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  1. I was at a dinner last night when a political discussion started. Someone started saying how great Morning Joe is and how much they learn from this show. I held my tongue as long as I could. Finally said, "Really? You learn something from Morning Joe? You think Joe knows what he's talking about?" She believes he does. Great conversation after we had discussed how belief is stronger than knowledge. She really believes in Joe the Great! I chose not to refer her to this board. 😸
  2. US Census; also Stupid Watergate II; Al Roker's Thanksgiving Kiss of Death; Chiijohn. Last show until February. 😢 Original air date 2019.11.17
  3. It's back! Coming to a TV near you on 12.12.2019. Let the baking begin! Hosts: Spice Girl Emma Bunton and Chicago Bears defensive tackle Anthony Adams. Judges: silver bear baker Paul Hollywood; pastry chef Sherry Yard.
  4. People, Let's take a break from recommending that the children be beaten with straps, belts or any other implement. This is not a forum on corporal punishment for children. We are here to snark on a TV family. Questions? PM @PrincessPurrsALot.
  5. Someone needs to tell Joe Go that's not a book, that's a pamphlet. Somehow I doubt he wrote it, unless wrote is a euphemism for babbled some crap that someone formed into sentences .
  6. I loved this episode. It's the little things that keep me watching: Dinesh and Richard doing the math on the $1B; Jared's text to Richard with the cartoons; Jared in the sunglasses as if he's incognito; "buddy fucker"; the lawyer being "honest"; the call backs to the times Richard turned down money; Dinesh listing the horrible thing he's done (including the destruction of the jump rope and getting the candy); Gavin's support team for the triathlon (and still seeing it as beating his personal best). Citrus Peach Fresca for the win!
  7. The issue of inherited trauma is interesting because EJ seemed to be positing that Alison's trauma of losing a son was passed on genetically to Joanie. Clearly our own early life experiences affect us which if different than the argument posed. Joanie was impacted by the belief that her mother was mentally ill and committed suicide. she was further impacted by her father's reactions to this, Alison having left her with Cole and Luisa when she sought help, early years with Noah who she then did not see, Cole and Luisa breaking up, etc. So Joanie had many traumatic events in her early years. Do I think she inherited some genetic change that happened to Alison based on her trauma? Nope. But Joanie did have a messed up early life. Doesn't explain the perma-scowl but it does explain her problems getting close to her children, coldness in interactions, fear over becoming the same age Alison was when she died, etc. As for the Solloways, I would expect the kids to be impacted by their parents divorce. It is part of their childhood. Each child was a different age and had a different level of impact. However that impact is also based on who they each were as people when this happened. For Whitney, she seems to not trust in relationships. At the same time, we were never given a positive view of Whitney so it's hard to say what impact was from the affair/divorce and what is just Whit at her whiny, entitled best. But yeah, hanging out in a cold parking lot eating cake and drinking champagne while your parents boff is very odd behavior. That's a visual I could have done without.
  8. I previously worked at Starbucks headquarters. Starbucks names their meeting rooms after their coffee blends. There used to be a Gold Coast room which means there is now a Morning Joe room. I wonder if people try to avoid it for meetings because people's hair changes into big, upstanding wedges and some folks bloviate about nothing while others chime in with meaningless sounds. Makes it hard to get anything accomplished.
  9. Starbucks would most likely donate it for compost. I just want Joe and Mike to know the product didn't sell.
  10. Things I wish I didn't know - report this to Starbucks and they will likely have the stock pulled. They have strict rules about how long they consider product viable. I want video of piles of Morning Joe coffee being destroyed because it didn't sell. We could intercut video of Mika surrounded by emotional support cakes.
  11. At PT we have shows with full forums that have multiple threads with specific topics for each thread. We try to keep the conversation in each thread on topic because it creates a better reading experience for everyone. This also works best when people watch episodes weeks, months or even years later. They can go back and see how others felt about that episode. The Affair is one of these shows. You'll note recent posts on season 1, 2 and 3 episodes as either new people watch or people rewatch. We also have single thread shows where all conversation takes place in one thread. These tend to be smaller shows. This is a moderated forum. Many of the other TV forums that have ended have done so because of the effort of trying to moderate even if just for the worst behavior, or they were unmoderated. Often these moved to small groups discussing a show because they were the ones who dominated the conversation. This is not meant as a criticism. The creation of strong online communities is increasingly meaningful. At PT, we focus on talk about TV shows. The various Small Talk threads are where we build community outside of the discussion of specific shows. Some of those communities are quite well developed. We also have the non-TV specific forums, Everything Else, Interests & Hobbies and Pop Culture, all of which are available on the main forum page. These areas are still focused on specific topics. That's how we are structured.
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