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  1. Main topic: TBD Other: TBD Original air date: 2020.09.27
  2. Lovers and Lockers, Please take non-episode talk to the small talk thread. Otherwise Thanks!
  3. Per Andrea, Tennison is both not old enough to be trusted to say no to weed - he should have called her - and old and mature enough to perform a baptism on his sister. (Yes, I know the church allows it but seriously, if he can sanctify a baptism, he should also be trusted.)
  4. The first time someone pees in the pool, it is desanctified. 😄
  5. Tony is rocking the moobs. Between that, his splotchy skin, his hooker addiction and his record he is quite the catch.
  6. Mumbles always looks loaded. If he ever fully opens his eyes I will be shocked.
  7. Yes. Yes, she is. She is the woman who thought her clearly too intelligent to buy her BS kids believed that she was impregnated by the Holy Ghost. That's how she got Priscilla. You know, Holy Ghost is a euphemism for closet sex with a prisoner. I thought Tennison was going to say he had been offered marijuana in Utah.
  8. The smartest thing that Lacey ever did was have her tubes tied. Of course this chucklefuck has to try for another kid or kids.
  9. Points to everyone who speculated that Sarah would complain to Malcolm about Murgh. Run away, Malcom!
  10. The way Lacey said IVF I thought she said they started IBS. Um, no, that's not a good idea.
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