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  1. It appeared that they had a row of three seats for the two of them (since Jack would be an infant-on-lap). She probably needed to book two seats for herself.
  2. Truth. If THAT was Spicer "trying hard" and that was the best he could do...I mean, wow.
  3. Oof, that charity war was AWFUL.
  4. Loved that Eleanor put unconscious Chidi in that sexy mailman outfit for her funeral!
  5. You don't need an ID or cash to get medical treatment. Holy crap, that'd be awful if you did. That'd mean if you were out jogging and collapsed, doctors could just refuse to take you into the ER. Even in the US with our kind of lousy medical industry, that'd be insane.
  6. I have loved Triumph since his first appearance on Conan's show (what, 20 years ago now?) and he didn't disappoint tonight.
  7. I wonder if Lindsay would have come back at all if Sean hadn't left. Obviously losing a relative is devastating but I wonder if she just wanted to GTFO of that sinking ship on some level as well. (Perhaps they addressed this during Sean's practice segments, if so forgive me, I fast-forwarded through them)
  8. Thank god he's gone. The fast-forward button on my remote was getting worn out.
  9. Hell, JENNA looked like you could've knocked her over with a feather!
  10. Hey, I'm not forcing you to imagine details, here. I'm just saying he cannot move. Meanwhile I can tell why Beek's wife is constantly pregnant.
  11. Thanks! I was unaware of this site but a google search got me there, here's a link in case anyone else didn't know about it: https://thejeopardyfan.com/
  12. I know it's too early to discuss today's episode but I am bummed because my stupid DVR didn't record it! (It's set up for a series record, and it's never just skipped an episode for me before) So when we are able to discuss, if someone could list the contestants who played and what their totals end up being at the end (approx) that would be so appreciated. Thank you in advance for your consideration!
  13. I was gobsmacked that she didn't bet it all. If she lost, she wouldn't have a shot at a wild card anyway. Might as well bet it all. That was a terrible, terrible bet.
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