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  1. I really hope that the beginning of S4 brings a conclusion to this endless Malivore stuff. I get that it's part of Landon's whole story but ugh. Even when Malivore isn't technically present, it's all they talk about.
  2. Cleo: Landon! Such violence is not necessary. Landon: That's pretty ironic coming from you. Clarke: Still as handsome as ever. Oh, admit it. You totally missed me. Hope: I'm not going to dignify that with an answer. I will, however, indignify it with a question. How are you even here? Clarke: Long story short, someone chopped off my head. Woke up in the blackness, endless loneliness, suffering, existential agony, blah blah blah. Hope: Lizzie- Lizzie: Don't. Have you completely forgotten that Clarke once faked being Vardemus, turned Josie evil, and then tried to hijack your bo
  3. S01.E03: The Rule of Three Promo: Original air date: 6/27/21
  4. Promo: Original air date: 6/30/21
  5. Probably because trauma, shame, and victim blaming are all real things and it's hard to work through them on your own. Lots of sexual assault survivors keep what happened to them a secret for years. Some never tell anyone what happened to them.
  6. I was really hoping that Nicky would get to spend some time with her aunt so I was a bit disappointed that she was already dead. My favorite part of the episode was Henry trying not to bop along with the song on the radio and Evan telling him that he already saw him doing it. I kept waiting for Zhilan to get fed up and just murder that guy. I'm so glad that Althea finally told Dennis what happened. Holding in a secret like that from someone you love can be really painful and stressful. Dennis seemed pretty supportive based on the few seconds that we saw. I hope that we don't see
  7. S2.E5: Blurred Blooms Original air date: 6/24/21
  8. Iliza Shlesinger’s Ex-Boyfriend Lied About Everything—So She Made a Netflix Movie About Him
  9. Trailer: Release date: 6/23/21
  10. For those of you who enjoyed the Kelis episode, she just did a tour of her farm in Temecula for Harper's Bazaar:
  11. RuPaul's Drag Race joins The Brady Bunch for epic crossover TV remake Dragging the Classics: The Brady Bunch premieres Wednesday, June 30 exclusively on Paramount+
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