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  1. So she admits in this clip that she doesn’t know if this guy is a flake/catfish or not, but she invites him to come on a family vacation. So she is quick to expose the entire family and all of her “friends” to a stranger during a global pandemic? Wow, she really lives in her own little delusional world, doesn’t she? Couple that with the fact that production is probably paying this Nail fellow to play the voice of her Frenchman, and you’ve got a real sad situation on your hands.
  2. He’s gonna need that to keep her overinflated lips off of him. Hope he remembers to pack the iron chastity belt as well!
  3. I want to believe that with all my heart, I really do. She has every reason in the world to want out and not many to stay. But she talks a good game and that’s about it. No matter how much I want a wonderful new life for that poor, misguided soul, I don’t know if she will ever leave Kootie. I do happen to think that the first wife to leave would get her own show and/or a book deal, so I thought it would be the “always be closing” Meri. But I would love to see it be Christine or both and I would love to see them both make it to happiness on the other side of the plyg ocean. I would also l
  4. It’s worked so far. She keeps getting renewed for some reason. Next season she will be reading the newspaper on the toilet for an hour each week and we will all be tuning in and she will get renewed. Because we are all waiting for something interesting to happen. She is like a bad smell that won’t go away and you can’t figure out why.
  5. I particularly like the scene where Sobyn and Kootie are sitting at the long, opulent dining table, surrounded by his preferred family and acting like the Lord and Lady of the manor. I wonder how the other “wives” feel when they see scenes like that? The visual on comparing his life at Sobyn Manor with any of the other set ups has got to be a comical Rich Man/Poor Man scenario and a burning visual for any of them that still holds onto a glimmer of hope that they mean anything to Kootie.
  6. In the most recent pictures I have been trying to figure out what looks unusual to me. Lately Avalon looks like a mini Tony wearing a blonde wig 🙂. I guess it is the olive complexion coupled with the almost white-blonde hair that is unusual. You hardly ever see it. She is a cutie though. Now in all seriousness, I fear that with parents who are both significantly over weight, she may be genetically predisposed to obesity as well. I think if ever there was a time when Tony & Mykelti needed to rethink their nutrition and eating habits, it’s now. They owe it to that sweet little girl an
  7. I had the same procedure and they didn’t offer me anesthesia either. After the procedure I got up from the table and fainted dead way. And my son is now 30 😉 so the procedure obviously works, but it is pain I wouldn’t wish on anyone.
  8. I would not wear any sort of crop top if I had stretch marks across my belly. People’s eyes go directly to them. It’s not that I’m putting down people with stretch marks, I’m just saying that you don’t need to hang a neon sign over them or anything if you don’t feel like they are your best feature. It’s like wearing mascara or eye liner to highlight your eyes.
  9. How exactly can you be on a “painful break” with someone who doesn’t even know they are in a “relationship” with you. They have never been on a date or seen each other in person and he has never referred to her as a girlfriend. In fact he has pretty obviously discouraged her from that type of thinking/conclusion. I know this is a transparent plot device, but she is only making herself look more desperate and delusional with this “painful break” nonsense. Not only does she have no shame, she doesn’t mind insulting our intelligence while making a fool of herself.
  10. I know, I’m not questioning your reasoning at all 😊. I think there is a reason that plot line was DOA from a couple seasons ago. Even though Tal has his head up her ass further than a flexible sigmoidoscopy, I’m sure he thought it through and decided he didn’t even want to play this on TV, for fear she would hold him to it. NOBODY wants to hitch their wagon to that dumpster fire forever. Tal may want to settle down one day with the guy of his dreams and have a family. Being tied to Twit would put a severe damper on that, even though the child would be a blessing. That is some serious bag
  11. I do not see either of those men REALLY offering to do that. There is scripted reality for shock effect, and then there is real reality. Those men both have families and lives we don’t see off camera and that would effectively make them tied to her for the rest of their lives because they would feel obligation to the child and Twit would remind them constantly of that obligation while pushing the parenting and responsibility off on them. Not to mention that any child that they help her to produce would have every right to expect their full participation in their upbringing. I just don’t se
  12. I do believe there are criteria for implanting a woman with an embryo (her own or not), but in Twitney’s case she does not plan on carrying the child. She was quick to point that out and even Babs knew she would never carry a child because her first question to Twit when she made her “announcement” was “who is going to carry it?” And without even missing a beat Twit said Heather had offered. Now Heather may be getting close to not being a good candidate because of advanced maternal age and past complications during pregnancy, but Twit does not have to worry about meeting criteria. She just
  13. Oh please baby Jeebus, let that be true! Please, please, please. I just want to see one of them break free and make it. I just want SOMEONE to just tell Kootie, “you know what Koot, you ain’t all that.” The look on his Neanderthal face would be priceless and many, many funny memes would be born from it!
  14. I haven’t watched yet. Did she pee in the pool and announce it?
  15. I guess I just don’t believe a word they are saying, especially from Christine and Meri, who have both shown us for years, in words and actions, how much they hate their lives.
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