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  1. This sums up the emotion I'm feeling about my work experience.
  2. I would imagine that getting 100% rate in an office of 300-400 people is very unlikely. Regardless of that, it is my opinion that we are safe in my office. It is my opinion that with approximately 70% of the general adult population vaccinated here, and only 7 new cases per day in a county of 380,000 (0.0018%), keeping us locked down and following super restrictive rules is well beyond better safe than sorry. This is more like somebody saying, "If you don't leave the house, you won't risk getting hit by lightning" on a sunny day. And like I said, it feels demoralizing t
  3. I, and my teenagers, are fully vaccinated. I stopped wearing a mask everywhere it wasn't required the second it was allowed. I felt it was my duty as a person who followed every rule the entire time, to be out there as a person showing it is okay to follow the new rules. We have a single person (who is in charge of HR) at work refusing to lift ANY of the COVID restrictions. We're still in masks. We're still not allowed to use the break room refrigerators. We are still not allowed to sit more than one person at a table in the café. Still required to wear a mask when in the outside rec
  4. In a change to your regular scheduled programming; The Network Talk forum was intended to be a high-level discussion of that network (business, ratings, etc). Over time that message got lost, and the forum became a hotbed of ill-placed political chatter; as the site is first and foremost a television show discussion site, it's time to go back to the start. Effective immediately, this forum is returning to it's roots and is no longer a place to discuss shows or show content that appear on the Networks. If you want to discuss an actual show, use that show's forum. If no forum for a
  5. Welcome to the Everything Else forum! This is the spot to talk about everything else BESIDES television. There's a wide array of topics available, so before starting a new one, please be sure that there isn't one that already covers what you'd like to talk about. The mods reserve discretion to merge topics that may be similar; if you have questions, please PM your forum moderators: @JTMacc99 and @festivus Additionally, if there are people who post in the forum who you do not agree with, or whose opinions make you angry, you can add the member to your "Ignored User" list. If they'r
  6. It’s funny, I was thinking that this show should be following Celebrity Family Feud as opposed to The Bachelorette. Tonight it’s re-airing. After Celebrity Family Feud. Heh.
  7. In my own world of peeves... I'm running low on stamps. When I do occasionally have to buy new stamps, I like to get whatever commemorative design catches my eye. I'm used to ordering everything online these days and figured I could go to the USPS site to just order them directly from the source. Seems to be easier than making a trip to the post office. I discovered that I can get a sheet of Star Wars Droids, so I put those in the cart and went to check out. They're going to charge me $1.30 shipping. I'm pretty sure they're going to stop by my house tomorrow, and the next d
  8. For sure "Sports = the reason we still have cable" is a big motivator for the networks to pay for sports rights. It's an excellent peeve, because it sucks for the people who don't care about the games, and there's no amount of complaining we could do that would ever make the networks change the way they're handling it. In the Pre-Covid world, live sporting events represented something like 90% of the highest rated programs in a year. The sports are FAR more valuable and important to any network that carries them than the shows they're bumping when games run long. It's just busine
  9. I had this problem last week. I called it in to customer service (Spectrum), and she was awesome. She didn't use these words, but I know it's what she was saying when looking at the signal I was getting on my modem: "Oh yeah, it's fucked up." They scheduled for a tech to come out to my house a couple days later. However, later that afternoon I got a text saying there was an outage in my area and it should be fixed by 5 PM. Sure enough, I saw the Spectrum maintenance bucket truck working in the neighborhood that afternoon. He fixed whatever electronics or squirrel chew damage was causi
  10. Oops. I didn't mean to imply that I was disagreeing with or correcting @SoMuchTV. I meant to echo what was in the linked article above to say that's what pops into my head when I hear "less than $20." The article also said this: And here's where I get in my head. I'm not sure if it's a Peeve, or if it's just me being vaguely annoyed with myself for trying to make every single thing make sense within the rules as I understand them. I understand how "an essay of 250 words or less" is acceptable, as you are not really counting the exact number of words. The essay is just to be
  11. Fewer and less is on my radar screen, and my brain definitely rejects “clearly wrong“ usage. To me, “Less than 14 items” is CLEARLY wrong. Fewer is pointing directly a NUMBER of ITEMS. That is precisely when you are supposed to use fewer. I don’t hear a problem with less than $20. (Although I’m giving the eye to make sure nobody says then as opposed to than, but that’s another topic.) To me, less than is correct because you can be $2.47 less than $20. So you’re not counting a specific number of dollars in the statement. You’re saying it is some amount of money less than $20
  12. Honestly? 1. I don’t remember, because 2. My brain would have “seen” fewer regardless of what it said. I’ll take a picture next time I’m there and report back.
  13. As a person who has beliefs such as there is a correct way to load a dishwasher, I am very peeved that one of my supermarkets turned the self check into 14 items or fewer. So now I’m funneled into the regular lines where they man every line with a dedicated bagger. The kids do their best, but they don’t do it the “right” way. This is obviously something I need to let go, but I’m not there yet.
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