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  1. JTMacc99


    That is an understatement @theatremouse; I really don't like the stuff and no amount of lots of extra stuff and good bread can overcome its contribution to a sandwich.
  2. JTMacc99

    MLB Thread

    I still love every minute of that movie.
  3. Heh. Definitely. Although Norman is up to almost 60 pounds right now. He takes up a lot of room on the lap.
  4. And my boys waiting nicely for breakfast.
  5. Norman and Neo deciding that sitting on ME was the best place to be last night.
  6. We're a couple short here. @Drogo, you want in?
  7. Goldfinches do migrate if I remember correctly. My winter guys are probably different than my summer ones. I haven’t been paying close attention to who is eating all of my black oil sunflower seeds. Looks like the usual mix here for the Hudson Valley. Now I’m going to take a closer look when the finches are here to see if it’s just house finches or both them and goldfinches.
  8. @Spaceman Spiff, have you joined one of the One Night Ultimate games? Same general idea, far less commitment of time.
  9. I’m a gracious loser who admired the way you all took a little early good fortune and turned it into a quick win with some killer gameplay. But I didn’t freaking like it or the role I played in it for the rest of my team. So yeah, I was still thinking about it and maybe a little bit of...
  10. Honestly, making up a power was harder than I thought it was going to be so I took a stab at vanilla. Way, way after the fact I thought I should have made Meredith a Mason with Peter, but only after she found him. Each night she would ask one player if he was her Little Star Lord. She would either get no response or Yes and become a mason with him. A day late and a dollar short on that one. Eh. Filing it away as a lesson learned.
  11. Makes sense. When you tossed me in jail I was in a mad rush to answer quickly and the Xena game was the first Silver game I saw. I figured that the quicker I sent you my bullshit, the more likely it would seem I just copied and pasted a real PM.
  12. Ha! That’s so mean. Love it. After we were all dead, Silver speculated that my use of vanilla was what did me in, as she doesn’t use vanilla powers. I told her that I went back to her Xena game and copied her words almost exactly for what she gave Gabrielle in that game. That’s when she told me that in her defense that was her first game, and she doesn’t do that anymore. To repeat what I said when I found that out: Crap.
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