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  1. 2/5. Damn my inevitable consistency! I guess I have to resign myself to being a smartass, rather than smart.
  2. Technically, they said many - but since I stopped reading them when her son was a co-writer and have no idea how many he actually helped write (or wrote himself). I consulted several lists and finally gave up counting. For me, Anne's are the only ones that count. Very little makes me think of the Bushes, so I never did get to Texas.
  3. So sorry to remind you of that. My daughter, who has an art degree, has pretty traumatic memories of some of her classes. Me, I was just pissed off and flipped him off in my mind. I did enjoy other art classes (which fortunately, never required us to do - just to absorb and write about it).
  4. In the one and only drawing class I took in college - the professor told us to use perspective in one of our assignments - without telling or showing us anything. That was his approach to everything he assigned - just do it. It turned me off of drawing completely. Me too, when I do know it. It also doesn't help that I'm weak in the State Capitols arena. I nearly ran three categories, but nearly isn't good enough. 😞 FJ stumped me though. If I'd gotten to the word "band" I might have gotten there, but I didn't. My husband, a musician who's been in many bands (!) didn't get there either. 😂
  5. My husband said Drake. We've got quite a roster going! You bet!
  6. Yep, that's what we call ourselves. I use military brat because my father served in two branches, some say Army brat, etc. But we're all brats. I said port. Sigh.. My husband was stymied by Ellipse because the photo looked more like a circle than an ellipse. I was just stymied.
  7. Now why did you remind me of how old I am. I had forgotten the mechanism of changing lines, but still remember the "ding!" Blank keys!? Yikes. I did just fine with letters. I am a pretty fast typist.
  8. Ah, one of the transitional computers. 😉 Yeah, I can't imagine that many kids are interested in his man bun. As a military brat who spent a lot of time next to the Iron Curtain, I got it right away. Though the most memorable reference I've ever heard was during the Carter/Ford presidential debates. I forget exactly what was said, but I remember Carter's big grin when Ford botched it. I don't work on laptops and haven't seen "return" on a keyboard in a very long time. My daughter's laptop (roughly the same age as yours) says "Enter". It's an Apple product - I think It probably depends on the manufacturer.
  9. Ah, I was trying to remember another one, and there it was right there at my fingertips. I work in computers (tangentially) and was helping a young woman...short version, I told her to hit the "return" key and she looked at me blankly. I work really hard to use "Enter" at work, but it'll always be the return key to me.
  10. Well, I am known for my dependability. Though I'd like to be known for my brains...alas, some things are not meant to be.
  11. Sarcasm? That's just the honest to God truth! 🤣 I don't use "dial" anymore for the most part. I usually just say I'm calling someone. But I still use "rewind." 🙂
  12. I finally got it at the last second, but the delay was embarrassing, because I was stuck in the east not simply because Vermont and New Hampshire are there, but because for some reason that's where I was placing the Canadian border, even though a) I went to Canada via the Washington border and b) Idaho is next door (as is Washington for that matter). Good grief! I was too. I got it immediately, had a crush on Archie back in my just barely a teen days. So I felt really old when Peyton retired. Swept the Archie and TV Teachers category (despite not having watched two of the shows).
  13. 2/5. I'd like to say it was because I was out of practice (didn't watch the old tournaments), but that would be a lie.
  14. I know, right? I mean, those are all important documents, but they'd hardly be recognizable. Would these contestants have been in the audience for the FJ with the Articles of Federation? That was on the 18th, but I don't know how many sit in the audience (if there is one at this time), and as I recall, they film a reduced number of shows a day. Not sure where I'm going with this except that perhaps it influenced them in some way. The Ivies are familiar to me only as "the Ivies" - for the most part I couldn't tell you which universities were in them (though I would probably guess Yale), and I couldn't tell you where most of them are. I did think of Dartmouth, but I thought it was in Vermont. So there you go. I had a memory related to where I lived as well, so I got it without a problem. I moved around a lot until my 30's, so I could tie events to where I lived. These days, it all blurs because I've lived in one place for so long.
  15. To be fair, pretty much anything French sounds naughty. 😉
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