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Found 698 results

  1. Discuss 2019 Auditions, Finals, and Training Camp here!
  2. Who is it going to be for this season? Discuss.
  3. Since a soap opera is nothing without spoilers, I figured that I should start a thread where they can be posted and discussed as much as possible. One such spoiler is that the impending bisexual love triangle will involve Nicole, Zende and the new guy Christian, who's a bisexual designer. At first, it seems like Christian has the hots for Nicole, but it's Zende he really wants-and vice versa. I have my doubts about this storyline. Knowing these writers and the way they've treated LGBT characters, chances are Christian will either be treated like a saint, ala Maya or a non-entity, like Caroline and her two moms.
  4. James Scott OUT. I guess this makes sense in view of Alison Sweeney's departure, but wow! According to the article he wraps up his scenes today and will be gone before Alison. http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/exclusive-james-scott-done-days
  5. Discuss Colt & Larissa here! *AND DEBBIE, DON'T FORGET DEBBIE.
  6. Door County Cherry

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Just as Hollywood realizes it's sometimes best to break up an overly long movie into multiple parts, sometimes it's smart to break up extra long threads to get a fresh start. Please make sure you pay attention to the rules for this thread. If you follow them, it will help keep it manageable for everyone. This topic is for spoiler discussion of Arrow only This topic is NOT for complaining/rehashing past seasons/episodes This topic is NOT for discussion of other shows in the overall Arrowverse EXCEPT for specific crossover discussion. When talk moves from spoiler-talk to non-spoiler character or relationship talk, take your reply to the appropriate character or relationship thread. Updated 8/17/18: Here is a link to the crossover episodes thread. If it's your first time visiting that thread, be mindful of the discussion guidelines.
  7. So, apparently there is suppose to be a "big twist" in the pilot. Anyone know what that is? Season-Zero.com (who apparently got a look at the pilot script, or at least a significant amount of sides pages): Deadline.com:
  8. Your Spoilers And Spoiler Speculation Topic!
  9. This is intended as a thread for the broadcast show spoilers. I decided to add book talk spoilers as well, since it's highly unlikely someone would click on a show spoiler thread and object to some relatively minor book spoilers. Mods please switch it around if you wish. Just found a pretty big spoiler in a general article about the show, obviously the reviewer has seen at least one more episode than we have. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/05/22/a-cunning-adaptation-of-the-handmaids-tale Since it's a first post I'll do the caution thing here, this is a show spoiler, not just from the book, so stop now if you don't want to know. Note, that article also includes book spoilers. - - - Wow, they really are bringing him back. I'm not sure how I feel about that, hopefully he's realized by now that men taking care of women is seriously not the point here and grown up some.
  10. No need to be coy here. Spoil away!
  11. I saw a spoiler thread but only for the graphic novels, not for show spoilers & casting scoops that happen to reveal plot points or definite answers beforehand... Like, who's the actor playing the Sinnerman Nevertheless, I wonder if they're going to go for a Mandarin, Ironman 3 version and the Sinnerman will be revealed to be someone else.
  12. The place to talk about MAFS social media, spoilers, media articles, etc, and speculate about all of the above. Remember, social media discussion does NOT belong in episode threads.
  13. Lisin

    The Flash in the Media

    Here's your media thread!
  14. Here's your place for spoilers and spoiler discussion!
  15. As most of us have learned, Y&R episodes air in Canada one day before they air in the US. This thread is meant to be a place where viewers in Canada can openly discuss the episodes the day they air without worrying about spoiling anything for viewers outside of Canada. Anything that happens in the episode is fair game for discussion, and spoiler tags are unnecessary. (Of course, if you do talk about spoilers that come from some other source, use the spoiler tags as usual.) This thread is certainly NOT meant to banish our Maple Leaf buds to the hinterlands of the Yukon Territories. In fact, I hope there is a lot of border crossing. Viewers in Canada can still pop over to the "Getting to Genoa You" thread to discuss anything up to and including the episode which airs in the US. And I'm sure there will be plenty of people from outside of Canada who don't mind spoilers who will check in to this thread and join the discussion.
  16. Here's a spot for wild speculation and spoilers worthy to be immortalized in a chapter of Jane's novel.
  17. maraleia

    History Talk: The Victorian Era

    Here's the place to post what you've found out about Queen Victoria and the time period named after her. Also, how she impacted the entirety of the European continent including Russia long after her death. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_descendants_of_Queen_Victoria_and_King_Christian_IX http://www.vogue.com/13522266/queen-victoria-royal-wedding-facts-victoria-premiere/ https://www.brookings.edu/blog/brookings-now/2013/12/20/the-family-relationships-that-couldnt-stop-world-war-i/
  18. Athena

    Batman Movies

    Launching from some topics raised in the Unpopular Opinions thread, this is your thread to talk about ALL Batman movies. This is different from the superhero movies threads as it encompasses various adaptations and universes based on the iconic superhero. There have been more actors playing mainstream Batman roles in the last twenty years than any other superhero so a thread is not unwarranted. Please use this thread to discuss your favourite movies, actors, strengths, and weaknesses of any or all the movies. All spoilers allowed. The Lego Batman movie will count when it gets released.
  19. Joe

    The Star Wars Saga

    Filming for Episode VII has begun, so it's time to have a thread about it. All of it. I'd say that Star Wars is my favourite franchise of all time. Whatever medium it moves to, I will follow. It's racked up movies, TV, books, comics, and audio so far. I don't love everything that has been produced, but I love having the option. In other news, I've been listening to the Rebel Force Radio commentary tracks, with Sam Witwer. He's played several characters over the years, and has also talked about the series with George Lucas. He's funny, but he also has some insights. The original plan, in universe, was for Bail Organa, Obi-Wan, and Yoda to wait for Luke and Leia to come of age, then train them quickly to overthrow the emperor. Then Alderaan was blown up, throwing the plan to hell. The cave on Dagobah shows signs of being deliberately manufactured. Considering how much George has fiddled with the movies, that can't be an oversight. There's more to Dagobah than just that place where Yoda lives. So what are some of your favourite Star Wars stories?
  20. I figured we could use a dedicated social media/spoilers thread for My Big Fat Fabulous Life! Here is where we can put all our awesome Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/etc sleuthing for past, current or future storylines and characters on the show. Spill the T, gang!