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  1. Yes i think Andy should take more "accountability" with who he hires for these shows however we has fans also perpetuate this by watching and commenting ... even bad press is still good press any click is still a click ...
  2. But It shouldn’t matter if she is a horn dog or not she isn’t having sex with her children present. you dont stop having sex and you sexually don’t dry up and die just because you become a parent. she simply asked don’t do that in my house. Erika portrays herself one way in Public on this show and another when she is with her husband and no one says Jack when she ask don’t act that way with my husband present but somehow Denise is a hypocrite when she ask the same thing with her children?
  3. Erika is the PERFECT example for this and their hypocrisy .. at home and around her husband (especially when he’s on THIS SHOW her ADULT husband) she try’s to portray herself as the prefect house wife she cowls to her husband doesn’t curse doesn’t yell doesn’t fight it’s a “proper” wife for her lawyer husband. Yet on this show and At work she is more Erika Jayne she curses up a storm talks about fucking dresses provocative has done some extremely provocative videos that are all over the internet ..... her husband sees this show....they don’t say well Erika maybe you shouldn’t film around your Adult husband . so If she can ask for respect in her home because of her husband why can’t Denise do the same? Why does Denise not get the same right? If Erika can keep her work life separate from her life with her husband and no one questions it why can’t Densise? How is please don’t do that around my teenage daughters more vile and upsetting then please don’t do that around my Adult husband?
  4. 100% a lot of battered spouses do this. They will apologize to keep the peace they take the blame so it will just stop they just get so mentally beat down that any way to stop the barrage and onslaught of venom they will take. Every time Dorinda has seen Tinsly she has thrown out something even in passing ... you are nothing you are a whore you are below me you are a child all this said to break her down
  5. It’s all good .. just saying one persons bullying shouldn’t diminish anyone else’s.....bullying comes in all forms and a lot of it starts out with what Dorinda is doing she is a classic example of what a bully does.
  6. Has a gay child growing up in the south with a super religious family I can say I have experienced my fair share of bullying and can honestly say no matter what form or how bad it gets ( and it was bad trust me) I Can say 100% from my point of view Dorinda is a bully ... she might not be physically abusing Tinsly but she is sure has hell mentally abusing her
  7. Apparently she sees nothing wrong with it according to her tweets
  8. Well arnt they "sisters" now what with Leah calling Ramona Mommy and putting her in that weird mother role? I really think she is mentally unhinged and the alcohol just exacerbates that.. 🙂
  9. She is emotionally stunted ..... And going on a national television show and showing how crazy you actually are then bragging you were trying to hide your crazy long enough to basically trick him into dating you and getting pissed cause it didn't work and blaming it on him is all kinds of psycho run don't walk away behavior
  10. so leaning into the toddler thing is ok? calling adult woman who arnt related to you mommy and throwing tantrums and ripping down things and acting like a 5 yo does thats fine? I mean i find that behavior a lot worse then Tinsly living her life with rose colored glasses...
  11. Leah last night calling Ramona Mommy and throwing the temper tantrum outdid anything Tinsley could possibly do .. I never wanna hear Dorinda bitch about Tins acting like a child when she doesn't call any of these ladies mommy or acts like a 5yo when she doesn't get her way... Dorinda only wants to guide the alcoholic drunks I guess and its ok for them to act like toddlers
  12. OMG Dorinda why are you the Tinsly dating police? Get the fuck over it
  13. But you shit on Tinsly constantly Dorinda what the fuck are you talking about
  14. Here comes Dorinda butting into this like she is the authority... Dorinda you are a sloppy mean bully of a drunk I’d sit down and stay out of this
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