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  1. I've been watching this show for ten years, not because it's a great love story but because it's generally fun to watch. This episode changed my mind. These women are horrible. Worse than Ben Flajnik's season. Victoria is not good television. Matt is equal parts boring and stupid. Adding more women next week to this terrible situation WILL make it even worse.
  2. Re: her stirring the lemonade, yes, stir it, but this was not her damn house. She didn't bring a proper spoon. Either Thederick or his mother (which BTW why were they squeezed together on the loveseat?) could have waddled to the damn kitchen and gotten a spoon.
  3. ClareWalks

    The Prom (2020)

    I read a review of this that said the beginning of the movie was really boring and hard to get into. Um, no, must disagree. I have ADD so I know what I'm talking about. If something is too boring I stop watching. I loved the intro with "Eleanor: The Musical" and then the review from the Times was SO BAD, I LOL'd. Because I watched Smash so I know the Times review is EVERYTHING.
  4. ClareWalks

    The Prom (2020)

    This was great! I loved how well it was adapted from stage to screen. Sometimes it's hard with movie versions to see the theater origins, but this married the two nicely. Also Meryl's pipes have improved from Mamma Mia, she really killed it.
  5. I agree. In Paris when Beth showed up drunk, Borgov looked disappointed. I think he wanted to play Beth at her best. I can't imagine him being involved in sabotage.
  6. I agree that she took the news quite well. I think being an orphan played a big part in that. She has already lost a mother, and she was in the orphanage until her teen years, so she became very self-sufficient. On top of that, her chess winnings were supporting the household anyway, so she didn't have to worry as much about who would take care of her now. She's also extremely mature, basically a 30-year-old in a 16-year-old's body.
  7. Ken Jennings is basically a lock for the job. Kaitlyn was my third choice for the win (behind Nev and Justina). She is very meh to me. I also watched her season and literally did not recognize her on this show until after her first week dance (and in subsequent weeks I didn't recognize her frequently). Whatever she did to her face is terrible.
  8. Hell I can name many better ATs! Meryl and Maks come immediately to mind.
  9. Tyra's first dress was an assault on the eyes. How does such a beautiful woman manage to look SO TERRIBLE? Not only did it make her body shapeless, it made her look like she'd gained 50 lb in her arms and shoulders. It was startling when she changed into the second dress and was back to normal (as normal as Tyra gets, anyhow).
  10. Your age probably worked for you a bit more, Beth was old enough that the cigarettes could have conceivably been for herself. You at age 5 are almost certainly NOT buying those cigs for yourself 😉
  11. I agree that Jolene's race wasn't particularly relevant to their friendship, but since Jolene is Black in the book, it wasn't technically colorblind casting.
  12. Cleo told us when we met her that models are vapid, dumb, shallow creatures. I think Beth thought, as we all did, that Cleo was being wry and self-deprecating, but perhaps she was just being honest.
  13. I think this was referencing a spoiler from a later episode.
  14. This was so fascinating, despite my not understanding hardly any of the jargon, LOL! He did a good job of explaining why each move was good or bad.
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