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  1. I love ‘Monsters Inside Me’, and was also screaming at the tv about leprosy. Then I sang the leprosy song from my childhood to myself. ‘There goes my eyeball into your highball. Kiss me quick-there goes my upper lip. There goes my fingernail into your ginger ale.’
  2. I really wish they did a better job of blurring EJ’s ass.
  3. Totally agree that Billy’s outbursts were cringeworthy, but I’m giving him a pass. Susie was gaslighting him- jumping between being sweet as pie, cooking and buying his preferred wine, and yelling at him for what she perceived as his faults. The conversation with her dad made him realize that Susie was a lot of work, and not a job he was up for taking. He was obviously already completely checked out when he met with Susie’s friends, and then she started being extra fake again and pretending everything was peachy keen. Once the friends again mentioned that Susie is just like that but admitted t
  4. I just read all the replies, and I’m shocked, I tell you. Shocked! No one has mentioned Tom’s hat! That is all.
  5. I really like Sarah. She’s even tempered, and I like her smart survival skills (frequent small meals/food finds vs massive infrequent kills).
  6. What he said wasn’t wrong- just mean.
  7. It’s astonishing what an intense bond Jess and Dan have after those (checks notes) two conversations and one quick snog. Life changing, really. Jules and Cam must feel like total frauds next to that sexy magic.
  8. Two concurrent hours of Manifest is officially two hours too many. Remind me why I’m still watching this?
  9. Yup- this was my motivation. My daughter and I are busy binging the second UK season while we anxiously wait for Australia. No way I was passing on Maxi Shield and Karen From Finance.
  10. I’ve decided to try and take a more charitable approach to Jeff so I don’t want to throttle him every time he is on the screen. ‘This is what he lives for’ because his everyday life is completely pathetic, and no one tolerates his alpha BS in real life. This is all he has, and he’s not particularly liked here. It looks like this will be another season of finding myself in the role of Suzanne apologist, but she and EJ were likely put on a team together for drama. EJ is a wannabe alpha, who is torn between loving be the big man with his elfen-bookends, and pissed that he’s stuck with ‘girls
  11. As many have said, Keya dis not have the best decorated cake last night, but I’m still down with her win. This is a baking show. There are numerous cake decorating shows. Let’s put it this way- I’ve been dieting pretty strictly recently in an attempt to eliminate my Covid-15. I look forward to enjoying cake again at some point in the future. When I do so, I will indulge in the best tasting piece of cake I can get my hands on, not the most exquisitely decorated.
  12. So pleased with the result. Thoroughly enjoyed the finale- no crazy twists or unfair advantages, just three talented, likable bakers making 6 gorgeous cakes. I would have been happy with any of them winning, but after they said that Kenya’s cake was the best cake they ever tried, I would have been truly disappointed if she hadn’t won.
  13. All I could think of when looking at the boyfriend for whom she purchased the boat and motorcycle was that he must have one magic penis.
  14. More thoughts on the finale: the right queen won, and I have no issues with that, but the finale (and pretty much every finale since Sasha Velour’s win) lacked joy. The lip syncs are stunted and limited by everyone trying to top each other with a reveal. The costumes are no longer as clever (Symone excluded) they are often breathtaking, but merely a display of who is best financed. Let’s be honest. The decision about the winner has been made long ago. Don’t put them through their paces during the finale. Just celebrate the queens and the season, and crown whoever Ru and production decided was
  15. I wish they had kept the camera on Olivia’s face when Lala was named Miss Congeniality. I bet it rivaled Jan’s face in the Michelle Visage challenge.
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