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Found 714 results

  1. Lady Calypso

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    Here is where you can start discussing the live feeds for season 21. Reminder than any non-feeds interviews should go in the media thread.
  2. This is similar to the X-Men thread, but it's for The Avengers and all the movies that take place in that specific universe, and casting and production news for announced films. After all the hubbub of Edgar Wright leaving Ant-Man, and a bunch of people turning the job down, Marvel settled on Peyton Reed to direct the film. I'm going against the grain on this one. I don't think it will ultimately make a big difference. Ant-Man was never going to the biggest or best movie in the MCU anyway. I don't think it will flop at all. It will be following Avengers: The Age of Ultron by just about two months and will get a boost there. I think it will do fine even if it's unspectacular. Marvel also announced that Scott Derrickson will direct Doctor Strange. Supposedly both Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch are up for the starring role. I have my doubts that it will be either one though.
  3. Discuss 2019 Auditions, Finals, and Training Camp here!
  4. Alright... I'll start a topic that's not allowed on TWOP for our beloved Supernatural because apparently we have not behaved well in the past. But we're better than that now... RIGHT?!?! Right. So....here's I go... Spoilers I know of thus far (sticking with big things...I'll figure out the whole linking etc... later). - Misha is obviously in Metafiction EP 9.18, and then the last three (EP 9.21 King of the Damned, EP 9.22 Stairway to Heaven, and EP 2.23 untitled finale). - Curtis Armstrong obvious in EP 9.18 as well as Tahmoh Penikett - Kim Rhodes (Jodi Mills) is in EP 9.19 Alex Alexis Annie Ann -- which is by far the most intriguing title and has the least bit of spoilers. Other tidbits: - There's a dark haired actress who has a prominent role in 9.19. Actress name is Katherine Ramdeen and she posted alot on Twitter while filming. I'm wondering if she is one or all of the titular characters. - Jensen mentioned he was doing pushups these days due to Mark of Cain. Now I'm wondering if it was also tied to shower scene. Brave soul. - Jensen and Jared are currently filming exteriors in Chicago for 9.20 Bloodlines. So there's some starter dough.
  5. James Scott OUT. I guess this makes sense in view of Alison Sweeney's departure, but wow! According to the article he wraps up his scenes today and will be gone before Alison. http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/exclusive-james-scott-done-days
  6. Welcome to the discussion topic for the three-way DC-verse crossover coming your way in December 2018! This is for discussion and speculation about the crossover only. Spoilers will be shared freely so enter at your own risk. Things to be aware of: 1) This is NOT another Mind Your Surroundings so any non-crossover talk will be removed. For example: -We know Batwoman is in the crossover. If she shows up on Arrow, Flash, or Supergirl pre-crossover, it's off-limits. Talk about it in the show's individual spoiler thread. -We know Gotham City is in the crossover. If anyone on Arrow, Flash, or Supergirl visits the city pre-crossover, it's off-limits. Talk about it in the show's individual spoiler thread. -If spoilers reveal that Diggle gets doused with magic and grows wings for five minutes during the episode before the crossover, it's off-limits. Talk about it in the Arrow spoiler thread. -If spoilers reveal that the Flash 100th episode, which airs before the crossover, is just Barry singing and dancing around Central City, it's off-limits. Talk about it in the Flash spoiler thread. -If spoilers reveal that one's of Winn's recurring episodes includes him coming back to National City at the end of the episode before the crossover and narrowly misses seeing Kara who has left for Earth Prime, it's off-limits. Talk about it in the Supergirl spoiler thread. -If there's any indication that Diggle's wings, Barry's theatrics, and Winn's return will have anything to do with the crossover, then you may include it in this discussion. 2) You may be wondering why this thread is in the Legends Of Tomorrow forum. Two reasons: 1) your mods thought it would be fun and, 2) LOT's absence from the crossover means its forum is neutral territory. As always, remember to be civil to your fellow posters. There's nothing wrong with total agreement, total disagreement, and everything in between. The mods are going to be strict about this so please keep this in mind before you submit your posts. Enjoy!
  7. Pete Martell

    Spoilers and Speculation

    I thought that we might be better off having a separate thread for people who want to speculate without spoilers. If so I guess someone can create that. http://www.eonline.com/news/531345/spoiler-chat-the-walking-dead-orphan-black-shameless-parks-and-recreation-and-more
  8. This is your newly created discussion thread for Season 40 of Survivor Speculation and Spoilers.
  9. Rhondinella

    House Stark: Winter Is Coming

    Discuss House Stark hereth.
  10. I figured we could use a dedicated social media/spoilers thread for My Big Fat Fabulous Life! Here is where we can put all our awesome Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/etc sleuthing for past, current or future storylines and characters on the show. Spill the T, gang!
  11. I love watching Sansa learn, and adapt, and survive. I also like that her Stark/Tully strength comes out more like her mother's does: she uses courtesy to keep her head and her place, hides her feelings, and works for her own ends in the back channels.
  12. Discuss Gender, Race, Ethnicity, and LGBT in Movies Here!
  13. Here's your place for spoilers and spoiler discussion!
  14. As we inch closer to the premiere date, news about the show is gonna start leaking out. (Like, f'r instance, clips of audition tapes turning up on a comic book news site). So hey, if you come across any verified news about the show, post it here.
  15. Discuss Colt & Larissa here! *AND DEBBIE, DON'T FORGET DEBBIE.
  16. Lisin

    The Flash in the Media

    Here's your media thread!
  17. Your Spoilers And Spoiler Speculation Topic!
  18. This is the place to post spoilers for new episodes/seasons of Veronica Mars. I'll start. /Film's review mentions Logan proposing to Veronica. Has anyone else seen that or any other spoilers? Or is everyone (else) too grown up to spoil, now that we'll get the whole fourth season at once? This TV Guide review has me a little worried, so I guess I'm concerned about the big twist (which I doubt hinges on Logan's question or Veronica's answer). That smells like a major death to me. Kristen has said she's taking a social media hiatus once the new season goes live on Hulu. All I keep thinking is, "Rob, what did you do? What did you do?"
  19. Timothy, 38 (North Carolina) and Jeniffer, 25 (Colombia) After coming across Jeniffer’s online profile, Timothy was instantly smitten. Now, he’s traveling to Colombia to meet her in person for the first time and plans to propose. But with Jeniffer being a total knockout, he’s worried she won’t fall head over heels when they finally meet. Plus Tim’s close relationship with his ex-fiancé, Veronica, as well as the pressure of proving himself to be a capable step-father to Jeniffer’s 18-month-old daughter, may be hurdles that neither of them are fully prepared for.
  20. BB21 competition results here.
  21. Since a soap opera is nothing without spoilers, I figured that I should start a thread where they can be posted and discussed as much as possible. One such spoiler is that the impending bisexual love triangle will involve Nicole, Zende and the new guy Christian, who's a bisexual designer. At first, it seems like Christian has the hots for Nicole, but it's Zende he really wants-and vice versa. I have my doubts about this storyline. Knowing these writers and the way they've treated LGBT characters, chances are Christian will either be treated like a saint, ala Maya or a non-entity, like Caroline and her two moms.
  22. Hey, have you heard that there's a spinoff in development? One that takes characters from both Arrow and The Flash? Talk about that here, please!
  23. It’s time for a Series 12 spoilers and news topic with occasional production news coming in http://cultbox.co.uk/news/doctor-who-series-12-jamie-stone-directs-the-first-filming-block The director of the first filming block, partially done in South Africa and the rest in Cardiff currently, is reportedly Jamie Stone. Stone directed a Who short The Last Day