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  1. She looks beautiful and naturally aging, which is a rare with celebrities these days.
  2. And the villain has to be actually perceived as a threat/competition for the “heart” of the bachelor or the bachelorette. Non Queen Victoria is lame, fake, no real charm, and no chemistry with the bachelor. What I enjoyed about Tayshia’s season was the real conversations and friendships between the contestants and we learned so much about them. We had our villains, but they were organic, not manufactured. Tayshia also was really good at listening and asking questions. This is just so lame and the producers focusing on Victoria instead of other things is sad. She isn’t a train wreck like others before her, she is more of a fly that you keep swatting. It’s been an awful 10 months of quarantine, and this is what you give me??
  3. I’m worried they will bring her back and keep Brownstone. If so, I’m out.
  4. You are not diminishing what I went thru in the least ❤️rather we are in the same page. I can totally see a difference with Emily and how she moves from last year to this season post replacement. If I had fallen out of the chair hubby would have laughed (and I would have if it had been him). If it had been 3 weeks after my surgery and no one else was around, that would have been different). Actually hubby laughed when I was non weight bearing and was trying to move from the floor to somewhere where I could leverage my body to get up. (I did too, because sometimes you can laugh or cry, laughing is much better, although that didn’t prevent me from retaliating non verbally 🤣).
  5. Vodka good, soda with sugar bad... Doctor Moonbeam advice?
  6. I am gearing up for my 10th orthopedic surgery in 12 years (the 11 surgery is free based upon the punch card I made). After my first hip replacement my husband was great at first. Then we took a family cruise to Alaska for my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary 5 weeks after my surgery (recovery was more lengthy and restrictive in 2008). My wonderful husband just sucked during most of the trip. Being a caretaker had been hard on him. My brother had to help me in and out of a helicopter on top of a glacier because hubby ditched me to take photos and I was very restricted in my movements. Nothing like using a cane on a glacier. Seriously, hubby was kind of an ahole for a lot of trip. It was contentious for us in many ways. That being said, that was the first time he had to be an on call caregiver. 12 years and lots of surgeries later, I am very blessed. He has been amazing during 5 surgeries where I was non weight bearing for a least 6 weeks. But it was a long road and his name isn’t Shane. Shane might need a few more surgeries to get a clue. However, I really thinks he takes Emily for granted.
  7. I have been really sick and watched all of Miranda over the last few days. It was so funny. Call Me Kat has potential. Seinfeld is my all time favorite comedy but the first season was awful. The British humor (or humor) in Miranda really works well, as it is all so British. In Call Me Kat, It just seem like the connections between the characters and/or the writing doesn’t work as well, which might be part of the disconnect for me. In Miranda she had a huge crush on her college friend Tom Ellis, I mean Gary Preston, and when he showed up had all kinds of emotions whereas Kat was more of that’s my friend from college - so that tension was missing. Also, in Miranda, her mom had more of a role versus Swoozie who was just kind of there. Another thing that worked in Miranda was her side kick and manager of her store, they as a comedic duo were great. At the end in Miranda, everyone showing up and waving was funny because it was ridiculous and usually involved dancing. Not sure when Call Me Kat was filmed, so after COVID could have been a factor. Miranda had her fruit friends 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. And nothing wrong or abnormal about that outside of Hollywood and celebrities. She has a great figure.
  9. Shannon’s belly was because of Vicki and now because of COVID. My belly has been because of multi surgeries and then COVID depression (eating and drinking habits aside). At the end of day, if I controlled what I could control my belly would be smaller. However I, too, blame Vicki and COVID. Now I’m off to online shop for Spanx and to go to the garage to find duct tape #goals.
  10. Thank you, I will never not see that again, so I have lots of laughs ahead of me.
  11. A most unexpected pairing, but I am happy for them.
  12. I wonder if Shane wasn’t feeling well, maybe still recovering from COVID. That’s what I thought might be part of it.
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