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  1. And hints are when you leave clues in your comments in the thread about what character you're playing.
  2. The CW affiliate in our cable package is WPIX out of New York, so I can relate.
  3. Voices change over time. And it's been well over a decade since his last hit single.
  4. "Yes, and..." is a classic improv prompt. So yeah, the Fox is definitely Wayne Brady.
  5. Just started my own rewatch. Spent the morning watching the five-part premiere. It's amazing how well this show holds up. I mean, you could take the script from these five episodes, tweak maybe 5% of it, and it's feature film worthy. Maybe even a summer tentpole. And the animation is on par with pretty much any 2D animation on the go today. I'm definitely looking forward to the rest of the series. Too bad they only made two seasons....
  6. A lot of Donny Osmond's clues last year pointed to Neil Patrick Harris, probably to throw us off the scent. They could be doing the same thing here.
  7. Trying to DL somebody before the roles are even assigned? Total villain move. 1 to DL Machiabelly (Spruce)
  8. I think it was the song choice that killed Patti tonight.
  9. I looked up December 26 (Boxing Day) on Wikipedia, scrolled down to the list of notable births.
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