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  1. I always told my college students "If you think you're busy now, wait til you have a family and a job." They never believe you when you tell them that college is the most unstructured time they're likely to ever have in life. Grad school is admittedly harder, but as someone who did grad school part-time while working full time and having two young kids, I don't have much sympathy for someone doing grad school full-time with no children to care for. That's the dream for most grad students.
  2. Thanks to everyone for enlightening me. I wondered at one point if it was Cranky Old Lady but wasn't sure. BTW, where do I get my COL jacket? Or sweater, I guess? 😊
  3. So we need to change the title of this thread to "Her Sisterwives HAD a Closet" 😊
  4. Ok forgive my unwoke oldness. But what does COL stand for? I thought it was "crying out loud" but it seems you guys are using it differently.
  5. I guess I'm misremembering, because I thought Maritza DIDN'T speak Spanish, or at least not well. Wasn't that established in an earlier season? Or am I confusing her with someone else? Also, can someone explain to me what was going on with McCullough and the storage unit that seemed to belong to . . . Alex? I guess? That was weird. I must have missed something.
  6. I probably missed this somewhere so please forgive... But what the hell is "pre-evacuated"? Packed up and ready to go?
  7. Even though I've seen every episode more than once, I have just rewatched the entire series because I need background noise in my head while doing stuff to keep the crazy at bay. And after doing so I must reiterate what I said in the very first post in this thread many moons ago . . . I'd be friends with Christine. I really would. She's hilarious. She clearly has questionable judgment in men and belief systems, IMO, but I think she'd be a scream to play games with. And she seems like the only wife who doesn't ever question this weird situation she's gotten herself into. In fact, she seems to thrive in it, so . . .good for her, I guess? Anyway, Christine, next time I go to the Grand Canyon I'm gonna look you up, girl!
  8. Yes, this is what I was coming here to say. I'm pretty sure that was all done just for the show to create "drama." Kody knows his wives won't go for it, that it is impractical and too expensive (etc) but he's doing it for the cameras. TLC either paid that draftswoman for else she did it for free for the exposure. That's how it read to me from the very beginning.
  9. I'm a former college professor. Any college or university that receives federal funds, which includes students receiving federal financial aid (so, basically all schools) are required as part of that arrangement to have some sort of disability services office and programs to assist students with special physical, mental or psychological needs. The school is required to make reasonable accommodations in classwork, housing, transportation, etc. if the student provides official proof of a diagnosis from a doctor or mental health professional. So as long as Dayton has documentation, he should be able to get help. I don't know if that help will extend to having a live-in helper (I've never heard of that). But I have seen students who have an assistant come with them to class to help them by taking notes for them or answering questions, or working with them one on one. And then he could get accommodations on his assignments (like giving him extra time on tests; giving him extensions on due dates, etc.)
  10. But, but . . . .where they go one they go all!
  11. Yes, she wanted to be in the same town where Dayton went to college. Normally I would consider that diva-like behavior from someone who wanted to continue being the center of her son's world. But, having a somewhat developmentally delayed child myself, one who needs more support and help than most others his age, I can sympathize with what she did. Or at least, I understand there might have been a less than selfish motivation there. Ok, a little selfish because, let's face it, it's Robyn. But I do think her motivation was partly sincere.
  12. Ok, only now catching up on the most recent ep, so pardon the late remarks. First up . . . what the FUCK is up with Kody's hair? I've never seen it so many different kinds of wrong all in the same episode. In that first scene with the presentation it was all stringy and I thought maybe it was wilting in the Nevada heat. But then Robyn walked in wearing a coat so apparently it wasn't hot out. Also, I now need to see Kody attempt to make his own breakfast. Kody running for office? HAHAHAHAHA! I want to see that so bad. Also, the show continues just straight up cribbing from the plots on Big Love.
  13. Christine: “Shut it, Kody. It’s not your turn to make noises” Heh. I genuinely LOL'd at this.
  14. Becky's self-admitted boozer trailer trash tramp character is really the only reason I'm still watching. Her lines are the only thing that make me laugh. Also what deal did she make with the devil to be 42 years old and still look no more than 27?
  15. Kody, re: Meri: "It's like we're a divorced couple just living on the same street." Me: "You ARE a divorced couple just living on the same street!"
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