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  1. You could tell the drunk woman was an add-on and not a close friend by how much the other guests didn't give a single f--- about her. I will give her one thing - she was pretty skilled with the jetski! But back to the sloppy drunkenness - I am a strong swimmer and the last thing I would do if drunk is go swimming - especially in a dark ocean at night!!! Her crazy questions which her "friends" barely discouraged and everything - no one cared enough to help her. Just a random side comment to drink water and then a whole bunch of not my problem. I'm also surprised that they don't put a chain up or gate or something to block off the stairs to the stern platform at night. Re James not diving in and in no rush - he needed permission from the Capt to go in it seemed. I'm guessing there is a rule that states no swimming after dark that even the staff has to abide by. Francesca did try to stop her but wasn't able to quite reach her quick enough before she would have been pulled in too. What a mess. There does seem to be a lot of shade being thrown around about the hookup which is a bit obnoxious but you know is mostly producer driven with specific prompts. One of the crew summed it up well - was it Ashlynn? that Elizabeth is fully falling for him while James just had a little fun. This is not going to end well. Regarding Elizabeth and Francesca - While I think Francesca is a decent chief stew and totally back her on her frustrations. She doesn't seem to give specific criticism. Unless that is being edited out. Give her a list. Give her a time limit for a task. Give her some specific goals instead of just be better type stuff. I have yet to hear Francesca say to Elizabeth that you don't fully listen, I tell you X, and you take forever and miss stuff. On the galley talk ep Kate mentioned that she wouldn't have demoted Elizabeth but would have promoted Ashlynn - giving them both equal rank. so same results without the negativity of a demotion - which I completely agree with. I do think Elizabeth has ADD/ADHD which adds to the challenge so I would think she would do much better with lists and deadlines that will help focus her.
  2. I agreed - I was talking about both the music throughout the episode and the montage! Although I could have written it better to be clearer. the bad music choices kept pulling me out of the episode and made me cringe. seems like some budget constraints must have impacted their song choices - giving them the benefit of the doubt although I am not sure that is warranted.
  3. The music, that montage - it was HORRIBLE! It was like they tried to do an emotional wrap up a la Six Feet Under and failed miserably. The montage was choppy and seemed to be more of a bad dvd outtakes bonus. There was no flow, highlighted random characters that we didn't need to see again and blitzed through ones that I wish they had paused on. I have seen way better fan videos done with the basics of video editing. And I thought this must be the final episode until the stay tuned for scenes... and the music choice - now was the time to pull out Kansas or AC/DC or something powerful. Paradoxlost nailed it with the hallmark music comparison !
  4. that mug is doomed! Producer shenanigans to me are that at some point Izzy and Shane are going to get swapped. Izzy keeps talking about being on deck and Shane seems to spend more time with the stews then the deck crew at this point! Or maybe she just gets switched and they get a new stew now that Avery is gone. Especially since they usually always have one woman on deck. After last season, having an all male deck crew could be either better or worse.
  5. I went to see that tour too in late '95 although I was excited about seeing No Doubt and thought GooGoo Dolls were horrible! Just a Girl was my anthem! 🙂But the memory I have from that show was a couple who decided to go for it at the top of the bleachers - I was on the side mezzanine and had a perfect view as she straddled him. Lovely. So while I like Gwen/No Doubt - especially back in the 90's and such - I can't stand her as a coach. She doesn't really give them any strong help and focuses so much on the look. I also think her pitches are cringe-inducing. I really wish Nick was back - like everyone says, he really was there to coach them and help them be better. I really like that Fuel song and thought he did a good job with it and wish there would be more 90s rock mixed in.
  6. I really wish there was a map that they would show and help us all orientate!!! Like a game of thrones type entry - where on earth is everyone right now? How far apart? And where on earth would a submarine beach even remotely nearby? gulf coast I assume - is that where they are? Are they all in texas?
  7. I agree - America's Got Talent I think did it right - Terry always stood further apart even though they are only standing together a few minutes...
  8. I totally agree that Tom only did this as a favor. Some favor it will be if it causes them to break up! I also find it interesting that Tom wasn't added to the opening credits. (or did I miss him!)
  9. Totally missed the wedding ring! Well then I still think it was her that pushed him to do the show so that she can be on tv again!
  10. Best Description of those hovering 'friends'!!! Here is my theory... Henry is in love with Trishelle but has been completely friendzoned. Like many have said, she keeps him around as her backup +1 in all the string-along glory. The brunette friend who wanted to claw out Christina's eyes - I think she has a thing for Henry but he is still too infatuated by Trishelle to notice/care. Trishelle is who really wanted to be on the show and made sure Henry came along to the casting. Only he got picked! So of course Trishelle still wants to be on tv so she encourages him to do it. Brunette is still pissy - hence the rant on anyone who would do this show. And now Trishelle is using every opportunity to be on the show as the best friend - in all her drunken trashy glory.
  11. These were my two big questions too! Regarding the hospital - I wonder if they moved people or showed an empty section to not have privacy issues with the video taping.
  12. This!!! I was so frustrated watching that. It was definitely not the challenge for her. She couldn't get any leverage due to her height. Then that little slip at the ladder on the next challenge meant she had no chance. I wonder how she would have done on the climbing fence one or a couple of the other challenges.
  13. What a pathetic episode. I liked the wrestler/announcer woman and had hoped she would have had a much better showing at Mount Olympus. I was really bummed when the golfer was the one who advanced. I was frustratingly glaring at my screen while the other guy kept hitting the top of the tube with his feet and not moving it at all. I also really hate it when both challenges are the same muscle groups. Having both competitors fall off multiple times is not fun to watch. I assume that these all occur the same day, right? A little cynical part of me thought the golfer just knew he wouldn't be able to come close to catching up and used his fall and a sore shoulder as an excuse to quit. I don't think he had any energy left - no endurance at all. Country strong is a bit obnoxious but I liked his "at least I can talk this time" comment at the end of it. Hopefully next week is better. I am looking forward to the finals. I really want Matt Chan to win - special place in my heart for him as he was one of the original Crossfit competitors back when I first was getting in to it.
  14. I would love it if when the guests hand in their tip at the end of the charter that they share frustration with Sandy popping up constantly checking on them. It's like the server who constantly interrupts your meal checking on everything. The best servers walk by and are available if you need them. If it is not bad enough for you to make an effort to reach out and comment on an issue, then it probably is nitpicky and not worth it.
  15. Columbus is about the same or slightly more expensive than Louisville as listed here - at least if you are trying to be near the city center or in top neighborhoods/nearby suburbs. While there are some deals to be found, you usually have to go pretty far into the suburbs to get that lower cost of $618. But, I was also shocked at the cost of the camper/lot considering. How far out of the city was Paul looking? I would think if you got further out they would find some very reasonable options. Part producer/part Paul's cluelessness?!?
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