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  1. I swear half of these girls look like completely different people with makeup and without. Alayah especially looks like two different people to me. I don't remember it being this bad in previous seasons. I guess it's the result of YouTube makeup tutorials and Instaface. But it's annoying. It's hard enough to learn who they all are when they only have one look.
  2. No way in hell Robyn's going back in a trailer. Meri either. Janelle would probably love it.
  3. Ah, yes, thank you. That makes more sense. STOP MAKING THEIR DECISIONS MAKE SENSE! It's much less fun that way 🙂
  4. And, if what someone upthread said is true, Paedon is also living somewhere else with Tony and Mykelti. So why was he allowed to when Gabe wasn't. I know they have different moms, and apparently Christine isn't as adamant about "having the privilege of raising [her] kids," but in this instance I think there should have been one standard applied to all. And for that matter, isn't it interesting that "where they go one, they go all" . . . unless it's Meri? Then Kody's perfectly fine with her being 4 hours away. When it's his choice, mind you, not when it's hers. FYI, for and cord cutte
  5. Does anyone know if episodes are up on Hulu the next day? I'd love to volunteer to recap but I need a reliable way to watch it within a day or so and I don't have cable any more. But I do have Hulu (without live TV).
  6. This makes reasonable sense for why she'd be denied living there. But why would the cops get involved? Maybe she refused to leave? Just seems weird.
  7. Thanks! Haven't been around much in recent months/years. I lurk a lot though. But holiday breaks are the few times I have to sit down and actually type out thoughts (I'm a teacher). Plus for some reason I've gotten crazy into this show again, rewatching old seasons that I've already seen several times. This family just fascinates me. I'm also right now captivated by examining similarities between Kody's messed up psychology and Trump's. 🙂
  8. That makes the most sense. But of course they'll sell it as persecution.
  9. Ah, Absalom found the other more detailed descriptions I had seen but couldn't turn up. Thanks. So even if it is neighbors calling the cops because of cameras or traffic or just general hullabaloo, I can't imagine they would be able to make her leave the neighborhood. I guess unless the landlord kicks her out to curry favor with the neighbors. My guess is she gets offended that people don't want her here, will make it all about how they are prejudiced against polygamists, and they'll play out the whole persecution narrative again and she leaves in a high dudgeon and huffs all the way bac
  10. So I found descriptions for episodes 1 and 2 of the new season. They're the ones that Google turns up, but I read similar descriptions elsewhere, just can't remember where: "Episode 1: Kicked Out The wives begin to unpack after moving the family to Flagstaff, Ariz.; the cops pay a visit to Meri's new rental property. Episode 2: Happier Alone? The neighbors drive Meri out of town; the Las Vegas properties aren't selling." So . . . this stuff about Meri being driven out of town? Have we heard anything about that? I don't remember reading that anywhere. The other descript
  11. I always told my college students "If you think you're busy now, wait til you have a family and a job." They never believe you when you tell them that college is the most unstructured time they're likely to ever have in life. Grad school is admittedly harder, but as someone who did grad school part-time while working full time and having two young kids, I don't have much sympathy for someone doing grad school full-time with no children to care for. That's the dream for most grad students.
  12. Thanks to everyone for enlightening me. I wondered at one point if it was Cranky Old Lady but wasn't sure. BTW, where do I get my COL jacket? Or sweater, I guess? 😊
  13. So we need to change the title of this thread to "Her Sisterwives HAD a Closet" 😊
  14. Ok forgive my unwoke oldness. But what does COL stand for? I thought it was "crying out loud" but it seems you guys are using it differently.
  15. I guess I'm misremembering, because I thought Maritza DIDN'T speak Spanish, or at least not well. Wasn't that established in an earlier season? Or am I confusing her with someone else? Also, can someone explain to me what was going on with McCullough and the storage unit that seemed to belong to . . . Alex? I guess? That was weird. I must have missed something.
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