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  1. She slut shamed Luanne then tried to play it off like it wasn’t slut shamming. Blabbing out she fucked on the first date like it was something to be ashamed of was malicious. I’m over Ramona getting passes for this shit like oh she’s just harmless. If she only did something like this once yeah sure but she does it over and over and fake apologies come out … No she’s an asshole who needs to be held accountable. She’s gotten away with this bullshit way to long.
  2. For real .. they show teens just doing drugs and drinking in front of everyone (which come on now) so it feels out of place and fake then they throw in these fucking super heavy plot lines ...
  3. Did Cynthia forget that this was supposed to be a “fun” girls trip? Jesus Christ with the sourpuss attitude…
  4. Having seen how Tammi acts on every other reality show she has been on .. I just cant with her and the way she acted towards Beth.... well HE had my phone number ....
  5. The whole Showgirls call back was EVERYTHING… from the costume to the lines pulled from the movie to the end punchline of the other girls asking her just what the hell did she do in Vegas …
  6. Why is this speech getting a standing ovation? Why is the gym teacher here? What is wrong with this school? … lol new teacher carrying over the same thoughts of what the fuck is this from last season with the new kids
  7. There are so many horror stories of this kind of thing going left and people being killed by police ... no knock warrants and storming a place super early are horrible ways to do it..
  8. It’s… it’s her … it’s … it’s her party and she’ll cry if she wants to. What the fuck was that even about?
  9. No one pays attention to what you say Mary cause it’s not witty Whitney seems super sober to me Mary. Ugh everything about Mary is just annoying me
  10. I’m amazed Jen’s nose didn’t grow 8 sizes telling that lie. Jenn it was your husband that called. Stop this bullshit I just said the same thing lol I want meat!
  11. I love that Meredith seems completely over Lisa’s bullshit of tip toying around lol
  12. I finally remember why I stopped watching this. For the love of God Adriana just comes across so abrasive and obnoxious in the first episode that it feels overwhelming. It doesn’t feel natural like she’s trying.
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