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  1. She and her mom are adopting the baby girl. I think that is wonderful but I’ve never heard of that before. I’m all for any child being adopted into a loving family. Quad didn’t seem to be interested In have her own child with Dr. Greg. I sure hope we get to see the development of the new family on MtM wherever it returns,
  2. I don’t do that at 55, but when I am with my parents I have been know to mumble under my breath or text my hubby or a sibling that I need a drink!
  3. And she may have been a potential RH or a friend of. Sometimes that’s not determined for a while. Some RH husbands have way too many talking heads (looking at you Joe Gorga - and I don’t like looking at him).
  4. Having been a battered wife - that is absolutely right. I also don’t think it is uncommon in any situation where you have any kind of verbal assault nor no win situation where it doesn’t matter what you do, you just need to exit the situation in any way whatsoever. I an reiterating what others have said. Things that stood out to me: 1. What a gorgeous location that I would love to see;. 2. There has been a lot of nasty, drunk and disturbing behavior (or a combination thereof) on all RH shows, but Leah took it to another (scary) level altogether. For a change, if not for Leah, on this episode I really thought we would have actually have had a nice, fun RH event and seriously, that was a really low bar to begin with. I miss those episodes on RH when they are all being silly and having fun (Bravo apparently doesn’t and I have no clue how they are going to top Leah’s behavior - Bravo not caring about drunk women is one thing, not caring about the mental health of their employees is another - they really love to keep lowering the bar...); 3. Ramona was the voice of reason (well, she has always been a dichotomy); 4. Dorinda was so happy to have a “drunk friend” who made her look not as drunk - Dorinda how selfish of you because you thought new “friend’s” problems masked your own - that ship has sailed, and its frightening that you’re that self-absorbed -and by the way, Leah’s problems are more complicated and challenging than drinking too much; 5. WTF about Tinsley’s pillow the rest of you nasty women? You are all far too old to and snobby enough to not know anything about either allergies or the need for certain pillows. I travel a lot for work and always have to take my special “travel” pillow that I need in order to sleep or sit up in bed and for my neck (fused discs); 6. Personally, I was glad Bethenny left because in the last two years I have found her to be so self-involved and caustic that she was no longer funny but just mean. However, they replaced her with the train wreck that is Leah. They didn’t seem to even try ... 7. I wondered if Ramona was being more motherly towards Leah since Leah is not that much older than Avery; and 8. I was getting an MRI today and had to sit still for an hour in a tube with a mask on my face and to pass the time and keep from moving, I was counting real housewives and their lives and I realized a few things including: 1) I’ve had way too many MRIs and if it’s for my hand why does my whole body have to be in the tube?; 2) Avery and Leah are both in their 30s; 3) Avery may be in her 30s but I’m still the same age when she first graced my TV screen 🙀; 4) a number of real housewives are now grandmothers; and 5) I so miss the days of travel/lifestyle porn and silly, not evil and basically harmless people.
  5. You are brilliant and so funny - much respect. I am ambivalent about Erika, some days I like her, others, like the last episode, no. That being said, I think Erika is gorgeous, and is more so when she is natural.
  6. Victoria living on a farm in rural Iowa - now, can we watch that show, because that would be highly entertaining!
  7. Ironically, this is what The New York Times does on a daily basis.
  8. My brother died unexpectedly at 59 and he and my sister-in-law had been married 39 years, my nephew just got married three weeks before my brother’s death and my niece was supposed to get married in April, then in June and now a tiny wedding in June. Two months after her husband died, my sister in law was diagnosed with stage 3 gallbladder cancer (she’s doing amazing). All the heart break, loss, and personal pain has been torture for her. But she’s still an amazing, positive person who still treats others with love. She is an amazing example of resilience, strength, and love, vs. Dorinda who is.... Dorinda.
  9. It was a different time and empowerment for women then is very different than today. Empowerment in the late sixties early seventies was about owning their own person and being free to be sexual beings that weren’t confined to wearing dresses and vacuuming whilst wearing pearls. It was - I am a woman, I can make my own choices, I can show my body and I control my decisions.
  10. I just thought that was hysterical but then had to explain to my husband why it was so funny. If only he watched more TV Or followed pop culture....
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