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  1. Do you all think they take the painkillers (opiates) usually prescribed when you have your wisdom teeth out, or is that too much like taking “drugs?”
  2. May I whine about something truly unimportant in the grand scheme of things? There is utility work happening on my street and is scheduled to continue for weeks. They are currently digging a large trench in the middle of the street to lay new gas lines. It is noisy (including constant beeping and a high pitched squeal) plus the vibrations rattle the windows and give me a low-level headache. It’s hard to focus and to hear conference calls. The worst though is that I CAN’T GET TO STARBUCKS. Thank you for listening to Basic Bitches Bitching. We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming.
  3. Jenelle’s pissed at Barb again. This time it’s because Barb won’t let Jace live at Jenelle’s full time until the custody order is changed. Apparently Barb found out that she would be in contempt of court if Jace was living with Jenelle while Barb still has legal custody. Surprise surprise, Jenelle doesn’t care about 1) the law or 2) Barb getting in trouble.
  4. What an honor! You must be so proud. I hope you don’t forget us now that your cat is famous!
  5. My guess (based on some personal experience) is that the kids don’t call enough and don’t make the life choices the mom thinks they should. This of course is a highly anecdotal evidence 😉
  6. I am the middle of 3, with both the oldest and the youngest having mental health issues. My older sister was a horrible bully to me and my younger brother stole from me and bullied me (I don’t use the term bully lightly; it was systematic and over the course of years, not an occasional thing). Neither faced anything in the way of consequences - at best they were told to knock it off, and I was supposed to “ignore them.” There were also much higher expectations of me, and more restrictions (I think because they couldn’t control my siblings, they were going to control me.) it should be no surprise that I went to college 700 miles away as soon as I could, and haven’t lived near any of my family since. As an adult I try to appreciate that my parents were doing the best that they could at the time, and I don’t feel like I have unresolved issues to deal with concerning my family, I kind of just don’t care that much about them. I’m surprisingly okay with that.
  7. You know Jill is not selling to them at cost. Parents shouldn’t try to make money off of their children, but I suppose that that’s been Jill and David’s plan from the beginning, so why stop now.
  8. My guess is that Jer assumes he will work for McCarthy.
  9. Has never been said about any Duggar, ever.
  10. Crate & Barrel, because I’m a basic bitch (who needs new furniture).
  11. I would love for this to be Christine - maybe she is a stealthy bitch! It’s definitely not Jenelle, since she barely has the energy to exist.
  12. Or maybe Momma Spivey had it made! That seems like a thing she would do. I had 4 impacted wisdom teeth removed at the same time, and developed a horrible case of dry sockets. On top of that, the pain meds made me vomit, which is hell when you have stitches in your mouth. Then all I got was plain Tylenol for the pain, which did not help at all. I also had to go back to work on Monday (and go to the dentist every other day for a week to have the sockets checked and irrigated). Where’s my forken banner?!
  13. Did they seriously have a banner made for Justin’s wisdom teeth removal?! JFC.
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