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  1. Although I'm not watching it officially this season, I am following the show through recaps and catching the lip syncs on YouTube (most of them have been pretty great too). So I saw the goth runway and have to weigh in as an official goth of a certain age. I'm pretty generous in my assessments because I'm pretty used to non-goths not fully Getting It, so if they made a sincere effort, I'm probably giving them an A for it. But still, rundown: Ginger Minge -- the dress and boots were on point. The hair was 100 percent NOT and the makeup didn't look particularly goth, especially in comp
  2. Drag Vulcano's WIG. She was truly one of the most polished queens there, and I appreciate that she goes for full drag whereas Carmen goes for full "realness." I really hope to see Drag Vulcano again someday. Also, I love how Killer Queen doesn't really have a set look. I didn't even recognize her at first. She looked great too! But I think they're all expecting Carmen to win, just like we are.
  3. Susur Lee is way more laidback on Wall of Chefs than he was on TC Masters! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.
  4. I have discovered a soothing Canadian show on Hulu called Wall of Chefs, where home cooks compete for $10,000 in front of a panel of 12 highly acclaimed Canadian chefs -- plus Hugh Acheson. It's a rotating cast, but Lynn Crawford from Top Chef Masters is always there. And then Hugh and Susar Lee make regular appearances. They're all very nice and encouraging to the home cooks, and the home cooks take their critiques and eliminations in very good graces. I haven't actually watched GBBC yet, but I'm imagine it's the same energy. That said, Hugh disagreed with the panel on one episode, and e
  5. I would like to recruit Fernando to my team, please. What? I meant rugby. Promise. Really shocked it was Pupi who went home, not Sagitaria. Sagi did the classic mistake of focusing more on herself instead of her sister, and honestly, both Neptuna and Pepi looked TERRIBLE on the runway. Carla, however, had the most "realness" factor out of all eight people on that runway, so I can't begrudge Carmen the win, even though I wanted it to go to Killer Queen for turning Slayer into the most dragged-out sister. I was surprised by the three-way lip sync! But it was a really good one, probably the
  6. I'm not watching this season because I refuse to sign up for yet another streaming service, but I have seen clips of the lip sync, and damn. Anyone else, and TKB would've had it in the bag. But Laganja stormed the stage in a way I didn't even know she could. She looked incredible and moved like she was on wires or something. Holy god, we were not ready.
  7. I don't know how Carmen doesn't win this, to be honest. She seems to be the best all-around performer, and her looks may be somewhat ready-to-wear, but Pupi almost never kills it on the runway. However, Pupi as a performer and comedian is pretty top notch, it's true. But Carmen seems pretty blessed. Who knows, maybe Killer Queen will pull a Kita Mean! I loved the fine art runway. Just amazing. And the roast was way less painful than the American counterpart because at least even the non-funny girls got a good line or two in before self-destructing. Also, I had no idea Supremme's ears
  8. There are a lot of takes on how Gabe conducted himself with his employee that seem to lack understanding how sexual harassment in the workplace is defined. Having an affair with a direct report and then cutting her hours is pretty much textbook and yes, illegal in many places. I'm tired of this whole idea that harassment has to include assault and violence to be considered a crime or at the very least non-consensual. And reading through the social media threads, including reddit, there's an aggregate of claims against Gabe that allege there were more than just this one case. Often, in har
  9. There seems to be a pretty clear line between the end of the affair with Gabe's coworker and then Gabe cutting her hours. From the outside, it looks like retaliation. I can't speak for Texas harassment laws, but that's totally illegal in New York. I am okay with "cancelling" profoundly crappy people. A good-looking, talented, and charming guy like Gabe is going to do all right in this world, with or without getting to retain his title. I would find it interesting if they did strip him of his honors, but I can't think of a reality show that's ever done that.
  10. In fact, in the Colorado season, Chris talked about his sobriety and how uncomfortable he was working with a challenge that required him to make a beer-based drink. He did a pretty lousy job on the challenge as a result, but he never suggested they shouldn't do the challenge. I don't know if he should've been put in that position or not, but I wouldn't compare it to a food allergy or tolerance either.
  11. All I will say is that I work in a very small industry, and a powerful dude in that industry was known to be inappropriate and cheat on his wife and yet so many male buddies of his were still SHOCKED -- SHOCKED I SAY -- to find out not all of his flirting was reciprocal. They were happy to think it was all consensual and just none of their business. I suspect Gabe has enjoyed that same privilege for a long time. So yeah, this kind of stuff can go unnoticed in a small industry or brushed under the rug or whatever, but a hundred percent, the vetting process still should've caught the affairs iss
  12. It really felt like this whole episode was telegraphing clearly that Gabe was the winner, and look, that beef dish? I want to be there so bad. I had heard the same comment on Watch What Crappens about his dismissal being due to a terrible customer, and I really wanted to believe that. Unfortch, I had to walk that belief back, and now with social media posts from both Gregory and Padma, it seems like they're speaking out on the situation, and it doesn't look good. In the responses to Padma's tweet, there's a very clear incident detailed about Gabe, and it's both familiar and heartbreaking. Fami
  13. They're actually pretty well connected in the Bravo-sphere, but I'm not here to convert anyone. Just naming my source.
  14. I yield to the fact that anecdotal third-hand information may not be accurate. Alas! If there wasn't the speculation about Gabe and why he got fired, I'd so be rooting for him as much as I am the other two. On camera, he's been great, and his food has looked amazing. It's too bad he has this cloud. But on the other hand, if he really did enable a toxic atmosphere and also participate in it, then...losing the support of a TV watcher seems like a pretty teeny consequence.
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