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  1. Emma Caulfield is currently playing Dottie, the neighbor of the main characters on WandaVision!
  2. When they said they were doing the upfronts in the second episode, I thought they meant the annual tv upfronts where networks announce their new seasons. What I was not expecting was a tent in the middle of the Rose Bowl for a bunch of venture capitalists. I was trying to understand how a professional catering company could make so many rookie mistakes including but not limited to: making fresh quiche for breakfast but not including the amount of time needed to cool so they could be cut into squares leaving all the lobsters back at HQ - shouldn't there be a person with a list of everything that needs to be packed so they can check every tray that gets loaded in the kitchen before it goes on the truck? not having enough servers - and it's not like someone underestimated by a tiny bit. They ended up hiring TWICE as many servers for the following day which means someone fucked up in their calculations A LOT not having enough bottled water after breakfast on the second day. When you do event planning, you calculate how many beverages you will need based on the final headcount. If you somehow end up with a bunch of venture capitalists stealing cases of Voss water from your event, it still shouldn't be a problem. At the end of the first day, you see how much water you have left and if there isn't enough to get you through the second day, you get some more before the next morning even if that means you have to send someone to CostCo.
  3. One thing I have learned from being both a dance teacher and a dance student is that not everyone is good at giving constructive criticism. Some of the guest choreographers are much better at giving specific feedback about what they liked or disliked which gives the dancers the ability to improve. But so much of the feedback that Kelli and Judy give is not useful. While I understand what it means to see someone dancing and think they look clunky or awkward, I would never give a student that feedback. I would say "you need to work on straightening your arms all the way from your shoulders through your elbows and wrists all the way to your finger tips to create stronger lines" because that tells them exactly what is making their arms look awkward and how to fix it. You can't give someone vague feedback and expect them to make changes.
  4. Mr. EB doesn't watch any Marvel stuff so he was bored with this sitcom parody. I didn't even bother to ask if he wanted to watch the second one because he was clearly bored out of his mind watching the first one. I'm a selective Marvel watcher so I've watched Agent Carter, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Runaways, Guardians of the Galaxy 1&2, Deadpool, Black Panther, and the first three seasons of Agents of SHIELD, but that's it so I'm not so heavily invested in the Marvel-verse that I NEED to watch this if it doesn't hold my interest. I'm going to give it a few more episodes but right now I could go either way. It's fine but not OMG I MUST SEE THE NEXT EPISODE IMMEDIATELY. But Jen Barkley aka the BFF from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is always a delight, as is Kitty Forman. Elizabeth Olsen was great too.
  5. Yup, that's why I said hurry up, part 2!
  6. Listening to Tamisha and Kahmora talk about how their parents have never seen them perform because they don't approve broke my heart. I know there are so many families that don't accept children who don't conform to their expectations (whatever they may be) but it makes my heart hurt every time I hear their stories. It's absolutely horrible when a parent outright rejects their child for who they are, but it's also really difficult when they stay in your life and you know you can never share a huge part of who you are with them. Even when it's not a secret (as in the case of both Tamisha and Kahmora), when you know that they don't approve and do not want to know about this whole other aspect of your life, it's so hurtful. I loved hearing how supportive Utica was with them. It was sweet to hear how much they have already bonded. I had to laugh when they got the ten minute call and Joey said they were in drag for so long that he had to shave again because his mustache was already growing back in. Untucked reminded me how much I liked this week's runway makeup. Last week I was so distracted by how bad Kandy's runway makeup was so in comparison, the Pork Chops looked like supermodels.
  7. Utica: Tamisha, if you don't mind, how old are you? Tamisha: I'm 49. Utica: How old are we? 25. Denali: I'm 28. Rosé: I'm 31. Kahmora: 28. Tamisha: All of you are younger than my biological kids. Utica: No pressure, but Jesus is great.
  8. I didn't like Denali's blue lady look. It was a little too 90s prom for me. I also hated the flowery lace pattern on her leg. Weirdly, her vamp look also gave me dated prom dress vibes too but I liked it better than her lady look, possibly because the wig gave it a fun look and I really liked her makeup. Her sheer orchid runway look was too shapeless. I don't know if she's trying to hide her body but all three runway looks this week seemed unflattering. The only thing she wore this week that was form fitting was the performance look (which was cute)!. Joey's lady look was a little too lumpy/textured for my taste. I know that drag is about taking everything to an 11 when possible, but I didn't like the pom poms going all the way up the front of the boots plus the furry vest plus the ribbed shirt plus the belt. There was nothing wrong with the individual items but I didn't like them all thrown together into the same outfit. Her black vamp jumpsuit was too plain for me. The boob chains didn't add enough interest for me. My favorite thing about her sheer runway look was all the subtle bling of the black sequins. But I wasn't crazy about the rest of her look. I was wondering how long until the judges said they were tired of her not wearing wigs so I wasn't surprised that Michelle and Ross brought it up. I liked Rosé's pop art look. It was bright and fun and had a very distinct point of view which made it memorable. I know that her red vamp look was just a red leotard with tulle, but it looked so striking on the runway. Her loofah runway look was a miss for me though. It looked like something made during the unconventional materials challenge on Project Runway (aka glue gun literal garbage together). It was also lumpy which was not very flattering to her body. Tamisha's pink jumpsuit could have gone very Golden Girls, especially with the floor length lace robe, but I really liked it. Her black Elvira look reminded me of Chris March's Project Runway finale with all the hair. Her sheer runway look was so shiny. I loved the wig. Utica's lady look was just a mod dress with balls glued on, but it was so colorful and fun that I couldn't help but like it. Her vamp look was a great runway look - very dramatic. Her sheer runway Stevie Nicks look didn't actually seem very sheer to me but I kept looking at her makeup. Kahmora's lady look was so classy and sophisticated. Although I liked her black vamp dress but I didn't think it was vampy enough for a vamp runway. I loved her sheer Britney Spears Toxic runway look. My ears hurt just looking at those huge earrings. I really felt for Kahmora during rehearsal because even though I'm a dancer and can pick up choreography quickly, I do not want to hear three different people changing the steps, making suggestions, etc. I was glad that Tamisha spoke up and reminded Denali, Rosé, and Joey that they needed to be considerate of the fact that Kahmora was not a dancer and stop confusing her. I cracked up when Tamisha said she was in daycare and someone had given candy to all the children. Then I really felt for Kahmora when she told the other queens that her boyfriend of 8 years doesn't like to be around drag so she keeps it separate from him. It's totally fine to have separate interests from your partner, but you should still be supportive of things they love even if you have no interest in it whatsoever. When I was a performer, my gigs were usually in loud nightclubs which Mr. EB loathes but he still came to every performance because he loves me and he wanted to be there to watch me. I've done the same for friends who were in awful bands, had art shows, been in amateur productions, etc. That's just what you do when you love someone. For all of Kahmora's confusion during rehearsal, she did well during the performance. She didn't stand out as being lost in the choreography, which was surprising. When Ross said that her runway look was gorgeous but that anyone would look gorgeous in that dress, I didn't think that was really a strong critique. I know the judges knocked Kahmora for being all about fashion and not enough about performance, but for me the point is that she has the taste level to have good looks. In contrast, look at Joey's performance level versus her runway looks. I like that Joey is confident but her looks aren't strong enough for me. She was strutting her stuff during the Phenomenon performance but the judges were right when they said that everything she's worn so far is too similar, and none of those looks stood out as memorable or had a real wow factor. I think the problem with Tamisha's performance is that her vocals sounded very strong and confident but her actual performance on the stage didn't match it. Utica's performance was what I expected from the wacky queen of the season. It was fun and silly. I liked how much she committed to her performance. I agreed with Rosé and Denali as the top two. They both did really well in the performance. Their runway looks were about the same level for me (not great but okay). I would have given the LSFYL win to Denali. She had some good dancing as well as some funny moments. Rosé did a good job too but Denali was better.
  9. The Ferry Building in SF (where Zoey and Simon got cheesecake in S1) isn't technically a food court (their website refers to it as "a food artisan marketplace") but they have a bunch of amazing restaurants in one building. The Public Market food court across the bridge in Emeryville (right between Oakland and Berkeley) also lots of delicious food. I used to go there just to eat! There are restaurants there that serve alcohol as well as a bar.
  10. As much as I enjoy watching this show, I'm fine with it. During a normal season, there are always breaks when the show is in reruns or they air other stuff. In the spring, that usually occurs in March. On top of that, this show requires so much more time to film because of all the musical numbers so it makes sense that they can't just crank out episodes. I'm sure filming during a pandemic also complicates matters. At least we get six episodes before the break! In contrast, A Million Little things had their S3 premiere in November, had one week off, aired three more episodes, and is currently on hiatus until March. With that kind of schedule, I kind of felt like they should have just waited instead of having a three month break. Similarly, This Is Us had their season premiere in October, took one week off, aired two more episodes, then took another six weeks off. Why not just wait? I guess they both wanted to make a minimal attempt at getting some numbers for November sweeps?
  11. The reason I'm not fine with the shoddy photoshopping is that editing is one of the few things completely unaffected by COVID regulations. Anyone with halfway decent skills wouldn't have left that huge white stripe. And each girl's edited photo should have been reviewed by the photographer and several people at the DCC (Kelli, Charlotte, etc.) which can be done with no contact at all through the magic of the internet. Everyone is safe when they're approving photos from the safety of their own home. The complete lack of attention to detail is WORLD CLASS.
  12. That’s not an illusion. That’s sloppy/lazy/incompetent editing. The white vest is not attached to the inner arm area of the blue blouse. That white line is the backdrop and should have been photoshopped out. And I’m not giving whoever made this a mistake a pass due to “circumstances.” This photo didn’t get released until January so they had months to edit the photos and create the composite. Multiple people (Kelli, Charlotte, etc) looked at it before approving it so a lot of people are at fault here. I have terrible eyesight and I spotted it right away.
  13. FYI - the fourth season of The Great Pottery Throw Down began this week!
  14. I'm only a few minutes into the first episode of the final season and I already had to pause because Ambrose saw a stranger in a gas mask hitting a light along the train tracks and his reaction was to confront him? I know he's a witch but that still seems a bit reckless.
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