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  1. The Chuck Schumer interview should be interesting. Funny story, he was the speaker at my sister's graduation and I can still recall how he told a very typical New York story of his life growing up. It was a bit of deja vu moment for me, too. My sister remembered him there and she still didn't know what the whole story was about. One of life's mysteries.
  2. Ernie Hudson calls the female led Ghostbusters (2016) a mistake and basically admits it's the same story as the previous film
  3. FKA twigs admitted that Shia Labeouf told her not to look at men in the eye during abusive relationship WTF?
  4. The Kill Bill series revived Uma's career, thanks to Quentin Tarantino.
  5. 😷Now I have been hearing about double masking on the news for slowing the spread......right now, I am at a lost. I thought a one mask rule was required, so now an extra mask. Now my mom is in a panic since I wear one mask. What should I do? Probably go with the double masking...I hope that works.
  6. Every time I look at JoJo, I think of that Bette Davis role as Jane Hudson.
  7. What was worse is that before this happened he participated a photobomb at a couple’s wedding. So I don’t know what’s going on with him. He should just end his comedy tours altogether.
  8. Chappelle was partying with Elon Musk, Covid positive Grimes, and Joe Rogan when he caught Covid 19 So stupid! What happened to responsible people? This makes me so angry.
  9. I swear, Iain Armitage is related to Tom Cruise. They should make a father/son movie together. Perfect casting.
  10. Chappelle has tested positive for COVID 19 Why is he still doing comedy tour shows in the middle of a pandemic?!?
  11. After Batman & Robin bombed, Clooney decided the next three films would have better writing To this day, the worst Batman film. It’s amazing Clooney’s career survived after this. One of the big wtf in his life, by far.
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