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  1. And my dad thought it was the cable, but I told him it was the visual quality that sometimes lights it up or darkens some scenes. I seen this more than once on some HBO shows.
  2. Not William Bogart! He is so legendary in those Chapelle show segments!
  3. I just noticed the young girl's boyfriend that wasn't ill was in an SNL sketch with Melissa McCarthey. He kept smirking when Melissa mentioned Avatar.
  4. No way would they have hired her that quick!
  5. There is always a douchebag in every King novel.
  6. Hudson Yang reveals the reason FOTB was cancelled
  7. That whole look was started by New Edition, which would later become the staple look of boy bands to follow in the 90s. Maurice Starr was a genius in that department.
  8. I think dark is becoming too much of a In thing now.
  9. Only two episodes? How are they going to tie everything together?
  10. This! Jessica seemed pretty naive about what the job was all about. She use to be smarter than that. Now, she is going wherever the plot leads to in her next adventure.
  11. I hate to see what went on behind closed doors. They are just making her character even more despicable, despite Louis' help. It wasn't even about tokenism. It was really just how everything goes to her plan at the end. Next one is a spinoff episode. I am not holding my breath on that one.
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