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  1. Just rewatched this episode, and cried. A lot. Again. So glad this show will be back this week, but already miserable that it’s ending.
  2. Lonnie has the nicest set of teeth I’ve ever seen in this show.
  3. Finally found time to watch this. Not my favorite Christmas episode, but still better than nearly anything else on tv. Phyllis remains the absolute best.
  4. She probably had two Ms but James wouldn’t let her keep both.
  5. Upstate NY (says this NYC dweller who’s ears are bleeding from listening to Sarah).
  6. rlc

    S01.E09: Exorcism Part 2

    You must be my age if you think of Peter Scolari as Henry from Bosom Buddies and not for his roles in Newhart or Girls.
  7. Agreed, but I did laugh at Jared thinking every pile of sweatshirts was Gwart.
  8. Meh. Enjoyed the season as a whole, and thoroughly enjoyed The Vivienne’s trump, but otherwise, she left me cold. Not at all surprised by the outcome, but would have been much happier to see Divina take the crown (or scepter, I guess- never saw an actual crown at the end). At least they will all see career boosts from this.
  9. You know you watch way too many of these shows when approximately 15 seconds into the intro you say ‘I remember this one- caramel macchiato, sweet potato casserole, rodeo queen, he told her to look for a tooth’.
  10. Ew. Owen’s sperm is magic! Will Ben and Miranda adopt the baby that Jo kidnapped? I’m okay with McWidow. Meredith should be with a man, not a boy. Definitely okay with a break from Maggie.
  11. She’s great, but I was really hoping they’d get Michelle Wolf.
  12. I attended junior high school with the actor playing the vindictive senator, and I couldn’t stop yelling at the tv ‘Wentworth, when did you become such a d*ck’.
  13. I really wish they would let people pick first as an advantage rather than switch with another contestant so they don’t look like dicks. Canadian Janet and her objectification of Jesse is hysterical. Also, sounds like I’m in the minority, but I really like Melissa and believe that flavor should always be more important than presentation.
  14. We were robbed in the US. No Katya!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not cool.
  15. Between the Weekend At Bernie-ing of Chidi and Bad Janet’s ‘I don’t have to poop. I choose to’, I have been laughing out loud all morning.
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