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  1. They can also use a gimmicked deck for a Force. For instance, the magician will hold the deck firmly in one hand and ruffle through the deck, asking the mark to pick a card. What they don't know is that
  2. Kicking off season 7 with magicians trying to fool Penn & Teller for a third time!
  3. Coming soon to the CW. The Resistance: Small Talk Do You Know Who My Father Is?: Cast In Other Roles Political Scandals: "Maverick" In The Media
  4. Payback for all the American shows we've had to wait years to see in Canada, maybe? 🙂
  5. Apparently, Jenny does a lot of research on celebrities for her podcast. At least that's the excuse she gave on the aftershow a few weeks ago.
  6. Yep. He had The Unicorn pegged as Tori Spelling pretty quickly. Ken's whole deal is that he's just playing the fool. He's not even trying to guess the right answer, except once per season when he knows for a fact who it is and wants to throw everybody off who assumes he's gonna guess it wrong. And sure, I can see why a lot of people think his act is wearing thin, but it's actually kinda growing on me.
  7. ....Okay, Ken thinks it's Chilli, so I must be WAY off....
  8. Lot of references to TLC songs in that package. The Night Angel must be either Chilli or T-Boz.
  9. The last hour is a post-show. "After The Mask".
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