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  1. I hear ya sista. BTW, I'm sure it's a coincidence that my sister from somewhere else and I have the same first name.
  2. Today it's the chin for me. Why did she draw a straight line across her chin?
  3. They bought at a consignment store. So it's not brand new.
  4. Every time my son walks by and Pol is on is he asks me if they found his murder room/body freezer yet.
  5. He should do a bizzaro George and do the opposite of what you think is the right move. Lort knows that Kody has a looooong track record of making the world's worst decision.
  6. That's me too. When I took the test, my co-workers started calling me Dr. Evil because they were pretty sure I could take over the world.
  7. And the next time we see Robyn's dad is with a video camera between Robyn's legs birthin' King Sol. Good times.
  8. I like the one where they actually leave. They have several flat tires and because they left so late most of the stores are closed. They try jeryrigging the tires because of course they don't have enough spares. Then BANG. The brain trust that is Brown family noticed a motel on the next exit. When they show the tires they are bald, bald, bald. Much pissing and moaning is involved. Prime Brown logic at it's finest.
  9. Plus vacant land for which they paid $800k and $200k down. Every single Brown adult should be doing everything they can to help, including the selling the above land. The angels stopped singink a long time ago.
  10. This one was worth the re-watch! Fast forward to season 14 and Aurora now has crippling anxiety. Tell us again how this life style make each of us better. As an extreme introvert, it's my idea of hell.
  11. Good for him. I wonder if he works with Aspyn's husband. Woodworking skills are really valuable and he will always be able to make a living.
  12. Grifing DOES NOT make the baby Jesus happy JILL! Grifting makes the baby Jesus CRY JILL. EVERYONE knows that!!!!!
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