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Found 810 results

  1. As most of us have learned, Y&R episodes air in Canada one day before they air in the US. This thread is meant to be a place where viewers in Canada can openly discuss the episodes the day they air without worrying about spoiling anything for viewers outside of Canada. Anything that happens in the episode is fair game for discussion, and spoiler tags are unnecessary. (Of course, if you do talk about spoilers that come from some other source, use the spoiler tags as usual.) This thread is certainly NOT meant to banish our Maple Leaf buds to the hinterlands of the Yukon Territories. In fact, I hope there is a lot of border crossing. Viewers in Canada can still pop over to the "Getting to Genoa You" thread to discuss anything up to and including the episode which airs in the US. And I'm sure there will be plenty of people from outside of Canada who don't mind spoilers who will check in to this thread and join the discussion.
  2. This is your newly created discussion thread for Season 40 of Survivor Speculation and Spoilers.
  3. James Scott OUT. I guess this makes sense in view of Alison Sweeney's departure, but wow! According to the article he wraps up his scenes today and will be gone before Alison. http://www.soapoperadigest.com/content/exclusive-james-scott-done-days
  4. Discuss comparisons here. Note that there is a thread for the original Roswell if you just want to reminisce,
  5. Discuss Darcey and Jesse here! ***All of the couples' threads are spoiler zones, as indicated by the red spoiler tag next to the thread name. If anyone is looking for spoiler-free conversation, they should stick to the episode threads.
  6. Geoffrey, 41 (Knoxville, Tennessee) and Varya, 30 (Russia) Following the tragic loss of his son and the end of his second marriage, Geoffrey felt hopeless. However, after he met Varya on a dating site, and the two bonded over the love for adventure, he thought he met his perfect match. However, Geoffrey wants to fly to Russia and prove to Varya’s family that he is worthy of her love.
  7. Ed, 54 (San Diego) and Rosemarie, 23 (Philippines) Ed hasn’t been in a relationship in the last 28 years and is ready to love again. However, his 31 year age gap with Rosemarie and the disapproval of Ed’s only daughter may threaten their happily ever after.
  8. Darcey, 44 (Connecticut) and Tom, 39 (United Kingdom) Darcey is back on Before the 90 Days, but this time she’s got a new man. British businessman Tom is Darcey’s ‘James Bond,’ and he’s just the positive energy she’s been searching for. Although they met online four years ago (pre-Jesse!) they never exclusively dated and never met in person. Now Darcey is finally ready to travel to the U.K. and hopefully start a relationship that will last a lifetime. I should win a fucking Emmy for this topic title. I made myself LOL.
  9. David, 60 (Las Vegas, NV) and Lana, 27 (Ukraine) After swearing off American women, David joined a Ukrainian dating site where he met Lana. After speaking to one another online for seven years, David plans to make his fourth trip to the Ukraine. David, who has spent roughly $100,000 on Lana, has tried to meet her on three other occasions, but she backed out the trip each time. David is giving Lana one last chance to meet in person or he will end their relationship for good. Will Lana prove to David that she was worth the wait, or will he be left disappointed once again?
  10. I thought that we might be better off having a separate thread for people who want to speculate without spoilers. If so I guess someone can create that. http://www.eonline.com/news/531345/spoiler-chat-the-walking-dead-orphan-black-shameless-parks-and-recreation-and-more
  11. Discuss season three with spoilers here!
  12. Here is your thread to discuss/speculate on who may be auditioning for the 2020-2021 DCC squad.
  13. Yolanda, 51 (Las Vegas, NV) and Williams, 40 (England) After Yolanda’s husband passed away, she took on a healthier lifestyle and lost 150 pounds. She shared her transformation online and caught the eye of William, who messaged her. They began an online relationship but haven’t had a video chat during the four years they have been together. Although Yolanda is excited to travel to the UK to meet the man of her dreams, her daughter is worried William will catfish her mother. Will William turn out to be the perfect guy for Yolanda, or will her she realize her daughter was right to doubt her overseas lover?
  14. Historical sidebars, post-war British politics, show inaccuracies or questions, etc.
  15. Stephanie, 29 (Yonkers, NY) and Erika, 24 (Australia) As a social media influencer, Stephanie didn’t consider the idea of finding love online until she entered into an online relationship with one of her fans, Erika. The two have been together for the past three months, and Stephanie plans to leave New York to meet the woman she loves. However, getting her family to accept her decision may be difficult since she has not told them about her sexual orientation and has a rare bone marrow disorder.
  16. Lisa, 52 (York, PA) and Usman "SojaBoy", 30 (Nigeria) Lisa was immediately smitten when she stumbled across Usman’s profile on social media. She later learned that he is a famous musician in Nigeria, and he even wrote a song about her. Unfortunately, Lisa can’t hide her jealousy over Usman’s female fans and has had trouble accepting his career. Will Lisa be able to win over Usman’s family and prove she’s strong enough to handle his lifestyle?
  17. A place to discuss particular episodes, challenges and moments from the show's run. Please remember this isn't a complete catch-all topic -- check out the forum for personality topics and other places for show-related talk.
  18. I figured we could use a dedicated social media/spoilers thread for My Big Fat Fabulous Life! Here is where we can put all our awesome Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/etc sleuthing for past, current or future storylines and characters on the show. Spill the T, gang!
  19. Tania was actually on a trip to South Africa to meet another man who she had met on a dating app. When that meeting fell through, she stayed in South Africa and continued traveling. She met Syngin while he was working as a bartender and went home with him the first night she met him. She, then, stayed in South Africa for over four months and now Syngin is coming to America to be with her. This may be one of the most solidified relationships in 90 Day Fiance history. The pair have actually known each other for a substantial amount of time, unlike some of the other couples, so it will be interesting to see how this plays out.
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