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  1. To be fair, it was my 75 year old mother in law, but still - 5:30 am!
  2. I looked at a couple of websites about Pyrex and other similar types of glass (Fireking & Glasbake) and tried searching for those names plus vintage green white bowl. Then I did the same on Etsy and eBay and lucked out. It was interesting to read about the different companies that made this type of glass.
  3. Guests that take early morning flights requiring me to take them to the airport at 5:30 am.
  4. Thank you! I love a good mystery. It was fun to look at vintage Pyrex and the Pyrex-like brands, which I knew nothing about. My grandmother had a set of Pyrex mixing bowls that I loved.
  5. @TattleTeeny, I see a couple of places that have identified it as a Hazel Atlas bowl — Etsy. Apparently they aren’t always marked. I also saw a red and white striped Hazel Atlas bowl that has the similar scalloping at the top here.
  6. I wonder why he doesn’t ditch plural marriage himself? They only reason I can think of is the show, because without plural marriage there is nothing interesting about any of the Browns. So much for marriage as a scared vow, I guess.
  7. I have family visiting, so lots of food. Lunch was homemade hummus, tzatziki, roasted red peppers, marinated artichokes, roasted eggplant, Greek meatballs and homemade pita (it actually puffed!). Dinner was saag paneer, chana masala, red lentils, raita, and naan. Oh, and somewhere in there was an orange ricotta pound cake.
  8. It would not surprise me if Gary continued on Teen Mom because he knows that Amber would be even worse off if she wasn’t on Teen Mom, and without Leah/Gary/Kristina, there is no reason for Amber to be on. Without the show and the money, Amber would be even more aimless and likely fall back into drugs. There’s no way she would get a job, and she doesn’t stand a chance at being any kind of influencer. At least this way she’s not homeless.
  9. Jaguar the car or jaguar the animal? With Burton it really could be either.
  10. I’m so sorry, @isalicat. Louis sounds like he was a wonderful companion. They always leave us too soon.
  11. That was a call back to The Last Ride (season 4) when Gina is pranking everyone by telling them they are drinking cement. I legit teared up when Holt and Jake had their moment. Andre Braugher has an amazing smile.
  12. I am here for this. I loved The Dropout podcast and just started Bad Blood (which was a great read).
  13. My money is on Kristina to finish school before Amber does. And actually do something with her education. She’s setting a good example for Leah.
  14. if Jill were capable of feeling shame, she absolutely should. Her slobbering over Jonathan is pathetic. Poor Kaylee - she’s not even the center of attention in her own courtship. I hope that Jonathan thinks Kaylee is the bee’s knees.
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