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  1. I think I’m in polygamy overload after Sister Wives last night. Why in the world is Dannielle putting herself through this? It’s like torture. Dumb Ass Garrick is only interested in one thing and it has nothing to do with Danielle. She seems like a guy that was a loser in high school and now he thinks he’s all that. The Snowden’s bore me. I don’t know how old Kaleh from the Clark family but she looks so young it grosses me out. I hate that king and queen b/s.
  2. Sorry, I made an error here, just ignore.
  3. Thank you for sharing your first hand knowledge. Hope your son is doing well. ❤️
  4. I also went back today and wrote a few things and plenty of others did too! 👏 As I’m reading some articles about Ysabel surgery 24 hours post show, I am confused about the insurance. On the show Christine said Ysabel didn’t have insurance and it took a long time to get it. I thought, wow, those kids don’t have insurance? Then I read that the insurance didn’t cover the surgery. Could that be possible, why wouldn’t this be covered? Then I read Christine was trying to raise $50,000 on facebook for the procedure. If she needed the money why weren’t the other mothers and Kody pitching in?She
  5. Right, then he has to quarantine for 2 weeks. You do what you have to do. I am so angry tonight. 😠
  6. I never imagined the kids didn’t have insurance. What kind of father is he? Can you imagine what Ysabel was thinking when Kody suggested she go through the surgery alone in New Jersey. That said, hospitals were not allowing any visitors, but they could still camp out in a Bnb nearby. Kody had the family run out of Utah so he wouldn’t be jailed and now he is so worried about his own health he will not help his child through a very difficult surgery. What parent wouldn’t die for their child. I’m sorry I am so pissed about this douche bag!!
  7. True, about 10 years ago I went on business. We flew to El Paso, Tx and then were driven across the boarder in an armed motorcade. My customers plant was not far over the boarder. They were afraid we would get kidnapped.
  8. All the couples are trying to make this a career so they almost can’t be happy ever after. You guys were on fire tonight. Heading over to hate watching sister wives.
  9. Lol, just her saying she got 2 kisses in the commercial is nauseating. I just don’t want to spend another $5 per month on an additional streaming service. I’m calling Xfinity this week to try and lower my bill. I have phone, wifi and cable, it just went over $200. That doesn’t include any premium channels or streaming services. I have a couple that I get on my Roku but it’s getting out of hand.
  10. I’m sorry, I’m sure you looked so much sexy. I had a sexy white one once but I never wore it as a top. I’m all for sexy underthings. They make me feel good.
  11. She looked great in the plain tight dress she wore home to France. She doesn’t need the dumb ass corset or that heavy hair.
  12. I forgot to add that I am so happy to be here tonight. I don’t even want to watch the news anymore.
  13. I don’t think they would want him in Vega’s. Maybe a riverboat gambling casino. I was bored and looked at his Instagram, he has pic after pic of himself. Mostly from the shoulders up and he really thinks he’s Rico Sauve.
  14. I was looking around the web for a pic of Bryn’s art after reading some of the comments and I found this. It’s on the Instagram about her podcasts. I have never listened to any of her podcast and I didn’t listen to this one with designer Norma Kamala. This is a screenshot of the video. I guess if Bethenny isn’t the one doing the talking she can barely stay awake. Maybe it was before 10:30 am.
  15. Maybe she has fibromyalgia. I am just catching up on this season. I never thought the kids were close to 6 years old. I don’t like the way they have Riley pegged as the “bad girl”. Sometimes it seems like her mother can barely look at her.
  16. I find it very strange that the kids are hanging all over every woman they bring into their home. Are the children starved for affection or what the heck?
  17. I just binged season 2 and am now caught up on season 3. It’s seriously hate watching because I am repulsed by most of them. Garrick always looks like his mouth is hanging open. Jarod with his stupid tribe b/s. They are writing their own narrative to suit their sexual needs.
  18. I tried to hold out hope for Natasha. However, how does she not know how to prepare an over easy or sunny side up egg? When she finally tries to make them she brought a whole new meaning to “fried” egg. They were so crusty and brown.
  19. My god, Sydney has no pride. She is out of high school and shouldn’t be going after the bad boy. Gary is a Tool.
  20. I would love to see that. Janelle has always worked but Christine has never worked outside the home. If the show ends how would she get by. I guess that would be the same for Kody and Robyn.
  21. If she got micro blading, I’m surprised she would get borax on the furrow between her brows. Hers is really deep. They do both in the spa area of my dermatologist. I’ve never had either but I’ve thought about it. Micro blading only last about 6 months and is $700.
  22. Interesting, I’d forgotten about him. I don’t think he is interested in being on the show.
  23. I also thought Janelle’s house looked small and shabby. I have to respect her for not wanting to throw too much money away on the rental. They have been wasting money on housing ever since they left Utah. Maybe Kody should have asked his doctor to look at Robyn’s neck.
  24. Maybe she doesn’t want the kids to hear the convo??
  25. Why does Natalie keep bending over forward like that? I have never been to a wedding where the officiant asks if anyone objects to the marriage.
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