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  1. How much more could she give him to do? He could barely walk slowly in hold without looking like he was on the verge of tripping.
  2. I've used sour cream to make a chocolate cake and it did make it moist without adding a tangy flavor, so I was interested to see the bakers use yog(h)urt, buttermilk, etc. in their cakes. I made a regular cake though, not one in a fancy tin so I thought maybe I'd missed hearing that requirement in the brief, but then I saw that Alice didn't use a fancy tin. It was nice to see Henry and Priya trying to help Michael with his stuck cake, but I thought that's why I would have used a regular pan! Steph's chocolate raspberry buttermilk cake sounded delicious. Like she said, chocolate is the answer to everything! Rosie's limoncello cake with buttermilk meringue kisses was simple but pretty. Ha, and she knows the way to Prue's heart - a glass of alcohol! David's lemon poppyseed cake with limoncello glaze was so pretty. Loved the purple color from the flowers on top. Phil's rosewater cake was messy looking. The flowers at the bottom were fine but the glaze was kind of slopped on. Although I understand when the judges say they want more of whatever flavor the bakers are using, rosewater is one of those things that you really have to use with restraint or the taste becomes overwhelmingly floral. I'd rather have just a hint of it than too much. Priya's banana chocolate cake with toffee sauce sounded good, but one of my sister's favorite things to make is chocolate banana bread so I was predisposed to like this. Michael's raspberry and lemon cheesecake with sour cream sounded good. I felt so bad for him when he couldn't get it out of the tin. Even though he was clearly upset, I liked that he said, "I know it's just a cake." At least it tasted good! I loved when he told Priya not to be nice to him and she said, "I like your shirt." Helena's almond and buttermilk ghost cake was cute. Although I love Halloween, I'm not a huge fan of her HALLOWEEN YEAR ROUND vibe. But I liked that her ghost cake was cute, not scary, because that made it seem less like Halloween and more like a sweet year round thing. Alice's lemon caradamom with pistachios was pretty. The biscuit leaves on top added a lot of dimension and texture. Michelle's apple rhubarb cake sounded good. I liked that she had so many different textures (pecan crumble, rhubarb meringue kisses, apple crisps, freeze dried raspberries). Heh, good to know that the Welsh word for claggy is claggy. Henry's spiced apple cake looked really nice. Loved the circle of thinly sliced apples on top. I've never had maids of honor before. Even though they all looked below Paul's standard, I thought it was ridiculous that he didn't even try Priya's. Just because they look terrible doesn't mean you shouldn't taste them. Maybe the curd tasted good! Although I hate to see the bakers struggle, it seems a bit fairer when it ws clear that EVERYONE did terribly. Ooh, mishti showstoppers! Now that sounds interesting, but I loooooove condensed milk. I liked that the bakers each had to make three different flavors. Alice's afternoon tea with carrot cake, chocolate cheesecake, and coffee was a fun twists on mishti. Priya's presentation with rose and lychee, saffron, and mango looked nice. I agreed with Prue that a lot of the color was in the non-food items (like the bright purple cupcake wrappers. Michael's mango, pistachio, and lemon rosewater were so pretty. I loved the vibrant colors. Steph's rose pistachio, date and walnut, and mango mishti. were so colorful and pretty. I liked how different all the shapes were. David's kewra water, mango cardamom, and carrot on fennel tuile sounded interesting. I liked that he asked his friend how to pronounce kewra correctly. Henry's orange, coconut, and pistachio raspberry ice cream seemed like a good idea but that ice cream was a huge risk. It's too bad that he didn't have enough time to let it freeze longer. Michelle's chocolate passionfruit, raspberry, and tonka bean rice pudding were not my favorite. Like Paul, I didn't like the rice pudding in the little pots. I appreciate that she was trying to do something different but it didnt work for me. Helena's coconut chocolate, parma violet, and lemon sherbet with biscuit spoons looked a little messy. I think it was mostly the cupcake wrappers that I didn't like. Rosie's orange, rose, and sweet milk custard cocktail mishtis were a fun and creative idea.. Phil's elderflower, pistachio, and blueberry garden mishti was such a fun and colorful idea. Awww, congratulations to Steph for winning star baker! I had to laugh when she told her mom not to swear on tv. Phil seemed like a nice man, but I think he only lasted this long because other people had much more disastrous weeks.
  3. History of the Christmas cake aka fruitcakes Dan's exit interview
  4. Recipes Signature challenge Henry's apple and cinnamon streusel cake Priya's banana and chocolate cake Rosie's limoncello and basil cake Steph's raspberry and chocolate fudge cake Technical challenge Prue's maids of honor Showstopper challenge Helena's coconut and chocolate ladoo Alice's coffee and walnut ragsulla
  5. If I planned to fake an injury to let someone I know replace me, I certainly wouldn’t wait until three days beforehand. But I’m the considerate kind of faker who would want my friend/family member to have more than three days to prepare so that they would look awesome as my replacement. I mean, honestly, I think most moms want to see their kids succeed so if Christie had planned a fake injury specifically to put Sailor in her place, she probably would have done it a little sooner. There are professional dancers who would be uncomfortable performing a routine that they learned only a few days earlier. And realistically, Christie is not the only celeb who injured herself shortly before the first episode. Jewel and Nancy O’Dell both had to drop out of S8 before the first episode. As a last minute replacemenr, Melissa Rycroft had only two days to learn her first dance. Wendy Williams is just being a shit stirrer about this.
  6. Musical version of The Devil Wears Prada will have pre-Broadway run in Chicago next summer Performances scheduled for July 14 - August 16 at the James M. Nederlander Theatre. Directed by Tony winner Anna D. Shapiro, music by Elton John, lyrics by Shaina Taub, and a book by Paul Rudnick. Nadia DiGiallonardo is the show’s musical supervisor. Casting is by Stephen Kopel.
  7. It’s not the auditions themselves that bother me. It’s more that we waste sooooooo much time during the audition process with the interviews and sob stories. This season I think we were getting like five auditions per episode because of all that extra crap. Cut all that out and let us see back to back auditions and then I’m all for multiple audition episodes! Same with the academy episodes. I’m 99% sure that in S1, there was one episode that covered all of Las Vegas week. I’m fine with it being two episodes (three dance styles the first episode, two dance styles and then announcing the top twenty dancers in the second episode). But drawing out auditions for so many weeks and then dragging out the academy plus separate episodes for the top girls and another episode for the top boys is just way too much filler.
  8. Tommy was surprisingly kind to the woman who just tried to kill his brother. I was imagining all the guests in the other room politely ignoring all the screams as they watched Swan Lake, so when Mosley burst in and sternly said. “YOUR GUESTS!” I totally cracked up. Later when Mosley said that Tommy couldn’t have scenes like that or public family fights in the future, I laughed some more. Have you met this family, dude?
  9. I admit that I assumed she would not be very good so I was pleasantly surprised at how well she danced. Usually the contestants over 30 tend to be the clumsy/uncoordinated ones who are eliminated in the first few episodes, but Kate was definitely better than some of the other contestants. I hope she has enough fans from The Office voting for her so she can outlast the obvious clunkers like Lamar Odom. Kate did mention that she took dance in college. I want to hear more about that!
  10. Re: Wendy Williams’ accusation about Christie faking her injury - my mom broke her wrist almost the exact same way when she was under 30. She lost her balance and instinctively put her hand down to break her fall and ended up breaking her wrist. That instinct to try to break your fall is pretty strong. I remember when I took ice skating classes as a little kid, they told us NOT to do that because we would probably break a wrist. They even made us practice putting our arms up in the air while we fell on the ice. Just because the video of Christie falling doesn’t look dramatic enough for Wendy doesn’t mean it’s all fake. Not every injury or fall is dramatically cinematic.
  11. James Van Der Beek is competing on this season of Dancing with the Stars!
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