate is not so much the raunchiness, but the message - good girl remakes herself into a "bad" girl to get the guy. Terrible message for kids in their formative years.
  5. Here it is: The coat of arms looks like this: I didn't get Seychelles. I never get Seychelles. Now maybe if I connect it to Sue Sold Seychelles Down by the Seashore, I might remember it. lol
  6. I was surprised at the Bronze Age triple stumper. I didn't have the time period of that age readily available in my mind, but given the category, it seemed easy to figure out. Black Angus was more of a leap for me. In the Master & Commander clue, I was thinking Horatio Hornblower - but it came out HR Pufinstuff. LOL For FJ, Carrie Nation popped into my head (very, very wrong - but hey, her last name was Nation), but I pulled it out and got the right one in time.
  7. Fair point. Stopped being friends with benefits, then.
  8. I thought of @Good Queen Jane too. 🙂 It always makes me sad that Sue Grafton wasn't able to finish her series. I got so many clues - I almost got echidna, that is I recognized it, but mangled the name so badly I would have been ruled incorrect. I only know two moves, so I got it. I thought I'd only missed one Jeopardy (antenna went out), but I guess I missed two, because I didn't recognize the champ at all.
  9. That's fair. I haven't had much personal experience in that regard, but I do know from others that people cheat for many reasons, and not all of them have to do with having a wandering eye. So I think depending on what drove them to cheat, they might not become repeat offenders. That being said, if it happened to me, I might not be so generous.
  10. Oh my God. I never heard about that. It turns my stomach.
  11. Oh sure, he's a cheating cheater. But even they can turn themselves around and become better people. I'm not sure I understand how how moving in with a wealthy woman would make him not a cheater?
  12. He broke up with her after the whole Grey's girlfriend supposedly slept with her thing. There may have been more to it, but I don't remember.
  13. I went to a lot of different schools (military brat) but the only things I can remember learning about Canada were the Mounties, and that westward expansion was duller than ours (from the perspective as a child, mind you, no disrespect for our Canadian neighbors.) I'm still really bad at any clues about Canada- except for those on Nunevit (which my brain has grasped enthusiastically for some reason) and possibly Quebec.
  14. Being short, I've always had trouble stepping into those kind of behemoths, as an older person, it gets even worse. But since I've been short a lot longer than being old, and learned to climb things most people wouldn't, I have a lot of tricks and coping mechanisms, so I can still manage it. Mallory just froze - she obviously knew him given Brianna's clues. It's like Jeopardy, when people's minds just go blank.
  15. I know her primarily from Bosch - but it took me awhile to figure that out. As an oldster, I have to admit I'm no longer particularly interested in graphic love making scenes. Most just seem gratuitous these days - young and old alike. It's not that I don't appreciate them - I appreciate the hell out of a show that makes it clear we older people are still sexually active. But, ya know, it's pretty much "been there, done that" these days, and I'm more interested in story. I'm also tired of endless chases and explosions in other types of shows. Get off my lawn! 😉
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