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  1. And I, a military brat, hung my head in shame. I didn't get it. In my defense, I'm the brat of a non-commissioned officer and had few dealings with officers (other than non-coms making rude jokes about them). That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  2. I was yelling that too. I like that the writers are exploring these issues. The Rookie itself won't necessarily change things, but the more shows that do, it will eventually get the message out to more of society in a way people will find palatable (except for hardliners). Pop culture has a huge influence on thinking.
  3. I thought this was a solid show and the commentary on systemic racism was written well. I didn't see Bradford as a white savior, though that's certainly a valid take. I saw it more in terms of organizational heirarchy, having a superior support a rookie. Not to mention showing him evolve in his thinking and take a stand.
  4. I think he'd feel the same. The monster in him recognized the monster in her, he doesn't judge her. On the other hand, if she'd gone after children, he'd have killed her. That's exactly what I thought of, Swiss knives! This was one heck of an episode, now I am on the edge of my seat. Though I'll still wait before I watch the next one, I'm trying to make it last.
  5. I've never even heard of it. I used to have at least some familiarity with most shows (if only by name) but there's too much content out there for me to keep up these days. I watched Grimm a little longer than that, but gave up when one character started eating up the series. Which was unfortunate, because I liked everyone else. I got LBJ, I second guessed myself a bit, but stuck with it. The Crown was part of it for me too - as I remembered that the LBJ episode had him meeting Margaret instead of Elizabeth. But I would have figured it out. Edward is the one offspring that is completely under my radar. I'm not sure, but I read something that implied he hosted for 6 weeks (or is that the accumulated shows that were recorded with all the guest hosts?) I think he was fine. I actually like his interviews with the contestants, he's speedy with the rest of it.
  6. This has been one of the lessons I learned in 2020.
  7. He may not even know he does it - he's watched Alex while he was a contestant longer than anyone and may just have absorbed it as part of the job as host. I've been thinking about Ken's performance this week (not related to @Mindthinkr's post), and realized that if their schedule is as it was in the old days - it's literally his first day on the job. I don't think anyone's first day goes entirely smoothly, no matter how well versed you are. I thought Ken did fine. He talks a little fast, but if it helps clear boards I'm for it.
  8. I assume their premise is that people would like to have food from good restaurants around town, rather than a food court sampling. And an open bar with an inviting atmosphere.
  9. I suspect most of the guest hosts they come up with were on celebrity tournaments and did well. I'm not researching it, so I may be wrong. I got Delta from the first part of the clue (there aren't that many regions on a river), and the blues element confirmed it for me. I wasn't fond of the prop humor (has that been done on Jeopardy before). I didn't hold it against him - obviously it was approved by the producers.
  10. Mine too, but ultimately I worked it out with Spanish. I miss so many things I know, I just say "oh man!" In different, more vulgar words and accept that somedays my brain is in gear, and other days it's a cog off. I precalled Koko and Checkers, and a litany of TV animals. But when I realized what it was, the best I could come up with was "ika" and thought it might start with an S.
  11. I managed to get it in time, but I had to work it out. I chewed on "meadows" for awhile, but didn't know the Spanish word for it, finally I said "Viva" and the rest came with it. Technically the movie had a Spanish name - but it doesn't really seem like it's Spanish since Las Vegas is a town more associated with gambling than Hispanic heritage, and Viva has been in our English vocabulary for a while.
  12. His book discusses this. I recommend it. It's like a long conversation with Alex.
  13. 1/5 (again 😞 ) but lucky to have 1.
  14. You're probably right - though I got a sense that she could be a big help to Maggie (she's a lawyer or something like that, isn't she?) which would in turn help her by being a help. True. The regular everyday version of that is overwhelming enough. I was my father's conservator/executor, and though much of the estate stuff was dealt with before he died, there's still a lot to go through when it's final. My husband and I have already shared our passwords to emails and other accounts that will have to be dealt with in when one of us passes. I vaguely remember it wasn't so much that Mitch didn't leave the password, but that Maggie couldn't find it. But I could certainly be wrong, I wasn't paying close attention in that scene because even now the topic brings back bad memories. Really? That's extraordinary (sorry, no pun intended). I used to work in tech, and while the benefits were generous at some jobs, no one offered more that a short amount of time off for the death of a close relative. That's what I got out of it. Sure, but I'd assume that in addition to the food, the place would have a nice bar - a bigger selection than anyone would have at home. Nope, unless we're both wacky (always a possibility). I spent a lot of time wondering if it was a different guy.
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