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  1. JTMacc99

    NFL Thread

    Looks like they moved it up an hour...
  2. Same here in upstate NY. Interestingly, with no snow-blower, my cold, dead hands are a distinct possibility. To be fair, most of my neighbors pay somebody to plow. The same company that makes all my battery powered yard equipment also makes a snow-blower. But that's going to be a no from me. I made the mistake of spending years with an underpowered blower. (Peeve at myself: When I cheap out, don't get the proper equipment, and spend YEARS doing twice as much work as I should have been doing.) The one I have now has like a small car engine on it, and that sucker throws heavy wet snow 50 feet. [Insert Tim the Tool Man Taylor grunting sounds here.] I'm too old to be struggling with snow removal.
  3. My daughter told me yesterday that two of her friends (young teenagers) were admitted to our mental health facility yesterday. I spoke with the school's psychologist a couple times this fall about my own children, and she told me that there is an enormous amount of children struggling emotionally and mentally right now. (Unsurprising.)
  4. I recently became aware of the awesomeness of battery powered equipment. I started with replacing my two cycle string trimmer with a battery version. That was like the gateway tool. It's amazing. Just as much power as the old one, but no mixing gas and oil and no worrying about all the things that fuel involves. Since then I bought more tools from that family including the leaf blower. It is way, WAY quieter than the gas version. So yes, manufacturers can make quieter ones. It's just a matter of can they get the battery versions up to the performance level that commercial users need. Because I'm spreading the word to everybody I know for non-commercial users.
  5. For me it's Bon Scott's AC/DC as the clear winner. But if that show's sold out, Nirvana would be an excellent second choice.
  6. JTMacc99

    NFL Thread

    To me, while it's still early and they are clearly a team with the arrows pointing up, the Bills recent results against two of the four really strong AFC teams don't bode well for any games against the other two. But it's an excellent point about the fact that they get a home game in January, which is a HUGE advantage. Win the division, get your home game, and take your chances that the wildcard team isn't materially better than you are. And as the 4 seed this year, what you're really hoping for is that either the 2 or the 3 loses their first round game, which means you don't have to go play the 1 seed who just got the week off.
  7. JTMacc99

    NFL Thread

    I was actually thinking about the AFC today, but it's relevant to the NFC East as well. I still think the Bills will win the AFC East, although it would really be a good idea for them to win some games and not end up being the 4 seed, which is where they are heading at the moment. Just like the winner of the NFC East will be the four seed. And while the Bills will be a good team and the (I'm guessing the Eagles) will be a not very good team, I'd rather be the NFC team for the first round of the playoffs. Bills will probably get the second place finisher in the AFC North, so either Ravens or Steelers, which good luck with that. And the Eagles will probably get somebody from the Bears/Saints/Bucs/Rams/Cardinals group. All of those teams are good, but not scary.
  8. JTMacc99

    NFL Thread

    I love my new head coach: Joe Judge on returning to Philadelphia, his hometown, as the NY Giants head coach, “I’ll probably buy a helmet too, because my in-laws are already buying batteries.”
  9. JTMacc99

    NFL Thread

    Jeez. The Chiefs kicker has missed more extra points this year than my Giants have score touchdowns.
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