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  1. So, am I the only one who never heard the word "derecho" until this last week?
  2. I just showed the SNL papyrus video with my artist/graphic designer daughter. She loved it. Apparently her classmates had many discussions about Avatar and the papyrus font.
  3. My favorite of your great jokes. 🙂 So many good ones (thought of my friend the professional editor while reading them), but this is my favorite.
  4. I knew about Kim Philby - but the only name I came up with was Mowgli, which did not sound right. 🤣
  5. She was totally annoying. We wondered if it was before or after her prison time. Not because she was annoying, just because she's Martha (felon) Stewart. (I may have an attitude about her...) This is how I remember it: The Bloody Red Baron of Germany I loved this song as a kid
  6. I listed all the famous ships that came to mind before the clue was revealed. Mayflower wasn't one of them, but I saw 1620 and got it immediately. I learned beer was safer than water from a family story. The town my European mother was from was under siege way back in the 1100s or so, and surrendered when they ran out of beer.
  7. You have a way with words!
  8. I never cared for him either, but this episode changed my mind. I enjoyed him a lot. Even more than Carol, and I have always loved Carol. I really loved how much fun they were having. I don't think I have ever seen Alex enjoying himself so much ever.
  9. I didn't exactly guess Wasserstein - what I had was a series of disconnected thoughts that were Wasserstein related (an image of the Heidi Chronicles - only I couldn't remember the name of the Heidi Chronicles) and a "yeah, the woman who wrote that thing I can't quite remember."
  10. I love not drying my hair, especially since it's growing out. I always wanted to grow it longer, but always chickened out when it got to the "not easy to groom" stage. It's looking pretty good.
  11. The difference between khaki and olive drab (green as civilians call it) is hardwired into me as a military brat. In the military they mean very specific types of uniforms, regardless of what the terms might mean to the general population. So I'm unlikely to give the writer a pass. As a writer myself, I do my due diligence to make sure I get the details right. They could have just said men in uniform (I forget the phrasing) and it would have been fine.
  12. I'm so short that I would have had to sew hems onto capri pants. The bells of my bell bottoms were just a slight flare at the hem, once they were cut to fit me. I never wore platforms because I thought it would look silly on someone as short as me. Plus, I treasure the health of my ankles. LOL. I got Delaware after, for some reason, thinking Illinois.
  13. I know, right? I recognized both blouses from Monday and Tuesday. I didn't own one like them, but I'm sure I'll see something I wore back then.
  14. I'm not sure I would have gotten the date right back then. I was surprised he bet it all after the day before. It was the word "cocktail" that threw us (and not being big car folk). Smack my head - "Wow, I coulda said V-8!" As for the introduction, I thought it was a scripted comment. Sexist, sure, and sounds really bad these days (not that it wasn't bad then). It may well have been Alex's contribution, but not an unusual attitude back then.. I had my share of sexist attitudes in the workplace, but oddly very little in the way of sexual harassment. Not sure why, I was tiny and young - a seemingly solid target - but I am told that I can be intimidating despite my size. 😉
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