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  1. It feels like there were two different teams writing for Ava. One scene she's a strong, self-aware person who supports women (to the extent that she turns down a great job opportunity because she offended it's anti-women). The next scene we're supposed to believe she's calculating, friendless, and self-absorbed. This isn't normal 20-something behavior, it's poor character development.
  2. It finally struck me... Leah is a talentless CC Bloom (Beaches). I am totally reminded of this dialogue from the movie (Leona Bloom to CC): You wore me out, you wore your father out, may he rest in peace, by the time you were 15 years old. I love you very much. But I just... I just can't pay any more attention to you. You know what I mean? I want to... but I just can't do it.
  3. So Leah tells Eboni she'd burn the house down in her place... but totally missed that she took Lu's place in the voting discussion by ignoring what Eboni said about voting being very important as related to Black (and other) issues. But Leah was so focused on Heather, she completely missed it. What an idiot.
  4. The bigger your life, the bigger your problems are? Boo hoo. Screw you, Erika. Signed, The Little People
  5. I think it's interesting how Paul can't resist immediately going in for the kill. There's no finesse or working into the subject. It's just a blunt "You can't do X, you're going to do what I say" even when that's not the topic. I think he's being driven more by his ego than concern for Luke (who is an asshat, IMO).
  6. Yes, several years ago. I am still clinging to my erroneous idea of him as a sweet John Watson 😪
  7. I can't get the link to work, but in 3/9/2020 interview with the Irish Times, Martin Freeman said of his character Paul, “I think he’s probably less of a (expletive) than I am."
  8. What was with B's audio the last 10 minutes? She sounded all nasally and distant. Was her mic smooshed? Is 'brand ambassador' a fancy job title for grocery store sample lady?
  9. Shallow comment alert: I'm a bit distracted by the gap in Kirsten's front teeth.
  10. Zoinks. B vacillated between "I'm just one of the models" to "How dare they ignore me!" Nicole makes me wants to set my ears on fire, but she wasn't entirely wrong about thinking Bethenny should be able to get dressed without too much assistance.
  11. Jennifer's daughter didn't know her grandparents had an arranged marriage? Riiiggghhtt. I mute all of their family's scenes and even I knew. So fake.
  12. This. And if there is still a mortgage, I'm thinking the $10k+ they received in stimulus payments probably could've been used to pay it off once and for all.
  13. Dan is to small businesses what Ted McGinley is to sitcoms.
  14. I enjoyed the first episode, although I thought how the men left the building and crossed an open field to seek cover in the forest was a bit odd. Seemed like it could have been done a bit more covertly/strategically.
  15. QQQQ

    The Love Boat

    I can't stop watching this on Pluto! I'm 50, so it really hits the right nostalgic points of my youth. Just watched Scott Baio and Kristie McNichol exchange a very chaste kiss. Same episode had Robert Reed's character telling his ex-wife they had a great sex life. 😂
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