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  1. It's a clickbaity headline for a tabloid story based entirely on a few random tweets. Not even worth talking about.
  2. A 32-year-old misanthropic musician named Frank (Brian Gleeson) lives in Dublin with his mother. Small Talk: The Local Pub Frankly, We're Just Waiting: The Anticipation Thread Tin Whistles and Squeeze Boxes: The Music of "Frank of Ireland" (All titles subject to change.)
  3. Based on the novel about a family of travelling magicians with actual magical powers that reunites after 25 years after a family tragedy.
  4. The Giraffe was the weakest of the group, but they're all friggin' talented. They must be saving all the crappy acts for Group B.
  5. There were a lot of clues that pointed to a runner in The Dragon's package, so I'm going with Carl Lewis.
  6. Either way, Popcorn's definitely a professional singer.
  7. Don't know why, but I'm getting an "athlete" vibe from the Giraffe.
  8. I'm leaning heavily towards The Sun being Idina Mendzel. Either way, she's got a hell of a voice.
  9. Maybe she wrote an absolutely killer sample article?
  10. It's filmed outdoors, in an open-air tent. With proper testing and social distancing guidelines in place, and a limited crew, it can be pulled off pretty easily.
  11. Personally, I was holding out for her to play Zatanna for that other publisher, but I think she'll make a great She-Hulk.
  12. Unlocking in case anyone wants to talk about the live preview.
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