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  1. It is really eerie when two very attractive women succumbs to breast cancer. My sympathy to John amid this hard time.
  2. Speaking of hosts, add Chuck Woolery to the list. Even as a kid watching Love Connection, I always thought he was really fake and skeevy then. Doesn't matter which game shows he did. There was something creepy about him. Alas, now with his inane tweets....goodbye, Chuck.
  3. 57 is just way too young. Secret Admirer is where I first noticed her from, with C. Thomas Howell, Corey Haim, and so many recognizable faces. The movie was not that good, but she was quite stunning there as well as Twins. Such an attractive woman, though. I mean, who could forget that Maroon 5 music video?
  4. I think this would be around for sometime until a vaccine is discovered. A set like SNL is a huge super spreader with the AC and lack of social distancing between audiences, crew members, etc. I was watching a bunch of SNL episodes and the audience in the front row is really close to the crews and the actors. No way Lorne is going to do that and you know there would have been lawsuits coming around. So the Stay at Home episode is the wise choice.
  5. I can’t stand those ads! I put mute everyday they show them.
  6. Fred was a scary man, wasn't he? He was like something out of a 40s noir villain come to life. Judging from the snippets of the book by Mary, sounds like it was psychological abuse the family endured all those years, knowing their late mother was suffering from mental illness. All from one man.
  7. All those Republican Senators in the 80s.....! That's a recipe for disaster. I know the other 2 won't go, but when you look at the demographic of their ages, it's amazing they are walking.
  8. Those poor kids...How could these people live with themselves? And it is still being done quietly? Sickening.
  9. As for Jacob Tremblay, he is doing good on his own. He just recently did a video for the class of 2020 for British Columbia. Keep up the good work. He is definitely growing up, despite being only 13.
  10. Christina Ricci files for divorce after being granted an emergency protective order against James Heerdegen He looks like a prize. Pretty brave to spit on a woman. What a complete inconsiderate..... She should have went Wednesday Adams on his ass.
  11. However, I had to side eyed about MJ's parenting skills that Paris said in a recent interview that her own father caught on about her sexuality. While she has the choice to be whoever she wants to be, I almost get freaked out about MJ telling her so early like eight years old.
  12. I think when she gave that speech at MJ's funeral, I told my parents that this girl would not be normal for a long time. And I was right. I know Katherine is no longer the person caring for the kids since she is 90 years old and possibly has health issues. I think she is wheelchair bound now. Isn't the one that took guardianship one of Tito's sons? I believe it was since I remember that R&B group from the 90s.
  13. Not that I am arguing or anything on that, but I think the two brothers are the best ones there now. This poor girl has not been normal for quite some time.
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