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  1. When I was a kid growing up, I remember playing outside and I guess I was in the right place at the right time when *wham* I got hit with a massive green, jelly like dump from what must have been a seagull. It virtually covered my head and ran down both sides to my shoulders. Is anyone on to what I'm getting at? It looked just like the icing on that sorry excuse for a cake! There was so much one could have done to spruce that up. It might take ten or fifteen minutes to make up a batch of sweet vanilla whipped cream, put it in a piping bag with a nice tip and redo the icing that way. It would h
  2. I cracked up when Lexi said “I’m done being nice to Matt” and Ben commented something like “when did she start”?? 🤣
  3. Lexi will not change for the time being. She has a personality disorder and is hardwired to react and behave in a certain manner. I wouldn’t bet on Captain Sandy knowing any of this until the season ends, as Bravo usually does not share events (e.g. Smashton/Kate in the van). The exception would be, IMHO, if anyone was injured. Not out of the question with the Bahamian Princess I suppose. Yes, Lexi appears to have won this round with her well practiced, innocent denials but like an hourglass, she’s filling up with sand each and every second that goes by and I’m sure another outburst is just
  4. What do you think Captain Lee would have done with Lexi and Matt's shenanigans?
  5. Chef Ben would have yessed the primary to death, cooked exactly as he wanted to and she would have literally been eating out of his hand. Matt does not have the skills to roll with *any* kind of change. If it doesn't fit his conception of how the night should go, he blocks mentally and cannot recover. Could you imagine him on Chopped? He would self destruct in front of your eyes...oh wait, he's doing that now. Leaving the boat in a lurch once is bad enough. he manages to do it twice! Sheesh.
  6. Don’t be too quick to draw conclusions from the previews to tonight’s episode. So many times they are very carefully edited so as to induce viewers to come to the desired conclusion and then they hit you with a twist. 😜
  7. In both trips with Bravo, Roy Jr. has managed to embarrass himself, his wife, his fathers memory, and the music industry in general. He should try to curtail his drinking. He gets ugly when he pounds them down.
  8. My thoughts exactly. You nailed it!!
  9. Matt is a whining brat. Once again the little dick tries to get out of crew meals. Sandy should have been looking for (or quarantining) a replacement the entire time she was allowing him to continue and then “bam” tell him to go…Emeril style…and take pageant girl and her cockatiel bar outfit with him.
  10. Cinco is a mumbling lunk without a lick of sense. I’m so sick of his antics. He moves and talks with all the focus of a sloth, but a sloth is actually more interesting to watch. I’m so over him. All muscle tone and nothing memorable to say. Trina is a duplicitous witch. She deliberately hurt Cash by spouting off her hateful mouth when she knew she would be heard. Remember the old story about the frog and the scorpion crossing the river? Why did you bite me!!!! Now we’ll BOTH drown!!!!! “Because it’s my nature” That’s Trina to a “T” I hope America votes her a backpack of trouble. I w
  11. I was actually going to post how Matt redeemed himself, made decent upscale food and overcame his anxiety. After seeing the preview to E5, I still hear that haunting refrain "HELLO LOVELIES" emanating from the gangway 😁 We shall see if it's producer shenanigans or the real thing.
  12. Functional alcoholics…the workplace is loaded with them.
  13. I like Lloyd. He’s funny and energetic and keeps the crew going with humor. He’s just got to lose the porno mustache. I felt sympathetic with Matt and his condition at first, but he’d better stop milking it…. Like NOW. Enough is enough. The world doesn’t revolve around you buddy. Now, while I’m at it I have to vent a bit more…I hate, hate, hate it when the first thing these chefs do is either “forget” to cook the crews meal or make it at 10PM or (in Matt’s case have the balls to tell the Captain they don’t want to make it at all). I go ballistic. They should try working a 12 hour shi
  14. Totally agree! “Lock your door” at night weird.😵‍💫
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