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  1. JTMacc99


    I’m joining you with the gardening this weekend. Mostly getting my vegetable garden up and running. It’s a two day affair. At least all of my tomato plants survived my negligence since starting them from seed weeks ago.
  2. JTMacc99


    I do that with internet dating sometimes.
  3. JTMacc99

    Pet Peeves

    That's how I bought my last car. I visited the dealer first, test drove two different models. Went home. Decided I didn't like either one of them. Went online to see what else they had and then picked out another one I wanted to see. After I told my salesperson that I saw the one I wanted to test drive on their internet site, I didn't realize that that the price I had seen on the web was the "internet price." And that was definitely a good deal. When I started to mention that I had an employee program through work, she told me that it was a good program, but not going to be lower than the internet price. I'm assuming that since Internet shopping puts the dealers in a spot where anybody can quickly search all of the local dealerships for the best deal, that they have no choice but to show their inventory with a best price.
  4. JTMacc99

    Pet Peeves

    Yeah, just bring in that box and tell them it isn't working and to give you a new one. Give the people at the counter a vague description such as "Stuff that used to work, like some pausing and rewinding stuff, and I'm tire of rebooting it." They'll just pull a replacement off the shelf and hand it to you. Heck, I WORK for a cable company and it took a visit from a technician in my own home telling me "This box is really old, you could have brought it in for a replacement a while ago and never had these issues" for me to realize that electronics get old. Two other thoughts: It could actually be a software problem + box problem. Sometimes guide updates get pushed through automatically, and even thought the software vendors and cable company test it all before they roll it out, something goes wrong with specific hardware. If it's a new problem (meaning that the engineers haven't got wind of it yet) the front line tech support is going to be clueless that something went really wrong and they'll try to solve a bad problem with simple solutions. The cable company has no say whether or not FF is disabled with the On Demand stuff. What is available, when it is available, and whether or not you can FF is entirely under the control of the content owners. The cable company is just the waiter who's job it is to get you your meal efficiently, Disney/Fox/NBC are the chefs who decide what's on the menu and how they're going to prepare it.
  5. JTMacc99


    My first thought was: “Who the heck is discussing their shower habits on social media?”
  6. JTMacc99

    NFL Thread

    Stealing a comment from the Internet: The Knicks are the laughingstock of New York sports right now. The Jets: “Hold my beer...”
  7. JTMacc99

    What Did We Eat Today?

    It was a horrible, cold, rainy day here yesterday, so I spent the afternoon cleaning and intermittently cooking things that we could eat later this week for dinners. Made a batch of tomato sauce (only one quart left of my canned tomatoes from last year!), and then split it into some for the vegetarian and cooked a batch of meatballs in the rest. Real, not fooling around, beef & port meatballs as opposed to lightening them up with super lean beef or turkey. I also cooked up a box of macaroni and made macaroni salad, a Macc Jr favorite. We'll probably have meatball heroes tonight, and then grilled [something] tomorrow with the macaroni.
  8. JTMacc99

    S08.E05: The Bells

    Alrighty then! Not sure where we go from this fireball of disaster, but can’t wait to find out.
  9. JTMacc99


    It's my experience that people close to you tend to not get it. A lot of "what do you have to be sad about?" or "you should..." kind of advice. Places like this allow for people to think objectively. And as @bilgistic said, even a short term stint with a professional therapist is a great safe place to work through feelings.
  10. JTMacc99

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Avengers, etc.

    I agree with this sentiment. It's like asking me to pick my top 5 favorite episodes of the Simpsons. I can tell you that Marge vs the Monorail never leaves the top 5, but other than that, it's a fluid list. Based on what I will absolutely watch at least part of every time I stumble across it on cable (or Netflix) and what I expect to do in the future, here are my favorites (in no particular order:) The Avengers and Infinity War Guardians of the Galaxy Iron Man Thor Ragnorok. (I freaking love this movie.) Spiderman Homecoming Black Panther Ant Man and The Wasp (but I've got a thing for Evangeline Lilly, so that factors in to the equation, much like I will watch far more of Underworld than it deserves due to it's lead actress in leather pants.) And I am pretty sure I will add End Game and Captain Marvel to this list. None of that is to say that I don't really enjoy all of the Captain America movies, or all of the rest of them really. I like Dr. Strange. I just like him better in Infinity War.
  11. JTMacc99

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    Ha! I forgot about that line. Yeah, poor Thor. I do really love how they humanize the characters, regardless of how not-human they are.
  12. JTMacc99


    Wonderful advice. I second it with all of my heart.
  13. JTMacc99

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    This will totally happen for me when I see it again. It will happen because I'm much more affected by the happy, families reunited, getting to see your dad, stuff than the sad stuff. (Probably because my general attitude about life is Why would anything good happen? I was surprised that the full theater I was in didn't laugh as much as I did at the humor. I mean, there was a lot going on, but still lighten up people. The America's Ass got a big laugh, but stuff like Rocket reacting Captain America's pre-time travel speech "He's really good at that" and Ant Man "Yeah! He really is!" was awesome and I felt goofy laughing as loud as I did.
  14. JTMacc99

    Dear Diary: Question of the Day(s)

    Jewel Shimmer Butterfly I feel so pretty now.
  15. JTMacc99

    Pet(s): Photos & Discussion

    My Labrador Danny (he's pictured in here a few times) one time brought an opossum on to my back porch and sat on it. It was fall, so it was dark out but still early in the evening. When I called my dog into the house, I got a look at the opossum and there he was on my porch, on his back, legs up, tongue hanging out of his mouth, eyes closed, but I was pretty sure he was still breathing. So I shut off the porch light, closed the blinds and waited 15 minutes. When I flipped the light back on, he was gone. Yep, he was literally playing possum. It was a good move.