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  1. I don’t think the photo means Truly is being fed too much. I don’t really like the term overfed because she isn’t a dog. Maybe she isn’t being fed the healthiest foods but it doesn’t mean she is given too much food. I don’t like the idea of saying you can only have this amount of food today and no more if you are still hungry. I was a very picky kid when it came to eating. My mother would totally load my plate up with a lot of different things because she wouldn’t know what I would eat or how much of it I would eat. If I ate it all, she was fine. If I ate until I was full, she would be fine. A
  2. In one of the early episodes, Tarek said you need to appeal to the masses and remember you aren’t designing for yourself. You want a place to appeal to the most amount of people. I feel like these flippers never follow that rule. Buena Park is a middle class neighborhood. People who want to live there are not expecting Newport Beach level decor. I feel the flippers don’t even think about what potential buyers actually want. I liked the flippers but the bathroom floor was ridiculous. I do wonder how they lost $40k on a flip in Southern California. In this market, you have to work hard to take a
  3. Britney is what, 30? There is no reason she needs to rush into having a baby with a man who doesn’t want a baby with her. Britney keeps saying something to the effect that she is running out of time to have a baby. I am guessing she is going to say she has some medical condition that can make it harder to have a baby if she waits too long, like until 32. The sober house guy allegedly stealing money but they want furniture story makes no sense. I am not sure why anyone with money would pay for a brand new sober house run by ex-cons with no experience in running anything. No way would
  4. Who are these people asking what Is Janelle’s secret, what is she doing differently and what is she drinking? Why would anyone ask her any of that? Why do these people always have health problems that can be cured by a drink? If you have brain fog, low energy, are sleepy poorly and have inflammation, you might want to see a real doctor. Who believes this crap? What makes Janelle think she looks like the picture of health.
  5. I assume Christine is selling the house because she cannot afford to keep it. The house is likely mortgaged to the hilt as I can see her refinancing at every available opportunity. Didn’t Kody and Robin also refinance and take money out of their big house as well? I doubt the income is split anymore unless it TLC money and I bet even TLC money is barely anything once split. I think the last season or so they were getting $180k total for the family. Split five ways, that’s not a lot for that huge family. Well, Robin and Kody actually have two shares for their household.
  6. I don’t believe for a minute Ellie is selling the business. Hell, she probably doesn’t actually plan to move permanently. More like an extended vacation, particularly in light of The math doesn’t work so I don’t believe Ari is divorced. She married him at 19, is now 29, and she said the last three years of their married she traveled? Is her current living status considered traveling? Also, Leandro is her best friend? I would believe that more if the storyline was Leandro was gay and that’s how they have built their relationship into what it is today. Instead, he is her best friend, i
  7. I don’t think any of them are actually taking anything they are shilling or giving them to their kids. I never believe anyone is actually doing so. If you are trying to make money selling this crap, I can’t imagine you would be using the product as well as it would cut into their profit margin. Maybe Janelle is waiting for a Kody to tell her what her plans are for the fall. I am sure he will find an even cheaper place for her to live than the RV. Maybe a tent.
  8. You all are better than me, I just assume they were pictures she took at some point with Chase or some other guy, not necessarily a boyfriend, and she then just covered their faces to make a shy Frenchman.
  9. I read somewhere TLC has some type of deal with People Magazine that’s why you see so many stories about TLC people. Notice you don’t see People Magazine writing as many stories about reality “stars” on shows that actually have high ratings and instead focuses on Z list reality “stars” most people could not pick out of a lineup. It’s no different than how TMZ reports so much on the Kardashians. They have an in.
  10. If I recall correctly, they once said something to the effect that Kody would escape to Meri’s house in the old days because it was quiet with only one kid. I think Kody now escapes to Janelle’s RV because it doesn’t have a million kids running around like at Robin’s house. Kody will always need at least two wives so he can escape to the other’s house when things gets tough with one wife.
  11. Honestly, I don’t think Kody is happy with any of the wives, including Robyn. He just seemed so angry at life last season. I think he has finally realized that he is middle-aged man with nothing to show for it but four wives I don’t think he actually wants, a nearly million dollar home he cannot afford and plague filled property he probably can’t sell. His kids seem to grow up and then only want to stick with their moms. Plus, he is balding badly and there is only so much curls and hairspray can hide. I think he is over the polygamist experiment and I don’t think he is even into his relationsh
  12. Darcy and Stacey used to live in a condo together. No idea why they left it or who owned it. The house has always been their dad’s but he was always working overseas and would be gone months at a time, I think in China. So they basically had the run of the house. Last season they talked about the dad not being able to go back overseas due to the pandemic, it was in an episode where he was trying to get his daughters to understand the significance of the pandemic so they wouldn’t travel to LA. Dad seems to have funded everything for them including their last fashion house venture. He mentioned
  13. Since they didn’t go into detail about the homelessness, I thought he might have moved in with mom/girlfriend/friend when he couldn’t pay his rent. I didn’t get the idea he had been on the street. It’s likely the majority of his inheritance was from the sale of his mom’s home and maybe life insurance. To me, he seemed a little depressed. Although inheriting money is great, I can imagine some may feel guilty for having fun spending money one only received because mom died. He probably did the show for the girlfriend. I hope the house is only in his name.
  14. So does that mean the RV is just sitting on the land where anyone could go in and steal whatever they wanted?
  15. Eh, I am not going to be mad at the other sister wives for Janelle living in the RV. I don’t think it’s an issue of Janelle not being allowed to stay with the sister wives because I don’t think she wants to stay with them. I think this is what Janelle wants. In one of the old seasons when the wives each got a special trip with Kody, Janelle’s was camping. I think this is just her thing. My problem is expecting it for her kid who has no choice in the matter. The way this family works, I doubt everything is working as it should in that RV. Savanah is now stuck in an RV in the middle of nowhere w
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