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  1. I actually liked this episode! Forward momentum, interesting reveals, plot points having impacts across multiple storylines--we love to see it. Damn, Breckin Meyer, haven't seen him in a minute. Him and Matthew Lillard being in scenes together was a very fun '90s throwback. I'm here, you're here, we're all here! But of course Dean is getting involved in a pyramid scheme. Of course. Loved the montage of the girls in the strip club. It looked like the actresses were having a great time and that shone through in the performances. I would one hundred percent watch a spin-off sh
  2. I noticed that too. Since she's been on before and he hasn't it kind of makes sense, since they actually have footage of her to use, but I'm hard pressed to remember the last time a musical guest was pushed this hard over a host, even if the musical guest was returning and the host was new. Considering I thought this was only done as a ratings stunt, it's not the approach I was expecting.
  3. The mom bootcamp montage was the highlight for me as well. Not a mom (yet) but it was fun and just this side of ridiculous. The rest...yeesh. As usual, I have questions. Stan being all "Beth can't be involved" came out of absolutely nowhere, right? I'm not saying he's not justified to have these feelings about her, but it would have been more fun to watch them slowly come out over time. Like, maybe put him and Beth in some scenes together (have they ever actually interacted?) and show his tolerance of her and what she got Ruby into slowly evaporate. That would have been way more inte
  4. Original airdate: 4/26/21
  5. I'll be skipping as well. Besides just being a garbage person, Elon Musk is not known for being particularly charismatic, and has also shown to be incapable of taking a joke at his own expense. The episode will definitely have to be written around these limitations, making it terrible in second, different way.
  6. Just realizing now that Nancy Thompson is also the name of the final girl in Nightmare on Elm Street--I will now assume Friends and NOES exist in the same universe and that she grew up to work in a massage parlor with Phoebe (and unfortunately get fired :( ).
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