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  1. Maybe deadly for an average man, but certainly not for Superman/Supervillain/Brilliant Lawyer/Old Man Teetering on the Edge of Dementia/Husband who Shushes His Wife and Doesn’t Give Hugs/ Monopoly Man ( @WhatAmIWatching ) Tom Girardi!
  2. Erika’s lawyers after watching this last episode:
  3. I wonder if she will even show up for the reunion? I can’t imagine her lawyers want her *clarifying* these stories further. She’s opted out of WWHL thus far this season, citing legal issues.* The more she talks, the worse it seems to get (see: this episode)! ETA: It’s unclear whether Erika has actually cited “legal” reasons for not doing WWHL (I think that’s just the speculation). But she’s not doing any “press” (including WWHL) so I could see her opting out of the reunion…
  4. Maybe Mikey helped? But instead of rappelling ropes, they knitted together all of Erika’s wigs and extensions! I mean, this one on its own would be a good start:
  5. Done! He thanks you for all of the extra praise! ❤️ I missed Garcelle A LOT tonight. I can see her asking Erika very specific questions to try to clarify that cockamamie accident story: was he thrown from the car or did he just roll out? How did nobody in Pasadena see this wreck? He found his phone and called you after being unconscious for TWELVE HOURS?! Etc...
  6. She dramatically complained about having to pick up another creature’s shit (first, Tom’s metaphorical shit, I assume, and now her dog’s literal shit), but they didn’t show her picking up the poop.* This woman really doesn’t know how to even begin to engender basic sympathy from the audience. Between complaining about her “small” (gorgeous!) house and bemoaning her dog’s poop... why would any of us feel sorry for her? I feel sorry for her dog (and maybe her son, since I’m sure she considered changing his poopy diapers a burden).
  7. Thanks so much for the clarification @Persnickety1! You saved me from having to go back and rewatch that scene. And agreed- no affection. She seemed to only have annoyance that her dog dared to have a normal bodily function on her watch. Whereas, in our house, we still praise our senior mutt for pooping and peeing and eating and drinking and basically existing (a holdover from when we first adopted him ten years ago and he was in desperate need of confidence and praise). 😄
  8. Maybe I misunderstood, but it seems like she brought her dog with her to La Quinta (have we ever seen her travel with her dog before?). And then complained about having to “pick up (his) shit too” and pulled on his collar a bit too aggressively for my taste. Yes Erika, regular people (and Housewives) have to pick up their dog’s poo. Now, if you pooped yourself (à la Ramona Singer), you might be able to get the “help” to handle it. 🙄 GIRLS. All three of them. I actually bought Adrienne’s act. I think she really might have thought you cleaned chicken with soap. I’m not buying the
  9. Maybe Ramona borrowed LuAnn’s “bronzer” from Halloween 2017?
  10. I can’t bear to go back and watch again to check, but does Leah actually eat ass? I thought she just expected men to eat her ass. I’m not sure how giving she is and it would be just like Leah to think her own ass (shit) doesn’t stink.
  11. Is someone going to tell Leah that Coco was a Nazi sympathizer/agent? I’m not sure this bodes well for her conversion to Orthodox Judaism (which has just being going swimmingly thus far, I assume). I LOVE this for BOTH OF THEM! I know I’m probably driving some of you crazy with my repetitive PSA, but, on behalf of a horribly maligned “breed” of dog that suffers tremendously because of stigma: stop comparing noxious humans to pitbulls. We all know Sonja is never one to let a broken tooth interfere with her fun!
  12. I wondered the same thing and then I thought maybe Bumble paid for the product placement/promotion on RHOBH?
  13. Can you all help me out- did we know Dorit got another dog (Winnie)? Did I block this information out? Does she still have Winnie? Has anyone done a welfare check on Winnie? If she does still have Winnie, I hope she does something like chew up tragic items in Dorit’s closet…
  14. I haven’t seen a news source report on this yet, but eagle-eyed viewers on Reddit and Instagram are documenting some of Heather’s “problematic” (by which I mean, racist) comments and likes on Instagram post-episode and they’re… something. Heather has removed her woke mask to show she is, in fact, a Karen (I can’t stand Leah and hate to say she was right, but broken clock twice a day and all). Heather seems to be really upset that Eboni (rightfully) called out her pandering and didn’t give her a “best white ally” medal for knowing Diddy and Beyoncé.
  15. NONE of these women are pit bulls. I would like them much better if they were. I know I’ve done this PSA before, but it’s not accurate to compare housewives (or any other aggressive humans) to pit bulls. Even though it’s a common turn of phrase, it contributes to the ongoing stigmatization of the breed. I don’t know that I’ve met any kind of dog that’s as mean as a housewife.
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