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  1. My daughter has speculated the exact same thing! Guess we'll have to stay tuned (we haven't read the book either)!
  2. i'm sorry to ask this, but I haven't been watching for awhile. Is there a reason why Sally's doctor gets to demand who her patient tells about her illness and when? Especially with the, "If you don't tell, I will", line? Doesn't doctor/patient confidentiality dictate that the doctor just shut her trap and let a grown woman decide her fate? Unless Sally has some communicable disease that her previous partners would need to be made aware of. Is that what we're dealing with? And by the way: Is Show seriously recycling Brooke and Bill? Again? I'm so over Ridge and the way he's treated Brooke that I actually don't want to see them back together. Once upon a time, I was fine with Brooke and Bill as a couple, but so much has happened since then (especially him getting back together with Katie, and Brooke and Katie getting over it and moving on), why would Show open up that can of messy all over again?
  3. Serious question: Are pools specifically NOT a thing in southern Italy? If so, why not?
  4. Apulia , Italy: Of course the full renovation was the best of that lot. 1.2 million for a so-so B&B with small living quarters upstairs? i would love the producers to do a HHI: Renovation episode with this couple a year from now. The plans we could glimpse on paper look like it will be a wonderful property when they’re done.
  5. That was My Two Dads and Shari Belafonte on the fishing trip, am I right?
  6. Just curious: Is HHI winding down production? We've gone from a new episode EVERYDAY in prime time to (maybe) 1 new episode a week which airs on Wednesday afternoons ( I admit, I'm guessing o that- I have my DVR set for new episodes, and they just seem to show up at random). And don't get me started on the "Fan Fave" episodes, which show up as new. Anybody know what's going on?
  7. I figured it had something to do with her dead husband being a musician and his dead wife being a dancer. Maybe going to a show (and enjoying it with someone else) would bring up their memories in an uncomfortable way. Sharing a meal and talking is more 2 new friends just hanging out and getting to know each other better. Fewer ghosts in the room.
  8. Ingrid Bull. Asa Bull. Im not wowed by the baby name options either.
  9. Okay, I'm going to blame what I'm about to say on the effects of Valentine's Day: I love Malika and Isaac together. i love Dennis and Davia together. I even like Jamie and Callie together, but moreso because I like Jamie. I've never liked Callie, though I know I'm supposed to. Raj and Mariana are adorable together, but I don't think either is mature enough to be in this relationship. The jury's still out for me on Isabella. Some people really are just that friendly, but she also does a lot of lowkey shady stuff.
  10. I liked the Montepulciano couple too. They just seemed like they actually enjoy each other and have a lot of fun together. It certainly beats all the McBickersons we usually get subjected to. What a beautiful town! I didn't have a huge problem with any of the three houses, although the one they ended up in was my least favorite. Im going to watch the episode again; I'll come back if I change my mind on that.
  11. I don't see good things in the future for Kristen's husband.
  12. Well-deserved win for Chelsea! It's a great look that I can see many types of women wearing.
  13. I actually replayed the moment, just so I could chuckle at it a second time. I love their best friends/brother sister chemistry, and I hope the show leaves it right there.
  14. Edie gets more awful by the week. I'm actually wanting to punch a fictional character in the face. I want Tim to have the happiest of happy ever afters.
  15. Aren’t Abigail (and Cody) “back east” caring for a sick relative? Or something like that...
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