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  1. I'm on episode 4 and disappointed that they have shown almost NOTHING of Canada Adventure. They're near the top of the leaderboard and are a ridiculously stacked team. Two of their competitors (Rea Kolbl and Ryan Atkins) are top Spartan racers who have done/won major ultra-endurance events.
  2. Will Sutton is so fast. I don't think he can beat Noah Palicia though. This is Noah's to lose.
  3. I wonder if it's actually a second season or if it's a second half of season one. Not trying to be pedantic because I would love more episodes, I just thought the "last episode" was kind of weird because it didn't give updates on a bunch of the participants. Maybe the "second half of season 1" would tie up those loose ends?
  4. Good Housekeeping wrote a "where are they now" article
  5. That firefighter lady was the least impressive competitor we've had, and that includes last week's pathetic lot. It's not that Courtney was that dominant, it's that the firefighter was THAT BAD. She couldn't even get any plates removed in the first challenge, FFS. Courtney is truly Amazonian, though, so I'm not surprised she was so good moving that 200-lb rock. I'd probably be good at it, too, even though I'm not as physically remarkable as these ladies, I am tall and muscular. I've gotta say, Will is growing on me like a majestic mullet grows on a redneck. When he came tearing down those falling domino things after the cage crawl I had to rewind it and watch again. YOWZA.
  6. I'd forgotten how exhausting Janine is. She's either being manipulative with "charm" and supposed self-awareness, or she's being a histrionic drama queen with a non-existent tolerance for discomfort. No wonder she turns to food.
  7. Not even halfway through tonight's episode and all of these competitors SUCK. Jeeez.
  8. That chubby mullet man took me on a journey. I started out like who the hell is THIS guy, then was begrudgingly impressed with his pluck, and by the end I was totally on board the Mullet Train. His type of strength goes perfectly with this show.
  9. Agreed, I noticed they gave her the two biggest grip strength challenges (Kick Out is all about grip, being able to hold on hard enough to leverage power).
  10. The rock climber was a great climber but was otherwise in poor physical condition. To succeed on this show you really need all-around fitness.
  11. I will say, as problematic as Cracker can be, I thought she deserved to win the challenge. She had her character down well and I laughed at some of her small moments (like the way she quickly looked back and forth like a bird or something behind that "Keep Calm and Wear a Condom" sign). Shea also did an amazing job, naturally. She has great comic timing and instincts. Between India and Mayhem, on first viewing I thought they were equally bad, but on the second viewing I realized India did a better job. Most of the stalling in the action was due to Mayhem not seeming to know how to progress the scene, so she'd just say "you stole things!" over and over.
  12. In the US very few regional dialects would fully pronounce that second T in Titan. It's really not a mispronunciation at all.
  13. I don't feel shocked that Mariah was eliminated. She is a fabulous queen but she had the worst track record of the three. India and Shea had both WON. I do think they'll bring them all back, though, because there's only ten queens total this season and they've got episodes to fill.
  14. Don't feel too bad for Jessie, I follow her on IG and she has had nothing but good things to say about how much fun she had! She was recovering from a shoulder injury and knew she wouldn't be 100% but she just wanted to go have a good time 🙂
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