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  1. People of the Netherlands knowing that they are not associated with Wendy Williams: The thought of Wendy's nether regions:
  2. Please let Dannnnnnielle tell GarrICK that he is a lying weasel who is following his dick into both infidelity and outright cruelty toward her while justifying it with God's will. Let his tears be from her kicking him to the curb rather than him missing the great love of his loins, Roberta. The Winders continue to be low key and remarkably enjoyable simply by not being anything like the other horrible couples+ on this show. Emily goes on a date with the King and Queen. All bets are that unless they're paying her for a storyline or she is homeless and destitute she nopes out on joi
  3. Whenever I go to next-episode.net for this show I see this: Sounds about right.
  4. Main topic: Also: Original air date 2021.05.16
  5. Original air date 2021.05.17
  6. Original aur date 2021.05.21
  7. Original air date 2021.05.21
  8. Original air date 2021.05.21
  9. Leah clutching her pearls about Heather mentioning "hard drugs" was so silly. How many times did she mention drugs just this episode? MDMA anyone? And of course we all knew the Pirate was quite the popular ride among the housewives.
  10. TLC is notorious for not announcing what is renewed and what is cancelled. They have had shows start a season without ever announcing that they are renewed and shows that haven't had new episodes for more than three years that they still list as active on various industry databases. So I never consider their announcements meaningful. As to the dress, the front screams swim coverup to me. Even looking at it on the website, it's just not a great dress regardless of who is wearing it. I think it looks best on the plus size model wearing it in black because she has more of a pear shaped
  11. Original air date 2021.05.20 This is the end Beautiful friend This is the end My only friend, the end Yes, it's the finale. Who will Bethenny choose? And more importantly, will anyone really care.
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