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  1. Original air date: 4/23/21
  2. As much as I like jewelry, I know nothing about making it so I liked that the show explained so many things. I love that the male judge busted out his loupe to check the engraving and the soldering. After watching years of Project Runway where designers were sending stuff that was completely unhemmed down the runway, I appreciate that the judges care about technique and workmanship. The female judge seems completely humorless so I hope she loosens up a little bit. I liked Lee's seaside bangles. The cutouts on the starfish one were nice and I liked the texture of the other two. Hugo m
  3. It felt like half the TGI Friday shows had a million people living in one house. Family Matters started out with Carl and Harriette, their three kids (Eddie, Laura, and Judy who disappeared without explanation in S5), Carl's mother Estelle, Harriette's sister Rachel, and Rachel's son Richie all living in one house for a total of 8 people living together. Just the Ten of Us had, duh, ten people (the parents and eight kids). Step by Step had the parents Frank and Carol who married and each had three kids from their previous marriages. In addition, there was Cody, the cousin who
  4. I loved that dress and found myself wondering why she's always wearing those sweater and shirt combos to work when she's got cute dresses like this in her closet! Maybe the cute dresses are on the top shelf of her closet and she couldn't reach them until Simon made her that stool last week.
  5. Yes, cousin Kenan is slacking AND he isn't drinking enough water!
  6. I think you mean a 33. 45 records were singles. 33 records were the bigger albums that soundtracks were released on. [/fellow old person]
  7. How long before we find out who Finch killed to activate her werewolf gene? Honestly, I don't care that much about Finch so I'm not super interested but at the same time, I like that this show tends not to drag out the characters' secrets for too long, so I'm expecting that Lizzie's lie about Finch will be revealed in the next 1-3 episodes and then we'll find out that Finch accidentally killed someone similar to Tyler activating his werewolf gene.
  8. Damian Lewis wrote a tribute to Helen McCrory Peaky Blinders resumed filming with a tribute to Helen
  9. Max's interaction with Rose reminded me why I didn't like him when he was pursuing Zoey either. He is so passive aggresively whiny. He KNEW that Rose was only going to be in SF for a limited time yet when she mentioned that the hologram tour (!) was coming to town after she left, he complained about how he loves pre-scheduling his break ups. STFU, Max. You knew this was the deal so stop complaining about it. Like Rose said, enjoy the time you have together instead of moping about how it's going to end eventually. And see? If you just TELL someone who you feel instead of making petty comments,
  10. 2.10 songs available on itunes/amazon: Make You Feel My Love - Andrew Leeds Cheap Thrills - Bernadette Peters Tearin' Up My Heart - John Clarence Stewart, Skylar Astin, Alex Newell Gasoline - Alice Lee I Look to You - Alex Newell
  11. Rose: Ooh hey, the iHeartRadio hologram tour is coming to town. Are you in? Max: It depends. Are Kurt Cobain and Bowie doing a collab? Rose: None of this. No sad face. It is fine. We just have to make the most of the time while I'm here. Max: Yeah, absolutely. I love pre-scheduling my break ups. Max: Sorry, sir, no socks and flip flops in the establishment. What? I'm casual, not a monster. Deb: I'm so glad you called. I haven't seen you since the funeral and I thought you'd given up on the world and learned how to make candles and shampoo. Zoey: You and I, we're a good
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