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  1. I figured it had something to do with her dead husband being a musician and his dead wife being a dancer. Maybe going to a show (and enjoying it with someone else) would bring up their memories in an uncomfortable way. Sharing a meal and talking is more 2 new friends just hanging out and getting to know each other better. Fewer ghosts in the room.
  2. Ingrid Bull. Asa Bull. Im not wowed by the baby name options either.
  3. Okay, I'm going to blame what I'm about to say on the effects of Valentine's Day: I love Malika and Isaac together. i love Dennis and Davia together. I even like Jamie and Callie together, but moreso because I like Jamie. I've never liked Callie, though I know I'm supposed to. Raj and Mariana are adorable together, but I don't think either is mature enough to be in this relationship. The jury's still out for me on Isabella. Some people really are just that friendly, but she also does a lot of lowkey shady stuff.
  4. I liked the Montepulciano couple too. They just seemed like they actually enjoy each other and have a lot of fun together. It certainly beats all the McBickersons we usually get subjected to. What a beautiful town! I didn't have a huge problem with any of the three houses, although the one they ended up in was my least favorite. Im going to watch the episode again; I'll come back if I change my mind on that.
  5. I don't see good things in the future for Kristen's husband.
  6. Well-deserved win for Chelsea! It's a great look that I can see many types of women wearing.
  7. I actually replayed the moment, just so I could chuckle at it a second time. I love their best friends/brother sister chemistry, and I hope the show leaves it right there.
  8. Edie gets more awful by the week. I'm actually wanting to punch a fictional character in the face. I want Tim to have the happiest of happy ever afters.
  9. Aren’t Abigail (and Cody) “back east” caring for a sick relative? Or something like that...
  10. Agreed! The thing she liked least was what made it the best, IMO. When you’re there alone, just leave it open. You only need to close it up when you have company. And BTW, are we calling this a “cat-themed” episode because she talked about her cat, even though we never actually got to see it?
  11. Maybe I just need time to warm up to the idea, but I'm just not feeling Chance + Abby yet.
  12. That wasn't even a close call this episode; the apartment they "chose" was clearly the best of the three. My only problem with this ep (indeed, with HHI in general) is that the producers have got to do a better job with the scripts/fake storylines. If you're going to have a couple griping about the prices and/or noise in their new city, maybe don't use the couple that's moving from an expensive/noisy city in the first place. No one moving from Washington DC is going to be shocked(!) by housing prices in another international city. And for the love of everything, Show, enough with the trailing spouse giving the "I gave up so much to come here, so I should get what I want" line. It's annoying. Maybe a better line for the script would be, " I'm hoping to get work myself, and being closer to the city will put me closer to work opportunities", or " I don't speak a word of (fill in the blank with the native language of the country), and being in the city puts me around more people who speak English", or even, " I prefer city ( or suburban) living." Any of those beats the whiny. "I gave up so much to come here!" foolishness.
  13. Same here. I kept expecting the camera to pan to the priest, revealing that it was Leland. We may have guessed wrong, but I still think there's something there. After all, this is the person David is confessing all his "deepest and darkest" to.
  14. For a while there was some "must have" toy that people lost their minds over every Christmas. Tickle Me Elmo, Teddy Ruxpin (a weird little teddy bear), Telatubbies; those are the ones I recall. I don't know if that still happens- my kids are beyond that stage, so that kind of thing isn't on my radar anymore.
  15. So true. Ben doesn't seem to have kids in his life otherwise, and those girls clearly adore him. Ben the Magnificent- I think it's sweet.
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