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  1. While I too hated the ending of the original, I still love to watch the occasional episode (the original Robin Sparkles episode is a masterpiece to me) and I was almost kind of excited about this. Mainly because I love Chris Lowell and the British guy is serious eye candy but I found I enjoyed it. The first episode was a LOT of setup but it started to come together in the second episode which gives me hope they will find their groove. I like the concept of one of the 4 guys being the dad. And I got the guys apartment being the old one (love the reference to the "old couple" who lived ther
  2. Totally agreed. I feel the song was half over before I ever heard BLH on it and I think she just rapped. Was there no singing? Very odd to me. I also agree with those saying BLH has mostly looked meh this year but has brought it the last couple of episodes. I loved her Greek Goddess look. Happy with an Isis win. She both evolved and showed diversity throughout the season and I love it when an "older" queen wins.
  3. I have to rant a bit about the cooking show skit. I am fine with recurring skits but change it up! They take the previous script and change a few words here and there and I am so tired of it. I get it - one cake is alive and one chef makes a really good cake that is dismissed and one makes a dirty cake...it is so easy to mix this skit up and try new things but they don't. I don't remember much about the previous dog-man one but I feel it is the same way. I was excited for Simu Liu but he got basically nothing to do. And seeing the Asian skit and the karaoke, it seems he has the ability b
  4. Not much discussion here as we head into the finale this week. This is IMHO an Ella/Kitty showdown. I this Krystal is beautiful but she has never felt as versatile as the others. If this show was all about the runway, she would win, but this show has become a talent show with a runway element. Krystal is so young but I know she has a big career ahead of her. I think either is deserving of the win.
  5. I thought this episode was okay. Since these characters never age, I do appreciate stories that actually have characters evolve a bit as that rarely happens. But things like Apu's marriage and kids and CBG's marriage are nice "new" permanent things that capture my interest in stagnant Springfield. I get tired of Homer and Marge breaking up every other episode. This is assuming, of course, that they actually follow thorough with the wedding storyline.
  6. I’m late to the party so I’ll just say: DUSTIN??? I can’t believe him and his stupid Vanilla Ice look won. Yuck. Which makes me sad because that means he’ll show up next season too at some point. But agree that Jimmy and Brooke will have careers and don’t need AGT. And if I worked for Cirque de Soliel I would snap up Aiden in a second.
  7. I thought Ruksana was being a little salty about the catfishers. I don’t really get the whole obsession with that. People are playing a strategy they think works for them and it’s a game so backs will be stabbed. But I guess that’s human nature. I agree that they should revamp the final rankings because the best players will often not win. But again it’s a game so who knows?
  8. Count me in as someone who is confused about the cast for the new season. There will now be 21 cast members - that's just way too much. The great thing about SNL is its ability to lose key cast members, allowing others to rise up. By keeping everyone, no one will get a chance to shine. The new cast will be shuttered to the background and the long-termers who will continue to trot out their greatest hits over and over.
  9. It’s amazing how my views of people evolve each season. This season I started loving Daniel and hating Nick and have now switched positions. Daniel was getting Courtney level annoying to me so I’m glad he’s gone. And I’m rooting for Daddy Nick to pull this out. But honestly I’ll be happy with pretty much anyone winning. I really like Jacki and wished she had come earlier. I totally get her being blocked. She was the safe choice at the end even if not the best strategy for James. Maybe next season they can bring her back. That would be interesting.
  10. I actually really enjoyed this episode. I loved the premise and the nods to the original show. I'm glad we got Ruby/Mel closure and thought they both did a good job. Leslie Jordan is always fun to me and Ramon was quite attractive, so I enjoyed that story. I think this show is not doing well in the ratings so I don't expect it back, but if it does, I am very interested in Elena's back story with her cousin. The one thing I don't care about is the Elena/Javier thing. I think I prefer Roarke being a bit more mysterious and less "human" if that makes any sense. I don't mind her having
  11. Agreed that Ivan was super hot. Man... I enjoyed this show. It was a quick watch, everyone seemed pretty nice, and episodes didn't have tons of filler. Fills my inexplainable need to watch reality competition shows (can't wait for the next British Bake-Off). I got so mad during the food grill challenge when the guy (sorry bad with names) couldn't understand the challenge. I blame his partner too for not pushing harder. But the whole time, I was confused why they didn't just ask someone to explain.
  12. I liked this episode although I wish they would settle on what Ruby is about. One minute she acts like this young naive girl and the next an old woman (both with an overdone Southern accent). I get she may be trying to adjust but they aren’t spending any time really developing her and her role on the island.
  13. Agreed on feeling bad for Michelle. I've watcher her Tik-Toks and she is funny so I wanted to see more from her - definitely over the animal print sisters. Poor Michelle was super stressed and it was a bit uncomfortable to watch. However, I thought the cloning was a good twist and better than the Joker of last season. Kai needs to be careful though because she is kinda getting into Terilisha territory with me. Her smugness over Orange Michelle was annoying. And I get she couldn't really have known but I hope she feels really bad when she realizes the whole truth. The look on her face at t
  14. Well, technically they're in the middle. The AGT Save* acts are the people in 4th, 5th, and 6th place. Thanks for pointing this out. I don’t get the shock when they do this. These acts were in the top half. Jimmie probably was 4th in votes so I don’t get the judges horror except as a dramatic ploy. I think the right 5 went through although I would have traded out the magician for someone else. But I knew his story would keep him in.
  15. These seasons aren't really any longer than before but it does feel like All-Stars has been on for 6 months (the same with the regular season before). I think it comes down to there is just too much RPDR on right now. There is no breathing room in between the various seasons and therefore no real anticipation. I'm just getting burned out. I realize I can skip a season or not watch the foreign ones (I really only have watched UK and Australia) but it does suck me in at first and then I have to finish it even though there is little joy. Regarding this episode, TKB really sabotaged herself.
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