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  1. What thought process is going through Lindsey’s mind that she thanks she had a leg to stand on our a pearl to clutch? You are in HIS house he could easily call the cops and you would be back in jail .. you are on camera destroying his property... is she like high or something?
  2. if it was his choice to play it the way they are I have no fucking clue what he was thinking
  3. its been confirmed she is so something is going on
  4. The comics def did that a lot with female characters over and over
  5. It's Anya (Emma Caulfield) from Buffy
  6. Also Monica "I don't know why I'm here" with that look on her face ....Whenever Wanda seems to be "stressed" or "flustered" is when "reality" seems to break in a bit and it knocks the other people around her back to themselves briefly
  7. I finally figured out who Lisa or whatever her name is the one that isn’t brooks mom reminds me of ... Ramona OMFG her tone in talking the way she cocks her head ...
  8. Let’s coddle the bitch... no No no No No .. this is why she thinks she can get away with this ...
  9. Jen .... you have some serious anger issues... deep deep serious issues ... your marriage was in trouble way before Whitney told you anything and is still in trouble because of you not her ... this woman is NUTS
  10. Yea racism is racism.... saying everyone has something screamed derogatory at them at some point doesn't make it ok ... and takes away from the fact that they are a marginalized group... Thinking all people of Asian backgrounds carry a virus and its ok that someone screams get away from you because of that is a little messed up .... To do a I wouldn't say the same equivalency argument but...... that's like saying me walking down the street and someone screaming F@g at me is ok cause ya know it happens .... dismissing behavior like that in any form towards any marginalized group like its nothing is NOT ok and normalizes that behavior and makes it seem like they can continue to do it, its ok for others to do the same, and that can escalate to something more ..... What Brandi did is 100% not ok .. I think the fact she is taking it so hard will attest to that... Social Media can be super cruel and we all tend to have an attack first mindset so yes I can see why she would be suicidal with the things people were saying to her ... you should die you should kill yourself you are a shit human your kids are shit you should disappear NO ONE LIKES YOU etc etc even the strongest person will crack from that ( well maybe not Leann she just remains unbothered and lives in her bubble of I did nothing wrong) She isn't trying to shift the blame to anyone else she is taking it head on saying what I did was wrong how can I fix it She knows she hurt an entire population of people and seems to have taken what she said in as wrong and trying to correct it as best has she knows how .... (again unlike Leann who just dismissed it said well other people say it and don't have a problem) Should we just forget she said it NO is it reprehensible what she did? ABSOLUTELY .... but give the girl a chance to make amends without throwing her away all together I get that America and the world in general needs to have these conversations and its tough... It seems now that we have all been forced into a quarantine bubble it just seems to be a never ending onslaught of it we have nothing to really distract ourselves from it and we haven't had to face that before in such a consistent manner... I think that's the last I am gonna talk about this topic for now I don't wanna run into beating a dead horse category with this .. We all have differing opinions and this is just mine ... D"andra and Kary fighting and snipping at each other is gonna wear thin really quick ... I mean it just started this episode and I am already tired of it ....
  11. Lol all of this .. I am soo freaking glad she is gone so we don’t have to hear this..
  12. I wouldn’t say it’s shaming her .. I am not the most worldly traveled and I seem to be more well versed then she is and that’s just a little but sad .. she acts like she is a toddler most of the time instead of a grown ass woman it’s not cute constantly and comes across has an act and not authentic like she’s doing it for the show .. like spending any consistent amount of time with her would be maddening because she doesn’t seem to have a maturity to her like there isn’t a substance there..
  13. That was a little obnoxious.. they didn’t want to eat it move the fuck on lady
  14. We”re in a private room how dare you not have a centerpiece LOL KAM and Kary are in competition for being the biggest bitch this episode
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