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  1. My take from the last episode last season was that while listening to Lenny Bruce do his "All Alone" bit on Steve Allen, she realized that to really pursue her dream, she needed to be unencumbered. I think the Benjamin dump wouldn't really have done much to move the story along, so I don't really mind that we didn't see it. Joel's set up was more important, in my opinion. Minor quibble coming from a military brat - the soldiers weren't wearing khakis, which are a tan color. They were wearing olive drab fatigues. I'd put up pictures of my father (who was in the service in this era) in both, but I'm too lazy.
  2. I concur with your father - could be that I am as old as your father and we share a similar expectation of the holiday season. 🙂
  3. Though I don't know a Guelph from a Ghibelline, I thank you. 🙂 Ah now, out of the official mouth of Monoco (or something like that). I knew that if I (truthfully) pleaded ignorance long enough, someone would do the work for me. Thank you both for educating me today.
  4. Not blaming Jeopardy for the description, I know it came from the tourism website. Still not getting the barbarian connection, though. Still 😞 mopey that it ruined my sweep - the only time I've come even close this season.
  5. Same, though barbarians were my downfall.
  6. Darn game delayed Jeopardy, and apparently the network played an infomercial, but somehow FJ was recorded. I still don't see how barbarians are associated with Monaco, but boo hiss, it stopped me from a rare FJ sweep.
  7. Smoked gouda....I can't buy it, because then I eat too much at once, and there are consequences... Monkey Ward! I haven't heard that in years. We were Sears catalog people (overseas most of the time), but I do remember Monkey Ward.
  8. I saw it and though "Oh no, that's going to take forever." But, as was pointed out, they did clear the board. I wondered if they avoided the category so long because they knew it was going to slow down the action. I love Goldblum, but please, just a clue or two - not a whole category. That being said, she was, as advertised, a virtuoso. I don't care for whistling, but I can't argue that she's good at it. Edam came to mind first, but I counted on my fingers (the original manipulatives). I was exhausted (it's been a day) and my mind was slow, and too slow to come with gouda - which is my favorite cheese. Oh well, I got FJ despite a dull brain.
  9. Though I haven't flipped a house, our old home - of a similar vintage as Nolan's, had lovely wood floors (once we refinished them) under hideous carpeting. They don't do that anymore, sadly.
  10. As there were three people burning (I think), I think it was the officer and deputies we saw questioning Annie, mostly because I think they think they need all the vessels for the original group to complete Amity's resurrection. But now I see why Ace thinks Annie's the vessel. I was thrilled to see The Kid, totally unspoiled (and had forgotten about Amity showing up in one of The Kid's journeys in the last season). Totally missed Christine too - I'm not particularly into cars, didn't particularly like that book, and didn't see the movie. I think Pop was unaffected because I seem to recall he had a hearing problem? Also, he wasn't looking directly at the statue.
  11. I got it from the movie Amadeus, which is pretty much the extent of my opera knowledge. 😄 I always forget about Kepler. Sigh... One of these days Jeopardy will hammer it into my brain.
  12. I didn't take it as being unkind, but many do see doughty people as dull and unimaginative because, I think, they're typically not flashy.
  13. Now I did read Dr Zhivago, and other Russian novels. But I have never been much of a romantic, with Russian or other lit (only read one Jane Austin book because it was forced on me in class, and I don't remember which one.) Though as a young girl I did like Jane Eyre, but I think it was more the spookiness than the romance I liked.
  14. I went the other way - the international date line, despite a navy colleague of mine describing the experience to me in vivid detail. I called it before the clue was even read (do I get an extra point? 😉 ) Mostly because it's literally the only thing I know about "literary New York". I also ran the novels category, which pleased me, though they didn't seem all that hard. (to this lit major). I'd read all of them except for Anna Karenina - I was never in a good enough mood to take a semester of Russian lit.
  15. Loved it. Well that, and the American Marshall Plan. I was born ten years after the war in the part of German occupied by the French - the city was still bombed out. And sure, there's quite the bell curve to suffering, from horrific to not at all, but that doesn't mean people who didn't suffer horrifically didn't suffer. Here's the news story on the day the strike ended: http://news.bbc.co.uk/onthisday/hi/dates/stories/march/6/newsid_4207000/4207111.stm
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