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  1. Original air date 2020.01.27
  2. A place to try different things . . . . Evil post that should not be here!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I would tell these posters to stay on topic. What a bunch of rambling fools. Hmm, what color should a Mod Notice be?
  3. SisterFriends, This is not the My Big Fat Fabulous Life forum. Let's keep discussion of Whitney Thore out of here.
  4. I hope they get individual long term therapy. They really need it, and Amy seems receptive to it. Having Tammy move out would be a great first boundary to set.
  5. Sorry, Pounders. We are having some issues with the thread locking functionality. It's open now. Snark away! For example, other poundticipants find they miss food. Once his lymphedema is removed, J.T. will have to buy a table. Hey-oh!!!
  6. Please think of the scale, Amy. What did do to you that you would want Tammy to step on it?
  7. When Amy sits on the couch, it looks like her chest is going to smother her. I am starting to feel very sorry for her. She needs to get away from Tammy. Amy didn't make Tammy fat but I will bet Tammy often bullied Amy into eating more to allow her to feel better about how much she was eating.
  8. Amy is 31; Tammy is 32. Tammy's forehead flap is 26.
  9. Tammy says Amy is not helpful because she won't bring her everything she wants. She is so not getting it.
  10. Welcome @DC Gal in VA! Come on in; the snarking's fine!
  11. Tammy cannot let Amy speak without making it about herself.
  12. Yes, they are kicking you out. Only ten feet away but still out.
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