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  1. She has to get how fucking nuts her just randomly throwing these stories out one after another making no logical sense looks right? She can’t be that stupid
  2. The fact that she freaked out over the mere mention of her sons name on Elaine but he flips his car 5 fucking times in the snow and its "oh hes fine" ...
  3. Why are they acting like these insane story’s are truth still?
  4. What is going on with Erikas face here? His car flipped 5 times oh he’s fine! Lol WTF?
  5. The things you end up doing when money is no longer a concern in your life. You lay on the ground in front of cameras and roll around and howl like a dog lol
  6. You would think Whitney was sexually assaulting her stepsons the way people are talking about what she’s wearing. Jesus Christ it’s not that serious
  7. If you come for me I will send Jesus after you. Can we just talk about how ridiculous that tag line is? Lol she’ll sick Jesus on you? lol
  8. Lacey you have a new born child and 3 other kids where the fuck are you gonna have time to have 6 times a day?
  9. Daonte is a fucking Idiot that deserves whatever he gets at this point ...and I find myself just wanting to FF through all his stuff because its just wash and repeat he only wants to fuck her she only wants his money and not put out blah blah blah
  10. Shawn trying to act all upset that she didn’t tell him she had a daughter? Dude you have like 30 kids you haven’t told her about and are 20 years older. Sit your lying ass down at that table talking about being upset she didn’t tell you
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