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  1. Probably helped them about as much as it helped me....
  2. I've been saying all along that The Sun was Idina Mendzel, but after listening to her in that package, I'm starting to lean towards the conventional wisdom. She does sound a lot like Leann Rimes. Still convinced that The Mushroom is Billy Porter, though.
  3. Ladies and gentlemen, Ken Jeong's annual Only Correct Guess.
  4. Seahorse was sounding a hell of a lot like Jessica Simpson to me tonight.
  5. Three and a Smackdown. Plus the group song at the top.
  6. Still say that The Squiggly Monster is Donald Faison.
  7. Now that The Mushroom isn't straining for a falsetto... yeah, that's Billie Porter.
  8. I did say "so far".... 🙂 And yeah, that's Wendy Williams. Not a fan of her singing, but I'm hoping she sticks around at least 'til Joel McHale turns up again.
  9. Broccoli's probably the weakest singer of the season so far.
  10. Can't quite place it, but The Jellyfish sounds very familiar.
  11. The Mushroom's straining a bit too hard for the falsetto, IMO.
  12. First guess of the Squiggly Monster: Donald Faison.
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