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  1. So why not do this show? You could be a minor character like Caroline, who claims to be broke and homeless and they arrange some swank hotel suite for her? If they film there more than once, you know MTV is picking up the bill. But since Catelyn shot her down, maybe she won't be on the show any more. How about that scene where her father slut-shames her and she tells him BS (not abbreviated) and that's why she was homeless. Yeah I'm sure that's how it happened. They went back and got them to film it that way to fit the story. Then they throw this over the top baby announcement/g
  2. Daisy turned down Glen for the crossing and she announced she got a chief stew job at her previous boat. What is that about, maybe she's over with Bravo?
  3. From the aerial shots, you saw thin strip of white buildings between forest and coast so it's all jungle behind them and coast in the front? They ran just enough power along the coastal road to supply them? House maintenance must be brutal, between the coastal humidity and then the dampness of the jungle behind. Interesting that the husband referred to conflict leading to arguments and him having learned from past experience to avoid that. He's a former cop though so who knew he'd be a believer in conflict resolution? Seems like a lot of these house hunters who move to
  4. Well that was something. Some kind of feminist revenge fantasy realized? Barbaric things were done to these women so they get to resort to barbarism themselves? June covered in Fred's blood smears her baby daughter with it. I am surprised, figured that Fred and Serena would last until the end of the series but really his story lines had gone stale for awhile now. It wasn't just that the women participated. They hung him on the wall and then sent his severed finger to Serena, who certainly deserves comeuppance, because she's now smug and very demanding, wanting to go s
  5. It was Fortress Klis, overlooking Split, Croatia including the coastline. https://www.tvrdavaklis.com/?lang=en There isn't a restaurant up there so either they catered it or maybe the castle offered to rent it with catering arranged.
  6. They just trashed it the night before they left. Run all over the boat while dripping from the bubble bath hot tub, don't shower, jump straight into bed. And who cleaned up afterJL and Dani in the big cabin? They were the first ones to leave too. Either the cast didn't care a bit about Glen or the producers encouraged them and probably arranged for other cleaners to clean up after they left but before they sailed back towards Palma? Whatever it takes to facilitate drunken shenanigans to be captured on camera.🙄 Gives the lie to all the talk about professionalism and respec
  7. I thought the one older trans woman had an interesting history, moved from TX to the Bay Area in the '70s or 80s. But in his earlier years, way back in the 60s or 70s, he just dressed up as a woman for her job but wasn't out about his status. Obviously it was much more difficult to do so back then.
  8. So 10 episodes but last one was reunion, so they can whip out these All-star seasons in a couple of weeks of shooting? while the regular season probably takes a month or two to shoot? After all they start with like 40 people, many of them from the UK. still TJ and crew are more busy if they keep filming both seasons and since All-Star is on a separate subscription service, they likely will keep it in production.
  9. James the realtor has done other Ireland episodes. But looks like they have someone else for Dublin. He has a cheeky sense of humor as I recall from the other episodes but in this one, the only comment I recall is when he was showing the Irish stove in the first house and said it's for making Irish stew, which around there (Ireland) they call "stew." 🙂 I went to Cork for a business trip which lasted a couple of weeks. Walked around the city which was fine but didn't get out into the countryside. Might have enjoyed it more had I did. This was before Game of Thrones made a
  10. The woman may lose a million on that house including the decor she put in. But she didn’t seem too upset about it. Her husband got a job in FL so they probably can absorb that kind of hit. But I also wonder if the brokers are overplaying this supposed exodus to get sellers to lower prices so that they can make deals, because their incomes were hit and some deals are uncertain. Because high end real estate was already going down in Manhattan before the pandemic. That one property went from $22 million ask to $15 million sale so that’s a lot of margin they had to play with.
  11. OMG, worlds collide! Samantha is a guest on Rick Steve's podcast. https://www.ricksteves.com/watch-read-listen/audio/radio
  12. The parade and the truck with the video wall were contrived by producers though there’s no doubt they all like Mike, were happy to surprise him. Jenny and Vinny said it best, he’s shown the growth they wish they showed themselves, to be better. That’s after a period when they didn’t like him, ghosted him. Then Snookie’s appearance, again timed to surprise the rest of them, genuine reactions from Jenny and Mike. It seems believable that if the show ended, several of them would be close and still spend time together. Angelinas marriage, don’t really care, guess the producers
  13. Is this the first time charter guests who were named in the pref sheet meeting didn't show up? Suggests that Bravo vetted them so they may appear on another BD show. They were from San Francisco, worked in tech. They probably have some backup guests, maybe even have them within a couple of hour flight, though it might be tough to do during these times. What are the odds they just happened to have people wiling to come on a TV show and get filmed? Unless this switch was planned all along? Because it appears the crew is making a big deal about having to serve other yachts.
  14. So are we going to post here based on the Peacock airing or the Bravo airing? Would be nice if they put any WWHL episodes about this BDM season on demand so you can find it. Sometimes the DVR will record it, sometimes it won't. If it doesn't, you can't watch it next day, they seem to show WWHL a couple of times and that's it.
  15. Ryan and Greenwald discuss the final 5th season (they also did a 3rd and 4th season discussion episode) and also interview the show's creator, Eric Rochant. https://www.theringer.com/2021/6/9/22526789/le-bureau-des-legendes-season-5-and-an-interview-with-creator-eric-rochant
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