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  1. How would blaming Carlin free Josh? That’s ridiculous even by Duggar logic. Not doubting your reporting @Gemma Violet, but Anna’s thought process is more twisted than a pretzel.
  2. Wait, that’s not a picture of Robyn? I think that would fool Kody.
  3. I swear that Jill and family eat out more than my husband and I (even before Covid). And we both have salaried jobs!
  4. It looks like an evil Easter bunny costume.
  5. Has it been confirmed that any of the Bates boys participated in the attack on the capitol? Wildly speculating here, but if any of them were there and are being charged, that would qualify as a scandal.
  6. Would the assets in Anna’s name count though, since they are married? I remember there was speculation that assets were being specifically moved to Anna after the raid (one of the LLCs). Is there any possibility that Josh will have to pay a fine, in addition to the jail time?
  7. Leverage also had a couple of season finales that would have been fine as a series finale, especially season.
  8. I watched Sons of Anarchy to the bitter end for the sole purpose of seeing several of the main characters finally get the ending they deserved. Except Bobby Elvis and Wendy, everyone else could just go to hell at that point.
  9. I hope you try making them. I was surprised by how easy they are. I’m going to make the bagel sandwiches in the recipe for lunch tomorrow.
  10. I made bagels! They turned out great. I’m going to make cheddar bagels next time.
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