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  1. The baby popping out looking not so cute is a real fear ;) My current pet peeve is when people park their cars with their bumpers stuck out too far in parking garage spaces. Pull all the way up! It can be a very tight squeeze driving past otherwise.
  2. I get mine colored in Dallas. Sometimes I get a trim. The cost with tip is between 180$-260$.
  3. Great! Well, I hope you can be less stressed and that things go smoothly. Keep us updated please. So happy for you.
  4. The teenage girls I've seen around here in TX and Florida seem to love strappy flat metallic or brown sandals, high rise and super short thin cotton or linen shorts with designs. They generally wear a crop top or flowy tank and lots of necklaces. Sometimes they wear Keds or Vans tennis shoes instead. The hair is long and wavy or straight. They seem to be all sizes. It's not my style and I don't like half seeing a teen's butt cheek. I'm all for dressing how you want and being body confident. It's the age thing that bothers me, especially when I quickly notice a middle aged man staring. It's bot
  5. Congratulations mountainair!!!!!!! So, when are you likely due?
  6. She sounds rude, in my opinion. It was nice she gave you a ride, but she still doesn't sound like a good friend. Applecrisp, I see you being friends with caring and sensitive people.
  7. Good luck with the possible pregnancy!
  8. I agree for my experience. I've felt fatigued lately but so far not over the top emotional or having cravings. I've felt overwhelmed a few times, but I've been by myself and just waited until the wave of worry passed. Mostly, I've been fine. My weight settled down where I want it, and my mood has been good overall. The baby is moving a lot now. I enjoy him bumbling all around in there. Trying to name him though. It's hard! There's a spider loose in my car. I saw it last night and been very itchy whenever I think about it. I imagine him coming down on my head and face while I'm driving. Not co
  9. I don't. My family was happy I got a divorce given the circumstances. They'd be worried and unsupportive though if I just wanted a divorce for reasons they found not a big deal, I think, especially since I can't really take care of myself well. But, they'd step in to help again. So, in the end, they'd get over it. And shame wouldn't really be the issue. My parents are focused on money and stability.
  10. Totally going off the conversation here. I think I've been easy to get along with during my pregnancy, but I've found one thing I can't stand when people say. They ask how far along I am. I say it, then they respond, "yeah, that looks about right." It doesn't bother me if they say I look bigger or smaller than they'd have thought. That I don't care about. I care when they act like there's a possibility I could be too dumb or ignorant to know how far along I am. "That's about right"......?!?! No. It is right. Hush up.
  11. Made it back from Mexico. I had a wonderful time.
  12. Did somebody call my name? ;)
  13. That's so great all around, Maharincess!!!
  14. I like the hot and cold game. It's safer in my opinion than hide and seek. One person hides a toy of some sort. Then, that person goes around with the second person saying hot or hotter if the person is going in the correct direction to find the toy and saying cold or colder if they turn the wrong way.
  15. How much was in the small glass? Did you feel really strange? That's funny but hope you didn't get sick!! My step dad would drink rum and Coke but lie to me that it was just soda. I knew it smelled odd from even when I was really young.
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