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  1. I found 2 N95 masks while cleaning out my basement! It was like Christmas came early.
  2. It’s for science! Frankly, I don’t know how anyone watches this show sober.
  3. I think so too, which is why I didn’t say anything. I wish there was something nice I could do for the Amazon/UPS drivers, but I’m not sure about leaving out bottles of water and granola bars now - would they even take them these days? If anyone has an ideas, I’d love to do something for them.
  4. @the-grey-lady, don’t leave us hanging - how many Oreos can a human consume in one night and not die? I gots to know!
  5. I really think Cate we benefit from having a real job, so she has to think about something other than herself for several hours a day. She needs to get out of her head and do something productive.
  6. I was outside in my driveway and the Amazon delivery person ran over to give me my packages. I was startled. Drop them on my doorstep (which was closer) like you always do! In happier news, I was able to schedule a pick up of a produce box from a store in my old neighborhood. The contents are pre-selected, but it has everything I wanted plus milk, eggs and cookies. You pull up and they load it into your trunk. Should be enough to last 3 weeks. It’s also near a great liquor store that is also doing drive up pick up, so I don’t have to go in there either.
  7. @smittykins I had this magnetic bowl and tray set for the Kitties Gunderson OG. Kitty Gunderson the Younger, who was the main offender, never managed to tip it over despite her best efforts. There are also these silicone and metal combos that look like they would be difficult to turn over (unless Shadow is determined to go all Real Housewives on it and flip the entire thing).
  8. @Spunkygal, I have heard good things about Flamingo’s hair removal strips (@Target) but haven’t tried them myself.
  9. Kody calling out Meri for having poor relationships with the other children and wives is ironic. Kody barely pays any attention to the kids that aren’t Robyn’s, and i can’t imagine that Janelle or even Christine think that their relationships with Kody are all that great. Kody seems to think he has played no part in where things stand between him and Meri. He takes as much responsibility for the current situation as his does for the majority of his kids. He wants all the glory and none of the work. He is perfectly free to “spiritually” divorce Meri - just like he did legally - so why hasn’t he? Easier to bitch about Meri than divorce her or work on their relationship. I’m not a big fan of Meri, but Kody isn’t powerless in this situation, he’s just lazy.
  10. @Yeah No, I am so sorry for your loss. Your father sounds like a wonderful person, and a terrific father. Your tribute to him here was just beautiful, and brought tears to my eyes. I hope that your happy memories of him can bring you some comfort during this difficult time, and that you will have the opportunity to celebrate his life properly when this situation improves. I will raise a toast to Russell today, and light a candle in his memory.
  11. I’ve been working at home since 3/9 and am getting tired of it! I used to work at home on Fridays, so I was already set up for it, but it’s very different doing it for weeks on end. This last week was not very productive, I had trouble concentrating and general malaise. Today I am going to make a list of everything I need to complete this week in hopes that will keep me on track. I also need to set a sleep routine and stick to it. Too many late nights but not sleeping in. My team and I touch base either by Skype or chat everyday, but it’s no substitute for being in person. I finally have a team I really like, so it’s hard to go back to feeling like I’m working alone again. I won’t be back in the office until at least early May but my company will be doing staggered returns and I’m so far down the list of people who need to be there in person that I think it’s more likely to be June before Im back in the office.
  12. Steak tips, roasted potatoes, and green beans with almonds.
  13. I replaced our shower head with a new rainfall shower head that also has a handheld shower head. I haven’t taken a shower with it yet, but I am loving the handheld part for rinsing the tub after cleaning! I don’t know why I didn’t do this years ago. (We had to put off redoing the entire bathroom, so this is a little thing I can do).
  14. I will add to drawstrings from sweatpants (assuming you don’t need the drawstring) and hair ties.
  15. Sheet pan gnocchi with bell peppers, tomatoes and chicken sausage. I am contemplating a root beer float for dessert
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