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  1. MrsWitter

    S04.E02: Recipe for Disaster

    Oh God! I wouldn’t wish her on any of those guys. She wasn’t morally outraged by these last guests and look at their food! Can you imagine what kind of food she would prepare for gay charter guests? She wouldn’t just be sniffing and licking raw steaks- she would be spitting on all the food too. And something tells me she wouldn’t be able to remain calm with a lot of PDA on deck. I could see her totally going off on the guests and, really, even if there’s a yacht involved, I don’t think it would be worth it for these guys to endure even a day of little Russian homophobe’s tirades and cooking. Personally, I just want her to be sent back to Siberia and, as punishment, only be allowed to eat her own cooking for the entirety of her life.
  2. One might even say he ENCOURAGED and egged on such behavior- asking the targeted woman to hug the self-declared groper. And laughed hysterically as said candidate also talked disgustingly about one of Billy’s professional colleagues who was not present (Nancy O’Dell). I will say that Billy seems to be genuinely remorseful about his behavior and has apologized multiple times privately and publicly so that does put him ahead of many famous men (for whatever that’s worth). I’ve been amusing myself with the thought of Tins and Billy getting hitched. Do we think she would take his last name? Because “Tinsley Bush” has a SPECTACULAR ring to it (and now I feel like I’m in the icky locker room)!
  3. MrsWitter

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Eating disorders vary in their severity. Kyle is trying to describe her mindset decades ago and we are watching Amelia in the throes of her illness. I am not a defender of Vyle (and I do think her anxiety makes her think situations are worse than they are), but eating disorders are typically underdiagnosed (not overdiagnosed) because many sufferers are convinced they aren’t bad enough/skinny enough to need help. If someone says they had an eating disorder, even if it’s Kyle, I think it’s best to trust them.
  4. MrsWitter

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    If Kyle says she had an eating disorder, I believe her, but, like Film Noire, I thought her revelation was for less than genuine reasons. And, as Blubrd said, focusing on her weight wasn’t the most helpful way to frame the issue because it obscures the fact that anorexia (and all eating disorders) are a mental illness. Weight can be a symptom, but anorexia is, first and foremost, a psychiatric illness with physical consequences. Her weight isn’t the most relevant thing here- behavior and mindset define whether someone suffers from an eating disorder. When we focus too much on weight, we can miss the actual illness. Because eating disorders are a mental illness, like most mental illnesses, there can be a genetic component. And they are often seen in families that have addiction issues as well (which makes sense for Kyle). But they are not ALL genetic, Rinna. It’s such a cop-out to absolve her of any culpability in her daughter’s illness. ETA: Here’s a link to an article that explains the genetic connection between addiction and eating disorders: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/08/130821084832.htm
  5. MrsWitter

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Oh, Kyle- why are you buying more hats? You don’t need more hats! And that wasn’t a beret you bought. I did find the eating disorder conversation very interesting in that Kyle and Lisa were completely approaching the discussion of causality in contrary ways: Lisa: We went to best doctor and he said it is all genetic. (Which means I have no culpability for the environment she was raised in and I fostered) Kyle: I didn’t ever talk about it to my girls because I didn’t want to encourage that behavior. And I actively tried to not say disparaging things about my body in front of my children. (Good on Kyle for this bit- studies show that girls are highly susceptible to negative messages Moms express about their own bodies. But, Kyle is not telling her daughters about their increased genetic risk, even though knowing their genetics could help them be conscientious.) So, to sum it up: Kyle believes she can control the environment of her daughters, but doesn’t want to arm them with genetic info that could be valuable. And Rinna is all, “it’s all genetic! Nothing to see here!”
  6. MrsWitter

    Unpopular Opinions

    I agree, but I think that’s mostly because she doesn’t give herself enough credit. She has moments where she shows off her figure (Halloween), but she mostly seems to be obsessed with coverups and caftans. She often carries herself like someone who is ashamed of her body, which I find sad. I don’t think she needs to be scantily clad, but I do wish she would wear some clothing that is a bit more tailored.
  7. MrsWitter

    S04.E01: Pardon Your French

    Hannah always makes me miss Kate. Barfy Chef- yikes! I think she is confused about which Bravo show she is on. Hidden Valley Ranch and Taco Bell-inspired eats would be totally appropriate for Stassi and the witches of WeHo. Also, she seems to keep weirdly smelling the food- she held up both the raw steaks and the ranch and took deep whiffs. Aren’t these brand new provisions? Why does she need to smell them so intensely?
  8. MrsWitter

    S06.E02: Kat's Out of the Bag

    Oh, how I love Tyson. My big baby does that same adorable whining when we say the words “ride” or “beach” too. I’m glad Chelsea also recognized he might be overwhelmed by a big crowd and sent him off with Grandpa. And an Elvis sighting! 😍 Does anyone else feel like the most exciting part of some Bravo shows is the animals? I swear River has gotten me through some bleak episodes of RHOBH. Craig, show us more Bethany!
  9. Giselle, you definitely should. It’s become one of my favorite shows EVER. And I won’t spoil, but the ending was perfect, beautiful and satisfying, which elevated the show even more in my mind. It was surprising and still a perfectly stuck landing. I know all you GOT fans are experiencing the opposite this week, which is a bummer.
  10. Am I the only fan of “The Americans” on here? There’s a brilliant episode in Season Two where a newbie double agent (Nina) has to take a polygraph administered by the FBI. She’s very nervous and a KGB officer (Oleg) reassures her: Oleg, a new K.G.B. officer, tries to convince her that being a machine does not make it smart: when a camera takes a picture of you smiling, he asks her, “Does it know if you are happy?” (from The New Yorker) Oleg instructs Nina to clench her anus repeatedly to beat the polygraph and she passes. As I’ve said before, I don’t think Lisa leaked the story but I also don’t care if she did. But I was thinking of LVP clenching her anus during the test and that made me laugh.
  11. Yes, I agree- we are capable of nuanced readings of the situation and it’s really not helpful (or accurate) to just lump people into fan groups based on how they felt about the joke. By the same token, you can also be someone who likes LVP and still finds the joke transphobic. I’ve been solidly #TeamLVP this season- I don’t believe she had anything to do with the ROL story (but also wouldn’t care if she did) and I think the other women are behaving in an insane manner. But I also found the joke very problematic and potentially harmful (as others have already pointed out so I won’t belabor why). I don’t believe Lisa is truly transphobic, but I do believe her joke was so I’m glad she apologized. As to whether her apology is good enough? That’s not for me (who is not a member of the trans community) to decide.
  12. In fairness to scrunchies (not Dorit- never Dorit), scrunchies are having a major revival. Even Vogue is chronicling the best designer scrunchies to purchase. I’m sure Dorit’s had some horrible designer logo on it that we couldn’t see.
  13. MrsWitter

    Small Talk: The Cabana

    I haven’t because I’m mostly an East Coast girl (with some time in the Rockies) and my trips to CA (weddings, conferences, etc.) have usually been too hectic to sightsee as much as I would like. But I would totally go to Saved by the Max and the Peach Pit (I would love a “Peach Pit After Dark” with a residency from The Flaming Lips, if we’re dreaming). I really should have prioritized these stops during former trips. I have, however, dragged my SO through Laguna Beach to see spots where L.C. hung out. And, perhaps even more exciting, I’ve literally been to Dawson’s house and took a picture on the dock (luckily nobody was home at the time)! So I am always down for all manner of cheesy television tourism! I saw The Flaming Lips about nine years ago and, as part of the show, they actually played the 90210 clip. It was amazing.
  14. Absolutely not! That holds a firm place in my memory and I hope it always will. And Kyle, like Jessie, would totally follow it with: “I’m so, so scared!” Because god knows Kyle is scared about EVERYTHING- killers on a walking trail, Boy George being attacked by people in the audience, etc., etc., etc....
  15. I really need to do a complete rewatch of Saved by the Bell! So many things I am not remembering... I think Dawson’s Creek trivia is taking up critical space in my brain. It sounds like you two are perfect for each other. ❤️