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  1. I am coming clean. I am the Tiger King. That's not a house cat in my avatar. He's 600 pounds and always in no mood for shenanigans. He is waiting for his chance to appear on My 600 Lb Kitty Life. Since he doesn't bath himself, relies on others to supply food, would like breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch . . . and pees and poops in a plastic box, he is a perfect candidate.
  2. Ah, the walk in the park. Somehow it does not feel like a victory lap.
  3. For those not familiar with Pennsylvania, hard liquor is only sold at state run stores. Beer and wine are now available at selected grocery stores. Alcohol is not as readily available as it is in many parts of the country.
  4. The friends have the "this is not going to go well" look.
  5. Reminder: Ashley represents Ashley and only Ashley. Do not extrapolate her behavior to entire classes of people or use it as a jumping off point to make broad statements about entire groups of people.
  6. That's the normal poundticipant eating style we've come to expect. 😁
  7. The Roloff's are going to buy the farm long before they actually sell that damn farm.
  8. The most disappointing porn film ever. It's quantity, not quality.
  9. The seam on the front butt of her pants is barely holding on. I hope the camera folks are protected against a fat tsunami.
  10. Her folds. She can't wash all of her folds. I believe we saw her going to town on her holes (although not all of them).
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