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  1. I did like that scene and yes Sara is wonderful, but I am sad we didn't get to see Judith Light and Terence McNally's speeches because of these bits. Maybe if they had made the intro 20 minutes shorter (it felt an hour long). Although I was on the floor laughing at the "fight" between Laura and Audra. I need to see Hadestown. Seeing the Prom later this summer. Tootsie was better than the movie and was one of those musicals that depends on a strong lead to carry it (i.e., Evan Hanson, Hello Dolly). So, I'm good with Santino winning. Beetlejuice was very crude but pretty good and takes a different turn from the movie in spots. Oklahoma was good and weird and I'm glad it got some love - I saw it over a month ago and still think about it.
  2. xander874

    S04.E04: All About Eve

    I like Eve. I don’t trust her. After all, Lucifer killed her son last season so maybe she’s here for revenge.
  3. xander874

    S04.E01: Everything's Okay

    Nothing much to add, but since I didn't see it mentioned I need to say it: dat ass!!! I know it was a cheap ploy for them to say "Hey! We're on Netflix and can do what we want" but thank you for the booty shot of Tom Ellis.
  4. xander874

    S04.E03: O, Ye of Little Faith, Father

    If that vial had a sedative so strong it would kill a man, then wouldn't Lucifer die if he drank it near the Detective (I love that he has that as her name in his phone)? I also thought when Brody mentioned that Susan had a clean drug test, that would come back. I was hoping Lucifer would've told murder guy since he made a point of saying she was still on drugs. I assume he was lied to by Father Evil but I wanted him to realize he killed totally innocent people.
  5. xander874

    S01.E23 Irish Goodbye

    I am sad... Even though Eddie and Pat were my favorites, I think I will miss William the most. Mainly because I think the actor is pretty good and I would have really liked to see him grow. He was probably the most underdeveloped kid and had a lot of potential. I hope he lands a good gig somewhere. I thought this episode was a little uneven, but I did love the Lawrence/Peg moment at the end. I think Mary McCormack did a great job of showing her vulnerability just enough to make her not a monster. And I really did love the last scene: everyone there watching TV and Timmy getting the last line. It brought it full circle a bit to me.
  6. xander874

    Season 5 Chat

    This gap year could've been a good storyline. I would have loved to see Junior at various jobs trying to find his voice. And I wanted him to point out to Rainbow that college will still be there if this thing doesn't work for him. It's not like his life will be ruined if he experiences real life for a couple of years (assuming he fails). I did think that Junior was harsh to Dre in that office scene. I didn't hate this finale but I felt it was kinda all over the place.
  7. xander874

    S01.E22 Whales

    I feel like when the show started, she liked him and his sucking up. Now I wonder why he even tries. But, I guess characters evolve - William has turned from the quiet book nerd to the talented one (albeit still nerdy). And now I am sad because we will never see the other characters evolve. I did like Lawrence acknowledging he sometimes says stupid stuff just to get a rise. And I like to see Peggy get vulnerable occasionally so I liked the stuff with Tess.
  8. xander874

    Season 5 Chat

    To me, this seems a bit late in the game for this episode. He's gone through 2 kids already so this FEAR should not be new. I understand he has it with all kids but they seem too old for this to be such an issue. This episode should've been a couple of years ago. I didn't mind this episode, even if Dre was pulling his man-baby shenanigans. At least it was grounded in love for his kids and not his stupid pride or reputation like usual. I liked Pops and Junior's storyline.
  9. xander874

    Season 1 Discussion

    I'm still upset of the Kids are Alright getting cancelled but I am not mad this got renewed. I don't think it's as good but it is a nice light silly show. I am glad they wrote this episode to possibly be a series finale and didn't go the cliff hanger route. I was worried there would be some Will/Ang/Adam Brody unresolved thing at the end. And speaking of Adam Brody, I had the biggest crush on him on the OC. He's matured for sure but still looks nice. Hope he comes back next season. I would love to see Graham adjusting to meeting his dad.
  10. xander874

    Family Guy

    The Sean Hannity thing was hilarious and random. I was hoping for a callback to Meg dating Adam West but alas, no. It was weird that Brian spit out the edible underwear when he learned it was men's. I guess we are to assume they were used, which is all kinds of gross. I didn't think that.
  11. xander874

    S44.E20: Emma Thompson / Jonas Brothers

    Agreed. I think her voice is too low. Lindsay has a screeching high voice and is super duper Southern. I think Mikey could play him well. It was odd there were 2 TCM type show skits. Was Kyle portraying a real person in the continuity sketch? I thought his acting choices were weird there. I liked this show. It was nice seeing Reese D'What again. I love his argument with the offstage person. I assume Kenan is leaving with his new show (haven't checked the outside projects thread) so maybe he is trotting out his characters one last time. I hope we get a final "What's Up with that" sketch. I know it was repetitive but would like to see it one last time.
  12. xander874

    The Cool Kids

    No comments on the latest episode? I assume this was the season...uh series finale and it actually was a good wrap up to the season. It brought the show back full circle and the characters were only 20% less annoying. Hank even wasn't too much of an asshole and I liked the apology scene at the end. This show wasn't great, but the cast had chemistry and it could've been fun. Allison looked amazing in her brief scene. And maybe this is just me, but Vicki Lawrence was channeling Mama big time in her "Sid" oufit. Assuming Mama became a butch lesbian.
  13. xander874

    TKAA Officially Cancelled

    This is short sighted. TKAA could’ve been a good utility player for them like the Middle was. With the Goldbergs and FOTB getting long in the tooth and MF about to go they don’t have any up and coming sitcoms. And I don’t count Single Parents I like it but don’t see it lasting for many years Not sure what I’ll miss more: cute adorable weird Pat or Eddie in his tight t-shirts.
  14. xander874

    S01.E21 Mike's Award

    I kind of thought this episode was all over the place. Almost too much going on. Eddie’s plot was so random and didn’t really go anywhere except for his advise to Frank at the end. And that green screen of Mike’s plant was so bad to me. I think Peg was cut out of the newspaper picture and thought that would be a thing but it wasn’t so maybe I am wrong. And of course Pat is adorable. His lobster crab was wonderful.
  15. xander874

    S10.E21: Commencement

    I think I'm just confused as to why Claire's nemesis was there. Did they have another kid graduating? Maybe I missed that. I don't have a problem with family coming to see Jay speak - it's a big deal for him so that's nice. The issue is it's the same day as Alex's graduation. I would think Phil and Claire would want to be there early to help her get ready/take her to lunch or whatever.