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  1. First off - I LOVE TWITCH!!!! So happy to see him show up on anything! So I was torn on the ballroom couples - I liked Luca/Allessandra more but Jefferson/Adrianita definitely had a higher energy performance. I think my struggle with the latin couple is the faces Adrianita makes during the dance - for some reason her intense open mouth expressions pull me out of enjoying the dance. I was hoping for Upeepz as they are just so much fun and quirky and entertaining. The rise is talented but I felt disconnected from their routine a bit. I do think Kurtis was stronger than the ballet duo. However I think Styles was held back by Emma and their routine wasn't as strong as it probably could have been. If Styles had performed solo, I think he would have beat Kurtis. Now back to TWITCH!!! 🙂 He was adorable and just loves seeing passionate dancers perform. Loved the kneeling by the fire thing he did for the ballroom. But then Derek started to do it too and it was so awkward!!! Like a dad trying to use kid slang/be hip!!! 🤣
  2. Yes - that is what I meant - I should have used the word manipulated in or edited in later. It seemed to me that the boys were edited in since all the other images were clear and crisp yet that one was extremely pixelated - a small image made bigger. I could be wrong but usually when you are making a marketing piece/commercial, you make sure to use images that will be high quality enough to look good. It is the only image like that in the whole video. And I completely agree - if it was manipulated in, it isn't a very funny joke.
  3. That 2:27 image definitely looks edited in...
  4. Wait - what did Geoffrey do that TLC didn't want him on?!?
  5. good point - It could be an underground access - or an alley. So then they come back after getting all cleaned up and the other queens have left to pack up that same night.
  6. I always assumed that they wrote the mirror message immediately after getting sashayed away. They are still in full drag from that runway. And I assume it happens when they always have the saved queens dance on stage with the register to vote signs. The ousted queen then goes to the hotel or wherever to de-drag while the other queens read the mirror message and leave notes etc. Then later or probably the next morning the ousted queen comes back to pack everything up.
  7. I generally enjoy Restaurant Wars and also enjoyed this one - I think there is something interesting to see them work more as an actual restaurant and handle the two seating pressure. I also think it really shows the collaboration that can make restaurants so successful. So I of course enjoyed this ep. i really liked them having the pitches to determine the concept for the restaurant. That helped avoid some of the initial craziness. Regarding plategate - Malarkey actually picked up the plate from the other team's display as opposed to grabbing one from the stock which was shitty imo. Did it warrant the full-blown anger - not really. An eye roll and a dude as you took the plate back if you were still building the placesetting. But I think they were done. Kevin seemed to put a lot of pressure on himself to make it his full dream and the stress really destroyed his calm that we have seen in other eps. Who cares if you use the same basic white plate!!! No one will notice. Gregory and his team did an amazing job! I want to try everything there and definitely will go to his restaurant whenever he finally gets it going. Kevin's had absolutely no appeal to me. So I do think the right person went home. But Karen was a close second - this would have been a good double elimination ep. She was a mess. My one wish on restaurant wars is that they would at least all have time to pitch in putting tables together and getting the restaurant setup the day before separate from prep/cooking time. There is no reason one person should be tasked with all those things. I do think previous seasons where the team split up training the staff while each had time to cook was a better method to balance the setup.
  8. OMG- this episode had so many cringe-worthy moments!!! Jenna - WTF?!?! - you do not go up to the primary that is stage 4 terminal and make some random quip about dying - luckily the primary let it roll off and mentioned being stage 4 and carpe diem. I can't remember what exactly Jenna said first but wasn't it something like "I would die if..."? I don't know if I want to rewatch to find out. I just remember my mouth dropping wide open when she did it. She has the weirdest conversations with the guests that most times are not even remotely appropriate. she is also uber clingy and desperate. I was pissed when she had georgia take over service to talk mid charter with Adam - and it wasn't how do we get through this charter. And seriously Adam?!? I did laugh when her weird love notes bombed. I did catch one of the repeats with extra notes and one of them was that if Jenna could be on any other bravo show it would be a real housewives of any city. That sums her up well. cue eye roll. Madison said Project Runway which made me like her more. Paget had a couple creepy jealousy moments such as when he saw Georgia dressed up to go out to the fish spa. Dude your girlfriend is on the ship with you!!! shut that down! Adam was out of control and should have been reprimanded immediately. Did Glenn see him berate the delivery guy? I can't remember. That was unacceptable. While I can understand Glenn's comment that telling someone to Calm Down never works and at that point Adam was just banging around in the galley. But that should have been shut down. Tell him to go walk the dock and then come back ready to work. I'm glad Georgia and Madison were able to move past it - and I appreciated that Georgia said I'm sorry and told her upfront realizing she made a mistake. I do feel bad that anytime Madison is upset that it gets blamed to her sister. She has had every right to be frustrated by what she is dealing with on the boat. Negating it by putting it to her family drama gives everyone an excuse to ignore it and not address what they are doing that is making the situation worse.
  9. First - huge hugs and love to you as a home hospice RN - I am forever grateful for the nurses that looked after my mom in the ICU and then on the hospice floor. I can only imagine the extra bond of in-home care during that extremely difficult time. I hope that you are being well taken care of now - and glad that you have a fabulous nurse! Second - Howie was a critical component of this show - every second of his character showed that balancing act. The ability to balance answering questions that this is normal, doing things that help physically as well as mentally and socially, and doing what they can to continue comfort has got to be hard. And this show didn't shy away from the grit that a terminal illness has. Families are grieving long before those final moments. they grieve as the lose bits and pieces of who their parent was to the disease. This show summed it up beautifully. I haven't reacted this strongly to a show in a very long time. I have actively avoided parent deaths on shows and movies - yet this one was therapeutic in a way. Because they had these detailed moments that celebrated the small wins while allowing for the grief. I am going to cry again just thinking about it.
  10. That's good to hear - I hoped that was the case with the latin community - He always seemed to be respectful when I have seen his shows and his restaurants are ridiculously good. Anytime I was on the 606 I always noticed his house too with the gorgeous outside space. I miss Chicago!!!
  11. Love seeing Stephanie Izard again - she is by far one of my all time Top Chef favorites. She is also the only one who I have been to a few of her restaurants. I didn't realize she had opened a third as I have only been to her first two. I don't live in Chicago anymore but hopefully she is doing well enough that I will be able to check it out after all this craziness is over and I can come back for a visit! Ha! On both points!!! I forgot about Cluck in a Bucket!!! I would love to see him do a travel show exploring the African American influences on global cuisine! That would be amazing! And if he had pitched it that way he would have had a much better shot. Me too! Granted part of it is the mattress/used-car salesman vibe I get from Malarkey, but the other part was that is seemed appropriated. Which got me thinking - where do you draw the line? Rick Bayless is not of Mexican decent but has a doctorate in anthropology/linguistics and lived in Mexico for a time. His food seems to build on authenticity (and is delicious!) but is he considered a good example or a bad?
  12. OMG - I didn't connect her to Real World Tami!!! Ha! I couldn't place her at all and didn't realize she was able to build a longer career from that start! Kudos to her! I agree with everyone - Vanessa Williams is a superstar! Love her! she totally deserved the win. Seeing her made me thing that Ugly Betty may need to be my next random past show binge! Loni was great too. Really all three made this an amazing episode. I can understand why they would want to start with men for the pilot - but this ep was way better. And there male quick drag challenge was hilarious!!!
  13. SO EXTRA!!! I may have decided as much as I like Nico's character on Younger, I may need to avoid seeing them when they are just being them-self as it was a bit annoying. I think it is great to talk more about gender fluidity and I didn't realize Nico went by they/them until the show. But between the show and then reading some comments about Nico's interactions with Ashton - ugh.
  14. This keeps happening to me too and it is so frustrating!!!
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