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  1. Salty Katherine is my favorite Katherine.
  2. Ha, I loved the Good Guys shout out - the computer machine!
  3. Leanne: You're sleeping with a senator? Wayne: Getting plastic surgery someplace weird nobody cares about, like your toes. Ginny: A high-stakes spelling bee where if you don't win, you're killed? Arthur: What's happening? Dwayne: Adams is going somewhere tomorrow, and she won't tell us why. Jax: Ooh, what if it's something nice? I hope it's something nice. Arthur: You need to respect her privacy. Adams: Thank you. Arthur: Is what I was going to say until I thought of this great guess. You're cloning yourself so you can marry yourself? Adams: Arthur is the closest so far. Arthur: Why don't you just lock the door and leave a bucket of Bibles on the stoop? Jax: The church is the center of our community seven days a week. Helping people never takes a break. Arthur: Please, I mean, it seems to me the church has a history of doing more harm than good. Jax: Harm? Last year, our bake sale raised over $90 for tornado survivors. What about that? Arthur: What about the Crusades? Jax: Okay, one to one. Okay, it's 12 to 12. I'm counting all witch trials as one. Arthur: What a shock. The church minimizing the experience of women. And I am back up by one. Jax: As much as I would like to continue listening to you belittle my life's work, I have to leave to drop a casserole by a parishioner's house and then go help a friend. Jax: At least this place comes with its own operator's manual. Arthur: Don't say The Bible. Jax: If you're in trouble, just turn to any page, any paragraph, and you'll find some words of wisdom. Arthur: "He shall also be unclean if he touches a corpse or anyone who has an emission-" Jax: Just stick to the second half. Jax: I was supposed to be quickly dropping off food at Nazarita's, but she informed me she's on her death bed again. I think she just wants someone to watch This Is Us with, but I can't take that chance. Barb: [Junior]'s saying he wants to quit his job. He says he's gonna move us to Tennessee. Tennessee! Arthur: Are people from Kentucky under the impression that other states are worse? Barb: I like the way you think. Arthur: Yeah. I do, too. Arthur: You're looking at porn on a church computer. Kid 1: Well, how else are we supposed to learn about this stuff? Kid 2: I asked my parents to give me a book about it, and they gave me the Bible. Arthur: Oh, jeez. Kid 2: And then they took the lock off of my bedroom door. Arthur: Okay, let's approach this with science and reason instead of fear and shame. Kid 2: What's the deal with nipple clamps? Ginny: Guys, just because someone is in a church does not mean you have to listen to him. Wayne: Man I haven't been in a room this nice since I broke into the Real World: Lexington house. Arthur: I don't know how to be rational with people who are being irrational. Wayne: I forget to wear a condom 16 times, and boom - a baby. Arthur: I helped the way the secular elites always do. Carla: By being smug and starting a podcast? Arthur: No, I gave money.
  4. I loved Lizzie's exasperated/totally over it "Ugh, now is not a good time" when the 80s lady keeper popped up. I have teen drama to deal with so I don't have time for this supernatural bull crap! The 80s version of the opening credits and music cracked me up. I loved all the references to 80s movies. Even the one second of the Breakfast Club dance was awesome. When did Lizzie become such a Hope/Landon fangirl? What was with her saying they were made for each other? Is it just because she thinks they're both such hopeless dorks that they belong together? I know they're teenagers but how is MG so blinded by the prospect of Sebastian leaving town (conveniently ignoring the fact that Lizzie is currently not speaking to MG so Sebastian's presence or absence makes no difference at this point) that he thinks undesiccating an unknown vampire is a good idea? His argument that Sebastian promised to leave town so they should at least give him the chance to keep his word is ridiculous. How can he not consider the possibility that Sebastian is lying and is going to rampage through the Salvatore School and then Mystic Falls leaving a trail of bodies? Once Kaleb tricked Sebastian into admitting that he's a killer, why did he say he was going to burn his body AFTER the dance? Uhhh, you're standing right in front of him so just throw a match on there before you leave. Ha, Landon's Back to the Future outfit was hilarious. And I always love seeing MG and Kaleb dance! The music was fun and then we had to get an emo cover at top volume. I love that the current version of the Salvatore School is lacking in amenities and has rats, but they can afford a light up dance floor. So did Josie find the Legacies version of Tom Riddle's diary writing itself before her very eyes? The last minute Clarke/Vardemus reveal was great. Was that a ring he used to change?
  5. Hope: You are literally the only person on the planet who knows that I exist. Lizzie: Epic former frenemy reunion is going to have to wait. Lizzie: Speak your truth. Spill your beans. Tell your tale. Hope: Why didn't you tell [Josie]? Lizzie: Because I didn't want to be the one to break her heart. That's your job. Hope: We have to get to the school to protect Landon. Lizzie: More like protect Josie from Landon by warning her she's about to have sex with a human sized muppet. MG: Can you see [Sebastian]? Kaleb: All I see is a dude who can't respect boundaries. Kaleb: Ask [Sebastian] what he wants. MG: He wants us to find his body. He says he's been desiccated in a box somewhere. He's a little vague on specifics. Sebastian: I am vague, because, as aforementioned I am desiccated in a box! MG: I'm a pacifist but if you touch my hair again, we will throw hands. Raf: [Josie] thinks it's going to happen tonight. Landon: No, there's no way. Dude, sex after a dance is so- Raf: So, what? Eighties? Vardemus: Principal Saltzman, I'm afraid I must remind you that you are prohibited from being here - by court order. Alaric: Relax, Fumbledore. Hope: What's wrong with this decade? Lizzie: Reaganomics? Recreational cocaine? Jams? Lizzie: Why are we in our grandparents' decade? Keeper: Oh, yeah. Sorry. It's the only decade I know. Turns out you miss a lot of pop culture when guys in black suits drop you into a giant pit of goo. Lizzie: What is wrong with you? Do you really have that much of a martyr complex that you couldn't just oh, I don't know, ask one of us how we were doing? Hope: Look, I know that it seems kind of- Lizzie: Dumb? Selfish? Controlling? Kaleb: Dude smells worse than that blood fountain. Sebastian: Oh, you're both weaklings. MG: Shut up. Your face look like beef jerky. Kaleb: Oh, is he here? Tell him to talk to me. Sebastian: Oh, as much as I would love that, in my diminished state, I can only appear to the fragile-minded like you. MG: Um, he says that you have to be on, like, the same spiritual wavelength. Sebastian: Oh, this is maddening. The rancid blood that you two turnips bumbled on me was inadequate. But with enough fresh blood, I will surely be restored. MG: Yeah. No way we're doing that. Dorian: Uh oh, angst alert. Landon's journaling. Alaric: Let me get this straight. You don't know who this vampire is or how he got down there, just that he's been desiccated for some unknown reason, and he wants you two to wake him up. Kaleb: Um, yeah. That about that about covers it. Alaric: Unless I'm missing something, I would say let him rot. Kaleb: We don't even know what he's doing down there in the first place. Alaric: Neither do I, but it's safe to say that no one is desiccated for being too nice. Kaleb: Okay, but that doesn't mean he's guilty. And even if he is, what crime equals that kind of time? Alaric: Hypothetically, the slaughter of a couple dozen villages. Hope: Arrow. Frank: Sorry! Lizzie: Be more careful next time, Frank! Lizzie: I'm ready to take this maze and shove it up your- Keeper: Maze? Oh, no, this isn't a maze. It's a labyrinth. Know the difference? Lizzie: Do I look like a nerd? Kaleb: Rise and shine, brother vampire. Talk to me like the rain, and I will lie here and listen. Sebastian: You're a poet. Kaleb: Nah, that's Tennessee Williams, bruh. Josie: Landon, you know that we don't have to dance tonight if you don't want to. Landon: Really? Josie: Yeah. Landon: Okay, cool. We also totally don't have to have sex tonight. Um, in case your use of dancing wasn't a metaphor. Lizzie: My friend gets out, right? Keeper: She is set free from the eternal pain of the labyrinth, yes. Lizzie: That was very carefully worded. Alaric: I want the school to succeed, which means you have to succeed so, please, be better than I was. Vardemus: That's a very low bar. Is this the part where you punch me in the face? Alaric: Only in my mind.
  6. Sonya Tayeh interview (she discusses choreographing the new Broadway musical Moulin Rouge and the off Broadway version of Sing Street)
  7. Ryan said they dated over the summer and Lucy was murdered in the fall, so I don't think she had enough time to get pregnant and have a baby before she died unless it was a preemie. Of course, this all depends on how truthful Ryan was with Nancy about his relationship with Lucy.
  8. D'oh! I totally forgot that when we first saw Colin in 1.5 it was a flashback!
  9. More weird timeline stuff - Sophie said this might be her last music lesson with Eddie for a while because Delilah wanted to take the family to France for the summer. So Danny's Grease performance happened without us having to see everyone attend it? And the school year is over? Gary mentioned this week that he and Maggie haven't even known each other for a year (he said in the Austin episode that he met Maggie nine months ago) but in the episode where Colin ran off, the flyer they found was from a year ago, which was when Gary found Colin by which time he had already met Maggie (he met Maggie in the pilot and he found Colin in 1.5). Then again, the first few episodes of S1 seemed to take place over, like, a week. I know, I know, I shouldn't try to suss out a logical timeline for this show.
  10. Why are Rome's parents having him run around to buy stuff for their cruise? They are both healthy and able-bodied enough to go to the store themselves. Or they could send Omar since he's getting PAID to be at the house. I've been to several graveside funerals but I don't recall any of them having like ten spare shovels just in case people want to join in. Delilah is a piece of work. After all that Katherine has put up with and done out of the kindness of her heart for Delilah and her family, Delilah has the nerve to accuse Katherine of not being a good person because she thinks that the kids deserve to know the truth. Then again, this is the person who feels ganged up on simply because not everyone is agreeing with her and kissing her ass. Apparently in her mind, you're being persecuted and picked on whenever someone disagrees with you or isn't 100% supportive of your shitty decisions. He didn't quit. He was fired for taking so much time off. He was an actuary at an insurance company.
  11. Gina: Is that your dad texting you to pick up more stuff for the cruise? Rome: The all inclusive cruise, yes. He wants thongs. He'd better be talking about flip flops. Maggie: He's already starting with the excuses - the true sign of a sore loser. Maggie: That is a call from Oxford. Gary: Oxford? Oxford, Massachusetts? Maggie: No, the lesser known one in England. Rome: What are you doing here? Omar: Housesitting. Rome: You mean freeloading? Walter: He's not freeloading. He's getting paid. Delilah: I've been feeling ganged up on about all this Charlie stuff. I don't understand why all of a sudden you would take Eddie and Katherine's side. You're my best friend. Gina: Being a best friend doesn't always mean telling you what you want to hear. Sometimes it's telling you what you need to hear. Sophie: Thank you so much for loaning me the Bonnie Ray CD. Eddie: I don't know who this Bonnie Ray is, but Bonnie Raitt is amazing. Sophie: I'm 16. How am I supposed to know who all those old people are? Gary: The only thing louder than a ring tone is an old man trying to turn off a ring tone. Rome: Are you quoting my screenplay to me? PJ: You want me to go with you? Rome: I want you to go instead of me. Delilah: I'm sure you've been talking to Eddie. Katherine: My husband? Why, yes, I have been talking to him.
  12. I get people are busy and new parents are frazzled, but Teddy waltzing in and then guilting Linc into give her his coffee was fucking obnoxious. You drove here, lady. You could have stopped at Starbucks if you really needed some caffeine just like Linc did. Also note that about two seconds later, Richard is shown with a cup of coffee in an actual cup (not a disposable cup) and a silver spoon which means THERE IS ALSO COFFEE AVAILABLE HERE. Take a few steps to get some of your own, Teddy. I just could not with Bailey going after Richard for covering up for Meredith. She has no leg to stand on because she let MAGIC get away with all kinds of shit. And then for her to say that he cheated the system to get Meredith into "MY program." Look, it's great to take pride in your work, but being chief resident in charge of the interns doesn't make it YOUR program. Calm down there. She made herself sound so fucking petty when she told Richard that Koracik is her boss now because of Richard's actions. MVPs of the episode were Linc and Koracik, despite having the barest amount of screen time.
  13. Linc: Everything okay? Owen: Allison had us up till 3. Teddy: Us? You slept through the whole thing. Or you pretended to. Helm: No one's suspending Meredith Grey's license. She won a Catherine Fox award. She's a legend. Nico: Well, I heard she operated on a fellow resident. She took out a healthy appendix. Helm: No, she and Cristina Yang rescued an intern who removed another intern's appendix incorrectly. They were helping. That wasn't the other Dr. Grey, the one that died in the plane crash? Casey: Our Dr. Grey cut a patient's LVAD wire. See, you consider these things legendary. They're also crimes. Nancy: If I was on your operating table, you'd want me to follow your instructions, right? Lie there. Breathe in. Fall asleep. Let you do your job. That would be my best shot at survival, right? Meredith: I see where you're going with this. Nancy: I'm begging you, Meredith. Sit down, don't talk. And let me do my job. Please. Meredith: I'm not a baby. Nancy: No. You're an adult who's completely unable to be quiet no matter how much your well-being depends on it. Nancy: Does [Castello] remember you? Meredith: It doesn't seem like it. Which is enraging. Nancy: Dr. Bailey, you've known Dr. Grey a long time. Could you speak about that at all? Bailey: I met her when she was an intern. Nancy: Would you say the two of you have grown close over all this time? Bailey: No. Nancy: Didn't Dr. Grey name her son after you? Bailey: If you're asking if her son's name is Bailey, then, yes, it is. Nancy: Dr. Grey is a well-respected general surgeon. You've agreed to that. Bailey: Is that a question? Nancy: Well, when you became chief of surgery, you asked Dr. Grey to become your chief of general surgery. And from my estimation, a chief of general surgery is extremely skilled, organized, dedicated, communicative. Does that sound correct to you? Bailey: It does. And she is no longer my chief of general surgery. Ashley: Dr. Grey has developed quite the disciplinary record over all those years you've known her, hasn't she? Your name is listed as the doctor who reported the following incidents interns, including Dr. Grey, admitting to cutting a patient's LVAD wire. Dr. Grey performed a surgery on an intern without an attending. Dr. Grey instructed a younger resident to remove a brain tumor without consent from the patient or attending. Dr. Grey would not allow an education consultant to enter her OR, so you suspended her. All of these things familiar to you, Dr. Bailey? Bailey: All true. Ashley: Dr. Schmitt. Dr. Schmitt. Dr. Schmitt. Schmitt: I'm sorry. I, uh, I've never been in a courtroom before. Ashley: You still haven't. We're in a hotel. Rando: Ma'am! Linc: I wouldn't ma'am her. Koracik: I was really surprised neither side called me in. I moonlight as an expert witness. Amelia: I need you to operate. Koracik: Wow. You trying to up my bad outcomes? Whoever smelt it dealt it. This one's all you, Shepherd. Bailey: I've lost more than my job. I've lost my hospital. I lost my best surgeons. And my best friend. All because someone I thought I raised betrayed me. Now do you know how that feels? Richard: It hurts pretty bad, doesn't it?
  14. ITA - you can't just add a few inches to each side of the pattern and think that's enough to make the same design look good on a larger body. There's a similar issue with clothes that are not redesigned for petite sizes. Some brands claim that they sell petite sizes but all they do is cut two inches off the bottom of the pants or sleeves which means the proportions are all off. It's not just the amount of fabric you are using that has to be changed. You have to look at how the design fits the body, where it hits the bust, the waist, etc. and make adjustments in the pattern.
  15. Yes, it was posted in the Zac Posen thread a few weeks ago.
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