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  1. Okay, somebody post a link or point me in the direction to find out what happened with Hunter Tylo! A few comments now have me thinking that her disastrous last appearance on the show was not a coincidence. I can only remember thinking at the time that it was some of the worst acting I had ever seen, and that includes the newbies (whose "greenness" is often amusing). Even more confusing in this case because HT was far from being a newbie. Sounds like there's some BTS drama I need to get caught up with. Send me a clue if this isn't the place to post the story! 🙂
  2. They were the most mature 23 year-olds I've ever seen. And I mean that in a good way, no snark here!
  3. This is the second Ecuador episode where the wife goes on and on and ON about not wanting to live anywhere near the water because of their absolute fear of tsunamis. The producers/scriptwriters aren't even trying anymore.
  4. We called foul on that too. That place was a glorified hotel room at best.
  5. Same. Half the fun of watching this show now is guessing how fake the backstory is, and speculating on what the "real" story might be.
  6. Zora is exhausting. I'm still watching the episode, so that's all I've got for now.
  7. Seriously! How is she getting into all these rich peoples' houses and snatching BABIES undetected?
  8. I finally got to see the "throuple" episode this time around, and I have to say, I was less annoyed or bothered than I thought I would be, given the comments from its original airing. They were actually an attractive little group, and seemed pretty good-natured. A little extra, maybe, but frankly, I've seen much worse on this show. I'm glad they left the kids out of this for the most part, but then I never need to see too much of the kids on HH/HHI. I'm curious about their family dynamic in ways that couldn't possibly be covered within an episode of HH. The housing choices were fine, but nothing that I got really excited over. Very pleasant and suburban. Whatever they've got going, I hope it works out, I guess.
  9. I thought it was a refreshing change from, "What? A 15 minute walk to work? That's sooo faaar...." On the other hand, that second apartment was the wrong decoy for the producers to pick. I knew it was the best, she knew it was the best, her boyfriend knew it, heck, we all knew. Who would ever truly choose the third place over that one, especially for 100.00? The only fake knock against the place that the producers could come up with for her to complain about was the lack of doors. For an apartment that she's going to be living in by herself. I guess we were supposed to pretend we didn't see the thick curtains at the bedroom doorway. Don't get me wrong. The third place was really cute. But for 100.00 more, the second place would definitely have been The One.
  10. Thanks, I didn't realize that was the guy. But even that was a very convenient wrap-up to the "fake AJ" story. Wasn't it just a throaway line that the guy had been killed? The way he was brought in last season, it just feels like a bigger story was planned, now squashed because the show is ending instead.
  11. Agreed. Especially for women of her social set, I imagine. Your social standing came from your marriage, so I can see how having the right husband ( St John seems to be titled and rich) is the standard, even if he's the wrong man.
  12. I didn't doubt that he was rich, but I thought he was likely an abusive jerk like Will's father. I wondered if Will's instant dislike of the man was more about his mother possibly ending up with Awful Husband 2.0 , especially when she didn't have to. It seems that she was left with enough money to live comfortably, if not at the same level as before. As far as he was concerned, she was free. As far as Ellie goes, I don't have a problem with her turning down his proposal. Sure, it was a little harsh, but I can see her being taken aback. They had only been on one actual date! And of course, there's the bigger issue of whether you should ever consider being a vicar's wife if you clearly feel a certain way about religion, which apparently she had made clear to Will already. So, no, Ellie was clearly not ready to say yes to a proposal right now. That said, I actually like them as a potential couple.And I'm glad that Will has gotten over the rejection and that they've agreed to start over as friends getting to know each other properly.
  13. I'm hanging in there too. But this season seems to be moving at breakneck speed. For obvious reasons, I guess. Most of the characters are unrecognizable from the beginning of the series. Sigh. And I agree about AJ. Although I wonder if the original "reveal" in the hospital might have been rewritten to the HIV story. Remember, he revealed his secret to Sophia, but we didn't see it happen Then, in his HIV reveal to Grace, it's just the two of them in the room. And there hasn't been another mention of it since then. It almost feels like that hospital room scene could have been a reshoot to accommodate the change in story. Also, remember that young man who showed up at the end of last season? I think that was the beginning of what was supposed to be the "AJ isn't really AJ" story. Where is he now? We haven't seen nor heard a peep from him or about him since. I could be mistaken. WE've got a few episodes left. We'll see what happens.
  14. SOMEBODY, PLEASE tell me where to find Season 3!!
  15. The way this show plays fast and loose with the real story, I half expected to learn at the end that the roommate (Kinzi?) had decided to move in with another friend somewhere else, leaving the couple with the cute, perfectly located, affordable apartment where boyfriend was already living.
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