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  1. I also think that many successful men wouldn’t want anything to do with the show or dating someone on the show. In season 1 Bethenny was dating the bald Jason #1 and I believe he lost his job because of the show. Followed by Jason #2 who didn’t know what train hit him and has barely been seen since. Then the Count, Tom & Mario had their philandering exposed to the world. Jules got divorced because of her husbands affair and Kristen’s husband was involved in the Ashley Madison scandal. John Mahdessian got dumped and filed bankruptcy after most people watching the show couldn’t understa
  2. Rewatching the early season with Rosie in LuAnn’s townhouse was disgusting. When the family (minus the count) came back from the Hamptons, LuAnn instructed little Rosie, to bring up the bags. She could have asked the kids to help with that. Imagine what the kids learned from that behavior. Ramona’s “Help” comment didnt bother me a bit and me grandmother was a domestic.
  3. I know they bring in Heather for a few episodes but why do they only have 5 housewives? Its the middle of covid and we won’t be seeing many, if any, outside people. I’m sure Bravo is paying for all the extra party planning but the party was just sad with such small numbers. I was actually thrilled when Leah joked about bringing her sister and Elise, it would have helped.
  4. Why is Sonja saying she should have stayed with old man Morgan for the kid. He divorced her. I wish we knew the real story behind the divorce. I also want to say that she should eat a healthy diet and lay of all the colonics.
  5. What the hell is Leah wearing? Since she is converting to Orthodox Judaism perhaps she contemplating a softer side for MTTM. Instead of hats with the Finger on it and the word Bitch slapped across her gear, she using Big Pink Bows.
  6. Yes had a lift because her boobs were droopy. Not sure if any implants were invoked but it looks like it.
  7. I don’t like Gary or find him attractive, he is just a “F” boy. However, I did think he told Sydney that them having sex was nothing more than that before they did the deed. She is just embarrassing herself with the jealousy. The boat they enjoyed on the excursion looked really cute. Didn’t they show JL talking about an STD in one of the previews?
  8. I would hate watching something like 90 Day without the forum. That’s what makes it fun. I cannot stand the current trend of calling women queens much less calling a man a king. Colton said he didn’t have a spark with the potential third wife. Maybe that’s why. The friggin Snowden’s should give up on this nonsense.
  9. Oh my gosh, you guys are making me laugh tonight. I had a different idea in my head, she’s on top and the long hanging twins are slapping Michael in the face.
  10. Wait a second, is Angela having the gastric bypass and Breast surgery together? It can’t be. Oh lord, the Angela/Michael convo about pulling on her boobs is making me ill. 🤢
  11. I am totally hooked on Seeking Sister Wife. It’s a hate watch.
  12. I had my second Moderna last Monday. On Tuesday I was sick as a dog and laid around all day. My shoulder felt hot all week. That said, I’d do it again in a second. Hope Americans continue to vaccinate.
  13. That family will do anything to make a buck. You can understand why their are all kinds of rumors about shady business dealings.
  14. I want the entire family to get body slammed, including the evil sisters.
  15. Good Evening everyone. Hope it was a lovely Mother’s Day!
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