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  1. You are so right, we are seeing this through Delores being the cast Member on that show - so we are obviously going to be looking through that lens. IMHO, The amount of time given to the husbands (and Frank) on the show is disproportionate to the time their counterparts are afforded on the other RH shows. Also, while Delores is the cast member, It seems that in the last couple of seasons we have seen a huge focus on Delores and Frank, to the point where it is hard to disassociate the two. I personally place the blame of this dynamic on our TV screen on Satan Andy, who seems to be mu
  2. I am annoyed because if it was a truly pure competition, each contestant should have had to work with the same breed of dog. That male judge continues to just annoy me..
  3. I watch a lot of cable news (all varieties) because I like a lot of perspectives, but I really enjoy any show that has a diversity of opinions. I loved watching Eboni Williams on FoxNews - The Five and Outnumbered - she was bold, eloquent and had a thoughtful perspective that was much needed, and her opinion was not influenced by conservatives nor liberals. A new FoxNews show, of which she was one of the 3 cohosts (which she really deserved) was created. Sadly that show was incredibly short lived due to the past behaviors of a co-host. I was such a fan of Eboni and I was really sad that b
  4. I am happy the Primetimer put in additional emojis to react to a post. (However, the last update destroyed that, since everything has a bell, not matter the response (a like, a quote…). That being said, I still need the vomit emoji …..
  5. This is what I find wonderful in these forums, it is a rare place where we can totally disagree but can all get along and respect each other’s perspective… this is the world I grew up in and want to come back. Sorry, that was a huge digression … To my broader point - we can agree to disagree but at the end of the day we still talk to each other. My apologies- win, as usual, may or may be involved but I love these forums where everyone is allowed to have an opinion, not matter what, but we are all the better for it. And if you have a sense of humor, snark is always welcome.
  6. This just revealed a lot about both of them. Carole’s love of huge tasseled earrings will not be forgotten…
  7. She lost me at 9:04, she got a calling to convert to Judaism (that’s unusual and then she said Orthodox) which On what planet? Can’t stand her or her sister but I did love her sister saying “I think you should look into that a little).
  8. I agree with you on these points. I do think Dolores is uncomfortable with being alone and you hit the nail on the head. I enjoy her and Frank’s dynamic in terms that they do seem to be best friends. It reminds me of my sister and our late cousin, Dan, who were best friends and soulmates in that they were best friends who “understood each other”. Nothing wrong with your best friend being of the opposite gender, but Frank and Delores were married and raised children together. They have a shared history that includes unfaithfulness on the part of one party. IMHO, there seems to be a l
  9. It really bothers me that them men and women on the show were talking about how wonderful Reverend Jamal Bryant is and we’re excited to see him. He is such a charlatan full of empty, meaningless words that aren’t followed up by actual actions. M2M highlighting him is highly disappointing.
  10. OMG, Kandi, just retire the dungeon already, virtual or otherwise.
  11. All this arguing over nothing while displaying too much boobage and bad/not classy outfits is just boring and petty. These women, in general, are much less tolerable due to their actions during COVID. Last night was the first time I hugged someone who wasn’t my husband in 14 months.
  12. I have had rheumatoid arthritis since I was 13. Opening jars and bottles is often awful and very difficult and occasionally no device or trick helps the situation. Recently, I was feeling bad and recovering from lumbar spine fusion, so was not in great shape. Hubby bought a couple of bottles of Fresca. I used everything available to me and I couldn’t open it. He couldn’t either and had to use a good set of pliers to open it. Just infuriating.
  13. I have definitely be back to stress eating and emotional eating. I was not doing good with this last summer, got better, but it has gotten bad again. Humans are social creatures and human touch is incredibly important. We were not designed to be physically isolated in general, but more than a year.... I am fully vaccinated and last night I hugged a friend for the longest time. First person I had hugged since last March. When lock down happened last year, I wasn’t working but was starting to lot for a new project. I knew I wouldn’t find work during a pandemic (and we can live of
  14. Well, I enjoyed Leanne on my screen the first couple of seasons and she made for good reality TV, but she was just beyond intolerable her last season (much like others - looking at you Nene and Bethenny). Kary was just intolerable from the get go and last year we didn’t see the full effect of who she really is. Leanne was fun to watch until the last year. In reality TV there is the fun to watch, the entertaining, the fun to hate watch, and then there are the Karys who provide no redeeming entertainment value at all
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