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  1. Oh, that does sound good. Before the pandemic I used to go to local Empty Bowl events (benefit for programs that help people with food insecurity). It was a soup supper, and local restaurants would provide the soup. Last time I was there, I had an amazing pot roast soup. I was looking forward to it again, but no joy this year.
  2. 3/5 this week, a step up! Oh yes. I love eating each individual flavor and getting my hands sticky with the "bread." Something classic like that needs something classic to go along with it. How about a pot roast? I make a mean pot roast. I started out as a child with Swanson pot pies (tasty to me then, barely palatable now), graduated to Marie Calendar's (still tasty), and then on to making my own (the tastiest - though I like Marie's crusts better). It's a simple dish to make if you use pre-made shells. Pillbury's used to be good, but they're not anymore. I don't know wha
  3. That's a good explanation. And yeah, if you haven't seen the show (or aren't a huge Groff fan like me), it might have been hard to parse that one out. Though the accent bit might have helped. I know. I was sad. Well, I know about Cliff Clavin, but I couldn't get Ratzenberger's name out of my mouth to save my soul! That was a problem for me in the Author's characters category, where I knew all the dang books, but missed the three I knew the best - and am actually reading Love in the time of Cholera RIGHT NOW (and was reading it only hours before Jeopardy. Sheesh! I sai
  4. Me too, but my neck's too short for lengthy dangles. (it's not that my neck is the only thing that's short - I'm short overall).
  5. Agreed. @MrAtoz beat me to the draw. I probably know it from Star Trek too. Yep. :) But why would the champ want to take it out of contention until they could build up some money to make it profitable. I didn't remember the name Simon, but island and the year was enough for me. Though I'm not sure why I knew the year. And you beat me to the punch here. 😉 I'm old too, and not a nurse, but I very much remember it. I said "Dredd Scott" before the clue was revealed - so is that an insta-instaget? Of course, I said it because it's the only one I
  6. That's fair. And that sounds very frustrating. Patience is really difficult in your situation. My point still stands, if they are idiots at 65 (my age) then they were idiots when they were younger (barring cognitive issues). My daughter, who is a customer service rep for a company, deals with many people who are similarly idiotic and all are much younger than I am.
  7. The mister is a Purdue grad and never came up with West Lafayette. I thought of every Indiana place we've been on trips to visit the family, and got to West Lafayette and went "AHA!" I was very proud that I got it and the mister did not. I'm actually surprised I got Harris' name, when I often can't get names of authors I've read more recently. I read his books prior to the movie. The boards have been fairly decent to me this week, and I would have run the Fictional African if I could have gotten Wakanda out of my mouth - which was upsetting because of all the clues, it was the one
  8. Oh yeah, that's fun every time I get a new set of glasses. I never got used to the line, so progressives were better for me. My eyes aren't great, and cataract surgery is somewhere down the line. But I think I will probably miss being able to take my glasses off and see things close up.
  9. I deal with them by not watching them. Having had GD with both my pregnancies, I caught that as well. The three hour test is a bitch. Both of mine were small though, choosing to arrive early. I was too. I don't think he was intentionally patronizing, just young. Here's the thing about old people (being one myself) we're just people. Speak to us with the same respect, or manner, that you'd talk to anybody. If we're difficult (excepting cognitive issues) then it's because we were always difficult. Sorry about the blank quotes couldn't figure out how to dele
  10. For me, if it's within the rules, then I'm okay with it. But the BMS, that definitely needs to be addressed.
  11. I like it too. I understand -in general, in real life, I don't like to hear them. I particularly hate being called dear by younger people, or when my doctor says "nn years young." Nope, I'm not young. Old. (I did stop her from saying that) I don't like "sweetie" which Trixie uses. But for some reason Lucille's precious seems fine to me, because it seems to be from her heart maybe?
  12. I could have sworn it there was someone else. Besides, just because I've only heard good stories doesn't mean there aren't people whose results aren't quite as miraculous. No procedure is that perfect! So I'm sure you have plenty of company, whether or not they're on this forum.
  13. Mine is on the horizon...not yet ready to be scheduled, and not bad enough for Medicare to pay for it, but it is inevitable. I optimistically think wearing "normal" reading glasses might work for most of the things I take my glasses off for (reading), but not threading a needle. Which, to be fair, glasses on or of, it's been hard to do without the little gadget I use. Hang in there. Except for here, everyone I've ever known who has had it thought it was miraculous.
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