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  1. Kenya girl take care of your own mess before trying to throw other people under the bus for being in a bad marriage... girl needs to take SEVERAL SEATS ... your man don't even like being around you ...talks mad shit to your face and would prefer to be with his daughter and not you... STOP
  2. Angela and Tony’s come across has one of the more obviously fake drama .. the smirk she got when they showed up with the cameras at her front door after she sent them that “burning” his shit video from her phone.
  3. Wait she was going to “work some things out” with him but can’t now that he’s in jail? Lacy you are a horrible disgusting human being
  4. I know it’s bad to say and I’m going to hell but my first thought was was it a meth lab that blew the cabin up ?
  5. Long Island? Lol such a random specific drink
  6. Everyone ever who ever watched this show could have told you she was a meth head lol
  7. Tracie and Clint great googly moogly ....this is me with out the wig without the makeup lol giiirl
  8. Where are your kids in this plans with josh future?? She’s not even talking about them with her at all.
  9. That picture looked absolutely fucking nothing like her OMG
  10. I see what you are saying ... hes not an unatractive man... they did the same thing on Golden Girls with Bea.. and after a while she did end up having a problem with the constant shots at her being unattractive....
  11. She hasn't talked about finances at all up until Jennifer did her digging and made it a big deal its everyone else that is talking about her money ... so her not bragging is bragging now? I know a shit ton of people that are Multi millionaires in key west that don't go around bragging to everyone how much money they have they just live their day to day lives .... It was Jennifer that was doing the digging (who does that? who cares what her house is or isnt worth or if she rents it out or not) Jennifer equates wealth with being someone and Jackie doesn't... Jennifer is the one that needs to slow her role here ...
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