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  1. See, that's where I can't take it. Dumb and/or thoughtless? That happens all the time. Can't keep your car between the lines? What the hell is wrong with you?
  2. JTMacc99

    NFL Thread

    The NFL schedule is so very structured, so very precise, that it makes Monica from Friends look disorganized. Adding an extra game wouldn't be a problem. Here is the current formula (I copied it from Wikipedia): Each team plays twice against each of the other three teams in its division: once at home, and once on the road (six games). Each team plays once against each of the four teams from another division within its own conference, with the assigned division based on a three-year rotation: two at home, and two on the road (four games). Each team plays once against one team from each of the remaining two divisions within its conference, based on the final division standings from the prior season: one at home, one on the road (two games). Each team plays once against each of the four teams from a division in the other conference, with the assigned division based on a four-year rotation: two at home, and two on the road (four games). Adding an extra game should be no problem. First thing will be to figure out where the extra game comes from. It'll probably be based on your finishing position and against a team from the opposing conference. In other words, adding another game to #3 above. This will be where the schedule nerds have to get creative figuring out a way to have the 32 teams alternating 9 home 8 road this year, 8 home 9 road next year. They should be able to figure out a way to always alternate the two at home one on the road each year in a way that also fits the "1st place finisher in the NFC East plays the 2nd place finisher in the NFC West in years when the NFC East is on the NFC South (#2 above) cycle" rules. It could get little tricky, but I'm sure they'll have a big old math party to work it all out before they tell us how it will work.
  3. Somebody did mention in an earlier thread that they were all intentionally selected from the Atlanta area, most likely for this very reason.
  4. I was kinda-sorta watching this episode on the tablet while I was assembling a bookcase from Wayfair. So it was a lot of "Use bolt B to attach shelf 5... Did she just say that him being emotionally available is a red flag?" And it was at that point where I probably softened a little bit on her as well, but only because I kind of understand her. I would probably walk away from a relationship with her, as her life experiences have her set up as somebody who just expects things to fail, for men to be unkind, and she is going to pretty much shoot down anything that feels too good to be true. And on that note, Mark's life experiences are insufficient to recognize that's what's going on and walk away. What a mess. Heh. None of that baloney about her being 60 when he's 50 meant anything. That was just her coming up with reasons to not get to close to him because she is afraid she'll get hurt. Like always. And in case anybody is wondering, my bookcase went together perfectly and there were still 15 minutes left in this episode when I finished.
  5. If you get an answer to that one, let us all know.
  6. End of the episode... Mark: Ugh. I didn’t think it would be like this. Everybody watching this show: UGH. We did.
  7. JTMacc99

    MLB Thread

    None of that is against the written rules, so it is not cheating. A player standing on second base, looking in at the catcher's signs, figuring out what the signs are, and somehow signalling to the batter what pitch he thinks was just called, is not against the written rules and not cheating. He may get a fastball in the ribs the next time he bats, but he was not cheating.
  8. This morning, I asked one of them that exact question. No answer.
  9. I'd probably waste the first two with "Who's a good boy!" "Are YOU a good boy?"
  10. It does feel like they were instructed to dress that way... because this is their First Date!
  11. If you could ask your pet 3 questions, what would they be?
  12. Yeah, the supermarkets and Targets get cleaned out really quickly. My favorite place to get the discount chocolate is the Gertrude and Hawk store at the mall. They always have seasonal candy, and there's always plenty half off as they roll into the next holiday. I'll be eating Santa shaped smidgens into February, hearts into April and bunnies into the summer. Then there's a horrible lack of holiday themed chocolates until the cycle starts back up with Halloween.
  13. You will be. Until then, it's okay to work through our own issues, feel better about ourselves and what we want before putting in the effort dating requires. And it's almost kind of thoughtful for the 22 year-old to send you that note, as it'll reinforce what Homer here said:
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