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  1. TVForever


    I spent the whole episode wondering where all Zoe's angst was coming from. At best, what Zoe and Aaron had was a freshman year flirtation, but that was it. She's had at least 2 actual, serious relationships since then. What the heck? So Girl Code applies to any guy you ever looked at for more than 10 minutes? And, way to go, Show. You made Awful Luca a little less awful to me (at least this week-I'm sure he'll be back to making me facepalm soon enough) by making Zoe completely insufferable by comparison. Sigh.
  2. TVForever

    When Calls The Heart

    I know that Elizabeth comes from wealth, but didn't her father sort of "write her off" when she chose this life path instead of returning to the fold? But if I'm mistaken in that impression, oops. So even if she has enough money so that remarrying is less of a financial necessity, Elizabeth is still a very young woman. Is it really that unreasonable to think that she would be attracted to another man at some point? Given little Jack's age, it's been about a year (give or take a couple months) since Jack's death. Finding love again can be a realistic part of Elizabeth's journey. Could be interesting to watch.
  3. TVForever

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    Did Ravi actually have an exit story? Or did he just disappear one day? I'd love to see him again, just not with Ashley. And while I'm at it, did the storyline of Reed (with Charlie in the car) running down Nikki last winter ever get resolved? Or was it just dropped/never mentioned again?
  4. TVForever

    House Hunters International

    I didn't mind the Bachelor twist either. In fact, I thought it was cool when he gave us the reminder that being The Bachelor was just a moment (my words), and that being a realtor was, in fact, his day job (again, my words). That said, the Bachelor references got old quickly. Still enjoyed the episode though. And how perfect was the timing IRL that his and Lauren's baby was born the day that their episode aired?
  5. TVForever

    The Bold Type

    Same here. I appreciate the nuance of having the abuser NOT be a man and having the abusive situations NOT be about sex. ANY situation in which a person is made to feel like they have to do something dangerous/unhealthy/immoral in order to keep their job or continue to get jobs is abuse. We don't see this side addressed very often.
  6. TVForever

    S01Ep22: Luna

    That was my take, too.
  7. TVForever

    House Hunters International

    Yeah, my daughter and I watched this London episode and came to the conclusion that Sebastian was one of the biggest sourpusses we've ever seen. The apartments were interesting though, and the one they chose was definitely my favorite of the three. My least favorite was that Blah Bland Box in the east end. I would have expected something a little "funkier" for the location.
  8. TVForever

    For The People

    It figures. This was my favorite episode of the season, and now they've gone and cancelled the show. The continuation of the stories from the finale would have been wonderful to pick up next season.
  9. TVForever

    Getting To Genoa You : Y&R Daily Chat

    IKR!! Jack’s “forgotten” son Keemo must surely be well into middle age by now with a wife and kids somewhere!
  10. TVForever

    When Calls The Heart

    Rosemary annoys the HELL out of me, but I cant think of another person in town who would make a better mayor!
  11. TVForever

    When Calls The Heart

    Am I an awful person for admitting that I wasn't sorry to see Cody go and could only "face palm" to see that he's seemingly been replaced with the even more annoying Niece of the Mountie?
  12. Yikes! Thanks for the update! So we had a British actor with a fake American accent, and an American actor with a fake British accent? Show can make it up to me by sending both characters wherever they’ve sent Emma, or back to the UK! Even better😃
  13. Okay all: I’m watching Thursday’s episode now, and I haven’t watched in several weeks( maybe longer), so I’m sure this must have come up- Where did Zoe’s accent go? Am I nuts, or did she not have a British accent? And where is Xander‘s little dancing intern girlfriend? He certainly seems close to Zoe now.
  14. TVForever

    The Good Fight

    Not actors. Black actoR. As in just one. And as much as I appreciate diversity, his story arc felt clumsy and forced. He appeared, shared some kisses with Rose, turned her head, family disapproved, then he was gone, never to be mentioned again. Rose went on to marry someone else. The end.
  15. TVForever

    The Bold Type

    Don’t forget though, that Kay was straight when the show started. I remember her not even seriously thinking of being attracted to women because she “ liked peen too much”. Well that changed once she met Adena, so who knows?