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  1. I wish they stay away from the old man jokes about Joe Biden. I know SNL has a history of making fun about every president from Gerald Ford to Biden, but it seems like these jokes are very much in poor taste. And it's not SNL doing it. It's other talk shows as well. I mean, they made fun of the previous president constantly. I don't think Joe needs to saddled with old man jokes. That's just me. A little light humor, but these old man jokes are just tasteless. They could do so much better.
  2. Daniel Dae Kim discusses drastic pay cut from Lost to Hawaii Five-0
  3. Sally Struthers reveals terrifying experience as to why she stopped the Save The Children Ads My goodness. I remember those ads! It's funny watching Sally in those crazy late 80s and 90s fashion, complete with frizzy hair.
  4. Brenda Song was that spoiled rich, but vapid girl in the Disney show called Suite Life of Zack and Cody and its series sequel that is from the mid 2000s, correct?
  5. I never knew anything about the refugee situation. You learn something everyday.
  6. Why did they change actors for the husband role?
  7. That was later remade by HBO production starring Helen Mirren in the 2000s.
  8. Maybe she will discuss Manchin? He just wrote an op-ed on the Washington Post....I was shocked she was not there yesterday. Usually, she has a few good antidotes here and there.
  9. Well, it did happen for John Ritter when he died on the set of Eight Simple Rules and they were renewed for next season without him. Probably after this season is over, they would be renewed. It happened before on other shows. Remember the actor that played Coach on Cheers and that went on for how many seasons? Exactly.
  10. Charlyne Yi said she tried to quit The Disaster Artist due to the James Franco allegations and says Seth Rogan is an enabler
  11. I think it all started with that Children of God cult that brainwashed River at such a young age. Jesus, those scumbags...what happened to River was so wrong.
  12. Lance Armstrong's son, Luke, charged with sexual assault of a 16 year old minor back in 2018
  13. In other news, Ted Nugent showed his true colors yet again I never thought he was talented to begin with. There was so many 70s rockers that were better than Ted. And he was not high on the playlist. His stance on Covid is truly appalling.
  14. When the reporter mentioned Tom Selleck's relationship with the NRA, I was not surprised. If you want proof of Tom's stance, there is a very heated debate between Rosie O'Donnell on her old 90s talk show. She was definitely arguing at that point and I think it was his last guest spot from 1999! I remembered him saying over and over, "That's ridiculous!" So when that news included him among the celebrities that gave money to the NRA, I was not shocked.
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