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  1. ClareWalks

    Million Dollar Mile

    Big takeaway this episode: Isaiah Vidal is an asshole.
  2. Something tells me Chris Digangi is well aware that Jesse is a more successful ninja than him and he doesn't care one bit. Not gonna lie, I'm surprised by the contempt for him that I'm reading. He seems inoffensive enough.
  3. ClareWalks

    S02.E04: Never Knew Love Like This Before

    For sure. She showed up this episode in the Trade category (hot sexy dancing MEN) in a Madonna bustier!
  4. ClareWalks

    S02.E04: Never Knew Love Like This Before

    I don't know how close she and Angel were, but I think Angel felt particularly terrible because she knew it could easily have been her who was murdered by a john.
  5. I am so freakin' proud of Jackson Twait the Cat Dad. My small Iowa city got a ninja gym last fall. This year both of our local ANW competitors hit city qualifier buzzers (the other was Scott Behrends in Tacoma). My friend and I met Jackson at the gym one time and he was encouraging and gave us bouldering-wall advice. I hope he and/or Scott goes far and represents for our town and state!
  6. They brought out the big guns right away: Andy Dalton!
  7. There's probably also some element of bragging rights, of being able to say "I got the Mega Wall" to other ninjas. It's probably a decent prestige thing. The money definitely helps, too, as there may be some sponsorship opportunities for the really big names but otherwise it's not a high-paying sport.
  8. Okay then, "back stories." It was lame. She got a dog. Wowza. I've seen good back stories but not that.
  9. She was the one who, gasp, got a dog! What a great sob story! 😉
  10. The stories last night mostly sucked. "I was a teen dad." Or worse: "My boyfriend and I got a dog."
  11. ClareWalks

    S06.E04: The Moose

    Can anyone more knowledgeable of hunting tell us how easy it is to take down a moose with a fairly primitive bow? I would think for that to even be POSSIBLE, you'd have to be at very close range and have flawless aim. And you gotta be able to take it all the way down because a wounded moose would be dangerous as hell. It just seems like a horrible idea.
  12. ClareWalks

    S06.E04: The Moose

    Nikki is a hot mess. The number one rule of this show should be "don't be a total freakin' klutz." That kind of carelessness can take you out in less than one second. And when she was lighting the fire afterward I was SURE she was going to light her bandage on fire.
  13. ClareWalks

    S02.E03: Butterfly/Cocoon

  14. ClareWalks

    S02.E03: Butterfly/Cocoon

    Yes, she is transgender, and a tight tuck is undetectable from most angles.
  15. It's always been the top 5 women for city qualifiers (top 2 to Vegas for city finals). I think in an earlier city they might have said "and 2 women made the top 30," but then three more women who were slower still advanced.