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  1. I have a feeling that his offer was exactly this: "Hi, I'd like to make an offer."
  2. I think the fact that Al stayed to help save Lower Murkford showed her that she doesn't hate it as much as she thought she did, but there is also nothing wrong with wanting to leave your hometown and see other parts of the world. Lots of people move away from their hometowns in their 20s not because they hate them but because they've always wanted to live in New York/Paris/San Francisco/Los Angeles. It's normal and healthy to want to break away from your family and be independent so I didn't see anything inherently bad about Al leaving. If anything, I saw it as a positive thing that she was able to follow her dream.
  3. Since the first episode, the actress playing Lexie has reminded me of Sasha Pieterse. It's not constant, but there are moments when she looks so much like her that it's uncanny. Having so much Lexie in this episode reminded me just how much she resembles her at certain angles.
  4. There weren't as many 90s references in the fourth episode but they were some pretty big ones! Jenny McCarthy/Carmen Electra more Lilith Fair the Spice Girls! I remember the days when MTV had Singled Out and some other ridiculous shows! That's the kind of brainless entertainment that might be relaxing now that we're quarantined. I loved that both Izzie and Serena dressed up as Posh. Pearl looked awesome as Scary Spice.
  5. Further confirmation that she needs someone with better grammar skills to proofread the copy on her website. I don’t understand when things like this are on “professional” websites. Do you not have a single friend with a halfway decent grasp of the English language who would tell you to fix the mistakes on your website?
  6. Now that we know Mia was a surrogate, who was the Grey's Anatomy guy on the subway? Was he the bio dad? Or is he completely unrelated to the whole pregnancy/surrogate storyline?
  7. SERIES FINALE! Original air date: 4/7/20
  8. I loved how thrilled Johnny and Alexis were for Moira when they found out that she got the Sunrise Bay offer. If I got this weepy and emotional about this week's episode, I'm going to be a mess next week! David and Patrick are going to live in the cutest house ever, and Stevie can come hang out when she's not opening new motels. Twyla is definitely the kind of person who money wouldn't change. I totally cracked up when Alexis tried to mentally figure out what half of $92 million was. I looooved that after Moira initially rejected the Jazzagals group hug, she wanted it after all.
  9. Johnny: Kids! Breakfast is served. David: I don't see any breakfast. Johnny: Mimosas! We're celebrating. Ruth sent over a bottle of champagne. David: So there's no food then? Johnny: Don't you worry. Moira: I don't. Worry is but undernourished enthusiasm. David: What says, "Patrick, you're going to love New York" more? A gift card to Joe's Pizza or tickets to Wicked? Alexis: Twy, I can't take your money. I've seen how people tip here. Twyla: Alexis, between us, I don't do this job for the money. Alexis: If you don't do this for money, I'm scared to know what you do do for money. Twyla: Now that you're leaving, can you keep a secret? Alexis: It depends on how dark it's going to get, but yes. Patrick: I'm trying to write my vows. David: If you need some flattering things to say about me, I'd be more than happy to help. David: When did that house even go up for sale? Patrick: Technically it didn't but after the fourth time that we drove by it and you commented that it reminded you of Kate Winslet's cottage from The Holiday, I just knocked on the door and told them to call me if they ever decided to sell. David: I was just thinking about how Patrick must have driven out here and knocked on that door and asked those people to call him if they ever planned on selling it just because I said it was nice. Who does that? Stevie: Good people. Good people do things like that. Hence the reason why we don't understand it. David: Wait, one pizza? What is this? Les Mis?
  10. Someone (I'm 99% sure it was Moira) said they've been in Schitt's Creek for three years so we finally have some time reference aside from Jocelyn's pregnancy!
  11. AnnaSophia Robb is making a career of playing younger versions of famous actresses! First Sarah Jessica Parker in the Carrie Diaries and now Reese Witherspoon. Mia's prickliness and hypocrisy continue to know no bounds. She thinks it's fine to paw through their drawers to steal stuff from the Richardsons but HOW DARE Izzy use her eyeballs and see a book in Mia's house? And once again, Mia uses the threat of moving to try to get Pearl in line. GROSS. I liked that we got to see that Elena is good at being a tenacious journalist, but it made me sad to think about how she wanted to work for the New York Times and gave it up to get married and live in her hometown. Bill clearly didn't give up his career aspirations. She might love her family but it's clear she regrets not making it to New York. I laughed when she told the cab driver that she was a journalist at "a prominent newspaper." But what was up with an art school roster having all the students' home addresses? That was not a thing at any school I attended. Poor Pearl. She looked so honored/flattered when Lexie said she hadn't told anyone else she was pregnant and then her face fell when the nurse called Pearl's name and she realized that Lexie had used her again. Obviously they didn't ask to see an ID to verify who she was so she could have made up ANY name. Although it was nice to see Mia be kind to Lexie when she just showed up at her house, as we've seen from both Mia and Elena, it's apparently much easier to be kind to someone else's daughter than your own. I've never liked Mia as much as when she told Lexie how she had used Pearl and DID have somewhere else she could go. Lexie had people to turn to but she didn't want them to get mad at her. My favorite 90s reference this week was Brian talking about the Arch Deluxe vs the McRib. OBVIOUSLY the McRib is superior! The Anita Hill vs Paula Jones was a great 90s reference too.
  12. Mia: Izzy, what would I be doing in the New York Times naked? Brian: I mean, the Arch Deluxe was fine but you got to admit it was no McRib. Jamie: What did you used to say? Being right is better than sex because it lasts longer. Elena: Because it lasts forever. Jamie: But feminists aren't rallying around Paula Jones like they did Anita Hill. It's ideological. Elena: No, it's not ideological. It's actually she's just not a credible person. Mia: My daughter skipped school to help you and you thanked her by using her name and then demanding that she take care of you. I spent two months cooking your dinners, working in your house. You never so much as uttered a thank you. And now you want more. Pearl may love to give and give to you, but I do not. Lexie: I didn't have anywhere else to go. Mia: You had plenty of places to go and plenty of people who care. You have no concept of what it's like to not have anyone. Don't insult your own intelligence by pretending otherwise. Jamie: What's it like being this much of a narcissist? You know the world doesn't actually orbit around you.
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