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  1. YES!! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!! THE WHITE TIGER'S GONE! THE WHITE TIGER'S GONE! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! The worst kept secret in reality television!
  2. My god, the judges are actually doing something tonight!
  3. He and The Banana are still miles ahead of The White Tiger, though.
  4. Not surprised. Rhino was the weakest of the three.
  5. If there was any degree of fairness in this show, it would come down to The Kitty and The Night Angel.
  6. Man, if I didn't think that Beyoncé was too big for this show, I'd swear she might be the Night Angel.
  7. I thought all three of them were really good, myself.
  8. Whoever The Kitty is, she has one hell of a voice.
  9. In a perfect world, it'd be The White Tiger on the bottom this week, but it's probably gonna be The Kangaroo. Probably one from each group going to a playoff at the end of the show. Halle-frikkin'-luja!
  10. Oh, god, he's gonna try to sing "I'm Too Sexy", isn't he?
  11. I love this song, but I'm not a fan of this cover of it. Too mellow. Not really blaming The Kangaroo. It's more to do with the arrangement.
  12. Still say The Turtle could be Kel Mitchell. He was Invisible Boy in "Mystery Men", so it fits the comic book clue.
  13. Group C had 7 Grammy noms, and I'll bet the Night Angel had the lion's share of 'em.
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