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  1. People, BE CIVIL. This is the main rule at Primetimer. Be civil to fellow posters. Respectful discussions are fine. Sniping and attacks are not. If you want educate someone, do so without attacking.
  2. Noah holding a dildo - a dick holding a dick. Helen and Noah's kids, still insufferable. Shut up, Trevor! Helen has never looked more dour than she did in the Cleopatra wig.
  3. Whenever I am trying to help others, I catch a malicious wounding charge. Helping someone cross the street? Malicious wounding. Handing a dollar to a homeless person? Malicious wounding. Volunteering at the animal shelter? Malicious wounding. Are you telling me this isn't normal? Who doesn't want a man who calls you a chick? Maybe Cheryl is pulling out clumps of hair so she can look more like Tina with her style-by-egg-beater hair style.
  4. Immigration; also Russia's election Original air date 2019.09.15
  5. DO NOT extrapolate the assumed behaviors of ANY litigants onto entire classes of people. These are people on a TV show that are chosen to create drama and provide Judge Judy opportunities for her famous eye rolls (how has she not sprained her eye muscles?). This is not the place to express your personal thoughts about any particular group, including. but not limited to, the disabled, people receiving public assistance of any type, different ethnicities or races.
  6. I am watching Season 8, episode 1, Judy. The compassionate part of me understands she is severely mentally ill. The rest of me wants to slap her upside the head. She does not have a chance of ever being successful. Mouse infestation. Relieving herself in diapers. Needs to unfold each piece of paper and rip paper bags apart to make sure nothing is hiding in there. Infected wounds on her legs. And yet she's a germaphobe. She needs to be hospitalized. Dr. Tolin actually yelled at her. Finally Cory switched to just trying to clear paths in the house. They did seem to haul a lot more out of the house than they said they would (it was all mouse feces and urine covered trash). Water doesn't work. She needs to be in a care facility. I hope that was the ultimate outcome of the call to APS. Not an episode that felt okay at all to watch.
  7. If Lemondre gets out, he'll be on probation. That might put a hold on Andrea's dreams of international travel. They can watch the travel channel while he scratches the itch under his ankle monitor.
  8. Original air date 2019.09.11
  9. Original air date 2019.09.08
  10. Legislation and filibuster reform; Brexit/Boris Johnson Original air date 2019.09.08
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