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  1. This must be bizarro world because I have agreed with the eliminations (though Ben would have been eliminated week one if I had my druthers) and a contest on a baking show used mascarpone and pronounced it correctly! Ellota is not just my favorite kid on this show ever, but perhaps one of my favorite people ever.
  2. I can’t even hate on ShaNaNa ‘cause she’s straight up nuts.
  3. I can speak to how they handled it for dance competitions during the worst of COVID. Typically, they mix the schedule with different studios and categories into 2-3 sessions per day, with all the kids who competed on stage at the end of each session for awards. Last year, we had block scheduling by studio, an all awards were done virtually a couple of days after the competitions, with everything announced at once. The rational was that they figured that people from the same team could intermingle, but that it was safer to keep the teams separate.
  4. My daughter joined me a few minutes ago. First, when she so Cheyenne at the laundromat she couldn’t believe that she wasn’t the poundtestant. After I caught her up on the show, she was sucked in to the crap fest. Upon seeing their new home/squat, her comment was that there is no way that there aren’t rats there. Also, is Philip even 5 feet tall?
  5. Find someone who looks at you like Dolly looks at an omelette.
  6. Assuming the Che/Miranda kitchen scene was the number one most uncomfortable because that was one of the worst things I've ever seen, followed by the Miranda-continues-to-masturbate-while-having-aconverstaion-with-her-son scene. Ew.
  7. The weenies earned every inch of their moniker. I have zero experience in the cheer world, but I’m part of a competitive dance family, and nothing is more of a downer than a kid with talent leaving points on the table for showing zero (or inappropriate) emotion. Even worse to know that they are doing it on purpose. Yes, they are young, but they are old enough to know better. Why do these girls think that those ridiculous caterpillars on their eyes are attractive? They all look so much better when they are natural than in their glam talking heads. Maddy is a pretty amazing y
  8. Aaron was the right person to go. I liked what he did the first couple of weeks, but have been unimpressed ever since. It’s week 83, and I still forget Coral every week. I’m glad Christian saved Shantall because she’s been my favorite the last few weeks. I continue to be completely shocked by how much I like Bones.
  9. Yeah, but if you wouldn't trust them to find your wedding dress, why would you trust them to find your spouse?
  10. Or University of Pennsylvania, the Ivy League University located in the city in which he lives and has family support...
  11. Good episode, though I'm down for any episode that doesn't involve Tobe.
  12. Whoever cast Ben for the show neither has nor likes children. I like most of the remaining contestants just fine, but Ellora is an absolute doll.
  14. This show needs to poop or get off the pot. You know they have a ton of footage and actual tea to spill, but we get an hour of that? Come on- there’s enough actual crap that we don’t need to watch the husbands golfing. Not that I needed to see a montage of Seth skeeving out over Whitney’s chesticles (apparently the inspiration for Meredith’s tits of doom) but why have we never seen how often they socialize? Everything about these people is off. It’s like they watched some 80’s movies about how to have fun, and tried to emulate it. They are the human embodiment of a dubbed kung fu movie.
  15. So does Mark thee Shark have Graves’ disease or is he on crank?
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