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  1. I'm sure Steffi Graff would do a wonderful job here too.
  2. I follow Jessie on IG and it's CRAZY how strong she is. She might surprise some people out there. But she was recovering from a shoulder issue when they invited her to do this.
  3. The "handpicked" female Titan (the boxer) SUCKED. She clearly had zero obstacle experience. Some of this stuff is tailor made for an obstacle racing athlete. Jessie Graff will be tough to beat on Mt Olympus. Watching the farmer lady do the peg kicks was frustrating. She needed better grip strength so she could straighten her arms and generate a powerful swing. The doctor got it immediately. Made me wonder if she's done obstacle training.
  4. Since hearing that part of Sherry's catfishing involved feederism (this is wanting to feed someone else to excess, or watch people overeat), every time she talks about being high-calorie or yelling about force-feeding America or screaming "MORE" in her lyrics, it makes me want to retch. What a freakin' creep. I'm glad the editors showed so little of her this season. Sherry being edited out means we got more footage of our other amazing girls. I truly don't care who wins. All three queens are fabulous. The other two who don't win will surely be major contenders on All Stars.
  5. They should have made last week the finale episode. I never heard of any of these hoes in my life, and I was not compelled by any of them OR that lame maxi-challenge.
  6. Matt Iseman was a contestant on RuPaul's Celebrity Drag Race last Friday! He got all dressed in drag (name: Betty Bordeaux) and performed a comedy roast. It was very fun. It's available on Amazon (season 1 episode 3).
  7. They ended up airing it yesterday so it's season 1 episode 3! But he was truly resplendent as Rachel McAdamsApple and gave a hilarious comedy roast of RuPaul. If someone is interested they can find the episode on Amazon for purchase.
  8. I was so excited when they revealed the celebs because for the first time, I knew all three of them! (The first two episodes I knew 1 out of the 6.) They all did amazing in the roast. The jokes were well-written and delivered (I also suspect that they were scripted by comedy writers and don't care). The lipsynch was everything. Such a great episode.
  9. I've seen theories that Shitty Pi intentionally went long to throw off the person/people who would go afterward. Why else would a seasoned comedy camp queen insist on NOT going last? Her M.O. this whole competition seems to be "fuck over another queen if possible." Along with her bragging about how she knew everything about Fosse, but refusing to help choreograph. In the words of Thorgy, "aw, Jesus, GROSS." I will miss Heidi tremendously. Ru was right to call her a superstar. I felt bad for Gigi, I didn't think having a script was such a bad thing. Ostensibly, she would have practiced the script to make it sound less rehearsed than it did in the initial consultation. Crystal and Jackie were spectacular in different ways. Either would have deserved the win, but I'm glad Crystal finally got one. I will be thinking about those dance moves for a LONG time.
  10. I liked the show a LOT, but there were a few plot holes that I was constantly distracted by. I keep wondering how Dylan (the kid who fell into the Grand Canyon) got uploaded. He fell to his death. No way to upload him. Basically it seems like anyone who dies unexpectedly or in an accident would be totally unable to do this, unless they committed "suicide" in advance of what would be their natural death. Also I cannot imagine wanting to do this in the first place. Or being able to. Everything costs money, and eternity is a long time (even 100 years is a long time). Imagine having to save for a 100-year retirement, or a 1000-year retirement. Even the billionaires would eventually run out of cash. What happens to the upload if they run out of cash? Where does the "soul" go? (If they can't afford 2G either) I did enjoy the show but these questions were just not satisfyingly answered at all.
  11. She doesn't need to paint a gap on. She has a gap.
  12. Loved seeing these gorgeous women transform into butch dudes for the mini challenge! Snatching off wigs and tracks, it was amazing.
  13. When Heidi's daughter came out on stage, I gasped, in a bad way. I don't care if the outfit Heidi had planned didn't fit. Heidi should have planned for that possibility, honestly. They are often given partners who are different sizes and they should know they might need to come up with something else on the fly. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Heidi, and she did amazing makeup for her makeover. But she really just gave up on the costume and it was shockingly bad. That dress was not drag, at all.
  14. This show is really engrossing. They're doing a great job of developing these characters/this world.
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