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  1. Ha, I’m glad it wasn’t just me!
  2. ElectricBoogaloo

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    Ha, totally! Given how quickly the therapist got Owen to figure out where his problem stemmed from, everything at Seattle Grace Grey Sloan needs to book an appointment with this guy immediately. You'll all be fixed in about an hour!
  3. ElectricBoogaloo

    The Last O.G.

    The whole ongoing sofa vs couch debate cracked me up!
  4. ElectricBoogaloo

    S15.E22: Head Over High Heels

    I loved that when Meredith found out Bailey knew about her and Deluca, she wasn't upset about it, even after she found out that Richard was the one who told Bailey because he's "very chatty." Whitley! I think even people who seem happy can benefit from therapy, but someone like Owen REALLY needs it. I'm glad he's finally getting some help because even without knowing about his past (Megan, the things he must have seen during his time in the military), he clearly had a lot of issues based on his behavior in his relationships. For someone who was so resistant to therapy, he had what seemed like the fastest breakthrough ever. I hope he keeps going because one session is not enough to heal everything. And the neuro emotional technique that the therapist used with Owen is a real thing. I think it's fine that Amelia started sleeping with Linc casually while she was still getting over Owen. She and Linc both knew that it was casual sex with no strings attached. I think that's part of why being with him is easy. What's not to like about an attractive guy who will distract her with sex without being emotionally demanding (especially after being with Owen who was emotionally draining)? I like that Tom and Amelia have a history and that they are candid with each other. It's nice to see another platonic friendship on the show, especially one where they can really be open and honest with each other. Speaking of which, I really liked when Meredith told Alex he needed to give Jo some time and then pointed out that he has given her (Meredith) time and space when she needed it so he needs to do the same for Jo. I get that he's worried about her, and I would be too if my spouse started acting drastically different, but he can't force her to tell him. What bothers me is not that she is refusing to talk about what happened in Philadelphia but that she seems to barely tolerate or acknowledge his presence at all. It's one thing to keep something personal a secret because you aren't ready to talk about it. It's another to act like your spouse is the enemy. I'm not saying she has to pretend that she's okay when she clearly isn't, but since she got back from her trip, she has avoided Alex, she ignores him when he tries to talk to her, and when they talk she is barely civil to him. I liked that Jackson kept gently trying to get Jo to talk, but I was also down with his tough love when he told her that she'd better not come to work drunk again. Props to the makeup department for making Jo look tired and haggard but realistic. HAOG needs to take a seat. I know that we tend to lash out at the people who we're closest to when we're upset but dude, that was uncalled for (and I say that as someone who doesn't even like Schmidt). There's snapping at someone and then there's being rude and mean. While I get that Bailey got stuck in the middle of the Tucker/Tuck/Ben situation, I don't think it was necessarily her job to fix it. Tucker is the one who was upset about it but he didn't have the balls to talk to his own son about it. But the bigger issue to me is that Tuck can call Ben whatever he wants. That's not up to Tucker. I really didn't like that Bailey told Tuck that he had to apologize to Tucker and that he shouldn't call Ben "dad" anymore. For the record, I'm with Linc. Sushi burritos are delicious. They're like a portable poke bowl. Loved that Zola's only real question about Deluca was if she could request that he leave his guitar at home. Ha!
  5. ElectricBoogaloo

    Quotes: "You're the Panty Police?"

    Meredith: My kids know you as the sad guy from the couch. Meredith: Are you asking my opinion about all of this? Bailey: I would way rather give my opinion about your life. Alex: She's back. Jo's back. She's here. Bailey: And here I thought she might be dead or- Alex: Don't do that. Don't give a speech about how you thought she was dead or lost a limb or left me or whatever. She's not okay and I don't know why. Just don't be Bailey about it. Bailey: Dr. Karev, welcome back. Jo: I'll be in the lab. Meredith: That was way worse than if you had been Bailey about it. Tom: Try to contain your wagging tail. Schmidt: Are you nervous? I throw up before every job interview. Nico: I just ace them. Schmidt: So arrogant. I love it. Jo: This is a lab where boring things go to get more boring. Tom: You miss your boyfriend, Ortho Barbie. Shepherd, I can't believe you have a thing with a jock. Is it weird having sex with a cartoon character? Does he drip ink on you when he sweats? Amelia: Thank you for finding the study. Linc: Thank you for inspiring me to find the study. Tom: I'll thank you both to stop before I vomit into an open spine. Jackson: Look, the way I see it is we can keep working in awkward silence until it's time for you to go home- Jo: I vote that. Jackson: You have a great job right here. You're doing it right now. Jo: I'm spraying water on a paper towel. Linc: How do you feel about sushi burritos? Amelia: That sounds like a culinary abomination and I need one immediately. Zola: Can [Deluca] leave his guitar at home?
  6. ElectricBoogaloo


    I know I probably shouldn't laugh at things like Mere pulling off an old guy's prosthetic leg and then beating him with it, but I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to hell. And like Nick said, they're Nazis! Sonny telling his penis artist that he wanted more veins made me laugh, but I was also cringing. Orcus is creepy as fuck!
  7. ElectricBoogaloo


    Happy: Imagine it! Dayglo Doug was there when Sonny started! What's the word for when you're part of history? Nic:k: Fossil. Meredith: Yeah, Sax, I get it. He's old. What's your point? Nick: I don't know. Let's see. He's senile. He wears leotards. Nah, sounds like a slam dunk witness to build the foundation of your case on. Top flight police work. Orderly: If you're hungry, there's a vending machine in the restroom. Nick: The restroom? Fuck this place! Meredith: I can tell you want to talk to me, Doug. What are you afraid of? Dayglo Doug: Me? Everything. Heights, spider plants, three legged jeans. Orcus: You'll have more and more blackouts until life is one long continuous blackout. Now won't that be nice? No more waking up like a Kennedy wondering, "Who did I sodomize? Who did I kill?" Simon: I was right out of college in Seattle when the first big dot com boom hit. I found myself one of the first employees of a books in the mail startup. Amanda: Amazon? Wow! Simon: No, it was encyclopediasinthemail.com - free returns killed us. Simon: Joseph Campbell said it best - follow your bliss. He should know. He invented fricking Star Wars. Happy: Why don't more people know about his? How come they never showed it on The Golden Girls? Nick: Lesbian fairy tale. Smoothie: Nothing makes you believe in hell like Catholic school. Nick: Puberty, six year period where you part your hair down the middle and your body gets all awkward and pimply and at the same time wants to get naked with other people. Dayglo Doug: Sonny use to say the shortest book ever written was the German book of humor. Meredith: Sax, stop killing people! Nick: Oh, come on, Mere! They're Nazis! Happy: Ouch..schwitz! Nick: Auf wiedersehen, motherfucker! Greatest generation, my ass. Sonny: Who likes selfies? Everybody say Sonny Shine Easter live bonanza extravaganza with Tony Danza! Nick: Being a grown up means you gotta learn that heroism comes in a lot of different forms, one of them being not being a hero. Nick: We have too many freaks in leotards in our lives for my taste. Orcus: Surely if I can forgive you for sending six of your chums in to kill me, surely you can forgive me for merely drowning them all in the toilet.
  8. ElectricBoogaloo

    The Perfectionists

    Whenever something happens on this show that already happened on PLL, I always think pffft, you are no PLL, show. Caitlin getting hit by a car? That will never compare to I SEE YOU and then Hanna getting hit by a car at Mona's birthday glamping party. I do enjoy seeing Mona, Ava, Ali and everyone else fucking with Dana just for the hell of it though.
  9. ElectricBoogaloo

    The Perfectionists

    Ray: Would you like some peanut brittle? Mona: I'm on a cleanse. Ava: I need you to lure Mason to Nolan's cabin so we can drug him and get his murder confession on tape. Dylan: Are you being serious? Ava: Does it look like I'm joking? Dylan: Drug him with what? Ava: Anti-anxiety meds that Nolan gave me when I was being hounded by the media after I was outed. Look, I did some research and the right dose of barbiturates can actually act like a truth serum. Dylan: Who looks this stuff up? Caitlin: You want us to kidnap him? Ava: Call it what you want. But to me it sounds like a simple plan. Dylan: A simple plan is like taking his phone and figuring out where he was that night. Caitlin: Wait, you can do that? Ava: Yeah. By hacking into the location settings on his phone. But when have you ever seen Mason without his phone? Caitlin: Right, right, well, he even takes it to the shower. Dylan: Don't we all? What? It's my only chance to binge the Golden Girls. Caitlin: You are so Rose. Dana: I wanted to get your opinion on something. Mona: Yes, you could use a makeover. Ali: I get that [Ray] said it was dangerous for Taylor to be here, but why are we trusting the crazy guy who lives in the basement?
  10. ElectricBoogaloo

    S05.E04: Chapter Eighty-Five

    I loved Petra and Jane day drinking and giving each other advice. I also loved Rogelio's reaction to finding out that Michael had his memory back. While I understand Rafael's need to protect himself, kicking Jane out was harsh. She just found out less than 24 hours ago that Michael got his memories back. Maybe give her a minute. And I'm sorry, but it's unfair to ask her if she still loves Michael. I still love my first boyfriend in a special way but that doesn't mean I'm going to leave Mr. EB for him. You can love someone deeply and have a history and still choose not to be with them. Jane will always love Michael no matter what. I don't think anyone would dispute that fact. But that doesn't mean that she's automatically going to choose to pick up their relationship where it left off four years ago. Instead of giving her a few days to process the latest revelation, Raf just goes off the deep end and tells her to move out of their new home. SLOW YOUR FUCKING ROLL, RAFAEL. I'm not a shipper so I have no horse in this race. I just want Jane to be happy and I hate that Rafael isn't giving her a little bit of time to take it all in and come to terms with everything.
  11. ElectricBoogaloo


    Petra: What are you doing, mother? Magda: Working. I need cash since you killed my source of income. Narrator: Actually, she pushed it out the window. Rogelio: Michael got his memory back? Did he ask about me? Does he want to see me? Does he still love me? Petra: I hereby award you, Jane Villanueva, the Pulitzer Prize for text writing. Narrator: And then it happened, friends - in a moment of divine intervention or sheer coincidence... Petra: Look, I've got baggage. I swear to you, I will never lie to you again. Magda: I find that hard to believe. Petra: Mother, stay out of this! Magda: Have you told Miss JR how you faked disability? Petra: Okay, yes, I did pretend to be blind to make more money busking in Prague. Magda: She also cheated on husband. Petra: It's true. I was unfaithful to Rafael. Magda: While he had cancer. Petra: Not my finest hour. Magda: Petra is a brunette! JR: That I know. Narrator: Alba looks FOIN.
  12. ElectricBoogaloo

    RPDR: In The Media

    Tour of Alyssa Edwards' house for Architectural Digest:
  13. ElectricBoogaloo

    Game Of Thrones In The Media

    This band did a White Walkers version of Seven Nation Army:
  14. ElectricBoogaloo

    The Act

    Coincidentally, Gypsy Rose Lee's mother had multiple birth certificates for both Gypsy and her sister June (some made them older so she could circumvent the child labor laws and some made them younger so she could get free train fares for them). Gypsy and June didn't know how old they really were until later in life.
  15. ElectricBoogaloo

    S01.E20: Chapter Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz

    Heh, well, now I see why Lilith was so hung up on the Dark Lord even though he acted like a bag of dicks all the time. DAT ASS! Between his cockiness and wearing a jacket without a shirt underneath, he was giving me a bit of a Damon Salvatore vibe. I'm glad they eventually gave him a robe because I was thinking about what it would be like when he had a scene where he had to sit down. I was imagining him getting up and having brocade imprints on his ass cheeks. I know I'm supposed to root for Sabrina and the Spellmans which means against the Dark Lord's plan coming to fruition, but part of me kind of wanted Sabrina to become the Dark Lord's queen just because it was clearly chapping Blackwood's hide to even think about bowing to Sabrina and I would have enjoyed watching him swallow his anger and disgust every time he had to obey her. When Blackwood had everyone at the academy drink out of the goblets, I suspected that he was having them drink the Kool-Aid but I wasn't sure if the show would be willing to kill off the Weird sisters (because really, we know the rest of the students and coven are expendable, character-wise). Good to see Blackwood was a misogynist to the end, calling Sabrina a whore for no other reason than to be a misogynistic asshole. And of course he continues to be a manipulative dick to his own daughter. Thank goodness Prudence FINALLY realized just how horrible he was and stopped being loyal to him. I liked when Sabrina asked Lilith why she did the Dark Lord's bidding because I felt like she was truly trying to understand. Lilith was surprisingly candid. But I didn't like that when Lilith said that it was all she had ever known, Sabrina accused her of being weak. Let's not victim blame anyone who's been in an abusive relationship, Sabrina. And this isn't just your average run of the mill abusive relationship either - it's with an all powerful (fake) god. How would Lilith ever escape him when he could find her anywhere? I did like that when the Dark Lord said he had waited for a consort, Sabrina suggested Lilith. Lilith looked pleasantly surprised that Sabrina tried to give her what she wanted and then quickly stung when the Dark Lord said that Lilith knew her place as his servant. I was confused as to why Melvin was still being so obedient to Blackwood, especially since he was one of the people who Sabrina brought back to life and he seemed interested when Sabrina talked to him about her father's teachings. I guess he was one of those people who just went along instead of making waves. Ha, loved the Bianco Del Rio shout out! And as if that weren't enough, Phantom of the Opera! Thank you, show. You know how to make me laugh and hit my pop culture faves. Lilith putting on the crown reminded me of Ursula putting on King Triton's crown. I'm glad she managed to resist cackling evilly. I was surprised that she gave Sabrina her with powers back. I'm glad that everything is good between Harvey, Roz, Theo, and Sabrina now so they can be the new Scooby gang. Or at least pay Bianca Del Rio some royalties! The show already got renewed for S2 back in December. S2 will be 16 episodes, split into two parts. Netflix's original order for the show was for one season with 20 episodes. The first part of the season (episodes 1-10) was released first, then the Christmas episode, and then the back nine (the ones that were released a few weeks ago), all of which are considered S1. Because both S1 and S2 are each split into two parts, some articles initially erroneously reported that the show had been renewed for S3 and S4.