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  1. Not there 😢 But I’ve rewatched RHONJ, RHONY and RHOBH - COVID entertainment at its worst - what a difference from the early seasons to now
  2. Thanks, it’s there, costs but I think I’ll bite the bullet
  3. I was looking for it because I want to watch it but can’t find it anywhere in the States
  4. Right, that would be great. A couple of things I liked about the Zoom RHOA reunion: 1. Being able to mute people, the muting of Nene and Kandi was highly entertaining. 2. Nene - them showing her notes on planning herb”reads” and her just leaving the reunion - and subsequently sblaming it on needing to change her tampon - 1) gross, 2) what a crock, 3) good for her, I’m 3 years older and haven’t had a period in 5 years (I do not miss them); versus Her leaving because she’s a bully and a coward.
  5. Agreed. Maybe more fabulous vacations would have happened if those darn parole/probation restrictions had not been place. I think Coronavirus has delayed the appearance on Dorinda’s first mugshot. Looking forward to it.
  6. I saw on on a couple of sights that Phaedra said her funeral business is doing great because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Didn’t care enough to actually read the articles, but it sounds like something she would say. She’s something else
  7. Go figure, she was not social distancing in With Emily, Brownwind, and Kelly in May.
  8. I had been watching that season today. Carlton was so, so annoying and she and Brandi kissed a few times and talk about how hot the other one was. She’s the one who created a “sex” room for her and her hubby and she alluded to other women being invited to join her and her hubby. she is now divorced.
  9. Especially if there’s a daybed and a hot tub close by
  10. I’ve been rewatching from the beginning and Brandi actually had some redeeming qualities and I’m on Season 4 now, but Kyle never had LVP’s back. I’m on the second episode with Carlton Gebbia and man was she annoying from the very beginning and couldn’t wait to be offended. Also, her relationship with her Nanny and other women was, well, interesting. She really was annoying. Joyce I still like.
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