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  1. Wow- this might be a new record. Crystal went from "gosh- I feel so plain and underdressed next these women" to getting ready with her full glam squad in a matter of episodes.
  2. Way too many bakers to comment on much, but I forgot how much better these shows are without Nancy bellowing for more booze or arbitrarily scolding some of the contestants for their color schemes while praising others for using the same colors. Also, Carla wasn’t too over-the-top today.
  3. Believe me when I say that I cannot stand Brooks- I am the conductor of the hate train- but speculation and judgment on his, or anyone else’s sexuality is 💯 off limits. The tracksuits give more than enough ammunition to work with.
  4. Rinna is so far up Erika’s ass that she’s coming out Mikey’s mouth.
  5. Aaron’s all but enough about me- what do you like about me?
  6. No, I’m sure he’ll react in a completely mature, non-ragey, definitely not an incel manner.
  7. I think she’s mostly trying to convince herself.
  8. It’s hard to rate how awful these women are, but if I had to, I’d put Karen at the bottom. The Grande Dame needs to let it go with Gizelle. Regardless of how many times, and how many ways, Karen claims that Gizelle wished Ray dead, it just didn’t happen. Also, those were some of the ugliest dresses I have ever seen. When Wendy and Mia think something is too much, you definitely have a problem.
  9. That’s good, because I can’t think of anyone less essential than a Bachelor/Bachelorette contestant.
  10. Yeesh, can everyone quit with the Myrla shopping judgment? You don’t need to like her, or marry her, but unless she’s spending YOUR money, it is not any of your damn business how many pairs of shoes she buys or what said shoes cost. Gil is not a better person than Myrla because he is cheap/frugal. She is not a bad person because she doesn’t want a dog. She shouldn’t have been paired with someone who has a dog since she doesn’t like dogs. For the record, I don’t like Myrla, but I don’t really like any of these people. There are enough reasons without judging their shopping habits.
  11. Watched both of these episodes back-to-back. Before I go read a book and try to salvage my last brain cells, here are some thoughts in no particular order: I wouldn’t have predicted that Kenny would be the trade of the season, but it makes total sense. Demi is an embarrassing 13 year old girl, and no Demi, your vagina is not made of gold. Becca- I will give my rose to Aaron because production told me that I must for this free trip and extra camera time. Producers- stop trying to make Tre and Aaron happen. They are both ridiculous nerds (but not in a good way). Tre at least
  12. She left out the part that she considers herself to be the biggest victim.
  13. Perhaps women weren’t the intended demographic for said video…
  14. When Sutton is the voice of reason, it’s time to re-examine everything.
  15. 5 minutes into season 13 episode 14, and already can’t stand Darvil, the Mormon douche canoe who doesn’t think god intended for people to be naked and would rather not have a partner.
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