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  1. Judging by the photos she has posted to "promote" her "business," I don't think Meri should be wearing a small in anything. LLR is not supposed to fit skin tight like all of her clothes seem to (except the leggings, of course!)
  2. Oh my gosh. I would have so many questions!
  3. I assumed this was referring to the broken chain of Robin's purrritty locket, forever discarded on the HomeChurch floor. ;)
  4. Seriously, sometimes I will begin to tell Mr. 201 a story, and I can't remember if I've already told him, or if that was my mom I was talking to...or my BFF... or the neighbor, or my son. Can you even imagine trying to keep your conversations straight when you have FOUR WIVES (tm)?!?
  5. Meri's makeup is positively ghastly. I was shocked when I saw how young, thin and lovely she looked on some of the couch session clips during the road trip show compared to now. I feel like they've all aged a lot but Meri really does not know how to work with what she's got. On the same token, WTF is up with all the older girls' dark hair and terrible eyebrows? I'm all for people looking the way they want to look, but man, Madi, Mykelti and Mariah were all absolutely beautiful with blonde hair and natural brows. Now it seems they all go in on the jumbo size burgundy Miss Clairol, and Myke
  6. I used to think Kody was the biggest narcissist I'd ever seen, but I think Meri may have him beat - or maybe she just seems worse because, despite the bazillion sessions we've seen with Nancy and all of her therapy-speak, she is apparently completely unaware that the world does not revolve around her and her "fillings." Mariah still comes off as a brat, but as the child of two narcissists myself, I can understand why she's so pissed off. Meri always has thought of and treated Mariah as an extension of herself, and is STILL doing so. Meri is just, in everything she does, in every relationship,
  7. Interviewer: "Did Meri have an emotional affair?" Kody: *dead long-division eyes as the dusty, rusty hamster wheel in his head slowly turns* ee-moe-tion...? *geico caveman brow*
  8. Wanna-be-model's mom looks like the Cryptkeeper.
  9. The Browns technically belong to a fundamentalist Mormon sect known as the AUB (Apostolic United Brethren.) They hold "home church" as there are presumably no AUB congregations in Vega$.
  10. Mark is such a horrible ass. "We aren't going to have any guests, so the dress is basically just...FOR HER." He said that with utter disgust written all over his face. Obviously SHE isn't worth $2300 to him, nor is her happiness of any importance. Vile.
  11. I feel like what Christine wanted was a FAHHHmly. No? ;)
  12. I sheepishly admit to having searched for ATI/IBLP literature online but haven't had much success. If you have access to illustrations of the above I would love to see them. Giant-collared frumpers, I presume?I also have to admit that while the modesty panel is just plain wrong, I think J'Chelle did wear that MOB dress better than Kelly Bates. In her pics it's pretty apparent that not only is she not endowed well enough to fill our the dress, but in addition to her (much more reasonable) modesty fabric, Kelly added some extra stitching to close the plunging V-neck a little higher, giving it a
  13. I totally read this post in Christine's voice. Fahhhh-mly! My fahhhh-mly!! *snort*
  14. I am kind of a name nerd myself, so I "get" it, I think. But she could have at least gone for Paydn. :P
  15. Would I watch? Yes. Do I think such a show would be the best thing for Jill? HAIL to the NO. I feel like Jill's best chance for breaking free of the Big Duggar Circus is to get away from the TTH and away from filming as much as possible. It would be pretty much impossible for she and Derick to live a somewhat normal life, to get used to one another, and to possibly veer away from the extreme teachings of ATI/IBLP if they were on television. Too much pressure to uphold the family image, because let's face it, the only other way they could make a Jill & Dill: Newlyweds show that people would
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