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  1. This episode was the most entertaining and LOL episode of any real housewives franchise since well before COVID. Thank you to all the rolling cars that helped make it happen.
  2. I’m behind, but Dorit’s correction of PK’s correct usage of the word Statistician bothers me as a statistician. Dorit really is not bright. PK and Mauricio rolling laughing at how none of it made sense was awesome and funny (Mauricio may be high, but I am in no place to judge.
  3. I like your version of pure fiction much better than Erika’s bizarre rambling of nonsensical actions and unrelated events: Tom Confronted a burglar, her son, the cop (who is trained to be an excellent defense ke driver in all kinds of situations) rolled his car 5 or 7 times in Pasadena because of the snow, and Tom went to the hospital because he has glaucoma. You can’t make this crap up. I am assuming that one snowflake fell, and it caused him to swerve and his car rolled down the horrible hill that Tom had encountered 4 years ago.
  4. Yikes! Im going to blame autocorrect because I don’t want Carlton to put a spell on me…🤣
  5. I recently rewatched and I agree. Destiny, Mystery and Cross. I found her highly annoying.
  6. So incredibly disappointed that politics that are not even tangentially related to the story were stuffed into the show. Last episode, I thought they did a good job of discussing issues black Americans face, they seamlessly made it part of the story. Now they are just thrusting in all kinds of jargon, totally unnecessary and annoying.
  7. I think Kyle would have if solidarity among the other housewives (especially Adrienne and Camille, ) wasn’t so strong. All of them were unified in being legitimately worried and upset. As a group (sans Kyle) they used to have a backbone and also be self aware enough to realize that any fall out could fall on them.
  8. I think he was the lawyer for Joe Francis of Girls Gone Wild. I do remember that Lea was good friends with him. From Wikipedia about part of his criminal past. In January 2011, Francis brought a group of three women to his home, leading to five charges: three misdemeanor counts of false imprisonment, one of assault causing great bodily injury, and one of dissuading a witness. On May 6, 2013, Francis was convicted on all five charges. He faced a maximum of five years in prison and/or $13,000 in fines.[27][28] On May 22, Francis did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, calling the
  9. My kitty's like a python Tick-ticking like a timebomb Limited edition, gotta buy it with no try-on I purchase like a lion Knock 'em out like Tyson Everybody knows that I'm a million dollar diamond
  10. I’m 5’2” and I had major back surgery in March and couldn’t bend for 4 months. I ventured out on my own one toward the end of month three and I put my grabber in my purse. I was a the dollar store and used it two times to pick something off the bottom shelf and 2 other times to help someone else get something of the top shelf 🤣
  11. We have a feral cat population. A few year ago, Callie wanted to be everyone’s friend. A poor opossum came to eat out of the cat food bowls. Callie kept running to it rubbing again the poor creature trying to make friends. It was funny but I did feel bad for the poor creature.
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