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  1. @2727, I had water damage in a room from ice dams in my roof (thanks, winter of 2015!) and after they removed the drywall (4x9 section) we had to run the industrial fan for 2 weeks to dry it out. I hope yours goes faster!
  2. I wouldn’t give her money for transportation, and I wouldn’t make a big deal of her birthday, maybe a card and modest gift certificate at most. I hate to say it, but I would suspect that she only wants to get together to get her birthday gift. I’m so sorry that’s you are going through this with her. As you said, she’s young and immature, and it sounds like her father and his family are just enabling her. My brother was similar as a teenager/young adult, but grew out of it (finally!) in his late 20s. I hope your daughter matures and comes to appreciate you and everything you’ve done for her.
  3. Don’t forget the creamed spinach!
  4. Jackson is super cute, and Tori takes really good pictures.
  5. Spaghetti with meat sauce in the Instant Pot. I was a bit skeptical about how it would turn out, but it was really good.
  6. So Amber’s bringing a machete to a gunfight. Sounds just about stupid enough.
  7. For those of us who easily bruise - try a product with arnica. I find them with the muscle pain remedies in the drug store. It does seem to help my bruises fade a little faster.
  8. I’m pleasantly surprised by a Duggar woman working up until the final days of her pregnancy. I always pictured the rest of them lying on the birthing couch for the last two months of their pregnancies.
  9. Yes, go to Sephora for tips. Generally you can use just your finger tips, a foundation brush (a good investment, and Sephora’s own brand of brushes are reasonably priced), a makeup sponge (white triangle for single use, get them at any drugstore) or a Beauty Blender (or a knock off brand), which is a tear dropped-shaped colorful sponge. I prefer a small kabuki brush; mine’s from Sigma (bought at Nordstrom).
  10. I made gazpacho for lunch and served with toasted focaccia bread. Dessert was peaches that were so juicy and sweet I’m wishing I had bought more. For dinner I’m making bacon-braised green beans, pretzel crusted chicken tenders with hot honey, and biscuits. Between my crazy work schedule this summer and the heat I feel like I’ve barely cooked anything in months.
  11. @funky-rat, I find Ask a Manager to be really helpful. She has advice on resumes, cover letters, how to prepare for an interview, and answers to tough questions. Good luck! ETA - I swear I don’t have any connection to Ask a Manager. I thought I was in the Counting On small talk forum, not this one. It’s been a long week....
  12. Not having to show up for work everyday gives them an advantage I guess.
  13. The first picture is delightful. Ivy's got side-eye game! She and Sam should get together.
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