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  1. I thought she was behaving like a tease, but OTOH, that doesn't make it OK for him to grope her. Who wants to wager more of this scene will show up on next week's "unseen yet" show? The only reason I thought Tom Tom would have a chance at being successful was Flat-Iron Tom and Schwartz's very limited (10%?) involvement. Swartz and Sandy's? I'd give it a non-zero value if I were feeling generous. How can you "get done and finalize" something you haven't begun?😏 Based on Bar Rescue, I have serious doubts about Jon Taffer's abilities, but his new
  2. While not a Quasimodo, James certain has a unique appearance. Alas, he's quite an arsehole.
  3. I almost forgot to watch this last night. Not a good sign... The guys play golf while the gals do Pilates with a scary instructor. Eventually, Flat-Iron Tom has to play "butt golf" after losing a bet. "Tom Sanctimonivol". Heh. FI Tom talks about having another "brainstorming" session for the doomed new business's cocktails. Why aren't they doing any real work that matters? I think I quit watching the season Tom Tom opened up, but wasn't successful businesswoman Lisa Vanderbucks chiding FI-T for doing the same thing?🤔 Brock announces his birthday party theme will be "Mad
  4. There's a commercial with a krinkle-cut auto-tuned redhead who "sings" in a commercial for Universal Studios' Holiday theme nights that annoys the hell out of me for numerous reasons, the least of which is it doesn't make me want to go there for my Xmas holiday. ETA: You might want to mute this...
  5. I saw a commercial for Popeyes featuring a family meal deal of some sort for the holidays, but why are they using a spork for those big side dishes? I assumed he's a stoner musician friend of some sort and didn't want to know anything else. Wait, there was a lesbian couple?
  6. I'm watching the "extended footage" version and they showed: Raquel telling Arianna that she blacked out at their party Tom and Tom discussing cocktail concepts for their bar Lisa Vanderbucks "paddles" Schwartz, and by that, I mean beats him at ping pong. Schemer talks about her weird little toe while the gals talked about wiki-feet.
  7. I am so totally beyond tired of hearing about the Toms' future failed business!
  8. Have I mentioned how much I hate the commercials for D+'s trashy shows whilke I watch The Science Channel recently? They are obviously trying to rip off those old Holiday Inn Express commercials.
  9. I'm a sucker for the Science Channel, so I'm forced to watch commercials for their crappy shows. The latest one is for a candid reality show about two sisters who weigh 1000#. I'm not sure if that's apiece or their total weight, plus one of them might have Down's Syndrome, but maybe it's because she's so fat.
  10. I don't like the genre, TBH, so that might be why I didn't like it.
  11. For some reason, I'm watching "unseen footage" of the cast having a "dress like a `Real Housewife` party" and taking one of Randal's PJs to the Caribbean!
  12. I cannot stand the commercial for Peleton which feature Scrooge.
  13. You guys aren't helping with the visualization! 🤢 I thought the headaches started after you got married?
  14. I have so many questions about that commercial, beginning with "How did they know when he'd get home?" and "What made them think he wouldn't be too tired when he got home from his new chef job?". 🤔
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