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  1. In Mat's case, being on the show will be as useful to his future career as a screen door on a submarine.
  2. So once again Manbaby Mat does not fail to disappoint. Luca, the backup chef, was invited on the ship for a drink by Captain Sandy to say thanks. He was asked, and explained, how his backup quarantine went. He mentioned that it was rough being in a single room for 4 weeks, but he passed the time by reviewing recipes. Couldn’t have been more gracious about it. Mat of course could not muster the social grace to be welcoming and appreciative. He initially avoided him, refused to make eye contact, and only later, made a phony and cursory appearance to “meet” him. Kudos to Katie for introducing h
  3. I noticed that Sheldon really seems taller now. Growth hormones have finally kicked in! Let's enjoy the current character before his voice changes. So the question arises whether George and Brenda will finally give in to their mutual adoration. Like a movie sequel that may or may not ever arrive. Of course, they are attracted to each other. They both represent something that they are (or were not) getting from their respective spouses. Brenda wants to feel special and George wants less religion and more spark . That spark may turn out to be Mrs. Sparks indeed. To me, there is something distur
  4. It wasn't even a preference sheet thing. One lady was eating some of his fried fish and commented it was a little bland for her taste. Another guest agreed, so Katie immediately went and grabbed an assortment of hot sauces and condiments for them and that was that. Problem solved. She made the mistake of telling Mat and he immediately started his "oh no" monologue that built and built until he screwed up breakfast the next day!
  5. I was very glad to see that Lloyd only had a panic attack. Not that they are good, but it sure beats having cardiac issues at his young age. The panic he can work on. Sandy seemed to want to help with that by giving him her personal phone number. I assume for a future reference or job guidance "on the fly?" Katie...you finally realized that you are overwhelmed and made the WRONG decision. Too bad Courtney and the entire deck crew (now shorthanded) had to pay for your inability to make a simple managerial decision. Just took a demanding last group to show you the light...eh? Everyone saw t
  6. I’ve had more than enough of Matt, I’m so glad it’s the last charter. I really hope the franchise doesn’t bring him or Lexi back again. Not my kind of entertainment. Katie is clueless about the repercussions of her poor decision to send Delaney home. Deck crew has helped a lot (to their detriment) and she thinks her and Courtney pulled it off alone. Sandy is uninformed, as usual, too. I hope Lloyd does not have cardiac issues. Looks like a simple panic attack, which mimics heart trouble and seems very scary when you’re going through it. Had a couple and they feel very real, like maj
  7. Hallelujah on The Bahamian Princess finally getting snagged for the nasty brat she truly is. Don’t let the door bump you in the booty on your way out. It was good to finally see *perfect* Malia get her comeuppance regarding David’s bruise. She looked like a little schoolgirl with her hand caught in the cookie jar. Bad tactic to attempt to minimize her role as “she’s not a first officer” to Sandy. She is, after all, the bosun and directly responsible for the deck crew. If I were Katie, I’d run after Delaney to at least put her in laundry (as Courtney suggested). Big mistake to think
  8. What great realizations came to light on this episode. Delaney is NOT a deckhand. Didn't have a clue how to throw a heaving line...that's big boating 101. Massive difference between day long fishing charters and chartered motor yachts. Nice looking in the cheetah suit though! I'm not 100% sure she's leaving yet. Next episode will tell, I guess. Lexi apparently never read "How to Win Friends and Influence People." I noticed how whenever someone puts her back to the wall, she reverts to saying she's better than you because of what she has, like a luxury condo and income stream. Sad that t
  9. I must say that I'm surprised that this episode held my interest as well as it did. I expected it to be boring (and the scripted scenes were) but the interactions and head games made up for it. First off: Mat: STFU and don't even *dare* joke about leaving the boat a 3rd time. You are not qualified to be a superyacht chef and a bigger concern for you is who the hell would hire you in the future after seeing this seasons episodes? The client is correct, you are a 4 out of 10. Family style each and every night?? You are just making things simple for yourself and taking advantage. The guest
  10. Wow, what a cornucopia of turbulence and needless tension this episode was. I feel bad chef Matt burned his hand, but he's lucky he didn't set himself on fire. Look at that flaming piece of towel or parchment paper that landed on his back! I'm also sick of Lexi's complaining and negativity. She's a born malcontent. She is the proverbial bad apple that festers and ruins the entire bushel. Finally , Captain Sandy should be ashamed of herself. She could have gotten Malia killed keeping her on the bow during that active lightning squall. She should have brought her inside while it passed and
  11. Just a poor attempt at humor. Thought the father would be happy insincere Will would leave Kyra even sooner if they didn’t win.
  12. Big drinkers like this probably have gone past the “fun” aspect of alcohol long ago. Now they look for new carriers to ingest their favorite liquor. I guess Tito’s and Peach Snapple (gross as it sounds) fits the bill. 🤮
  13. Thank you America for not being fooled by Will! Hopefully Kyras Pop raised a glass of champagne and breathed a sigh of relief. 🤣
  14. This episode seemed pretty boring and also seemed odd. Boring because it’s more of a setup to next weeks episode and odd because I had the feeling that the guests were prompted to complain about the service upon disembarking. They loved the food and gave the best tip of the season, yet they quibble over having to get their own drink first thing in the AM. Something seemed off. Then again it’s reality tv and Lexi is good for the show. That’s probably why she hasn’t been fired yet.
  15. Will thinks he’s so smooth. He thinks he’s pulling the wool over our eyes, but he’s not. I agree with Kyras father. I don’t trust him. His body language, pauses, timing cues all scream deception. He doesn’t fool me and I hope he doesn’t fool America.
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