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  1. Yeah. Finding Peacock very annoying with this kind of stuff.
  2. I’ve watched NCIS since the beginning. I do like Gary Cole and his character on the show. He’s like Gibbs I’m a lot of ways but oh, so different in many others. The show’s been on a long time, but the change of so many of the actors in the last 2 years has made it hard to get used to. That being said, I think the character development and relationships are great. I do have a problem, however, with some of the writing as it seems to be promoting a specific political agenda and set of when that is totally unnecessary on this show or many others.
  3. Rodney doesn’t fit into the “stereotypical” trope of what a participant on these shows “should” be. He is uniquely his own self which is unusual in general these days. I am confounded why one of these final 4 weren’t the new bachelor. With the exception of Michelle (and Tayshia), I have been puzzled by their choices of for the bachelor and bachelorette. I have only watched since Farmer Chris’ season.
  4. I was thinking Brandon before the show, now I’m thinking Rodney.
  5. Are we going to see any of Porsha outside of herself, like we did when we saw her at the forefront of peaceful protests trying to make real change?
  6. I don’t know anything but I feel like Nayte will be her choice - the way she lights up around him. Nayte seems nice, but I’m worried that if she picks him or Joe her heart will eventually be broken. Of course, that is what happens in most of these relationships.
  7. That gift was awesome. I like the mom! Actually, I liked a lot of the parents.
  8. I went to work for myself years ago and don’t regret it. I was lucky to have my husbands reliable income to rely on. Working for myself was the right path for me, especially as I have had a lot of medical issues. I do consulting and mostly subcontract with larger consulting firms. It’s great because I can work on a 3-4 month project intensely and then can take a break for a few months to recover (and have another surgery). The downside for me is that it is feast or famine. But that has more to managing my health than anything else. The best thing is - I can work for a total
  9. I’m still confounded why one of these 4 men isn’t the new bachelor. A guy being able to make the best pillow fort is a low bar….. What is with all these people going back to relive their high school days? I don’t get it, you are in your 20’s and early 30’s…
  10. I hope so. It does seem that way after meeting them.
  11. I assume these are much easier when the male is a few inches taller than the woman.
  12. Nicki Minaj is highly entertaining as the interviewer- wasn’t sure how I’d feel, but this is highly entertaining.
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