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  1. Folks, Please take personal stories regarding your parents to Small Talk unless you are specifically linking it to Whitney's parents' experiences.
  2. TBD Original air date 2021.09.24
  3. Main topic: TBD Also: TBD Original air date 2021.09.26
  4. Original air date 2021.09.19
  5. Again, not the who ruined the show or which housewife you don't like and certainly not the Garcelle vs. Eboni thread. Media only please.
  6. Somehow I have made it this far in life without ever tattooing someone's name above my genitals. Now I have a new life goal.
  7. The trash bag luggage of storming out. She's used it before. She needs to borrow Quaylon's rolling suitcase of all sadness.
  8. FFS now Lisa wants to get married. Well, as long as there's a $5-10K ring she can pawn.
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