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  1. It looks like something that Tim Burton would reject for being too weird.
  2. I think this is another example of how being on Teen Mom has really stunted most of the women. They may have money but very little experience in the way the world works. If they had jobs the would have to figure out things like a paycheck, insurance, taxes, retirement, etc.
  3. Yeah, that’s nothing to brag about. I graduated at 17 because my birthday is in late August, just before the cut off for enrollment. I also started college when I was 17. Big deal.
  4. I did have luck finding a company to install mini split air conditioning, so I suppose I should be thankful for that!
  5. I’m surprised she removed them. Usually when she’s caught in a lie she doubles down.
  6. Good luck! Hopefully putting down a deposit gets you on their schedule. I actually have multiple projects that need to be done (total renovation of the main bath, replacing the front stairs/porch columns) but I’m not even going to try right now. None need to be done immediately, but it’s frustrating that I have the money but can’t find anyone to do the work.
  7. Does she think that the rest of us take a course in school about it? I grew up lower middle class and didn’t learn anything about insurance (or anything financial) from my parents. With all of the health issues Ali has, you would think she would learn something about insurance.
  8. Modest swimwear is also great for those of us that are super pale and sun-adverse. Even with a lot of sunscreen, I will burn if I’m out in the sun or water. The more coverage the better for me. I’m glad Jill is feeling comfortable wearing swimwear now.
  9. Wow, that’s a lot less than I was expecting. Is that across all of her jobs (Young Life, podcast, etc.)? Doesn’t she have a nanny too?
  10. I assume there are logs in both of her eyes, so she’s effectively blind to hypocrisy.
  11. Zach would be fine just living on the farm, but not if he has to do any work. He seems to do as little as possible. Agree Amy could use some skin care. I think some of it is sun damage.
  12. And this is why we can’t have nice things. People ruin everything.
  13. Oh, that’s wonderful news about Willow!
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