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  1. Well, as a matter of fact . . . Note Twit's shirt names her as a "founding member" of this boxing gym Ryan is vigorous promoting on his IG page -- along with a collogen supplement. (He is such a grifter.) I'm.sure a new season will show her working out at Rock Box.
  2. That's why I explained it in this forum. It was obvious you were not alone.
  3. Yeah, there are. See my explanation for this photo on the SM thread.
  4. That's a takeoff of Drake's "flip the switch" challenge on tik tok, most famously performed by JLo & ARod until last Sat when Eliz Warren & Kate McKinnon performed it. It wore it self out about a year ago. I guess it's back cuz of SNL.
  5. I know, right? What could be more exciting than watching a super morbidly obese, hygienicallly challenged narcissist lift 1/2 her weight over her head. Sometimes.
  6. Twit pretends this is a photo asking her fans which they see first, cat in background or her in foreground. Of course, it's actually one of those calls for fans to tell her how beautiful she is. One fan didn't bite & instead said she noticed how Twit was wearing clothes other than a sports bra & leggings! 😁
  7. Nor can Twit manage to stand next to a man without pawing him.
  8. Not much to say about this episode that hasn't been very well covered by others in this forum That leads me to wonder if maybe I'm at the end of the road with MBFFL. There's only so many times you can talk about the same subjects: Twit's personality, clothing -- actually, lack thereof, her braying & her disdain for boundaries. Wgt-lifting. Phony romance. Supposed concern about parent's health. Her busy days. Buddy & the fleshhold. Buddy & standup. Buddy & recovery. Buddy. Et cetera. I think my days with MBFFL are numbered. I will say I thought this ep's Buddy &am
  9. Ratings for this episode 30th of the Top 50 Tue cable shows 0.23 share 1,030,000 viewers
  10. Apparently, Tal has deleted his IG. acct. Anyone know anything about that?
  11. Oh, yeah, I see him now. He sorta disappears into the background.
  12. Here they all are. Buddy must be taking the photo.
  13. Buddy & Todd are also in Boone. Also -- I think, the photo is small -- Tal & Ashley. So, I guess filming has started earlier than usual.
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