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  1. Do you think Freddie Highmore made the decision because he seem to have creative control this season with directing and such.
  2. I was really surprised something like that in 1992 would pass the censorship, let alone a state television show. Though I am reminded of an obscure cartoon/video game tournament show that featured the host, Johnny Arcade, who goes as over the top as he can be. Mind you, this was a New York based game show and this was the NES fan craze around 1991-92. I was very young watching this and enjoying the show at that age, but when you watch it, you think how the hell did he get a hosting job with the way he is acting. It is too funny. Best part is the kid saying "What the hell" when Johnny Arcade said he was incorrect on the answer. If John Oliver wants to dig up something, look at this one.
  3. I heard the CT governor would stop any New Yorker coming to their state would be sent back. That seems like a good idea. Well, the quarantine of both states are important. Can't argue with that. In the near future, I hope to visit Mohegan Sun and Mystic again. Those are my favorite places to go. I hope you fellow CT folks are okay.
  4. I think since Convid-19 is airborn, it is extremely hard for celebrities to fly over to NYC. Not to mention the safety of the star and employees who have to do this. I think Lorne made the right decision.
  5. Did you see that bizarre tweet from Kirstie Alley? I guess those Jenny Craig programs have no effect. I thought Scientology was bad, but she lives in another world. 🙈Unfortunately, these are the types of celebs that live in their own universe and want attention in the worse way. I admit, this makes it all the more entertaining in a SNL way. While not all celebrities are like that, there is a couple of them who think living in glass houses can never hurt them. And during the outbreak, we are definitely seeing their true colors.
  6. It's a joke! I remember Solarbabies.
  7. I just hope for good news. I know patience is a virtue, but the rate I am going I figured that I am going have long hair and I surely hope that's not the case. I have been exercising and I noticed a huge change, so that's good news.
  8. Whoever said that one of the children looks like Lukas Haas is right. I think he looked more like circa 1986-1988 Lukas Haas. It is definitely the hair. I just keep thinking I need to see Solarbabies whenever he is on screen. Better yet, a Lifetime movie starring Lukas Haas and this kid would be perfect casting. You could actually believe they are father and son.
  9. I think afterwards the restaurants and diner spots will come back, but they are going to take a hit with the restrictions in place. I can't imagine all those waiters and busboys feeling right now that their service is cut and having quite a few there to work at the counter, taking orders. It is really sad to know people are taking a real hit. I could imagine all the casinos around the world suffering and all those new slots just taking a hit. I am sure both the entertainment and food industries would come back, but this is going to be so difficult in the long run.
  10. Which is ironic because Lukas Haas and Winona Ryder did both starred in Boys. And even in that time period(1996), the similarities between them were very startling. They almost look like twins.
  11. He definitely has the spitting image of both Mel and Anne. He is like a combination of both parents. You know, that's a great idea. Thanks.
  12. I am kind of missing my favorite diner spots and the good Italian food places we use to venture to. I know they are doing takeouts, but it is not same. We have been lately doing our own food. I think that is a good thing. But I have been very careful not to order any diner food. Pizza we could do, but the rest like Italian, Spanish, etc. I have been very hesitant. Which reminds me, how are all those popular spots like Tartine's, Carmine's, and all the rest are doing so far in the city? I am from Westchester.
  13. Another celebrity tested positive for Covid-19: Debi Mazar
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