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  1. The staging is super apparent this season with this limo driver and all
  2. I think when Ramona gets uptight about the "lewd" talk or actions is when she is around other people in a more public setting ... like in a setting that was supposed to be "upscale" like her party she doesn't want you Grinding all over everyone and acting a fool or last night at that restaurant that was a family style restaurant who needs to hear you screaming about your "fat pussy"? Leah you are an adult who should know the proper places to not have and to have these kind of conversations .....to scream that you are being held at some other standard when no other lady was talking about fat pussies esp with other people in ear shot isnt cute ...
  3. Leah you are being antagonistic with all of this .. you poke you poke then you act surprised when she gets annoyed then You become the victim...
  4. It’s your fault for me attacking you ... you are the bad one it’s not me!!! Dorinda is psychotic
  5. Ew Luanne no, never speak about your “feeling” good riding that camel ever again
  6. Dorinda wants to save it up till she’s drunk theeeeen she’ll bring it up and wanna scream about it
  7. She asked you to dress appropriately at her party you showed up in a bodysuit with a see though dress over it ... Why would she have a problem with that?
  8. Dorinda can’t be wrong ever but she’s wrong .. but I won’t tell her that cause then I’ll become the punching bag
  9. Lol Dorinda dragging Luanne you went to jail you could have gone back to jail you messed up your probation... lol OMG
  10. All the vile shit Dorinda says to people drunk she can’t take someone telling her to go to AA? That that’s just horrible? Girl stop
  11. reading these post looks like I didn't miss anything by not watching this train wreck anymore ..lol Just the same game of round and round that has been playing since the season started lol .. they need to stop picking on ONE subject to harp on for a full season or add in some other interesting drama into the mix along with it cause it gets old and boring super fast ... Thank God Potomac is back is all I am saying lol
  12. She didn't care that someone was giving birth to their child and still dragged them on social media ... the kind of person that would do that is the kind of person that should be called out whenever and wherever possible ....I am just super happy that this show is back its the only one that doesn't drive me up the wall 🙂 .. I live for me some Messy Karen who cant keep any of her lies str8 .. I wonder how her driver that she was supposed to be having an affair with is doing 😛
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