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  1. She was telling everyone before her mother could .. she was attempting to get out ahead of it... her mother is a fucking waste of skin who should slink back into the nothingness of oblivion where she belongs
  2. Why is Tamra still causing problems? She is still playing people against each other... Tamra get a fucking life
  3. Good god has Emily always been such an asshole? Am I just now seeing how fucking much shit she talks but acts so nice to your face?
  4. I cant with Tamar anymore ... she acts like a 5 year old... she wont take responsibility for her own actions and always pawns off the blame to everyone else ... when presented with the facts she storms off .... Girl grow the fuck up ...
  5. I am kinda living for his amish realness with the hat and beard lol
  6. so because she had a baby it made you cheat? it made you feel not loved? are you high Oh hell no
  7. But you dont have to drink to be on this show that isn't a prerequisite...... saying oh if you dont have a good time like the rest then you dont need to be on here is not fair to the millions of people who dont drink ..she isn't even forcing any of the other woman not to drink she wasnt even making a big deal about it to the woman when they were drinking around her she just said Im having water and left it at that ... ya know what im saying ... showing a different side of a person .. someone dealing with not drinking can be informative and a change this show desperately needs ... I am tried of grown ass woman acting like idiots who dont know that being over the age of 21 and fall down drunk ant cute and shouldn't be applauded ... The only good thing about all of this is Leah saw herself drunk on the show and reevaluated her stance on drinking.,. I guess she thought that she had to drink to be around the girls cause they all did and she thought she would be fine when she wasnt ... again I just wanna say you dont have to be drunk to be entertaining...
  8. its her country background its the way she walks and handles herself (body language) A lot of my female friends (i grew up in the country in Tennessee) who were raised on farms and such do this ...
  9. This show was never really about drunk rich woman it just showed a lot of women get drunk and do obnoxious things and 90% of the fans were getting tired of 50, 60 year old woman acting like they had no sense ... I think its smart that they are showing that drinking like that can be a problem .... it shows another side to it ... everything isnt great with shots and 15 drinks ... some people cant handle that
  10. She was hiding booze around the house to get drunk, she was drinking in secret, she was drinking to stop the withdraws .. she would drink to the point of blacking out... that's a problem .... If she was telling herself I cant drink because I am pregnant but had No control over it now that she isnt ... she was or was becoming an alcoholic ... Normal people don't hide drinking they don't hide booze around the house to drink ....
  11. Are we really debating if someone is an alcoholic when they tell you that they are? (i totally get it if she was saying NO I'm NOT an alcoholic after saying she hides booze around the house hides her drinking and drinks to stop shaking we would be saying Yes lady you are) That’s not something someone would just think hey let me go on a national television show and say... no one wants to suffer or be seen as suffering from alcoholism. It’s not a good thing ......and no one wants to have the stigma of that attached to their name .... it’s not something cool to be.... given her past especially with her nutso mother I can honestly see her using alcohol has a buffer and that manifested itself into alcoholism... Again I trust the woman when she says I am an alcoholic that's not something you just throw out like its no big deal ( there are thousands of functioning alcoholics out there that you would never know they had an issue unless you lived with them) over and edited version of her life that didn't show her hiding the booze or showing us just how fucked up she really got all the time that producers chose not to show (and this year alone we have seen how producers on these housewife shows manipulated situations) ... just putting in my 2cents
  12. Rose McGowan responds after Sarah Jeffery calls her criticism of Charmedreboot 'pathetic' I totally agree with rose with this https://ew.com/tv/rose-mcgowan-reacts-to-sarah-jefferey-criticism-charmed/?fbclid=IwAR26Mjhs3E4xhLeqZmx_LoKPJP7jS16RtKnMThj9AJ4okum1tj8yW4gerY4
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