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  1. It was very telling when they were showing the child photos of Lara and she mentioned that she got into trouble when young by even refusing to respect her teachers. She strikes me as someone who has big problems with authority, so this is nothing new. She drags people down to her level and then beats them with experience. Then, when she usually gets her way, her world is fine and they can now "get along." The trouble is that Hannah is not folding (nor should she). Lara must learn to respect her manager. Although it's human nature to try and be kind to your staff, Lara will probably see this kindness as a weakness and "giving in". I actually think she's a bit of a sociopath. Time will tell.
  2. Georgia is overrated and annoying. Her crush on Paget and her non-stop open mic performances kept her from being invisible. And she said she wrote a lot more songs (probably for future shows). Oy ve!
  3. Probably because BDM premiered and Bravo made her. If you sneezed, you would have missed her entire segment 🙂 And in addition ...did anyone need to see more of Parker’s “I was so smart to quit” denial dance?
  4. The sad part for me is that I have always liked the reunion shows....until this one. Tonight was just depressing. I guess one has to like the players. I just don't. Madison was always my favorite, but I think I'm sick of her now too. The only funny part was that Jenna knows some online people call her horse face. LOL
  5. “conversating is not a word” another time she inferred that a litigant was giving her a headache, but she used what I think is a Yiddish expression. I couldn’t begin to guess a spelling but phonetically it sounded like “Zhuh-shah” like saying zoo followed by shah (like shah of Iran) . Ring any bells Yiddish speakers? 🙂
  6. Nice timing slamming Ciara on her birthday Georgia. ....and sneaking in a flask to a bar to save $$$ is so not classy.
  7. Absolutely! She doesn't give a damn about Billy's trip....just that she might have affected the tip.
  8. The episode hasn't aired yet, but I'm going to guess that there are no drugs and Glenn finds nothing and that is why the guest says: "thanks for pretty much ruining my vacation" (or something close to that.) Also, why would Georgia need to say anything about liking Paget? If she hasn't mentioned it yet, why now? Believe me, Ciara probably has a pretty good idea about it already because of all the "threesome talk" a few episodes back. I'm thinking this all may be producer generated conflict. Oh, and finally, Madison getting dragged (with the towel ruse) last minute as a witness....you could just feel her uncomfortable factor skyrocket! LOL
  9. When Jenna was talking back to Captain Glenn, (and making tons of excuses for her poor job performance) I was fuming!!! I suddenly felt myself morph into Captain Lee. Then (even though we were on our last charter) I fired her... as quickly as ... (typical Captain Lee phrase coming) “whale shit moving through an ice flow” The look on her face would be priceless.
  10. That’s the thing. If I remember correctly that early model Seabob is about 35 Kg or about 77 lbs. It should be designated a 2 person lift. That (with bending at the knees) would have prevented any injury to either crew member. Chris will now have to live that life of “think before you lift” for the rest of his.
  11. From the looks of that MRI scan, the disk is severely herniated. My guess is Chris is probably looking at a replacement or disk fusion very soon. Both major surgery with an extended recovery period. I'll bet he's out of sailing and recuperating for at least a full season.
  12. Jenna has become a big snooze!
  13. As they did last week, Bravo stretches the dope thing out for yet another week. In the end it's probably all producer concocted BS. I hate it when networks disrespect the intelligence of the viewers. They don't deserve us 😞
  14. If it turns out to really be illegal drugs brought onboard Parsifal, I sincerely hope Captain Glenn can grow a pair and deal with it properly.
  15. Jenna invented a new dance "The Spastic Chicken Walk"
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