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  1. ClareWalks

    King Of The Nerds

    I recently rewatched this and looked up kind of "where are they now" for the contestants, and found out that season 3 Jonathan married Heather a few years ago! And Jonathan came out as transgender last year and now goes by Jacqueline! Very happy for that couple 🙂
  2. ClareWalks

    S06.E02: Tainted

    Yep, as soon as she started whittling I was like "what the fuck are you doing, lady - yup, saw THAT coming."
  3. ClareWalks

    S11.E02: Atlanta City Qualifiers 2019.06.05

    Speaking as a personal trainer, I thought that was NUTS. I was like "girl, pick a lower-impact activity!" Ninja is not it. Swimming, cycling, even triathlon.
  4. ClareWalks

    Media Ninjas: ANW in the Media

    According to Drew Drechsel's IG, he and his girlfriend are expecting a baby in December! Link to post.
  5. ClareWalks

    All Alone In The Media

    We probably remember Barbara's name more than Mike's 😉
  6. ClareWalks

    S11.E01: Los Angeles City Qualifiers 2019.05.29

    They'll show it again Sunday, it's also on Hulu!
  7. ClareWalks

    S11.E01: Los Angeles City Qualifiers 2019.05.29

    Kyle Soderman should NOT have gone for the Mega Wall. I was yelling at the TV.
  8. The cruise company is just trying to break even from the additional buffet consumption of Whitney's "guests" 😉
  9. ClareWalks

    S10.E17: All Star Skills Special

    I think a Big Bar Hop would be fun. They could either do longer and longer bar hops, or they could do a "course" that gets more challenging (like different heights or distances apart).
  10. ClareWalks

    S04.E21: Sandra's Fight/S04.E22: Employee Appreciation Day

    I hope so too. I had a tiny interaction with Lauren Ash on Twitter years ago. She was on Conan and I tweeted her that she looked AMAZING in her dress and asked her what kind it was. She was so sweet with her reply. Everything I've seen her in, she has been my favorite part of that thing.
  11. ClareWalks

    S11.E12: Queens Everywhere

    Brooke is so Canadian, the judges read her to filth and the bitch apologized to 'em! I relate to that. I thought the obvious bottom two were AKeria and Vanjie but I guess we need to take Brooke down a notch. How rude. I normally cannot stand Silky but she was okay in this episode. She is less insufferable when nobody is criticizing her, I guess.
  12. ClareWalks

    In The Media: Fresh Off The Press

    Constance should invest in a personal journal that she could write these things in. Why the FUCK would she have TWEETED how pissed she was? And thought that nobody would question it, or think it looked bad? She just comes across as extremely naive. She's not a 15-year-old noob, she's a grown woman who's been in the business for a while.
  13. ClareWalks

    S11.E11: Bring Back My Queens!

    True, and I hope that Silky takes a page from Roxxxy's playbook and uses this experience to humble herself. Roxxxy was at least aware of the fact that she was being helped along in AS2 and she was kind and humble with the other queens. Silky seems entitled instead. She is young, she can change if she wants to. Hopefully this teaches her the value of grace and kindness.
  14. ClareWalks

    S06.E16: Cinco de Mayo

    It was the associate principal cellist, I'll have you know 😉
  15. ClareWalks

    S11.E11: Bring Back My Queens!

    Fellow Silky non-fans rejoice, we now know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Silky will NOT win a Lipsynch For the Crown.