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  1. After using the skunk-neutralizer, he was a lot better, but his head was still kind of stinky. So I worked over just his head last night and in the morning we were smelling fresh. I put his collar and his Seresto flea and tick collar and suddenly he's stinky again. I take off the collar and smell it. It's fine. I take off the tick collar and WOW. It's like it soaked up skunk and is now feeding it back to Norm. I sprayed it down with some odor remover. Nothing. Still stinks. So I bagged it up and just send a note to Seresto asking for advice. What sucks stinks about this, is that it's a brand new collar. Like a week old. They cost $60 and last 8 months. That's a painful replacement if that's my only option. Chewy has them on sale right now for under $50, but still...
  2. This has been part of my problem with Norman. He's not as big as a Great Pyrenees, but he's still a big ball of golden retriever hair. Even though he's mostly de-stunk at this point, he's still got something lingering. I guess I didn't get every inch of him covered in the special shampoo. And I don't really have the right set up in my bathtub to give him a proper bath, so I'm just in there trying to get him covered while he's sitting, attempting to climb out. It's quite the adventure. A stinky adventure.
  3. There are episodes on the schedule for 8/6 and 8/13. I haven't seen how many episodes the season will be. Maybe 13? That would give them twelve people for the final episode. Same here! He was the rare successful person on the faster windmill #1. I did really enjoy Joe and Rob's "analysis" of the face plant style of failing on both windmills. "Normally people get hit in the side by the windmill, but not her. [Makes face into flat surface gesture with his hands.]"
  4. I think we should send this to the Hallmark Movie writers to help them change it up a bit, but still stay in their lane.
  5. Ah, yes, let me take a break from adding a polite mechanic who is in love with somebody he shouldn't be to my novel, and put up a new question of the day.
  6. Ha! Also, that would be awesome! If we can add an aversion to potato chips and macaroni and cheese while we're at it, my overall health would approve.
  7. Hee! To be fair, we've been hitting each other pretty much non-stop since we could walk. Not a lot of thought or analysis goes into it.
  8. I picked up some De-Skunking shampoo at lunchtime and doused him in that and then more regular shampoo after rinsing out the skunk stuff. Hopefully that does the trick for Norman, and the open windows and candles burning will help vent out the house. Maybe I'll bake some brownies later to get that smell in the house.
  9. Norm would look cute pink. I'll ran some shampoo over him last night to knock it down to a dull stink, but the damage was done to the house. I'll have to open up all the windows this afternoon. I'm also going to go through this plan when I go home later.
  10. So, never mind the bears. I have a new problem, and that would be the skunk that my dog discovered in the back yard at 9:15 P.M. last night. Ugh. It turns out that a freshly sprayed dog can stink up an entire house from top to bottom in approximately 30 seconds after coming back inside.
  11. JTMacc99

    MLB Thread

    This is great, as yelling right in somebody's face is just about the only way you're going to spread COVID-19 while you're actually playing baseball and outside on the field. It's pretty straightforward. Talking puts droplets in the air. Yelling puts lots of droplets in the air*. Even outside, if you're yelling in somebody's face, you will probably need less than the five minutes it typically takes face to face talkers to transfer enough of the virus to infect somebody else. * Yelling over the sound of loud machines was one of the key contributors to the large outbreaks in meat processing plants in the Midwest. Combined with close contact and virus friendly cold air. I actually think baseball is a perfect example of how we could do a lot better in general if we just dumb it down so everybody has simple rules to follow. Sit them all down and make it easy. Say this: Guys, PAY ATTENTION! The CDC says this: So here are your two rules you need to follow all the time, no exceptions: 1. If you're outside and can't maintain a steady 6 foot distance between you and somebody else, put on your mask. And pull it up all the way over your nose dummy. This disease is very happy to set up shop in your nose and drop virus right down into your lungs, which will make you very sick. 2. Inside, like in clubhouses, buses, training rooms, all those closed, poorly ventilated places where you guys spend lots of time together: WEAR A MASK. Period. 3. You should consider the dugout to be part of rule #2. That's it. Even if somebody brings it into the team from home, it's very unlikely to spread to others if they just follow the basic guidelines. IMO, there is no way the Marlins players followed any part of my rule #2. They totally spread it to each other in the training rooms. Probably working out in the gym together with no masks. Probably sat next to each other getting dressed for practices in the clubhouse talking face to face. Probably ate meals together face to face. To get that many people infected means that they were in all in close contact in small spaces for long periods of time. Gee, how did we all get infected?
  12. I know that this phenomenon pops up in memes and other social media fairly regularly for me these days. I had my first batch of kirby cucumbers from my garden this weekend so I went looking for some pickle ideas. The one I liked was at the bottom of a LONG-winded story about refrigerator pickles. Jeez. it's cucumbers and sweet onion in jar covered with some cider vinegar with herbs and spices. I've got the gist of it.
  13. Speaking of wildlife, I was walking my dog yesterday evening around 7;30 P.M. We were about halfway up the long dead end street we typically walk when I saw a very large black shape crossing the street near the end of the street. Yeah... we turned around and went the other way. We'll just give the bears enough time to get back in the woods, where they can conduct their business as bears do.
  14. For those of us who haven’t worn facial hair our whole lives, this was an opportunity to see what it looks like. Not just like a week to get through the five-o-clock shadow look, but weeks to grow it out, trim it, shape it. I already had a beard but I used the time to see what it looked like different trim levels. (Spoiler alert: the longer it gets, the whiter it looks, so I’m clean shaven again,) Of course, I agree that this shouldn’t apply to someone still on TV every day. Those guys weren’t granted the same opportunity to mess around with their appearance as an ordinary quarantined office worker.
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