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  1. Before the show was cancelled, Sydelle Noel, Sunita Mani, Britney Young, Shakira Barrera, Kia Stevens, and Ellen Wong sent a letter to the show's producers and creators asking for changes in the way that WOC were portrayed
  2. Awwww, I love Mama Queen's dad so much! On the American version of RPDR, there are so many stories from the queens about having strained relationships with their families so it was lovely to see Hans and some of the other family members have been accepting and supportive of these contestants from the beginning. I loved when Hans casually said that all little boys dress up in women's clothes and it's no big deal. We need more parents like him instead of the ones who freak out when their boys don't come out of the womb hocking a loogie and demanding to drive a truck or whatever it is they think that boys are supposed to do.
  3. I thought this was just going to be an animated kids' movie with a few songs. I didn't expect it to touch on death, grief, and the need to move on. I can only imagine what it must have been like for Ruthie Ann Miles to be part of this project after what happened to her. I wasn't expecting to be so moved by this movie. I thought Philippa Soo's voice was being wasted when I heard the first Chang'e's song but she got some songs that showed her voice better later. I wish there had been an opportunity for Kimiko Glenn to sing, but I was okay with keeping the aunties as secondary characters. I really loved that they used so many actors who could sing so that they didn't have to cast additional singers just for the songs. I mean, they had Conrad Ricamora and he only sang for about ten seconds. Bungee was the cutest bunny ever! And I was pleasantly surprised by Ken Jeong's singing voice. The animation was lovely, from the smaller details like Chang'e's beautiful flowing hair in her final scene to the bright fanciful world of the moon.
  4. Trailer #1: Trailer #2: Original release date: 10/23/20
  5. Meet The Great British Bake Off illustrator: Tom Hovey more about his process You Can Buy Those Cake Illustrations from 'The Great British Baking Show' - Prints start at £15 ($19) for A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inches), and £25 ($32) for A4 (8.3 x 11.7) The Great British Bake Off illustrator Tom Hovey on money, style and drawing food all day
  6. I was kind of laughing at Lily James canceling just about every interview she had lined up to promote Rebecca due to her affair with a married actor becoming very public (although, what do you expect when you are MAKING OUT IN PUBLIC?). During normal times, the studio probably would have strongarmed her into doing the interviews anyway and had a PR person there to run interference in case anyone tried to bring up all the photos that hit the internet last week, but apparently during COVID, you can just do whatever and everyone just shrugs their shoulders.
  7. S1.E7: The Kids Are Alright Original air date: 10/22/20
  8. For non-US viewers, the hand pie technical challenge was from the pie episode of UK S3 (2018) aka US PBS S5 and US Netflix "The Beginnings" collection 1. You can watch a clip about the dolly here.
  9. Pasties aren't a staple of GBBO but they've been done a little bit in previous seasons (and on other versions of the show). Cornish pasties were the technical challenge during pastry week way back in S1. A few of the bakers made them for their signature bake during pastry week during S5. On the Great Australian Bake Off, the bakers had to make pasties as part of their showstopper challenge during pie week in S1. A few contestants made pasties for their signature bake during pastry week in S2. During classics week of S5, the signature challenge was savo(u)ry pastries and all but one of the bakers made pasties (the other baker made samosas). On the Great Kiwi Bake Off, the bakers had to make Cornish pasties for the signature challenge during international week.
  10. I can't decide which is more true: the wardrobe people hate Tyra or Tyra doesn't have access to a mirror before she goes onstage before each episode. Those crazy shoulder pads made her look like she was wearing football pads. I had a lot of conflicting feelings about Nev's jazz routine. On the one hand, it's one of the few jazz routines I can remember seeing on this show that had so much old school jazz choreography so I guess props to Jenna for actually choreographing in the correct style instead of using the jazz assignment as a coverup to do a freestyle routine. She only added a tiny bit of ballroom at the end (I hate when the pros throw in a bunch of random ballroom choreography into jazz routines). But my issue was that the jazz choreography she used was SO simple and basic that it looked like a recital performance for a beginner class and regardless of the "Nev doesn't have any previous dance training" story (aka LIE) that they are trying to sell, we all know that Nev has more than enough dance experience to handle more advanced choreography. On the other hand, because it was so extremely simple, the execution was very clean. On a shallow note, I hated those costumes. It looked like gold lamé that got tossed in the mud. Monica's rumba wasn't the worst I've seen but it wasn't memorable. As soon as I saw what Skai was wearing (a dress that revealed her legs), I knew this was going to be another awkward Bambi performance. I don't think she has shown any improvement (and she wasn't that great a dancer to begin with so she had plenty of room to improve). I feel like we get the same stilted movement from her every week. I watched all the routines on youtube so I missed whatever this week's theme was as well as the pre-performance packages so I was really trying to figure out why her partner was wearing a zebra print manpri jumpsuit. This was followed by Vernon's inexplicable print suit so I was really wondering what the hell was going on this week. Although Vernon has shown a slight amount of improvement, he was definitely in the bottom three (in my opinion) pretty consistently since the beginning of the season, so I was fine with him being eliminated. He wasn't my top choice (that would be Nelly) but he wasn't going to last much longer. Nelly really improved last week so I was hoping he'd had some kind of dance breakthrough that would continue, but his Viennese waltz was a return to his flat footed shuffling stompy feet. I was so distracted during Jeannie's rumba because I kept thinking, "Isn't that the same fugly material that Nev and Jenna were wearing? A lot of times when people learn ballroom, the women just rely on the high heels to lift their ankles up so it was nice to see Jeannie really up on the balls of her feet, so much so that the heels of her shoes weren't touching the ground. I know she isn't the best dancer this season, but I like to see her really attack her dances. AJ's samba was his best performance this season. This is what I was expecting from him from the beginning so I'm glad he's finally there. He looked a lot more comfortable in the sections where he wasn't in hold. He looked relaxed and like he was really enjoying himself without having to think about the steps. Oh, Chrishell. All I knew about her before DWTS was that her husband dumped her via text and then within a few hours, the news had hit TMZ so I felt bad for her based on that and I had hoped that she would do well (living well is the best revenge so I guess doing well on a dancing reality show comes a distant second?). Her feet were driving me crazy during this contemporary routine. Regardless of the style of dance, whether it's jazz, ballet, contemporary, etc. you should always have a specific position for your foot. It can be pointed, flexed, whatever, but you have to have something specific that you are doing with your foot the same way that you should always have a specific position for your arms (bent, straight, relaxed). When you don't put any intent or energy into your feet, they just flop around lazily. It's bad enough to see that when the dancer is wearing shoes but the shoes provide some semblance of shape. But when you're barefoot, ugh. It's so obvious that your feet are just hanging there like dead weight. There was something else I noticed about her feet during this routine too but I can't remember what it was now. I think maybe she's slightly pigeon toed? But her feet kept drawing my attention, and not in a good way. For all of Kaitlyn's ballet training, I really didn't see any evidence of prior dance training until this week. Her samba wasn't amazing but I could see the training in her movement. I continue to love Justina. She is so full of joy and energy. But ugh, I hated that costume. It looked like something a six year old made out of some old feather boas and a ribbon tied around her waist. Justina has a beautiful curvy body but those awful feather things made her look like a giant cat toy.
  11. Recipes Signature challenge: pasties Mark’s aloo gobi & paneer pasties Laura's leek, potato, and pancetta pasties Hermine's Moroccan tagine pasties Technical challenge Raspberry and salted caramel éclairs Showstopper challenge Peter's blackberry and lemon tart Linda's exit interview
  12. Linda definitely jinxed herself when she said at the beginning of the episode that shse knew how to make pastry. I couldn't believe that she made her eclair pastry three times and failed miserably each time. To be fair, a lot of those eclairs looked pretty terrible. At least this time, they didn't have the excuse of "I don't know what ______ is/looks like." Some of them were ridiculously small. Did they really think they were going to puff up THAT much in the oven? While I didn't mind the cage aspect of the showstopper challenge (because a tart on its own isn't really showstopper material visually), I hated that it seemed like a producer driven decision that was made in the hopes of having more disasters. Unfortunately for the powers that be, Linda's and Mark's were the only ones that ended up not working. Everyone else's were fine. I don't recall seeing either of the judges try eating any of the cages, which seems to underline the point that they were just an unnecessary construction aspect for the challenge. The fact that Lottie did some research into what actually constitutes a tart means that she KNEW the judges were going to say that what she made wasn't a tart. I don't understand why she didn't just make a tart with sides instead of going with something that would give them the opportunity to say that she hadn't fulfilled the challenge requirements. The judges were picking and choosing who to criticize in the signature challenge. If crimping is a necessary part of a pasty, then why did only Linda get penalized for not having crimps? Lottie's shapeless blobs didn't have crimps either but they kind of barely mentioned it and then glossed it over.
  13. Opening: Johnny's salsa: Nev's jazz: Monica's rumba: Skai's cha cha: Vernon's cha cha: Nelly's Viennese waltz: Jeannie's rumba: AJ's samba: Chrishell's contemporary: Kaitlyn's samba: Justina's Viennese waltz: Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert’s paso doble: Elimination:
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