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  1. NotEatingKale

    S10:04 Kody's Shocking Move

    I don't think this is their last season. 1.549 million viewers for the last episode is pretty good for a show on its tenth season, especially considering their lifestyle is much less of a TV novelty now than when it first aired. They're bringing in their advertiser revenue for TLC, and they headline Sunday nights when 90DF is on a break. I think moving is a smart idea for the purposes of keeping the show going. Their lives were getting kind of stagnant in Las Vegas. At least in Flagstaff, their lives will be a shitshow for at least 1-2 years as they move into rental homes and begin construction. I know some people hate that moving saga but I personally LOVE it. Give me all the angst. Give me all the malarkey. Give me "I MUST HAVE MY WET BAR OR ELSE".
  2. NotEatingKale

    Janelle Brown: Smarter Than Your Average Brown (Maybe)

    This reminds me of Teresa Giudice and the Sprinkle Cookie incident of Christmas 2011
  3. How much do we think Tony makes? 40k per year? Maybe Mykelti makes 20k per year? (Not sure if she still works at the Pawn Shop, but the latest episode [or was it the one before....?] showed her working with her name tag and all.) Just checked Realtor.com and you can buy a 2-bedroom townhouse for 150k, which they can afford. But it's crazy to me that these two schmucks are HOMEOWNERS because they still seem so juvenile and stupid.
  4. NotEatingKale

    Season 9 Spoilers, Speculation & Social Media

    WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! Caleb works at The Home Depot, I think. Maddie's recent Instagram story showed her wearing an orange Home Depot hat with the caption "Repping my husband's work" or something. Wish I got a screenshot. They also live in Las Vegas, but have since moved out of Janelle's place (where they lived for months... maybe a little under a year?) and into their own.
  5. NotEatingKale

    S09.E02: Groomzilla

    First it was Utah State, then the U of Wyoming, and now it's the College of Southern Nevada (I recently found out the latter because I follow her on Instagram).
  6. TLC just confirmed Aspyn got engaged on her recent trip to Seattle. Someone here guessed it first (forgot the username), but wow, a great guess!
  7. NotEatingKale

    S05.E03: Big Fat Ambush

    Yeah, it didn't look like a pointer. I think it was a selfie stick too.
  8. NotEatingKale

    S09.E02: Groomzilla

    No, it was in reference to sex because before that he said, "You know how babies happen, right?" or something similar.
  9. NotEatingKale

    S05.E03: Big Fat Ambush

    +1 I went to an international school and many of my friends were from Middle East -- two from Syria, one from Lebanon, another from Qatar, and loaaaads from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. All from very wealthy families. They spoke English without a "foreign" accent because they were taught in British and American schools from a very young age. Same thing with my friends who grew up in Singapore and Hong Kong. My roommate was from the Congo (Kinshasa) and she also spoke English like a native.
  10. NotEatingKale

    S09.E02: Groomzilla

    The dresses Mykelti tried on were beautiful on her. She looked much thinner pre-wedding compared to her THs, which were probably filmed months afterward. I think the smashing cake tradition is cute because the bride and groom look like they're having a great time doing it, and it's fun to watch. But if Mykelti is ADAMANT about not doing it, then FT should respect that. Thought it was weird when Kody was like "I thought you guys were gonna wait forever" (or something to that effect) when Madison announced her pregnancy. WTF Kody. Don't talk about your daughter's sex life. This may or may not be an unpopular opinion, but I LOVE Christine. She had my heart the first time I saw her talk about toasters. I feel bad that she grew up in polygamy and subsequently married into the tradition because I think she would thrive in a monogamous relationship and the whole white picket fence, stay-at-home mom dynamic. She is too jealous and emotional for a plural marriage. She also doesn't hide her feelings, and her kids have suffered because of it. Christine was the least cherished wife after Robyn showed up. What can I say about Fat Tony that hasn't been said already? What man cares about his fiancee's wedding dress and hair updo??? If he's so controlling over things that are so inconsequential, that should be a red flag. He loves Mykelti's "selflessness" which is basically her giving into his every whim. What a disaster. How he wore JEANS at a COUNTRY CLUB for his own wedding is beyond me. Disheveled hair and clothes that didn't fit. Big belly for the world to see. And this slob has the nerve to demand a certain appearance from his fiancee? Overweight guys can look great in suits, so he really doesn't have an excuse other than the fact that he's lazy.
  11. NotEatingKale

    S12.E17: A Case Of The Vickis

    great episode, but my love/hate relationship with all of these women is wearing thin. shannon's life at home is a burning dumpster truck fire and she projects this anger onto other people (i.e. vicki). her obvious jealousy that tamra was getting back together with vicki reared its ugly head again. the way she reacted was unbelievable. peggy? shut up, move out of the way, and let the doctors do their job!!! and stop telling a very irrational kelly to be quiet!!! peggy has no idea how to act with women aren't armenian. tamra... I admit I have a soft spot in my heart for her because I love her and vicki together. but shannon is a slimeball and I do think she would've made up with vicki ages before this episode if it weren't for her. megan is growing on me. she seems the most level-headed, but I wouldn't say I like her. the whole "motherhood is so exhausting!!!" tirade when she has a nanny is so out of touch with reality. lydia doesn't belong on this show. she's here to promote her magazine, but like, isn't print journalism a dinosaur? so many magazines are moving to bi-monthly issues instead of monthly because of reduced readership. she doesn't know the value of a dollar, so she doesn't really care if she throws a few hundred thousand away. she's from a famous Canadian family, especially on the east coast. aside from the mccain family, I think hers is the second richest in all of the maritimes and nfland. kelly kelly kelly. I do agree with peggy on one point: sometimes you should listen to your husband and bite your tongue. but kelly isn't really good with either of those things. I also think wearing a nude lipstick instead of a bright red would do her more favours. with vicki, I have to admit she will always be my favourite. maybe it's because I've been watching her since S1... maybe it's because I love her crazy antics. she just wants some friends, but she needs to stop gossiping to kelly because that bitch will spill the beans like no other. I'm actually quite surprised vicki hasn't been like "KELLY YOU BITCH I TOLD YOU THAT IN CONFIDENCE!!!" I guess vicki realizes she doesn't have a lot of friends in that group and needs as much support as she can get.
  12. whaaaaaaat to be honest, I think Logan will probably change his mind in the future.
  13. NotEatingKale

    Season 5 Discussion

    Elizabeth's father knows exactly how much he pays her. He knows she'll be struggling to support the two of them on her salary, and the fact that Andrei is without "skills" makes the situation all that much worse. I mean, her dad probably expects the husband to be the breadwinner in the relationship, which is pretty standard for men his age. I know my father and his friends believe the same thing. I have a graduate degree and I can support myself, but that doesn't mean my dad is going to be okay with me marrying someone with a low salary potential.
  14. NotEatingKale

    Season 5 Discussion

    Nicole still looks like a linebacker. Her dad did say that Nicole needed to get a real good job if he was going to sponsor Azan, so maybe the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would be a good fit. Poor Elizabeth inherited her father's weak chin and double chin. She also applies her lipstick in thick strokes on the corners of her mouth. Yikes. But for the amount of time she puts into her appearance (hair's freshly highlighted and straightened, full make-up), I'm surprised she's not better looking. I wonder what she looks like without makeup.
  15. NotEatingKale

    Christine Brown: She Wanted a Family, Not Just the Man

    Oh my god... I am infuriated... How the hell can they sit there and be like, "Oh, no charges were filed against us. We also didn't move because we were scared we would be charged. We just liked the weather in LV and had went there for vacations and stuff." LIKE ARE YOU KIDDING ME? THERE ARE ENTIRE EPISODES OF THEIR SHOW THAT CONTRADICT THAT Didn't they tell their kids they were moving about three days before the move, so that nobody found out and alerted authorities ahead of time? Wasn't Christine crying to the camera about her family history of prosecution? If they weren't moving because of anticipatory charges, I don't understand how they could sit there and watch their children cry at the fact that they had to say goodbye to their childhood home/friends in only a few days' time. All for the ratings. I'm speechless