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  1. Keywestclubkid

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    THIS ALL OF THIS... this has always bothered me about this franchise these women get super homophobic with some of their comments especially the lesbian digs and no one ever calls them out about it.... like they go in hard and make it seem like its so dirty one of them could be a lesbian or hell it was the same when Kim Fields was on and they kept going in that her husband was gay and just the insults that came out of their mouths was nasty and rude...
  2. Keywestclubkid

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    How old are these women to be fighting like they are in the girls room in jr high? Jesus Christ
  3. Keywestclubkid

    S11 E23: Reunion Part 3

    I don’t recall .....cut to roll the footage haha
  4. Keywestclubkid

    S11.E08: Snatch Game at Sea

    Thats the funny thing about the snatch game EVERY queen knows its coming if they make if far enough and every fucking season we have a shit show of I dont know who to do... have you not ever watched this show before? you know what is coming why do you not prepare? there was no excuse for Brooklyn to be that flustered on who to do.. and Yvi girl did NOTHING Whoppi that wasn't Whoppi in the least NOTHING about that was thought out
  5. Keywestclubkid

    S11.E08: Snatch Game at Sea

    This is like the freaking season that will not end HOW the fuck are we at episode 9 and still have 8 queens left? Come on now... some double eliminations need to be coming or something cause this feel like pulling teeth esp with none of these queens being true stand outs.. Having said that Snatch game is always a shit show but JESUS CHRIST was that bad... Silky was just being silky I dunno what the fuck Brooklyn was thinking Yvie GIIIIRL don't call someone talent less unless you are flawless yourself cause KARMA will do what it did to you during that game lol .... Nina prob was the stand out but the way this was edited you wouldn't be able to tell ......
  6. Reading Tins blog it doesn't seem like her and Scott are still broken up ..... https://www.bravotv.com/the-real-housewives-of-new-york-city/season-11/blogs/tinsley-mortimer/tinsley-mortimer-luann-seems
  7. Its coming off has super disrespectful to his kids and family ... you were the other woman Beth no matter what you tell yourself he was still married and had NOT started ANY divorce proceedings ... And to say his whole life revolved around her and him killing himself over her is slapping his kids in the face..
  8. The point with Beth was AT NO TIME was she serious about being with Dennis ... she is trying to portray herself has the grieving "widow" who just got engaged and it got ripped from her when she was/is anything but... she was actively dating other people even saying she was "serious" with some of these guys all while being with him. .She said she was still seeing some guy even after he gave her the ring......IN one breath She has continued to bash this man saying she wasn't really interested in him at all and how he was obsessed with her even insinuating that he killed himself because of not being able to have her and in the next try's to pull the grieving I lost the great love of my life card. which is it Beth? In all honesty Dennis was just a backup plan encase these other guys didn't work out. He was the one she knew would take her and she strung him along for that reason. she wasnt in love with him.. .........She is doing all of this for show NOTHING about this is genuine it is all crafted for a story line and for the camera. She is making EVERYTHING about Dennis even his death about her.. shes a fake shes a phony and she needs to stop
  9. Shut up Luanne god god just shut up
  10. She didn’t want to do it. Get off her jock she was embarrassed and didn’t want to embarrass Scott and herself more. Someone dare Bethany to call Denise’s wife and apologize for making his death all about her.
  11. You dated serious last summer? You mean when Denise was alive? The man you are fake mourning to have a storyline this season? Where you wearing that fake ass engagement ring when you were serious with this other guy Bethany? You are a disgusting human being using Denise in one breath for sympathy and in the next showing you didn’t care for the man at all.
  12. Hahaha the saleswomans face and rolling her eyes when they walked out of her flower shop
  13. Stop doing this on the show Bethany it’s coming across has very disingenuous and fake.
  14. Keywestclubkid

    S09.E10: A Supreme Snub

    What a EH episode ....Lisa V being passive aggressive isn't fun when she's doing it to a empty room lol and season 1 Camille is 100% back ugh