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  1. Maybe she came from a well to do Malaysian family so she went to English schools or traveled. She said she had never set foot in Europe yet it sounded like she visited his family in the UK previously. Husband said now they could do more weekend trips instead of longer trips back to the UK from Malaysia. So she didn't consider the UK part of Europe? If not the UK she probably spent some time in an English-speaking country, maybe the US, maybe Australia, because she's not only very fluent but very chatty. She talked about the "monstrosity" construction site by the second apart
  2. What veteran yacht workers do on BD and what they do in their real jobs are two different things. It seems like Katie and Malia plan to go back to real charter jobs, without the artificial stresses that BD imposes on them. Katie is used to working in larger crews. I wonder if she even has the power to hire and fire anyone. She may be more in a daily supervisory role but doesn't have too much say in actually hiring the staff she supervises. Also you wonder if some of the people who come on the show decide to do TV hoping it lands them other opportunities outside of yachting.
  3. Gladstone, Australia. He decided to splurge to get a nicer home for themselves. I thought the first choice was nice enough too. Town looked nice but there was a factory of some kind with 3 long stacks.
  4. Emma Kenney being diplomatic about working with Emmy Rossum over the years. https://deadline.com/2021/10/shameless-star-emma-kenney-emmy-rossum-1234855751/ From the mouth of babes, considering that Kenney was 9 when the show started.
  5. Yeah Amanda played the "I got to feed my kid" card really hard. Thing is, traveling nurses during the pandemic are earning several time what they normally make. And some nurses, depending on what kind of credentials they have, were earning like $200k before the pandemic. But having that kid, as a single mother, obviously limits her options. Honestly, coming onto the Challenge is not a high-percentage way to make a lot of money. Cory has never won big money and he's got two kids to feed. Unless MTV pays them just for appearing, she might have been able to make more money getting a
  6. Was the daily challenge all 3 stages or just the third stage? Seems like the first two stages were about forming the teams, which appear to be the way they're going to do daily challenges for awhile. If the daily for this episode was just the last stage, then the design is just "eh" not too elaborate, though Devin came up with the good idea to weigh down the box so that the whole team could transport the broken pieces rather than just one team member standing on a stool. It is interesting the way they sorted into the teams. Kyle considers him and Cory to be enemies so he decide
  7. Wow quick turnaround, less than a year. maybe not even 6 months? But odds are it's likely 10 episodes, which seems to be on the longer end of season lengths on streaming shows.
  8. Some countries, particularly in Europe, are offering 1-year digital nomad visas. Otherwise, Americans can only stay in Europe 90 days out of any 180-day period. But it seems a lot of Australians and some Americans go to Asia for extended periods, because of the low cost of living there which allows them to do a lot of traveling. Or teach basic English, which has a low-barrier to entry for native speakers. It seems like these countries have rather permissive visa policies, though a lot has probably changed with the pandemic. Just in the last week, Singapore and Thailand
  9. Yeah I don't know how much people would pay for say a hosted Airbnb on that island. Maybe $100-150 a night? It's a nice place but I think there were only two bathrooms so if they rent out the second and third bedrooms, the renters would have to share a bathroom. Otherwise, I know people go to these SE Asian countries and do things like yoga but I don't know about meditation and how much people are willing to pay for such sessions. So she may have a undisclosed source of income.
  10. I think it was editing. He could have exchanged some pleasantries with Luka and then went off to his cabin but they make it seem like he was all triggered. For what? Charters are OVER at that point. FAKE drama. Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake.
  11. That Thailand island was beautiful. They were willing to spend so her retreats seem to be solid business. Of course, Thailand has blocked tourism for most of the pandemic so maybe she caters to expats already there? In the scene where they list their requirements, she's saying a mosquito is trying to give her Dengue. That's a real issue is SE Asia it seems. None of the beds shown had mosquito nets. But those big opening doors to the terrace and the outside are not sealed and you open them for any length of time, you're dealing with mosquitos. Especially on a small island
  12. I don't think they'll do it but I wouldn't mind seeing their back story. It's easy to conclude that she dominates the relationship because any status he has comes through her. But while Tom says and does dumb things, I don't think Logan would give him high positions if Tom didn't have at least some clue. He's not like Roman, who is unpolished or doesn't try to be polished in his presentation.
  13. Been re-watching season 2 and just listened to the Official Succession podcast where Jeremy Strong is interviewed. Strong said he thinks Kendall turn on Logan when Kendall was saying he deserves to take the fall for cruises because he got that kid killed in England and Logan tries to comfort him by saying NRPI or not a real person involved, which is the acronym used internally to refer to people who died in cruises. Waystar execs dismissed these casualties by labeling them NRPI -- who are low-paid workers and unimportant people generally to them. So Strong thinks this is the momen
  14. There are going to be a lot of podcasts on the show this season. That's just among the podcasts I already subscribe to. There seems to be anticipation that this new season will take the show to a new level ratings-wise and generate much greater buzz than previous seasons. In fact, higher buzz and more online engagement than shows like Mare of Easttown and White Lotus has in the past year, is my prediction.
  15. So the egg panic cliffhanger was bullshit. Maybe the guests didn’t love their eggs but it wasn’t some huge deal. Was Mat really that much a spazz about what to serve on the last meals or playing it up for the cameras? Honestly has their ever been really poor tips, like under $500 or even $1000 on all the BD shows? I don’t recall so I tend to think it really doesn’t matter that much how the crew does or how good or bad the meals are. The crew always ends up with a good amount of money for the season, which makes it appear like it was a worthwhile experience for all the crew mem
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