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  1. ElectricBoogaloo

    The Music of The Handmaid's Tale

    3.9 Heaven Is a Place on Earth - Belinda Carlisle
  2. ElectricBoogaloo

    S02.E05: What Would Candy Do?

    It was nice to have a lighter episode after Candy's death and funeral last week. I loved that we got to see Damon dancing, teaching, and interacting with people outside of the house. As much as I love Blanca and House Evangelista, it was great to see Damon in his element. There are a lot of people who are talented dancers but are TERRIBLE at teaching (there's nothing more frustrating than taking a class with a great dancer who "teaches" by saying things like "you just do this"). It really takes a particular kind of person to be able to clearly break down moves, give the right kind of analogies to help students understand what you want their bodies to do, and provide constructive criticism. All of that is even more challenging when you're working with non-dancers. Damon was patient, friendly, positive, and supportive of his students. For many dancers, teaching is what they plan to do after they retire from professional dancing aka the end of the road for their "real" dance careers. But seeing Damon teach a vogue class to a bunch of suburban moms was an eye opener. If he can be that good of a teacher with non-dancers, he can teach anyone. I love Helena. She knew exactly why it was important for Damon to take the opportunity to audition for something huge like dancing on Madonna's tour, not just for him but for audiences to see another dancer of color on stage. I loved that she made him promise he would come back and finish school after the tour. Only one semester left! The stark contrast between Blanca and Elektra as mothers was both hilarious and terrifying. As always, A+ for the music. Milli Vanilli, Linear, Technotronic, Black Box, Sinead O'Connor, Janet Jackson, Roxette - so many good songs! Fun fact: the music video for Alright was one of Cab Calloway's last appearances. Oh, Ricky, listen to Damon. Solid Gold was THE BEST! I can't believe that casting guy told Damon and Ricky that Lucinda Dickey was in Ninja 3 but he didn't mention that she was in Breakin' and Grease 2! I'm pretty sure a lot more people saw those two movies than Ninja 3. In case you never saw the musical masterpiece that is Breakin': Even after Blanca talked Elektra out of her Tonya Harding plot, I kept waiting for Elektra to jump out and take a hammer to Damon. I still can't believe that her defense was that he's young so he'll heal. Bitch, please. The Solid Gold theme song sung by Dionne Warwick (the first Solid Gold host!):
  3. ElectricBoogaloo

    Category Is...Quotes

    Latisha: I need you to add one more class this week. I've kicked gang bangers off the basketball court and shooed homeless men out of the pool, no problem. But these bridge and tunnel bitches are terrifying! Missy: Hey, do you think you can teach my husband to move his hips like you do? Damon: Is he black? Missy: No. Damon: Then sorry! No can do. Jazmine: I always thought, given the opportunity, that [Madonna] and I would be best friends. Elektra: Please. Like that specimen of perfection would be desperately seeking to spend a moment with any of you peasants. Blanca: It's natural to miss someone, even if that someone is a lowdown dog of a cheater. Elektra: I won't coddle you. I don't nurture. And I'll never give inspiring pep talks that end in hugs. But I am a provider and I need Wintour to yield results. I expect excellence, nothing less, so go out and make this boy over. You have twenty four hours and I am not lifting a single finger. Shadow: Is that Candy's hammer? Elektra: Her prized possession. And if she were here, she would use it to break Damon's motherfucking foot! It's the only way to ensure Ricky's victory and my topless sunbathing vacation in Capri with Miss M. Cubby: So you want us to just stroll up on Damon and smash him in the foot? Elektra: Do I have to explain everything?! You get close and then you throw it at his foot as hard as you can and in the chaos that follows, cry and say how sorry you are and that you had just applied Vaseline intensive care lotion to your hands and the hammer slipped out of them. Lemar: I know I'm betraying Mother Elektra, but this bitch has gone too far this time. Lil Papi: She put a hit out on Damon. Blanca: A hit? On his life? Lemar: No, his foot.
  4. ElectricBoogaloo

    The Music of Pose

    2.5 Deep in Vogue - Malcolm McLaren featuring Lourdes & Willie Ninja Pump Up the Jam - Technotronic U Can't Touch This - MC Hammer Give Me the Night - George Benson Your Love - Frankie Knuckles Strike It Up - Black Box Girl I'm Gonna Miss You - Milli Vanilli Ooh La La - Perfect Gentlemen Sending All My Love - Linear Nothing Compares 2 U - Sinead O'Connor It Must Have Been Love - Roxette Poison - Bell Biv Devoe Alright - Janet Jackson Hold On - Wilson Phillips All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You - Heart Vogue - Madonna
  5. ElectricBoogaloo

    Media Things

    Visiting the Starcourt Mall in Burbank
  6. ElectricBoogaloo

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    Her daughter said, "It sounds like someone's having a party," so she just heard the music when they got home with dinner.
  7. ElectricBoogaloo

    Girls Next Door

    I remember Bridget being upset about that too and while it's sad that she was in tears at the thought of missing out being in more pictures, I was glad that she prioritized going to class. If I were her I would have been doubly mad because when your boyfriend is in charge of the magazine, it seems like you should be able to schedule a photo shoot at a time when you don't have any conflicts. Like somehow that was the ONLY time that they could book a photographer?
  8. ElectricBoogaloo

    S02.E06: The Bad Mother

    Re: the money that Juliette was asking for - in the conversation she had with Renata, they discussed her severence which I just assumed meant "sorry that we had to declare bankruptcy and can't keep you on" lump sum similar to what many employees receive when they leave a job: Later when the debtors were declaring what Renata and Gordon owed them: Based on that, I'm guessing that Renata and Gordon's agreement with Juliette when they hired her was that whenever she left, she would receive $1000 of severance for every month that she worked for them. I didn't see or hear anything in any of the conversations with or about Juliette that indicated that she was undocumented or that Renata and Gordon were using that information against her. If anything, I think if she were undocumented she wouldn't want to draw attention to herself by going to that debtors' meeting and making herself known in court records/legal documents.
  9. ElectricBoogaloo

    American Princess

    I'm glad that everyone got a happy ending. If this was it for the show, I'm satisfied with where everyone ended up. It was nice to see Amanda and Brett get some closure and move on. And I really liked that Amanda decided to stay with the main crew and go to Simi instead of tagging along with David to Raleigh. But I'm also glad that David took a step forward and went through with the franchise. There is nothing wrong with just working at the faire, but he's starting to think about the future, which is a good thing I'm glad Delilah and Stick became friends. They are both kind people so it makes sense that they would bond if given the chance to interact one on one. Although I know she was projecting about the end of the faire and missing her son, I still really felt for her when she talked about how Rat Cat didn't get one last good day because I felt the same way when my dog died. I had always assumed that whenever it was his time to go, the family would take him to the vet and we would all gather around to pet him and tell him how much we loved him as he peacefully slipped away. Instead, we got a phone call from the vet saying that he wouldn't be around much longer and when I went downstairs to check on him, he was already gone. I felt incredibly guilty that he died alone and even more so because I was at home when it happened. If I had known, I would have been there with him. As unlikely as it is that Maggie would get her big break in a chorus part in her mid-40s, I was still happy for her. I did roll my eyes a tiny bit when she got offended that Brian's initial reaction wasn't to jump up and down for her. She couldn't even handle sharing Brian's time and attention with Juan Andrés when they started dating a few weeks ago, but she expected Brian to be thrilled that she was leaving the faire. Typical Maggie. I'm still sad that Brian has been a far kinder friend to her than she has to him. But yay for getting to hear Rory O'Malley sing! I saw him when he played King George in Hamilton and he was so fun.
  10. ElectricBoogaloo

    American Princess

    Amanda: "Water balls"? Please tell me that's not a doctor's note. David: It's about the Orbs of Fury. They're like big, uh water balls. Look, it's shorthand, okay? I bought a franchise. Amanda: What about mud? David: Oh, I'm still doing mud. Mud and balls. I'm now Mr. Mud Balls. Amanda: And just when you started talking like a grown up. David: Things about the Simi Faire that are awesome include Shart bragging about a base tan, getting fried, and us winning bets. Group trips to Disneyland and Delilah OD'ing on Dole Whips, bigger crowds than the Royal, bigger tips than the Royal. Also, me. And you haven't lived until you have tasted sixteenth century churros. Seen on the ride share board: Ride needed to Simi Renaissance Festival 1 passenger with 1 suitcase Exquisite conversationalist, excellent musician, minimal farting, will split gas and food en route Taffy Jinglefinger Lee: We have Bo and Jenny's wedding coming up, so all hands on deck. Delilah: Are you going to book a stripper to officiate this wedding too? Brian: Speaking of shared props, I would love to not be the only one responsible for transporting all of them to Simi this year. Maggie: And I would love to drive something other than a 1999 Toyota Tercel, but God only gives us what we can handle, right? Jenny: Did you get the fabric from the kilt guy? Bo: I did. Amanda: Who? Bo: Oh, we want to incorporate a little of my Scottish heritage into the wedding. Amanda: You're Scottish? Bo: 12%. I just did my DNA. Jenny: His yarmulke's going to be the tartan of Clan MacDonald. Bo: Also 17% Ashkenazi Jew. Amanda: Mazel! Alden: When you bought in, I told you two things about water balls. David: Keep the pool full and that people run out of oxygen after 10 minutes? Alden: Okay, four things. David: I had such big dreams - pinball machine, island off the coast of France, some stuff in the middle. David: Tell Joanntha that her new clutch is fetching. I mean, I'm just assuming. Joantha: Remi wants another yogurt. I told her she was getting chunky. Joantha: Oh, Mandy, my love. I'm going to be at a benefit when you get home, but I got you an appointment with Uncle Gary's second wife. She's a headhunter. I told her you have a terrible resume but a sparkling personality. She suggested real estate. Erin: Uncle Gary's second wife is in prison. Joantha: I meant Uncle Larry. Shart: How's this? Stick: The size is good. The color, ugh. Hot pink has no meaning in Buddhism. Shart: So you're asking me to find a more Buddhist shoe box for your possum funeral? Brian: I was in the chorus of A Chorus Line at a dinner theater once. The signature dish was the Singularly Sensation. Maggie: While I know you don't love Alicia- Brian: I don't love raisin bagels. I despise Alicia. Areola: I only work this faire. The rest of the year, I teach special ed in Cooperstown. Amanda: Oh, really? Areola: Yep. It gets awkward when students show up and stick ones down my cleavage. What are you gonna do [in Raleight]? Amanda: David has this great opportunity with the Orbs? Areola: Was that a question or a statement? Amanda: Shameless millennial upspeak? Brian: Are these slacks too big? Or have I been wearing tights too long? Amanda: So this is goodbye then. Maggie: Oh, I don't do goodbyes. I prefer to disappear in the middle of the night. Amanda: The Irish goodbye. Maggie: The French exit. Amanda: Ghosting. Maggie: I guess every culture has a name for avoiding prolonged interaction at the end of the gathering.
  11. ElectricBoogaloo

    Grand Hotel

    I like that Gigi and Santiago both have legit reasons to see the Javi/Ingrid situation differently. Even though we know Ingrid is lying, that doesn't change the fact that (1) Javi sleeps with girls he has just met and (2) not everyone who gets pregnant is in love, in a long term committed monogamous relationship, or on equal socioeconomic levels. Shit happens, man. Part of me has felt bad for Nelson the last few episodes because he seems like good natured guy who just wanted to be friends with Danny and their coworkers but he was constantly getting shoved aside or ignored. And of course Yoli had no hesitation asking Alicia for a favor and had never considered the fact that she and Carolina had never been nice to her.
  12. ElectricBoogaloo

    Year Of The Rabbit

    Mabel: This can't have been Rabbit! Okay, yeah, he's a little bit unstable, his girlfriend was hanged, and he hated Larkham, but I'm 90- all right, I'm 55% certain he didn't do it. Strauss: And why would he paint "I am the Weaver"? He loathes handicrafts. Mabel: I joined a society that's just for women. Strauss: Oh, how modern. I wonder if there's a society just for men. Mabel: Strauss, there's thousands. Strauss: Yes, there are, thinking about it. Sorry, carry on. Strauss: I thought we were going to have babies, collect modern furniture, and be much admired locally for being kind to the servants. Mabel: Yeah, that's all any of us want. Strauss: They say the lights will turn night into day. No more muggers or child raids again. Gwen: That's my core clientele you're talking about. Murky John: Pooches eat all sorts - half penny bits, earrings. I've had them all when I've cracked open the dog shits. Strauss: Quitters can suck my big, fat grey dreadnought because I will not fucking have it, sir! Mabel: Why does Tanner hate you so much? Cause it isn't just that bomb, is it? Rabbit: Well, we were partners way back when. Mabel: Went sour, did it? Rabbit: No, before that we was lovers. Mabel: Didn't see that coming. Rabbit: Well, it can be a lonely job. I mean, the shagging was top notch. We were banging away at all angles of the clock. My arse was going up and down like a fiddler's elbow. Then I got promoted and he got the hump. Rabbit: Flora was a career criminal with a heart of steel, and that heart of steel was made of gold, and that gold was a diamond. Wisbech: The Vision are still at large. Mabel: I might start an organization like theirs. Just without the, you know, shittiness and mass murder. Wisbech: All right. But if there's even a little bit of mass murder then I'd have to step in.
  13. ElectricBoogaloo

    Grand Hotel

    Javi: All right, little guy, cover your ears unless you want to learn how to curse in Spanish. Ingrid: I'm two months pregnant. That little guy doesn't have ears yet. Ingrid: I didn't know you were such a big reader. Javi: It's an audio book. Santiago: I'm an artist. No one yelled at Diego Rivera for making a mess. Santiago: Two hundred grand. I got it in hundreds. Will that work? Mateo: I don't know. I've never been blackmailed before. Gigi: You're the eyes and ears of this hotel, right? Mateo: Not my official title, but yes. Gigi: Santiago thinks [Ingrid]'s trying to trap Javi. Mateo: What's more likely? A housekeeper risks her job to trick the boss's son or Javi, who sleeps with everyone, slept with one more girl? Gigi: You make a good point. Alicia: Did you know people are calling me the sex police? Javi: It's Sex P'Alicia and I may have started it. Yoli: Can't you just do me a favor? We're sisters, right? Alicia: You're going to pull the sister card? You and Carolina have never said one kind word to me. We're not sisters, Yoli. We're just two people whose parents got married. Carolina: Do you want me to finish that [food] for you? That skirt is already a little tight. Gigi: If you were not my daughter, I would stab you with this fork.
  14. ElectricBoogaloo

    S01.E10: Best in Blow

    Same here. No matter which way I looked at it (overall performance throughout the season, just the final challenge), I liked his work better and I thought his technical skills were much better (as was his range of technical skills).
  15. ElectricBoogaloo


    OF COURSE Jake has already fucked the new hostess! I don't know what made Tess think that she could just rearrange the entire wine cellar. There's already a system in place that allows everyone to find wine quickly. It's called the alphabet. Why would you think there's a more efficient way to find things quickly? The way Simone is written makes no sense to me. She didn't vouch for Tess after her trials, but she's telling her how brave she is and asking to help her fix her credit? Okay then. What world does this show take place in that Tess has to use Howard's laptop to look for her mom's MySpace page? I sometimes roll my eyes at Tess and her naivete but I felt for her in this situation. It seems like the least that her absentee mother could do was not ruin her credit. I'm not a fan of Simone's world weary know it all attitude, but I'm glad she told Tess that this was a fixable problem. As much as it sucks to not get a credit card now, the larger problem is her future. If you ever want to buy a car or a house (or rent a place to live that isn't a shady sublet), your credit is important. It's better for her to start taking the necessary steps to deal with it now so that she won't have such a difficult time dealing with her bad credit later in life. You really don't want to wait until you need to do one of the above things to start looking into how to fix it.