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  1. Such a display of "celibate strength". This show is so funny. They're muscle men, daddy!
  2. Charlotte really was channeling Wendy when she spoke with Erin. I liked the instinct to tell her in person which can be seen as caring on the surface. Then it's backed with doing it in an open public place and ending the scene with the threats. Chilling. Charlotte knows who they are and has embraced it. Jonah is seeing a little more of the seedy side of the business. He is having some of the awakening that Marty had. Being the money guy doesn't keep your hands clean. That child is so far in over his head. It did get me how much they all talk where others can hear. Also, curtains o
  3. That was so creepy. It was a "you do know you're being filmed? Right?" moment. She's young, his son's "girlfriend", and not mentally all there, so creeper talks about getting her into his bedroom. Quick note for Haley, more time with dad is not what Dalton needs to turn his life around.
  4. I more and more think what Terry and Heather will leave their children is a mountain of debt.
  5. Haley's mask is black and white. That's commitment.
  6. Angel leaned in to get something for his spank bank. He's not chasing three phones, cut my steak Tai.
  7. Everything about Max makes me think steroids. I am waiting for Max smash!
  8. I think that's a fairly universal opinion. He is odd looking but you can play a game of connect the dots with his backne. His friend made an interesting hair choice. LDL continues LAL's bad hair sightings.
  9. So surprised that Chris is incommunicado given that he is getting out in three weeks. Has he thought things through.
  10. House of Vanity Boutique is classy with the astroturf wall.
  11. I am sick, but I set the alarm so I would be ready for live chat.
  12. Santiba: "I hope he's not trading my photos to his friends for some noodles" Me: Dead And also, of course he is.
  13. That kitty has a quality motor. I think Haley's prison love is named Dalton. She may have mentioned his named 50 or 60 times.
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