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  1. I started last week. With a fairly low concentration one. Hopefully it works.
  2. Ah, Houston, the magical holy land and only place where one can lose weight.
  3. Ok I’m glad I wasn’t the only person squicked out about that. Eww
  4. So he doesn’t feel confident at all to walk on his own? 😳 I thought his mobility was better than that.
  5. She’s so pretty and sweet. What went wrong with your life that you choose this?
  6. Totally nothing sketchy about that. I always meet new friends in new cities and immediately have them be roommates with me and my bf, dog, and 2 cats in an apartment we don’t yet have with a bf I might not still have. Totes normal.
  7. My husband doesn’t usually pay attention to this shit show, but “even if you’re on another planet” got a good laugh.
  8. Excuse me!? You’ve never seen how tall he is since your daughter got together with him?? Her parents x years ago: 👀 🎶 I’m getting some really sketch vibes 🎶
  9. I can’t believe it’s been more than an hour. What has actually happen? One piddly leg surgery and one eviction (?)?
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