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  1. Is Season 14 only playing in Canada right now? I cant find it on the UPTV schedule.
  2. Okay, now I'm done! The comments on this episode have had me in stitches, but now I'm crying actual tears from laughing so hard!! I have to go take a break before I can continue! Ill be back!
  3. I haven’t watched in a few weeks (so I’m a little disappointed with this being the episode I happened to drop in on). Am I imagining it, or is Show setting up Jack and Sally as a potential couple(!)? If so... WHAAAT?!?!?! Isnt she young enough to be his granddaughter?
  4. This Christmas episode was awful. I get that real-life dictates a limited number of actors in a room, socially distanced, but it makes for a weird dynamic in the world of the “play”. I think I would rather have seen a vintage holiday episode from the vault. And don’t get me started on the singing. WTF?????
  5. I keep thinking Show wants us to see Marissa's husband as the bad guy in their relationship. I just don't. That could be because I just dislike Marissa so much that I'm just biased. And: Bull and Izzy are engaged! Yay, I guess. I'm just not that interested in their relationship. The baby's a cutie, though.
  6. I'm sure the producers have realized that Kevin (Baby Elvis) has become a fan favorite, and will now work with him in most of the episodes from the area now. Since these aren't technically "real" home searches, it doesn't really matter that Kevin wouldn't realistically work in cities 400 miles apart. Just like I love the France episodes as much for the possibility of seeing Adrian as much as seeing more houses in France, or seeing Richard in the England episodes , or the quirky blond realtor in Amsterdam. or Richard the Silver Fox in Spain. Once the producers hit on a fan fave, they're going to stick with them for awhile. Most of those realtors couldn't realistically be working in most of the cities as those episodes show ( or maybe they do-admittedly I only have real knowledge of how realtors work in the US), but for the American TV audience, it doesn't matter that much.
  7. Actually, it got old about 2 episodes ago (or whenever he first said it). Do NOT get me started on Vanessa again. At no point during her Harvard education and likely internships in law offices in-between, did this woman ever learn that the judge is the BOSS, and not your friend? I actually assumed that from the moment Benner invited Sara to play, that this was a way to give her money without wounding her pride. We've seen nothing to this point to suggest that the judges socialized informally with anyone but each other. At first, I thought all the judges were in on it, but later I wasn't so sure. But Benner, definitely.
  8. England to Phuket: For what he said he was after, House 3 was definitely the best choice. A place to live and work, not a vacation party house. And his niece was probably the best child I've ever seen on HHI. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but not by much. She was adorable, and not "trying too hard"; if you've seen enough of these kids on HHI, you know what I mean.
  9. I'm not a lawyer, but I imagine that giving up your child for adoption cuts that tie legally in all ways. After that, only Dina's conscience would entitle her son or grandson to anything from her estate, but I don't think a court would be able to do anything.
  10. Where is Christian supposed to be? Adam was telling Chelsea about this deal he signed to have whatever he inherits from Victor go straight to Connor, and I had to remind myself that Christian is his son (and Victor's grandson) too! Remember all the trouble Adam went through to take him away from Nick (the only father he had ever known)? They don't even mention Christian anymore!
  11. Vacation Home on the Jersey Shore: I was surprised that there was no mention made of the couple's previous episode (where they hunted for their current house in Rahway). Admittedly, I wasn't wowed by any of the houses they toured, but a house at the shore is a house at the shore, and they can fix it up over time.
  12. Does anyone know the song that was playing during Mel and Jack's sex scene? I loved it, and would love to find the track.
  13. Im just watching Ep. 2 now, but I just wanted to chime in to say how awful I think Hope is. What she (and by extension, Doc) are doing to Muriel is just so messed up. If Hope doesn't want anyone knowing about her and Doc, despite the fact that they're consenting adults and married(!), well, whatever. It's stupid, but okay. Letting Muriel pursue Doc, in fact, encouraging it, all to keep a stupid secret; why would she set Muriel up to be humiliated like that? Yes, Muriel's an outrageous flirt, but she was woman enough to "ask Hope's permission" to go after Doc upon hearing that a divorce was in the works. She's not doing anything wrong- she's a single grown woman pursuing who she believes to be an available grown man. And Doc should know better- going along with this just to keep Hope happy is not a good idea. I'm not-so-secretly hoping that he finds that he really does like Muriel enough to want to see where things go. It would serve Hope right... I know, its wishful thinking on my part.
  14. That confused me too. I appreciated Mark telling Rose ( And I'm paraphrasing), " Look Rose. Jason and I sold drugs. We took drugs. We did stupid things when we were high." Of all the things Rose knew about Mark ( and got over pretty quickly), THIS was the dealbreaker? Frankly, I'm surprised the possibility hadn't already occurred to her (it did to me). I think I get it. Margaret was the cook's daughter, the outsider looking in. Then Eugene's mother gifted her a gown and a spot in the sunshine. Then Eugene "gifted" her with his attention. Margaret must have felt like Cinderella at the ball. HER debut.
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