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  1. Agreed that Ivan was super hot. Man... I enjoyed this show. It was a quick watch, everyone seemed pretty nice, and episodes didn't have tons of filler. Fills my inexplainable need to watch reality competition shows (can't wait for the next British Bake-Off). I got so mad during the food grill challenge when the guy (sorry bad with names) couldn't understand the challenge. I blame his partner too for not pushing harder. But the whole time, I was confused why they didn't just ask someone to explain.
  2. I liked this episode although I wish they would settle on what Ruby is about. One minute she acts like this young naive girl and the next an old woman (both with an overdone Southern accent). I get she may be trying to adjust but they aren’t spending any time really developing her and her role on the island.
  3. Agreed on feeling bad for Michelle. I've watcher her Tik-Toks and she is funny so I wanted to see more from her - definitely over the animal print sisters. Poor Michelle was super stressed and it was a bit uncomfortable to watch. However, I thought the cloning was a good twist and better than the Joker of last season. Kai needs to be careful though because she is kinda getting into Terilisha territory with me. Her smugness over Orange Michelle was annoying. And I get she couldn't really have known but I hope she feels really bad when she realizes the whole truth. The look on her face at t
  4. Well, technically they're in the middle. The AGT Save* acts are the people in 4th, 5th, and 6th place. Thanks for pointing this out. I don’t get the shock when they do this. These acts were in the top half. Jimmie probably was 4th in votes so I don’t get the judges horror except as a dramatic ploy. I think the right 5 went through although I would have traded out the magician for someone else. But I knew his story would keep him in.
  5. These seasons aren't really any longer than before but it does feel like All-Stars has been on for 6 months (the same with the regular season before). I think it comes down to there is just too much RPDR on right now. There is no breathing room in between the various seasons and therefore no real anticipation. I'm just getting burned out. I realize I can skip a season or not watch the foreign ones (I really only have watched UK and Australia) but it does suck me in at first and then I have to finish it even though there is little joy. Regarding this episode, TKB really sabotaged herself.
  6. Agree with what others are saying. I was worried for Eureka since it seems she had no time to prepare her lip sync since it was right after she was eliminated but maybe she did because she pulled it out. I worry also that it makes a better story to send Silky back into the game even though Eureka won that last one hands down. Of course I also thought Jan and Pandora should win. Guess we’ll see. Even though I enjoyed the performances I wish they had done the showdown each week instead of all at once I think it would’ve help the impact of them to spread it out And I was annoyed
  7. Wow! I really did not enjoy this episode. I just found it boring for some reason. Maybe I just didn't understand the challenge but none of the girls looked like live-action animated characters. I guess I was expecting more cartoony makeup and costumes. And I don't get how the judges struggled to find something negative to say; to me they were all meh. Quick thoughts: TKB looked like a Halloween Furry (and not in a good way) Ginger was...Ginger. Ra'Jah looked like...Ra'Jah. It was like Diana Ross ate Violet Bouregards magic gum Kylie was the Wicked Witch rolled in glitte
  8. Sorry, there was another guy inside with them. I forgot about Whiplash but this was some grey dude. I'll update my original post to clarify.
  9. Agree with most here but a couple of things to reiterate: Didn't love SMG as Teela (and I'm a huge Buffy fan). I think it was the voice didn't fit and to me, being a voice actor requires a special skill. It's not always transferable from "real" acting. SMG is a master of facial acting, but not voice acting. Orko and Evil-Lyn was a great dynamic although I don't get why she went with him to his vision place. Yes Mark Hamill is wonderful, but Skeletor sounded like a less insane Joker to me. Good, but not different. As a huge fan of the original and who had all the toys (
  10. I can only infer from the lack of discussion here that a lot less people are watching this season which makes me wonder overall if the move to Paramount was worth it. Regarding the episode, I thought the TV show had some good moments, but overall it was really draggy (no pun intended) and most of the performances were meh. The best to me were Pandora and Ginger, which makes sense. I guess the judges didn't want to give them the win because they were expected to do well and it wouldn't provide any drama. Having said that, I absolutely disagree with the winner. I like Kylie fine and s
  11. Episode Description: Even the best queen needs a side hustle, so the All Stars must create commercials to sell their services. Tia Mowry joins as guest judge. I thought the winning team was the right choice. Their commercial was very funny. They other 2 had their moments but I agree with the judges. I actually feel a little bad for Silky. She came into her season trying to be the loudest thinking that would get her screen time and thus fame but it backfired. Now she did the exact opposite and it also failed her. I think she is actually a good person and if she had just been herself she mi
  12. Yeah she barely had any screen time and that makes me worry a bit. I am a big fan of hers, but she almost looks like she is so uncomfortable being there. The Season 11 queens have really stepped it up as I don't dislike any of them really. Scarlett looks so good this season compared to before. Of course, it could be editing and Silky may be as annoying as ever but I'm enjoying the queens so far.
  13. Maybe the writers have learned from the HIMYM finale debacle and will just let this show go with the flow. I might check it out depending on who the cast is (I tuned in for NPH at first) mainly because I am curious if this will be connected to the original (like Hilary Duff is Ted's now-blond daughter).
  14. I'm all about the nun character and am looking forward to the last 2 episodes. I laugh every time they call the doctor Fiffany because it's such a weird name but this show is supposed to be a bit wonky. Sad she got sent out to pasture (literally). I hope we see more of that cube and maybe others Byron has put there.
  15. I tuned into see Caleb Foote because I loved him in the kids are alright (RIP) so was sad he wasn’t in it more. Still the premise intrigued me. Kind of like an extended Black Mirror episode. Not a huge Ray Romano fan but I’ll tune in for sure
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