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  1. Okay, I'm fuzzy on the details of Abby's birth. I know that Brad was Abby's father for most of her childhood (not just by marriage, we all actually thought Brad was her father), but was Victor actually there when she was born? And what a shame that Show has had Abby completely disregard that Brad was her first father. The simple gesture of including Carlton among Dominic's many, many names would have been a nice nod to that history. And Mariah deciding to move out wasn't shocking to me; it's the way it should have been all along. Under the best of circumstances, the surrogate mother
  2. Signing on to ALL of this. This storyline started out so different. I was looking forward to Quinn finding "twu wuv" with Carter after being discarded by Eric, and Carter FINALLY being brought to life and not being the chump. The whole thing has taken a very weird and icky HARD LEFT. 丐
  3. Okay, so am I the only person who half expected a guy to come out of Micah's bathroom?
  4. That's exactly why I'm thinking Devon's the one to watch out for. He's acting VERY Dad-like. Can't Show just cast MO's husband as Chance? He certainly wasn't any worse than any of the other actors who've played him. The character needs to get back on the canvas ASAP, because his absence is just bizarre now. Oh, and I take back what I said earlier. Mariah is starting to act kinda weird about the baby. It looks like Abby might have to peel Devon and Mariah off of that baby.
  5. I think we're about to get a twist on the "Surrogate mother can't let go" storyline. I don't think Mariah's going to be the problem. It's going to be the surrogate FATHER that's going to have a hard time letting go. Because Devon is getting ATTACHED. Especially with Chance being... wherever the heck is is.
  6. He was a photographer, right? Can't remember his name though.
  7. My first thought was, "Crap, is this another secret Reddick kid?"
  8. Oh, Luca. So very arrogant and unlikeable. And when was it decided that he needed a sister?
  9. I think they've always filmed episodes in bathces. Before Covid, there were so many "new" episodes that they could probably space them out a lot more. Remember when we used to get a new episode EVERY DAY? Little by little, production is ramping back up (I think we're getting about 2 or 3 new episodes a week now), but we'll likely see the locations clumped together for a while.
  10. That would have been great! Especially since so much was made of her picture being put back on the wall.
  11. 不不不不不 Seriously! When he came through the door, I'm thinking," Why in the world is Byrd doing this wedding?" It was such an odd casting choice. Has he done any actual acting roles at all outside of 20+ years on Judge Judy?
  12. No way. Mom and Dad are going to get their own hotel room/airbnb when they visit. A sixth floor walk up where the stairs get steeper and more shallow as you go higher? That's not for middle aged knees!!
  13. Well, that's that. I stopped watching the show earlier in the season because I'd just had enough, but I'll always show up for a series finale. I needn't have bothered. Even with giving Show some leeway because it was likely just a season finale when written and filmed, it was just another awful, boring episode.
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