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  1. Sounds like an unpopular opinion, but I think Bulent was in the wrong. He’s a good survivalist, but he’s a bad person. Regardless of what he thought of the other group, he entered their territory, was greeted with kindness and water, and made plans with them. He’s allowed to change the plans, but he should have let them know so they could adjust. They say there quietly for hours to not disturb his hunt, not gathering firewood or water during that time. I’ll be very happy to never see the ‘barehanded killer’ again, unless he’s paired with Jeff for a two-men-enter-one-man-leaves scenario.
  2. My favorite part of this underwhelming episode (and season) was Blair learning everyone’s choreography from her seat, followed by JuJu’s talking head about Blair being ready to be the understudy. My one request for this franchise moving forward is that India and her tired ass lying drag never, ever appears on my screen again.
  3. Surely there are single men in their early 40s who are underemployed and want a free vacation, um, I mean to find everlasting love?
  4. I want to be clear that I am in no way, shape, or form looking to justify Theo’s actions. The show is doing an incredible job in showing many of the ways that a person can be sexually assaulted, and the nuisances behind the many ways that ones own behavior can contribute, but that rape is still rape, and sexual assault is still assault regardless of how you arrived there. Theo was 100% wrong to falsely accuse Ryan of rape, but he did sexually assault her by taking photographs and sharing them. Theo was a damaged little girl who was taught to lie about sex as a 7 year old girl by her mother, so she lashed out in the only way she knew how. Watching Arabella realize what has happened to her during the course of this show has been one of the most painful, poignant, and realistic things I have ever watched. Yes- she drank and took drugs before the first rape. Yes, she initiated sex before the second rape/assault. Neither of these scenarios in any way discount what has happened. Yes, Kwame met up with someone for a planned sexual encounter. He was still raped. Watching them come to the realization of what has happened as the series unfolds is the realist portray of this I have ever seen. I was date raped when I as 17. I broke up with my boyfriend soon after this occurred because I didn’t like the way he acted at the time, but it took years for me to realize that what had happened was rape. Any non-consensual sex, regardless of how much consensual sex you have had with that person is rape. It is often very difficult to understand and come to terms with that. Any time a minor accuses someone of rape, there is more to the story. Children don’t come up with things like that out of the blue. This show is an incredibly difficult watch, but one of the best things on television.
  5. While I knew what happened to Michelle, and have been waiting for it to play out, last night was a major gut punch. I never met her in person, but I was Facebook friends with Michelle through interactions in online political groups. It is horrific to see everything she was dealing with at the time. I think the documentary handled it well.
  6. Sorry to see Wes go. Not to discount anyone’s poop issues, but any woman that’s given birth to a child vaginally can relate. Am I right ladies? That first poop is worse than child birth because no one is offering you an epidural. Sorry for the TMI. I never dreamed I’d feel this way, but I’m rooting for that miserable bastard Bulent. I’m sure it sounds like I’m a Suzanne apologist, but based on what we are seeing of her lately, she seems to be a great and nurturing partner. I really think she got a bad edit/reputation in the beginning but she was just reacting to Seth being that awful.
  7. Delusion, thy name is Blair. While I’ve been thoroughly underwhelmed by this entire season, at least the final three deserve to be all stars. Jujubee for the win! The only nice thing I can say about the lip sync was that Kennedy looked fantastic.
  8. Way to leave on a high note, Seth! No Seth, you didn’t get redemption. You just made it clear that you’re definitely a petulant ass who makes bad choices. Really glad that Gwen and Wes didn’t pull a Jeff and Laura. I didn’t want to have to stop liking them. I adore Ryan, and really hope he makes it through. He was awesome on his first challenge in spite of not making it through 21 days. Warning for next week in case you didn’t see the previews- do not watch the next episode right after dinner. In addition to vomit shots, there’s going to be a whole lotta poop talk. Rated NR-17 for extra scatological content.
  9. I’m really tired of the lip syncs being about reveals and tricks. Give me a straight up riveting performance. Give me Heidi and Jackie to Kill the Lights- man, that entire season was so much better than the ‘all stars’ season.
  10. Blair is floating on pretty, and bores the snot out of me. Boy does she have an overinflated ego. Roxxy’s ass won the lip sync. Not an Alexis fan, but she shouldn’t have gone before Blair.
  11. Super creepy. Was that real? I mean, yeah, this is a stupid reality show, but that was just bizarre. Also, Stewart must be hiding something otherwise there’s no way someone that great isn’t already taken (unless he’s just a big old player).
  12. Seth and Bulent as a team? Dreams really can come true! See- I told all of you naysayers. Suzanne is perfectly likable when she’s not dealing with Seth, the life and patience sucker.
  13. It read more 50-something chaperoning the prom than teenager attending the prom to me.
  14. I truly don’t understand how most of these queens qualify as all stars. After the magic that was season 12, this is a travesty. I’ve never been an Alexis fan, and she’s shady as hell so I don’t doubt that she wanted Shea to go, but India should have been gone weeks ago. I’m assuming they’ll drag out the did-she-or-didn’t-she for a few more weeks, otherwise the editors would have shown the definitive footage last night. The highlight of this season is Jujubee’s talking heads, and trying to figure out what the hell is going on with Ru.
  15. Makani is from Massachusetts.
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