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  1. Mayoral Jewels!😆 Same here. That and "Witches of Eastwick"
  2. Same here. I actually replayed the scene because I couldn't believe what I was seeing. He was just so damned pleased with himself! And yes, the whole lot was being incredibly dramatic over something ( Anthony and Luly's mom)that ultimately wasn't about them. Now I admit, I say that as the audience who knows the circumstances of the cheating-that it was a one-time mistake between Anthony and Luly's mom after dealing with Scott's apparently serious alcoholism yet again. They leaned on each other and it went too far. But they don't know that yet, so maybe I'l cut them some slack. Just a little. But seriously, why was Margot upset? She barely knows these people, and a long ago indiscretion of Anthony's REALLY had nothing to do with her! I'm sorry the show's been cancelled. I would have liked to have seen more of their story. And I loved the setting. It made for some gorgeous scenery.
  3. I actually appreciate that the baby story went in this direction. I wasn't ready for Sutton to have a baby. This feels like the bigger story to me- when a May-December couple gets together, these are real questions. And like someone mentioned, they "knew" before getting married that they both wanted kids, but they never discussed WHEN? Of course, a woman in her mid-twenties, just starting out in her career is going to be in a different place than a 40 something mid-career man regarding having children. Of course, in the days when it was a woman's JOB to marry an "eligible" man and start a family, and that was the extent of her ambitions, that wasn't a necessary discussion, it was just understood. And I can see a woman in Sutton's position deciding that she NEVER wants kids, and then somehow changing her mind in 10 years. But she would still be younger than Richard is right now. The situation sucks, because they obviously love each other, but it's a real thing.
  4. Well, Grace has become a downright beyotch, hasn't she? Noah did not deserve one bit of the attitude she was giving him over the AJ situation. Yes, maybe he was jumping the gun with the "I want us to be a family" talk, but he is still coming to grips with info that Grace has had for 20 years (or however old AJ is). He didn't leave her, Grace left him (and everyone); so why she coming at him like he did something so awful? I forgot exactly what his words were that set her off, but I remember thinking he wasn't wrong.
  5. That’s life in Lake Woebegone!!
  6. Did I miss a scene? How did Donna the Awful end up getting invited on the Chicago trip ? Or did she just invite herself?
  7. Okay, now I get it. Although, if I can throw in my two cents, I saw more of a resemblance between Madeleine and Catherine! They actually look more like mother and daughter than Catherine and Camille did. Either way, sorry for the misunderstanding...
  8. Yikes! Go back and look at pictures of Camille. She and Ruby look NOTHING alike.
  9. Cassie and Abigail's random, out of the blue cousin.
  10. Lou has always been a bit of a Bossy McBossy, but holy cow, she just gets worse as time goes on, doesn't she? UpTV is finally playing Chapter 13, and I've decided that Lou is the most overbearing character I've ever watched. I might be exaggerating, but not by much.
  11. My mother-in-law had 2 bags: one held the bulk of her knitting gear, the other held whatever project she was working on. And she carried them to whatever spot in the house she chose to sit in to do her knitting. It was usually a spot in her den, but it could also be a chair in the living room, or a spot out on the back deck when the weather was nice... See where I'm going with this, Maidenhead guy?
  12. It annoys me that HGTV always puts these Puerto Rico episodes in HHI, instead of domestic HH, although I understand why they do it. I guess the same would apply to the US Virgin Islands episodes.
  13. I LOVE followup episodes! I would be happy with a whole season of these, especially since we're not likely to get any new episodes of house hunting for a really long time. True, a good chunk of the HHIers are probably back in the states(or Canada) now, but I would be happy to hear them reflect on their experience abroad. In fact, I was reading the blog of the young travel blogger woman who moved from Canada to Poland with her boyfriend. By the time their episode aired, they were back in Canada. But she recounts the experience of making the decision to go back to Canada as Europe was going into lockdown. That would be a great followup episode. HGTV: Get together with the HHI producers. Those episodes could be filmed remotely. I would definitely tune in!
  14. Thanks. I knew I had to be getting some things really mixed up there!
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