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    I've got a TiVo streamer on my TV in my bedroom. As I'm usually not in that room for long (like getting dressed, folding laundry, or short term activities), I've discovered that the "Deal or No Deal" channel is perfect for me right now. There's no plot to follow and it's rarely gripping enough where I HAVE to find out how the contestant did. (Spoiler alert: Most of them make risky decisions that don't work out so great. Some of them get super lucky.) I have tried the Price is Right channel, but I find it less engaging than I thought I would. I think it's because the shows are 30 yeas old,
  2. Mice can get through incredibly small gaps. An adolescent mouse can get through a hole similar in size to the diameter of a pencil. An adult mouse can get through a hole the size of a dime.
  3. Heh, same here about me. Interestingly enough, I was just thinking the exact opposite thing about the two refrigerators in my house. In the basement there is a beige, 25 year old refrigerator that still works perfectly. It's boring as hell; the shelves and door compartments are just flat nothings. In my kitchen is a 4 year old stainless steel beauty, with great compartments, drawers, and shelves that can be moved around to fit my needs. It makes ice and filtered water. It also is a piece of junk that doesn't do the one thing it's supposed to do very well. When I bought it, the peo
  4. Good question! It was with Beauty & Fashion, Fun & Games, Fitness, Food & Drink, and Sports in Interests & Hobbies. We talked about it, and it felt like most of what is discussed in Health & Wellness isn't really a "Hobby", so we moved it to Everything Else where it seems to be a better fit.
  5. We recently moved the entire forum dedicated to discussing our Health & Wellness right here to be part of Everything Else! Please take advantage of this change to redirect all health related discussion from Vitamins to Ailments to Mental Health from this general Chit Chat topic to the appropriate topic there. If you don't see a topic in Health & Wellness that works for what you, please feel free to start a new topic or send a PM to the Everything Else forum moderators, @JTMacc99 and @festivus and we can start one for you.
  6. JTMacc99

    NFL Thread

    Too be fair: Before the season: "Daniel, we're going to get you some more help this year, more weapons,; you'll get Barkley back, and we're going with the same young combination of offensive linemen we had last year to give them the consistency a line needs." Week Six: "Daniel, good luck today, you'll be handing off the backup running backs, behind the sixth different combination of backup offensive linemen and throwing passes to the practice squad receivers. I'm sure you'll do great." The defense still sucks though.
  7. Kitchen gadgets, socks, lightning cables.
  8. Heh. I should call it Uprising Bread Alternative in the episode title, but I'm going with this instead.
  9. Me: [Holds cup] Every Ice Maker Ever: [Not enough] [Not enough] [Not enough] [WAY TO MUCH!]
  10. JTMacc99

    NFL Thread

    Yep. Speaking of injuries, I realized I was wearing a Giants hoodie this morning while I was walking the dog and became concerned. Fortunately, somehow I managed not to step in a hole, sprain my ankle, tear a knee ligament, and suffer a concussion.
  11. Guest Shark Emma Grede; A line of functional apparel and accessories; a healthy super food product; a way to store jewelry when on the go; a New York fashion designer who wants to transform the way clothes are manufactured in America
  12. Seems likely that Flay was looking for something more, probably significantly more, than the typical 7 figure salaries that Discovery pays it's stars. Forbes estimates Fieri's deal to be around $26M annually, which is very unusual for Discovery. But if you look at the ratings posted here over time, it's pretty clear that Guy is a big time money maker for FN. He's involved with 3-4 of the top ten shows every week, and they're all cheap to make other than him. Bobby Flay has shows in the top ten, but not nearly as many or as lucrative. Basically, this just looks like a standard b
  13. Last weekend I was chatting with a couple who stopped me to spend some time with Norman. They told me that they had a female golden at one point, and told me some stories about her. He also had spent time in his life training service dogs, specifically seeing eye dogs. So he spent a lot of time with Goldens and Labs. As he's petting Norm, he says "This is a great dog. You can see the intelligence in his eyes." Norm: "I growled at an inflatable ghost decoration on my walk this morning. It was scary!"
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