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  1. So what's happening with some stocks ruining some hedge funds now (see Gamestop stock) because a bunch of kids on Reddit decided to try to hurt top hedge fund firms could be an interesting story line for Axe Capital. Maybe not this season but some time in the future or maybe the end game for the series. Now if a bunch of kids on Reddit can screw up funds with billions in assets, imagine what Taylor could have done if she really wanted to ruin Axe. But I don't know I think Koppleman probably idolizes Axe and some of these other super-wealthy characters to take them down like that. Axe is too much of a mastermind as the show depicts him to be outsmarted by anyone, let alone some kids up to mischief on the Internet.
  2. There were some people on the streets of Bangkok where they were walking who were masked up. But the House Hunters and the agent didn't mask up though they did keep a distance. I guess the show is going to pretend there isn't a pandemic because they don't want to show the House Hunters or the agent with masks on.
  3. aghst


    Ending was just perfect, a brief, wordless gesture that both saw was right for the moment. I don't think they're going back to being best friends. But Bittori got closure and peace of mind. However, the description on HBO Max says "Season One Finale." I wouldn't mind seeing more but I think it ended very well. I can't imagine it will get too much of an audience outside of Spain/Europe. Maybe that will justify another season. But these are traditional TV characters. The children all struggled after Txato's murder. It would be interesting to see how things are 10 years after ETA announced cessation of their activities. Not necessary but interesting.
  4. Makes sense, to get permission, though it was late at night and most of the boat was already asleep. But you know they had the permission of Bravo, since they encourage hookups so they can show moaning coming from other side of closed doors. Now it's great for the show, it sets up another round of screaming and recriminations.
  5. That third guy Rob, his reaction doesn't seem typical of his character at all. Maybe it's sexism as Izzy says. Or Rob was told to object. I could swear some crew members slept together recently in one of the guest cabins? Was it on the last season of BD Med? Elizabeth does deserve a lot of the criticisms but it looks like Francessa is looking for reasons to jettison her. With most of the season done, why bother? But it sounds like Lee is going to back her on getting rid of Elizabeth for sleeping in the cabin and Ashling is encouraging it, saying the two of them could cover. With maybe a couple of charters left in the season, I guess they just can't let it go without some kind of drama.
  6. aghst


    The thing that's striking is how that town was dominated by groupthink. In an instant, they turned on Txato and Bittori as soon as the graffiti came out, including lifelong/best friends, Joxian and Miren. I understand they had to be 100% in support of ETA or else they could be targeted. But Miren is just a miserable woman, bitter and unkind, who made the rest of her family unhappy. Bittori had been nothing but a friend to her but when ETA targeted Bittori's family, Miren abandoned her. So while she chanted those ETA slogans, I think the way she is depicted has more to do with her character. That and the Spanish were just brutal to the Basques, so it's not surprising that the populace of that small town would be largely sympathetic. There was definitely an element of fear but also ETA was the enemy of their enemy. The butcher, after he lost his son who was an ETA killer, said what nobody else in the town would say. I haven't finished it yet but Txato seemed to be a decent and generous man. His only failing maybe was that he didn't get out of that little town when threatened. He thought he could reason with the ETA, which were "exploiters" as one of the characters said, who recruited the sons of Txato and Bittori's neighbors. There isn't too much overt resentment but Txato and Bittori were obviously wealthy and could afford to get out, even move the business if they had to. The workers at Txato's company either were sympathetic or trying to get the company for themselves, as when they suggested that Bittori transfer the company over to them. I looked up what a Peseta would be worth in USD back in 1990 and it ranged from 95-105 Pesetas to the Dollar. So Txato paid 2 million Pesetas, which was about $20k and then ETA demanded 25 million Pesetas which would have been over $250k. There were no allegations that Txato was underpaying or taking advantage of his workers. Instead it seemed his only fault was that he was rich. So the ETA leadership in France may have been the ones targeting the richest businessmen and then ordered local recruits to kill a man whom they'd known all their lives. Txato said he donated to various causes over the years and his act of kindness by buying that bracelet for Arantxa when she was a little girl was something she remembered all her life. Txato and Bittori were able to shield Xabi and Nerea, gave them education so that they had options. Joxe Mari seemed like a real believer but didn't seem to be doing anything. Arantxa knew what a screwed up situation her family was, particularly her mother Miren, so she was determined to get the hell out and told Gorka to do the same.
  7. aghst

    Your Honor

    My guess is they're low on new content so they're stretching it out. HBO doesn't have a new show on currently. They've been running 2 part documentaries instead. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have just signed up for extending my cable deal with HBO and Showtime. This pandemic ...
  8. Jules and Rue are two intense 17-year olds. They're each so much in their heads, from being damaged as children. So all the affectionate kissing in the first part just cloaks the massive insecurities each have. Both these special episodes are like souped-up In Treatment episodes. It seemed like the pandemic forced them to keep cast sizes small and maybe distanced but then there are all these intimate scenes where they're right up against each other. I don't even recall if Jules and Nate (ShyGuy) ever met in real life. Jules falls for people easily because her mother was such a mess? These two are probably not so good for each other. They feel like they have to be together but being together messes them up even more.
  9. Maybe some of it is from conditioning in previous Challenges, since the strategy was to always avoid getting thrown into eliminations. But some of it could be schtick, to be dramatic. I can see Kyle not being happy but if he had to defend his Red Skull, the best thing would be to either channel that anger to prepare or get over it and get ready. Imagine if they just threw in the worst performers of the challenge and people could see how each performer was doing, so it's never a surprise who wins. Then there would be no drama of the deliberations and votes, which is not what MTV wants. Of course there would be more drama during the challenges themselves. But MTV isn't interested in the drama from actual competition.
  10. It wouldn't' be surprising if Madison is deliberately trying to throw bombs. I'd forgotten about last season with the chlamydia accusation she made. You'd think Shep and Dani would want little to do with her as possible after that. But if they want to stay on the show, they can't avoid her. So this season, she raised it up a few notches. They sure featured her a lot more than before. Kathryn better watch out, Madison is angling for the role of the resident shrew.
  11. Did she have another job besides plus size modeling on social media? I don't know, maybe if you move to Germany, try something else besides barbecue. How often will they be barbecuing? The guy wasn't plus sized so maybe he just liked to grill. Still if you're moving to Germany there are other things to occupy the time, like travel to other parts of Europe? Not sure why the kid needed to go to Germany to advance his basketball career. If the kid was any good, he'd already be in the AAU circuit and college recruiters would be circling like vultures. Maybe the kid will get a growth spurt.
  12. aghst


    This is on HBO Max, an HBO Europe production. Based on a novel about how the Basque separatist movement affects two families. Novel was a smash hit and the series seemed to be well-received. The pilot raises a lot of questions: ETA killed over 800 people over a span of 4 decades. Most of the fiction about ETA and the separatist movement focus on the ETA people, how they rationalized violence. So the novel on which this series (probably a limited series) is based represented a big departure. It appears most of the cast are Basque rather than Castilian. I could make out some Spanish words but a lot of the dialog is probably opaque to those who don't speak Euskara. The show offers either dubbed or subtitled language options. They don't show the names of the places where this takes place. Certainly you're not seeing the glamorous San Sebastian waterfront, which is a huge international tourist destination now. It takes place in some mountain village but the story starts out in that village in 1990, then Bittori moves to Donastia (San Sebastian) but then Bittori returns to the village, determined to learn what happened, the answers to many of the questions in the spoiler above. This show may have limited appeal to non-Spaniards or non-Europeans. The history may not be well known unless you lived in Europe during the time. But the main cast members are elderly, as opposed to the young and beautiful leads in other HBO shows from Europe such as My So Called Life or I May Destroy You. It may also be that unless one has some close encounter with terrorism, it could be hard to identify with these characters to a certain extent. But it also seems like the show will touch on more universal aspects of life, like family, friendship, loyalty.
  13. Bill Simmons and David Jacoby does The Ringer podcast after each episode. They said Killa Kam is 10-1 in eliminations but hasn't done so great in the Finals that she's managed to reach. Since this is Leroy's swan song and they actually featured him in commercials for this season, maybe they do want to script Leroy and Kam going out on top with a win. But if they win it, why wouldn't they keep doing the Challenges?
  14. Basically they could have written off Kathryn as a racist, choose not to have anything to do with her. But for the purposes of the show, they had to confront her and film as many confrontations as possible. Leva probably wasn't close or that friendly with Kathryn. In normal life the thing to do would be to avoid her, see her for what she is. But on the show, she has to make Kathryn "accountable" which means having these confrontations, making her show contrition. Maybe Bravo needed that to keep Kathryn on the show or maybe they don't GAF, as long as she can continue to bring the drama. They got Thomas off the show because there was too much controversy. But then managed to get him a cameo this season.
  15. Even if this was purely her idea, the producers chose to air all of it and then in the various gatherings, they set up convos involving the both of them. If they didn't want anything to do with Leva's supposed agenda, they could have chosen not to film it and they could have chosen to edit it out and feature some other scenes instead.
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