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  1. LOL. Many, many years ago, we got info about upgrading our Dish to the next level. I told my husband we could get History Channel International - he asked “why would be do that” and I said “we could get WW2 from other country’s perspectives. We still laugh at that
  2. While Positivity does have an influence on one’s health, chemo, doctors, etc. really are what matter. The fact that Gregg has been around Nene’s “positivity and selflessness” and is yet seeming to doing really great physically for someone with his cancer (and stages thereof) is pretty amazing.
  3. Yes, it statistically makes no sense, neither does it make any sense aesthetically. I am so annoyed that they ruined the season keeping Victoria’s dreck constantly on top. Her being a self-centered jerk doesn’t help, but still has nothing to do with the fug on the runway. Sergio and his “political” designs and his “I’m better than anyone else and everything” is just as annoying but at least he has many original ideas and and executes on most pretty well. Thanks to Sergio, I am now politically conscious wearer of clothes, which is very confusing - does that mean if I wear red, I’m a Trump lover or if I wear blue, do I love all the democratic candidates? It’s a dilemma and I think I might need to stick with wearing purple to keep people guessing. Maybe I need to wear a blue top with red pants to illustrate the cultural divide in our country. (I hope everyone realizes that I am being facetious and have consumed a lot of wine).
  4. He’s so stupid that he couldn’t even pull off a realistic before and after comparison of houses. If he can’t do that, it’s hard to imagine that he has actually flipped a single house.
  5. I think Bill (Tony the Turk) and Jen’s brother are both great and would love to see more of them on my TV. The downside is that it would include Jennifer. I don’t dislike Jen like I did in her first season, but she is really great reality TV. Her handling of her mom and supporting her brother - that was wonderful and redeemed her a lot in my eyes,
  6. I agree 1000% Woth all of this. I was disappointed Woth her also. Unfortunately, someone like this would be a unicorn on Bravo. However, it would be refreshing and would be great viewing.
  7. “The aspiring moguls will have a chance to learn how to “mention it all”, how to be inappropriate in an executive meeting, how to use too much Botox, how to take forever to get a divorce, and how to pose for Instagram photos!!!!” Where do I go to not apply?
  8. Last year I had to explain to my husband why I kept shouting Jovani while we were watching a college football bowl game. As soon as I said “The Real Housewives” he said okay. We’re old and he got me a Nutribullet for Valentines Day and I got him an Instanpot. Even before we “opened” gifts, I kept talking about ingredientses that we would need to make things. He finally asked me why I was not saying ingredients properly and I started “On the real housewives” - he said okay .. I really still need to find clips of Teresa saying ingredientses and textets (not sure how to write how she says texts). If he would only join me on my real housewives journey he would be even more entertained.... However, on the list of things I would like her to join me on - this is maybe a C priority 🤣🤣🤣
  9. Before reading other comments, I thought - the one plus-sized model’s outfit was beyond awful and Ill-fitting but @SuprSuprElevated beat me to the punch. Just one plus sized model and just wrong. Well, so much of this fashion show was wrong. For me (disclaimer: I’ve had a bit of wine) sheer is a fashion trend that only looks good on certain women on the runway. However, even some of the tall, skinny models looked awful in these fashions. The only not sheer parts seemed to cover the models “naughty bits”. Then came the satin covered items with the feather trim that looked like “sexy” robes from the 1960’s. In Michael’s defense, he was going with current trends, but still just “no”. As an aside, I do understand the concept of cohesion in a fashion collection, but I never got the concept of how that goes to actually selling garments.
  10. I’m the kind who plans corporate retreats in the he that it affects at least one person positively.
  11. That’s so weird looking. So is Gretchen’s face. It looks like a mask, not a wrinkle in sight, very creepy
  12. OMG, I didn’t watch the Oscars so didn’t see the commercial. But man, I really don’t believe that is actually Peter’s chest - it’s all manly and enjoyable
  13. Brilliant observation. So true. Tired of shows, reality and scripted, forcing political agendas - doesn’t matter if I agree or disagree, just let me watch your show in peace.
  14. I’ve always rooted for Cynthia, but after that lunch when she didn’t defend Tania and just upped and left, I’m like, “no, you didn’t” and then her tone deafness at Mike’s when his daughter was upset and he asked her if it was okay for Cynthia to come in. Seriously, she should have put the children’s welfare above her own. Or above the camera. The only one of these women I would actually want to know if real life is Tania. Despite all the drama and Kenya’s nastiness, an episode without a Nene is beyond wonderful!!!
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