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  1. I just finished this episode and was coming here to post the same observation re: Hayden. The couple reminded me of PK and Dorit from Real Housewives of BH.
  2. The HP Hear Yourself commercial driving me crazy! Ends with "Less fan noise, less distractions."
  3. Lillian's response to Dean revealing the secret about Michael's mom seemed a lot more like today's parenting (i.e. gentler) than how my parents would have reacted. I would have been shamed publicly, privately, and definitely forced to apologize. (I'm about 15 years younger than Dean)
  4. Yes! He reminded me of the blonde actor from Die Hard and the Money Pit (my movie references are usually 35+ years old).
  5. Perhaps I'm at an age where anyone under 35 looks like a teenager, but I actually mistook the husband in the Puerto Aventuras episode for the woman's son. It's not even that she looked old... He was just really, really young-looking!
  6. I can't decide if Andy asking Erica if she realizes her demeanor re: air crash victims "not landing well" is the funniest thing or the worst thing I've heard in a long, long time.
  7. I really need more sleep--I first read the bolded part as the Marines 😅
  8. I think Squid Game can thank Agatha Christie for a few of its plot points.
  9. It feels like this series has a similar theme to Black Mirror i.e. examining how technology can affect/harm/transform society, but it falls short. Then again, I loved Black Mirror, so it would be a hard act to follow.
  10. Idaho is a marital property state. Any stolen $$ she comingled with Larry's money would be subject to being used to payback her victims. Sorry - I don't know where the OP went that I was responding to 😂
  11. I was thinking along the lines of international hand model.
  12. It totally reminded me of something Kristin Chenoweth's character (Lavinia Peck-Foster) would have done season 2 of Trial and Error. I really miss that show.
  13. I predict she stumbles upon Roseanne's half-completed masterpiece about America's working poor (cleverly tucked away in the kitchen writing drawer all these years), completes it, and fulfills both of their dreams by becoming a successful author.
  14. This "storyline" with the 3 girls who don't want to move can miss me. I didn't like it when the Brady kids did it almost 50 years ago, but at least I enjoyed watching the Brady Bunch. The crop-top kids are cringey. Also fairly sure those were the same bananas on the counter from Josh's first visit to all of the showings. I know this isn't exactly reality, but c'mon.
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