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  1. S4.E12: The World Final Original air date: 4/12/20
  2. S4.E11: Semi Finals 2 Original air date: 8/11/20
  3. I'd rather see a guy who is comfortable with his body and has pit hair than one of those guys who thinks he needs to wax off every bit of body hair. I find it distracting when guys are as hairless as newborns from the neck down. It's so unnatural.
  4. Maybe she only saw Waiting to Exhale! Still not her fault. I don't care how many times she snuck out of the house to see her various lame boyfriends. That doesn't mean it was her fault that a fucking pervert kidnapped her and raped her.
  5. Normally I'm not a fan of bottle episodes but this one worked for me because I appreciated that they weren't going to just gloss over what happened to Kiesha and have everything go back to normal. When someone experiences major trauma, there are repercussions for the survivor as well as those in her immediate circle. It's typical to have the parents arguing about how to deal with it so that was realistic as well. As obvious as it is to anyone with a brain that what happened to her was absolutely not her fault in any way, rape/assault/kidnap victims often need to be told explicitly and repeatedly that it was not their fault. No one is to blame but the perpetrator. As Nina pointed out, you can walk down the street naked and that doesn't give anyone the right to put their hands on you. The one thing that annoyed me was everyone just assuming that Stanford pulling Kiesha's track scholarship meant that going there was no longer an option. Stanford is a private school with a huge endowment and plenty of wealthy alumni. If Kiesha or her mom contacted the school and told them what happened, the school could easily provide a non-track scholarship for her and let her be a walk on. Private schools charge so much tuition that it is well within their power to just waive tuition for one student or ask one donor to create a special scholarship. Honestly, I don't know if Kiesha is ready to be on her own without a support system around her yet, but I think it's worth exploring her options at Stanford. That might be the light at the end of the tunnel that motivates her to open up in therapy so that she can heal and get the hell out of her neighborhood. One thing I enjoyed about this episode was Kiesha and Emmett. There is something about the relationship between two exes who know each other and aren't afraid to call each other on their shit that I love. He bluntly told her that she wasn't fine and she KNEW he was lying to her about everything being great with Tiff. I think Kiesha needed someone who wasn't going to tiptoe around her the way her family was. When all that pent up tension within the family finally exploded, it was raw (and I felt bad for everyone involved, but especially the non-family members who were present) but the scene was given some much needed levity with Jake and Papa. Ha, and I loved when Emmett reminded Jake that he already told him to use cologne, not air freshener, to cover up the smell of his vaping. Kids!
  6. I thought my fellow Psychos would appreciate this: The rise, fall, and rise of the status pineapple
  7. S3.E8: Frunchroom Promo: Just like you left it: Original air date: 8/9/20
  8. Considering that she trained with the Karolyis for so long, it's not really surprising that Kim Zmeskal is the kind of coach who yells at her gymnasts and sees injuries as a sign of weakness. I'm not excusing her attitude, but that's the kind of gym she grew up in so it makes sense that she thinks that's normal behavior. But this really points to why it's important to break the cycle and coach without being an asshole. Valorie Kondos Field (the former head coach at UCLA) has shown that you can be a kind, supportive coach without humiliating and abusing your athletes. We really need to stop perpetuating the idea that screaming at athletes (in any sport, but especially sports like gymnastics where they start training so young) is motivating and acceptable. It's not tough love. It's abusive and damaging. After watching the first four seasons of Last Chance U, I was sick of hearing the football coaches berate their athletes and tell them what worthless pieces of shit they were every time they made a mistake. You can coach and direct and enforce with rules without being an abusive asshole. If your friend or spouse yelled those things at you constantly, people would say that you were in an abusive relationship and to get the hell out, yet somehow it's perfectly acceptable for adults to yell these things at children for not performing perfectly at sports. It's mind boggling that this is considered acceptable behavior just because you have a visor and a clipboard.
  9. S2 premieres September 18 New S2 trailer!
  10. Newsies will stream for free on August 21!
  11. I thought Priyanka and Lemon had the best commercial by far. I did not understand why the judges liked Ilona and Scarlet's commercial at all because I didn't find it funny. Jimbo, Rita, and Boa's commercial was an unfocused mess. Their initial concept (bachelorette parties at gay clubs) was a good idea but the execution wasn't great. Jimbo had the best runway look. It was club kid inspired by elevated. Lemon's look was terrible. I hated the loose jean legs, especially at the top. I laughed when Brooke Lynn started listing all the ways that Lemon's look could have been improved. Lemon's interpretation of Brooke Lynn's critique (everything needed to be changed) was correct. I hate when the judges ask the queens who they think should be eliminated. I was surprised by how many of them chose Lemon, but I think sometimes the tone is set by whoever is named first. The other girls figure they might as well just agree so that one person is mad at everyone instead of angering an additional person. I agreed with Lemon in the work room - the judges asked who should be eliminated, not who had the worst runway outfit. Lemon did really well in her commercial which should balance out her terrible runway look. The last time I remember seeing Tom Green, he was still married to Drew Barrymore. But I LOVED that he called his mom to have her confirm that he wore a costume that looked like Boa's winged look. Other than that, he was the worst guest host so far. Boa's story about being assaulted was terrible. People can be such vindictive assholes.
  12. S1.E6: Star Sixty-Nine Original air date: 8/6/20
  13. Leslie Odom, Jr. was prepared to miss the filmed version of the hit musical after producers held out on his request for pay parity until the eve of production
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