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  1. Brawny's coming out as a lesbian does feel odd. I am always happy for people to be able to be their real selves. It's just when she said that kissing Tamra made her realize it, um, really? Supposedly she and her husband had many threesomes with women. Did she never kiss a woman during that time? Did she not engage in any sexual behavior with women? Did she sit in the corner with her eyes and ears covered while Sean had sex with other women? How was she in threesomes with women but Tamra was her aha moment?!?!!?!? On the show, she repeatedly stated that she was attracted to women, so lesbian, bisexual, pansexual makes sense. It just seems odd to link it to kissing Tamrat. It is also harsh to state, after having seven kids with Sean, that she was never attracted to men. It feels like she has to take everything to the extreme. She could be bi or pan. She could be a lesbian but have some attraction to men. She could only be attracted to Sean (or at least was); that is, her attraction to men is based on a deeper emotional connection rather than a physical one. Okay, I have now thought more about this than is warranted. Regardless of what she says, she is exhausting.
  2. One of those moments when my Sophie love was solidified. She one of those kids that grew up in a difficult situation (from an emotional support perspective) that became an adult earlier than planned. She sees who her mother is. Elizabeth is insufferable. Shut up already! I'm with you (and Gina) on this. Get on with your life. 6 years for a divorce. With a lot of assets to divide, I can see a year. They don't have kids so there is no custody battle. I can both agree that she deserves the money and question how much longer she wants this battle in her life to get every last penny. There is a point when you're causing yourself more harm than good. At this point, too much of her life is on hold. Doesn't she want to be able to admit to having sex with baby face tiny head? She claims she wants to have a child. Maybe move on with life so she can do that.
  3. We received notice that three people at our company have tested positive for Covid. There are only 60 or so employees. This does not include our folks working at a client location who we already knew had either contracted the virus or were being tested. These are local folks. My city has gone back to shelter in place due to the uptick in cases. It is so frustrating because in a sea of red and purple counties we were holding at yellow. Now the county is red purple. Grrrr . . . . We were doing so well for a densely populated city. It doesn't impact me directly much because I wasn't going out and about much at all, but I am concerned for everyone involved. I guess my one "what about me?!?!?!" item is we are no longer allowed to go into the office. I never have gone in. I started with this company during the shelter in place. A few colleagues go in when they have specific work to do in the office. Part of our product has hardware components and our testing lab is in the office. Otherwise we work from home. The company offered me an office chair for my personal use. I could really use a better chair and don't want to buy one if they are willing to give me a top end $1200 chair for free. My current chair is cute. That's about it. A few hours in and my hip hurts bad. I am going to see if there is any way I can still get the chair.
  4. I'll put it down to he is one twitchy, nose wiping clown, who likely has help getting that way. I can also see him admitting to the legal Adderall rather than illegal cocaine. Y'know, that makes addiction so much more refined. 🙄
  5. My colleague is set to be released from the hospital tomorrow. He's getting better!!!! He can breathe!!!! His oxygen saturation rates are almost normal!!!! Another team member went in for a test today. 🤞
  6. Remember, episodes happen in episode time. Do not bring any future information into this thread. Go to media or the individual character threads if you would like to discuss social media or news stories about them. Covid will likely be discussed on the show. That does not open the door to debating covid protocols and the like. Let's keep it about the glorious ladies of RHOC and the people sucked into their orbits.
  7. Things to expect: Monuments coming down in Charleston, cast members going out the second restrictions are lifted, and a discussion of Kathryn's social media racism. Site rules to remember: We can discuss social hot topic issues that are raised on the show. As always, all discussion must be civil toward your fellow posters. We do not discuss political parties, politicians or their supporters. This includes veiled comments using nicknames. It is off-topic and leads us down a bad path. Let's try to enjoy this show for what it is, reality TV. Questions? PM @PrincessPurrsALot. We do not discuss mod actions or debate mod directives in the forums. Thanks, my wee Charmers! Original air date 2020.12.03
  8. Chon is out of chail! What will this mean for the ever-expanding Lacey and Chane? We all know Lacey is hoping for fireworks between her two beaus. Sure, she married one and is pregnant with his child, but that's no reason to not try to play them off of each other. Shawn has a shocking discovery. I guess the question is - is this shocking to normal folks or only to Shawn? I assume he's so dense that simple things are shocking to him - lights turning on when you hit the switch - shocking! Zippers - amazing! Twinkies - how did they get the creme filling in there?!?!? (I suspect he puzzles that one nightly). And finally I suspect we will see the return of Puppy, her wife and her post lockup love, Vince, the only person capable of making the rest of this crew seem bright. Vince, you may recall, looks like he could drown in the rain because he would forget to close his ever-gaping mouth. Original air date 2020.1204
  9. Ah, the tales of Elizabeth. She slept with Jimmy until he found out she is married or she has never slept with Jimmy. She has plenty of money or she needs to keep fighting. She wants a divorce or she wants her ex back. Regardless, she is exhausting. Not Shannon sucks-all-the-life-out-of-every-room-she's-in Beador levels of exhausting, but exhausting nonetheless. What other excitement will occur before the housewives leave the sanctity of Palm Springs? Will Kelly retrieve more things from Dr. Deb's hair? Will Brown Wind remind us again that she's sober now? Will Sean learn he needs neck surgery from the stress caused the weight of his statement necklaces? Will Gina continue to be the voice of reason? Will Emilzzzzzzzzzzz . . . sorry, nodded off for a moment. Original air date 2020.12.02
  10. Shannon did still seem drunk. She slept past the call time for shooting and had to go out in her robe. Jimmy had ordered her multiple breakfast choices which he may have done before she was her semi-coherent self. Side note: I had eggs this morning and felt no need to throw a fit. There were yolks in the omelet. I lived to tell the tale, and I wasn't even at a fancy resort.
  11. I suspect that Elizabeth thinks that if she admits to sleeping with Jimmy it will impact her divorce settlement; that is, she'll be accused of cheating. They've been separated so long and her husband fathered a child with another woman so it wouldn't at all, but she seems like she's not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. She's not Kelly Dodd levels of stupid, but she's in the neighborhood. Jimmy is an unattractive, balding man with a really tiny head. He has shown no compelling personality on camera. I am not sure what she finds so appealing. At least she doesn't have to worry about the other women trying to snatch him up.
  12. My colleague has been admitted to the hospital with Covid. His oxygen saturation dropped so low he was disoriented. His friend's mom is keeping us informed of his status. He's not in the ICU so hoping he turns a corner soon.
  13. Things I took away from this episode: Flappy's flap really is a mood flap. The more upset Lindsey got, the more his flap seemed to swell. Lindsey's "bubbly personality" is in her bra. Destinie cannot distinguish diarrhea from being pregnant. Mean, angry and stupid is not a good way to go through life. Shavel's mom is still one of the smartest people on this show. Her cousin taking about what he said to women while he was incarcerated was what all of these fools should hear. Sarah gets stranger looking every time we see her. She is starting to look like something is crushing her head, making it flatter and wider. Murgh can sit up when he's so stoned he is turning into a sloth. He is a man of many talents. Shawn is just as stupid as we suspected. She takes his car and is using his credit card, but he doesn't do anything about it. He thinks that Destinie's sister isn't lying to him. Tennison is still too damn smart and mature for Andrea. Andrea does not know that people from Ghana are called Ghanaians, not Ghanians. Every time Lamar mentioned Shante the RuPaul song came to mind; "sashay, shantay".
  14. Shannon was very Shannon in her simpering reaction to the scrambled egg whites. She wouldn't eat the regular omelet but did take a bite out of what appeared to be a quesadilla. There was so much food available, but none of it was up to her exacting standards. Given how drunk she was the night before should should have been hydrating and eating some bread to absorb the excess acid in her stomach (if the booze was already gone). Mass quantities of tequila? A-okay for our precious princess. Egg yolks? Begone spawn of Satan! How the heck does anyone put up with her? Gina has been remarkably agreeable. She's the only one who seems to be able to let something go.
  15. Posting in the RHOC forum? What you need to know: Primetimer's main rule in BE CIVIL. That means if you disagree, do so respectfully. Remember that we are working in a written medium that makes misunderstanding more likely. If you're getting riled up, take a beat before you respond. If you've made your point, move on. No thread should become a debate between two or three posters. That's when you should realize you're not going to agree. It happens in the forums just like it happens in life. In both places, you will not get a cookie for getting the last word. Remember that someone disagreeing with you is just that, adults on a forum disagreeing about a matter of opinion. If you think someone has stepped over the line in the way they disagreed, report it. If their post is within bounds, let it lie. Civil disagreement is not a personal attack, someone disallowing your opinion, or someone "stealing your words". Your words and their words can coexist. Be Dr. Moon mellow, not Shannon stressed. Primetimer allows the discussion of hot topic political issues if they are raised on a show. We do not allow the discussion of politics or political figures unless they are discussed on a show. Even then, discussion is limited to what was said on the show. Do not discuss the supporters of any politician or political group. This includes assigning nicknames to politicians or their supporters. Episodes happen in episode time only. Do not post future information taken from social media or the housewives appearances on other shows (e.g., WWHL) unless you are in a non-episode thread devoted to that topic. Discuss the episode in the bubble of time in which it exists. Follow the rules or we'll show up at your home to steal the frosting bow off of your cake. Break them again and Dr. Deb will visit you to provide her special brand of emotional support. Questions? PM @PrincessPurrsALot directly. We do not discuss moderator actions in the forums.
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