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  1. lizzyp

    S02.E10: Breezy

    I wish the seasons were longer- it feels like storylines were too rushed. Madame was one that should have shown more, for sure. Why put her in a wheelchair then reveal that she can walk and then not explain why they put her in the wheelchair? Maybe it'll come out next season?
  2. lizzyp

    S02.E09: Til Death

    Random question- does anyone know who makes the pj's Polly wore at the beginning of the episode?
  3. lizzyp

    S02.E09: Til Death

    Is Chapter 20 in my book.
  4. lizzyp

    S02.E09: Til Death

    Dammit if this silly, outrageous trashy show doesn't know exactly how to make me tear up! Polly and her sister, Virginia cleaning the apartment and labeling all the food, Bryce and Jenn getting turned down at the bank, Desna and Dean at the end...then the rollercoaster heads back up when Bryce offs the Rabbi or Roller wants to know why they can't just sell the drugs to the kids from across the park, They really do sneak some great writing in, in between the outrageous stuff!
  5. lizzyp

    S02.E08: Crossroads

    I am really conflicted regarding Anne and Arlene. Yes, Arlene had a very good point when she said she was doing what she had to do to get her career back after Anne drugged her and got her fired. However, Arlene was at the same time using Anne to further her career so it wasn't like she 1) didn't know who and what Anne was from the beginning, and 2) wasn't using Anne to further her own agenda. It isn't like Arlene was completely innocent. That is one of my favorite things about this show. It really forces me to look at behavior from both perspectives and ask if my side of the street is really as clean as I like to think it is. Most of the time the answer is no.
  6. lizzyp

    S02.E07: Burn

    ...oooooohhhhhh- I hadn't looked at it like that, but that is a very good possibility! It makes me feel better. I don't like it when the girls are upset with each other.
  7. lizzyp

    S02.E06: Double Dutch

    I loved The World According to Garp but I also have serious issues with Jenn's act. I'm interested to see how it will play out though, because just because the scene was written and filmed doesn't mean it is condoned. They could be setting up some serious other shoes to fall. I hope so. Especially after crazy swamp lady last season. I would hope they learned a lesson from how icky that was. I think if it doesn't get some kind of slap back I'll reconsider my investment in the show.
  8. lizzyp

    S02.E05: Vaginalologist

    I have to ask because the suspense is killing me- Doctor Terrific started love bombing Desna before Zlata ever showed up. Now Doc and Zlata are in cahoots to set Desna up as the patsy. So do we think Zlata knew she was going to come to Palmetto and off Reva, so she made a point of getting to know some of the locals before hand? Or that she didn't meet Doc until after she got there, but they became tight enough to work together and trust one another in a very short time. I think the sex is just sex, so I'm not including that in my calculus but wondering how long Doc and Zlata have been working together is really bothering me because of his meetings with Uncle Daddy. Are they really working together or are they just using each other- I NEED TO KNOW! With regard to a possible Roller redemption/ reuniting with Desna- I hope not, and so far this show has done a pretty good job of not falling into the obvious cliches, so I'm going to trust them for now. Roller is being rehabbed, no doubt, but I can see them going a completely different way like Roller falls in love with Mail Order Bride- they team up to take down Zlata but Bride (of Bogdan) dies and Roller becomes crazier and more ruthless than Uncle Daddy. Speaking of Uncle Daddy- holy wow that bar fight was bananas. Uncle Daddy is the Honey Badger and he does NOT give a shit.
  9. lizzyp


    I always thought he got some kind of reprieve for taking down the crooked warden and the judges that were taking kickbacks. Bonano strikes me as the kind who could look away from Robin Hood felonies but I can't see him being okay with knowing an escaped con was back living in his nice condo and hanging at the bar. Then again, Nate was in jail for taking down the guy that put the hit on him, so maybe that made him extra blind. But I also remember Shelley asking him 'shouldn't that bother you?' and Bonano said 'you get used to it' so....now this is gonna bug me. Darn you Anniebird!!
  10. lizzyp

    S02.E04: Scream

    I think Desna is fully aware of how crazy Zlata is, but she is also seeing that there is some method to the madness, and that the method may be valuable. She is also being seduced by the money, which is kind of exactly how they suck you in, isn't it? Give you enough of what motivates you that you start to normalize the lifestyle. Exactly what Clay did to Bryce in season 1.
  11. lizzyp

    S02.E04: Scream

    I was wondering what strings Arlene pulled with DCF to get someone to make that call -she never stopped conning Ann.
  12. lizzyp

    S02.E03: Russian Navy

    I finally got to watch the whole episode, and I am more in love with this show than ever. As tacky and crass as Zlata is, she's kinda right about a lot of things. I sort of hate myself for saying that, but she makes some valid points. Jenn's relapse was incredibly well written and sad. As a recovering alcoholic I've told several people that to this day THE best thing I've ever felt is that feeling when the alcohol hits you. She nailed it. I am always touched by the little things that show how well and how long Jenn and Desna have been friends. When Jenn warns Virgina to 'run' and when Desna calls Jenn 'black' and Jenn says she loves it when she does that. They are like real life ride or die friends who love the hell out each other enough to embrace each other's worse sides as well as the good parts. Mama is a weird situation and I'm thinking it will be Dean who points out whatever it is that makes Desna see the light. Polly is so much fun I love her scenes. That debate was just hilarious, particularly when the 'panel' gave their opinion on Jenn's claim about a 'one night stand'.
  13. lizzyp

    S02.E02: Cracker Casserole

    link417 - is that what Polly said that caused Desna to say that she loved it when Polly said things that didn't match the way she looked?
  14. ...and like I said before, he could have dropped hints, he could have used words like 'difficult' or 'passionate' or 'hot headed' but he chose to got with 'emotional terrorist' and that, to me, seemed excessive. I was talking about my feelings, I did not present it as 'fact' and I haven't claimed to know the truth. Nor have I defended Crawford because I don't know what happened. Your constant reference to 'the Twitter tinfoil hats' tells me that you are quite convinced that your opinion is correct and no other will be tolerated, so how about we just stop it all right here - I will NOT apologize for my feelings and I'm not making judgements or accusations, so it really doesn't seem like something worth 'arguing' about.
  15. I never said anything about whether one deserved to be without a job or not, I simply said that since Crawford had already been removed from the show, there was no longer any 'threat' to Wayans or any other cast or crew member, so taking it to Twitter seems excessive. I stand by that, no matter who did it or which 'side' of the stick they were on - it was a done conflict.