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  1. I loved Ellie's look too, but I think A'Whora better fit the "superhero" brief, which is why she won. They both did a great job of construction.
  2. I understand they have extra episodes to fill due to Celeb Drag Race being nixed but JESUS this season is being dragged out (pun intended).
  3. Unpopular opinion but that taxi outfit was I think the BEST Tina's body has looked. Her shoulders matched her hips for once.
  4. I'm not a big Kandy fan but the main reason I loudly groaned when she stayed was THIS SEASON IS TAKING FOREVER. This is the 8th episode and there are still what, nine queens?! UGH. I don't mind a long season when it's a great season, but this one has been disappointing, especially compared to the incredible DRUK2.
  5. I am so confused by the Snatch Game judging. I truly thought A'Whora would be in the top. She brought a character and had jokes and gags ready. She stayed in character the whole time and was funny. She was edited favorably during the challenge. I just don't get it. Also nobody did a terrible job, overall this was perhaps the least-bad (not to be confused with "best") Snatch Game in franchise history. Bimini was the clear winner, just flawless. "You know, Wu, they say the nipples are the eyes of the face." I DIED. Broke my fuckin' heart to see Tia and Lawrence in the bottom together. I was
  6. I don't think the mom has cancer. Or had it. At all. She seems fine, she is massively obese, there's been no evidence that she is sick. I think she maybe had a stroke, realized how much control it gave her over her family, and went full Munchausen's.
  7. Ooh Doug Simpson, he's the big man on campus!
  8. WTF is this kid doing?! Also he has major codependency with his family. As a mom myself, the fact that his mom has allowed him to throw his life away with both hands pisses me off. I would NEVER let my child throw away a college scholarship if I got sick. And I don't have several other kids as "backups."
  9. The big reveal at the end that the maintenance man found the hatch open and closed it made me roll my eyes. They kept trying to make it seem like this huge mystery, "why was the hatch closed?! The police found it closed!" I said right from the start "the police didn't find the body, duh." This miniseries was okay but they really tried to drag out some details for suspense when the answers were obvious.
  10. It apparently didn't occur to Eliot (sic) that her name would be on the chyron every time she spoke on the show, LOL. No need to literally spell it out for us!
  11. It's terrible, especially since I never can remember if it has two L's!
  12. Elliott deserved bottom placement over Utica. Utica brought energy, albeit the wrong energy. Lala and Elliott threw cold water on their scenes. Given Elliott's extremely problematic "jokes" in the past (she has posted pictures of Black Barbies on IG several times with captions like "nobody ever buys these lol") I'm glad she wasn't trying hard to be her brand of funny.
  13. My mom told me that for one of her kids' births, my dad was really annoyed that he might miss Miami Vice, and in the delivery room he kept turning the TV on and the doctor kept turning it back off. I suppose there are two lessons here: 1) my mom was not nearly picky enough in her husband selection, and 2) having the father in the delivery room might not be a guaranteed comfort. My own husband was so nervous he ended up at one point laughing at my moans of agony.
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