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  1. 12 min in and she back tracked and didn't fire Nicole ..; I am officialy done with this show ... she has no integrity she has no point of view she has no intention of hiring someone to actually run this company.. I am tapped out ... good luck Bethany with whatever the fuck you want to do with your company I no longer give a flying fig .. hbomax I see this as a one and done ...
  2. correcting someone who is always using words incorrectly isn't making fun... Kam looks like an idiot saying stupid things .. I would rather be corrected then to continue making a fool of myself on tv in-front of the whole world ....Plus kam shames people herself ...she needs to stop.. so its fine for miss manners to correct their parties and shit but they cant correct her vocabulary?? thats not how that works
  3. I never watched this when it first aired on TNT but I just finished the first season on hbogo tonight and I have to say I really enjoyed this show. The first season was solid great acting great guest stars solid writing.
  4. And its so Random that they had this on so late .. what was the 10:30 time slot they gave this ... are they trying to kill it on live ratings?
  5. He did it to Ramona last night … lol Kam needs to take several seats.
  6. so I already see they have decided to make this a Ramona bashing season ... ugh .. I mean granted I am not a huge Ramona fan but to make it this obvious this early not cute
  7. Sonja back at Gray Gardens again ... welcome home Little Edie
  8. Leah is just trying soooo hard and its not coming off as genuine
  9. Part two landed with a loud THuD … does anyone care about anything these people were screeching at each other over? I zoned out halfway through…
  10. company's have been sued for less .. its emotional distress ... I mean i am amazed that she hasn't been taken to court already with the way she speaks to some of these people ... its viewed as an imbalance of power ... I mean if i were her i would just be super careful .. if it is an act that just makes it worse because she is all about "authenticity" and being "real"
  11. You get that’s victim blaming right? She is NOT entitled to speak to potential employees in that manner. I mean it’s no longer acceptable. You shouldn’t have to deal with that ti a point of walking away.
  12. But she needs to read the room this is 2021 not 2005 the way she speaks to those people is no longer acceptable.
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