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  1. I am trying not to be angry here! I just cannot believe this happened, but it did.
  2. Lulu Wang criticizes Ron Howard’s decision to direct biopic of Chinese pianist Lang Lang
  3. 98 years old!! God bless her with all that plastic surgery junk she did for 20+ years! While she was never a attractive woman before the plastic surgery, I remembered her participation in the 80s for the wrestling show, GLOW! I could still remember her stoic rap beat for the girls. While not in the vain of her son, Sylvester, she is pretty memorable as being the woman that gave us Sylvester Stallone. So cheers to an active lady to the end of her days. She definitely made a lot of sacrifices for his career.
  4. It is not prevalent just in Korean folklore, but also Japanese and Chinese mythology. By the way, the 9 tailed fox legend was a staple to both anime and video games for years.
  5. Ugliest BMW ever! I wonder if those plastic things make it harder for contestants to spin altogether....I can imagine sweaty palms and all that.
  6. I wasn't talking about the plot. I just thought it was interesting that actor is related to the producer. One of those useless Hollywood trivias. But, honestly, the plot is hard to get into. They think beautiful Italian scenery is what makes up lack of plot, but I believe the character is just too unlikeable. There are other roles where he excels in. This was not one of them. I'll try to watch it, but I think this is going to end on a cliffhanger.
  7. All that's missing is Marla Gibb's Florence schooling them. That'll be worth the price of the admission.
  8. What makes it interesting is that his uncle is Brian Grazer, who is a producer for most of Ron Howard's films for years.
  9. There has to be some way we can get back to normal. There has to be.
  10. You think it is the Corona Virus? I seen both Jeopardy and WOF in their new season. It seems like contestants are really frazzled and you see a worried look on their faces. I kind of feel pity for them. The pandemic must have taken on a toll on their livelihoods.
  11. Some balls that female governor from South Dokata has. Taking $5 million from the administration and putting the money into tourism ads? You can't make this stuff up. Disgusting. I hope she doesn't get reelection at all.
  12. I must admit, the arm clutching Vanna and Pat always did made me freak a bit here. I know they are social distancing with the contestants, but I wouldn't feel that comfortable if I was in Pat's or Vanna's shoes. Judging that he had an operation and all, would that make the virus easily transmitted by touch or talking to one another? I know that was always their signature brand for years, but I would be extra cautious. Test or no test.
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