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  1. For men, too? One of my lifelong irritations is that men can go shirtless, armpit & chest hairs waving in the breeze, while women are expected -- nay, required -- to cover their torsos. (I'm not advocating for topless women, BTW. I just think that men should have to wear shirts, too.)
  2. Well, filming for the new season has begun. Twit sure is confident about her appeal, allowing only one week for 25 men in or around Charlotte to be interested in BBDC. I wonder how many episodes they'll stretch this into. Twit begins planning for the new BBDC, but Todd doesn't help. Twit stresses over her choreograghy & Glenn soothes her. There's a problem with the venue. And so on.
  3. Thanks for sharing that article, @3girlsforus. An excerpt from the article: After years of body struggles stemming from her polycystic ovary syndrome and trying to meet societal expectations — Thore has finally found her ideal workout routine. “I’m having a great time,” she tells PEOPLE. “I’m healthier, happier and more physically fit than I’ve ever been, at a larger size.” Twit has all day to work out & be happy b/c she doesn't have a job more than 7 months a year. (And it's part-time during those months.) Who wouldn't be happy with all that time off? I know I am. As a retiree, I can do whatever I want each day. Awaken whenever, with no boss telling me what to do. Twit ain't gonna be so happy when MBFFL ends & she has to go to a 9-to-5 each day. No more sleeping in. No more exercising & swimming all day. She also has a long statement about sports bras & how every woman, no matter what size, should wear them to work out. She fails to note that a sports bra is her go-to clothing to wear ANYWHERE.
  4. You forgot the fake cat show where Henchi won a ribbon. And to @nMarie33: the bodybuilding judges would never give Twit bad points becuz the contest will be FAKE, FAKE, FAKE!
  5. So difficult, in fact, that sometimes it takes a couple of hunky firemen to help manage it. 😕
  6. Not sure, but I think you're asking me why I see Glenn slowly dying from exercising w/ Twit. First, take a look at him. He's barely able to stand up. Second, I'm no expert, but I don't think an exercise regime designed for a 35-yr-old woman is appropriate for a 72-yr-old man. Third, I don't think Jessica is a good trainer, so her choices for either Twit or Glenn seem inappropriate to me. Both need more cardio, such as riding a stationary bike, rather than fooling around with Crossfit toys.
  7. Portrait of a woman slowly killing her daddy.
  8. Twit has posted a couple of headshots of herself in a swimming pool. Her fans asked how she kept her eyeliner so perfect & she replied, "tattoos." I was unhappy that a surgeon was gonna mess around my eye as a medical necessity & Twit has allowed some dude to tattoo lines under her eyes as a vanity project. If she is so determined to be attractive, better she should lose 200 #s. Less dangerous, in terms of losing an eye. More useful as a way to look pretty.
  9. Thanks for the info. Wow, that looks like something Twit will soon be adopting -- about 3 years out of date as she's done with her Miley Cyrus tongue.
  10. Well, Twit is always screaming how cool she is. What's a duck face?
  11. Yeah, what is it with her & her tongue? Is it supposed to be sexy? Or funny? Or something else?
  12. Exactly! Many gay ppl, including me, are not out as teens. I was in my 30s. A current example is Mayor Pete of South Bend, IN, a Dem candidate for prez. He says he came out 3 years ago at age 35. And he added that when he thinks of himself at 15, he can say, "Yeah, that guy is gay." So if he was conflicted in this more enlightened century, you can imagine why Todd was.
  13. Dot

    Small Talk: About Big People

    Still can't. I have bifocals becuz I got tired of constantly switching glasses. My doc said we'd discuss a new Rx in a few weeks when my eye is completely healed. I suspect at that time I'll get a Rx for a stronger reader in the bifocal portion. (And I still need surgery on my right eye, so that's probably a factor as well.)
  14. Dot

    Small Talk: About Big People

    I find PrimeTimer really annoying in the way it suddenly changes my screen from a forum thread to a page of "news" about celebrities I've never heard of & wouldn't care about if I had. Is this happening to the rest of you? (Sometimes my using a tablet instead of a computer can lead to strange occurrences.)
  15. Dot

    Small Talk: About Big People

    You'll be OK. First of all, the surgery nurses will take incredibly good care of you. (And if you need something, ask for it. They really mean that when they tell you to ask.) The anestheseologist will take special care since it's your first surgery, as will the surgeon. Everything will go perfectly for you, @Nicmar. Trust me, the world's biggest surgery-phobe. Indeed, I'm going to have to have cataract surgery on my other eye within a few months & I'm not even bothered about it, the first surgery having been so easy-peasy.