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  1. I saw it less as collaboration and more as assigning simple tasks that even a beginning sew-er could do. The help she has received required less sewing skill than Sergio having multiple models embroider names on his dress last week. And at least everyone who has helped Dayoung did so voluntarily (Sergio basically conscripted the models) and only did so after they were finished making their garments. We have seen designers help each other with garments before. I would much rather see someone getting help because they’re sick rather than because their sewing skills are poor (I can still hear Shawn and Claire yelling each other’s names in the workroom as I type this). The help we saw Dayoung receive this week was Victoria cutting the skirt for her. It was a circle skirt so it wasn’t like Victoria was doing something overly complicated that required a lot of skill. The previous time that she was sick I think the other designers were just gluing crap to the outfit she had made (for the Christmas challenge?) which again is not something that requires skill. Both times she was just running out of time due to not feeling well and needed some extra hands, not asking anyone to actually design or do construction. Last season I remember someone sewed in a zipper for someone else which is way more than what anyone has done for Dayoung. To me the difference is like asking someone to boil water and drop in a handful of spaghetti for you versus asking someone to debone a chicken or make a souffle.
  2. It's done to create buzz, similar to when a movie has a limited release before a wide release. As mentioned above, it worked for Glee.
  3. Believe was one of the first huge songs to use autotune and (for better or for worse) to popularize its blatant use (before that, it was used subtly to correct pitch, not as noticeable effect).
  4. Jax: We exceeded our construction paper budget for the year so I moved some money around, took it out of double-sided tape. Arthur: I didn't stay in the cultural ass crack of America's armpit in order to lose, so clear your schedules for the next five days because you're mine. Karla: Now is the armpit in the ass crack, or is the ass crack in the armpit? Ginny: Hey, guys, the bus will be here any second and remember it is a tight squeeze, so only one bag per person, okay? Jax: One bag? That's impossible. What if I'm going from an afternoon of athleisure to a smart casual dinner? Wayne: Just wear the same cardigan you always wear. Adams: You need to pack some drawers. Jax: I guess this will be a commando trip. God's love is all the support I need. Wayne: My buddy Dookie might be able to help. He has a bus. Arthur: I'm leery of any plan that hinges on a man named Dookie but how bad can it be? Wayne: Dookie just has to drop these kids off at the winter formal and then we're good to go. Ginny: Tell your friend to drive faster, Dookie! No more stopping for fake IDs. Girl: You look familiar. Adams: I was Snowflake Queen in 19 [mumble mumble]. Girl: No, you're the lady that murdered her husband. Do you do stepdads? I hate Rick. Adams: Honey, you can't afford me. Arthur: Hang on, is Magnus behind this [canceled hotel] room thing? Kimmy Bell: Yes, he's obsessed with you. You're all he talks about. Oh, wait, no. That's Jesus. Arthur: Right, that zombie you all worship. Wayne: Well, looks like you and I are going to have to share a bed. You want to be the big spoon or the little spoon? Who are we kidding? We both know you're little spoon. Wayne: Now this might burn a little. Dwayne: Cause it's hot water? Wayne: Because it's grain alcohol. Arthur: Payback's a bitch and I am high on life. Ginny: Have you been drinking? Arthur: Just a bunch of mini bar bourbons and that Five Hour Energy that looked a hell of a lot like a mini bar bourbon. Jax: So your big secret is that you didn't murder your husband? Adams: I met someone. Keith: That's amazing! Adams: Except because of our secret, he thinks I'm a murderer. Keith: That gives you the upper hand in the relationship. I don't see the problem. Jax: Secrets can be a real burden. Keith: Oh, really? I wouldn't know that as a gay black man in Kentucky. Arthur: Adams, touch those robes. Adams: A random rack of robes that could belong to vagabonds? No thank you. Adams: Girl, what are you wearing? You look like a court-appointed attorney. Magnus: I have asked God to help me like you, but some prayers will go unanswered. Arthur: Yeah, well, imaginary friends are so unreliable.
  5. But he said "this time feels different" which seems to indicate that she has reached out before. Based on Katherine's reaction, I'm guessing that when Eddie got sober they told Lindsey that she wasn't welcome to come around and that's why she sends presents instead of visiting. Theo already knew who she was so I'm guessing she is one of those relatives who sends stuff (which makes Theo aware of her existence).
  6. It made me so sad and mad to see Katherine apologize to Delilah because Sophie is mad at her. That is not in any way Katherine's fault. Delilah is the one who cheated, not Katherine. I can't believe the show is still trying to make Delilah the victim in all this. Danny's middle school is a lot fancier than mine was. Assigned seats for an eighth grade play? Ours was general admission so if you wanted a specific seat, you had to get there early. LOL at Eddie saying that something feels different this time about his sister reaching out. She has said literally nothing to him. She sent a box of baby gifts. How does that feel different than the lat time she ordered a bunch of presents for Theo on amazon? Watching Eddie talk to Theo honestly about being an alcoholic reminded me that he's a decent actor who's capable of much more than he's usually given. He spent the entire run of Grimm mostly looking stressed. Sometimes I randomly remember that this is the guy who was on Road Rules and it cracks me up to see how far he's come. T There are actually several different versions of Grease that can be licensed for school performances. First there is the original musical version (which is much raunchier) versus the version that includes songs from the movie version. Then there are middle school and high school versions with different levels of changes. One of the most common changes is the lyrics in Greased Lightning (because most parents don't want their 12 year olds singing about getting tit in a pussy wagon). The more sanitized versions also eliminate the alma mater parody which mentions VD.
  7. Dr: Oh, no. Elise, I said I wanted the blue pens that click. These ones with the caps just slow me down. Gary: So my penis isn't going to fall off? Dr.: Not today, no. Eric: My brand is more cuddly but hard to get - a mystery wrapped in a cardigan. Eric: Why don't you put that kind of honesty into your [dating] profile? Maggie: Yeah, so something like "single, emotionally and physically scarred woman seeks similar man for unhealthy relationship." Eric: And also don't forget you're lactose intolerant. Maggie: Enjoy your super dry cupcake. Maggie: I cannot believe what an ass Gary was. Eric: Well, breaking up is hard to do. Is that from Grease? Maggie: That is Neil Sedaka. You run a music store. You should definitely know that. People are going to think you're a fraud.
  8. SERIES FINALE! Original air date: 1/30/20
  9. Promo: Original air date: 1/30/20
  10. Original air date: 1/30/20
  11. There is nothing this show can do to make me watch an episode of Station 19. Like the previous Very Important Crossover Events, I didn't watch S19 and had no problem figuring out what was going on when GA started so obviously I made the right choice. I was kind of hoping this would be like the shooting after the Seattle Grace merger where the show used the Very Special Tragedy to kill off some of the new characters. The only one I was concerned about was Casey Parker. The rest of the residents can go.
  12. Jo: [The baby]'s had a really hard day. Linc: And it just got harder because now he's been kidnapped. Linc: Jo stole a baby. Jo: I did not steal a baby. Meredith: Well, that's what I said when I stole a baby. Linc: Why are people stealing babies? Ben: You good to operate on your residents? Miranda: It wouldn't be the first time. Amelia: [Casey] was in the military, right? Do you think he has PTSD? Teddy: We all do. Jackson: You [and Teddy] set a date yet? Owen: We're not engaged. Jackson: Really? Wow. I figured cause you have two kids together, you live together, you marry everyone.
  13. Mean Girls: The Musical will get a movie adaptation
  14. Finally a print challenge! It annoys me when designers say that they don't work with color or prints so I really enjoy when they are forced to use a print. And although I do feel for the designers when they have very limited choices, part of me really liked that they only had bold colorful prints to choose from because I remember past challenges when designers grudgingly chose a tiny print or a very simple print like small houndstooth or plain stripes. This time they had no choice but to incorporate these bright prints into their designs! The cynical part of me was tempted to believe that what Delvin said was ass kissing, but even the judges noted how much happier he seemed this week and how much he was smiling on the runway. It was nice to hear him say that he usually doesn't work with bright happy stuff but that working with Ashley's prints had him in a happy mood. I hope this inspires him to design some happy stuff in the future. I love that we're already on week 7 but the designers still like each other enough (well, minus Sergio) to do things like offer their extra fabric to someone else. I always feel bad when the designers realize after a whole day of working on something that one of the fabrics doesn't work. In the real world, you would just go back to the fabric store but here, you're fucked. I agreed with Marquise that the gunmetal fabric didn't look right so it was nice when Geoffrey told him to help himself to all the white fabric he had. But why didn't he use any of that fabric to make a better top? If you have white satin, it has to be tailored to fit like a glove or you will see every imperfection. Sergio butting in and trying to help Chelsey when Delvin was already helping was so deliciously awkward. I totally cracked up when Delvin said that all Sergio does is make circle skirts and then the editors gave us flashback shots of the numerous circle skirts that Sergio has made. And I love that they were all checking on Dayoung. When Chelsey offered to help her if she needed anything and Geoffrey said that she doesn't like to bother anyone and then sat with her to make sure that she ate and then rallied everyone else to help her, it made me love them. Not everyone is kind enough to take valuable time from a competition to take care of someone who clearly isn't feeling well. He wasn't kidding when he said that she looked like ET when he was dying. She was so pale that it looked like she was wearing a layer of talcum powder on her face. It made me feel like I was watching Dangerous Liaisons. IT'S A MOTHERFUCKING WALK OFF! Hahahaha, that will never not be funny. Christian's critiques were really specific and spot on this week. He told Victoria to use more of the print and even showed her several different options, all of which looked great. When he told Delvin to make his Golden Girls pajamas more fitted and to shorten the jacket, it instantly looked better. Geoffrey's dress needed that cinched in waist. Christian knew that non-stretch white material for Marquise's top was going to be an issue. Gawd, I am so tired of the long half skirt on one side over shorter skirt on the other side. WHY? I guess on the one hand, the yellow portion of the skirt on Brittany's dress gave the eyes a break from the print. It's always nice to have some contrast. I felt like the strappy bits were going to make the judges think it was Victoria's. I didn't really like it. The way she used the 3D butterflies didn't have much impact on the runway. I wouldn't have noticed them at all if I hadn't known that's what she did and been looking for it. Geoffrey's dress looked too much like a little girl in a party dress. I'm glad he took Christian's advice to cinch in the waist because before that, she looked like she was wearing one of those inflatable sumo suits. I do like that Geoffrey is able to listen to critiques and make adjustments. He listened to Ashley and he listened to Christian and he incorporated their feedback. I get staying true to your vision and whatnot, but some of these designers are so stubborn/arrogant that they refuse to listen to feedback because they're convinced that their design is perfect and can't be improved upon by other people's professional opinions. Thank goodness Geoffrey isn't one of those people! Delvin's suit looked so much better after he made the changes that Christian suggested. I still didn't love it but that was a huge improvement. I liked that Marquise incorporated the beaded bee embellishments to go with the bee eater birds on his print, but overall his design didn't do anything for me. The big loose jacket with the loose skirt made his model look shapeless and a little sloppy. Not everything has to be skin tight (HEIDI) but you do have to think about how the pieces will look together. Nancy's look was a lot. The reversible coat with pockets for wine, phone, and dildo was a fun idea. I liked the solid fuchsia top underneath. It was not overly fussy but it gave my eyes a break from the busy print. The problem for me was that the oversized coat didn't look right with the huge pants. You can have one or the other but not both. I liked the shape of Chelsey's dress but I didn't love it. Victoria made the same strappy thing she makes every fucking week. She also went out of her way to use as little of the flower part of the print as possible. I don't know what possessed her to lay out the fabric so that there were pink flowers right over the crotch area. I liked Dayoung's outfit. It was smart to use that purple to break up the pattern a little. And Victoria won some points with me for offering to help her and cutting the skirt quickly. I'm glad that Dayoung made sure to give credit to Victoria for that on the runway. Sergio is really sticking to his "I'm a political designer" story really hard now, isn't he? I liked the coat way more than I liked the dress. And wasn't that slit cut a bit high? Am I a horrible person because the obvious look of disappointment on Sergio's face when he was called safe amused me? Apparently Brandon doesn't watch RPDR because I remember when Ginger Minj made the "flood my basement" comment. I agree. Of course you should respect other people's personal space but Victoria has not been a staunch anti-hugger until now which means that she's just a sore loser who was pouting and having a temper tantrum. There are ways to graciously tell people you don't want to be hugged/touched right now. Yes, the challenges are filmed back to back. The first three challenges were two day challenges. The fourth challenge was a one day challenge that began immediately after the third runway. The fifth challenge was a two day challenge and the sixth challenge was another one day challenge. Nope, Instagram hashtags. I don't think anyone uses Tumblr anymore!
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