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  1. See, it's this kind of brilliant reasoning that I come here for. You are totally correct.
  2. I will say this, Matthew Morrison plays a (literally) cocky bastard extremely well.
  3. Drew's apparel and music choices are more about him trying to replicate his training environment. He has this stuff he is comfortable wearing and listening to, and if he can get into that "it's just another workout" mindset, he won't get nervous and make mistakes. It doesn't trouble me at all. The only ninja whose attire really flummoxes me is Lance Pekus with that damn cowboy hat that he always ends up removing anyway.
  4. Nothing better than a grown man whining that he isn't being praised for something he sucks at.
  5. I'm calling it now, this dude's winning the whole shebang.
  6. Drew did amazing. It was a long time coming for him! I just wish his edit had been a LITTLE more subtle. After his video package it was super obvious he would win the whole thing. I knew he definitely won, though, when his state-of-the-art, brand new ninja gym opened a couple weeks ago. That takes big money.
  7. LOL I'm sure his DMs are blowing up, as the kids say. I thought his dating service video was too vague, though. He didn't even specify if he wanted men or women. I guess that's an indicator that his relationship would really be all about him?
  8. I agree that his ego is huge. I'm not so sure about your last point that there are obviously better ninjas than him. I think he's definitely the top ninja in the game, or at least a top-3 ninja. His body awareness and control is just insane. There might be other ninjas who are better at individual skills (grip strength, power, etc) but I just think Drew is on another plane than most. Doesn't make him any more palatable for those who can't stand him, but I don't think his talent is arguable. I don't mind Drew as much as some others (Joe Moravsky and Daniel Gil are strange dudes IMO), but I definitely see the ego has grown this year.
  9. I read this as "according to HIM" and laughed out loud 😄
  10. I don't think that jumping up would make or break any of these women. Can we talk about how MAJESTIC Adam Rayl looked in that slow-motion handstand at the buzzer, dripping wet? If they make a Men of ANW calendar, that should be July.
  11. I would assume so as well! After all, stage 4 is the only stage in Vegas where every ninja knows exactly what they'll need to do in exactly what amount of time. If they are serious ninjas they've definitely trained for it.
  12. Technically I think that no matter how many folks clear stage 3, if nobody beats the time limit then nobody wins a million. Now THAT would be anticlimactic!
  13. It does seem like Adam Rayl just shows up and works it without the cutesy shit. Love that about him. And yeah the show has been having "someone wins a million" in the promos for a long time. They're not trying to keep it a secret, for whatever reason. Kind of a bummer to have that suspense gone.
  14. JPJ "don't insult my intelligence"... You keep using that phrase. I do not think that you know what it means.
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