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  1. Signs of a Sociopath Jackson really ticks most of the sociopath boxes, and I don't think it is just BB gamesmanship.
  2. I can't believe I watched the whole season. This was truly bad.
  3. When does he find time for his medical practice?
  4. This would be a fun show. I'd love to watch people from England, Spain, Norway, Mexico, etc. house hunt in the US and critique things!!! "I simply can't live without a bidet! These people must be filthy!" or "Why are there closets everywhere I look?"
  5. Here's a forum and here's an article about those grapes!
  6. Her voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. She's an eastern European Rosie Perez.
  7. Even with the addition of a toilet in the kids' bathroom, those are going to be some long lines for the loo 😂
  8. I think Braunwyn, her mother, and the rest of the family would love their own spin off reality show.
  9. I think some of the viewer tension with the kids is a direct result of the fakeness of these types of shows. We now know that the renters/buyers aren't really selecting from the three options presented, it often feels like they are reading lines and playing into stereotypes. So when the children do things that annoy, it is difficult to know if their actions are genuine are if they, too, are mugging for the cameras.
  10. Unless I misunderstood, I was wondering if they really brought the Bradys back for a reveal as each section of the house is finished, or if that part was faked and the reveals were all filmed at the end. Because 1) I can't imagine making parts of the house pristine, including breakable vases, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, etc., in the middle of a construction site; 2) during filming of a reveal other work has to come to a halt - not good on such a tight timeline; and 3) the Bradys all said their schedules were packed - coming back to film one reveal would be so much more manageable than 3 or 4.
  11. California to Cadiz, Spain: Something about the husband's (Myles) voice reminded me of Madison from Million $ Listing.
  12. And it would have been especially delicious after hearing Jackson's repeated "Good job, Nicole" comments during HoH which, to me, sounded less like encouragement and more like "Remember I'm watching you..." It was the same thing how he ran to bear hug her after the win - it didn't seem like genuine enthusiasm, but a way to physically remind Nicole of Jackson's presence/power. Jackson is every semi-charming yet controlling boyfriend, manipulative friend, competitive jock from every afterschool special.
  13. Are competitions determined prior to the start of the season, or is there room for producer manipulation? I mean, who would have guessed that Nicole the preschool aide would be a whiz at 10-piece jigsaw puzzles 😂 But if next week involves a watermelon-eating contest or Broadway lyrics, I'm going to start getting suspicious...
  14. Random question: Do you say "tall ceilings" or "high ceilings"? This doesn't bug me as much as when people say "hot water heater."
  15. Same weak chins, beady eyes, and air of smugness.
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