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  1. I have also gone down the rabbit hole of watching the brothers react to music. My favorites so far are Nina Simone’s Feeling Good and The Rolling Stones Give Me Shelter. But I have to say they make me feel so old!
  2. Who could resist scratching this tummy?
  3. I think a group of Eyeores would be called a glaring. And I’m totally behind the name change.
  4. Isaac’s Storm is my second favorite Erik Larsen book. I love a well-written disaster story.
  5. My money is on Elizabeth. I also have an August birthday, but late in the month so I’m a Virgo, not a Leo (just barely missed it)
  6. It sounds like Kelly Ripa wasn’t aware that you are supposed to keep the glass doors open when you have a fire going. I wouldn’t bet that Jer and Auj know that.
  7. @Scarlett45, I have no idea if my car has Bluetooth or USB! I take public transportation to work, so use the car mostly for running errands. I guess I’ve never needed either one of those things, but now I’m curious. My car has at least 5 more years on it so I’ll just have to dream about all the fancy stuff for now. Stupid reliable Subarus.....
  8. @Jenniferbug, so glad that you and your family are okay, but sorry about all of the damage. My relatives in Iowa had damage as well (trees down, one through the roof). This seems like a weird weather year in many places.
  9. I have a 10 year old Subaru Outback with less than 50,000 miles on it. There is part of me that would really like a new car, especially after driving a loaner from the dealer. My car doesn’t have any of the “fancy” things that are now standard, like lane warnings and backup camera. I do have heated seats, though!
  10. Glad to hear everyone is doing okay and it was not a big one. I swear 2020 has it in for all of us. There was an earthquake in Memphis, 1992 maybe? It cracked a window in my dorm room and set off car alarms, but it was so short that I didn’t really notice anything. There is a huge fault line there but it isn’t that active I guess. There are small ones in my general area of New England as well every once in a while. I’m sure that if I were ever in a real earthquake I would be terrified. When I was in San Francisco several years ago I was staying on the 30-something floor of a hotel and the thought of an earthquake crossed my mind every night.
  11. My favorite Eric Larsen book is In the Garden of Beasts. It’s about the US Ambassador to Germany and his family in the years preceding WW II. It’s a really fascinating and sobering look at Hitler’s rise to power through the eyes of Americans, as it slowly became clear to them what was happening, and how they tried to make it understood to the President and other members of the Administration.
  12. @Oldernowiser, I’m so sorry for your loss. Your mom sounds lovely. You’re in my thoughts. @Westiepeach, happy birthday!
  13. What do the Duggars have against curtains? They either don’t have them, or they are stapled to the wall. The only ones who seem to have them are the daughters-in-law.
  14. I love that Nurie ditched the heavy makeup and teased hair! I hope that this is a permanent shift to a more modern and fresh look. Even her smile looks more genuine and relaxed. She and Nathan do look happy in the picture - good for them!
  15. That’s one of my pet peeves too! I can’t find cotton knit shorts with a 7 inch inseam. 3 or 5 inch are everywhere, but then the length skips right to 10 inch. I only wear shorts around the house but still, the 5 inch are too short for me and I’m tugging them down all day.
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