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  1. Her eye makeup looks like it was drawn on by a toddler.
  2. Has this been mentioned before? Has this been mentioned before?
  3. Meanwhile, their burden is strong(ly bullshit) but their stomachs are heavy.
  4. How hard do you think she finds it not to use “I” or “mememe” in her school papers? 😂 because you know it’s damn sure not really about anyone else than how she feels about it.
  5. Haha, I knew was worse then it looked! 🤣
  6. True story: I’m lying in bed, on my side. It’s 1am and I’m obviously not asleep. My eyes involuntarily unfocusing at random. I scroll though Mykeltyyy and see her car. Front bumper and hood smashed in by what is obviously a serious wreck. ... .... having processed the picture further, I stand by my first interpretation. That is some ugly, homely shit clothes.
  7. Thanks to the SW chat for recommending this show! I finally remembered it tonight. I was hooked in the first 10 min! Corgi is so on point, it’s perfectly gently hilarious yet so wholesome and reverent and endearing.
  8. I thought she had just twisted her hand up underneath the shirt...or photoshopped it out 😂 but POCKETS!
  9. Did Christine ever detail her weight loss JOURNEY (a la pudge and strive)? Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but I don’t recall her going all AW Brown-y with it? She looks great, though, luluNO notwithstanding.
  10. No biggie 💁‍♀️ ... ... just kiddingk!!! BIG BIGGIE!!? DO YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT I AM!! Do you know HOW WOKE I AM DAMNIT!!!
  11. Evan-GAH-lynn is exactly how it sounds to me. And so it shall always be. Praise GAH-odd and singingk angels.
  12. Hey, now! You can’t take her Joy! It’s all her feels, myn!
  13. Guys, I tru(e)ly thought it was a joke when I read the name on Squinty’s page. All I see is GAHHHHHHHHH. I gave my kids old, traditional but not stodgy (imho) names. Although I might have gone too far with the newest squish. I keep getting really “fancy”, exaggerated pronunciations 😂 Unfortunately, we do not live in the UK, otherwise he’d be fine.
  14. Well, I’m being perhaps a bit hyperbolic 😆 But I was thinking it might be because she was paired with the older men lately. It also didn’t help that I just watch A Country Wedding and, although Jesse Metcalfe is 2 years older than her, they both had a younger vibe in that movie.
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