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  1. There is another True CONfessions episode this Friday, 2020.07.10. This one is BFFs tell all. Please let them show Squee Bastard! 😄
  2. I absolutely loved the scene when Arabella named Zain as her rapist. It was so powerful to see person after person stand up and them not letting him quietly slip out. There are so many different communities (work, organizations, etc.) in which a predator like him is allowed to continue their behavior because people don't feel empowered to speak out. It was great to see an immediate comeuppance. I hope this has real ramifications for Zain.
  3. @plumbago blues There is no shame in watching Schitt's Creek. It is a great show.
  4. I got a special deal at $75 for a decent seat.
  5. The pop-up made no sense at all. If she's such a good cook, she would know things have to be prepared in advance. Mac & Cheese, greens and ribs can be cooked well in advance. She could finish them to order. It would be one thing is she was making poached eggs. I sense the writers have never been in a restaurant kitchen. Also, why would she insult the owner of the space? Did she want them to get shut down before they start? I am in no mood for Ronnie redemption 6000. The whole thing with the woman at the recycling center asking him to ask her out was creepy. He is homeless and scraping for money. She is only rubbing it in by playing that mess. Ugh. I do care about them finding Keisha. There are important things that can be said about the lack of concern for a missing black girl. However, it seems so clunky and the conversations don't ring true. I don't doubt that there would be jerks at the meeting. But the way they expressed themselves was terrible. Even worse are the conversations between her moms or the thought that the entire community supports their relationship. Um, yeah, no. The big speech at the vigil for Keisha had no purpose other than to pull on our heartstrings. Ronnie spotting the presumed evil-doer and chasing after him. No. Just no. Normally I'm an ugh, kids, kind of person. For this show I really enjoy the kids. The adults are not working for me.
  6. If I can see it for $7 I will watch it. I am not willing to sign up for Disney+. I already pay so much for the content I view. While I do watch some things on my computer, I find more content now assumes you have a large screen TV or you are sitting close enough to read small items. For example, when shows display text messages on screen. My vision is good with my glasses, but I often have to pause and get close to read these. I do have friends who have saved money as compared to cable by using all of the various services. However, for now, that is more effort than I want to put into watching TV. FYI I work in tech and have just joined a company that is on the cutting edge of technology, so I am not a luddite. I had tickets to see Hamilton in SF. Unfortunately this was cancelled due to the zombie apocalypse, um, covid-19 shelter in place.
  7. This really was an LOL episode for me. Tiff's rant was great. She didn't know the fundie world well enough to give the classic, "Unfortunately the Lord has not seen fit to bless me with children yet. It is my greatest hope to be a mother, and I am sure with prayer and keeping His love in my heart I will be blessed with a large family. I follow the path He leads me down." Then she could have gained sympathy. It would have been a better answer than &^%$#. 😺 I loved how they were poking at the FBI agent during the dinner. Her whole we need to be nice comments were perfect. Then Keith comes in like a human hand grenade. Is there anything he can't destroy? Where can I buy some skants?
  8. Whether or not there was penetration, Kwame was raped. The events in this episode so much spoke to consenting to one act does not mean consenting to all acts. Consent can be withdrawn at any time. Arabella asks Zain to put on a condom, and then he gaslights her that he thought she knew and was okay with him taking it off when she couldn't see that he was doing it. Kwame willingly had sex with his hookup, then he was forcibly raped. While we can look at this like people making poor decisions, Arabella should be able to trust that someone she works with and chooses to have sex with will respect her boundaries, one of which was wear a condom. Kwame should be able to trust that use a condom means use a condom. He said no to bareback sex and in no way stated that he wanted to be overpowered. The scary thing is that even outside of extreme situations these things happen all the time.
  9. Realizing they knew each other and had planned this changed the threesome from feeling empowering and owning her sexuality to feeling played. Her agency was denied. I felt for her in that moment. I think you nailed it with the last part. Terry was sad she bombed the audition and the casual racism in asking her if that was her real hair and to show it. However, the depth of emotion came from discussion of leaving Arabella alone in Italy. First, you don't leave someone who is that messed up. She was lucky she ended up okay. Second, Terry was reliving her feelings of realizing she had been played by the fuckbois she had the threesome with. I get that Terry was angry with Arabella for getting so messed up at the club. However, Terry was sober enough to know that Arabella might not even understand that she was leaving.
  10. They are doing such a great job of showing Arabella trying to piece together what happened to her with the flashes memory and her trying form them into a whole. The mistress yelling at her was so many kinds of wrong. I am fully drawn in and wanting to know what happened. I also appreciate how they are showing her trying to normalize life while dealing with this.
  11. Her life includes partying. Not sure if she often blacks out. This was a great first episode. Michaela Cole is incredible in everything she does.
  12. I had a 3-1/2 hour on zoom interview a week and a half back. Since it was the 3rd interview for the position (1 = recruiter, 2 = hiring manager, 3 = team+), they asked if I could be on camera. I decided to not try to dye my hair and let the gray show. I did put on a new sweater, light makeup and set the computer up high to get a better angle. Next day I interviewed with the CTO. Used the same setup. It was weird to wash and dry my hair two days in a row. Funniest moment was when I chose to admit I was recovering from covid because my nose started running and my oxygen level dropped. Nothing scary. I needed to wipe my nose and do some deep breathing. They were surprised I took the interview. My answer was I didn't want to miss an opportunity. I got the job. Enjoyed turning in my notice last week to my terrible soon-to-be former employer. Yes, I am one of the lucky ones who still had a job that could be done effectively from home. And now I'll start a new job that will also be done from home until it is safe for people to go in.
  13. 4th of July has John on hiatus. The next episode is scheduled for 2020.07.19. Main topic: TBD Also: TBD
  14. Description for Season 3, episode 3 Buss Down, which air 2020.07.05.
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