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  1. Meant to type Kevin - too many thoughts while watching this! :)
  2. Except that the gun was the one that Patty and Allison got on their crazy road trip. Kevin just found it buried in the yard - so I'm guessing there will be legal issues when the gun isn't registered and maybe even tied to other bad things. I agree but I wonder if she isn't considered a suspect. Just a witness to the take down. I hope that the cop isn't just dating her to get info. But I agree that no matter what Patty is likely going to get hurt. I'm curious if they would do anything beyond confirming that she was there for an appointment. Can cops demand that doctors
  3. She definitely wasn't a sous chef. Sous chefs have skills. As @Back Atcha mentioned, she specifically said she was an assistant when she came on board and talked to Yawn. Considering that the two boats were in the same bubble, and that it sounds like that may be the boat with the crew, there was definitely some producer fun going on there. That or the other boat was all - send her - so that they didn't have to deal with her for a bit. She was completely clueless to not even get steak right. I also find it funny that Yawn thought another boat would give up their sous chef for a night!!! Al
  4. Wow - I may actually watch it based on your comments about sandy getting hosed!!! :) Was thinking I would skip as I can't stand Sandy or Malia.
  5. ugh. I don't want any more new streaming services - might wait until they are all up and then do just a month to watch this and the updated Real World NYC
  6. Columbus represent!!! I was so excited to see a chef from Columbus but was not aware of his restaurant. And I live relatively close to it! The menu looks so good! Unfortunately I have been dealing with food intolerance issues lately so my minimal diet does not work well with eating out. Boo! Some day - for now I just hope that he can rebound from the first ep and do well on TC
  7. it was an hour of finishing up the blinds and everyone filling their teams and then an hour best-of. Which I turned off and didn't watch.
  8. I do completely agree. She could have at least tried and not made it such a joke from the start. Unfortunately two wrongs don’t make it right. He was doing the drill sergeant type trainer and that doesn’t work for everyone and would actually piss me off. Especially considering she seemed to be very uncomfortable in that environment.
  9. the c-word is not considered as bad of a word in England and Australia - they use it as freely as sh*t and maybe b*tch and other words in the US. I thought Ning's comment was right on point when she asked him if that is how he treats his paying customers. She is not in any level of shape to do a full HIT/crossfit type workout. If he had done a workout "with" her and giving her scaled options and had fun instead of commanding her the whole time, it would have been such a better time. All I thought watching that was that I would never hire him as a trainer and I love HIT/Crossfit
  10. I can kinda understand the fast track to sleaziness - Covid and quarantining and everything for 6-9 months leading up to whenever this was filmed. Honestly being single and living alone this past year has been rough!!! If I were young and carefree and finally got a bit of freedom again - who knows! So them having their first night with new people and alcohol and a hot tub - I get it. Will be interesting to see if it calms down a bit.
  11. I put this on in the background and found it semi-interesting but not too distracting while I got other stuff done. This could have been an interesting way to introduce the queens but the episode seems oddly placed here in the middle of the competition - let us get to the snatch game!!! a couple parts stood out - hearing about the death of Mona Foot (sp?) and the impact it had on the NY drag community early on in the pandemic. makes me want to know more about her. the part that hit hard was seeing the picture of Kimora on the plane heading to drag race with a mask that had "I am not
  12. YES!!! This bugs me every time - she should know better by now. She also keeps doing these boob adornments that are too small - the headlights (and her horrible mardi gras cones last week) don't blend into the costume. They just look tacked on at the last minute. Its almost as if she is letting them create the boobs instead of wearing a bra/cutlets or whatever padding. If they were bigger and matched her proportions, her shoulders and her waist would seem smaller and help the silhouette.
  13. You could tell the drunk woman was an add-on and not a close friend by how much the other guests didn't give a single f--- about her. I will give her one thing - she was pretty skilled with the jetski! But back to the sloppy drunkenness - I am a strong swimmer and the last thing I would do if drunk is go swimming - especially in a dark ocean at night!!! Her crazy questions which her "friends" barely discouraged and everything - no one cared enough to help her. Just a random side comment to drink water and then a whole bunch of not my problem. I'm also surprised that they don't put a chain up o
  14. I agreed - I was talking about both the music throughout the episode and the montage! Although I could have written it better to be clearer. the bad music choices kept pulling me out of the episode and made me cringe. seems like some budget constraints must have impacted their song choices - giving them the benefit of the doubt although I am not sure that is warranted.
  15. The music, that montage - it was HORRIBLE! It was like they tried to do an emotional wrap up a la Six Feet Under and failed miserably. The montage was choppy and seemed to be more of a bad dvd outtakes bonus. There was no flow, highlighted random characters that we didn't need to see again and blitzed through ones that I wish they had paused on. I have seen way better fan videos done with the basics of video editing. And I thought this must be the final episode until the stay tuned for scenes... and the music choice - now was the time to pull out Kansas or AC/DC or something powerful. Paradoxl
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