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  1. Meri has her issues about her appearance and her self worth and I put all of her crazy filtering in that basket because it’s too much to analyze or to care about if she isn’t going to care enough about it herself to change it “fer rills.” But one thing I will say is that I kinda like her new shorter hair cut. Her hair was a bit over processed and crunchy and I think this is a step in the right direction . . .
  2. I’m glad to see someone give Christine credit for making sure her child was put first for once in that family. But then again, what choice did she have? The sperm donor washed his hands of his child, right in front of her, no less. It proved for me that Christine is strong enough to be an independent woman and do right by herself and the children still at home. Now, what is it going to take to convince her of that?
  3. There literally is almost no difference between the two of them now. Is that on purpose, do you think?
  4. I am very conflicted about what to think of Christine. I go back and forth from feeling sorry for her (especially in the season finale), and being spitting mad at her. Look, especially on this Mother’s Day, I have to say woman, if you don’t respect and love yourself enough to get away from that piece of shit man you call a (1/4) husband, at least love and respect your children enough to get them out of there! I mean damn! Not only do they see that he doesn’t care about or know them, they have to watch other children in another household have a real dad relationship with him, and bonus - th
  5. I’ve actually seen an interview with Daniel Lissing where he says he would be happy to do something like that, but he’s not coming back. He wants to write, produce and star in his own stuff, either here or in Oz. I’ve seen him in other Hallmark stuff (December Bride) and it was okay and he said that Hallmark was great to work for.
  6. Pretty sure it will be Sunday. I’ve heard and seen a lot of interviews where they say the love triangle will end this season. Besides, I think if they tried to delay it to next season to make that the cliffhanger, you would have a lot of disgusted fans who might not come back to finally find out.
  7. This would be the one and only thing that could entice me to pay for Discovery+ 🤣 If they did a premium show with the ugly fallout, I’d be there with bells on to see the take down of the dark queen and her court jester.
  8. ARG!!! Every single link that has been posted from Instagram today has required me to logon. I don’t have Instagram, so I haven’t seen anything that has been posted as a link. Usually I don’t need an account to use the link. Wonder if that is part of the new site update? 🙁
  9. I don’t know if this has ever been suggested before, but it would solve a lot of problems if Elizabeth and Carson got together and Faith left town to be a doctor on a remote outpost somewhere. Carson and Elizabeth could have good chemistry . . . Both well educated, nurturing and considerate. Lucas could go off with Fiona and Nathan could end up with Clara after Jessie dies in a horrible logging accident . . .
  10. I think Kootie has earned Gabe’s attitude many times over and I also think many more of the children feel the same way, but Gabe has just been pushed over the edge of caring what his dad thinks and is going to say exactly how he feels. Look for it to go either way in subsequent episodes; either Gabe will get fewer scenes because Kootie doesn’t want viewers to hear what he has to say, OR he will get more scenes because the production company will think it’s hilarious and makes for good reality TV.
  11. I’ve got no snark here. No impatience with Meri’s usual shenanigans, or silly vanity, or anything else I have ever ragged on her for. Because I have been in these shoes. I have felt these feels, and it is EXACTLY the way she described it. This really got to me. Just reading this brought it all back to me and my heart is aching for all of us who have been fully grown with families of our own and all at once felt like lost little orphans in the blink of an eye. It’s scary, and it’s confusing and its heart breaking. I have only sympathy right now. I still miss my mom (gone eight years now
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