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  1. True, it didn't end up mattering, I probably wouldn't have even noticed if she'd been the last of the round to run (since the points would have been determined). And I loved how she gaily trotted over the balance obstacle instead of sprinting balls-out like all the men do, LOL 🙂
  2. I was fine with her shenanigans until the end, when she checked her nails before hitting the buzzer. It's just a pet peeve for me when people screw around before hitting the buzzer, it always comes off as cocky (several male competitors do this every year and it annoys me).
  3. I'm not super duper familiar with the work of Adam Driver, but I've seen him in a few roles and thought he was a great actor. But seeing him on SNL...he's just SO GOOD. So well-rounded. He can really do comedy and tragedy equally well. And he never broke once, which was impressive. I've watched several of his past skits from previous hosting gigs and he really elevates the material every single time.
  4. I'm surprised so many people are so bothered by the nonexistance option. That's what afterlife means to many, many folks who are agnostic or atheist. Not sure why it's depressing, since people who choose to go through will no longer have consciousness, so it's not like they're forever sitting in darkness. Plus they only walk through when and IF they choose to.
  5. Lisa Kudrow is always perfection. I'm also glad they figured out an excellent solution for the "boring eternity" problem quite quickly. Can't wait to see what the finale has in store!
  6. Probably nobody brought it up because they explained that she was working at a pizza place when they met. Although I agree he looks like a meth head.
  7. I actually agree with critics who say that the layout of the flashbacks would be confusing to people who hadn't seen or read other versions. I was thinking that myself as I sat in the theater watching it. It didn't hinder my enjoyment of the movie, though, since I am quite familiar with the book and the 1994 film.
  8. Poor Priscilla. I hope she takes some solace in knowing all of us were like "there but for the grace of god go I." Also, I can't pass the damn online test to save my life, so I would never get as far as she did.
  9. I think she stopped uploading new info while on Earth, so she wouldn't have known what was happening between their arrival and whatever day she had to ask Alexa the question. Something like "Alexa, why is there an arrest warrant for Odell Beckham Jr?"
  10. It might not involve baby Jack but it might be a situation where Kate and Kevin are in denial while Randall is the lone voice of reason about their mom's issues. So Kate and Kevin would think nothing of letting their mom wander off alone, leading to her getting lost. Maybe that would be the catalyst for reconciliation, if so, because surely having your mom come home in a cop car is a wakeup call? Meanwhile, I am just glad that Rebecca and Miguel seemed to accept this preliminary diagnosis and didn't throw a "we're just getting old" fit in the doc's office.
  11. I never understood how Miracle Whip became a sort of dichotomous alternative to mayonnaise in our culture. They are extremely different! Although Miracle Whip definitely has its place, I always enjoyed a very thin layer of it on my BLTs. Hopefully Lindsey wasn't expecting this tenderloin place in the Midwest to have Miracle Whip instead of mayo, though, because that would be well and truly bizarre.
  12. I have managed to stick with my personal vow not to watch this garbage anymore but I am still here enjoying the snark, you guys make the world go 'round, almost as round as Whitney, HEY-YO
  13. I was apoplectic when she complained about the mayo. I yelled at the TV "you ASKED for 'EVERYTHING ON IT,' you simple bitch!" (tm John Mulaney)
  14. I almost went blind reading this but I got the first third. It seemed like Alex enjoyed saying "bitchin' mixtape" and he deserves all the joy he can get!
  15. Karen's errors finally caught up to her. To be fair, though, I also guessed Beckham (but figured I was wrong). I don't really follow "who's hot on Instagram/Twitter" so those are tricky.
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