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  1. I completely agree. This is par for the course with Mary. Beyond all the money stealing, Mary is constantly degrading congregants (per the leaked audio of some of her “sermons”) and seems to have no empathy for any of her supposed “flock.” These poor people don’t need a tv to hear Mary’s flippancy- I’d imagine she’s been speaking the same way to them for years right to their faces.
  2. Mary is a weird duck. But it was oddly reassuring to hear about a car accident on Bravo where there was no mention of any of the following: switchbacks, TBIs, broken ankles, twelve hours of unconsciousness, mistresses, five rollovers (count ‘em as they happen!), snow in Southern California, exploding cataracts, etc. And Mary is right- wear a seatbelt (unless you’re somehow related to RHOBH’s Erika G./J., which confers on you a special protection in such accidents)! I survived a pretty bad rollover accident relatively unscathed and it was largely due to my seatbelt.
  3. I was about to suggest a storyline where Whit introduces “cold yoga” to the world, but then found out it’s already a thing: https://www.healthline.com/health-news/is-cold-yoga-the-next-exercise-craze#What-about-hot-yoga? Maybe she introduces cold yoga to Greenville? The only problem is she doesn’t have a built-in excuse (“it’s so hot!”) to strip down, but she would definitely spend the whole class pointing out how hard her nipples are! I think the potential comedic value of fencing is also WAYYYY HIGH!
  4. Less children. And apparently a far more humorous and charming husband (if we just look at this season).
  5. I don’t really have much to add to the Erika discussion-you all have covered it so well (and with great wit, per usual)! But can we please revisit Dorit “Child of the World” Kemsley’s proclamation of how much she loves using heavy spices in her cooking, unlike MOST Americans…. Didn’t we just find out a couple of episodes ago that she doesn’t even like garlic? Bitch please. Also, Kyle: if you so strongly feel the urge to fix or “bandage” any conflict between your co-workers to soothe your discomfort, you should probably work that out in therapy. It’s a trauma response. Not everyone ha
  6. I got a bad vibe from Crystal at the beginning of the season. I initially chalked that up to my own preferences and triggers- interpersonally, I am usually not terribly fond of people who proudly self-describe as both “competitive” and “Type A” (I am neither). People who are socially competitive- as Crystal is with her declarations of knowing everyone who is important, etc.- just stress me out (even if those qualities often make for an entertaining HW). I had warmed to her slightly throughout the season and felt bad for her obvious distress over violategate (and thought Sutton was clearl
  7. Just as a clarification- a number of people have mentioned Erika apparently “investing” in the Rinna spawn’s fashion company. According to financial records released during the legal proceedings, Erika made a payment to DNA Inc, which is similar in name to the the fashion company the Hamlin girls worked with. It’s also the name of a now-defunct music video production company. I’m trying to understand Rinna’s ride or die devotion to Erika this season and I don’t doubt there could be some financial connections, but it doesn’t seem like this is one of them.
  8. When you don’t read (documents), the only places you go are prison or back to Shakers. #readingiscool
  9. Ms. Accountability Coach can miss me with her impassioned “we don’t know, none of us know” speech. She filmed this in December 2020, after her All In program was dragged in a bunch of media outlets that Fall after former clients detailed the bullying and toxicity fundamental to her MLM-esque scheme. I’m no defender of Erika, but IMO, Teddi might be just as bad. She’s running a cultish scam where women pay her and her “coaches” to berate them into an eating disorder. And engaging in really shady financial practices to keep it going (like having clients for their services via the “frie
  10. Maybe deadly for an average man, but certainly not for Superman/Supervillain/Brilliant Lawyer/Old Man Teetering on the Edge of Dementia/Husband who Shushes His Wife and Doesn’t Give Hugs/ Monopoly Man ( @WhatAmIWatching ) Tom Girardi!
  11. Erika’s lawyers after watching this last episode:
  12. I wonder if she will even show up for the reunion? I can’t imagine her lawyers want her *clarifying* these stories further. She’s opted out of WWHL thus far this season, citing legal issues.* The more she talks, the worse it seems to get (see: this episode)! ETA: It’s unclear whether Erika has actually cited “legal” reasons for not doing WWHL (I think that’s just the speculation). But she’s not doing any “press” (including WWHL) so I could see her opting out of the reunion…
  13. Maybe Mikey helped? But instead of rappelling ropes, they knitted together all of Erika’s wigs and extensions! I mean, this one on its own would be a good start:
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