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  1. Brian Turk of Carnivale and Beverly Hills 90210 fame dies of cancer at age 49
  2. That's good to know. I think it is cool Finn wants to expand other roles to further his career. He seem to be going other places.
  3. The young woman's expression when that old woman uttered what she thinks about immigrants getting in line....just wow.
  4. I did not recognize Mercedes Ruehl at all.
  5. Ric and Benjamin Orr are singing great music together as we speak. Another 80s icon gone. This is just too much.
  6. Info on Joan Gregson who plays Mrs. Kersh God bless this woman and she did a nude scene in her mid-80s.
  7. That's Teach Grant as adult Henry Bowers! He has a very recognizable face because of all the shows I seen him in like Almost Human and Fringe.
  8. How was Finn Wolfhard as Young Boris?
  9. Really? I did not expect that.
  10. Aaron Carter tested positive for opiates, among other medical drug issues He never learned at all.
  11. It's a long movie. Make sure you take a long bathroom before seeing the film. It's a good movie, but it is very long.
  12. Goldfinch bombs hard at US box opening
  13. RIP Eddie Money. He came from a Irish family that were NY cops for years. Imagine how different his career would have been then. He was only briefly a cop before his singing career.
  14. Mama June and boyfriend Geno hit with grand jury charge of drug possession felony indictment
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