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  1. In the time I was there, I saw one person buy something. And yeah, world wide launch.
  2. This is the same crap she was selling at the world wide launch of Strive with Janelle years ago.
  3. Mumbles will certainly want to know "Is you ovulatin'" before they do the deed. Because that's how they roll.
  4. I'm in the terrible and lazy club too. A McDonalds birthday was almost too much for me.
  5. Welcome. It's a great group here.๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
  6. Yeah, we owe $450k in medical bills but let's make sure we build a humongous house so we can pretend we are one, big happy family. And how big should the underground parking garage be? OMG. Let's make a big, fat hairy deal out of this. These people make my blood boil.
  7. For the love of dog, Janelle, just give it up. That is all.
  8. toodles


    You don't have to tell me twice. *Shudder*
  9. Mine too. I just bought mine and it was expensive. Where DID the money come from?
  10. Who are these morons asking JANELLE for diet advice? "I think there are books...." I wonder how long she dithered over that profound advice.
  11. I'm sure Meri is missing her wet bar today. I'm assuming Mariah is in Chicago and I saw the big storm headed that way. I'm sure Meri has shed copious tears and done much hand ringing about how unfair it is that her only child should be in the path of the storm and if she would have had the eight children she wanted then she wouldn't have to worry so much. And now she doesn't even have her wet bar to make it a real cry. Poor, poor Meri.
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